Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Adios, Miami!

RHOA Miami

By Guest blogger Ben C.

A very special thanks to Ben who has agreed to recap all the RHOA and RHOBH shows through the end of holiday season!

We pick back up with Kenya snapping at the “Young Buck” Glen… Tammy’s… Nephew?) and the extreme foreshadowing of his multiple violent offenses to come.

Southern-Belle Phaedra makes a comment about the party turning into a “swingers convention” to ease the tension. Keep bringing the class back to the #ATL, girl!

The group begins a game of Never-Have-I-Ever, while Kim steps off to call her husband and check in on the kids. Apparently, the Spaghettios her family had for dinner were a HIT. Because, Kim. TBH, Spaghettios (with meatballs) are always a hit. I have a couple of cans in my pantry right now. #goals

The Christian Southern Belle on RHOA Gif by T.Kyle at Reality TVGifs

The Christian Southern Belle on RHOA Gif by T.Kyle at Reality TVGifs

We learn Porsha and Sheree have experimented with Golden Showers (look it up) & Phaedras opinion on road-head/sex while driving is “everyone done did that” (I personally have not, but maybe because it took three times to get my drivers-license, so I really require as much attention on the road as possible)

Kandi clearly isn’t comfortable with the idea of the guys (I can’t call them men) inside/staying-at the house. Kim picks up on this and introduces her to the bunch, and they go off to avoid the obvious mess that is about to happen. We catch another glimpse (more than a glimpse) of Glen’s temper as he goes after Kandi for being standoffish. Two grown ass women (one pregnant!) minding their own damn business and this hulk comes out of no where.

Porsha announces in her talking head she has “left her inhibitions in Atlanta” – as we cut to the second unfortunate incident (besides Glen) of the night. She begins something of a ‘slow-twerk’ (not quite sure) and by this point, what was once a typical swimsuit bottom has worked it’s way up & transformed into a thong. This suddenly is feeling very #BadGirlsClub. Somewhere a music video girl from the early 90s is weeping. She attempts to walk gracefully away from the group, and is followed by her new booty-call Oliver. She’s drunk & tells him she’s a woman who makes her own money and has her own businesses. I lie about my occupation and financial status to boys/uber drivers when I’m drunk too.

Back in the hot tub, Glen shows his temper AGAIN, which prompts Kenya to join Kim, Kandi & Cynthia who are all clearly uncomfortable with the situation. Kenya calls Glen aggressive to the group & Kandi agrees.

RHOA In Miami The blond in the back is Tammy

RHOA In Miami The blond in the back is Tammy

We see Tammy stumble into the group from off-camera, alone (again), drink in hand (again) & clearly wasted (again.) See boat trip #1

Kenya confronts drunk Tammy about the boys leaving. Meanwhile, Sheree is feeling her fantasy – feet in the hot tub, drink in hand, top-knot bun pulled tight, surrounded by the guys. Y’all know she was living. She joins the other women and doesn’t see what the problem is. Of course she doesn’t. Poor Sheree was so close to getting laid. I see you, girl!

Cynthia, Kandi & Kim head upstairs to bed and the rest of the ladies stay together downstairs. A confrontation clearly is beginning, aaaaand HERE….WE……GOOOOOO!

Kenya confronts Glen and tells him he’s been rude all day, aggressive, etc. – and that she wants him to leave the house. Things immediately jump off. Glen calls Kenya a ‘little bitch’ and starts hulking towards Kenya in an extremely threatening way. No chill.

RHOA Kenya come for me

Crazy (Kenya) recognizes Crazi-er (Glen) and she immediately calls for Security. Production/the bouncers from the Jerry Springer Show rush in and start to break it up. You can hear Tammy screaming in the background “No cameras on him!”

We get a clear shot of Glen backed onto a couch with Tammy standing over him trying to calm him down. Glen SHOVES Tammy away from him and we see/hear her fall HARD on the marble floor. She blacks out and the ladies scramble to help her. We hear Sheree yelling for someone to call an ambulance while the others jump in and surround Tammy. Kenya cautiously hangs back. Glen is escorted out of the house by production/security/Jerry Springers bouncers and Kenya doesn’t miss a beat running to the rooms of the women who missed the fight to fill them all in on what went down. Cynthia feels guilty, like she had something to do with all the drama. Kenya & Cynthia begin to get heated, but Kenya shuts it down when she lets Cynthia know she’s too “TURNT up in her ear – and to please TURN DOWN.” Cynthia retreats and goes to check on Tammy.

Attorney Parks speaks with the EMTs and they carry Tammy away on a stretcher into an ambulance. Kenya and Kandi watch the scene from the balcony above and agree asking the boys to leave was for the best. Meanwhile, Porsha, Sheree, Phaedra & Shamea (why is Shamea even still here??) get together in a bedroom to immediately conspire and place all the blame on Kenya. They figure Kenya didn’t want the boys there, therefore nobody was allowed to want the boys there & therefore Kenya ruined all the fun and started the fight. #logic

Kim sees all sides of the situation and compares it to shaking a hornets nest. If you shake the nest, you can’t be surprised when the hornets come out to sting you. Kim packs her stuff to leave the house and head to a hotel.

The remaining ladies all sit down to discuss what happened. Kenya speaks up about Glens attitude, and Kandi backs her up. Kandi tells the women about her altercation with Glen. They all begin laughing and joking about Kim leaving after recognizing the group is a “health hazard”

The next morning Kandi is packing to leave Miami for Atlanta. Kenya comes to Kandi’s room and is caught up on the rest of the night. Somehow, Tammy and her “nephews” came back to the house after she was released from the ER. They figure she jumped the gate to get back inside.

RHOA Lanier Kenya

We see an epic iPhone video of the girls joking around about Tammy when she knocks on the door. Porsha answers the door and we get the most amazing shot – probably still drunk Tammy standing in the door. Straight up zombie status. Two blonde braids, a bathrobe over her hospital gown, & hospital socks (no shoes) This moment is FOREVER .gif-able.

The remaining ladies take a party bus into Miami and all seem to be getting along. Cynthia calls Tammy on the bus and she tells the group she’s only bruised, no concussion. Phaedra immediately snatches the phone and invites her to dinner later that evening at the house. They are really doing this most on this trip, trying to milk it for as much crazy as they can. Maybe the girls finally appreciate having someone around who tops them in the real-life-crazy department. They all split up and drive on an open top mini-hummer tour around Miami.

Cut to Kim back in Atlanta with her husband and kids at the park. I had some leftover tacos in the fridge I was really craving, so I took this as my moment to run. I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss a thing. Maybe more talk about Spaghettios.

Back in Miami Porsha is prepping for a “first date” (lol) with her new booty call, Oliver. He sends a Mercedes to pick her up (one time my uberX was a Merecedes too!)  & later they cheers to a second date/booty call and kiss.  Enter obligatory Peter/Cynthia conversation in the kitchen. Cynthia is tired of talking about it and shuts it down. God bless.

Great. We get to see Porshas first date. I’m going to use this as a good time to finish said tacos from above.

Back at the house, all the girls are already asleep. Porsha comes home at 1am and wakes them up. They all gather in Kenya’s bed sleepover style, and Porsha fills them in on her date. They all acknowledge the “do-over trip for Cynthia” was a success. I think Phaedra’s talking head sums it up best – “besides Glen’s unfortunate incident, Kim’s mini-break down, Sheree calling out people for sleeping with her ex husband, and of course Kenya twirling out of control, a success.”

All the sudden, I think my DVR skipped. I’m suddenly watching another episode of that spin-off nobody asked for, Kandi Getting Married or whatever they named it. Todd”s daughter is dating, in school, and has a job at the airport. Kandi catches Todd up on the trip. They discuss Kandi’s friendship with Phaedra. I think my neighbors heard my sigh of relief when Kandi addresses Phaedra’s split personality – and how Phaedra was the #TurnUp version of herself on the trip. Where is Mama Joyce?

In an attempt to make Kim look even more normal and boring, they show a short clip of her sneezing a few times outside of a wine bar. We really needed that. Kenya is bummed she can’t order a cocktail at a wine bar so she goes with a coke zero instead. Again, #logic

They have a disagreement about who started what on fight night in Miami (Kim feels Kenya started it by speaking up, Kenya tells her side of feeling uncomfortable.) I think they settled it. By this point I was way into my leftover tacos to care.

Next week: Kandi plans for another(?) comeback in music. We see a clip of Phaedra dropping her son off for his first day at school. The THOT Club & Don Juan scream at each other.

See y’all Tuesday for #RHOBH!!

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  1. Mr. Ben C—-
    That was a fantastic recap! Very funny.

    Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about Bev Hills.
    Be sure to stock up on more tacos.
    Thank you.

    • dahlsma

      Please, for the love of God do not eat leftover reheated tacos! What did the shell taste like reheated? Rubber? NOOOOO….Tacos: hot and fresh only! :) Enjoyed your recap otherwise, but just say no to reheated leftover tacos!

      • JennLovesAndy

        The shell? Um….

      • Minky

        Maybe they were soft tacos? Hunger is a horny slut. Like Porsha and calling what that was a “first date” I just ate some frozen chicken patties that I warmed in the microwave with some processed cheese melted over them on sliced bread. I called it “brunch”. ‘Tis the season.

      • Cat

        Mmmm….tacos. Crunchy or soft. Makes no difference to me!

        Did you know that “taco cat” spelled backwards is “taco cat”?

        Now, I need tacos for dinner. And it’s not even Taco Tuesday. I will, however, have leftovers. Yum!

      • Minky

        Oh Cat! Do you live in So Cal. Taco Tuesday is a thing here. A rather important thing, too. Tacos are faboo, but I’m more of a burrito person. And don’t even get me started on the Chicken Tortilla Soup! I’m drooling!

      • Cat

        No. I’m in Kansas City. But I lived in the Bay Area for about 12 years, first from 1975-1980. Then, from 1985 to 1992.

        I just like it all: Tacos, burritos, etc.

        I try to have tacos each Tuesday.

  2. Erica

    Thank you…. was not able to concentrate on everything tonight (due to some tragic family news), and was trying to get my mind off everything by at least participate in the discussion over this!

    Now, I have never really been Team Kenya. She irritates me most of the time. But THAT DOESN’T GIVE HIM THE RIGHT TO GO AFTER HER. I’m EXTREMELY disappointed in Kim for even insinuating she was partially responsible for that asswipe tossing Tammy to the ground (although I wonder if she really was knocked out… she might have just passed out on the way down to the floor. the only other housewife I’ve seen that drunk is Kim Richards). Was Kim Fields even still in the room? (Like I said, I have had a hard time concentrating on all this) If not, how the fuck does she know if Kenya provoked him?

    Oh, I am also one that finds Phaedra fascinating – and some of her weird sayings, etc. crack me up. Can’t help it.

    Don’t usually agree with her, and think she was a shit stirrer in many ways – but in terms of Kandi’s being upset with her? Team Phaedra. I’m not even talking about the money – I feel like that came up after people didn’t really side with Khandi’s fake tears over “I was going through stuff too! You could have called me and told me! How dare you become friends with NeNe even tho I profess to be cool with everone!” bullshit at the last reunion.

    When your husband’s trial is ON THE NEWS… you shouldn’t have to call your friend to say “I’m crushed over the breakdown in my marriage and the fact that my children’s father may be going to jail”. Khandi’s “it is no big deal” attitude over someone going to jail – over the idea of taking your toddler children into a prison – is kind of disgusting to me morally. It STUNS me that Khandi and Todd seemingly have MUCH more sympathy towards Apollo than Phaedra (and he owes the money just as much as Phaedra) Look – I don’t have a TON of sympathy towards Phaedra but I didn’t profess to be her close friend like Khandi did. And for Khandi to be really mad that Phaedra availed herself of a sympathetic ear and support, even when it comes from NeNe.

    • Yeah I agree Kenya’s instincts about home boy were right on. Tonight on twitter Kandi said she saw him flashing gang signs right before he aimed straight for Kenya. #ThugLife

      • It is so comical that Porsha went from virginal, obedient, religious housewife to complete dirty skank with an enormous cellulite ass. Man, is she stupid. It takes her longer than RuPaul to get dressed with all of the smoke and mirrors that she has to glue to her body to look attractive. I don’t understand where Kim is coming from. She so scered of everything except the things she should be scered of like drunk, hostile thugs who knock drunken old ladies unconscious. Phaedra’s “black men” speech was completely wasted by applying it to that knucklehead, rendering her speech meaningless and ironic since she has a husband in prison for stealing the pension checks, social security numbers, and identities of thousands of old people and ruining their last remaining years. She sure does have her nose in the air for no reason. Kandi and Kenya are the only people who made sense to me on this episode. ks she i
        That house they were at must be the house on Star Island that somebody rents out to all kinds of trash, there were multiple shootings there last year, I forget who was renting it at the time. The neighbors have been trying to get them to stop renting it out for parties through legal means.
        Sorry, but the whole episode sucked, and Kim who thinks she is a legendary actress because she was on the Facts of Life (I think) as a child is the most annoying person ever. Calling your husband up to see how the kids enjoyed their canned spaghettios has to be one of the stupidest and dullest things I have ever seen on television. I’m starting to dislike this show.
        If Kandi and Kenya weren’t on it, I would bail. I might bail anyway.

      • vivaladiva

        Gessiewtf totally agree!!!!

    • Bella

      I believe Todd and Kandi know Phaedra’s true involvement in Apollo’s schemes. Angela Stanton said that Phaedra was the mastermind behind the crimes.
      Let’s be real…. What woman sits by with a blank face when her unemployed, broke husband admits on camera to spending $8,000 in the strip club?

      1) If she’s the breadwinner, she will be upset that he’s wasting her hard-earned money.

      2) She can’t say anything because she knows where the money really comes from.

      I think once Todd and Kandi realized Phaedra’s involvement, it was hard for them to put all blame on Apollo, and also they probably realized how fake and manipulative she actually is.

      • Tra

        I realized how Fake and Manipulative Phaedra is a long time ago. And why does she think she has a nice booty? Lawd will she stop showing that ugly shape.

      • liberalinla

        Would be pretty uneconomic for a woman who is pulling down some good income from various revenue sources to risk these, her law license, and freedom for the relatively paltry amounts Apollo was shaking down.

        I imagine what really happened was Phaedra simply looked away and imagined the sources of Apollo’s $$$ were legit when deep down she probably had some suspicions that they weren’t.

        Which is fairly common in wives re their hubbys’ monies.

      • Erica

        OK… I could see distancing myself from Phaedra in their shoes if you did really think she was part of it all (which I am not so sure about)… but then why be harsh with HER and sympathetic with HIM, to the point where you are storing all his fucking toys that he paid for with the ill gotten gains?

        I’m still baffled by Kandi’s nonchalance about going to jail and having to haul your young children to said jail for visitation.

        People have been quick to criticize her for not visiting enough – and she offered up a decent excuse. Once you go in, you can’t go out and then come back in again (at the jail he was in). The visitor bathrooms were outside – what if one kid had a bathroom issue? What if one kid threw a fit and she had to go out with him?

        If they were real friends – why not offer to go with her at least once, so that you could either take the kid with the problem out, or stay with the other kid so Apollo could have some one on one time.

      • Wende Robyn

        Never thought of that, but it makes total since, because it seems know nobody on Kandi’s team/circle have any nice things to say regarding Phadera. I dont find Phadera is attractive at all. Smart, talented & accomplished is what makes her appealing, showing her body like that just is “not a thing southern belle’s” do. She reminds me of on of the characters on Sesame Street or Jim Henson’s Muppets.

    • Thank you, because how can Kim say who did what, if she wasn’t even in the room.

      • Minky

        Everybody! Don’t forget that Kim is friends (or in an alliance) with Phaedra “Hells Belles” Parks. However she might feel about Kenya has probably been influenced by whatever Phaedra has said to her.

        Yeah, I’m disappointed in Kim too. I thought all that hemming and hawing and “aren’t we grown women” stuff meant that she might be wary and circumspect. Wrong again, Minky.

      • Tra


        Why shouldn’t Phaedra take the kids to jail to see their dad? After all Phaedra put them in this situation. She knew Apollo’s background and didn’t care.

      • Erica

        I know people who have served time in jail, and are now functioning citizens who support themselves, have friends, and have children. APOLLO got HIMSELF there. I think Theresa proves that if there were any evidence that Phaedra was a participant, she’d be in with Theresa.

        Do I think that it would be better that the children have some sort of contact with their father? Yes. But I also get why a mother of two very small children would find even just the logistics of it difficult.

      • tamaratattles

        Yet she has no problem with the logistics of getting them to see Andy.

    • Tra

      It should be know by now that they are always going to blame Kenya for anything that’s negative. Phaedra, the most phony Housewife (cough) of all constantly blamed Kenya even after Kani told them the guy snapped on her. Dude was just ignorant. Kandi was minding her own business. Plus even though Kenya snapped her fingers at him, she explained to him she was trying to get his attention. It was all fun and no reason for him to get mad. Now glad it been one of the other women doing the same thing it would have been a misunderstanding.

      Bias group as usual toward Kenya. Look at how disgusting Porsha always dresses. Now let Kenya go around dressing like that and booty pooping in a barely there bikini for all to see. She would’ve been called every name in the book. Porsha is slutty. What happened to the football player? He left her, got what he wanted I guess.

    • DJFL

      @Liberalinla – What Apollo stole was not a “paltry amount”. “Nida, who appears on the reality TV series with Parks, was arrested in January and pleaded guilty in May to charges in a fraud scheme that federal prosecutors say stole millions of dollars from at least 50 people over four years.”

  3. Thanks for a funny & good recap…
    I want to drag Sheree for the way she was screaming “Call the am-buuuu-lance” when Tammy got knocked out….

  4. Mark

    Can we take a moment to respect how Miss Kebya looks in a bikini, while shouting at people??? Say what you like, but DAYUM, GURL.

  5. GirlMe

    I don’t understand how this fight is Kenya’s fault. Please just love to hate the girl. I was home safe and felt uncomfortable with him comfronting Kandi. He needed to be asked to leave.

    I hated that fake acting by Phadra and turning this into a black boys and label thing. He was an aggressive thug. I hope in hindsight boring Kim sees how wrong she was about Kenya.

    Loved how production had Kenya’s back with the flashbacks supporting Kenya not Kim.

    Kim thinks shes too good for this show “can we go by most famous” in regards to picking a room. Really girl, if you weren’t craving money and/or fame, like the others, you wouldnt be on this show either.

    I always leave the room on Phaedra & Porsha scenes. So over them.

    Great recap. Funny writing.

    • minimogul

      Wow..did I write this comment??? Cause You’ve totally captured my thoughts on this episode.

    • Matzah60

      You said it all, GirlMe! Wonder if production wanted Kim to go after Kenya (for no good reason, I might add) or if Phaedra (a walking contradiction) has completely gotten to Kim and turned her against Kenya because of, well, no good reason!!!

  6. Would You Like Some Tea??

    I can’t understand the mindset of any woman excusing a man physically attacking them. Sad.

    I agree that Kenya was doing the most, but co-signing that Kenya “Caused” Glenn to call the ladies bitches that he’d “fuck up” and slam is own aunt?? It doesn’t make sense.

    Kim was sitting front and center on the lounge chairs when Glenn drunkenly confronted pregnant Kandi. Yet Kim stuck up for Glenn. He was so drunk on that brown liquor that stripped down to his underwear and continued to drink.

    Also, Kim’s husband was online last night cursing left and right to defend himself against gay rumors.

    I really wish Kim Fields never signed up for this show. She seems like such a sweet person, but not prepared for the backlash.

    Phaedra, bless your heart. I’m speechless on how you choose to display yourself.

    • Pat

      I too wish Kim had never signed up for the show. She must have been desperately in need of money to subject herself and her family to what comes with reality tv. And, certainly she knows that the show is more likely to hurt her career than help it. And another thing, that scene with Kim and her family in the park really bothered me. That park is MY park. It’s where I go walk to reclaim my calm. I like RHOA only on tv. The thought of having it up close and personal disturbs my serenity.

      • liberalinla

        I don’t get the point of Kim either- other than a type of ‘joe on the street representing the average viewer’s mentality when viewing all this chaos” tribune. I mean, she’s really not that stupid or ill-informed as to not realize that she voluntarily cast herself to be on a gameshow. So it’s lame that all she seems to do is complain about playing. Err, well ok, but why are you here then Kim?

    • sarcasatire

      He exchanged words with Kandi, then walked away. He did not threaten her, nor invade her space. Shoot, Kandi and Kim were laughing about it and throwing shade. He didn’t phase them at ALL.

      • minimogul

        Kandi and Kim kim said ” I dont think he should stay” I thought…I’m gonna watch it again.

      • Twinkielucille

        I think they thought it was just him being weird and drunk UNTIL they heard about him continuing the behavior elsewhere. Like, I’m not gonna be terribly offended by you popping off at me, but if I hear that your behavior is escalating and directed towards EVERYONE, you gotta bounce.

      • RealityFan

        The fact that he even exchanged words with Kandi is problem enough. He said “what’s with the attitude” and other out of line things. Kandi told Kim when he walked away she let it slide because he seems like he would try to do something and she had to protect her baby. That sounds like she felt threatened. Kandi made it clear on twitter and on the show she felt the guy was trouble.

      • **Faze

        He exchanged hostile words with Kandi in an aggressive manner. He was completely out-of-line, particularly as a guest in someone else’s place. It was perfectly appropriate and warranted to want to remove him.

      • Minky

        Is it just me, or do you all also feel that if he had assaulted Kenya everybody on the show would have been okay with it? Kenya’s their damn punching bag, and they don’t even try to hide it. Everybody has taken a swing at her (verbally), and some physically. That’s why I don’t mind her stirring the pot. Most all of them deserve it. She’s still smarter than the lot of them. Yes, even Phaedra Parks Esq.

  7. ItsMe

    Is it just me or does this season seems forced? No one really has a decent storyline but Cynthia.

    • dembick

      They are playing to the camera too much. This show is turning into Love and Hip Hop.

    • liberalinla

      It is forced b/c given Bravo/Andy/et al made the decision to 86 NeNe, they should have reconstituted most of the cast, so to give it an entirely fresh face & voice. They didn’t. They didn’t even really have the class to bring on new housewives from the get-go so as to firmly tell the existing cast “these new ladies aren’t going anywhere, so messing w/ them is going to do nothing to their peach status…at least this year!”

      But they didn’t, instead, in a slightly racist, slightly socio-economic (a la Marx) power-profit trip, the Powers the Be decided to go deeper in the hunger games/game of throne intra-peach struggle which has become the thing itself to RHOA.

      When anyone complains about how RHOA is so violent, agro, ghetto, and even ‘meta’ (in that the show is almost entirely only about getting on the show and staying on the show), they fail to realize this is precisely the point.

      RHOA has become the perfect distillation of the RH franchises-essence. Like a type of perpetual war (which is where the racism comes in, b/c deep down the Bravo/Cohen probably truly believe that they are simply filming a type of Rousseau-esque ‘state of nature’, but in reality, what they are doing, is creating an endless struggle of all against all. Which comes very close to evil.).

      The only remedy to this situation, I imagine, will be found in that great Kantian institution of perpetual peace….. ie, the civil courts! :)

  8. Toddy

    Fun recap, Ben C! I just feel embarrassed for Portia… I’m sure she likes/needs the check, but her family should have talked her out of coming back to be an alleged skanky hooker/punchline. Looking forward to RHOBH.

  9. ShyGuy

    Phaedra and Kim are full of it, she wants this fight to be all Kenya’s fault when in reality it wasn’t. Carlos king and Andy should be ashamed of themselves for putting these girls in danger for high ratings. The show has no storyline anymore just fights, shade, tea and arguments. Kenya could be way in London and would still be at fault, they would never let anything like this happen to there Beverly Hills housewives. If it wasn’t for kandi posting the videos to her Instagram last night who knows how the shady producers would have spun the story.

    • liberalinla

      I highly doubt those IG/iphone videos were not set up by production to make scene appear authentic. Oh look! It came from Kandi’s iphone, so it must be real!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Yup! They tried this on Housewives of Cheshire, that show is fake as fuck and the iPhone vid was *so* obviously fake. RHOA is way better at this kind of thing but I wouldn’t be surprised if the video was fake or strategically edited.

    • Cat

      That is part of the “magic” of television. You can take a video, spin it several different ways, and someone will always believe it.

      • Minky

        Yes! How the hell could it be Kenya’s fault that a ‘roid crazed neanderthal (and possibly other drugs) kept threatening the ladies and actually knocked the one who brung him to the floor?!!! I suppose if he had shot someone that would have been Kenya’s fault too???!!! Harumph! I’m offended and insulted on Kenya’s behalf. That’s just too damn much.

      • Cat

        Any man who blames his temper on a woman is not much of a man.

    • liberalinla

      Actually ShyGuy I think you sortta nailed it. Casting Kenya in the London franchise would crazy amp the ratings, as well as keep those boring London yawns on their toes. Plus, I think Kenya would rather enjoy the challenge and environment.

      • Mdchica

        Liberal lawmaker, u misunderstood what shy guy stated! He did noisy that Kenya should be in the London show! He meant that Kenya could be as far away as in London and the women will still accuse her wrongly.

      • MDChica

        Oops, i made some typos. I meant, you misunderstood what shy guy stated. He did not say that Kenya should be in the London show…..

  10. Home

    Great Recap….This episode was a MESS! They should have never brought the guys to the home. Glen was out of control and should have been put out! The fight scene just cheapen up the RHOA franchise! stooping to #Thuglife now for rating…smh. I new from the second episode of the season that this was not the show for Kim Fields..why she signed on is something only she and her husband knows but its kind of sad to see her in this light…I hope this is her first and last season.

    Portia is so attention needy its ridiculous! She makes my side hurt overtime they show her scenes. Her twerking has really gotten old.. This is going to be a long painful season…smh

  11. DJ

    O-M-G! I don’t blame Kenya at all! Glen was totally out of line.

    Porsha hit an all time low with that booty twerk in front of all those guys.

    Where do these ladies get these shredded bathing suit cover ups? I just can’t!

    I love Kim Fields. She appears to be SHELL-SHOCKED that she signed on to this show!

    • More Tea Please!

      Wait, given that Kenya got off on the wrong foot with Glen with her snapping routine maybe she wasn’t the best one to confront him later. Her Judgement Gene is definitely “off”.

      • Jim

        Oh that’s fine. Make excuses for a violent thug. Because snapping your fingers at someone is just an awesome reason to assault an older woman and terrorize a group of women you don’t know. ?

      • Clouds

        Kenya was the only one who could/would do it. With Kandi pregnant, all the others were either oogling over them are dont have enough balls to ask someone to leave

  12. More Tea Please!

    Thanks Ben for stepping in for our beloved TT!

    I haven’t watched the episode yet but it sounds like a Truckload of Messy all around!

  13. Pat

    Okay, folks. I’m irritated. How in the world did those women determine that “Youngblood’s” show of insanity was Kenya’s fault? It was HIS fault and the fault of his parents who raised him to be a fool rather than a man. If anything, Kenya kept things from getting worse. Dude was insane. While they were checking out his pro-baller looks, I was noticing that crazed look in his eyes. Kenya did the right thing and was not offensive in doing it.

    • minimogul

      Pat I felt like i was in the damn twilight zone. It’s absurd to blame Kenya.

      • liberalinla

        It’s absurd to ‘blame Kenya’ when Kenya is just being Kenya and using the same strategies she has since the get-go.

        She’s a bus-thrower stuff-stirer and so yeah, people need to realize that and generally either not react to it or not bring people around who don’t understand her ways & means. Or be prepared to lose.

        Also, Kenya is a combo of bright (infinitely more than let’s say Brandi Glanville), clever, quick and dastardly. Which means, if someone is not these things as well, they probably should not play. Especially if and when they’ve been drinking. Kenya comes to win and while there are wives who could match her blow-to-blow (Phaedra!), until and unless you come with your top game, Kenya’s gonna win. It’s just that simple.

      • Minky

        @liberalinla Yes! You totally get Kenya. This is why I’m Team Twirl! I’ve yet to see Kenya drunk. Not having A drink or two, but sloshed like the rest of them. Especially Tammy, the dud housewife. Who told Tammy that it was okay to bring those guys? Why is it okay for her to bring people are not part of the cast and that nobody knows to a trip? Same goes for Porsha and Shamea.

        I think Kenya would best Phaedra in a verbal cage match any day. All Phaedra does is throw sand in her opponent’s eye before she strikes, or she’d just end up reading herself. In other words Phaedra would never fight fair or above the belt. And her insecurities weaken her.

    • Jaded

      Amen and if that would have been my son acting that way I would kill him myself and not make a speech about the riots in Ferguson.

      • Exactly!! Whether Kenya was rude or not, no man should resort to violence! How dare they blame Kenya for this man’s behavior. As for Phaedra and her speech, she lost me when I heard her say scared white women in suburbia. How offensive. Between that and Porsha, I am done with this show.

      • Minky

        Um… They really brought up Ferguson? Seriously? Jesus H. Christ! If that don’t take the cake, I don’t know what does. Why stop with Ferguson? Why not bring up MLK? Did Porsha mention the Underground Railroad too?

        My friend has questioned my intelligence for watching this show. She hates it because she says it sets the African American community (esp. black women) back at least a century. I saw her point of view, but justified it by saying that it’s just mindless entertainment. My friend was right. About my intelligence, and this show. And, yes, my friend is a black woman.

        As for the scared white women in suburbia comment from Phaedra: Ummmm… Isn’t suburbia where Phaedra lives? What is she scared of? I’ve worked for some time in predominantly black communities in L.A., known for violence and crime. I’ve met some of the most beautiful, kind, honest, loving, wonderful people in my life there. A lot of the people I’ve met have been to prison. Some have been in gangs. Some have been, or are, homeless. I happen to be white. I wasn’t scared.

        Shut up Phaedra!

  14. susan

    Tammy deserves a peach just for jumping mansion gate donning hospital garb after ambuuuulance trip. And that knock on the door? That zombie show has nothing on you Chile. Good recap Ben darling — you grab a taco I unload the dishwasher.

    • liberalinla

      Tammy won’t get a peach because I bet you she popped off to production and uttered the “r” word while taping, against/about them. I imagine this is the ONE and ONLY thing that will get a wife or aspiring wife permanently banned from all things Bravo. Because if Production didn’t hold a very firm and merciless line on this word, it would be shouted towards them/about them (quite rightly) all the live-long day.

      Shades of, “Dans ce pays-ci, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un amiral pour encourager les autres.”

      • liberalinla

        NeNe on several reunions tested the waters by slightly edging up to the “R” word line re Production/Andy/Bravo and the look on Andy’s face was Stalin-esque. Which and again is why he played her out about her nothingburger comment about homosexuals, He (Andy) shot a clear warning shot across her bow about such things, at that moment. And the look on her face when that happened, was utter contempt and disgust at the rotten-ness inherent in the system (BigMedia/Entertainment). :)

      • beth

        pardon my ignorance; what is the “R” word?

      • beth

        thank you Jim

      • tamaratattles

        Why on earth would you assume production was white? You’ve seen Carlos (the showrunner) and others on camera during several of the brawls.

      • In your case, Liberalinla, the “r” word is repetitive.

      • T D

        I beg to differ sweet Maisey, more like a Latin R, roll it, as in Rambling Retard’s Rhetoric.

  15. sarcasatire

    Kenya was wrong!!!!

    You see, the other ladies were weirded out and removed themselves in a non-confrontational matter. Kenya, at first, did the right thing and asked Tammy to handle the situation of removing her guests. That was mature. Them why couldn’t Kenya let Tammy handle it?? The guys were AT the door, leaving peacefully, and Kenya starts up AGAIN. With the, let me tell you why y’all are leaving, because I’m kicking you out. THAT was the unnecessary shit that Kim Fields and everyone was talking about.

    • Gee

      I agree with sarcasatire! Glen definitely was wrong for turning up and putting his hands on his aunt. Kenya was wrong by telling Glen she was the one kicking them out and not the aunt who clearly had told them to them to leave. Miss instigator Kenya had to ramp up more drama up by addressing a man she claimed was acting weird an agressive all night. I really wish she would learn to chill sometimes and let the drama create itself without her continually stirring the pot.

    • Well,

      You didn’t think that guy was just a tad bit off? He told Kandi Congrats on the baby. Kandi said thank you. He said she had an attitude??? Even Kandi was tweeting how crazy he was. I understand that Kenya has the type of personality that either you love or hate but he was totally out of line. Just because someone says something you don’t like doesn’t mean they deserve to be physically hurt. If he was willing to push his own aunt down to get to Kenya imagine what be would’ve done to her…

    • minimogul

      The guy asked Kenya a question, he said “What’s that for”. Kenya answered his question in a very calm and respectful manner. He went off. Kenya’s instincts about that boy are spot on. He needed to leave.

      • Exactly. Kenya is always at fault when someone else is violent. Porsha with Cynthia, Apollo and Brandon. From what I see, her job on the show is to keep the storyline moving. It must be hard to do dealing with those dolts. As an example ……..

        Cynthia acted like a fool getting all upset with Kenya. All Kenya was trying to say is don’t blame yourself by inviting Tammy. Cynthia didn’t get it at all.

        Kim is boring and don’t buy her missing family storyline. She knew what she was signing up for and it included travel. If she was so big in show business like she proclaims to be, she must of spent some time away from family.

      • liberalinla

        This is where it gets weird, unsustainable, tricky and ultimately Kenya’s fault.

        Tammy isn’t Cynthia’s friend and Kenya knows this. Tammy was brought in by Carlos to test out for a peach, she was ‘assigned’ to be Cynthia’s friend per the script.

        Which is fine and cool but what isn’t is when Kenya, knowing full well what the script is and how Cynthia has almost zero role in actually writing or casting it, then calls out Cynthia for “bringing her random around”. Um no, that would be Carlos and Production.

        So Cynthia has to in a split second try to figure out how to respond to Kenya’s false accusation without piercing the fourth wall of unreality reality tv, literally Kenya going off-script by falsely accusing Cynthia of directing the script.

        This is something even masters of improv couldn’t do well.

        So now Cynthia is not only responsible for her own actions but the actions of people (Production) who can’t be named that she isn’t even aware of.

        All the rather stupid and lame posters and tweeters who year after year social media shout “why did she bring her, why did he do that” really should be directing these questions to production. People don’t randomly appear and get mic’ed and signed clearances and contracts just by accident or a poorly paid Housewife’s spur of the moment ideation.

        Why EVERYONE who has anything to do with the show hates Kenya is because Kenya instigates stuff on the other housewives that have everything to do w/ production decisions but this is not something the other housewives can mention, which Kenya knows full well.

        Kandi is only friending Kenya because production needed Kenya to have at least one ally and Kandi needs her other Bravo shows to cover her increasingly $$$$ nut of living (hint: she’s nowhere close to being as high net worth as the internet claims, she’s running out of money and her various ventures are not earning the dosh to pay for her lifestyle. She’s no Babyface and whatever she might earn in residuals is not a ton. Money in music is now almost exclusively live events and sponsorship and data/metrics, neither of these are much in Kandi’s wheelhouse).

      • tamaratattles

        Sorry for the delay in moderating your comment, Liberalina, I am technically on vacation and checking in sporadically.

        While I agree ALMOST everything you said,barring the last paragraph which is not based in fact at all. Kenya paid cash for a modest (by her standards) investment property. She appears from my observations to manage her finances well.

        But you are dragging me out of vacay mode to point out that EVERY STORYLINE is scripted to some degree. I get that Cynthia had no choice in being tagged to bring in Tammy, but Kenya can’t be expected not to have a WTF reaction to her. She cannot call out production either, so her only choice is to blame Cynthia on camera. This happens in many less obvious situations every season. For example, a lot if not all of the Kandi/Todd conflict was .. for lack of a better word in previous seasons.

        I assume your comment went to moderation because it is your first. If so, I look forward to future comments as you have a good grasp on the real story.

      • liberalinla

        Hey Tamara,

        Great blog btw. You do real profesh, fun, sometimes breazy, sometimes hefty work here and it shows.

        Yeah- I was referring to Kandi’s financial sitch not Kenya’s (I know nothing about Kenya’s finances. I do have a gut feeling however that she will well-finish her house in reasonably good time and it will be cool and well…. cool!)

        Back to Kandi- yeah, we have a heuristic, that you can basically tell how much an artist (incl songwriter, producer) makes by their ASCAP checks, and Kandi’s are really really small. She’s also not making money touring or in major sponsorship (Toyota would be a good heuristic here)

        She’s living well beyond her means and so there’s the $$$ motive for her to toe-production-line-arc more than in past seasons, which is why she’s gotten less “greek chorus” more “snarky biased towards one particular group of girls” (this season, Kenya). It’s almost always about the money and jobs. People are people.

      • liberalinla

        As to the Kenya v. Cynthia (Todd v. Kandi you referenced). I think it’s helpful for peeps to understand than when the wives (across all franchises) accuse another wife or friend of “throwing under the bus” what they mean (and are speaking in a type of jargon or code about) is,

        “I’m being blamed for a decision or action that was entirely production’s fault or decision that I can’t speak about and this is being used against me by this woman knowing full well what the real-deal is.”

        Now of course, that happens. But the wives do try to establish a social-norm that there are limits and levels to how much bus-throwing can occur. They are not the cast of Friends, but they do try to build solidarity amongst themselves as to what’s fair game re this throwing under the bus and what’s not. Which is why new housewives and friends are ‘hazed’ or ‘tested’ by current cast, who’s side are you on, ours or production?

        When a wife (brandi!) continually violates this hard-established norm amongst the wives, their only recourse is to boot her off through ‘null-filming’ etc. The only women who can survive who operate outside this type of gentleman’s agreement (which and again is violated all the time, but still attempted to be respected) are personal friends of Andy, like Bethanny. NeNe who rightly understood herself to be a bigger $$$ pull for Bravo than Bethanny got bopped because she wasn’t a FOA.

        Really since season 2 on most of these franchises, the real story isn’t the intra-wive squabbles but a type of game-of-thrones/hunger games battle between the women and production.

        I imagine that in a few years, Cohen will simply re-issue all eps of all seasons of all franchises with filming of production (by second production) to reveal the ‘real show’. A much more interesting, dark, and of-times tragic show.

      • liberalinla

        So with that all written, the battle royale between Kenya and NeNe can be thought of as the following.

        NeNe can be loud, hypocritical, nasty, abrasive, aggressive, smothering, attention-seeking, limelight hogging, but (as far as I can tell) what she didn’t do, is throw her fellow cast mates under the bus. She came for them, but within the rules and boundaries of this social norm- ie she didn’t go at them for production decisions.

        Kenya’s strategy was the opposite. She went and went often and hard after her castmates almost entirely on a ‘throw under the bus’ strategy. I get it, she needed to stand out in some way. But, this was obviously resented by the women.

        Where NeNe got really upset, was when instead of icing Kenya out, some of her castmates hedged their bets and befriended Kenya, thus destroying any chance of maintaining any semblance of limits on bus throwing and thus tossing away any voice, agency, or smidgen of power the wives collectively could have had.

        NeNe’s theory last year was, “well ladies, I may be difficult, but Kenya is going to ruin the show because if and when we lose our power over limiting bus-throwing through ostracization, the gig is well and truly done for.”

        NeNe in other words was like the UNION organizer on the shopfloor and Kenya was the scab.

      • liberalinla

        Simply, Atlanta is the best example of the RH franchise being classic labor v. management negotiation.

        (look up Prisoner’s Dilemma in game theory for how this usually plays out w/out unions)

        NeNe and a few other wives have tried to set up a ‘unit-rule’ as a proto-union because the incentives for individual wives (LOOKING SQUARELY AT YOU HERE KANDI!) to punk out/sell out their fellow workers to management (production) is too great without some type of overarching authority or socially enforced (through let’s say not filming with this rogue wife) norm to prevent this.

        Whew, I’ve written a lot here! But it’s really interesting this show from an economic perspective.

      • tamaratattles


        You sound a lot like many sources I have on the show. And you give new insight into why Andy treats Kenya like shit. Everything you say lines up to things I know but do not post here for a variety of reasons.

        On the other hand, I also know that Kenya does what is told from her first season “be a crazy bitch” to this one FIND A FUCKING MAN (which she did also in the first season by any means necessary). And it is harder for a rich woman to pass through the eye of a needle than it is to find a real, straight, single man in Atlanta.

        Also I’m totally stealing FOA, a coveted titled held by Bethenny, Carole and maybe Pinky. But Nene is NOT an FOA. She’s just a puppet who dances well for him.

        In summary, you knowledge of things intrigues me.

      • liberalinla


        I’m sick and lying in bed, so as to avoid the family downstairs, hence the much writing :)

        Only Bethanny is FOA, Pinky is DOA (Doyenne of Andy, not quite same as true friend), and Carole is more SSOA (Social status of Andy, again, it’s purely a factor of her money, Kennedy connection and Andy’s poking fun of LuAnne’s title. I’m sure Andy likes Carole but it’s not FOA like Bethanny, she’s the one ring that binds them all. The precious and key to understanding the world of RH. Oddly enough, Carole’s title is totally illegit- titles were abolished in form, function and honorifics by the Polish Constitution of 1921 and all subsequent powers governing Poland. Also, the successive monarchies to the Polish monarchy, Russia, Austria-Hungary/Holy Roman Empire, Prussia/Germany likewise in their post-WWI constitutions did the same to titles. On the other hand, France despite it’s Republican constitution still maintains the ‘honorific’ function for titles awarded in the service of “France”. Which means, LuAnne (title awarded for service in the building of the Suez) is a Countess (until she remarries) and Carole is most decidedly not a Princess. The Kennedys knew this and use to make fun of Jackie O. and her sister Lee for their fakeness in parading around the no-longer-valid-anywhere title.)

        I don’t have any insider knowledge, I just watch the show with an eye to things like public-choice economics and some grasp of history and literature (where they collide and where they disaggregate) :)

      • liberalinla


        To a certain extent, labor v. management/public choice/rent seeking/game theory lens can and does apply to all franchises but not nearly to the same degree thus effect.

        New York and BH are outliers in a sense, NY because it’s essentially Andy’s Playhouse and the proximity to that and him (even tho he lives in LA too) tend to make it more about personal relationships to him than traditional employer-worker relations.

        BH because by and large (altho not in Pinky’s case, she and again like Kandi, is nowhere near as wealthy as the interwebs reports. She and Todd the Yob are fairly illiquid and mortgaged to the hilt, most of their stuff is hired & of low quality anyway. Yob’s son certainly, from first hand experience, does not live in that Villa in the South of France and maintains a rather more humble abode and lifestyle) the women are shielded from classic management-rent-seeking thro their independent wealth.

        Which sortta applies to OC, but sortta doesn’t.

        The best, clearest examples are Atlanta and New Jersey because it really is women-on-the-edge v. BigBusiness/Media/Entertainment and everything that entails. These women by and large don’t have pre-existing relationships or wealth or proximity to Andy to buffer the outrageous exploitation that occurs.

        And randomly, to New York, Kelly Bensimon was probably the most authentic voice of reality during Scary Island- albeit on a not-credibility-inspiring combo of alcohol and some anxiety meds. So much of what Bethanny was putting down and up was simply not true. She wasn’t a chef- she was more of a- stand in kitchen and flirt with married dudes while some Hispanic line cooks prepared the actual meals. Kelly had Bethanny’s true number and for that was utterly destroyed. Just like Jason! :)

      • Minky

        @liberalinla Shiiiiiiiiit! I had assumed that stuff like this was going on behind the scenes, but I had no idea it was that complicated. I chose to stop watching the shows and just have fun here at TT.

        Your knowledge of this stuff is mind boggling, whether you’re an “insider” or no. Oddly, your break-down makes me hate Andy even more. I do hate thinking of Kenya as a scab, though. I hate scabs. There isn’t any real union. I’ve been looking at these women as free agents and the shows like a chess match. I think of Kenya as a Baretta or maybe even Columbo. She seems annoying, but she’s the only one who really knows what’s up. I could be wrong.

        If the ladies are P.O.’d at Kenya, then why do they shade her so much? Especially Phaedra. And speaking of Phaedra: What’s the tea on her behind-the-scenes stuff? How much is she being protected, or not, by Andy?

        THIS is why I love TT. You don’t just get some tea here. You get Theeee TEA. Hot, iced, sweet, sugar-free, Arnold Palmers, kombucha, etc. This is the only trashy reality show blog for thinking viewers.

        Hope you’re well TT. Enjoy your vacay!

      • MDChica

        Liberalinla, I appreciate reading your comments as you seem to know what you are stating. However, regarding Kenya, I am a bit confused. According to you, Kenya’s strategy is going hard on her cast mates by throwing them under the bus. If that is the case, why is she treated very poorly by Andy? I know that Kenya on the show is an instigator but I have yet to see her throw her cast mates under the bus. Can you give us some examples when she threw them under the bus? If anything, Nene was the one who is known to throw the other cast mates under the bus by trying to get them fired.

      • MDChica

        I appreciate reading your comments as you seem to know what you are stating. However, regarding Kenya, I am a bit confused. According to you, Kenya’s strategy is going hard on her cast mates by throwing them under the bus. If that is the case, why is she treated very poorly by Andy? I know that Kenya on the show is an instigator but I have yet to see her throw her cast mates under the bus. Can you give us some examples when she threw them under the bus? If anything, Nene was the one who is known to throw the other cast mates under the bus by trying to get them fired.

      • Mark

        As much as I actually found that an interesting read, just two questions:

        1) I thought Kenya DIDN’T try and blame Cynthia. As in, “don’t be silly, it’s not your fault.” Did I pick that up wrong, or are you implying that she was passive aggressivley hinting that it WAS her fault? *confused face*

        2) I’d LOVE to know the Pinky tea. I worked for the company that bought her out in London, and what they paid her kinda ties in with what’s reported on the internets. Never mind socio-economic ideas for a second… I NEED SALACIOUS GOSSIP! Hehe! 😉

    • Lisaj

      Agree 100%! The attention was off her and instead of letting Tammy take care of the situation or discreetly asking security to escort him out she made a huge scene, backed up and raised her voice. Now had I been Kandi I would’ve slapped his face or taken my phone and called my husband to handle that child. More offensive was the comments by Phaedra saying white women in suburbia react that way. Well I’m a white woman in suburbia and I wouldn’t tolerate that behavior from anyone no matter the race. I’m a grown woman and NO one speaks to me like that nor would they.
      Twerk your way on into porn Ms THOT because men don’t marry girls like you.

      • Ruthie

        I totally agree about Phaedra’s racist remarks. What did Glen’s inappropriate, violent behavior have to do with a Michael Brown? If Phaedra was white and said what she did, there’d be people demanding the show be taken off air. I’m so disappointed in Phaedra and have lost any admiration I had for her.

    • liberalinla

      No, not really. Kenya was rightfully playing the game of Real Housewives, she can’t be faulted for bad players, drunk players, or stupid players.

      • Xanadude

        liberalinla – I find this fascinating. Do you believe the same paradigm be tested true for, say, the RHONY cast? It seems that several of them have played the United HouseWives vs. Productions card one too many times and know they are expendable at this point.

        I think, again, we as viewers need to seperate in-show reality from real-world reality. Once the line is crossed (the Brandi example works well – Brava for that – you can gossip and spread all the rumors you want WITHIN THE CONTEXT of the show, but once you break that and begin to do so “in real life,” then you have violated the pact and need to be shunned/excommunicated)

      • Greenwood

        Thank you for your fascinating take on the game aspect of these shows. The invisible fourth wall is always the most interesting aspect, to me. It just keeps them going round and round in miserable circles. You mentioned the OC – I’d love to hear your take on the OC, especially the most recent Vicki storyline.

      • Greenwood

        PS – I was speaking to liberalinla. I should have made that more clear.

      • Mdchica

        So true liberalinla

    • liberalinla

      Remember what we watch is so chopped up and often bang-out-of-order (sequential and chronological) of what actually happened, that it is near-to-impossible to determine motivation for actions other than what the editors/Production/Bravo/Andy establish. Which and again, is not the same thing as what really happened. The more convoluted a ‘scene’ feels, the more likely we are watching something that is all-mixed-up on purpose.

      • liberalinla


        Sorry I’m not sure how to directly reply so I’m doing so here.

        OC is a tough one, I don’t really understand much of what is happening there. Maybe because it’s the first franchise? Maybe because I haven’t thought about it enough? Maybe because the ladies don’t really stand out very much? Maybe because I’m not that bright? Maybe because as a native Angeleno we were always taught to look-down on our cousins beyond the Orange Curtain. Ha! I have no idea.

        My only real thoughts on OC is that Heather D. has the most raw intelligence of any housewife in history. She comes real close to the limit sometimes in terms of questionable actions, but always veers off just in the nick of time. And I think this is largely all of her, not production’s doing. She’s a fairly ok to good actress and while she doesn’t go in for the modern-method technique, she knows what she’s doing and has a well-trained sense of beats and thus when to get in and when to get out.

        Which also makes her a wonderfully adventurous housewife and hard for production to control (albeit relatively cool to film) but because she’s fairly profesh and knows what she’s doing, I imagine Bravo/Andy/Production allow her fairly wide room to maneuver. In short, they ‘trust’ her as well they should, she’s done scripted tv for a very long time.

        And Diva does not play it safe. Which makes for enjoyable tv watching.

      • liberalinla

        Oh but you asked about Vicki?

        Girlfriend got greedy. As the cast of RHOC started to get more profesh (Heather D), wealthy and beautiful and younger, Vicki was paddling contretemps.

        She could have maintained her safe role of wannabe mother hen who gets mean to newbies and generally acts like a bull in a china-shop at times. This would have kept her on the show, if nothing else as a counterweight to the pretty lights adorning her Coast. But she’s awfully insecure and so probably believed this ‘mean-ugly-girl’ routine would have had to been ramped up to an unsustainable degree given her work.

        Which remember is entirely dependent on people liking her and viewing her as a good-go-to for important financial decisions. Her image on the show has real impact on her success as COTA.

        So in search of not-mean beats, she chanced upon this fairly good looking old dude one dark and stormy night. He had plenty of tales of woe to tell and done hooked our Ms. Vicky.

        Wah wah wah.

  16. Pat

    I have never see anyone as o

  17. Well,

    Glen was crazy as hell. I think if security hadn’t been there he probably would’ve seriously hurt someone. Phaedra sounded so moronic saying Glen shouldn’t be “labled” and even bought her boys in it. If your sons grow up to act like him they should be labeled as crazy and deranged.

    • Sharon

      I just saw on Kenya’s instagram that Glen was involved in a shooting very recently. I think he was shot. This guy definitely seems to be a nefarious character.

  18. cherise

    There is no excuse for what glen did – however Kenya could have handled it better by not doing it in front of the cameras and all the other girls – Kenya had to announce on the boat in front of everyone that she didn’t invite shamea to the boat trip. There is a classier and more discreet way of handling situations or ppl. Kenya should have pulled security and glen aside and removed him from the house, that way no one is in danger – like say a pregnant woman, or tammy! But no man should ever charge or put his hands on a woman like he did or threaten there life.

  19. Great re-cap…Loved it:

    Kenya – was spot on.. Ole Boy has issues that existed before he stepped foot on the boat and in the house. Kenya recognized it and called it for what it was.

    Kim – omg…I think I gave her to much credit. Unless they did not broadcast everything, I have a hard time understanding how she feels that the entire situation was Kenya’s fault. I know she is known to be labeled the ‘classy’ one of the show, but the crying and missing that hubby is a bit much for me swallow. I’ve been married for nearly 25 years now, and I didn’t think their was that much love in the world. ughhhh !
    Wrong show for her…..

    Phadera – needs to please get over it ! Her hatred for Kenya is so obvious. Is that her storyline ? It’s embarrassing how she can’t go an episode without dragging shade to Kenya…

    Portia – how low can a sista go? I’m trying to figure out what she’s selling?

    • Forbes List

      So right about Phaedra, but what do you expect. The moon is always jealous when the sun comes out.

    • Dawn

      100% agree, Kneesee. Thanks for the great recap Ben C.

      Terrible casting this season. Tammy seems like a Zombie in every episode, just by varying degrees.

      I think Kim needed the money and decided to grab it and attempt to make herself look above the usual reality show star. Instead, she is ending up looking weak, dumb, and a poor judge of people. This is making her husband look like a dumb fuck too. It is her fault not production. After all, she is an experienced actor and director. She has made a real wrong turn. Where I never paid much attention to her career before, now I see her as just one lucky kid. She ain’t all that, and real savy and intelligence isn’t boring.

      Phaedra just set young black men back more if she thinks this was the right opportunity to try to make a point. Where did she get her degrees? I question those institutions.

      • Dawn

        Another thing, I know TT is sensitive about Kim’s hair, I have come to like the golden corkscrews. But, is the pink cotton candy hair she wears in different styles during her talking heads intended as amusement and lunch for her children?

    • sarcasatire

      Did you not see how it was Kenya’s fault. She caused a confrontation when the man was already halfway out the door!! Tammy had it handled and Kenya provoked him.

      He was never violent worth any of the women, he was rude and belligerent, but just because he WANTED towards her doesn’t mean it warrants anyone to jump to the conclusion that he was about to attack!!

      It wasn’t until he saw four huge men rushing at him that Tammy stepped in front and he pushed her side and squared up. He was trapped and looking for a way out and they rushed him. Granted, he was loud and angry, but had not touched anyone to be rushed by all those dudes. That’s what Phaedra meant. And what Kim meant, too.

  20. Bria

    Thanks for the awesome recap. Hoping to check on my DVR tonight after gift wrapping.

  21. Glad I’m not the only one who thought Phaedra sounded a bit nonsensical about “labeling”. That was just bizarre. Glen was just strange, telling Kandi “congrats sweetheart” then accusing her of having attitude when she said “thanks.”

  22. beth

    “We learn Porsha and Sheree have experimented with Golden Showers” – ugh

  23. Forbes List

    Sigh. what else can we blame on Kenya ( heavy on the sarcasm). Global warming. The troubles in the Mid- East? Ohhh its Kenya fault that Apollo stole checks and Kordell left Porsha in the gutter where she belong.

    • More Tea Please!

      You missed Obamacare! ?

      • Forbes List

        yeah totally forgot that to. And also for Charlie Sheens current legal and health issues. You know that’s def her fault. Oh yeah, its Kenyas fault I have to work for my living too.

    • liberalinla

      Porsha neither belongs nor has ever lived in the Ghetto. Have some heart, she was in an awful marriage that going into it, she believed would be the fairy tale, picture perfect, and she repressed a lot of her personality and preferences to make it work. And it didn’t. Her wild-child phase is natural and will pass. She has a good heart, albeit a temper issue.

      • Forbes List

        I never said she lived in the ghetto. I said she was left in the gutter where she belongs. No, sorry not buying it. No one goes from 0 to 100 virtually overnight, She played the part for Kordell, but he ended up seeing right through her. After all you cant fool all the people all the time. Porsha is in her 30s a bit to late for the wild child game. She is not the first woman to get divorced, nor will she be the last. it happens to the best of us every day of the week. No person goes from preaching in church about saving the children from the evils of the world, to allegedly selling her body and shaking her ass for a bunch of strange men in a hot tub virtually overnight, after a so called ” bad” marriage. What if Glen had dragged her off into the bushes and raped her ( i bet that would have been Kenya’s fault too). Her sister who is younger than her, and wouldve gotten a pass for age, doesnt feel the need to do those things, even pre pregnancy. slowly but surely Porsha is showing all her gutter behaviour because thats what she is. Kordells only crime was trying to turn a ho into a housewife. Unfortunately he not the first man to be fooled by a big booty and a smile. Nor will he be the last.

      • liberalinla

        Um Forbes List, you obviously know little about Church or religion. The duality- sin v saved exists in all men and women and Jesus did not sit and sup with the Pharisee. What I do see is that Porsha immediately went over to be of aid and service and care to Tammy. That counts for a lot in my book. Girl’s got temper, yeah- so do a lot of us, but she’s also got a big heart, which to be honest, is increasingly rare in this age of timid sheep.

      • Mdchica

        Forbes list, ur Last respond to liberalinla, word!

      • Mdchica

        Liberalinla, the issue here is not how nice Porsha is, but , more so of how she is protraying herself to the viewers. Very trashy! Even the other women on the show have stated how different she has become since her divorce

      • Meredo

        @Liberalinla, Although you have impressed me with all your knowledge articulates so eloquently, I’m with Forbes on this one.

      • Meredo

        Excuse my typo, “articulated”!

      • liberalinla

        FL- I guess I just don’t understand and am over-commenting about all the venom and ire directed at the wives who are but bit and mere players in this game. Do you really know Porsha Williams? I don’t think you do. Do you know she prostitutes her body? No, you don’t, but you seem to have no problem throwing that out there as a type of rhetorical trick.

        I bet you Andy Cohen’s sex life is more impersonal, raunchy, machine like, of higher number and frequency of random partners, unsafe, unhygienic, uncaring (maybe not, I”m really just guessing here) and etc etc etc than any of the wives, but we can’t call him a whore or trick or slut b/c…well why exactly? I know he states ‘well I’m not on the show” but isn’t he? I mean he really sortta is the show(s). And you further know the body count of real dead husbands on his shows is not zero and only heading north.

        We are meant and primed and conditioned to hate the players of this game.

        And I suppose we shouldn’t hate the game either because what would that say about ourselves?

        So maybe, just maybe we hate the game-makers themselves. Sortta worked for for Katniss eh?

      • liberalinla

        Meredo. Thanks for your nice words & you are probably right & I can’t win them all :) It’s raining, I’m so sick and can’t sleep. wah wah

      • Mark

        Oooh gotta disagree on that one. Someone with a good heart would have been MORTIFIED that they pulled someone accross the floor by her weave. They would have begged and pleaded for forgiveness, realising their faults. Not turning it round on the victim, no matter how provocative she was, and effectively saying, “bitch made me, no remorse.”

        It would have flown with me if I saw a terful apology, a shred of remorse. That ‘uns a baaaaad seed. Could be nature, could be nurture. Either way, that’s no good and pure heart.

  24. Cat

    Ack! That picture of Phaedra almost made me lose my Spaghettios!

  25. Crazy in NC

    I LOVED this recap! Thanks, Ben C.!

    I fast forwarded through Porsha’s nonsense.

  26. KB

    Yes, did Kenya seem bothered that the guy was paying her no mind and the snapping she was doing was (in her mind) a way to get his attention? Sure I can co-sign on that, HOWEVER his overall attitude was unlike any guy I’ve ever been around. The name calling, the fact that he got weird with a pregnant woman, the pushing of his so-called aunt, put that all together and you have a recipe for disaster. What difference did it make who asked him to leave…HE NEEDED TO LEAVE! Kandi and Kenya said on Twitter that there was a lot that we didn’t see. The throwing up of gang signs, and Kenya said he threatened their lives as he was leaving. His whole mentality seems to be “you come at me and you goin down.” “I don’t care who you are.” He came off like a loose cannon. Phaedra should know. Didn’t Apollo come at her the same way feeling he was provoked by her? So many double standards. No one said boo when Kandi backed up what Kenya said. I’m glad she spoke up.

  27. ItsMe

    I saw someone mentioned that the men were asked to come back to the house. Well guess who invited them? Kenya. Now the guy was wrong for many of the things he said. But watching the show back the men were leaving but guess who had to make it known that she was doing the ‘kicking out’. You guessed it again. Kenya! So yes partial blame does fall on Ms. America oops I meant USA. And the women, mainly Kenya and Kandi, didn’t care about Tammy being insulted because the next day they were laughing at her.

  28. bree

    That whole situation was just messy. I also think there was ALOT edited out that we didn’t see. Kenya likes to be a victim and clearly Glen was trying to be seen on tv as some sort of thug. I don’t get why Tammy was ever even considered for a housewife but Claudia was let go. Tammy brings NOTHING to this show. Shamea doesn’t either. This season is lame.

    • liberalinla

      Claudia presents as funny and cool and balanced which sortta makes her not the best television.

    • liberalinla

      I would assume (check out Bravo’s latest post on who Tammy is) that she hits many, many previously unchecked boxes. Actual housewife, husband with a real actual and cool job, small businesswoman, Spelman grad (first in RHOA history, which I imagine is a bit tardy of the franchise given Atlanta’s rightful pride in their HBCU’s) mother to an aspiring rapper, tangentially related to NBA, dancer. yada yada yada.

    • More Tea Please!

      He isn’t trying to emulate a thug. He IS a thug. Ga Tech threw him off the team in 2012 for being involved in a shooting incident (and he had been suspended several times previously) and as recently as October of this year he was shot in a restaurant and arrested for marijuana possession and had a large amount of cash on him.

  29. Dee

    Thank you Ben for a very good and funny recap. I feel like this Miami trip just goes on and on. I don’t like their editing of Kim. Thanks again

  30. Jeremy

    Did anyone notice the two women drinking wine in the background after the waiter had told Kenya and Kim about the lack of liquor license at the restaurant?

    Weird production mistake, right?

    • JennLovesAndy

      Guessing their liquor license was only beer and wine, not mixed beverage so no cocktails. If the restaurant was new and had not received their license yet, then the people in the back could have brought in their own wine.

  31. xandrab000

    I’m surprised no one is commenting on the fact that as soon as Kenya told Tammy to get her nephew out she immediately obeyed and tried to get him out ASAP, no questions asked. It looked like Tammy already knew Glen can be trouble and didn’t need too many explanations. That was very telling to me.

  32. We all know Phaedra is a big liar , didn’t she say she saw cuts and bruises on her thot Partner. Her Black Men speech is a total waste, the fact that she allegedly, knew her husbands actions. I say this because no Woman on the face of the earth doesn’t know where her husbands income comes from she is the one who said he was something like a repo man in past seasons.
    When was the last case she presided, my atl spy claims the office she filmed in belongs to someone else that she consults for. When has she done a funeral also she didn’t pass the practical test on embalming so really Rhoa is her income. Along with appearances of being a Southern Belle in public and whore in private.

    To say things were Kenya’s fault in one breath but when Kandi feels uncomfortable its okay? These women have no concern for Kenya well being its like they want her to be hurt. Really sad to see how women can be so nasty to each other.

    Why was Shame a naked?

    • liberalinla

      Um how would someone play on a scripted game show where the script isn’t exactly provided to the contestants and not lie?

      • liberalinla


        “Why lie?” Well when the ‘reality’ is so shaped by Production into ‘unreality’ the idea of true and false have to concurrently shift to account for this.

        If I say “x” and production edits it to be “y” then I might appear to be lying when it’s really the truth.

        Or I can shift and say “y” which would be a lie, but more in truth to what Production has cobled together for the viewer.

        Do you see?

        This becomes especially more challenging when the players don’t know what is going to be presented to the viewer, x or y. They have to utilize a type of shifting-game-theory as well as master improv skills.

        Think of it like a game of charades where the prompt you’re given to physcalize might or might not be the real and actual prompt.

      • liberalinla

        To follow up, to Meredo.

        The real trick for the wives would be to develop a type of loose code or signals that the viewers could pick up on to indicate “true” and “false” (it really is that simple, it would only have to be binary) that production itself wouldn’t be able to discern- this would be really really hard to do, but not impossible. It would utterly rip the 4th wall and expose Production/Bravo/Cohen in a fun and relevant way.

        But again, executing such a disruptive work-around-false-wall would…oh….probably require the insertion of disruptive elements & agents into production & the show itself. :)

      • liberalinla

        Like a game within the Game that wasn’t controlled by Production.

      • liberalinla

        Or if this code could not be developed in time, a rogue NY based passistant could during broadcast (probably East Coast only) ‘borrow’ a reimagined-real time L3rd from a sister financial channel, spliff splice-layer it onto the program as a running lexicon of veracity as it’s being aired.

        There are many rooms in our father’s house in which to learn many ways to skin a cat.

        These are all hypothetical maneuvers to disrupt BigMedia/Production since the attempts at proto-unionization so obviously failed. Wah wah. ,

      • Meredo

        Thank you for replying. Your night is mind boggling!

      • Meredo

        My night for typos! “Insight”,

  33. Xanadude

    The Parks Pivot was amazing – take a horrible situation and tangentially relate it to a social issue you are however loosely affiliated with, giving yourself some gravitas in the process.

    • liberalinla

      But isn’t that the game tho? Isn’t that what the ladies are supposed to play? I mean, you can no more get upset at Phaedra for that than you can for Kenya making a big to-do about Glen leaving whilst Glen was in process of leaving. It is television. They’re not really being paid to sit calmly and remain wisely quiet to let ‘things’ process out calmly, cooly and to no-damage.

      • Xanadude

        Not getting upset at it at all…just marveling at it. As much as some try to position themselves as naive, it takes some canny to be on the show in the first place. Some HWs play the game better than others and this was truly a masterful moment of Phaedra knowing EXACTLY what to do to make this somehow tied into the broader social spectrum of racial discussion, even though it had nothing to do with it.

      • liberalinla


        My ‘upset’ was more rhetorical than directed to you :)

        Yeah but it makes a whole lot of sense when considering the Esquire bit of Phaedra’s wheelhouse. I imagine it’s a smart move to amp her client base.

  34. loriflack

    ~ hi guest blogger Ben ~ enjoyed your recap…haven’t watched that episode, yet, but soon will.

    ( I now feel more strongly than ever that Gentleman Glen was a pathetic set-up).

  35. Tamdon

    In the beginning, most of these ladies bashed Kenya to pieces about her “overreacting” to thug Glenn’s behavior. However, when Kandi backed Kenya up, what did you hear? Crickets. That shut the whole conversation down because it legitimized Kenya’s actions. Yet, no one apologized or acknowledged that Kenya did the right thing. Sad that these women can’t swallow their pride. And how would this be “handled differently”? Tammy was clearly in no shape to control anyone–much less, Glenn!–so counting on her to calm the situation down would be pointless. Good for Kenya, even if no one else says so!

    • sarcasatire

      Tammy came to the pool where the guys were, alone. She said, “Let’s go.” And they got up to leave. Everyone was in the house, the situation had deescalated, and the men were walking to the door. Tammy was there, ushering them out.

      Then Kenya stopped them.

      Told him that it was SHE that was kicking them out. (Why, lord?)
      Called the guy rude and belligerent, a guy that she supposedly was so uncomfortable around that she felt he needed to leave immediately. So then why did she not let him leave immediately? Why stop him?! You wanted him out, remember?

      Why didn’t Kenya follow the other ladies’ lead and just NOT engage? She’s not to blame for his response, but Kenya’s certainly to blame for trying to create yet another “moment” when that crazy dude was already, and should’ve been, halfway out the door.

      • Undine

        I agree. In this situation all things can be true: that Glen was crazy and belligerent and needed to leave. But Kenya could have excused herself from the situation but she needed to be front and center and the Queen Bee. Who was she standing up for when she was throwing out dumbass Glen? Pregnant Kandi was already upstairs and safe from the situation. Kenya hates Shamea, Porsha, Phaedra and can barely abide Sheree–she was certainly not standing up nor protecting their safety. Her insertion of herself into the Glen exit gets all the side eyes from me. So once Kim sees all the footage she will see that Glen guy was a dangerous loose cannon, but she was right about Kenya being a shit stirrer and a negative influence in general. Kim has Kenya’s number. It will be interesting to see how all this play out. Kenya will make her mission to crush Kim now. I really dislike Kenya and energy she’s brought to the show.

      • liberalinla

        And again, um because Kenya rightly knows she’s on a gameshow and that Story Beats who quietly and with dignity make their exit sortta defeat the purpose.

  36. Watching Kim on rhoa keeps reminding me of her cameo on “The Comeback,” the brilliant 2005 faux reality show documenting a formerly famous 80’s star (Valerie Cherish) trying to make a comeback in Hollywood. At one point, Valerie is auditioning with a bunch of actual former tv idols playing themselves. Everyone want the role but the other ladies aren’t willing to do the reality show that goes along with it. Kim in particular is very vocal about her disdain of reality tv. That 2 minute cameo was infinitely more interesting than what she’s adding to rhoa. Too bad she didn’t stick to her guns.

    Ben C, thanks for the great recap! I love your writing style & extra kudos for helping TT out!

  37. Would You Like Some Tea??

    I’m so happy that social media is lighting Porsha, Phaedra, Kim and Sheree on fire. They aren’t blogging or tweeting. Their feeds are in shambles. What type of message does it send to people when you condone violence against women? Glen was willing to shove his “aunt” to the floor in order to charge at Kenya aka “Lil Bitch.” Kenya would have been next if his “aunt” wasn’t between him and security. Phaedra was standing next to him and could have easily have been the victim. Would she make an excuse on how she herself “provoked” hornet’s nest?

    Then, Attorney Phaedra Parks told the EMT that Tammy “FELL” on the floor. FELL!!! If that isn’t the worst cover up for domestic violence. I’m surprised she didn’t sat that Tammy fell on a door knob and got a black eye.

    I wonder how Bravo will address this. Apparently, the housewives still stand strong in their convictions. I’m hoping Kim F. exits. She’s really a sweet person that had no idea what she was getting into. She was also absent from a lot scenes and relied on Phaedra to pass along information.

    Attorney Phaedra Parks called all White women living in the suburbs racist or prejudice at best. She is VILE. This is coming from a gay, black man living in the same general neighborhood proximity to Phaedra.

    I’m willing to forgive Kim Fields for being naive. She didn’t understand that Phaedra is the master manipulator. She also didn’t understand that Tammy coached her “nephews” that Kandi shaded her by not agreeing to produce one of her nephews rap albums. She also relayed to him that Kenya told Sheree what Tammy told her about Sheree being a Gold Digger.

    • liberalinla

      You sortta step on the authority of your opinions when you write “by not agreeing to produce one of her nephews rap albums.” Your inability to understand the difference between Tammy’s son, the aspiring hip-hop artist Freedom/Freco & Glen Rice Jr sortta, just a tick, maybe makes Phaedra’s point. :)

      • liberalinla

        & I don’t think Phaedra was ‘calling out’ all white Suburban women, I think she was making a more generalized (which I get can sometimes be offensive) point. Just like, I suppose, your generalized point that by being Phaedra’s near-neighbor and a member of two minority groups (one shared w/ Phaedra, one not) you somehow assume more credibility on your ability to discern ‘vile’ (reverse) racism or lack there-of.

        Speaking of vile racism, you seem to aim all your venom at the players but not the game-makers themselves. Veddy, veddy odd indeed. :)

      • Erica

        Wait… what did Phaedra say that was against white women? The comment about her having a white “big sister” that didn’t get you just don’t have a little black girl jump into the pool without checking with her mama about her hair first? That wasn’t really a dis – or “racist” for God’s sake. I think it was a joke based on truth. Why would a young adult white girl know (back then) about issues specific to African American hair?

        Please keep in mind that I was really not able to concentrate on the show. Received some tragic news hours before that I’m still reeling from.

      • liberalinla


        A true friend once taught me the valuable lesson that grace-thru-prayer is often the only key to surrendering the idea that we control people, places, things and outcomes.

        A type of serenity opens up, even in the most tragic and challenging of times, with this.


      • tamaratattles

        Oh liberalinla. Your eleventy billion lengthy pontifications over the past 24 hours started out as an interesting new perspective. But as you feel more encouragement to continue on and on and on with your over thinking a fairly straightforward reality show I’m discovering many many problems. Like saying “the R word” instead of typing the word. And now you seem like a white liberal who speaks on behalf of the black community and ascribes feelings to the black community that are oddly racist.

        I’m already growing weary.

      • BGStyles Laughing

        That was amusing.

    • Mdchica

      Word! You are sport on! Especially your last paragraph. So true!

      • Mdchica

        My above response was to ‘would you like some tea’

      • liberalinla


        Prayers & Good thoughts to you in this difficult and Christmas time.

      • Erica

        Thank you. I’m not even the member of the fam that would be affected the most – would be considered more on the fringe by some, which would mean those who are directly affected are absolutely devastated and I worry about their ability to continue on..

    • liberalinla

      & Generally, Kenya Moore is capable, smart, clever and able enough to play her own game, which she does very well, if often to mild unpopularity.

      So when she pulls out the trick of getting surrogates and proxies to slay other wives on social media (which I get most now do), it cheapens her general splendor-at-work.

  38. More Tea Please!

    What’s up with Glen Rice Sr tweeting that Tammy was not a relative and accusing her of “using” the helpless thug? Then he removed the tweet.

    • liberalinla

      I am assuming that Tammy was speaking of Glen Rice Jr. in an “Auntie” sense. The tragedy and history of Slavery and racism in America tore African American bloodlines asunder in many cases. Thus, ‘family’ in an African American context often takes a broader, more liberal :) meaning.

  39. Carl

    PLEASE remember that after all this time Phaedra still hasn’t divorced Apollo. Why? Because by law a legal spouse cannot be called to testify against their spouse–& we all know Phaedra was involved in that mess. I believe that she’s stayed married to him so neither could incriminate the other. If the prosecution is forbidden to call your spouse to testify against you why would you divorce?

  40. Meredo

    Dang Liberlinla, your knowledge about everything is kind of scaring me! Lol ?

  41. Cat

    Um….Commenting rule #10….Where ARE you?

  42. tamaratattles

    Cat, It’s a great time to mention Commenting Rule number 10.

    10. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY. I’m reminded of my mother when my father would interrupt with a point saying, “WHO IS TELLING THIS STORY? ”

    I am the storyteller here. Your comments should be on MY TELLING. If you want to tell stories, websites just like this one are free. Go tell yours. I realize some of you are great researchers. I love that BECAUSE YOU EMAIL ME and I can fact check and move forward with new information. I do not want to hear about stupid shit you heard somewhere else in comments. That FORCES me to say that blogger is full of shit, and I would rather avoid that. If there is nothing that interests you in MY POST go somewhere else where random babbling is encouraged there are

    Here comes the relevant part.
    Ask yourself. Do I really have 87 comments a day that Tamara wants to hear about? Because, noe. Noe you do not. But there are tons of blogs and message boards on the Internet that do! Go find your happy place! This is not it!

    Liberal is about to go to moderation because I don’t wish to babysit a newbie who posts 50 comments an hour. I’m on fucking vacation!

  43. sandra

    And another Amen! That was an out of control know it all.

    • Metedo

      I’ll admit, I was drawn in for some time, then it was like…someone make it stop! It was starting not to feel like the site I’m used to and find comfortable interacting with others. I was reminded of how much TT is needed here, but Cat stepped up to the plate like a trooper! So go have your vacay TT, get well rested and hurry back!

      • JoJo

        Ditto Meredo!
        My eyes were glossing over after, oh the 10th or so comment. Last night I got to the end of these comments wondering “TT is really, really gone for the Holidays, when she gets back, she’s going to blow a fuse”!!
        Today I see no fuse blown, just Rule #10 invoked:))

    • Meredo

      God, typos won’t stop for me today, the above comment is from Metedo, not “Metedo”!

    • Dawn

      Libral was in bed sick. I’m scared to think what healthy is like..

  44. Jaded

    TT I came on here this morning just to read what I just read from you. Love it!

  45. Last night I attended the Company Holiday party.
    As soon as I sat down, I immediately regretted my position next to Linda, the resident expert on everything. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

    No matter the subject, Linda can hold court for about 10 minutes, lecturing away, dazzling and verbally pirouetting through random facts and historical minutiae.

    I’m guessing a lifetime of being holed up in the Accounting department will do that to a person. As the head of the Sales department, I spend full time talking/listening and need a respite—-alas, I wasn’t going to get it with motor-mouth by my side.

    I noticed that no matter what subject was brought up, Linda could weigh in with WAY more knowledge—even if a person was recounting their own personal experience.

    So just for fun and to test her, I brought up meeting a man who sold hamsters when I traveled to Macha Pichu.
    Yup, you guessed it. She followed it with an eye-wateringly boring lecture on small rodents and Inca civilizations.
    I just smiled and had another glass of champagne.

    Tamara, do you think you can do anything about making Rule Number 10 apply in real everyday life?

    I mean after your vacation of course. Have a wonderful time off and Merry Christmas!

  46. KB

    Oh thank you TT. Ughh…Rule #10 is my hero!

    • T D

      Just a tempest in a teapot. Altough, TT’s ball gag adds a lovely holiday touch. Was fixin’ to start chucking erasers and then a festivus miracle….

  47. Xanadude

    Late to post this, but, Ben C. did an excellent job of recapping! Welcome to the radiator. There are chains enough for us all.

  48. worldgirl

    I don’t believe for one minute that production told Phaedra to make that asinine comment about Mike Brown and Ferguson and compare it to the the thug escorted from the house. One thing that’s real and that’s her hate for Kenya M.

  49. JoJo

    RHOA is messy, but so are all of Bravo’s RH shows – some more than others. But a lot of viewers probably wouldn’t watch if all these women were just filmed being perfectly normal, cooking, driving their kids to school, or at a party/dinner calmly talking about mundane ‘stuff’ – things that wouldn’t set them apart from any one of the viewing public. So messy is fine and fun to comment on.
    But the person commenting on this episode and almost every single interaction among the women with the putative knowledge that every one of them has a role to play in some elaborate script – I’m hoping my short term memory kicks in. It would wear me out dissecting every move and reason for every scene, and I’m going to pretend that all the RH are just naturally messy and say what they say unprompted:)
    In that spirit, about this guy ‘Glen’ the nephew of Tammy. I knew he was bad news and trouble last episode and we’d probably see some of what TT said early summer about a confrontation with him being in the center. I don’t think it was Kenya’s fault he’s a douche.
    But this is about the 3rd time so far this season that Kenya’s made a huge deal about having someone removed from an event. IMO she’d do herself more favors by just letting those characters who she asks to leave make fools out of themselves instead of making such a big deal about their removal?

  50. Rundmc

    Had me going too, until the history lesson for all of us on slavery, racism and “aunties” complete with an of course perfectly appropriate smiley emoticon.

  51. Trinity

    Since some people like to blame a woman for a man being violent, wouldn’t it really be Tammy’s fault? Tammy apparently told them details about the girls to get him riled up, plus she got in his way when he got turnt up, so it’s her fault she “fell”. Tammy is the real culprit not Kenya. Someone even said it was Kenya who invited them but Tammy is the one that brought them to the table. See it’ s all Tammy’s fault. I can see why she is gone, I bet she wanted to protect him & not have that shown but didn’t get her way.

  52. Xanadude

    For Christmas, I would love to be allowed to peek in Window Licking Section.

  53. Dracla Dunning

    I enjoy this blog. The information is interesting and entertaining. The characters who populate this blog are interesting and entertaining. Although Liberalinla violated commenting rule #10 (careful those of you who live in glass houses) I throughly enjoyed the entries and the back and forth dialogue as to how reality TV possibly operates, seeing through the eyes of another. I actually found the information somewhat fascinating and fresh and I can take from it what I want. Different point of view.

  54. So glad I stopped by – thanks TT and guest blogger benc for recapping this mess – hilarious!

  55. Rose

    I don’t get all the Kim hate. The way I saw it was Kenya, Kim, Kandi witnessed foolishness and asked Tammy to tell them to leave. Drunk as she was Tammy agreed and they were about to leave peacefully. Then Kenya opened her mouth again and that made nephew go ballistic. That was kims issue with Kenya….you asked Tammy to handle it then let her handle it and don’t jump back in it. I’m liking her presence on the show and she and her husband are fun to see. Even though Phaedra and kim are friends Kim seems to be the kind of woman who makes her own opinion.

  56. Sweet T

    God I want tacos so badly right now.

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