Happy Felon By Bravo Prison Release Day! Teresa Guidice Is Coming Home!

Photo: Bravo Will we have another RHONJ Christmas?

Photo: Bravo  Will we have another RHONJ Christmas? Yes!

Just in time for Christmas, Bravo’s favorite felon is returning to her McMansion in Montville, New Jersey today. Joe has been spotted hanging the Christmas decorations on the house wearing a back brace in preparation for the grand event.

But that is not all Joe has been doing. The Daily Mail has exclusive photos of what they say is Joe DRIVING his truck off the property.  Clearly, this is a violation of his state probation concerning his numerous driving violations.  Joe’s only real punishment was loss of his driving privileges as his  jail sentence is running concurrently with his prison term.

So where on earth did Joe decide to drive on a day when paparazzi was already gathering at the end of his driveway?  Apparently, he drove to the  Lexus dealership to buy  Teresa a new  seven  passenger  Lexus  SUV.  Looks like they still have 60K to burn IN  CASH because neither  Joe nor Theresa are allowed to take out loans as a condition of both of their plea agreements.RHONJ Tre floor house

I expect Teresa to be leaving any minute to go check in to her half-way house where she will immediately be given house release and perhaps an ankle bracelet before being allowed to go back home. She will also get permission to go to her brother’s house tomorrow for the feast of the seven fishes.

Of course the Bravo crew already has the lighting up and ready to go to film the big holiday festivities and Melissa and Joe’s house.  There are a lot of rumors about Theresa’s relationship with Melissa still being quite rocky.  We shall see. I would imagine Melissa would be a sight for sore eyes at this point. Unless, she believes that Joe and Melissa got away with the same crimes as some have suggested.

So to recap, the felon is coming home to her house which was miraculously rescued from foreclosure to a new SUV and a pass to leave her house arrest before she is even home for a day.

Looks like crime is paying very well these days.


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82 responses to “Happy Felon By Bravo Prison Release Day! Teresa Guidice Is Coming Home!

  1. Erica

    And all the Treehuggers just had a collective orgasm.

    I am a little evil – I wanted her to spend one Christmas in the pokey. I thought she was going to, even with good behavior.

    • Just Saying

      Lol thank you for the laugh, I agree she should be there for Christmas because then her girls would understand she committed a crime and is being punished for it. As it stands now she goes home for Christmas to live in the house they aquired through fraudulent behaviors So the lesson is crime does pay

    • Everybody deserves time off for good behavior. Don’t stone me to death, but 25% of the African American population is a convicted felon. 8% of whites, also. They deserve a chance at redemption. My Dad was a convicted felon. Almost exactly the same crimes as Juicy, but he wasn’t sweet and funny like Juicy. Buying and receiving stolen goods, arson, ( a house he couldn’t sell. He too, drove around in a Rolls Royce like a moron. Then he claimed it was stolen and set on fire. They got suspicious because they did not think anybody, even the worst criminal would burn down In his case he went to trial, and got a sentence for income tax evasion and was sent to Danbury and then transferred to Barnstable.
      Let me just say that it screws up the kids pretty bad, and he could never have a credit card or a house or a leased car in his name. Later, I found out he took out loans in my name to go to college and never told me and I got a demand letter from the state of Mass. The amount of the tuition and 44,000. He was never the same after he got out of jail, he was more angry and meaner than when he went in. I sued him and won because clearly he forged my signature, but the bank went after me because he had no money. My point is, being a convicted felon makes it hard for you to get a job, it changes the dynamics of the family, and he died a bitter old man who owed the IRS a million bucks. However, having said all of that, Juicy must be one of the stupidest men alive. You don’t go out and lease a Lexus for Christ’s sake! You lease a cheap minivan. He is such a dummy.
      He may be incapable of learning anything, but I think she will learn never to co-mingle her income with his and don’t sign anything he puts in front of your face. I’m glad she is home. I hope she ignores Melissa completely for the rest of her skanky life. And her hobbit brother, too.

      • GildedLily

        I agree completely.

      • Matzah60

        I second that emotion Gessie and GildedLily

      • lilk

        That 25% afr am population you are quoting do NOT get all the chances that lying cheating scamming stealing Teresa gets! They dont get picked up in a warm SUV, they dont go home to a mansion and a lexus.

        Teresa should have been in jail for the FULL 15 MONTHS.

      • Why is it important to say that 25% of blacks are felons? What does that have to do with Teresa and Joe’s crimes? She didn’t get what she deserves for the crimes she committed because if she did, she would have been in jail longer!

      • Army wife

        Your disgusting and deserve to be from that type of family.

      • Tamdon

        Was there a point to bringing up the statistics of blacks and whites in prison? Seems random and unnecessary. The rest of the post makes sense, though.

      • Teresa

        I am completely offended by your comment!! I’ll get over it, but that’s just wrong! Shame on you!

      • limpho.phashe@gmail.com

        Facts: She knew she stole money or she would not have been sent “away”. Stop perpetuating nonsense. She stole money and she knew about it and still knows about it! This is a women when faced with evidence, in a court of law, under oath, still lied.

    • Limpho.phashe@gmail.com

      I am confused by it. U rob people out of their money and u are sent to a Swiss boarding school? And when u come out, it’s sorry u had 2 go thru that! Teresa stole money knowingly. FOH.

  2. More Tea Please!

    This spectacle is absolutely disgusting.

  3. Minky

    Oh god. I guess the seven fishes are so much more important than Teresa paying her debt to society. And the courts, police, lawmakers, etc. expect people to take them seriously when they put this kind of shit on display. People like Teresa and Joe belong in the stocks. It’s perfect for attention whores because everybody can walk by and look at them and throw rotten eggs. Mellissa and Joe #2 as well for that matter. If they did the same shit as Teresa, then fuck them too.

  4. Lisaj

    Bravo sees nothing but $ signs and I’m betting they get paid back in spades on this one. I’d still rather see Tre then On Display and for her children only, I’m glad she will be home for the holidays. Yes she should have thought of them but in the spirit of Christmas, everyone deserves to see their family if they are fortunate enough to have one. I’ll be watching.

  5. Allison

    I was HOPING you’d seen the Daily Mail report. Verrrry interesting. We’ll see just how bad the prosecutor and judge want Juicy, depending on if they pursue this or let it go.

    • erikainhb

      I saw that. Joe just continues to snub his nose at the law.

      This whole thing is just disgusting accross the board.

    • erikainhb

      And Andy Cohen celebrating the felons with airtime to make a buck. Shame!

    • Matzah60

      It seems quite obvious to me that Teresa and Joe have hidden a lot of money and I am certain it isn’t in a bank account in their local neighborhood. Maybe they have sent/wired money to Italy to relatives, gifted money to people completely uninvolved or related to their family, but close friends nonetheless (or partners in crime). It’s my belief that they had the bucks to pay the mortgage, but were waiting until they were forced to make payments to come up to date before foreclosure began.

      They have to have socked a ton of money away somewhere, somehow in order to continue paying all the household bills including keeping the utilities running, paying the taxes (over 60K according to an old rerun I just watched when Teresa and Gia are looking to ‘scale down’ to a 1.6 million dollar home, wherein the realtor tells them how much cheaper the RE taxes will be compared their 60K plus on their current home.

      I believe that Juicy will take off before his prison sentence begins. I don’t know when or how, but I just can’t see him accepting a 4 plus year sentence. I have no proof or reason to say that….just a gut feeling.

      • Lisaj

        I think he will go to prison if only to get away from a house full of screaming girls. Tre won’t run off with him to Italy because hello, no Bravo cameras. #famewhore

  6. BeetsWhy

    I’ve been a caregiver for six plus years…where the fuck is my Lexus??? Okay, it would only get driven to doctor’s offices, the grocery store and Walmart but still!!! No crimes committed here and I get zero (other than the love and appreciation that they don’t care about but thankfully I do).

    • Cat

      I agree. I just got yet another hospital bill for $2,000. It never ends. Crime really DOES pay.

      • Dee

        At least that is the way this story seems to be going. I’m with you May, medical bill out the wahzoo

      • Dee

        Autocorrect driving me nuts. Kat I meant to say I’m with you, medical bills just keep piling up. These people can do no wrong…yet. They are showing their girls there are no consequences for breaking the law. Did they take a class? How do people know this stuff?

      • Cat

        I don’t know. I would be one of those “stupid criminals” you see on TV, or read about in “weird news”. My brain is just not wired for crime.

        About a million years ago, I had to take a lie detector test at work. The guy said he couldn’t test me. I was so honest, the baseline readings said I was lying my ass off.

  7. Auston

    The SUV that is in the drive way of their home is an LX570 which starts out at 90K.

  8. Lawstangel

    What has Joe been living on this past year?

  9. Ingrid

    Oh, how I have NOT missed Teresa, here comes the trash magazine covers, the TV interviews, the books, the promos, the posts, parading the kids around, it will be all Teresa all the time, I am just thankful for the peace of the past year!

  10. Anastasia_Beave

    These people are disgusting.

  11. Angel(?)

    Joe and Teresa arrogance and idiocy is disgusting. They will never change. The new SUV is too much. I hope RHONJ crashes and burns in the ratings. I haven’t missed them at all.

  12. justanothermary

    I’ve been wondering (yes I have too much time on my hands) how Tre is going to cope without Juicy around. Although he seems like a big, dumb thug, he was certainly the brains of the operation. Can Tre take a car in for an oil change? Can she change a light bulb? What about the little things like taking out the trash. Can Tre do that?

  13. She just makes me sick and yea, where did they come up with the $$$$$ for any type of vehicle? LIFE IS JUST NOT FAIR.

  14. Katherine 2.0

    Are we taking bets on whether Joe skips the country?

    • Matzah60

      Completely. I don’t see Joe going peacefully to jail. He will disappear in the middle of the night to a a foreign country that will not cooperate with the US about releasing him for extradition. Look at Roman Polanski. The man was accused and found guilty of raping a 13 or 14 year old in the US and fled to France. France refused to return him to the US.

    • WonkyTonk

      I’m not a fan of those two but the thought has crossed my mind. So say he serves his time and when he gets out he’s deported back to Italy because he’s not citizen of the US despite living here since he was one, with that as a possibility running has got to be passing through his mind as a viable option. Question is would Theresa follow with the kids? She’s making a pretty substantial paycheck with the Housewives show, an amount which I’m sure will be dramatically increased for the next season she’s on.

  15. Twilly

    These scumbags make me sick.

  16. Jessica

    This whole thing disgusts me. All it shows is they have learned absolutely nothing from this. It is only a matter of time before something else comes up for them…some other fraud. I will not be watching RHONJ nor the special that we all know is coming. I haven’t even watched an episode yet of Beverly Hills. I find myself totally over these shows. Bring on more AHS!

    • @immelza

      I so agree with you these HW shows have just become full of criminals, real \fake sick people and many with obvious alcohol \ mental health issues. The glitz & glamour of fabulous people with fabulous lives traveling and shopping in fabulous places is history. Instead of going out and spending their exclusive interview and tabliod bucks on a Lexus that money should be put towards food, housing and education of those girls. Someone please beat it into their stupid heads that the novelty will wear off, the show and all the attention will end and the money will dry up fast. Jmho but I think it’s borderline abusive to the girls to see this disgusting display of wealth after their parents were convicted and really sets them up for a very hard time when everything dries up.

  17. Sammie

    This is disgusting. No remorse, no change in lifestyle, seeming little more than a slap on the wrist for major crimes. How could they owe fines, restitution, taxes and who knows what and have CASH to buy a car, any car, nevermind a high priced one.

  18. Xanadude

    I have nothing to add other than to agree with the comments above. Nothing was learned. Life is continuing on for them…shame shame shame on Bravo for continuing to showcase this family.

  19. Hopefully, Santa will leave Teresa plenty of sprinkle cookies coal.

  20. Trashbox

    Cameras are rolling! Guess the Guidices are coming to my TV soon. Hate to admit, but I’ll be watching.

  21. Oh, and also, maybe Santa Claus will have some mercy for us – the audience – and he’ll gift Teresa with at least a rudimentary knowledge of the collective singular. (“seven fish”; “herd of deer”; “cut my hair”; “all of you”; etc.)

    It can only be a very small segment of the audience – the hard-core TreHuggers – who find her current level of idiocy endearing.

    • Matzah60

      I don’t get the feeling that these trehuggers find her endearing. They feel the time doesn’t fit the crime. I think that’s due for the most part because how readily and easily anyone could get a mortgage prior to 2008. The bankers saw the housing bubble coming. Hell, the White House knew the bubble was coming and the banks were going to collapse. The only one who didn’t get it was Bush.

      There is a collective amount of studies that have been done that show that prison is neither a deterrent, not does it cause the offender to emote remorse for their crimes. It is a revolving door and thus the rate of recidivism is over 50%, particularly so for violent offenders.

      • What? This was not some subprime mortgage rate mistake, it was sustained fraud. It was not just a bank or government that they ripped off, it was the landscapers, construction workers, small business and everyone who pays taxes.

      • Matzah60

        @itwasJulie, I am not disagreeing with you at all. I was only presenting the reasoning that I’ve heard from the ‘trehuggers’. I totally agree that this was sustained fraud.

        What bothers me most about the Guidice’s and their ilk is the way they bilked and in some cases, shut down small businesses that they employed for their extravagant, over-the-top lifestyle. The damage that they inflicted on small, local businesses was disgraceful, and compounded by their complete lack of remorse and sense of entitlement indicates that there is no redemption for these two greedy people.

  22. JoJo

    FFS – I expected all the gossip rags and entertainment TV to report obsequious deets of her infamous homecoming, but not the LA Times! Just as fawning as if Guidice was a bona fide A list star -quoting Joe saying it was a private reunion as he spoke to E! news this morning. Gives new meaning to ‘private’ and the media star-making of felons.
    NBC/Bravo “The Real Felons of USA” coming soon to your TV;-\

  23. KB

    Does the “Son of Sam” law apply in this case? Will Tre be allowed to profit off of her experience in any way shape form or fashion? Also, is it possible Bravo did the lease as part of some agreement they made for agreeing to do that 3 episode show with the kids? Just wondering.

    • Matzah60

      I don’t believe so unless the book they wrote that People is ghostwriting and publishing (I presume) and coming out in Feb 2016 contains information on how they committed the fraud for which they were incarcerated. Additionally, the Son of Sam law that was enacted initially to prevent the profit from those committed of violent crimes. That doesn’t mean that they can’t go after those accused of white collar crime like the Guidices, but I am certain that this douchebag, ‘entertainment attorney’ will keep them on course as to what and what they can’t do. I wonder who is paying this entertainment lawyers. What is this man getting in exchange for representing Teresa? That’s what I’d like to know.

      • JoJo

        I’m curious about the law being applied to them too – enacted to prevent criminals from profit of the result of their crimes? Or is it applicable to any profit if they’re a felon/criminal?
        I recall something about the Jodi Arias case and her selling her ‘art’ while incarcerated, but I don’t remember how that ended up.
        The Guidices obviously have been allowed to be paid by Bravo while she was incarcerated for appearing on the show, but I don’t know if it was payment to a trust for just the kids and restitution? And I think whatever the answer, that lawyer has a hefty chunk of whatever Bravo is forking over.

      • JoJo

        Nevermind, the ‘Son of Sam Law’ isn’t applicable to the Guidices unless they sell/produce/participate in something specifically about the crimes for which they were convicted.
        So selling cookbooks, food, and the reality shows about their everyday life seems to be perfectly profitable – quite profitable for them in fact.

      • beth

        The book title is “Turning the Tables, From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again” – she could not write this particular book without first having committed crimes; sounds like profiting from crime to me.

      • JoJo

        I need to read the commenting rules. Tamara Tattles has extensively covered the son of sam laws which can be found by using her search box. Short version is Teresa did not commit a violent crime and her book will tell NOTHING about her crimes and only discuss her childhood and then being in jail an getting out. As has been extensively covered here.

        This entire comment has been edited by ADMIN.

      • JoJo

        TT – done and done – sorry.

  24. I am by no means a Trehugger, but has anyone stopped to think that the Lexus is a free lease for promotional purposes? I know if I were the owner of a car dealership, I’d hand a vehicle over for 6 months in exchange for advertisement.

  25. beth

    Either my eyes are worse than I thought, or the Daily Mail is with lucy in the sky – I can’t discern a face at all in those photos, let alone Joe’s face.

    • WonkyTonk

      I was thinking the same, unless they’ve got a smoking gun in reserve in the event they’re challenged, but that would be stupid.

  26. Lawstangel

    Just watched Entertainment Tonight, the “People” reporter who seemed absolutely giddy to be reporting on this event, said that “sources” said that the Guidices are not really hurting for money. Really?!?! She then went on to clarify that JOE purchased the Lexus for TRE for Christmas and that they have already paid back the 414,000 restitution bill. Interesting….

    Did that special pay that much?

    I don’t have as big a problem with Melissa as everyone else does. Tre is the convicted felon, Melissa is just an annoying jackass sister-in-law. Both of their behavior towards each other has been equally despicable in my opinion, not to mention the fact that Tre involved her girls in an adult dispute. It was clear that Tres girls loved their uncle, he could be support for them later when/ if Joe runs or while he is in jail. The whole situation is pretty pathetic.

  27. Well, bless you. Didn’t THAT make sense.

    • tamaratattles

      My apologizes. Apparently Ellie used suction cups to scale the glass protection wall. I’ve peeled her off and dropped her back on the other side.

      • More Tea Please!

        You’re going to need to add some Teflon to that Windex TT. I suspect the WL section is Ina full on lather with Teresa’s homecoming!

  28. Teresa sold him her soul to the devil (and his name is Andy Cohen).

  29. captivagrl

    I don’t think Joe is fleeing to anywhere. He has always loved his children, but I think he has a much closer connection with the girls now. Teresa is the big earner today, not Joe. I have a feeling that they will fight his sentence hard. What ever they need to/can do. No way he’s going to leave the US. I also don’t think he will be deported.
    Obviously they haven’t learned anything throughout this mess.
    I have a strong feeling that the next charge will be domestic violence or something along those lines. Someone’s gonna lose it, don’t know which one.

  30. tamaratattles

    Just an FYI, Neither Joe nor Tre can take out a loan for I believe five years. So that would include a lease. Joe would not have to go to the dealership unless he was paying CASH. If Bravo were leasing it as part of their deal it would have just showed up on the property and he would not have had to drive to the dealership. The Daily Mail dude was surveiling the property so he either KNOWS that was Joe driving his own truck or mistook Pete for Joe, but if it was Pete, Joe would have been with him.

    We paid for the Lexus by watching the show and whoever buys her crap/books/wines etc.

    They have a book advance, the Teresa in Jail three episode money and probably a prepayment for a WWHL interview and the first check from RHONJ. They have plenty of money.

    Also, it is a mistake to believe the stories that the $414,000 in restitution was paid in full. They are merely up to date on their payments. FOR NOW.

    • Xanadude

      Perhaps the famewhore lawyer got it for Tre?

    • fivecatsownme

      I am sure her book will sell. I won’t be buying. Teresa served her time and I am sure she doesn’t realize how lucky she is to be able to go home and not to a halfway house or homeless shelter. The state didn’t take away her children, and her husband has 4 months with her before he goes to prison.
      The new Lexus in the driveway is a symbol of how much the Guidices don’t get it. The will always be special little snowflakes.

  31. NanZee

    I had my husband look at Tre’s new Lexus. He said it’s the new LX570 and retails for between $92,000 – $97,000. He’s in the car business and said his dealership cannot even get one. The bow btw costs $400 and the dealers usually won’t part with them.

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