How About Some RHOA Christmas Tea?

RHOA  Peter Accident watermarked

So if you remember on Thanksgiving, Cynthia and Peter celebrated the holiday separately. It was not exactly clear if she was with Noelle and Leon or not. Peter claimed to be having Thanksgiving with his kids.  Flash forward to Christmas.

Cynthia is with Noelle and Leon in Aspen enjoying a white Christmas. But what was Peter doing?

Gif by RealityTVGifs T.Kyle

Gif by RealityTVGifs T.Kyle

Well, he was in Charlotte riding with someone in the car above.  At approximately 10 p.m. on Christmas night they managed to flip the car and land on the median.  Or as Peter called it, “the medium.”  He began frantically Instagramming. First it was just “HELP!”  Then he seemed angry posting, ” Where is the Christmas spirit? We are in a car accident, car flipped, we are trapped in the medium!”  Then finally, “Thank you God” with the photo above.

All of those posts were quickly deleted, but not before one of my Tamaratattle’s spies saved copies. It seems safe to me that Peter has  his own life in Charlotte and  only comes to Atlanta to film RHOA.

I have a feeling the time of death on this marriage was called several months ago.

Peter Thomas RHOAI know, I know I am going back into hibernation right after this.

P.S.  TMZ has two or three posts about Apollo for some reason. Two relate to Phaedra not taking the boys to see him in prison. Which is odd because Phaedra has always said they are too young to go to prison. Why is this news worthy of two posts on TMZ?  The third is about Apollo tweeting (sidenote Apollo cannot tweet from prison, someone has access to his account and is doing it with or without his knowledge) something they believe means he thinks Apollo is a fake friend for saying he did the crime, now he has to do the time. And they got a response from Peter saying that he can’t call Apollo, Apollo has to call him if he wants to address something.  I find three articles related to Apollo in one day (or maybe two) to be exceedingly odd. As if TMZ was paid to make the posts. But why? Did Bravo do it for RHOA ratings?


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52 responses to “How About Some RHOA Christmas Tea?

  1. Cat

    I’ve noticed they are EVERYWHERE. Almost daily you can see one of the Housewives on some talk show, or some report about Andy and the franchise. It’s really weird. I think maybe the shine has worn off?

  2. More Tea Please!

    I’m not an Instagrammer, but is it customary to Instagram before or AFTER calling 911 in the event of a car accident? (Or do you Instagram for help when you would rather not have the police assistance…)

  3. Lisaj

    I’m having withdrawals from you. Not joking one bit. ?????

  4. Trashbox

    Odd Radar article too…

    What’s happening Tamara? We need you to tell us the real!

  5. Dee

    Dear Tamara, thanks so much for this, every morning I check in…well after noon and evening too :) So happy with this post, bless you!

  6. Channelingyonce

    I def think its for the ratings….notice last night episode showed Bunz, Apollo friend showing up to Phadras house with gifts…and phaedra commenting on Apollos real friends…1 week prior Apollo tweets fake friends….perfect timing….

  7. ShyGuy

    They were just together last week for Nene’s final performance for Chicago, interesting.

  8. Would You Like Some Tea??

    Phaedra is so “phony.” Let’s start with the “I paid Todd $25 to $30 grand.” LIES! The large percent of what she claims she paid went to production costs, i.e.. Camera crew, lighting, location, wardrobe/makeup, sound, etc. There was an entire production crew that had to be paid before Todd saw a cent. Phaedra is the reason the video was never released!

  9. Lil Tex

    Just wondering… If they can email, why can’t they Twitter? BTW, iPhones are very common in prison. They are illegal, but the CO’s sneak them in, for $$$ Apollo probably has the cash and fame to afford an illegal phone.

  10. Toddy

    Thanks for the tea on Paw Peter. Sounds like Cynthia and Leon really have the co-parenting down pat. Or maybe they’re patting each down. Either way, good for them. Miss you, TT, but get back to your vacation, gurl!

  11. ZenJen55

    I was one of the firsts rooting for Leon ions ago! Picture ATL like this Kenya,. Cynthia n Leon, Kim n i dont know hubbys name, Nene (yes Nene) n Greg. Sheree for TTs entertainment and thats a solid cast. I can dream

  12. Stephanie

    I thought they were just together at Art Basil? Also, thought the marriage troubles were fake? Am I wrong? So confused

    On the sidenote, hope your downtime is going well TT. We miss you.

    • AshK

      I’m with you Stephanie – none of this is adding up!

    • tamaratattles

      So when was the last time you didn’t spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with you husband? Peter attending her sunglasses thing at Art Basel…is peach grabbing for what he wants to be HIS new show a la Vanderpump Rules.

      • T D

        They call call it Peter O’Tooly’s.

      • Minky

        Is it located in Chappaquiddick? Delete this if it’s too much. I understand. But it’s just too similar in a couple of ways. A Z-list celebrity married man in a car accident with a woman who’s not his wife in the passenger seat. Except nobody’s dead here, thank god. Cynthia needs to run, not walk, away from this troublemaker of a man. Leon, Leon, Leon!

      • Stephanie

        Thanks TT. I didn’t know Art Basel was a Cynthia event, just assumed it was vacay. Now, it makes sense. What would I do without you TT…?

  13. Spilledperfume

    I can’t imagine how awful it would be to have a show featuring Peter a la Vanderpump Rules.

  14. Kay

    I just got really excited at the idea of Cynthia in Aspen with fine ass Leon. Sheewwww he does all the right things for me. I would actually watch more if he was a full time cast member. I read Tamara’s recaps & go back to watch if it sounded interesting. Mainly because I cannot stand Phaedra. I’ve even been able to sort of tolerate Porsha, she would probably be even more likable without Phaedra around.

  15. Trashbox

    I thought the M on that car had the exhaust on both sides? And it’s been out of production for a loooong time.

    • MOH

      @Trasbox Still in production for model year 2016 the Z 2.8 has dual exhaust exits to the drivers side 3.5 has single at each corner. The M badging was probably a vanity application or factory installed with the “MSport” upgrade

  16. Josie

    Does Phae work on anything other than RHOA? I know the legal career is fake but what happened with being a mortician or funeral director or whatever the heck she was studying for?? What happened to the 10 jobs?

    I do understand why she gave up law. If she really believes she shouldnt have to pay the balance to Todd because she didnt distribute the video then she really has no business in a courtroom. Stupidest argument ever.

    • melanctha

      She has not seen a final product. That is why she has not paid him. Distribution is not the issue. That she has paid him such a large portion shows she has good faith. Todd is a slime ball.

      • tamaratattles

        Whether or not Todd is “a slime ball” he completed his work on the project. Phaedra opted not to distribute the product because her felonious, philandering, “clean husband” was arrested ONCE AGAIN for stealing millions from Delta retirees and others. For that reason, distribution of the video went on the back burner and it was decidedly less likely to produce a profit. None of that was Todd’s fault. He completed his production responsibilities and is due payment from the blasphemous, bloated housewife.

      • melanctha

        My point is Todd hasn’t shown her the work. Distribution is not what is going on with Phaedra and Todd. They need to meet and he needs to show her the completed work and close out the deal. Bloated and blasphemous???!!! Phaedra is not the one talking badly about anyone. DJ, Khandi etc. need to shut up.

      • tamaratattles

        You seem to have gleaned a lot of information by watching at TV show that was never discussed on the TV show. While I on the other hand have first hand information. Yet you keep making up facts here like an idiot,

        Have several seats.

      • Spilledperfume

        You crack me up.

        I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying your time off. I hope that Banjo is doing much better.

      • tamaratattles

        Todd’s business is video production, you dumbass. You could not be more uniformed if you held your breath until the brain damage turned you into Porsha. DISTRIBUTION IS THE ISSUE YOU MORON. Phaedra decided not to distribute and at that point she decided she didn’t need to pay anyone anymore. That’s not how it works. She had a contract with Todd.

  17. CLTguy2015

    Long time reader, first post! Happy holidays everyone and Tamara I hope you had a great and restful holiday. I am actually in the Atlanta burbs for the night on my way home to Charlotte. Plan to make a quick stop in Sandy Springs tomorrow on the way 😉

    That picture is so off to me. I dialed up the Charlotte news and didn’t see anything. I feel like it would/may have been on there. Cam’s accident was everywhere. Wish there was a way to see more of the landscape or a marker. Maybe I am nuts, but why does the car have no license plate? Why is it roped through the bumper and to a metal stake? I feel like a Z4 (even a hardtop, which are super rare) would have A LOT more damage if it flipped over. Maybe “flipped” meant did a 360 spin around in the rain. Or maybe I am just reading too far into this. Hah.

    Tamara, if you need a lookout in Charlotte, let me know! Haha. I need a hobby 😉 I have become less social and would love to slueth with a couple girlfriends LOL. I am curious what area his “apartment” is in. Probably close to the bar, but rent in Charlotte right now is skyrocketing so out of control he may have picked a less expensive area. I have passed the bar a few times and know a few friends who have been to it. Some said it was cool, others weren’t too impressed.

  18. I want Cynthia and Leon to get back together. Was just looking at old pics of them and she always had a big smile- that and he is still sexy as heck!

  19. I’m not surprised about the possible demise of their marriage! After the last episode it felt like she already checked out on the marriage! I’m sure she has her reasons but it seems Cynthia is not keen on long term commitment and really working on your relationship! On some level I really can’t blame her she has had plenty to feel that way

    • tamaratattles


      Someone has to handle idiocy like this. Peter is a louse who CONTINUOUSLY cheats on Cynthia, lured her down to ATL to be on RHOA and she came with him and built a life here and now he has started a restaurant in Charlotte????? And it is CYNTHIA that is “not keen on long term commitment??????? Her fucking husband uprooted her from NYC which she LOVES to move to Atlanta and then he marries her for a TV show and runs off to Charlotte to be with another woman and…. SHE IS NOT KEEN ON LONG TERM COMMITTMENT! Okay. I am going to stop reading now. Back to vacay mode.

      • Ok I think you misunderstand why I said that! Cynthia herself has said she is somewhat like a runaway bride and Leon has mentioned it too! I am in no way blaming Cynthia for the demise or did you not read my entire comment? Apparently you didn’t! Good lord in heaven!

      • Cat

        Sorry. Missed this one.

        Cynthia never should have married Peter. I don’t know his reasons for marrying her, but I don’t think HE ever really loved HER. Cynthia, I believe, was in love with the IDEA of marriage. I think Peter is just riding along, in the hopes of getting his own spin off show.

        I don’t know these people. I can only go by what I have seen on the show, and not much of that can be taken seriously. But, I had always been on the side of Cynthia’s family. They never should have “found” that marriage certificate.

      • Cat

        Yep. I remember her runaway bride comment. She should have listened to her gut. He was never really into her. And now, she is stuck. I don’t think she wants to admit that the marriage was a mistake. She deserves better. That’s my opinion.

      • Cat

        Peter has always been committed to one person: Himself.

  20. I hope you are enjoying your vacation, TT.

    Am I ever going to get off your shit list, btw? It’d be nice. I like to start the New Year a clean and clear record that is far away from anyone’s shit list. I’m hoping you will be able to help me out.

    Happy 2016! ?

    • tamaratattles

      Every1 You clearly have me confused with someone who remembers their shit list! If you fail to annoy me on a daily basis then I can’t be expected to remember you are on the naughty list. :)


    In the above picture and look on her face as well as a few telling statement’s, this my loves, is what checking out of a relationship looks like to me. I know I’ve been there. It seems she’s staying for the Bravo check. He’s not the Star, Cynthia, Beautiful Cynthia is the Star. He’s like a dingleberry on a cats behind, stuck in her fur. He hangs on until she can groom him out of her life, artfully and tastefully, we hope. I want her and Leon to be Married. They’re beautiful together. He seems more present and there for her emotionally then Ol dingleberry. Ijs.

  22. T D

    Someone must have mis-handled Peter’s stick shiff, when the clutch popped up fasrer than the medium, to vanquish any hope of finding paradise by the dashboard lights.

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