Project Runway Jr Recap: Broadway Red Carpet Team Challenge



This week the kids work in pairs to make a red carpet look. There are four former (adult) contestants brought in to help each pair. There is a five hour time limit. I’ve watched almost all of the Project Runway shows and I have no idea who the returning contestants are.

Again, the fabric colors are an issue. Jaxson, who should have gone home last week, and purple haired girl have some ugly blush color and a rust color.  Tim agrees with me. He hates the colors and this dress will be on the bottom. Samantha and Zach have opted for a print, which I have been begging them to do all season, but red carpet is not the time to bring out the prints. Tim told Samantha and Zach he is a little dubious about their fabrics. Zach wasn’t sure what the word meant but is was sure it wasn’t a good thing. Zachary and Matt appear to be making a THOT dress with big cutouts. I like the two girls black and white look. Tim has a problem with the two fabrics being discordant.

Purplehaired girl and Jaxson can’t pick any better fabrics and there is two hours to go. Purple hair goes into meltdown mode.Eventually they go with some green  suede looking fabric.  Zachary and Matt’s THOT dress becomes a little less THOTlike, at least until the fitting where the cutouts don’t lay flat.   Zach and Samantha make a jumpsuit with a cape. I still like the girls black and white look best.

Project Runway Jr

The Runway

Zachary and Matt love their THOT dress. I do not. It’s a hot mess. I suppose they think they are using draping techniques but it looks like stitching came out and the sides are sagging.  I don’t get it.

Samantha and Zach’s pantsuit with a dramatic print floor length cape is great. It should be in the top.  Samantha has been my pick to win the whole thing.

The Girls totally changed the bottom of their outfit. It is now black shorts with a black skirt overlay that is sort of like a cape in the back. It’s cute but it is all black and well…. it’s a shorts outfit.

Jaxson and Purple Hair’s green dress is um different. It’s one of those looks where one side of the body doesn’t know what the other one is doing. They seem very confident in the dress.

I feel like Jaxson and Purple Hair and Zachary and Matt will be on the bottom.  Perhaps we can finally send Jaxson home?

Or not. The judges seem to like the green dress. UGH.

Oh wait! We have hope. Once the kids left the runway, Christian Siriano called the green monstrosity a “pleather Seaworld onsie thing.”

They are teasing me with the prospect of Zachary going home. But it looks like we will be losing Matt.


Peytie and Maya’s shorts outfit won. Samantha and Zach were robbed.  Then it was down to Zachary and Matt.  They send Matt home. How the hell are Jaxson and the purplehaired girl still there and Matt is gone? A couple of the girls cry. Maybe Tim will save him. But he doesn’t.



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  1. Sequoia

    Thanks for the recap but I thought you were going to take some time off…

    • tamaratattles

      I’m trying babe. It’s hard to go cold turkey. This is the last night of the week for recaps. Probably. Am not even watching RHOA but will have a fabulous guest blogger.

      Not posting means no income. Baby steps.

      • Dee

        Great recap. This is the beauty of a vacation, you can do what you want… Or not, we will still be reading, commenting. We are here for you :)

      • Cat

        How many extra clicks do you need to be able to rest without worry? I have a lot of time on my hands here. I don’t want you to worry.

      • tamaratattles

        Please don’t over click on ads. Just coming to the site and reading a few things in the archives is all I need! ONLY CLICK ON ADS IF THEY ACTUALLY INTEREST YOU. Please. Overclicking does more harm than good.

      • Cat

        I never click on ads. I remember you saying that before. I only click to read posts and comments. And sometimes, to post a comment.

  2. I’m so glad you are here TT…I’ve had a few days off work sick and caught up on lots of shows… love your recaps!

    If you picked the girl with super short curly hair and big brown eyes, that’s my pick for the win too. I can’t keep any of their names straight, lol. I can’t even remember which one went home and just watched it today, lol. I remember thinking he deserved it tho. :)

  3. The judges said the girls black shorts dress looks like something Taylor swift would wear. I’m pretty sure she has worn something just like that in fact so I was surprised they won. It was cute though. However I loved Samantha and what’s his name’s printed cape jumpsuit and thought that was really creative. Usually they go with the more interesting idea for the win but not this time I guess.

  4. These kids are so much mature acting & talented than some of the adult designers.

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