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I am so sorry I did not give you guys a spot to talk this week. I thought someone told me last week was the winter finale. I’m sorry I am such a fraidy cat that I can’t watch and know what is going on. Please talk amongst yourselves…


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  1. Xanadude

    Three more episodes left, returning to air after the holidays. It COULD have ended the season tonight on a nice Butch and Sundance moment, but there are still a couple of long haired loose plot lines that need to be resolved.

  2. Meredo

    I loved this episode. Donovan dancing to Drakes “Hotline Bling” was the best, (however, I was not happy that he killed Valentino) but he sure looked good doing his dance moves. I also loved Liz with her son that was touching. But the best part was Iris and Liz coming in guns blazing. I was watching by myself and just lol’d. I just wish we didn’t have to wait 3 more weeks for the next episode.

    • LisaPat

      Meredo yes!! I tweeted UF as soon as it was over. I swear I jumped up out of my seat with my fist in the air yelling “Yeeeaaahhh” when Liz and Iris came in like gangbusters firing their Glocks . Awesome!! If Countess dies there, she will still linger on in the hotel. Sally scared me.. thats one carazy dead bitch scorned. How can Angela Bassett feed on those kids in the chamber?? They have the blood virus! She called them appetizers. She needs to be waiting by the door.. she could have ran out when John and Alex opened it up. Do those three really think they are going to live a normal married life? John is a serial killer and Alex and Holden are vamps. Holden isnt going to age! They are deluded. I cant wait 2 weeks to see more !!!

      • Meredo

        @LisaPat, I know wasn’t that the greatest? And how will Angela Basset take on all those kids by herself when John and Alex had a hard time? Can’t wait for the next episode, hope it’s only 2 weeks as you said!

      • Yes Meredo the show will return January 6.

      • JoJo

        @LisaPat – I also want to know about Ramona considering the Children of the Corn vamps as ‘appetizers’? I don’t think those with the blood virus feed on each other, just can kill each other.
        The children the Countess has amassed, were shown in an early episode undergoing some type of vamp dialysis then the Countess drinking their recycled blood. But I don’t remember how those children fed themselves? Killing hotel victims?
        Maybe Ramona’s line about ‘appetizers’ was only because she wasn’t aware that they’re just like her and she thought maybe they’re human?

      • Jojo in the first couple of episodes the Hotel vamp kids fed off the blonde Swedish female guest and some other random guest that was killed. There was one scene were Iris (Kathy Bates) had the Swedish tourist locked in an iron maiden while the vamp kids fed off her & drained her till she died.

      • JoJo

        Thanks UF that’s right they ‘good’ Countess kids did feed off the Swedes!
        Now since Iris is ‘actualized’ & Holden seemed quite content to leave with his parents, the others are on their own?
        And you don’t think Ramona can feed on the group of kids – I have a feeling she’ll have to make a deal with them to get the hell out of the room!

    • Agreed, Meredo. Might be my favorite episode so far. #TeamLiz!

  3. Who here watched the Scream Queens finale?

    It was so good.

    • Meredo

      Oh Micheal I did and I hate to feel like a traitor in this forum but I ended up loving Scream Queens more than AHS. I didn’t at first, but it was so damn funny I fell in love with it. My faves were Chad, Chanel 1( Emma Roberts) and Leah Michelle (sp?) as Hester. They had the best lines. The Thanksgiving episode? OMG, I watched it like 4 times! And I was satisfied with the finale. I had heard it was disappointing, but it wasn’t to me. Can’t wait for the next season which I heard ( I think from UF) that it takes place at a summer camp. I pray they bring back the actor who plays Chad and of course Emma and Leah. Happy to know someone else here liked it too! ❤️

      • Scream Queens was a huge breath of fresh air for me. More so than AHS (even though this season is way better than freakshow).

        For season 2 I read an interesting fan theory that the living Kappas run a summer camp for disadvantaged teens (to buff up their unuversity CVs), and then the Chanel’s as part of their probation are forced to also take part. It would be great.

        The finale was really enjoyable. I only had a couple of issues with it:

        1. So glad that all my favs survived the season, however the amount of survivors was a tad too high. A couple of the boring ones should have been knocked off.
        2. So disappointed that the red devil was revealed at the very beginning of the episode. Would have preferred if it was left ambiguous until the trial occured.
        3. The fact that Grace was so out of the loop and not the red devil made me want her to die a very prolonged death. Zayday too.

    • Meredo

      @Micheal, you are not alone re Grace. My daughter was sure she or Zayday were thr RedDevil with one of them knowing the other one was.(did that make sense?) Anyhoo, she thought Hester being the Red Devil was a cheap shot as her obsession with death made her seem an obvious choice.??

      • I only watched the first 4 episodes of Scream Queens then I quit watching. Who was the Red Devil?

      • Meredo

        UF, The Red Devil(s) ended up being Boone, (Nick Jonas) and Hester, (Lea Michele). They were twins born to the Kappa sister who died in the bathtub.

      • If Nick Jonas comes back next season I might try to watch, but please tell me that Lea Michelle is gone for good. I can’t stand chick.

      • Boon (Jonas) is dead. Lea is coming back. Also there were two other killers: Pete (kinda blackmailed into helping them, he obly attacked a few people and killed Gigi). Gigi was also a red devil (4 of them in total), although she obly killed a couple of people (Jonas did the most).

        It was a bit like Clue, in that a few murders were carried out in the guise of the red devil, but were not. Like the Dean’s exhusband.

        I loved the show. Can’t wait for season 2.

  4. As usual I like to mention the music because it has been a fantastic component of the show this season. I am so obsessed that I created a playlist of the songs from AHSHotel on my iTunes, and the overall mood is very dark and I like it. I miss my my weekend goth lifestyle of patchouli burning and black leather. Hey it was the 80’s so don’t judge.

    I had a huge WTF look on my face when they used “Hotline Bling”. That was a very surprising choice considering the show’s soundtrack has been mostly retro 80’s post punk new wave.

    This episode had a variety of genres and some of the other songs in this episode:

    Sisters Of Mercy- “Lucretia My Reflection”
    Dum Dum Girls- ” Lost Boys and Girls Club”
    Warpaint- “Son”
    Lee Ann Womack- “I hope you dance”

    • Meredo

      Oh for me his dancing to “Hotline Bling” was everything! I was sad it didn’t last longer. Lol. My daughter who is 23 loves all the music they have played in other episodes. I have to come here to find out from you what all the songs are. She’s disappointed I don’t know them myself. I have liked just about every song I’ve heard though, just wasn’t my genre of music at the time.?

    • Deb

      thanks UF , I added those to my iTunes library.

    • Gladyskravitz

      UF!!! When they started playing Sisters of Mercy’s “Lucretia My Reflection” I was transported instantly to the 80s again! I fucking love the music this year! Ms. Franklin? I
      Would love to see your iTunes playlist for this season, if you would be so kind as to share.

      • Here you go Gladys and for anybody else that is interested. This playlist contains only some of the music used this season. These songs are what are on my personal AHS:Hotel playlist. There’s several other songs, some 1920’s era jazz & several pieces of original music created just for the show that are not listed below and are not in my playlist. I only included & listed what I like from the show.

        My AHS:Hotel playlist:

        Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
        Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop The Dance
        Chic – I Want Your Love
        Cowboy Junkies – Sweet Jane
        The Cure – Lullaby
        The Cure- Siamese Twins
        Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough
        Depeche Mode – One Caress
        Drake – Hotline Bling
        Dum Dum Girls – Lost Boys and Girls Club
        The Eagles- Hotel California
        Forest Swords – Miarches
        Frankie Knuckles – Your Love
        Hunter As A Horse – Passenger
        Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes
        The Jesus and Mary Chain – Just Like Honey
        Joy Division – The Eternal
        Lee Ann Womack – I Hope You Dance
        New Order – In A Lonely Place
        New Order – Blue Monday
        Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Jack the Ripper
        She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart
        Siouxsie & the Banshees – Spellbound
        Sisters of Mercy – Never Land ( A Fragment)
        Sisters of Mercy – Lecritia My Reflection
        The Soft Moon – Circles
        Tommy Stewart – Get Down Atlanta
        Trust – Candy Walls
        Visage – Fade To Grey
        Warpaint – Son

  5. I kinda expected more from the Valentino story line.. then BANG BANG he’s dead shot in the head.

    • JoJo

      UF, there was a sweet sort of symphonic symmetry to the Countess simultaneously shooting Natasha while Donovan shot Valentino. The Countess usually uses her slash glove to snuff her prey, so I think there was some reasoning behind Murphy’s choice to have the 100-year-old love of her life shot, while she shot the 100-year-old other woman in her way:)
      I don’t know if you watch ‘Fargo’ – but these scenes of both Natasha and Valentino being shot would have been perfect for use of a split screen narrative.

      • That is a lovely & romantic way to describe the simultaneous murder by the Countess & Donovan, “a sweet sort of symphonic symmetry”.

        If The Countess does eventually die in the Hotel, too bad she won’t be ghostly with Valentino for eternity haunting the Cortez since he died somewhere else, but Natasha died there.

      • JoJo

        I was thinking with the music playing in the background while both scenes were death by the same means = symphonic symmetry. And then Donovan had to go and coo to ‘Hotline Bling’ and I’ve now forgotten what ‘symphony’ was chosen for the shooting;-(

      • LisaPat

        But UF, we dont know yet if those with the blood virus come back as ghosts, even if they die on the premises because Tristan never returned.

    • Kim

      I agree. It really was anti-climactic. All that back story & he was taken out quickly with a gun. I thought he would lead to the Countess’ demise more directly. Still an exciting episode though. Looking forward to how this is going to end, I RARELY guess the plot twists (except the 10 Commandments Killer identity).

    • JoJo

      Where did Valentino get shot by Donovan? I thought it was in the hotel.
      Also I haven’t seen Tristan as a ghost unless I missed it. So I’m not sure viral blood vamps can become ghosts too if killed in the hotel. Only 3 episodes to get all the rules down!

  6. I had a good laugh at Ms. Evers being so excited about the oxygenated laundry detergent.

  7. Sure is deadly to love or be loved by The Countess.

  8. The Countess was dressed down (for once) in a badly fitting suit in the scene with the detectives talking about her “missing” husband Will Drake.

    • LisaPat

      UF, yes, yes and YES! I was cracking up at Miss Evers and the most beautiful machine in the world! Lol I think its awesome how the women of a certain age look out for each other, Iris, Liz and Miss Evers. Also, I thought more would happen with Valentino. The writers had too much going on and had too many loose ends so they couldnt expand on Valentino, I guess. Im suprised that Tristan hasnt returned from the dead yet.. maybe those with the virus cant return from the dead when they die on the premises? The countess’ brown Hillary Clinton ensemble was quite the horror and ill-fitting, her first bad outfit of the season.

      • I think we have seen Tristan’s ghost once already haven’t we? I’ve been medicated this entire season so my memory may be screwed, but I think we’ve seen him post-death. Am I right?

      • LisaPat

        Oh no, dear. We havent seen Tristan at all since he was killed. Liz has been in mourning and she’s suicidal because she is in a world without him.

  9. The Countess wanted Donovan to retrieve Will’s body from the fortified chamber before he got “ripe”, but I suspect it was all ruse to get rid of him and lock him away in there.

    • I got that vibe too. Which is why she didn’t force him to do it when she realised Valentino was in danger/dead. Btw, that threeway relationship went nowhere and was a waste of time. Both were so easily dealt with. Boooring. It’s true that AHS starts off so strong then starts to fall apart towards the end.

    • LisaPat

      Yes again ! I believe it was a ruse to lock Donavan in the chamber. Did you all see that Gabby Sidibeay is going to appear in an upcoming scene?

  10. hannahkingrose

    Does everyone really think the Countess is dead? I know Liz and Iris came in with guns ablazing and it was my favorite scene of the whole show thus far. I just see her using Donovan’s body as a human shield or him doing it on his own as his way to love her. He was waiting for her to kill him as his way of loving her. I kind of think there has to be some kind of twist. Are the last 3 episodes going to be the Countess, Mr. March, Sally and all the other ghosts stuck in the hotel hanging around telling old ghosts stories of when they were alive? Plus if the Countess is dead she didn’t have the chance to kill her newly departed husband’s kid who will probably sell the hotel and someone will demolish it to rebuild.

    • DarkThoughts

      Sally still wants revenge. The rest are stuck in the hotel. I can’t wait to see what team women-of-a-certain-age do with the place and its monsters.

    • LisaPat

      I saw the Countess in the previews so I dont think she’s dead.. either the bullets missed her or she returned from death like March and Evers and Drake.. but if those with the blood virus can also return from death if killed on the premises, then where is Tristan??

      • Bboo7

        They only get stuck in the hotel after death if they have business they didn’t finish in life. Thats why Liz didn’t kill herself & had her son come to the hotel, because Liz had unfinished business with her son.

      • LisaPat

        @Bboo That is true .. they only get stuck in the hotel IF they have unfinished bizness. But, I can assure you that Tristan absolutely had unfinished business, as Countess slit hisunsuspecting throat. So, he had revenge to seek as well as love for Liz. He should have returned if he was able.

  11. Gladyskravitz

    Who will be left standing at the end of this? I hope Liz Taylor, Iris (hear me roar) and Donovan only because of his “jawline for days” and I just love looking at him. But I don’t see how that can happen.

  12. My DVR cut out when Donovan was dancing at the end I hate when programs go longer than they say! I will have to get on demand or on Saturday when it shows again!

  13. DarkThoughts

    I have watched every single season at least twice. My NEW all time favorite season scene was Liz and Iris gunning the Countess down like modern day gangbangers. As soon as I saw it I told my husband, “Oh my God, that is the best fucking scene ever!!!” And rewound the scene 10 times. He agrees.

    I wonder if they missed Donovan. I can’t see Iris killing her son. Donovan was on his knees making the Countess an easy Target. Lordy, is that woman self involved.

    Honestly now, where the F is Scarlett?

    • Meetoo

      Seriously I always wonder why they weren’t so worried about that little girl. Talk about neglect, why have her there at all? Will her brother eat her? Will they all become vampires? What would happen if dudes body got ripe? Why did the police officer push that little boy like that ? Is Sally going to unleash the beast? How come nobody tried to kill Liz’s son while he was at the hotel? Oh and the ending was epic!

  14. How do you all feel about Gabourey appearing in the next episode? Is she gonna be another pain in the ass hotel guest that’s get killed as soon as she gets to her room? Or Is there a plausible way that her character could be Witch Queenie from Coven coming to visit LA?

    • JoJo

      I hope it’s worthwhile. I’ve tried, but I’m not a real fan of her acting and her role in ‘Empire’ didn’t help. She was outstanding in her breakout role in ‘Precious’ – but since then, I’m just not thrilled.
      I don’t mean to be sacrilegious here about Queenie, but I do hope that whatever they have in store for her it’s worth it, and especially that I’m proven wrong about my opinion of her acting!

    • DarkThoughts

      I loves me some Gabourey. UF, wow what would a witch do with that hotel…endless possibilities especially a human voodoo doll witch.

      • JoJo

        Perhaps Gabourey will be the missing link/thread we’re waiting for either as prelude to the next season or another tie to a past season, Coven?
        And if so, I’m all on Queenie/Sibide’s bandwagon and to hell with my original thought about her acting!!!

  15. JoJo

    I loved this episode! I may be biased because of the all-too-short hot, hot, hot dance that Donovan was doing to Hotline Bling before the distraught Countess walked in and interrupted him.
    Although I love the choice of the 80’s off-beat music so far, in this instance, I think a 2015 Billboard top 10 fit the scene perfectly. I’m no Drake fan, but the song’s lyrics actually do fit perfectly into Donovan’s storyline: ‘you used to call me on your cellphone late night when you need my love …’ The whole song is about a guy being traded in for something better, forgotten, not called, and his lover finding a new crew.
    Although the last thing we saw is Iris & Liz going Thelma & Louise on the star-crossed lovers, I’m not ready to lose both the Countess and Donovan.
    Also, I think the rules are you have to finish all of your business – no regrets – if you die in the Cortez and don’t want to end up a ghost. So Donovan needs to make up with Mommy Iris and believe the Countess really did love him before he bites the dust if he wants to avoid ghosthood? But who knows the rules about the blood viral residents and becoming a ghost? Tristan was a vamp with unfinished business, but we haven’t seen him since.
    Well there’s 3 episodes left, guess we’ll see how the rules work. Then again, it’s Ryan Murphy and we might be left hanging.

  16. JoJo

    I think that placenta-covered, dildo-corkscrew demon is Sally’s Groundhog Day torture. Whatever is going on with her dying and her addiction to love, that thing drills her every day unless she brings prey to Mr. March, the Countess, or performs some other good deed to get a reprieve for good behavior.
    During the Serial Killer Dinner, I think I heard her confirm she was to be left alone for a year for bringing the human dessert?

    • LisaPat

      Jojo, I did not know that about Sally? I did see some scary blur in the elevator for a brief moment, but I cant remember who was in there.. it could have been Sally or Jon or Countess. I just remember someone being mad then that thing appeared and it frightened them.

      • LisaPat

        Also, at the beginning of every episode, you know how they play the music and show the commandments, as well as horrifying scenes?? Well, for me the scariest is one of this old man/woman on a couch dressed in womans lingerie. Have you seen that? Im terrified its going to end up being our dear liz if countess should burn and kill her and she be left doomed in the hotel for eternity. Who is that creature on the couch?

      • JoJo

        That thing always shows up in a Sally scene I’m pretty sure. Maybe her addiction to love/sex and not being fulfilled is how the electric drill came to be and she can sic it on someone else we saw. But I do think her lot in life is to be drilled every day unless she makes a deal with the hotel ‘devils.’
        Also I think that that’s why the poor thing is in a constant state of hyserical tearing, her hair is fried out, and black mascara is running amok on her face – daily rendezvous with Mr. Drill! Just a theory:)

      • JoJo

        No I didn’t see the couple in the lingerie in the title clip! And those title clips of the 10 Commandments slip by so fast, I always miss what commandment they’re showing. I remember some interview or maybe it was Urethra telling us that the title sequence not only gives hints of what’s to happen but they vary a little as the season progresses.
        Thanks for the heads up – I’m going to check youtube and see if it’s there – I can at least slow it down to see. I also hope it’s NOT Liz!

      • Meredo

        I like your theory about Sally, JoJo. I ask my daughter (who’s pretty good keeping up with the plot whilst I get so confused!) why does Sally always have tears in her eyes? This my daughter didn’t know, so I come here for the real experts! You guys are really good figuring all this stuff out! I’m very impressed from all the commenters and of course UF!

      • JoJo

        @Meredo, I’m also glad that someone else enjoyed Donovan and the Hotline Bling dance as much as I did!
        About Sally – I can’t peek into Ryan Murphy’s/Falchuk’s twisted minds – but I just have to suppose there’s some rational reason for Hypodermic Sally looking not only a hot mess, but her eyes constantly welling up with tears every time we see her – whether listening to a mundane story, having John sex, hysterical or angry.
        Even though she looks like she did when pushed to her death, I’d think that after 20+ years in the Cortez, she could comb her hair, take a shower, fix her makeup. Mr. March keeps himself dapper. But maybe her hot mess look is because that’s the way she looked when she was killed. But she wasn’t crying when pushed to her death. So the tear thing I’m guessing has to be for a present-day reason, and Sally being a daily victim to Dr. Drill & it hurts like hell might be the reason.

      • JoJo

        Well now I’m not so certain that Sally is a daily victim of Dr. Drill. When asked the connection early in the season, Murphy says in an interview that Sally and Dr. Drill are closely connected – “the yin and yang” of one another.
        So I’m not sure that means she’s it’s victim, maybe more of it’s partner?

  17. Kim

    I’m wondering the same as a few comments here about Tristan haunting the hotel. First I thought that everyone killed on premises comes back, now is it killed at the hotel AND unfinished business? Am I getting it confused?? I wasn’t sure if they were tying up loose ends for peace of mind or so they don’t haunt the hotel…

    • JoJo

      I think there’s rules for humans dying on the premises and having unfinished business = ghosthood.
      Then rules we haven’t been exposed to about Vamps dying on the premises finished or unfinished business and ghosthood. We haven’t seen an immortal dead vamp no matter it’s business:)
      I think the elderly couple that partook in their idea euthanasia won’t be sentenced to ghostdom – they did nothing to be stuck for eternity with a bunch of murderers, various criminals or the random people that were involved in ‘alternative’ lifestyles?

      • LisaPat

        @Jojo, I love the points you are making! Regarding the elderly couple, you are right, I believe. I dont think they had unfinished business, but then again, the sweedish models who were murdered there ended up lingering and they were only there for a night awaiting a premiere for a Vin Diesel movie. So, who knows. Secondly, there is not a “couple” in the beginning of every episode. There is a man , clearly dead, dressed as a woman. He looks asif he is decomposing. He is bald, wearing women’s lingerie, and he terrifies me. I referred to him in an earlier comment as “man/woman” because I wasnt sure if he was transgendered corpse. Lol I am trying to be PC even with corpses. Watch the beginning on utube and you will see him on a couch smoothing his pantyhose. Lol! I dont think the beginning has changed though. I watch it every week to try to figure out if that corpse is Liz. Watch it and tell me what you think.

      • Lisa Pat there are always clues & symbollic references to the characters & the story within the title sequence opening credits. That androgynous character very well could be just a creepier version of Liz for the horror effect.

      • JoJo

        @LisaPat – I watched the minute-long title sequence that flashes by me every episode in seconds. These are things I don’t think I’ve ever seen – may be they’re in my subconscious I bet – you know Mcluhan’s ‘the message is the medium’?:))
        I found your guy – the corpse, many times. If hints of what’s to be stuffed into the next 3 episodes are in the title sequence, we gotta’ lot a shit ahead of us. In order of the sequence:
        *through a peephole a scantily clad young blonde, huge breastesses, in either lingerie or in the process of removing her wedding gown, opaque white stockings showing her breastesses to a corpse in what looks like a wedding dress lazing on an Art Deco chaise with one of it’s legs propped up on the blonde’s chair.
        *The corpse by itself in the white wedding dress, laying on the chaise lounge w/ both legs exposed, one bent, propped up.
        *The same corpse now a skeleton but still in it’s wedding gown on the chaise.
        *Same corpse coming out of the bed.
        *Figure in hallway in flowing white nun outfit and habit
        *Female, straight, combed-back dirty blonde hair kneeling on the chaise lounge in heels and her pants coming off exposing her butt.
        *2X same female figure – from behind only shown from torso down in hallway w/ hot pants, nude seamed stockings, taupe spiked heels, in front of blood-soaked carpet with cleaning brush laying on top of it.
        *Brunette that looks eerily like Juliette Lewis in hotel room wearing bustier, stocking snap girdle and black stockings in a plastered room like the basement, w/ a single prosthetic leg w/ a high hell in corner and single white glove over the chair.
        *A woman gouging the eyes out of the skeletal corpse
        *3X a little boy or girl – shorn head (looks like a little kid who had radiation and lost hair); 2x wearing the gas mask that March wears

        It’s all your fault I described all that and I have no clue what to make of it. But I’ll hypothesize that there are a couple Commandments I’m not sure have been ‘dealt’ with: thou shalt not curse, remember the Sabbath and no lying. So if this were Clue, I’d say that Liz says MOFO on a Sunday after lying to March in the Basement, with a knife:)))

      • DarkThoughts

        Jojo, your opening credit sequence breakdown is incredible. I both love and fear you. Please never leave me.

      • JoJo

        LLOL … now coming from someone calling themselves ‘Dark Thoughts’ I’m both honored and fearful myself: Let’s be friends:)))

      • LisaPat

        Wow Jojo , that was amazing!! Im going to have to keep both you and UF chained to my radiator after I kidnap UF from TT! Lol !! Noway Dark Thoughts, she’s mine!! That was such an awesome recap.. that corpse terrifies me, but there was something about it that was eerily faniliar.. I kept thinking “That’s Liz!” I hope Im wrong.. but all I could think is the countess killed Liz on her wedding day !!

      • JoJo

        Thank you LisaPat for the kind comments. And I’m not worth the radiator, I’m an administrative assistant – after the fact – at best, not really worthy of starting the comments or stealing anyone (lol that sounds like faux humility:)
        Urethra’s been “The Man” and TT noticed immediately and chained him to the radiator and it’s his recaps that got me started seasons ago. I’m a faithful and consistent TT reader, but only comment if I have something to say that I didn’t see addressed (well kinda’) get confused or both!
        Donovan/Matt Bomer and Hotline Bling dancing prompted these slew of comments on this episode. He got me started and didn’t finish the job – I want a whole video of him doing the whole song!
        (ps – also have some recent time on my hands so thought I’d return to commenting even if those 2 conditions I mentioned above don’t apply!!!)
        Looking forward to being involved in the recapping/comments of the last 3 episodes in 2016!!!!

  18. Thinking about Liz & her son– Usually we see stories where a child wants/needs to be accepted by parents, but in this case it’s Liz that wants/needs to be accepted by her son. Interesting juxtaposition of parent/child story lines against the Asshole Parents of the Year John & Alex who have basically abandoned little Scarlett.

    • JoJo

      That storyline of Liz’s son accepting her was wonderful and quite the surprise in Murphy World!! I was totally surprised of someone having a happy encounter, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it’s a truly happy ending.
      And John and Alex acknowledged their horrible parenting and leaving Scarlett w/ grandma, but I was confused if their intention is to reclaim her? I mean how in the hell would she survive in a family of 1 serial killer + 2 vamps? And that’s if they even survive whether they retrieve Scarlet or not.
      Doesn’t John have another Commandment Kill or 2 as his deal with March?

      • LisaPat

        John has one commandment left.. i was thinking about him killing Countess and putting her head in the jar because she’s killed so many. Then I thought John may kimm himself because he is also a murderer and the commandment is Thou Shall not Kill. Then I thought someone else might kill John and put his head in the jar because he is also a murderer. Lol so many possibilities!!

      • Kim

        I think there is one more commandment kill left (though shalt not murder). I’m wondering if that killer will be John somehow (idea from the movie Seven). Have no idea how that would work but just throwing it out there since he’s one of the last humans alive in the story (besides Liz who didn’t actually kill anyone, right?) & that would give it a twisted ending…just a thought.

      • JoJo

        @Kim that would be an interesting twist if John somehow is forced to honor his deal with March and the writers choose thou shalt not kill as the Commandment. John, of course, is too much of a moody busybody not to return to the Cortez; he’s a killer but maybe he kills himself and ends up in that jar?
        I only remember ‘honor thy father and mother’ and ‘not covet neighbor’s wife’ as the Commandment Kills so far. I don’t think they used the Commandment’s using the Lord’s name in vain, honoring the Sabbath or lying though. But those are mighty lame Commandments when you have the biggie about killing on the table!
        If Murphy goes with encompassing all the Commandments not used route, I change my hypothetical Clue scenario: John screaming MOFO on a Sunday while killing the Countess, himself in the Basement. He ends up either a ghost and yearly serial killer guest at Mr. March’s annual gala, or a choice part of him ends up in March’s Commandment Jar:)

      • Kim

        I googled how many were done. I read there’s the one left..murder. To be honest, I didn’t keep track of them, but I knew there were 2 before last week, the other being worshipping false idols, so he just has murder one left.
        Yeah, I’m looking forward to finding out what goes in March’s last jar! Good idea about ending up at his annual dinner!! I can see that. =)

      • JoJo

        Well that answers that! We have a Thou Shall Not Kill Commandment coming soon.
        It also dawns on me, that none of the parts/bodies in the Commandment Jar are ghosts in the Cortez.
        And it’s unknown if vamps can become ghosts, but if the title sequence and the numerous flashes of the same corpse in a wedding dress is any clue, maybe our Wedding Corpse is the Countess.
        The thing with these blood virus creatures is that they don’t age once turned, but I think all bets are off once dead and if they died at the Cortez they age badly – corpse-like? The Countess or some other female vamp spends eternity at the Cortez in their own wedding Groundhog Day! (I hope it’s not human Liz, but seems that Liz has sewn up all her business by making amends with her son & unless she’s succeeded at killing one of the vamps, she’s blameless for a kill.)

      • LisaPat

        Ladies, I told you yesterday that there is only 1 commandment left and its thou shall not kill, if you find my comment. I was going through all the possibilities.. but I have decided on one. Johns Head WILL BE IN THAT JAR! Im calling it. Either john will kill himself or sally will kill him. @Jojo I never realized that could be Countess in the wedding dress!! Wow that would serve her right. No one ever answered my question about who is countess’ one true love?? Valentino or Bartholemew??

      • JoJo

        @LisaPat – yep I finally get Thou Shall Not Kill is the only Commandment left and John’s back at the hotel in the teaser. He says he has to kill a killer and Sally tells him he’s got a passel to choose from:)
        Ok, John’s head in the Commandment Jar FTW. And for Liz’s sake, hope that vamps can become ghosts and their immune systems keeping them young don’t work being dead and the Countess is the wedding-dressed corpse!!

    • Add to that the same storyline with iris and Donovan. Poor iris just wants her son to love her but he’s a jerk face who only loves the countess.

      • JoJo

        My wish is that Donovan survived the mass shooting because mama couldn’t go through with it and/or he and the Countess missed since he was kneeling down and that Commando Iris gets through to him and they reunite.
        The rest of the Cortez dwellers and their fates I’m fine with whatever happens (well except I hope Liz escapes with his life too!)

    • Gladyskravitz

      Liz and her son! They melted my heart this week. Our girl Liz deserves some happiness!❤️❤️

  19. While thinking of Scarlett and her possible fate with her parents reminds me of the character Marilyn Munster, the blonde beauty in the family among The Munsters. If John, Alex, & Holden due live “happily ever after” with Scarlett, she’ll be the Marilyn of the family. hehehe.

    • robertupland

      Anyone else think it’s peculiar that there is a lot less talk of clues/rumors for next season? Usually the fans are all over it but I haven’t really heard anything this season other than they are thinking about 2 seasons next year.

      • JoJo

        Since it will be Season 6 and the usual settings that would house a horror story have been used, I’ll hypothesize that the next setting be a government agency. A law enforcement, for example. Having worked for the gov’t I think there’s a goldmine of American horror stories in government agencies:)

      • LisaPat

        Im not ready for this to end.. this is my favorite by far.. I cant go back to a boring storyline like freakshow after this..

      • JoJo

        LisaPat – I agree 100 on not wanting Hotel to end – it’s becoming my favorite so far although I loved Murder House and Coven. And I’m absolutely thoroughly enjoying Lady Gaga in this role (although she’s supposedly coming back for next season – this role will be hard to beat!)

      • Yeah it’s unusual that near the season’s end at episode 10 that Ryan Murphy hasn’t started creating some hype with talks of clues or even publicly hinting of what is to come next.

        I know he said there’s a possibility of 2 different seasons in 2016. I don’t even know how that is possible because the fall season starts shooting in the summer so if he is doing a spring or summer edition they need start filming by February.

        I’m still fucking pissed at Murphy for last year’s clues about this current season. It was stupid coffee cup with a logo of top hat…..

        During The Freak Show season this is the quote of what the dick tease Murphy said about that stupid clue for season 5: “It’s an arcane clue, but it’s very purposeful, and it illuminates something that you’ll be like, ‘Oh! You dirty [bastard]!'”…..

        Well here we are almost done with Hotel and his clue and his explanation don’t mean shit. The only relevancy to a top hat is that James March wears one. Big fucking deal.

      • JoJo

        UF: yeh that Top Hat was obtuse as the clue for this season. But (again that Murphy interview) Ryan said that the connection of the top hat being on he mug in Freak Show was that “Top Hat” was not only a famous 30’s musical with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, but the famous song that came out of it was “Cheek to Cheek” and Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett did a duet singing the song. And the movie being in the 30’s – all were great hints he though:)

      • Seriously?? He actually said that?? Good grief. It’s like playing 7 degrees of Kevin bacon to make that connection. Still scratching my head over the coffee cup one though.

      • JoJo

        @satinbliss Yep he said that and I’d never, ever have gotten the connection – even after Lady Gaga was announced for this season.
        Obviously he thinks his clues are cute and clever and relatively easy to figure out. Maybe he’s making them more obtuse as the seasons go on because earlier ones were easily figured out?
        But that obscure ‘top hat’ one when I read that, I think I’m officially giving up on trying to catch a clue for Season 6! I’ll catch the flu first, I’m sure;-

  20. JoJo

    Well duh, TT posted the teaser video for next episode for this blog post; it’s usually a good thing to check out what she posts for a reason;\
    Unless it’s a trick from FX, the Countess survives the shooting and again is dressed down a tad in a pantsuit; Liz is smug wheeling some dead body down a hallway. Iris tells him “You did it” and Liz says “I told you I would, it’s a big hotel and a big furnace.” God I hope it’s not Donovan.
    Iris calls Gabourey Sibide ‘dinner as she arrives as a guest and the title of the next episode “Royale” – may be Ramona-centric. She’s in the preview wielding a sword and it looks and sounds like she cut up or off something from someone. I wonder if someone loses a leg and ends up with a prosthetic and a high heel – as the title sequence flashes one in a hotel room in a corner? Maybe belongs to the wedding-gowned ghost corpse?
    Also I’m not sure if UF already mentioned and it’s been discussed, but about the music choices so far, just read an interview with Ryan Murphy. It was shortly after premiere of Hotel and a more than a few episodes had already been filmed for the show. He says there was a ‘hilarious’ coincidence involving Lady Gaga and a song choice in the show.
    Episode 2 – the Countess backstory & her riding the white horse inside Studio 54 during the Disco 70’s has the song by Chic “I Want Your Love” playing in the background. That was filmed early summer this year. After it aired in October he clicks on a story/link & finds that Lady Gaga did a video short with Tom Ford Spring/Summer 16 in October. She’s modeling and singing in the music video – “I Want Your Love”!
    Murphy wanted it on record that choosing that song for the TV show scene was 3 months before the Tom Ford video. When he asked Gaga if she got the idea from AHS, she just smiled at him:)
    (it’s against rules to post links but the Tom Ford ad music video w/ Gaga is very cool:)

    • No JoJo I never did mention it here about Gaga’s remake of Chic’s “I Want Your Love”, even though I’m a huge fan of the ORIGINAL song & anything that has to do with that ooooh lala hot piece Tom Ford.

      • JoJo

        I hope you checked out the Tom Ford/Lady Gaga video (although Tom Ford’s not in it – just his clothes, Gaga and a a select group of irritatingly hot-at-the-moment models. I had to watch more than once – forgot to check out the clothes the 1st couple of times!

    • LisaPat

      There was song from the 80’s called “white pony” and they chanted “ride the white horse” in that song which referred to cocaine.. but I remember thinking that song would have been a better choice.

      • JoJo

        Hey I think I found it – but was it called “White Horse” by ‘Laid Back’? The lyrics do say ‘if you wanna ride, don’t ride the white horse …’ – says it was a big disco dance hit in ’83.
        When you mentioned the damn horse, I immediately went to Neil Young’s ‘A Horse With No Name’ – but hell no that was – in the words of the “Talking Heads’ that song was ‘this ain’t no part, this ain’t no disco…” – that horse/heroin song wouldn’t work in Studio 54!:)

      • LisaPat

        Thats it Jojo! I knew it was about cocaine.. but I never realized it was an anti-drug song until just now. My Mom used to change the station when it came on.. my Mom was a bit of a nut. She was one of the parents that were offended by “married with children.” Lol! I wasnt allowed to watch it or soap operas. Ugh! That feels like a million years ago.. I was born in 75. Anyway, thats why I watch all the good stuff now. My Mom.. I begged her to sit through an episode of Hotel but hell would freeze ove first! Lol she calls it evil. Hahahaha! Oh my poor Mother. The world has passed her by.

    • LisaPat

      I would pay someone to make me a CD with all the songs used this season. I am the only person in the world who has never used Itunes and I dont know how!! I buy cds. Lol! Im as far removed from modern technology as Valentino and Natacha!!

      • I made a list of the songs used this season. Scroll up.

      • LisaPat

        I know!! But I cant do anything with that list unless I buy every cd containing those songs! Lol

      • Actually you can copy them right off youtube. Google and use the youtube mp3 converter to convert the video (of a song) to a mp3 music file to your computer. Then you can listen to the music from your own computer. You don’t even need to use iTunes. Your computer probably has a default music player.

      • LisaPat

        Im going to try that UF.. do I download that mp3 thing?

      • No Lisa Pat there is no downloading of any programs required. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL or link of the youtube song into the converter box and hit download. You tell it where to put the music file on your computer and it saves it there. So first go ahead a create a music folder on your computer and then start converting/downloading the music.

  21. I’d say there is a ton of loose ends that haven’t been tied. I wAnted to like this season more then any1. I loved the first two AHS but this one left so many unanswered questions. It is All ovr the place. But i will cont. 2 watch anyway.

    • LisaPat

      There are some loose ends, but its not over yet dear. We shall see soon enough! I really want Tristan to return, or to find out what will happen to Bartholemew if Countess dies.. who could love that “child?” Alex has fled with her dysfunctional family. They make the Adams Family seem normal! Countess wants to kill alex because alex infected that kid who,in turn’ infected an entire clasroom.. but lest Countess forget that Bartholemew would be dead if not for Alex returning him to the room !!

      • JoJo

        @LisaPat You are so right about what we shall see and if these loose ends are tied up tidily or some slip on by, but 3 episodes might be enough to address Tristan and/or whether a vamp can be killed on site and turn into a ghost – an aging ghost corpse.
        Also, there’s ‘Something About Sally’ I forgot to mention: Murphy interview again – he said that Sally is the sole/soul responsible for all that sewing of people in those beds. Now in the title sequence I forgot to mention 2 other ‘BedHeads’: Bartholomew or an exact facsimile pops its head out in one sequence. In another, that little boy/girl w/ the short, blond cropped hair is sewn in the bed too!
        Oh Boy!

    • LisaPat

      Sally is sewing people inside the beds?? I have got to see this ryan murphy interview!! I did not know that. I thought sally was a victim of sorts, but shes turning into an aggressive villian!!

      • JoJo

        @LisaPat – Murphy’s being doing exclusives with Entertainment Weekly (ew dot com) since the beginning of AHS. The first of this season I was referring to about Sally and the sewing is Oct. 8 – check it out. I’m reading the rest now coincidentally – and there’s one he’s doing a panel.
        Also in the Oct 8 one he makes some vague reference to what hints have been in previous seasons and this one that were originally going to be for Season 7 but he thinks now he’s going with whatever it is in Season 6.

  22. JoJo

    In case there are diehard diehard fans of AHS and Sceam Queens who missed this – check out the first Entertainment Weekly “EW Fest Ryan Murphy & Friends” (Oct. 26) – it’s a panel and video about 45 min. Besides the EW moderator and Ryan, the cast representing AHS is Kathy Bates and Matt Bomer; Scream Queens’ Emma Roberts, Lea Michelle and Keke Palmer.
    Crazy interesting discussion about things behind the scenes.
    When asked what icon he’d like for a future cast member, he had trouble thinking of anyone he hadn’t worked with – until he came up with Meryl Streep. But when suggested that Murphy get Barbara Streisand as a cast member, he tells of this OTT dinner invitatation this year to Streisand’s house that has a mall underneath it, accompanied by Gaga and some FX execs. He said at 4 yoa when he saw Streisand in “Funny Girl” he knew then he was gay and wanted to be exactly like her – different and exaulted for it :)

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