President Obama on Running Wild With Bear Grylls

Obama on Bear Grylls

First of all I am trying to wean off posting  and get into vacation mode but it’s harder than I thought. I did get out into the world a bit the past two days. Baby steps.

I love Running  Wild With Bear Grylls. But I am feeling some kind of way about President Obama filming a reality TV show while president when we have so much going on in the world and some serious homeland security problems. I am going to try to forget he is supposed to be busy running the free world and try to like him as just a random cute and funny guy.

Bear is kind of adorable. He’s so nervous to meet the president! Bear doesn’t GET nervous.  And now the climate change propaganda begins.

Did Bear just say that there is someone with the president to make sure whatever he eats is safe? Does he have a food taster all the time or just in the wilderness?  So far, Obama has walked on a  pathway through the woods and picked some berries. Which is hilarious if you have ever watched this show before. Normally, the celebrity would have repelled out of a helicopter, transversed a deep ravine by rope. Obama on Bear Grylls2

As Obama meanders through a meadow toward the glacier, Bear informs up that the secret service has sniper teams all throughout the woods and a helicopters patrolling the airspace above which has been made a temporary no fly zone.

Bear just said he and his family live on an island and they are off the grid completely. Solar power, etc. That sounds fabulous. I guess I could not blog from there though.

I love that Obama doesn’t know how to use a Smart Phone. He’s not allowed to have one for security reasons.

Obama dipped his hand in some cold running water. He touches a glacier. This is kind of humorous. Obama remarks that the glacier melting so fast is a sign of how fast “climate change” is happening.  I might argue that it’s not anything to do with climate change, but rather season change. It’s summer. Ice melts rapidly in the sun.

Obama arranges a few rocks. Obama starts a fire with fire steels, cotton balls and “solid fuel.” Then Obama walks three feet to collect glacier water.  Bear is great with interviewing people on this show.  Obama says while president he may even get to spend more time with his girls because “he lives about the store.” And can usually have dinner with the family even if he has to go back to work afterward.

The producers and secret service have provided a stunt salmon (like the stunt fish on the Anthony Bourdain shows) for Bear to present as a salmon half eaten by a bear.  Obama has the same question I do, “Why didn’t the bear eat the whole fish?”   Bear claims that the bears will often just eat the fattiest part of the fish when fish are plentiful.

Bear asks if he ever gets lost in the White House. He of course says no. Bear asks about the girls. He says they have found some great hiding places and it’s a fun place to play hide and go seek.  He says the grounds of the White House aren’t really that big.  Obama tells a story about the first time he saw the White House when he was 21. He seems to still be rather awed that he came from humble beginnings and became president. Obama is an incredibly charming man. Lots of sitting comfortably around the campfire talking while cooking fish. Normally the celebrity would be eating bugs or a rat or skinning a snake.  Also, unlike other celebrity guests on the show, Obama is a great conversationalist and asks Bear great questions too. He eats the salmon.

Bear asks about Obama’s faith. And then back to climate change.

More behind the scenes information. Apparently, the President is not supposed to eat anything on camera. Really? Haven’t we seen him digging into some Five Guys burgers? Bear was afraid that the advisor would not allow him to eat the stunt salmon.  Then Obama makes s’mores for Bear.

There is much discussion about drinking your own pee. Bear says that if you are not already really dehydrated that it can help you conserve the remaining water.

Bear gets Obama to sign an Obama bottle opener. Then he asks if he can pray for him before he leaves. Obama agrees. It was very touching.  My allergies acted up a bit.


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  1. Rose

    I love Running Wild and didn’t have a problem with Obama being on. About 10 minutes in I was like what is Bear going to have him do? But it was all about the glaciers. I loved that Bear was super nervous.

  2. Spilledperfume

    I just watched this show for the first time and I couldn’t believe that the President was on it. I really hope that it was a stunt fish because I thought it was kind of gross to be feeding the President a half eaten fish. I also thought it was cute that he made a S’more for Bear.

    I could have gone my whole life without hearing the pee conversation.

  3. Looks like a great show. I remember hearing they were filming this during President Obama’s trip to Alaska in September. He had to eat salmon jerkey–yuck! Will see if I can find it or stream it. Thanks for the heads up, TT. Now get back to work relaxing! <3 <3

  4. Obama wants us to think global warming/cooling.changing is the problem so we don’t pay attention to how he’s selling us down the river to terrorists.

    • Whoa, he has not sold my town to anyone, except the tax man.
      Have not seen one terrorists here.

      • oops 2x’s is not good

      • I live in Redlands, CA, 6 miles from the December 2 terrorist massacre in San Bernardino, and recent home to the two evil Islamic extremist freaks that shot up a county Christmas party, killing 14 innocent people and wounding 22 more (physically), several very severely. In the 14 years I’ve lived in Redlands, moving here from the Midwest to accept a job offer with the city, I too can say I’ve never seen a terrorist here. The next door neighbors to the killers, up until a couple weeks ago, would have said the same thing; the female killer, who apparently reverted to “burka-wear” before immigrating to the US in 2014, never, in the 5 months they lived in Redlands, was never seen by anyone, apparently never leaving their rented townhouse except for late at night to go to the garage and assist the male killer in assembling 19 pipe bombs. Had she gone out in public, she would have stuck out like a sore thumb here in Redlands; in all the years I’ve lived here, I’ve yet to see anyone in a fricking burka, and now that we all know what her intent was for coming to our country, it’s pretty obvious she didn’t want to draw any attention to herself. Redlands is the most wonderful, lovely, caring place I’ve ever lived, the people here are friendly and warm and accepting, everyone looks out for their neighbors and the people here genuinely love this town and we all work together to keep it the wonderful place it is. It INFURIATES me that these evil, insane bastards contaminated my town with their very presence and thoroughly evil intentions. And from now on, after the massacre on December 2nd, if people of middle-eastern descent, or anyone claiming to be muslim, gets a second look from the good people of Redlands, they can thank the two killers that lived in our town on Center Street, for it. The people of this town have always gone out of their way to welcome newcomers, no matter their race or religion, but I’m pretty sure those days are gone, at least for awhile, and nobody who hasn’t lived through what our little town has lived through these past couple of weeks has ANY right to judge is for it.
        The job I accepted with the City of Redlands 14 years ago required me to work closely with the San Bernardino County Environmental Health Dept., and over the years I became friends with several of their employees. I retired right about the time the male killer started working for the department so I never met him. However, he and his female partner, out of the 14 people they slaughtered, managed to shoot down and kill, in cold blood and for no reason other than they weren’t the right religion, 6 people I worked with for 8 years and most whom I considered to be friends.
        So go ahead and joke that you haven’t seen a terrorist in your town. I would have thought the same thing up until December 2nd. And just remember, if this could happen in Redlands and San Bernardino, California, it can, and mark my words, WILL happen again and it could quite possibly be your safe little town.

      • Twilly

        My city (Boston) has had 3 so far who have acted on it and plenty more who haven’t yet. No one is immune.

      • Amen PM. It’s like people are not supposed to be angry when innocent people are murdered. It’s a human reaction. We will be attacked again and the government knows it because they have no clue how to stop them. Obama pretty much verified that today. It’s up to us citizens to pay attention and alert authorities if we see something suspicious. So I guess Obama is telling us all to be racists.

      • sarcasatire

        Well, I live not to far from Sandy Hook where a WHITE MAN shot upa school and killed innocent children and teachers, right before Christmas. My dad grew up in Charleston, very close to the church where a WHITE MAN walked in and shot nine innocent people during prayer, just because of the color of their skin. 90% of mass shootings in this country are done by WHITE MEN..

        ONE mass shooting, out of 366 this year, was carried out by a couple who were Muslim and suddenly you are declaring war on Islam. But look at those stats. What about the other 365 mass shootings? Who is really terrorizing the citizens of this country? Hint: White Men with guns.

      • Sarcastire, a lot are echoing this sentiment but I don’t understand the point. What is your point? That the growth of Isis doesnt concern you? Are white people the problem? Seems like comparing apples to oranges and I’m not sure how we even got on this track in the first place.. Someone mentioned the word terrorism and people get their panties in a wad assuming all Muslims and only Muslims are implicated in the mere mention of the word. funny how at the same time people only want to look at the statistics in this country and ignore what’s happening globally. I guess if it’s not in my back yard…

    • Ah China, have not seen one terrorist in my home town and we have a river too. Maybe it’s because it’s mostly a underground river.
      We’ve a few rednecks and gangbangers I could loan you.
      ? ?

      • Erica

        Nope… no terrorists in my home town either, anymore. I will have to ask my Muslim neighbors…nicest people you would ever meet… but I think the only one they know of is the white kid who tried to shoot up their kids’ school.

        And yup, while a little melting does occur normally (the snow on top, etc) we are losing permafrost and ice that has been frozen for eons. Geez… hope some germ that has been dead otherwise won’t be revived!

      • Cyera

        The two “terrorist” did the same thing that countless white boys/men have been doing for a very long time. Think about the number of Americans killed by Americans and compare that to how many of us have been murdered by a “terrorist”
        And what are our home grown boys if not terrorist? Tim Mc Vie anyone?
        I am more fearful of Johnny down the block.

    • Wow that’s pretty harsh China, there are plenty American Terrorists to name none of those happen to be our Arabic Communities across this nation. They came here to be free from the oppression of their native country. Instead of going by what you heard in the news or wherever you’re getting your information, you should instead get to know people who are different than you.
      Merry Christmas may your mind be open to understanding the unknown and no longer live in fear.

    • gapeachinsc

      yeah – it’s the old diversion trick magicians use…

    • Lawstangel

      No one is selling us down any river. The Middle East destabilized with the fall of Iraq, we could have stayed there forever, but am some point the domino effect that is taking place was likely to happen. Not to mention the fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction after we got in there. The debacle we find ourselves in has many dirty hands, not just the current president.

  5. Matzah60

    I had no idea Obama was going to be one of the guest on Bear’s show. I haven’t seen the whole show, but just saw several clips from the show. So glad you blogged about POTUS making a guest visit to the show.

    I do love the fact that Obama is such a humble man and seems to be a real family guy. What are the odds of a black man, abandoned by his father, living a tough life with his single white mother until her death, and ultimately ending up living with his grandparents becoming President of the US??!! It really boggles my mind.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

    • One of my proudest days as an American was when my son and I voted for President Obama in 2008. That was Joe’s first election. President Obama is one of the best presidents we ever had. It does boggle the mind, Matzah60, what he has accomplished for himself and the country.

      • Meredo

        I was so happy you recapped this as I didn’t know Obama was going to be on and since there is a 3 hour time difference I was able to watch it soon after reading your post. I loved Obama on the show! So personable and down to earth. I had a smile on my face the whole time watching it. I love that he’s doing so much for the planet and was glad to hear Bear give him credit for it. Thanks again for the recap, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

      • jeannie from jersey

        What makes him one of the best presidents? I am not looking for an argument, not at all- I am curious why you would hold him in such high esteem. I admire a man who has made a very good life for himself, but I don’t know why you would say he was one of the best…………I can’t understand but I welcome your feedback.

      • Matzah60

        Ditto, Lismania!!! So glad and proud to still be around to vote for Obama and to celebrate his unprecedented two terms as POTUS! :)

    • Tara

      Mat, I internet love you!

    • pixie

      “Living a tough life with a single mother”? I realize there are nuances to the specifics of his childhood but, numerically speaking, he spent the majority of his minor years in residence with his maternal grandparents and attending an elite private school in Hawaii.

      • Matzah60

        @Pixie, you should read Janney Scott’s biography about Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham. She was pregnant with Obama at the age of 18 and was married three months into her pregnancy. At the time, interracial marriage was illegal and ultimately, Obama’s father started a ‘new’ family and divorced Dunham four years after they were married. Dunham died at 52 from uterine and ovarian cancer, several years prior to Obama being elected to the Illinois state Senate

        The school Obama attended from age 11 was not an elite private school. It was a college prepatory school not only for academics, but also for sports and performing arts. While there were some famous alumni from the school, the most famous was in fact, Obama himself.

      • Thank you, Matzah60. I am really sick of the disrespect President Obama gets.

  6. Great recap as usual, TT.
    I loved this show & especially this episode.

  7. I enjoyed the show. President Obama doesnt have a food taster, meaning a person would eat poisoned food?
    Thinking that was a joke

    Glaciers do not melt because its summer.
    If that were true they would be regenerating in the winter, continue melting all winter.
    Those Glaciers are gone forever.
    Earths air conditioner.

    I won’t be blamed,
    no one will remember me by then.
    Hoped space travel was a success then realized I dont care.

    • tamaratattles

      Dariling, I love you but glaciers melt every season when the weather warms up. And I doubt Bear would lie about the food advisor. I didn’t mean to imply that someone tastes every morsel that goes in his mouth, but he clearly has someone who monitors what he eats.

      Climates have changed DRASTICALLY over the history of the world. You seem old. Do you remember the Ice Age? :) (these are my jokes) But there are always events on the planet since the history of Earth that cause climate changes. Do you remember when it was called “global warming” and it was blamed on too many cows farting? I’m not kidding. That was a thing.

      Of course now we live in a time where there are obviously more people and animals than ever and that will likely cause a the climate to be warmer. But the idea that we can somehow change that but solar energy (does no one see the irony in that but me?) is rather preposterous.

      • TT you are absolutely right,
        my mistake. Hugs

      • Psylocke

        Science disagrees. How otherwise intelligent people – now nearly 2016 – can continue to ignore this is just enraging.

      • WonkyTonk

        I’m sorry Tamara I love you but the science is out on this one. It’s a thing, and it’s caused by humans, and the rate of melting is increasing accelerating rapidly since the ’70s. About 90% of glaciers are shrinking worldwide. The contentiousness of this issue reminds me of the contentiousness of the anti-vaxer-it-causes-autism issue. The science is out on that issue as well, it doesn’t.

      • Although recent studies are finding a connection between taking antidepressants (uppers and downers) whilst pregnant and an increased likelyhood of autism. But unlike the antivaxers, this is supported by scientific evidence (although still early and could be disproven with further studies). I wonder if Mcarthy would admit to taking some whilst pregnant, or just keep blaming vaccines.

  8. Pmckasy. I’m sorry you were so deeply effected by losing your friends and it is horrible you went through this.

    I reacted to the comment about Obama selling us out to terrorists.
    You are right it might happen again in a town near me but I won’t live in fear or hate all middle eastern people.

    Everyone have a good Christmas and New Years.

  9. Dee

    Thank you Tamara for this recap. I had not heard of it. I hope you are getting some rest and enjoying yourself, Dee

    Pmckasy, I understand what you are saying. We don’t know who we are living with or around anymore. We can’t know who is a terrorist by race, color, religion. I’m sure your friends never thought of that man coming in to kill them. I heard they gave her a baby shower. It boggles the mind to think of people who want to kill, not live like the rest of us. I am so sorry for the death and injury of your friends. It reminds me of the people who were killed at the Navy Yard, I worked right next door.
    Take Care, Dee

  10. loriflack

    …salmon jerkey is gooooood.

  11. Twilly

    I was irritated when I saw Obama was appearing on a show at this point. Focus on the Nation and being our leader. You’ll have plenty of time to be a celebrity later.

    • Spilledperfume

      I loved seeing the President with Bear. The show filmed in September and I liked seeing another side of him. It’s not like he hasn’t been doing his job. Whether you agree or disagree with him as the President I think he deserves a small adventure away from the White House. It’s not like the secret service didn’t have constant access to him.

      • WonkyTonk

        Part of a President’s job is educating the public about major issues facing us. His appearance on that show was designed to help people understand the very real implications of climate change. While he joked that it was nice to be out of the office, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t working. I think, as he noted during the show, this issue may well be the largest issue we as a people, and he as a President are facing.

      • WonkyTonk

        Sorry meant that as a reply to Twilly

      • It’s interesting how some Americans have a real issue with their president doing press or having a holiday. All world leaders do it. Surely you guys have other high end government officials/branches who can handle the safety of your country etc, without requiring the president always in the oval office.

        If not…then I think I figured out your problem.

      • Matzah60

        Amen and thank you, Spilledperfume for noting that even Obama has a right to a short getaway. Need we be reminded where Bush was during Katrina. He was on vacation at the Peublo El Mirage golf resort hawking his Medicare plan. He decided to stay the course and continue his vacation while one of the strongest storms in history hit the Gulf Cost. Seeing that this disaster came on the heels of 9/11, it was the beginning of the end for Bush, and rightly so IMO.

        Obama used the show as a teachable moment and did it quite well!

      • Well said, Matzah60 and Spilledperfume. :)

    • Shae

      He has been a celebrity since day one, no way to avoid that. I applaud him for doing this, reaching out to the masses on a matter that is important. He works 24/7 anyway, not like the president is ever NOT working, so whether he’s doing a short tv bit on a trip or sitting in the oval, the man is kept aware and is functioning as our leader regardless.

  12. Shae

    Posted too quickly, I also meant to say, great recap! This is not a show I typically watch but I would like to now. I think it’s obvious that the planet is overpopulated and polluted by us on a grand scale, and naturally that has serious consequences. The earth has always cooled/warmed cyclically, but when you put a couple BILLION people on it with the industry and emissions they entail, you are suddenly causing changes to happen faster, stronger, and much more differently than they naturally would. In this case I think it is crisis level. We may not be able to “fix” the warming, but we need to address the way we power things, what we pump into the air, the water, etc. and how we are ruining our environment. You simply can’t have this many human beings on a planet producing waste, manufacturing, living, etc. and not think you are seriously affecting the planet. I don’t think anyone will act unless they believe it’s a serious call for alarm. I think that’s what the president is trying to do, before it really becomes to late to make any changes that would have any real effect.

  13. Kay

    At first I was irritated about Obama being on a reality show. Then I started thinking about it & the direction the upcoming election already seems to be going. While I am not an Obama fan, nor a huge advocate of the global warming… crusade – for lack of a better term – I can possibly appreciate the idea that this might be the direction we are heading with the position of the leader of the country. It’s a good way to inform the masses & seem to care more about the country in a well rounded way instead of just government and war.

  14. If you compare amount of vacation time with other modern day Presidents, most will not have a problem with Obama taking a lil time to be on this show/adventure.

    Love it!

    • pitypat

      I agree, Tess, he takes considerably less vacation time. It bugs me when people complain about him taking a couple of hours to play golf. I loved watching them together and Obama worried about what his lunch would be. By the end of the show they were slapping each other on the back.

  15. WonkyTonk

    I had never heard of this show until this post. I checked the episode out it was good. I mean both of them were likable, and you’re right he just naturally interviews well. The President was funny when he jokingly said they could edit the footage of him not being good with the cell phone out. And his cracks about how Bears urine drinking notoriety. I took a look at the other stars he’s had on his shows the list is really impressive for a guy I’ve never heard of before.

  16. Frosty

    It was such a charming episode, and the prayer caught me off guard, very touching. And it was cute to see Bear kind of awestruck. Loved it. If you like wilderness shows, I watched one a few months ago that was great – on History channel, called Alone.

  17. @jeannie from jersey Thanks for asking in such a nice way. :)
    We need to go back to 2008. Bush had attacked two countries that had nothing to do with 9/11. Those wars were costing us trillions of dollars. And Bush thought it was a joke that we weren’t looking for Osama bin Laden anymore. The banksters had pushed not just our economy but the world economy to the brink of destruction. Over 8 million jobs were lost beteween 2008 and 2009. The housing market crashed and the auto industry was giving its death breath. This was what Obama walked into on day one.
    On Obama’s inauguration day, Mitch McConnell held a meeting at a local restaurant with fellow republicans. There, they made a pact to obstruct everything on Obama’s agenda. Since that day, Obama has had to fight congress on everything. What he’s been able to do with that kind of obstacle in front of him is astounding.
    There are 100s of less famous accomplishments that you can look up on Google. Just search List of Obama’s Accomplishments.
    Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare saved my family, as it did millions of other people.
    Auto industry was saved.
    Osama bin Laden.
    Lily Ledbetter bill.
    Nuclear Treaty with Iran.
    The new climate change treaty that he helped push though with 120 countries. The severe drought in Syria is partly why there is civil war there. The world is warming, weather, going hot or cold, is becoming more severe. We need to believe in science or we are doomed.
    The Afghan and Iraq wars, and the Syrian civil war has left the middle east in chaos. Isis began out of that chaos. Obama has forged a coalition of 65 nations that are supporting local forces in Iraq fighting against ISIS. This effort has launched 8,100 airstrikes on ISIS targets in a little more than a year, and the amount of air strikes is rising.
    I am going to stop here, @jeannie from jersey. :) Went on for too long as it is. I’d be happy to discuss more with you, and thanks again for not attacking me.

    • fivecatsownme

      lisamia, nice to have a fellow liberal.

    • lisamia, my biggest thanks for your post.

      I am bewildered by the middle class that doesn’t realize how close the USA came to a cataphoric meltdown that was on the brink of lasting many years.

      With the Republican congress fighting him on everything, Wall Street got off easy.
      To this day I think Obama knew the reality of how bad it was. He knew he had no support in congress so behind the scenes he pulled in big money.
      Buffet, and his friends were able to save our asses, without recognition.
      I hope someday that story is written.

      I recall the auto industry arriving in DC in their private jets (talk loans) and were sent away. Came back in fuel efficient cars.
      There is so much Obama accomished those first 6 months, without Congress, we may never know.
      hugs to you

      • TAT

        You do understand that the 110th Congress (you know – the one in place when Obama was elected) was composed of evenly split Senate and a democratically controlled House. And that for the 111th Congress, Democrats controlled the House and the Senate (2009 – 2011), yes? I mean, you know this right?? And the 112th (2011 – 2013), the Dems controlled Senate. And from 2013 – 2015 (the 113th Congress BTW) the Senate was controlled by 54 Dems to 45 Reps…

        If Obama pulled in “behind the scenes” money he would be in jail. That’s not how government works. That’s not how any of this works… Sweet Jesus..That story won’t be written unless it was a fairy tale..

        No – the auto industry executives were NOT sent away…they were criticized for traveling on private jets but not sent “back” only to return in fuel efficient cars. They were asked if they would be rethinking their modes of travel and NONE answered directly but posited that their travel in general would be curtailed as a result of their restructuring….

    • Thank you so very much!

    • Lawstangel

      Rut to….. : )

    • Dee

      Thank you Lisamia

    • peachteachr

      So many wrong statements and so little time. Mitch McConnell, a man I don’t like, is head of the “opposition party” so by nature would oppose Obama and democrats. The democrats forced Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae when they controlled both Houses of Congress in 2008 which caused the banks collapse. Affordable care has proven not to be affordable. And a “nuclear treaty” with Iran is a treaty which has NEVER been signed by either side. Climate change is called settled science but isn’t that idea, a settled science, the antithesis of scientific discovery? Libya,where Hillary said, “We came, we saw, he died,” is in total disarray today. I would say the rapid retreat from Iraq and now Afghanistan, is what has caused the chaos. We are still outside of North Korea to keep South Korea free. See what we did differently in the Middle East?
      I’m not against you and would absolutely give you a ride to the voting polls even believing that we are forever apart on agreement on what is best for our country. I call myself a 10th Amendment voter. It says that all rights not given to the federal government in the 9 amendments above belong to the states. I believe that local government is always better for the people than rules from Washington, DC.
      Most of you are much younger than me. That DOES NOT mean I know better, but it does mean I understand what I do believe. People, even those running for president, don’t impress me but I love the marketplace of ideas and I vote every election.

      • First, I enjoy having a civil discussion based on fact. I do not enjoy attacks like ‘so many wrongs, so little time’.
        Mitch McConnell is the majority leader of the senate. His job, as is all the Congress, is to legislate, not obstruct. In the past senators and congressmen would make it a habit of crossing the aisle to reach some kind of compromise. This is no longer the case. For example, is the case of Adam Szubin, who has been waiting for 200 days to be confirmed as the Treasury Department’s under secretary for terrorism and financial crimes. The job involves tracking terrorists to prevent them from raising money on the black market and elsewhere. The republicans agree he is well qualified, but will not confirm him. That, to me, is borderline treason.
        Affordable Care Act. You gave no examples to your statement. I just googled ‘Is the ACA working’ and got a whole lot of information and examples, graphs, and statistics that it is indeed working very well for many people–mostly the poor. I can’t cite them here because it’s against the rules. I am sure you can figure out how to google them. Personally, the ACA has saved my family from financial ruin. My son became ill in 2004. By 2009, I lost my house due to his doctor bills. If there were no ACA, he would have lost his father’s insurance when he turned 18 and would not be able to get any after because his illness would have been called a previous condition and there were caps on care. Today, our combined insurance pays for most of my son’s bills, and he gets a lot of care. I might actually be able to retire when I turn 65.
        Climate change is real and will be catastrophic if we do nothing. Won’t discuss this further, because if you are a denier, there is nothing I can say or facts I can show that will change your mind.
        The retreat from Afghanistan and Iraq have not been rapid. In fact, we are still there, and Obama has just increased troops, as I recall. I agree about Libya, which is why, though I detest Assad, I am relieved there is some restraint in just taking him out. Looking at the world as if nothing happened before Jan 20, 2009 is absurd and dangerous.
        I should have said the Iran deal or agreement. What ever it is called, it is an enormous accomplishment for the US and all countries involved. If we can wage peace instead of war, it’s a good thing.
        I believe in the declaration of independence, the constitution, and all the amendments. I believe our government–local, state or federal–need to govern for the common good, not for a certain chosen religion, race, the banksters, or the military industrial complex.
        I will be 63 in February 2016, so I doubt you are much older than I am.

    • jeannie from jersey

      Lisa- Thanks right back to you for being calm and giving me your opinion without being aggressive or angry. I am open to conversation, and I think that our country could only prosper by individual thinking and not just blindly following a man/ woman just based on their affiliations. The beauty of this place we call home is that we are allowed to make our own decisions–I only wish more people would appreciate the cost of this freedom and use their brains…….reading your post, I see you have done your homework and have an opinion. I respect that, and I appreciate you listening to me ramble………….

  18. Cat

    Nope. Not going to take the bait. We are already deep into the Rabbit hole.I will simply remain in Cheshire Cat Mode…sit high up in my tree…and observe the craziness below.

    • peachteachr

      I probably should have read your comment before posting. I may need refuge in your tree and I promise not to talk politics.

      • Cat

        Plenty of room up here. But we may need to climb a bit higher to avoid the chaos. Hopefully, we won’t need the fire department to get us safely back down.

  19. TAT

    Is there room for one more in the tree? Christ almighty…

    • Cat

      Absolutely. Join me. Things are nice and calm up here.

    • Lawstangel

      What an appropriate handle.

      It’s ok to disagree, really it is, but it is Not necessary to become smug and treat people like they are beneath you because you believe their arguments are flawed. We all know the auto execs. we’re not actually ” sent away” but they were heavily criticized and it was interesting how they returned. Most of the people here are pretty nice, it is not necessary to flame them because you think You have all the correct facts and know how it all works. If we don’t learn how to discuss our disagreements among friends, then we will remain always at odds and in each other’s face. Kinda like what has been going on the last few years.

      • TAT

        Thanks for the tips but there is a difference between being smug and stating facts about something that actually matters – and i think the topic qualifies. Had I wanted to be smug and an asshole, I would have actually flamed I guess by being aggressive and snippy. I wasn’t. I simply counterpointed (factually) some of statements made. Because there are actually people who do believe that happened. I simply picked a few select areas that were indisputable wrong. Some other statements were differences of opinion or perspective and I’m cool with Tamara’s site and don’t intend to be disruptive. I have no beef with Calipatti and I’m totally cool with all posters here – you seem to have mistaken me for someone else.

        Out of curiosity – do you have some special dislike for the acronym TAT? Do you know what it means? Truly curious about your statement “what an appropriate handle”. Because in light of your later statements about being “in each other’s face” I find it funny you started out sort of that way and then segued to the reprimand about basically playing nice in the schoolyard.

      • lawstangel

        As far as your inquiry as to my comments about your handle….Do I know what it means to you and why you chose it? No I do not. It appeared to me that you comment was a sort of “tit for tat” and in that scenario you were the tat, hence my remark.

        As far as the rest of it goes, when you start off your comments with “You do understand that……and end your sentences with “right? and “yes”? that is NOT a friendly point/counter point discussion, where as you put it, you were making sure we all knew the correct historical facts of what actually happened.Then you say you were not being “aggressive or snippy”
        I disagree. I found the manner in which you framed the remarks quite ‘snippy” and the people you were addressing those remarks to are among the nicest and most friendly among us, so I felt the need to say something. It was meant to be a reminder, for lack of a better term.

    • Hi Tat. The 111th Congress might have had a majority in the senate, but from January until July of 2009, it did not have the magic number 60 votes. Without a 60 vote majority, republicans could use the filibuster to block any legislation sent over from the House. The democrats got the magic 60 count when Franken was sworn in, in July of 2009. He was supposed to have been sworn in, in January, but his opponent contested the election and the law suit lasted six months. The congress, with Franken’s vote now included, was very successful in getting legislation passed–included in there is the Affordable Care Bill. That lasted for two years. The republicans won the House in the 112th congress and the democrats lost their magic 60 number in the senate–though they still had a majority.

  20. Dawn

    I think people of all cultures need to wise up and recognize the fact that it is not a humans right to have unlimited numbers of children. This actually is taking resources from others and future generations.

    We have been told to be politically correct about everyone’s culture and race, especially under the current administration. While in some aspects it is good, in other ways we are expected to be like sheep and not have an opinion other than the POTUS’. He has called out individuals at a national level. Example, the woman that called the police in Cambridge when witnessing a man trying to break in a house door, and the arresting officer. Professor Gates wasn’t arrested because it was continued to be thought he was a robber. He was detained for being disorderly and yelling at police. He initially refused to show his ID and accused police of believing it was a possible break in “because I’m a black man in America.” Our newly elected president should have stayed out of the argument, rather than inviting the men for tea to show off what a fine man is Mr.Gates.

    Mr. Gates likes publicity. I have watched him on Oprah and every eposide of his reality show doing ancestry research. He is a scholar of African-American history and no matter whose family tree he looks into he manages to find a connection to slavery. If your ancestors never fought in the Civil War, never owned slaves, never worked where there were slaves, he will still find a connection to humble you because your 6 times Great Grandma was alive during the time of slavery.

    I hope that the nice Muslims among us are not only on the alert for suspicious behavior but are infiltrating and monitoring their associates here. They should have just as much desire to stop the killing as anyone, no matter who is doing it. They have to hate being made to look bad.They are more likely to have access than me. While I have my suspicions about the white jerk next door to me that likes to terrorize old ladies, I know he just has short man’s syndrome. If I were a tall man instead of a tall female, he’d run like a dog with his tail between his legs. I’d love to be able to turn him for something.

    Somehow, we are supposed to not judge anyone, welcome everyone of every creed and color. Not recognize our own faith too much, like pray, say Merry Christmas, or pledge allegiance to our country. Things like that might make someone else uncomfortable, even if they are living in a different state. We are to mind our own business but somehow know the quiet kid down the street is collecting weapons, or the lady next door is bringing home bomb parts, not groceries. Will I be in trouble with Mr. President if I report possible bomb making and it turns out to be a non English speaking lady making fruit cakes?

    Bear and Barry in the wilds is saved on my DVR, I’ll get to it eventually.

    • sarcasatire

      Ugh.. So much ignorance to unpack.

      An esteemed professor at Harvard is accused of breaking into his own house (a joke Dave Chapelle made ten years earlier) and the police don’t investigate, they accuse him of lying and force him to PROVE he lived in his own house. Who wouldn’t be indignant?

      And, your calling on Muslims to eradicate terrorism, what are you doing about the hundreds of white men committing mass shootings all over America? Tell me, are you calling on white people to eradicate mass killing and terrorism in their community, too? Or do those rules not apply?

      • Dawn

        Everybody knows, if the quiet kid is collecting weapons and acting suspicious he is white. I thought that goes without saying. I’d rat him out in a minute. I would appreciate someone reporting my door being forced open by two men, yes, even white men. If I was challenged to show my ID, I would do so. While the cop is noticing this is my address, I’d thank him. If he wasn’t convinced yet, I wouldn’t yell at him about being unfair and throw a tantrum. It wouldn’t end well.

        You were so clearly feeling combative about my opinion, I guess you missed the point, including that I’d love to be able to turn in my white neighbor. 14 people have been shot in Chicago from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon. This is rediculous to say the least. I do not know the color or faith of any individual shooters. If I were in a position to possibly prevent a crime I would. I don’t care what color they are. Everyone should be observant, obviously. Most people live among people of similar culture. There is no denying Muslims feel a backlash, fair or not. I am stating that while they are feeling defensive of their culture, don’t turn a blind eye to what they have a better opportunity to observe and interpret. It is just as ignorant to believe there will not be more acts of terrorism by Muslims as to believe there will never be another mass shooting by some white guy that is indignant about something, drugged up, wanting attention, or a mental case.

      • cammierari

        I know I’m late to the party but I have to say that being muslim is a choice you make while being white is not. Those “hundreds” of white men engaging in mass shootings are not doing so because they’re white, but because they’re bat shit crazy. Therefore, calling on whites to eradicate bat shit crazy is a racist argument. Muslim terrorists are killing people because they believe their religion dictates it, and peaceful muslims do have a responsibility to eradicate that, as do we all.

      • peachteachr

        Can you cite where I could find this figure of “the hundreds of white men committing mass shootings all over America,” your words not mine? Just curious because I read the news everyday and I can just name a very few. I do believe that even 1 mass shooting is one too many.

      • sarcasatire

        Citing is not allowed. Please read the comment rules.

      • Kay

        I think that in a political debate, citing would be okay. TT doesn’t want you posting links and articles to other blog sites in reference to reality show gossip for many reasons, but looking for a factually based statement for a political conversation absolutely should be cited or else, why are y’all even continuing to have a conversation if everyone can just say whatever they want without facts.

  21. margroc

    Wow I wish people would understand how young people become radicalized. Ostracizing Muslims because of ISIS (especially since they are the biggest victims of ISIS) leads to isolation from society. The violence that is being done by followers of Donald Trump is horrible and no one seems to care. You want to stop violence by Muslims, stop treating them as outsiders; stop profiling them. When they are happy in their home and feel safe and secure in their adopted homeland (or not), they are less likely to want to fight against it.
    Climate change is real people. Over 20 degrees in northern ontario recently, I’m going out with only a sweater today and this is Canada!


    Slightly off topic, but what do you all make of the First Lady?

  23. Lawsangel and others,
    your kindness and support was noticed and sincermy appreciated.
    You made my sing and I smiled.
    I needed that ?

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