Nene Leakes Says She is NOT A Diva!

Nene did a little  Q & A recently for  and it was quite amusing. One of the questions was about the craziest rumor she has seen about herself that wasn’t true.  She says it is the story about throwing a fit during fashion week. I spent as much time as I could looking for that story. But I can’t for the life of me find it. Apparently it involved Brentt being at NYFW with her at a show and his taking a prime seat that belonged longed to someone else.

Does Nene really think she is not a diva? I swear she’s and entirely different person when she is working on Bra way.


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32 responses to “Nene Leakes Says She is NOT A Diva!

  1. Anastasia_Beave

    Yes, she really thinks she is not a diva. She has zero self awareness.

  2. Glow

    I can’t stand that woman. She’s more delusional that ever.

  3. Nene may not know the definition of Diva.
    Thusly she is not a Diva.
    Problem solved, simple explanation.
    ?, sunglasses for shade

  4. Spilledperfume

    This is totally off topic but that lipstick is awful. No one looks good in purple lipstick. All shades of purple lipstick should be banned.

    She has got that snapping move down pat.

  5. WonkyTonk

    LOL “I read so much shit about myself that ain’t true I really want to snatch my own wig off” Now that’s funny. Don’t like her but that’s still a funny line. She’s back to saying bra way again.

  6. Ken

    I never comment on this site (I just love to read them ?). But the fact that she said “Conversate”, Nene is everything I’ve always known her to be #Ignorant ?

    • Meredo

      I cringe whenever I hear anyone say conversate instead of converses. What really gets me is they usually act like they are being sooo smart using a big word, even though it’s incorrect!
      As for Nene, she has become more likeable and “seems” less diva like, let’s just see how long it lasts. (My prediction is, not very long).

  7. Don’t divas have to actually accomplish something? I don’t think that she is a diva. Being a reality star is not an accomplishment.

  8. Uh oh, she said Boo Boo Kitty. Now that’s not hers. We know that’s Cookie’s line on Empire. Now if she comes out with a t-shirt saying boo boo kitty, I would hope she won’t get away with that! After all, all her sayings she put on a shirt or a bag was said by someone else first.

  9. Kathy Smith

    Nene Leakes has wasted her 15 mins of fame! She honestly think that her 2 brief appearances in low-grade mediocre plays on Broadway, has certified her as a actress.
    NO Nene, a lot of folks still do not consider you an actress!

    I have lost all respect for Nene, but I would love to know if she really can “act”. I would love to see her in a ‘real role’ doing some ‘real acting’. She’ve wasted her 15mins of fame selling t-shirts. Nene laughed at Cynthia’s modeling/charm school, but she should have invested in one thing or something that helps and better others; or her community.

    • tamaratattles

      Cinderella and Chicago are not “low-grade mediocre plays” Nene has also been on two prime time TV shows that were quite successful. She definitely qualifies as an actress.

      • Dee

        Tamara!! So happy to see you. I decided I would continue to check in daily just to see if you were here, Bless you!
        Conversate sounds like something Doug on King of Queens used to do to a word. On him it was funny. Years later, on her it sounds dumb.

        I do give her props for for being on Broadway…twice!! People would kill to be on Broadway, some can’t even get an off Broadway part.

        Tamara, you ROCK!!

      • Awesome Tamara just awesome.
        i use to think you didn’t like Nene, but i’m happy that you give credit when due.

        Quick question or more a request… LOL ( please indulge a reader)
        Can you do a brief review ( your honest opinion) on the season 3 Finale of Begin Mary Jane?
        Thanks in advance!
        Loretta Devine was awesome in it…..

      • Kathy Smith

        Let’s agree, to disagree! Nene Leakes is a reality tv star which is not the same as an actress, to me. Also I do not consider Cinderella & Chicago as ‘top of the line’ broadway productions. Reality stars are often used in these NY productions hoping to help increase ticket sales. jmo

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I’m not a Nene fan (anymore), but she has done well for herself. Being on Broadway IS an accomplishment.

  10. Lisaj

    Had to stop when she said “conversating”.

  11. peachteachr

    She is using some of the phrases that the ladies of Married To Medicine use. Their fans are always saying their favorite lady should go on HWOA. The ‘messy boots’ is big on M2M and she used that last week in a talking segment and tonight it’s the “yasss, hunti” which they all use on that show.
    As strange as it may be for me, I have to give it to NeNe, she is moving on up to the big times, and accounting herself well. I hate it when I’m pulling for someone to fall off of their pedestal. Dang,I’m a meanie when it comes to wishing Miss Leakes well.

    • Glow

      I must say I admire the way you, Tamara, and others are wearing your big girl panties complementing Nene and giving her props. My dislike for her is so deep I just can’t bring myself to say anything positive about her. I’m stuck in dislike mode and just can’t move. I acknowledge her hussle and ‘come up” but I just can’t go beyond that.

      • More Tea Please!

        You and I both are stuck in the can’t stomach Nene mode.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Glow, I used to love Nene and I WANT to love her again. But she just makes it damned impossible with her overblown ego, lack of self-awareness and complete self-absorption. :(

        But I have to admit she’s done well – how many other housewives have managed to spin Bravo off into something real – probably only Bethenny.

  12. Dracla Dunning

    Is it possible for Nene to have a conversation (excuse me, I meant conversate) without using drag queen phrases and finger snapping? She is used and tired and with her it is the same old same old…finger popping with a bloop thrown in for good measure.
    Nothing about Nene is original. From her Kim Zolziack blonde look to the Mr. Ed teeth, Nene is a copycat.

  13. Maya

    I have a friend who works a a valet for all events in Atlanta, and he said Nene is the only one who is kind to the employees at those events. Kim Z the biggest B.

  14. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Nene looks good. Something is different in they eye/eyebrow area. Has she just lightened her brow color, or had a lift or some strategic botox? Or upped her makeup game? Can’t tell!

  15. Dawn

    A couple of years ago, when I first heard “conversate” used by a black performer in an interview over and over, I thought it was their personal misuse of the word. Soon, I heard others say it, it couldn’t have been one woman’s mistake. I checked the online dictionary, it is considered acceptable urban speak. Just recently, I heard a white woman use it on TV. She sounded so dumb, IMO.

    I am old fashioned, I hate it. It may be trendy, but it sounds ignorant to me.

    • sarcasatire

      What type of ignorant ass assumption did you just make that “conversate” is acceptable in the Black community? Needed on two examples? Despite the fact that you hear /see perfect grammar from Black people all day long, the two times you don’t, you assume poor grammar is acceptable in the Black community? lol. Ooooookay.

  16. Jaana

    Damage control. I guess someone finally told her how ridiculous she looks and sounds.

  17. ShyGuy

    No matter what we may feel about Nene and yes we have all felt she needs an attitude adjustment but she’s really made something out of herself and used her platform well. I’m happy that she is happy and living in her moment and could never say anything bad about someone living her life, her and Cynthia have been hanging out a lot recently and Cynthia seems so much more happier now that there trying to make it work. I’m no longer Team twirl but wish Kenya the best, she’s showed most of us who she really is this season and the final nail in the coffin has been her in the media lately trying to make it like Kim fields is just this oh so boring person and she forgets she’s there. She needs to get a life outside of Rhoa because it’s really not a good look for her and all the women on the show have had there moments but Kenya just doe’s to much and it’s old now. Nene, Cynthia, Kandi, Porsha, Kim F., Tammy, Marlo, Claudia, Demetria all are doing things outside of this show and have launched successful businesses and lines, but Kenya who chooses to be messy year after year only has a hair line to show after 4 years on this show. You don’t have to like my comment but I’m just saying what I’ve observed, Happy holidays everyone.

  18. Mable Lean

    How could she be a diva? Has the definition changed? Apparently, it has. There was a time when a diva was a woman with who excelled in the arts. I’d prefer to just call her a bitch – one with no talent.

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