Top Chef Recap: Snot on a Rock


Homeboy Wesley is already getting a lot of face time for this episode of Top Chef.  He’s been an embarrassment so far. I hope this means that either he is going home, or he is going to start doing us proud.  He has a whole package within the first minute of the show.  Meanwhile, Kwame is a NYC slicker and seems a bit intimidated by the desert. They are cooking with social energy.


I’m not even going to try to explain the solar oven or the solar stove. The other night I saw that Guy Fieri Grocery Show on Food Network and it was one that Phillip (dog shit cooker) on it.  He was way more likeable on that show.  Giselle is struggling with her solar tube oven. For some reason she decides to make couscous and apparently you can’t put water in the oven. The whole damn thing EXPLODES and  I should point out that these contraptions look expense.  I mean the think blew up never to be used again! She’s fucked. Oh wait, they stupidly give her another oven to break.

Did Wesley just say he is doing some concoction with “pickled mushrooms, melon, shrimp and coconut broth?” That sounds disgusting.

Phillp goes to look for dog shit for his recipe. Finding none, he decides to plate for the professional chefs on dirty rocks. I swear both Phillip and Wesley are scripted by production.

Isaac did well with the oven. He made cornbread in his oven and had a lovely presentation. Jeremy did a nice halibut dish. Carl did stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. Grayson had problems with her skirt steak with goat cheese. Padma basically called Grayson out for not listening to how to use the solar oven.  Giselle managed to get a plate. Jason did a did a scallop. Marjorie has worked with the guest chef before. She made halibut puttanesca. Amar did a shrimp dish. Wesley apparently did not in fact have pickled mushrooms. It was sautéed mushrooms with picked onion an shrimp. Still. I hate mushrooms. It’s like one of the few things I try not to eat. This combo sounds gross.  Phillip served a slice of Italian sausage with an oyster on top to this world renowned chef on a dirty rock. Padma has concerns about serving oysters in the heat. I have concerns about what has peed on that rock. As she is walking away she says, “It was like snot on a rock.”

Losers were Grayson, Giselle and Phillip.

Winners were Jeremey, WESLEY and Isaac.  Wesley won!  Really? Um, okay then. He has immunity. I think Isaac was robbed. Top Chef

Next is a team challenge.  The teams seem  very unequal. Giselle and Angelina do not want to work together. Grayson and Angelina will pair up. That team is making a latin meal. They are serving a four course meal on the golf course.  Phillip is doing dessert for his team. He says it is his wife’s recipe it may be the same one he used on the Grocery show because he said the same thing then.

The blue team seems to be stacked with stronger cooks.  Both teams are doing cerviche for course one.  Blue team is off to a good start. Maybe they are not doing cerviche. The red team’s dish was not as good.  For the second course blue team did very well again.  Red team was just okay. Course two red team with Grayson and Angelina is struggling. Course three on the blue team had Wesley and it was not great. Red team was not much better. It was very confusing because there were two flights of judges. Wesley’s third course made some adjustments and the second flight loved their dish. In the fourth and final dessert course, the wind is kicking up. It’s Isaac (red) versus Phillip (blue).  I hate that Isaac is on red team.  Isaac’s dessert was great. Phillip is plating under a blanket because his plates all blew away. It seems like a close race for dessert.


The blue team won. Karen and Jeremy’s won with their chilled cerviche. But only Jeremey gets immunity. That’s two wins for him. The red (orange apparently) team is in trouble.

No sooner did  Grayson and Angelina get chosen as the worst than Grayson starts arguing with the chef.  The judges keep trying to pit the two women against each other. Grayson is blamed for the corn and Angelina was blamed for the shrimp. The corn appeared to be the problem. So maybe Grayson is gone?

Grayson is told to pack her knives and go. She shakes hands and is gracefully leaving until she gets to Tom. She tries to give him the hand as he wants to go in on her about the corn. Tom is kind a dick and Grayson is kind of a cunt satchel. Padma seemed said to see her go. But there is definitely an issue between Tom and Grayson. She had no issue with Blais or Besh. Grayson basically says she is she is a better chef than Angelina in her talking head. I think in these situations both winners should have immunity and both losers should go home.


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18 responses to “Top Chef Recap: Snot on a Rock

  1. BeetsWhy

    Snot on a rock will go down along side the pea purée fiasco in Top Chef history! It was time for Grayson to go, her attitude sucks, I mean how can you be in any kind of creative field and not appreciate constructive criticism? Angelina is next, she is just not ready for this level of competition. Hells Kitchen maybe…

  2. Dawn

    I bet it is no picnic working in a kitchen with Grayson. She seems to have such a chip on her shoulder. Her attitude is so bad about being judged, she shouldn’t have returned to this show.

    It seems like all the over confident Phillip does is fail. I am surprised he is still around. “Snot on a rock”perfect!

  3. Michelle

    It is about time Grayson is gone. I don’t know how she was back in the first place. And snot on a rock guy needs to go soon too!

  4. Jaded

    All of the reasons Grayson listed were the very reasons she should have left. She said the dish was a collaboration but when the first judges tasted the dish and said it should have raw corn she said on camera she made the executive decision to keep the cooked corn. Then told the judges her dish was “fine”. Fine isn’t good enough. Granted I think Angelina is in over her head but even without Grayson’s errors her attitude is deplorable.

  5. cjbomb

    Angelina is turning into this season’s Josie. Last time Grayson was on she seemed so much more fun and relaxed. Tom is a dick. And thank you Lord that Wesley got it together for Atlanta. Ate at the Optimist the other night and it was lovely.

  6. Shae

    Grayson was 100% toxic. So defensive, so nasty, so ready to blame others. You have to be ready to take constructive criticism on this show, critique is part of the game, you can’t get your back up anytime a judge brings something to your attention and get all snarky. Nobody has gone through, let alone won, this competition without getting any criticism.

    She was so snide. She already got TWO shots at the show, which is more than most will ever get, and she repaid that opportunity by being a complete bitch.

    On another note, I couldn’t stand her speech, every sentence was spoken with upward inflection at the end like it was a question lol

  7. There’s a weird dynamic/tension going on with Tom and Grayson…sexual? Dunno. It was a bit more apparent I think on her LCK eppie. Anegelina should have gone first.

    • erikainhb

      I noticed that too…it’s really weird and I can’t put my finger on it. He comes off surprised when he actually liked something she did and then she’s just as surprised that he said something positive. I recall she went off on him last time about him riding her for not taking any risks then slamming her for it when she finally did. Thinking Tom doesn’t like to be called out by anyone…let alone, and/or certainly not by, a woman.

  8. Every week Grayson bitches “Oh I don’t do vegetarian cooking”. “Oh I don’t do Mexican cuisine”. “Oh I don’t cook with Latin flavors”. “Oh I don’t cook this way” blah blah blah blah. STFU and go to chef school again.

    • @immelza

      So true UF! Grayson constantly complaining and whining was out of control she must be a bag of joy to work with.

    • Kiyoshigirl

      She makes a lot of salads though. Talk about taking the safe route. She had no ambition to excel on this season and I was glad to see her gone.

    • fivecatsownme

      She cooks with plenty of whine

    • fivecatsownme

      She cooks with whine

    • erikainhb

      I agree that Grayson is definitely not like she was first time around and just comes off as bitter but to me Giselle is much worse. Wah…I couldn’t find the eggs for my uni. Wah… I don’t want any if your veggie suggestions and you young chefs need to check yourself. On the who,e it seems like there are a bunch of whiners this season. Oh geez…just shut up and cook.

      And the hipster and his man bun?! Pack your bun and go.

  9. Bridgett

    So happy Grayson was eliminated. I wasn’t a fan during her original season, thought she sneaked by too many times and had horrible attitude then. I’m not sure why she received a second chance and was able to come on this season, glad we don’t have to suffer her foolishness any more. I’m over Giselle, too. I would much rather learn more about the dudes and the 2 gals that have brought 0 drama.

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