Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Pony Shows and Marital Woes

RHOBH Lisa horse


By Ben C

HELLO BEVERLY HILLS! It’s time for my ladies from up the street and around the corner! Was it me or did this episode drag on for hours? I may be in the minority, but I’d like to see less filler & more wine throwing #JusticeForBrandi

We open with Miniature-Horse-Gate round 2. Lisa V. has a friend, Hank, who brings not one ,but TWO mini-horses in the trunk of a damn oversized SUV. Basically the equivalent of two barn animals rolling up to your house in an Uber car. Apparently, they were “calmer on the plane in a pair” – I’m currently picturing two mini-horses living the good life, sipping champagne on a private jet. Lisa V. is completely over the moon. Seems much more like a present she is receiving, rather than giving someone. Who the hell is taking care of these horses? Where are these horses living? Somebody Google ‘can mini-horses sleep in bed with you’ and get back to me.

The two mini-horses walk right over the bridge into the house and start to explore the living room. In her talking head, Lisa explains the horses have the right to be in the house just as much as any person does! Oh, Lisa. #LisasArc

RHOBH erika

Over at Erika’s house, the cameras catch her in a completely candid moment! (not) She’s rocking the ‘I’m just hanging out at home casually in a bathrobe’ look. Bathrobe, full face of makeup, perfectly blown-out hair. I totally look like that too in the morning. We follow her to a fitting at MarcoMarco (begin Ru Paul’s Drag Race/Real Housewives crossover fantasy) where she is trying on different looks for her upcoming performances. She looks great, for a housewife in a catsuit. She’s naked by her second episode, saying things like “eat a dick!” & “the red outfit is more SNATCHY, more CUNTY!”

#1. How much Drag Race do you actually watch, boo?

#2. This is giving me Brandi G. flashbacks and I’m loving every second. I’d do anything to see these two together. (Again, I’m probably in the minority. I can be ok with that.)

Eileen meets Vince for lunch. I would use this as an opportunity to do literally anything else for a couple of minutes, but I think this is one of the fight scenes from the season 6 trailer. Eileen asks the (extremely peppy – she knows this is her moment!!!) waitress for the ‘driest white wine’ How fitting. #confirmedshade

RHOBH EIleen Vince

She apologizes for being bitchy on the phone with Vince earlier that day, and he quickly shuts her down & (very) sternly tells Eileen NOT to ever attack him early in the morning. Vince wants to not talk about anything at all until after 9am, and eventually compromises with “nothing controversial” until 9am. I’m not sure if I’m appalled at this idea, or feeling like it could be the key to a happy marriage. BRB going to consult “I suck at relationships (so you don’t have to)” – PS: @bethenny, I bought your book like a freakin year ago. I’m still eating doritos and chocolates in bed alone. #refund

We’re back to Lisa Rinna continuing on her quest to turn her two daughters into the next Gigi & Bella Hadid. Oh great, they’re taking the 34th family vacation of the year. This time to Canada. Lisa says her daughters are “not too spoiled” but “a little spoiled”

Well alright then.

Now it’s time for Kyle taking her daughters for ear piercings! I’m literally on the edge of my seat!!! This is the moment we’ve been waiting for all season!!!!!!! But really, see my comment above about FILLER! The only time I care to see a scene about ear piercing is never at all.

Do people really go to jewelers to get piercings? Like, right out in front of the diamond engagement rings? Seems like a mood killer, if you ask me. Whatever happened to Claire’s or a good ol’ booth at the mall?

We’re flip-flopping between Kyle’s daughters screaming, and Lisa R & her daughters at lunch. Wake me up when it’s over, please. Until a baby-housewives show is created…starring Portia & Milania, I’m good.

We finally get to see Lisa V. surprise Ken with those damn mini-horses for his birthday. The look on his face reads uncomfortable, surprised confusion. This is cute but why is nobody throwing wine??

Cut to Yolanda…at home! Not the condo/rental/hotel/future divorcee pad – her real home-home. The one with the refrigerator. Y’all know the one. Yolanda literally says out loud how nice it is not to be “locked up in the condo” #FixItJesus

Erika and her daddy/husband come over to visit Yolanda at her house in Malibu. David, Yolanda, Erika & Daddy all sit and share a bottle of wine. David is in charge of a special event coming up, and invites Miss Erika Jayne herself to perform for the Pope. In her talking head, Erika quickly snaps – “Madonna didn’t perform for the Pope! You think Erika Jayne is going to?” Ladies & Gentlemen, finally, a Real Housewife with some sense! (kind of)

Now we’re onto Kyle taking Portia to her acting lessons, readying her for the inevitable takeover. #QueenP


Kyle takes Portia to a one-on-one acting/improv class. Portia won’t take the class as seriously as Kyle would like, probably because her mother (Kyle) is sitting in the same room watching over the entire thing. If my parents had ever sat in on a math test of mine, I’d crash and burn too. Technically, I crashed & burned on all my math tests – with or without parental supervision, so maybe that’s not the best example.

Oops. Looks like Yolanda has been ‘locked’ in her condo again. She does some super awkward talking about her marriage – David and Yolanda are taking a trip to “reconnect their souls and love.” Awkward. Yolanda says she would eat only bark for three months with no food or water if she thought it would help her get better. I’m pretty confident a person would absolutely be dead within a few days if they chose this route – but I’ll get back to you.

Lisa Rinna admits she’s not that smart. Lisa Rinna can’t answer her own cell phone. Lisa Rinna probably isn’t that smart. (but she’s pretty! ..see what I did there???) Unfortunately, Lisa R. couldn’t make the 87th family vacation of the year. She has to stay in Beverly Hills to work on her QVC line. You know why? Cause she’s a hustler. She hustles. #DoTheHustle

We get some almost high-def quality “home video” of Yolanda and David on vacation, on a yacht. I’m almost screaming out loud that anyone would actually think this is a real home video. This scene is almost too awkward too watch.

RHOBH lisa kyle lisa ET

Now it’s time for the bitching session between Lisa V, Kyle & Lisa R. They’ve come over to “see the mini-horses” aka discuss Yolanda’s health. We start out with a quick conversation about Kim. Lisa V is upset Kim is doing press (lol @ ‘doing press’) and calling her phony and unsupportive. They show a truly epic clip of Kim in ‘Sharknado 3’. She gets hit by a flying shark and legit explodes. BRB I’m sprinting to the closest video rental store (RIP Blockbuster) and snatching the first copy I see for my flight to ATL tomorrow. Lisa Rinna chimes in that maybe Kim is embarrassed she was in ‘Sharknado 3’ and that’s why she’s been so troubled. (refer back to Lisa R. calling herself stupid earlier in the episode)

Lisa Rinna brings up the topic of Yolanda’s Instagram account. Because, duh, Instagram is always the clearest picture (zing!) of anyones personal life. Lisa R doesn’t understand why she has so many conflicting Instagram posts. One day Yolanda posts a photo with IVs in her arm, in the next photo she’s having a blast on a yacht. I’m feeling like Lisa Rinna should go pick up the most recent shipment of her lifetime supply of adult diapers and stop talking. Rinna says she feels “guilty and weird.” She should. Kyle adds in her talking head – “now would be the time to keep those big lips closed.” Amen, sister!

From one week ago

Lisa Rinna continues, and brings up information about Munchausen Syndrome on her phone. She reads a general wikipedia-esque description of the disease to the ladies. She reads it as “factitious disorder” and believes Yolanda could be making herself sick/creating a false disease in her mind.

Eileen shows up in the middle of this and the subject changes. Eileen can pick up on the fact she’s walked into the middle of a serious conversation and wants a quick rundown. Lisa Rinna dives right back in on her theories and her conflicted thoughts on Yolandas Instagram account. Rinna is clearly paranoid. She ran her mouth (lips) to someone off camera in a separate, previous conversation about Yolanda. Seems like she’s covering her bases with the other ladies for if/when word gets back to Yolanda.

Eileen encourages Rinna to talk to Yolanda about it, Lisa V. encourages her not to bring it up – she thinks it’s engaging in Gossip. Kyle keeps her mouth shut through the whole thing. Smooth move, Kyle.

Finally, we get to see them play with the mini-horses around Lisa’s backyard. Damn Lisa has a nice backyard. Rinna calls the original mini-horses they flew to see, “Little potbelly donkeys with dodgy legs from Ohio.”

With that, Lisa Rinna has reeled me back in, and I’m OUT. See y’all Sunday for #RHOA! <3 <3

Next Time:

Lisa V transports one of her swans in the backseat of her car.

Lisa R gets her hoo-ha waxed.

Lisa V meets Erika, compares her to Barbie.

Eileen brings up all the rumors to Yolanda.

Yolanda preps her will with her family.

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112 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Pony Shows and Marital Woes

  1. Ben C.

    Hope you guys like this one!! See y’all next time! :)

  2. Nice recap. Loved it! Yup miniature horses sleep in your bed lmao! Back in college I researched them with a friend and we had a good old laugh over it! Turns out they can be guide horses (like a seeing eye dog) and are pretty smart! I kinda want one but with my work schedule I’m lucky it last a week!

    Lord Kyle made a mini me because I’m pretty sure that Portia is a drama queen just like Kyle!! Ugh the cursed gene continues!

    Pretty sure Harry Hamlin2 AKA Rinna doesn’t have to worry about being cussed out at the reunion because Yolanda won’t show up or remember! Interesting how she remembers certain things! Did she rule out Alzheimer’s?

    Seems like Eileen is raising two sons! Vince is that fun dad who you can’t give too much responsibility! Good luck with that! I hope Erika Jayne doesn’t clash with LVP AND NOOOOO we don’t want Brandi back; I feel the vomit rising!

  3. Great recap, thanks :). Lisa Rinna should probably go to TT’s WLS for a time out. I have to say fast forwarding Yolanda is making the show fun. I love Kyle. She sits on her daughter’s lap to help her deal with the ear piercing. Sophia looks so much like her.

  4. LisaPat

    Ive always been a fan of LVP, regardless of how unpopular she is with some. Im not easily swayed by public opinion. But, the way she talked about those horses in Ohio infuriated me. If the owners of those horses ever puts one down because they arent big money-makers, as some people use animals as commodity, then Lisa should be ashamed and sickened by her words and actions.

    • Erica

      I am not a horse person, but a dog person… and frankly I think Lisa must have stumbled upon a horsey equivalent to a puppy mill. If any animal can’t be sold is put down, that is on the person making that decision not Lisa.

      Fuck… that sounds like I am being harsh on you… and I really don’t mean to do so. Can’t think of another way to put it #Lymebrain… but I felt like the tutu and shoes were for bad intentions. .. a cover up.

    • sjp

      LVP never intended to bring that mini horse home from Ohio. It was just a story line.

    • DC

      Yep, it’s really shocking tho, because she saves most of her animals in front of cameras, yet this one was flawed and nope, she was gone. Do you think they put that poor mini horse down?

      • Spilledperfume

        I’m sure the horse is fine. It’s not like the horse is at a shelter where it’s going to be put down in two weeks if it’s not adopted. It was part of a story line.

  5. cobe

    Great recap Ben C!! Thanks!

    I don’t think Yolanda is faking anything. She may be exaggerating, but not faking.

    HOWEVER, people have the right to question what they are hearing. Actually, thinking people have a RESPONSIBILITY to question things.

    It’s okay to ask questions.

    I just think it’s better to ask those questions of the person you are wondering about.

    • Angel(?)

      I have to agree that people have the right to question. If Yolanda doesn’t want people talking about her condition, she shouldn’t instagram her life to the world. I guess this will be a conversation for next week.

    • Wanda

      I think Yolanda’s symptoms are real, but perhaps it is not solely due to Lyme disease. Often, besides from mimicking other diseases, Lyme also triggers autoimmune responses that cause other diseases to express themselves; especially if there is a genetic predisposition, which she (and her children may have). If that is her situation, the waxing and waning of symptoms may be real because if it is not the Lyme flaring up on a particular day, it could be one of several other disease causing the symptoms. And then a few days later, one or more of the other diseases express themselves. That’s why some Lyme patients don’t get better, because their doctors have not correctly identified and managed all of the diseases they have.

      • Laura

        I agree, I think Yolanda is sick it may not be Lyme disease, maybe something that causes Chronic Fatigue syndrome, maybe it is depression. I don’t know.

        I do know RHOOC sucked because of the Brooks Fakes Cancer story line, I don’t want to sit through a Yoland is Faking Lyme Disease story line. :(

    • That was a donkey at the farm in Ohio. Once Yolanda gets leaky implants removed she will be better. The whole implant thing is astonishing. How vain can you be on not thinking that could be a reason after 20 years. Shows she has not seen a real doctor except for the one that diagnosed the implant condition.

  6. Dee

    Ben, thanks for a great recap! Erika looks ridiculous! Pet ponies?!

  7. Tara

    WtG Ben
    For some reason I like Erika. She is sassy. It seems she knows when to be wild and when not to. Maybe Branduli could take some lessons.

  8. Minky.

    Loved the recap. It has shades of old-timey gossip columns like Cindy Adams and Hedda Hopper, with a little Ted Casablanca for spice.

    Eileen: I get that Vince is probably dealing with his father’s death, but still not enough reason for the attitude, IMO.

    Lisa R: Zip the lips Rinna. This blog has taught us to not question anybody’s illness, and that it’s only okay to talk shit AFTER the person you suspect of faking has exposed himself or been exposed by someone else. Duh.

    Yolanda: Still reserving judgement, but viewing the whole thing with a hairy eyeball. BTW, based on your recap, production is making David look like Sir Galahad. Now the only question is: Why?

    I have no twitter, but I did click on your link. You’re very handsome. ;0)

    • Xanadude

      @Minky I miss Ted Casablanca.

      • Minky

        Me too. He’s one-of-a-kind. I loved “The Awful Truth”. Always Bunion Betty running into Gallstone Glen in a restaurant or bar. Now THAT is how you gossip. He could teach some of these young whipper snappers a thing or two.

  9. Josie

    I heard that Yolanda has made a BIG recovery and will now be available to film the full reunion which is 8 to 10 hrs. Wonder if there is any thruth to that?? If so, it reminds me of that post on hypotheticals TT did. Hmmmm. I know TT will let us know when she gets back if this rumor is true or not.

    • Anastasia_Beave

      Yeah she said she’s 60%better than last year, or something. Maybe that’s because last year she had silicon leaking into her body.

      • Angel(?)

        Or because last year she was “happily” married.

      • Librarygirl

        I thought that it was interesting that You said that she got sick almost immediately after she married Foster. Now that she has left him she. Is feeling nuclear better, and has said that she will be taping the reunion.

      • That’s what I was thinking, Anastasia_Beave. She got those fake boobs out and has slowly recovered from the poisoning.

  10. Katherine 2.0

    Frothy and fun perfection, Ben C! I haven’t watched, but feel as if I have after reading, so thanks for saving me that precious hour at this crazy time of year.
    Has that other chick been introduced yet? So far, this show seems so random…

  11. Puddy

    Great recap and yes almost all if the “Real” Housewives are getting boring and full of filler. Ken was right: How to deal with the dog and pony show and all that crap! Also, there is something unnerving about watching all of this over spending when so many people in this country go to bed hungry and are living on $2 a day for food.

  12. Dawn

    I slso noticed a complete lack of enthusiasm from Ken about his two “presents”. Lisa’s animal collection is sweet, in another life, I picture her a dotty down-and-out hoarder in a quaint English village.

    It seems like we are getting more and more talking heads. All right already, I was paying attention, I don’t need an explanation and another look at you in the too often ugly style choice for the 27th time. (BH wives do look better in these than ATL and NJ.)

    Eileen’s and Vince’s lunch scene was as bad as all the children’s. By this time in their marriage they have already had the don’t hassle me in the morning conversation many times I’d bet. I wish she would have come up with something more interesting to discuss, when they havent seen each other much. The most exciting part was talking about a dead person.

    I felt Yolanda was setting us up for the eventual announcement of the end of their marriage.

    Thanks for the great recap.

    • swizzle

      Does LVP actually keep all those animals at their house? Aren’t there regulations about the number and type of animals you can have in BH? I couldn’t have that many dogs at my house.

    • m

      “in another life, I picture her a dotty down-and-out hoarder in a quaint English village.” SO ACCURATE!

    • Matzah60

      @Dawn. I agree that it appeared as though all of Yolanda’s talking heads were meant to prep us for the death of her marriage. I don’t know who initiated the divorce, but it does seem amicable, at least to the public. I have seen some gossip out there in the papers, but little it corroborated and as my mother used to say, “No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.” None of us are privy to the private relationship of Yo and David. One would guess that this being David’s 4th and Yo’s second, there is less impetus to push through the marriage to try and make it work. They don’t share children together and at this age and stage of their respective lives, I don’t think either of them are going to make significant changes to accommodate the other person in the relationship.

      Sometimes, a marriage just runs its course, or the two people who married, married for the wrong reason, or the love died. We can all conjecture, but no one really knows except David and Yolanda. I wish them both the best in their future endeavors.

      • BGStyles Laughing

        I agree with you. Yolanda filed for the divorce, or so that’s what they have agreed to say. I believe all of Yolanda’s TH were done recently as last minute production enhancements for her present situation.

  13. fivecatsownme

    Nice recap, Ben C. In my next life, I want to be one of LVP’s pets.

  14. When they showed the preview clips, it appeared Eileen and Vince were having serious marital problems.
    Whew!!……the only issue is he doesn’t want any serious talk/ confrontation before 9 am? That’s it??
    Yeah, I think I could accommodate that simple request for that tousled hair bad boy.
    He is seriously one of the cutest, most appealing RH husbands around. Seems so laid back and easy going.

    • janet

      I agree. Ive never met a perfect husband, so I dont know what the fuss is all about. They only have one child together at home, so I dont get fighting over who has to take care of him like its a huge burden. I think if Eileen is doing too much hire more household help. I dont get the wives who complain they dont see their spouse enough, and then ruin the moment they have by reciting every grievance they’ve got about them. Way to keep your husbands interest high in spending time with you . Eileen’s apology to Vince sucked too. She apologized for talking rude to him, and then proceeded to get mad all over again about the same thing. Why apologize Eileen? If you want a total yes man marry an old coot.

  15. Wanda

    Enjoyed your recap, Ben C. Agree with you about too many kiddies on the show last night.

    Most awkward moment: Ken’s reaction to the horses.

    Funniest moment: Seeing Kyle and Eileen running after them.

  16. Lisaj

    I’m sure IRL I’d love you Ben but NO we do not miss Brandi! I like BH much more now that I’m not fearful of what will awkwardly come out of her mouth or hang out of her lady bits.
    How is it Yolanda can’t read or write or have noise but manages to do so very much? Call the Vatican #christmasmiracle

    • LisaJ—
      We don’t need to call the Vatican. Erica Jane can tell the Pope when she sings for him.

      I hope the Pontiff enjoys “Pass the puss, pass the puss, kitty cat meow”

      And wow……….what a fall from musical grace for Foster. From Celine, Buble, Groban, Streisand to…. Snatchy??!

  17. erikainhb

    Great recap Ben!!!

    So here’s a question that keeps nagging at me more so now with the ponies. How has Lisa managed to keep those swans, the small dogs, and now the ponies from becoming coyote chow? They’re all running around outside and those glass 4′ or so tall fences are not going to keep a coyote out. They’ll easily scale up a 6-8′ tall wall and they’re so prevalent here now you’ll see them running around in the middle of the day. The larger dogs may scare them away but not for long. Scares me just thinking about it.

  18. Erika—-
    Are you by any chance in Huntington Beach? I know that town is overrun with the sneaky little devils. I routinely have them in my yard here in lovely Monrovia.

    But they are not going to go within five miles of Pinky Vanderpump’s little cottage. The word is out. Any coyote knows if found there, she will adopt it, dye it pink, give it a poodle cut, bedazzle its new name “Twinkle” in rhinestones on its ass and make it drink sangria while laying in a bed of rose scented popouri. While being humped by Giggy.

    Yeah, they don’t like that.

    • erikainhb

      Hi Maisey, yes I am. It’s crazy. I’m seeing them all the time and you can hear them howling to each other at night. There’s been a few incidents too in my neighborhood where they’ve taken dogs that were on leash with the owner right there. It’s never been this bad. Crazy! And see now you’re getting more mountain lions and pool/jacuzzi loving bears in your neighbor too.

      LOVE why they wouldn’t go into Lisa’s yard! Bedazzled coyotes! They’d be praying for the Road Runner to come get them out of that. Lol!

      • Erika—

        I’ve been in Monrovia only 4 years yet have seen at least 4-5 DOZEN bears.

        It’s a trip. We are just a little suburb 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, but we butt up to the San Gabriel mountains. Our severe drought has made the critters— big and small— venture down to our neighborhoods.
        In the trash, on the lawn, in the pool and my favorite—just walking down the street.

        Keeps us on our toes but in kind of a fun way.

      • fivecatsownme

        Wasn’t there a bear in the Glendale area who robbed people of their costco meatballs and swam in their pools? I think he had his own twitter feed.

    • LOL She has a secret menagerie of the wild critters that Ken doesn’t know about. I was thinking she has ninja stationed around the perimeter of the property to guard against predators, but I like your idea better.

      • Minky

        My neighborhood has been taken over by vagrant peacocks. You usually hear these birds before you see them and they have a habit of eating expensive flowers and tomatoes. We once had a couple of coyotes that messed up the neighbors’ cat real bad, too.

      • Minky, I used to live in Sierra Madre, so I know the area where the peacocks are. I heard they were a real nuisance.

      • Lawstangel

        Me too! ( Peacocks) we used to go to the arboretum after school and chase them…. The folly of youth.

  19. KarenD

    “Until a baby-housewives show is created…starring Portia & Milania, I’m good.”

    Oh. My. God. Don’t give them any ideas….

  20. WhyOWhy

    Great recap, Ben!

    I’m not sure about Erika. I like her as a housewife, but not her slutty alter ego.

    I don’t blame the ladies for questioning Yo. I wonder myself at all the symptoms she has. Seems she’s got a little bit of everything.

    Kyle at Portia’s acting class brought in shades of Big Kathy — speaking of whom, I just finished House of Hilton. Holy crap, you guys! No wonder Kim is the way she is… and Kathy Hilton is just like her mother. Good Lord. None of them (Kathy, Kim or Kyle) had a chance.

    I now want a mini horse. Why can’t I be rich and throw money away like that???

  21. Spilledperfume

    In regards to Erika Jane, I was under the impression they were saying pat the puss as in the dance motion she was doing.

    I agree that Lisa V wouldn’t be responsible if someone put down a mini pony. That would be on them.

  22. Xanadude

    Random notes I made last night:

    Anyone else have the FF button on the ready to zip through Yolanda scenes? I just don’t care anymore…I know that sounds awful, but the illness scenes are not what I tune in for. and then came Yolanda’s blog -a hideous passive aggressive self righteous tirade. Quit the damn show if you hate it so much.

    My Dr tells me if you don’t release your Erika Jayne regularly it spoils and starts to smell.

    Apparently I am the only person in the world who doesn’t want to be Erika Jayne.

    Yo said she will commit to any program in order to help her – The problem is Yolanda is committed to TOO MANY programs and they may be counterintuitive.

    I was trying to think who Erika Jayne reminds me of – its Wendi McClendon-Covey’s character on Reno 911, Officer Clemmy.

    “You paddle. I’ll do nothing” sums up Yolanda and David’s relationship rather well.

    • Fast forwarding Yolanda is giving me such a sense of relief and well being. I don’t want to be Erika Jayne either. Those skin tight suits look so uncomfortable!

    • Xanadude

      By the way, Wendi McClendon-Covery actually responded to my tweet about that and said that “No, Ericka Jayne is prettier.” NO, WENDI MCLENDON COVEY – YOU ARE THE PRETTIEST!


    • Angel(?)

      I just read her blog. The thought that popped into my head is who does Yo thinks she is? She is not a demigod that every one has to worship. She is coming off as very judgmental and elitist.

      • Xanadude

        The line about using the show as a platform for promoting awareness, as opposed to OTHER HOUSEWIVES who use it to shill their products really got me upset. Shill away. It’s why they are on the show. Don’t try to make over your famewhoring of yourself, your family, and your refrigerator into some messianic mission after the fact. At least the other HWs are honest with themselves and the viewers about showcasing their businesses or trying to hustle something from it and don’t act self-righteous.

      • Everything you wrote is why I fast forward all that is Yolanda. Arrogant hypocrite. Can’t stand her.

      • Erica

        It would be interesting to look back on Yo’s old blogs (before she got sick) and see if she commented on others lives…. I really didn’t see Lisa’s questions as being that awful – she’s been approached by lots of people (I am sure that is true!) and read that passage (it ran a couple of bells for me too!) and wanted to run it by others in the same situation (on a show with the person with a weird disease!) Her motivations are completely different than Meghan King Edmonds. She’s not seeking JUSTICE… she just can’t get the wondering out of her head.

        Hell, I saw the instagram pics this summer, and I thought she looked like she was well again! (I don’t follow her – but looked because they were in Victoria about a week after I was, or maybe before. I was there mid-July.

        Oh, on a side note: that probably wasn’t a lake, but a bay or at least salt water . I’m assuming they were still around Vancouver Island. Perhaps in a cove along one of the straits between the island and the mainland. Didn’t look wavy enough to be the Strait of Juan de Fuca – and the San Juan Islands don’t have the mountains THAT close, they usually seem more in the distance. I know Washington state doesn’t have any lakes of that size near the Canadian border and pretty sure Vancouver Island doesn’t have any (rivers yes, large lakes, no) Will have to look again. I was hoping they’d show Victoria!!!

      • Maisey

        Oh Yolanda has definitely has been shilling products.

        Their names are Gigi and Bella.

      • Angel(?)

        Just read Lisa’s blog. She seemed offended by Yo’s comments.

    • cobe

      Xanadude, You nailed it!!

      Every single point.

      I think Yolanda is willing to try any program except for eating a sandwich.

  23. JoJo

    Thanks for the recap! And my thoughts exactly about Rinna’s and Kyle’s kids.
    This season’s theme the “Kids Are Alright & Ready for Their Closeups” with a side of “Munchausen on Rodeo Drive;-

    • JoJo

      Actually that 2nd theme is Lisa Rinna in another limited acting role as Nancy Drew in “Munchausen Mystery on Rodeo Drive”

    • Erica

      In re: the kids – they didn’t bother me that much. I find Teresa MUCH worse with Gia, Milania, etc. (Take that window licking Tree huggers!) I heard Lisa Rinna on either Radio Andy or Jenny McCarthy’s show. I think that she does have a work ethic that she’s trying to pass down to her girls. The older one wanted a car – and so many of her friends just get one – but she and Harry told her that they would help her with it, but that she had to pay for some of the car, some of the expenses, etc. I’m sure that she’ll end up with a new car or at least a very nice model – but if you could afford it, why let your daughter drive around in a junker with no airbags unless that was all the family could afford?
      I do think that the acting classes are ok – when your family has actors in it and you are around the industry, I think it would be natural if you were an outgoing, hambone kid like Portia to want to try it. As she said, her other kids weren’t interested – so they didn’t do acting classes. I actually thought it was interesting to hear her talk about her sister having a different experience than she did.

      Wasn’t Kyle on Little House? I’ve read Confessions of a Prairie Bitch by Alison Arngrim (Nellie) – a MUST READ. Fantastic memoir. Anyway, Kyle’s prompting to Portia to not giggle and take it seriously was spot on to what Alison described on set. She said that it was one of the best sets for kids out there – that while they were encouraged to be kids, and the cast and crew were protective of them, it was ALSO expected of them by Michael Landon to take the job and the role seriously, that when a scene was ready to be shot, you better be prepared and not waste anyone’s time including their own. (Similar to what Ron Howard has described about Andy Griffith) Anyway, that bit made me think of that.

      • JoJo

        Erica, now that you brought up RHONJ and Gia and Milania – and I agree wholeheartedly, reminds of the kid that I actually like on all of these RH shows: Gabriella! That little girl seems like she’ll actually survive the sins of the mother, the father, maybe the future sins of her sisters. She hates the camera, and when she’s put on the spot or actually says something, I get no coaching or airs about that little girl – seems very real, embarrassed by the rest of her family, and seems like she can’t wait to get out.
        What I think is happening with all the RHOBH children, are parents (and likely some of the children themselves) seeing how Gigi and Bella blasted into the A list. Now it’s more obvious that these moms – following Yolanda’s success – are hoping for something grand for their offspring.
        I think LisaR having both her teen girls model those bathing suits in the first episode was perfectly calculated. Now if that’s what they all want, good for them. I’m just not that fascinated by the offspring of the BH moms and it being so obvious what they’re trying to do.
        It was kinda’ interesting when Yolanda first started and seeing her daughters. It didn’t seem so in-your-face or calculating at the time (we know better now). And her girls are extraordinarily good-looking imo – I think her son is too.
        But now that’s been done, I guess my point is the other moms promoting their daughters is so obvious. I don’t have anything against any of those kids, but I wish LisaR would have her scenes with ‘Harry Hamlin’ instead of every scene with the 2 daughters.

      • Lawstangel

        I don’t think Lisa R is trying to make the girls into models, they are not that kind of pretty and they do not have the right body for modeling. Harry’s show films out of Los Angeles, Lisa doesn’t have anyone else in her life to film with, other than the other ladies. I see her as making sure the girls do well in school. I can’t imagine her ever shipping them off to New York like Yo. I may not agree with everything Lisa R does. But I admire her work ethic and the fact that she does not kick back and expect to be supported.

      • JoJo

        @Lawstangel – I’d forgotten about Harry being real busy again with acting gig and didn’t know it required him out of town – so that makes perfect sense for home scenes filmed w/ the daughters.
        I think last episode was just a tad kid overload for me – as Brian C recapper mentioned – a lot of filler.
        I hope the rest of the season is more of the RHs interacting. I was just getting a flash vibe that this might be the Real Kids of Beverly Hills as much as the cast members.
        But of course it’s early and I’m sure the women will end up bringing the drama and focus if the previews for the season are any indication.

    • erikainhb

      Maybe if this doesn’t pan out for pimping the kids she can get them on the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

      • JoJo

        Yes! 3rd Gen reality TV. I don’t think modelling is in any of the Richards/Umansky progreny’s future. So if they can’t act, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” would be a fit.
        (I also seems that Kyle’s oldest daughter Farah is in abundantly more scenes this season. I thought she was doing quite well at her step-father’s Real Estate firm, and I’m certain she doesn’t live at home. Maybe she’s appearing on the show for a higher profile in the industry, or she wants to make a change? :)

      • Lawstangel

        FYI- Dorothy from “Rich Kids” was in Niki’s wedding.

      • Sharon

        Farah is also friends with Dorothy and was asked to be a cast member for Rich Kids of Beverly Hills but she decidea not to do it. Not sure how Kyle and Mauricio felt about it or if they talked Farah into not doing the show.

  24. Rose

    Great recap Ben C!! I don’t like Vince snapping at Eileen but realize part of that is the stress of grief, but he does come across as wanting to be the fun parent only. Enough with the mini horses and daughter promos! Lisa R will regret her snooping.the lake in Canada was gorgeous and it was kind of sad seeing Yo and David knowing about their pending divorce.

  25. @immelza

    I feel bad for the VP maid\housekeeper. Poor woman not only has to hear how lucky she is to work for the VPs but she now has to clean pony shit up in the house. She needs Zolia to come and give her some lessons on telling Lisa that mini horses live and shit outside where the gardeners can pick up the piles!

    • Spilledperfume

      The horses don’t live in the house. LVP walked them through the house to get to the garden. Did you see when the one horse peed? It was like a flood. Horses pee & poop wherever they’re standing and it ain’t pretty.

      • Xanadude

        Didn’t this already happen with a llama a couple of seasons back?

      • @immelza

        Lol I realize they don’t live in the house! I have mini horses, donkeys, horses and ponies as I’m lucky enough to be raised and still live on a farm. Yep they will poop and pee whenever the need arises and it’s a mess! 35 years and never thought to bring them in my house and my house isn’t all white! I feel for their housekeeper I didn’t like the way they spoke to her on camera about how fortunate she is to work for them, I’m sure she and the other staff do alot of scrubbing- swan poop is disgusting as well.I think Zoila showing up for and episode and her reaction would be hysterical.

  26. Kisha

    This recap was great! Way more entertaining than the show. God, what a snoozer of an episode.

  27. Atl hater

    Fyi erica jane hates ANY kind of critiism on twitter. Even after asking what fans think of the show she slammed me when i said i wasnt thrilled.

  28. Sari

    Ben C. and Xanadude are phenomenal. I do miss Tamara, albeit I’m glad she’s taking a moment.

  29. Sari

    “Vince wants to not talk about anything at all until after 9am, and eventually compromises with “nothing controversial” until 9am. I’m not sure if I’m appalled at this idea, or feeling like it could be the key to a happy marriage.”

    – Hilarious! And, as a happily married person I can say that we’d already established this sort of shit while dating. #justsayin’ #notamorningperson #someonebetterbedead

  30. Toddy

    Thanks for the recap, it was much more entertaining than the episode! I’ll have to skip Yo’s scenes; not just the illness but watching the demise of her marriage is pretty depressing. I guess she and King David had an agreement to act married so she would have a storyline? Because who really buys that she’s been in the condo purely for medical reasons? Lisa Rinna is so damn ingratiating, despite making insinuations about Yo’s illness and ignoring her own parents. I’m mad at myself for being so wrapped up in her. Also, as a music instructor, I’m annoyed with the Kyle and Portia acting lesson. It’s fine for Kyle to be present, but she needs to hush and let the coach do her job.

  31. caily

    I applaud Lisa Rinna’s courage. She was absolutely correct about Kim Richards’ and I believe she is right about Yolanda, too. All of the cautiousness about mentioning Yolanda’s condition by the others does not make saying out loud what they too think is wrong. Yolanda goes straight for Lisa’s juglar vein but secretly everyone else sides with Lisa. What better doubt Of Yolanda’s exaggerated health condition than her husband leaving her. After spending millions traveling the world of quack doctors and cures, I would say that David has had enough of Yolanda’s self-centered drama.

  32. annie moore

    YO would be the first one to question, condemn and lecture any of the other HW’s who posted pics like she does, had a closet full of medications, travels all over the world for one cure after another. She would be the expert on healthy living, how to naturally cure whatever ails them, and gossip about how they are doing it all wrong. So for her to be so outraged is just so hypocritical. She put it out there – and not to raise awareness – but to garner sympathy. If she could market and sell those white bathrobes, she’d do it. If she doesn’t want people to ask questions, or talk about her illness, then why be on the show? Wait until you find a real cure, then come on and talk about it.

  33. JoJo

    I rarely read the Bravo blogs ever since Bravo opted to removed the commenting function. The comments were more informative on how viewers perceived the Bravolebrity’s take on the episode.
    Seeing some of commenters here refer to the blogs, I caught up with BH most recent ones. Yolanda addressed the other ladies questioning her in one of her first blogs of the season, attributing it to ignorance and went through an abbreviated explanation of what her symptoms are and what she’s going through in response.
    This latest blog, however, is loaded with detailed paragraphs of specifics, the name of her specialists, a variety of co-infections, and diseases. Instead of being defensive, it appears she’s now taking the tack of offense is the best defense – in anticipation of what may be coming down the line from those cast that are questioning her. Especially the Munchausen suggestion. I think that both Lisas are on her hit list.
    I think that knowing what happened on RHOC, she’s prepared to produce anything and everything to avert being accused of not producing specifics and records to back it up. Unfortunately I think Yolanda’s illness and those that question it may be the bulk of the rest of the season ;(

  34. Xanadude

    Slight aside: anyone watching Real Housewives of Cheshire? I didn’t even realize Bravo was running it (its a British entry in the series) on Saturday afternoons until this week. It started on Nov 25.

    • Didn’t know it exists. Will see if I can find it on Amazon. Thanks for the heads up, Xanadude.

    • Angel(?)

      I can’t get into it. I maybe housewifed out. I’m not even sure I’m going to watch Patomac.

    • Took a couple of episodes, but I’m really enjoying the show. The funny thing is, they all have quite low-class accents, apart from Lauren, who sounds slightly less “country”, and Mugly, or whatever her name is They all seem to have made their money by having rich husbands, especially footballers, and kind of fell into the rich life. They all seem pretty decent, if a bit overly blunt, except for Mugly – she’s a full-on b–ch. It’s very late and I’m having a senior moment as I sit here and can’t remember all the names, but when the one lady invited Mugly and the other woman to lunch to talk over their problems, Mugly came in ready to attack. She’s a spiteful, humorless piece of work and I don’t know why her seemingly very nice hubby puts up with her – he probably knows how vicious she would be if he ever tried to leave. Plus the lady who said she had secretly been someone’s mistress for years is full of rubbish – when she got a negative reaction from the other ladies, she backtracked and said he wasn’t married but she feels like “a bit on the side”. Why would you say that if there wasn’t something odd about the relationship? It looks as though they actually show who he is on upcoming episodes, unless I misunderstood – it should be interesting. Worth watching.

  35. Dawn

    I watch Cheshire, it is pretty dull. No one is missing anything if you’ve skipped it. I find two of the ladies really hard to understand, they sound like their mouth if full of marbles. They are mostly pampered wives of “footballers” with varrying backgrounds from strippers to upper society. The drama is the horror that a 40 something woman needing a hysterectomy is going to end the possibility of a 5th child, and someone always feels slighted by someone else over nothing.

    It makes the London show seem like edge of your seat cliffhangers by comparison.

  36. Hi Ben, funny recap.You suffered watching this yawn fest.
    Ellen. learning when it is ok to chatter and about what in the morning most couples learn the first few months.
    Vince was cranky but don’t we all know this?
    BTW, who is Ben C.?

  37. Katherine 2.0

    Sick or not, Yolanda’s one boring broad. Raise your hand if you fast forward.

  38. kkbella

    I will continue to watch all the Yo stuff. Great insight into her true self, and how desperate she is for fame. Remember back when David made some comment to media about her getting her own lifestyle/exercise show, using this dumpy housewives gig as a launch pad or something like that?
    I don’t want endless cat fights. I think they are trying to disrtinguish BH from the other mud slingers, just slinging on a different level. So, I’ll take any kids other than Guidice lot.
    Glad to travel to anywhere, even the nail salon or Ohio with this set of housewives.
    The Erica Jane bit is funny. But make mistake, this woman is smart, and has got it going on.
    Finally, it must be hard to write a recap. Everything was good, but I could live without the hashtags every other thought. Save those for the twitter sphere!

  39. Scatty

    Loved this recap! But must remind Ben C that Roman emperor Caligula slept with his horse, and it wasn’t a mini! Of course he was also a raving psychopath, but hey…

  40. DC

    I can’t believe i have to wait the whole rest of this season, until late next year for this show to change if it survives this season. Worked was at least a real, and entertaining.

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