Merry Christmas!

Fuck You Xmas

I tried to start a lovely Merry Christmas post before and it sort of went south and I had to stop reading comments. But I am crazy so I am going to do the same thing and hope for a  different result. Perhaps we could all be proChristmas and talk about happy things?

I am thoroughly enjoying my time away from the laptop.  I hope your Christmas is as great as mine.




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  1. Dawn

    Merry Christmas, Tamara. Thanks for all the fun this year. I opted for a quiet holiday with the critter, rather than driving 10 hours. Best wishes to you and your critter, enjoy the down time with some good food and drink.

    • Dee

      Merry Christmas Tamara! I hope you are doing whatever you like. I love this site, everything you write and all of the fun. I can’t remember a Christmas so warm :)

  2. fivecatsownme

    Merry Christmas, Tamara. My local grocery had prime rib on sale for $8.00/lb so I splurged. Prime rib and Yorkshire pudding tomorrow. We opened the See’s candy and I am watching Meet Me in St. Louis. Going to go see Star Wars tomorrow. I love to go to the movies on Xmas day.

    • BeetsWhy

      Hey fivecatsownme, we eat the same Xmas meal, including Yorkshire pudding! I’m from the philly burbs and was over the moon to get it for 5.87/lb so I’m guessing you are NYC or LA area ? Enjoy your feast!

      • fivecatsownme

        I grew up in Ca. You enjoy your feast too. Do you have lamb at Easter?

      • BeetsWhy

        We have lamb and ham, mum is not a fan of lamb. Funny you mention See’s, we have always had chocolates on Xmas eve until our favorite chocolatier retired and refused to sell his recipes…dick! But we did See’s for many years until we started visiting family in SF and went to the factory and got it, OMG! No matter how much we pay in shipping it isn’t as good as the factory! We make do with the Williams Sonama Peppermint Bark now, yum! Good to know someone else has similar food traditions.

      • Skeeter

        Beets – where in the Philly burbs? I’m in Chester County!

      • @immelza

        Hey is this the Philly burbs check in? I’m here too! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and great time doing whatever traditions you have. I’!ll be sitting around relaxing watching some movies eating alot of fine cheese and some wine. Santa was very good to my animals and they are all enjoying their new treats and toys. Thanks Tamara for providing a blog with class, you’re great at what you do and I would buy any book you wrote, thanks for sharing your talent. Also thanks to all the commentors for making me laugh on my darker days when laughing was a struggle. A virtual cheers to everyone ?❇? ???

      • BeetsWhy

        Skeeter, I’m in Montco!

      • BeetsWhy

        @immelza I checked out your Twitter, I see you are also a fan of The Affair, I’m already having major withdrawal ? They need to get the next season filmed and on the air FAST!

      • Queen of the Nile

        I’m also enjoying The Affair — so glad they’re renewing for another season!

  3. Wow, I just lost my comment. Dang.
    I said…enjoy your down time and get some rest. Eat, drink & sleep. Love your doggie and just be
    Merry Christmas and thank you for every word you write here.
    xo m~

  4. LisaPat

    Have a wonderful Christmas, T and everyone!! I really have to start a diet and stick to it. Too many Hannukah parties, Christmas parties and too much food everywhere. I wish I had any other vice in the world over food because its one that you cant hide. Hey, did anyone see the moon tonight? We never saw anything like it. There was a ring around the moon, on the outside. Beautiful but it has me wondering.. unless it’s Santa. Have a great New Year everyone!!!

    • Queen of the Nile

      LisaPat, I saw that moon too! It was so unusual and beautiful — a full moon, straight up in the sky and that large ethereal ring around it. I hope it means something lovely for the world. Merry Christmas to everyone!!

      • Dee

        Isn’t that amazing? We are from all over but we saw the ring around the moon. I’m in VA and often wonder where others live. It is comforting to me to know we all saw it :). Merry Christmas!!

    • Meredo

      Merry Christmas, Lisa Pat. Are you having AHS withdrawals given this all too long break? Haha, I know I am. Well, enjoy the season and I’ll see you in UFs AHS recap when the show returns.?

  5. Georgia

    Merry Christmas and God Bless! Love you girl

  6. Miranda Aldridge

    Merry Christmas Tamara! Thanks for making my life worth getting out of bed for some days. Hugs to Banjo too!

  7. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    Merry Christmas TT and everyone. Be safe drink at home

  8. blaine

    Merry Christmas y’all! We’re buzzing up here in Canookialand in -30 C (that -22 to you yanks) on eggnog paralyzers (equal parts dark spiced rum, eggnog and Pepsi). Tree’s all ready for the kids and mama’s all ready for a deep winter sleep!

    See you on the other side of the holidays!! <3

  9. ZenJen55

    May there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me!

    Watching A Christmas Story with light cotton gown, drinking ice tea. Whew, i think im having hot flashes!

    Merry Christmas Tamara and Banjo, you have brought me much joy from your posts and personal e-mails. Cheers Jen and Bailey

  10. cammierari

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TT and everyone else who celebrates! Having one of the best Christmases ever and I hope you all are too! Be the change ❤

  11. Megsca67

    Merry Christmas TT! Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown marathon on CNN, I’m watching and enjoying drinks because I don’t have kids and don’t have to wake up early for Santa. The jolly man already came for the dogs and they work quickly so there is a headless elephant and a wingless duck in my living room along with discarded squeakers. We hope you and Banjo are enjoying your holiday, xo!

  12. Spilledperfume

    Merry Christmas Tamara, glad to hear that you’re enjoying your time away from the laptop.

  13. Almost done working! Will head home and help Santa with the stockings. :) Merry Christmas everyone!

  14. Lisaj

    Merry Christmas! Just finished wrapping up the last gift and watching church on tv before bed, and got the lovely surprise of a TT post! Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday and the magical gift that I call Christmas ?!

  15. Anyone else following Santa on the Google Santa Tracker?

    • judiluki

      I have been …before I fell asleep I screen shot him in NORAD but kept refreshing the google tracker.. I fell asleep and woke up to find him on the google one in San Antonio.. so I got a screen shot!.. I was obsessed about trying to screen shot him in my town… ( I have zero life)

  16. T D

    TT you’re the best gift of all. Peace, love and Merry Christmas to y’all.

    • Margarett

      Tamara, you really are a precious gift!! Wishing the happiest of holidays to you, Banjo, and all the wonderful commenters here.

      I hope 2016 is the best year ever for us all!!

  17. Lawstangel

    Merry Christmas! I am at my daughters, she has already gone to bed. I have always been a late bird. Tomorrow we will do gifts and stockings. Later I am expected at my sisters and I DO NOT want to go. My neice is an awful person and typically bosses everyone around and is just a basic bitch. But if I do not go, well it just won’t be worth it. My daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter are going to her in laws. Later in the evening I will go back to my daughters for one more night!

    I ran into Walmart for some egg nog earlier and saw something sad, someone left a dog tied up and abandoned it :-) that kind of shit just infuriates me. It was a beautiful brindle pit bull, animal control was loading it up when I got there.

    In any event I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!! TT & Banjo CYA next year.

  18. JoJo

    Merry Christmas TT and thank you for a 2015 year of Tasty Tea and wishing you a happy and Teaful 2016!
    Best blog in the world :)

  19. More Tea Please!

    TT, I hope your Christmas is everything you wished for. We made homemade eggnog last night from our favorite recipe, the original from The Joy of Cooking, where Irma, Mars. Rombauer, was a regular in our kitchen. Prime rib today with lemon basil potatoes and feta green bean salad. Dessert is key lime pie in gingersnap crust.

    We open gifts in the morning, but the biggest gift is family!

  20. Victoria Jefferson

    Merry Christmas, Miss Tamara!!!

  21. DutchTulip

    Tamara… best Christmas wishes to you and Banjo.
    I hope you are enjoying your days off. I am really happy for you that you took some time off… awesome.
    You have the best blog… and I suspect that you will still deliver some tea before year’s end.
    If not… have a Happy and Prosperous 2016.
    Ooohhhh… 2016….. I am getting really old.

  22. loriflack

    ? Merry Christmas to all ~ Tamara, are you at the mystery location that you prebooked❓

  23. erikainhb

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

  24. I wish you all a wonderful holiday filled with love, joy and peace. Thank you for making my days brighter.

  25. Amy V

    Happy Christmas beautiful! Thanking you for entertaining me through out the year.

  26. Christina

    Merry Christmas to all. I am sitting on the couch with the electric fireplace whirring and a charlie brown style christmas tree lit up in the corner feeling so disconnected from the season so I came to TT to see what others are up to as I enjoy this close knit community. As a long time reader and occasional (very occasional) commenter, I have bookmarked this site as a favourite as much for recaps and juicy gossip as for the honest and sometimes vulnerable feedback given by readers. Thank you to all for allowing me into your lives. For me, 2015 sucked. Depression, poor health, unemployment, strained parental relations, broken heart and financial crisis have weighed me down and TT and her readers (YOU) have helped so much. 2016 will be better for me and I wish the same for us all. Cheers! Eat lots and enjoy the day.

    • Christina—-
      I truly hope that the New Year is like turning a new page for you. We all suffer through bad times, but you sound like you had everything hit in one year. And THAT can be pretty rough.
      I feel for you and hope everything picks up for you soon.
      Merry Christmas, Christina ?

    • Cat

      Christina, it WILL be better. The good news is, you are STILL HERE.

      Life is like a roller coaster. It has it’s ups, and downs. And sometimes, it makes you want to SCREAM! But roller coasters are exciting, and even fun, because they prove to us that we CAN survive change.

      Hang in there.

    • Chris, Ho Ho Ho & a bottle of ? rum.
      oops wrong!
      Ho Ho Ho, Merry ? Merry.

      • More Tea Please!

        Reminds me of an old joke: ‘Twas the night before Christmas and everyone was feeling Mary, and then Mary got up and left…

  27. MM

    Dear Tamara,
    Have yourself a merry little Christmas
    Best wishes and thank you for you, for TT, and all who love this blog

  28. Xanadude

    From my little “real life” family to my family here at, best wishes for a Merry Christmas!
    El Esposo are taking it very easy this morning before we hit the family circuit this afternoon.

  29. Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy TT to you and Banjo! I highly recommend James Brown’s Christmas music and Chocolate Cherry Bailey’s in your Christmas coffee or over vanilla ice cream. In the Holy City with my beautiful daughters/kitties/dog. I’m grateful for the many blessings in our lives. Wishing everyone peace and love.

  30. Rose

    Merry Christmas Tamara!! Enjoy your vacation and thanks for ask you do.

  31. Cat

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    Quiet Christmas here. Just the way I like it. No material gifts, but I am being showered with gifts of Love and wishes of Happiness. What more could anyone ask for?

    Here is my gift to all of you: Imagine a box, wrapped in glorious foil paper that reflects all the colors of the rainbow. The gift is tied with a beautiful ribbon in your favorite color.

    Inside the box are 3 gifts:

    1. The Sun. May your days be filled with Light..
    2. The Moon. May your nights be filled with Love.
    3. The Stars. May all your Wishes come true.

    With Love

    Cat. ?

  32. I am loving every moment of the holidays Blessings and peace to all.

  33. Matzah60

    Merry Christmas, Tamara and fellow posters. I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas holiday with friends and/or family. Though I used to celebrate Christmas (Christmas tree, decorations, and festive dinner) when married, I generally just celebrate Chanukkah with my sister and brother’s family. If my sons are home, they join me for Chanukah. Still, I do love the spirit of Christmas, the beautiful Christmas carols, and spending time with my kids when they can make it home.

    This year was special because my son, daughter in law, granddaughter along with my youngest son and his girlfriend spent most of Christmas Eve day with me. My son’s in laws also came in and we just had a terrific time. We all exchanged gifts, great food and spirits and I felt fortunate to be surrounded by my family.

    I hope everyone’s Christmas was all you had imagined and more. It was for me. That said, I love to see my grown children when they come home and I’m equally happy to see them go. I guess it’s a tad selfish, but I do love having my home back to myself. There’s no place like home, sometimes, alone!!! 😉

  34. Merry Christmas TT and helper guest bloggers – so appreciate your efforts on this fantastic blog – especially enjoyed eric’s Atlanta recap that gave TT a break! I wasn’t going to check back until after the Holiday and was so happily surprised to find it by chance the other day. :)

    My youngest (the spaghetti kitten, lol) is going away to college next year – so kinda bittersweet here. Altho’ part of me is looking forward to — and has already started – downsizing. Kinda want a Charlie Brown type Christmas tree *mentioned by a commenter above* next year, lol.

    Merry Christmas to All!

  35. Beauxcefus

    Merry Christmas to you all! I have been in the midst of a deep depression since my father died in 2011. It was as if my world was rocked off its foundation when he died. This is the first year I’ve felt the fog starting to lift, I’m starting to FEEL things again. This blog has been a source of laughter in the midst of some pretty dark days. Thanks TT, and all you posters for being fearlessly funny and snarky and helping me come out of the dark.

    • Cat

      Oh, dear. Depression is never fun. And the mourning process does take time. The important thing is to realize that mourning is NORMAL, and has no time schedule. Feel what you feel. It’s OK.

      Glad to hear you are beginning to see the dark clouds clearing. Sunlight will not be too far behind.

  36. The borscht was a success! I got See’s Candy! Happy Christmas everyone!

  37. Merry Christmas to you Ms T, and all the wonderful members of this community.

  38. BeteBlonde

    Long-time lurker/ first-time poster. As someone who has been in a crappy head-space for Christmas this year, I wanted to thank the lovely posters for the cheer and glad tidings. I’m on a very limited income and I ordered a special outfit that was advertised as a Women’s size 12 and what I received was a GIRLS size 12, which only added the my current Ba-Humbug frame of mind. So, I slapped on an old red Christmas shirt from years ago and meandered to my sister-in-law’s extravagant dinner, only to be subjected to endless selfie-stick photos so that she could post her “look at me” dinner on social media. Sigh. Since when did dinner involve a barrage of photos taken before you could even bless the meal?

    Came back here to comfortably relax amongst friends, happily dribbling Ben and Jerry’s down the front of red Christmas shirt. I so look forward to the snark and laughs in the New Year! Merry Christmas, ya’ll!

  39. merry christmas to all, and to all a good night. <3

  40. Angel(?)

    Merry Christmas everyone! ? Once again I’m left saying … never again. My husband, “you say that every year”. LOL, it’s true but I mean it this time. ?

    Nothing like an eighty degree 90% humidity Texas Christmas day! I’m going back to Toronto for Christmas from now on.

    On to New Year’s! ??

    • Dee

      Oh Angel, I understand! My husband says I go crazy every Christmas. I hope you enjoyed all your hard work. My best to my Tattles family, Dee

      • Angel(?)

        It was ok but I swear I’m going to find restaurant that is open on Christmas next year or go on vacation to Toronto. ?

  41. Stephanie

    Merry Christmas everyone! I had a lovely Christmas despite how hot it was. We had a standing rib roast also along with lots of trimmings and multiple desserts to accomodate all in the family. All the animals got treated with at least 2 gifts from Santa and were enjoying themselves all day. I love the holidays.

    • Dee

      Good Morning everyone! My crew is still sleeping, I wanted to check in here.
      Tamara I hope you enjoyed Christmas and your time away from the keyboard :)
      Much love to everyone. Dee

  42. loriflack

    Good morning campers ❇️☕️. I, too, was able to enjoy some See’s candy yesterday during a group gathering. Except that the box was full of luscious candy with a tiny bite out of each and every single one! The culprit turned out to be the hostess’s cute little boy.

  43. Cat

    I actually stuck to my diet yesterday. Well, except for the chocolate covered cherries.
    What a great day! ????? ?

  44. Lol. This post made me laugh out loud. I can’t take all the doomy gloomy unfunny war stories. The Internet is an escape for me. I don’t wallow in pity (self or for others) in my real life. I’ve no desire to read it here. Unless it’s funny/pragmatic. Sorry kids. Just me. It’s why I read and post here less and less.

    Hope your holiday is wonderful, T. Can’t wait to hear deets. We are road tripping to Savannah for the week. Really looking forward to showing off the town to my menfolk. The boy wants to do some flight thing where they actually let you fly some sort of craft. I’m not in favor of this. We shall see. What are the temperatures where you are? We are expected to be in the 79s and 89s all week. We brought our beach stuff!

  45. Cherry Bomb

    Thank you to everyone for sharing your holiday meals and rituals. I love reading about everyone’s family traditions and love love hearing about all the fabulous meals. My family has always gotten together on Christmas Eve for dinner and opening gifts. We have tamales (I’m in Texas) turkey and cornbread dressing, ham lots of sides and tons of desserts…. It truly is a blessing to spend Christmas with family, extended family and close friends. Thank you T T for your wonderful blog and your blog family. Best Wishes to everyone and hope the New Year brings Love Peace & Joy to all.

  46. Angel(?)

    Xanadude, are you ok? I just heard that a tornado hit downtown Dallas! Prayers for all our friends in the Dallas Metro area. ?

  47. Xanadude

    Christmas aside: at dinner the other night one of El Esposos’s grandchildren (the 7 year old) and I got into a discussion about the relative merits of getting a helper monkey. Kid is smart – when we looked up how much cappuchine monkeys cost, he said he’d split he cost with me if he got the monkey for five years, then I’d get the monkey for five years. And that I’d be putting up the funds for said monkey and he’d pay me back each week. I also found you can get said monkeys (for pickup only. No deliveries) in Houston, some city in Tennessee, and and some city in Florida. I suggested we dress him up as a monkey and rent him out as a helper monkey, but kid was too smart for that.
    We are not getting a monkey.

    • Cherry Bomb

      Aw shucks…. I’m in Houston and was going to volunteer driving your new monkey to Dallas or rather have the monkey drive while I napped. For some reason that rather un – scenic drive up I – 45 always makes me sleepy.

    • I wonder if I can disguise my cats as monkeys and rent them out.

    • Xdude wonderful story, Thank You for sharing. I enjoyed my boys at that age with some of the most incredible conversation.
      One son had a conversation with me explaining how he felt becoming a clown would be better choice for him rather than returning to his first grade class after Easter vacation.
      Glad to know the Monkeys are safe.

  48. Amie

    Please pray for us in Texas tonight.

  49. Boy, I wish that Christmas always fell on a Friday. These extra 2 days—Saturday and Sunday— have just given me that extra time to come down from the planning, cooking, buying, wrapping and eating.
    Don’t get me wrong, I have no complaints. I am employed, happy, loved and full.

    In fact, these two extra days have actually given me a little more distance from the bright lights and tinsel. A little more time to reflect with true gratitude.

    I think the season is about ALL of us. The happy, the despondent, the family’s in transition, and the ones we may dearly miss.
    What I do appreciate about this site is the fellowship that brings all of those different people—-and their important stories—together.
    I truly hope that the New Year brings hope and peace to each soul.

  50. 363 days until Christmas,
    We have a extra day because of leap year!

  51. Wanda

    Happy Christmas, everyone! By the end of 12th night I hope to have polished of all of this yummy food and go back to healthy, sensible eating!

  52. SaraSally

    Happy Christmas & Merry New Year to all who observe, celebrate or naught!
    I was in a low grade flu funk & no energy to motivate myself. True to form, at the last moment I pulled my head out of my butt. Christmas was low key & nice.
    We decided to hold off & have our holiday dinner today on Sunday. It will be a homemade Middle Eastern faire. A little bit from everywhere. Tabulah, samosas, falafel, hummus, chickpea curry, Dahl, naan bread & spanikopita. My hub is baking a leg of lamb for the meateaters.
    I was too wired up & exhausted to do dinner on top of meeting the Xmas timeline. Its the end of the week & I am much more relaxed now…plus I finally
    have an appetite!

    • Those are all delicious. I love Middle Eastern food.

    • Angel(?)

      After 3 years of begging, we finally convinced my husband to cook lamb and lentils for our dinner. He is from Sudan and is wonderful with middle eastern spices. He is fussy about the quality of lamb but I found some that was beautiful so he couldn’t resist our pleading.?

      • Love lamb! Made the Christmas borscht with lamb stock made with lamb shanks. The flavor was amazing. When I cook leg of lamb, I cut away all visible fat. Then I cut little slivers all over the meat and stuff them with slice garlic. Rub it with olive oil and soy sauce then roast. Okay drooling. Will hubby share the recipe or is it a secret?

      • Angel(?)

        He does everything by taste. No recipe. So far all I’ve been able to gather is that you cook the lamb separate from the lentils and combine at end. Use cuts of lamb with bones like best end rack trimmed. Always use Halal meat. Be sure to caramelized your onions and use crushed garlic. Use spices imported from the middle east. He goes to middle eastern grocers. Fresh as you can get cumin, coriander, and stew spice. The stew spice is a blend that they sell. He buys Green Land Food brand. You have to use red lentils only. Stew your lamb then combined your cooked lentils. He likes it more like a soup and I like it more like a meat over lentils. You can add kuftah spice but use carefully.

      • Xanadude

        I love Lamb, El Esposo does not. When we eat out, though, he’ll eat the kafta off my plate. I retaliate by eating his kibbe naiya. :-)

      • More Tea Please!

        Yum! I love middle eastern food! I have recently fallen in love with a fantastic Chicken Shawarma recipe from the New York Times. Only I use the marinade with oven roasted bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs and add some sumac to the marinade. It is to die for. I served it last week to the first wave of incoming kids with rice with almonds, golden raisins, ginger and a touch of cinnamon.

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