A Christmas Story…

Christmas dogs


I’m going to be a bit scarce over the holidays. It’s kind of impossible to take some time off when you are the sole operator of a website, but I really need some time to curl up with Christmas movies and eat some Christmas cookies and give myself a break.  I’ll still be around in the background and I’ll post from time to time. But I kind of need a reality TV break and won’t be recapping much if at all until  2016.  Hopefully, Xanadude will be available to recap Vanderpump Rules. Maybe he will even be enticed to write something else up for us. But I am frazzled and need to stop living my life around the idiot box.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m addicted. But I’ve been back in crazyland for a bit and I need to take care of myself and try to venture out into the world and do some Christmasy stuff.  Less Internet and TV and more Christmas memories. At least that is the plan. We will see if I can go without recapping RHOA on Sunday. LOL. But I plan to be STRONG LIKE BULL.  I love Christmas and I want to do all the Christmasy stuff that I can for a week or two or three. I hope you will stick around, read some archives and check back for occaisional posts because you know I can’t  quit you. xo.

So in the spirit of Christmas, my dear friend ZOEMONSTER drives me crazy all day long with links to everything in the world, and I love her for it. She better not stop while I am trying to remember what not blogging 24/7 feels like.  Today she sent me a story from one of my favorite online authors who happens to be her husband. She’s a very lucky woman and I am lucky she puts up with my crabby self. I wanted to share it with you all.

You won't be nearly as cute as ZoeMonster2's dogs in the window licking section.

You won’t be nearly as cute as ZoeMonster2’s dogs in the window licking section.


Here is an excerpt:

Christmas came with many other presents. It’s when Mama made potato rolls and added pineapple juice to the iced tea. She made fruit cake from graham cracker crumbs that doesn’t have to be cooked. And there were candles and tinsel that we called icicles and carefully removed each strand and put it away for next year. At night, when the living room was dark, I’d squint my eyes to make the Christmas tree lights even more magical. Now I don’t have to squint for things to be blurry.

You will want to read the whole thing by clicking this link.

My Mama also made Christmas punch as we call it at my house. I’m a grownup now so I sometimes make it in the summer, just because I can.  To make it yourself, make a batch of very strong tea. Way stronger than however you normally make it. Add a cup or two of sugar. (I know, but it’s Christmas) Add a big can of Dole’s Pineapple juice (I hate the bottom of the can so I never shake it and stop pouring when it is no longer clear and then try straining) and a goodly amount of lemon juice.  Slice oranges and lemons into rounds and throw it all in a gallon jar. At least that is how mama did it. I still don’t have a good gallon jar with a screw on lid.  Mama also made divinity.  It’s a southern white confection that I have no idea how to make. It’s a lot of trouble and mam burned out many a mixer making hers. Mama pretty much never said bad words, but she was very ill-tempered when making divinity and it was best to make yourself scarce.  She would hide it because it was for when the family came over for Christmas Eve when daddy would read the Christmas Story, the real one from the Bible and all the kids would gather around to listen. Daddy often just kept on reading past the birth of baby Jesus and eventually, I would shout out, “AMEM!”  to make it stop.  I was sort of the problem child.

Daily Tea Dogs

Anyway. Make sure you take some time away from all the ratchet shows this holiday. I’m sorry I forgot Hanukah this year. I usually would do a post but time flies in crazytown. Whatever holiday you celebrate, or if you don’t celebrate at all, I’d love to hear your stories in comments.

I’ll be doing some self-reflection in order to make more progress in 2016 with the crazy this year. I’m not giving up on me yet.  And I love you all. Even the morons, idiots, Brandi fans (especially you Pura), cunt satchels, dickheads, THOT mongers and yes, even the window lickers.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


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  1. Linda Marie Cull

    Those dogs are cute. Oviously siblings. Don’t you find they love eachother more than you though? I mean because they each never had just you to bond with before they got a playmate. I notice the black one off to the side, they leave him out don’t they?

    • lol. Ily, simply cuz I like to talk *my* dawgs. No. Both love the black dog Brae. They 2 cattle dogs (Eddy #eddy4prez) (and Shasta, Secret Servive) love Brae. They think she’s Elvis haha. Anyway, best 60 bucks I ever wasted was on an online DNA test for the rescue Brae. She is this mix: border collie and Rottweiler. She was herding us all around the house. I researched herding breeds, (found and SAW shasta born on Instagram!!! and then got Shasta a year ago as a toy for Brae. I fell in love with ACDs (Australian cattle dogs) and this summer got her little brother, a twin to Shasta, a year later. If yr not familiar with cattle dogs, it’s like adopting a 2 year old for life. Hahah. Cattle dogs are often called “Velcro dogs” cuz they bond so with their people. @lindamariecull

      • Meredo

        Your dogs are amazing the way they seem to pose and look at the camera. Incredible. Are you a dog trainer?
        I had a boxer whose breed is also known for being “puppy like” their whole life. Unfortunately we lost him to cancer at 6 yrs. old, but my kids got so much joy from during those 6 yrs..

      • zoemonster2

        So sorry about your dog. We lost one a few years back (Zoemonster1)

        I’m not a dog trainer; but I taught for 1000 years— so I’ve had some *experience*


      • Linda Marie Cull

        Ok, now I’m pissed. A year and a half ago my husband of 23 years died. Very suddenly. One minute he looked right at me with no expression on his face, put his hand on his chest and that was it. So anyway I had maybe a small breakdown, took to my bed, ignored my two kids that were also hurting and in shock and yes here comes my point. I WANTED A VELCRO DOG! I bought a 3 grand pomeranian (everyone asks me what kind of dog it is cuz it doesn’t look like a pomerian) my son calls it my crisis dog. I thought “I’ll get a little dog to keep me company. It will sit on my lap while I cry”…..NOT…it does not want to sit on my lap. it kept jumping off my lap to find a new spot on the carpet to PEE! (Even though I was taking it outside every hour)! no joke it’s so stupid I suspect its parents are brother and sister or something. It’s eyes are watery all the time, really pink around the edges. It always has the appearance of someone who has the Flu or maybe has been up all night on Crack! but You enjoy your 3 great dogs! I’ll be over here mopping up pee and sitting by myself, Without a dog anywhere to be found

  2. pocketbooklover

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season and take the time to relax and recharge your batteries. We’ll be waiting for your unique take on our reality show addiction when you are ready.

  3. Merry Christmas and everything else, dear lady. Have a wonderful time off. <3 <3 <3 Thanks for the story!

  4. SashaV

    I love that you call your parents Mama and Daddy and that you wished the lowly window lickers the best.

    Thank you so much for the many laughs I have had reading your daily commentary on anything and everything. You are appreciated more than you know by many of us even the ones that don’t post very often!

    Enjoy your time away! Merry Christmas TT!

  5. therealdeb

    You are more than entitled to some time off, we can’t quit you either. For better or worse we are all one big happy disfunctional family. So with that said, we will miss you and we hope you have the happiest of holidays and take some you time. We love you.

  6. Lisa A.

    Wishing you a peacful and restful time during the holidays Tamara. Thanks and bless you for all the hard work and your wonderful commenters for many hours of entertainment and hilarity!

  7. fivecatsownme

    Take a good long break for the Christmas holidays. We will miss you, but be good to yourself. My mother made divinity for Xmas. Half had cherries and half had nuts. She also made rum balls and fruit cakes. She would start the fruitcakes around Hallowe’en. They were loaded with brandy. She would put on Christmas music and we would crack nuts for the fruitcakes.

    • Cat

      Rum Balls! Yum! My mom used to make Bourbon Balls. When I was a kid, she would put a few in with my lunch. :)

    • Rum Balls? Oh God, yes! Haven’t had those in forever; brings back memories. I’ll have to find a recipe for them…(couldn’t be too complex, the ones I remember were basically just rum-soaked chocolate rolled into balls)

      • Cat

        I don’t know the exact recipe, but my mom used to use crushed vanilla wafers. She would add bourbon and chocolate chips. I don’t know what else goes in them. But she would finish them by rolling them in powdered sugar.

      • fivecatsownme

        Crushed vanilla wafers cocoa powdered sugar pecans corn syrup and rum

      • Emeril has a rum ball recipe very much like my grandmother’s. It’s featured on “Emeril Live,” – “Sweet on Sweets” – or you can google it up. These are no bake, no fail – just easy deliciousness.

      • Emeril’s recipe for Rum Balls is on “Emeril Live” – Sweet on Sweets – or you can google it. It’s very much like my grandmother’s. Simple, easy, no-bake deliciousness! Happy Holidays!

      • Sorry for the duplicate posts. My iPad is driving me nuts today.

    • fivecatsownme

      I gave my husband a choice this year; he can have a big Xmas brunch or big Xmas dinner. He chose brunch. After all the candy and sweet rolls and junk, we wont need dinner.

  8. Lisaj

    Happy holidays from the Browns in AZ! I’ll give you 5 days but wish you an infinity of peace joy love wealth health and shiny ?

  9. “A goodly amount” reminds me of my Dad for some reason, lol. Goodly.

    Thanks for the link TT.

  10. Cat

    I am SO glad you are taking time for yourself. You deserve it, and it’s long overdue.

    My Christmas will be very quiet. Home alone with (hopefully) my favorite Christmas movies. (last year, I think I watched “White Christmas” about 20 times.)

    My special treat for the holidays is a box of those cheap, icky, chocolate covered cherries. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve been buying those for several years now. It’s become my “tradition”.

    Otherwise, it will be just another Friday. I no longer put up a tree or decorate. I’m still a bit of a Scrooge in that regard. But, I’m working on it. At least this year, I didn’t cringe over the Christmas carols on the radio. It’s a start.

    Merry Christmas! And God bless us, Everyone!

    • Oh Cat, if I knew how I would send you a crate of those sweet chocolate covered cherries just to thank you for all of your fun comments??

      Merry Christmas to you and all.

      • Cat

        Thanks, Maisey! You are so sweet! Have a Merry Christmas!

      • tamaratattles

        Cat, I think I have your addy somewhere. I should totally send you a bunch of glittery Christmas shit. lol.

        I always have the best intentions of sending folks things and never do. Because, you know, the whole leaving the house thing. THIS COULD BE THE YEAR! lol.

      • Cat

        OMG….Thanks. But, please don’t! Enjoy yourself!

        I am perfectly happy. I have friends, and family, who I love and who love me. I have the gift of life. What more could I need?

      • hannahkingrose

        Cat you and my cousin are the only two people I know who consider chocolate covered cherries a Christmas tradition. He is very hurt if someone doesn’t get them for him. His thing is someone has to buy them for him. He can’t be the one to buy them. I think his grandmother always gave them to him as a child. We all thought someone else had got them one year and no one had. He had opened all his presents but continued to look for one more with the stupid cherries in it that wasn’t there lol. We ended up having to sneak out on Christmas Day to one of those convenience stores that are open even on Christmas to get him some. Had to slip it behind the tree and pretend it had been there the whole time. He never knew what happened lol.

      • Cat

        I used to get them as a kid, too. Those, and the little Life Saver Christmas book.

    • Erica

      Oh, Cat! You made me smile and teary eyed at the same time! My maternal grandfather (we grandkids called him Pa) ALWAYS bought my maternal grandmother (we called her Nanny) those chocolate covered cherries for Christmas. I can’t stand anything cherry but fresh bing and Rainer cherries in season (don’t even like cherry pie much) – but to me, that is love in a box.

      I don’t decorate anymore either – the house needs some work inside, and its small – so I no longer host anything (the friends are all married with kids – so it is easier to go there, plus it is embarrassing I have cabinets that need paint, etc.) I also now just go the parents – after guilting them into decorating. Hypocritical I know.

      But – after my first year of doing NOTHING… and I am a person who decorated every inch, even though I’m single, and have a complete set of Christmas dishes! – I at least do a couple of things now so don’t get too depressed about myself. I get out at least a Christmas mug and Christmas wine glass (mug for coffee in the AM, wine glass for wine). I have a Christmas mug at work too. Even though I don’t get even a thank you comment on Instagram, I send my cousins’ kids Christmas pajamas. This year, I pulled out some flannel holiday sheets I bought a couple of years ago, and I put them on my bed. I also bought some flannel PJ bottoms that are kind of holiday. I’m surprised on how good that made me feel. Less Scrooge like myself.

      • Dee

        Hey there! You are no scrooge. I am doing the same this year. After getting the door decorated; I realized my back hurts too much to do more. Like you I got out some Christmas plates and am done. Christmas lives in our heart, our memories. Thanks for sharing, my home needs work too :)

      • Cat

        That sounds great, Erica!

      • Erica – Stop sending the gifts to people who do not thank you.
        It’s a good way to get them to notice you.
        It’s tough but rewarding feeling.

        I am buying dark chocolate flavored w/orange presliced candy, 1 lb of ex-good coffee. for each of my sons.
        Same box of chocolate for their wives/girlfriends, no coffee.

        I spend a lot (for my income) on these ppl, I recieve nothing close to what I give.
        I buy and wrap the small gifts they have come to expect. Plus one big gift.
        Yeah I know it’s the giving,
        bull crap.
        They earn humongous salaries, a little thoughtfulness in what I need or who I am would be appreciated.
        The correct size would be nice.

        They may not notice me but will notice what isn’t there.
        Be an interesting day. ?

    • I love this. My Dad always had to have chocolate covered cherries at Christmas time and, even though most of us didn’t like them, we all had to have one with him when presents were opened on Christmas morning. I hadn’t thought about that in years and it brought a tear to my eyes. I no longer celebrate anything. My parents have passed and my husband is content to go see his kids without me. I’m not welcome there anyway. Thanks for reminding of what Christmas used to be.

      • fivecatsownme

        Get a box of those cherries and celebrate you and your Dad. Go to the movies. Cherish yourself.

      • Cat

        I agree with fivecats. Get yourself some cherries. Start your own tradition. Do it for yourself. Christmas can be special again. You deserve it.

      • Mary, I still buy a few boxes in memory of my Mom.
        I think our older generation who were hard workers many from rural areas did not have access to treats that were not made at home.
        Having a small box of affordable choclate with a cherry inside was elegance for many of them.
        I know Mom who would be about 100 this year looked forward to the cherry box each year.
        It was a big deal.

      • Cat and Fivecats have it right. Maybe add a bottle of good brandy to sip with your chocolate covered cherries? Make your own Merry. (“Bite me to his kids!”)

    • fivecatsownme

      I love White Christmas and A Christmas Story.

  11. captivagrl

    The best part of your blog is your honesty. Enjoy the holiday season, and whenever you reemerge, I’ll be waiting to read the next post :)

  12. One of my favorite quotes is “We are human BEINGS, not human DOINGS”. I pray you not only enjoy the holidays, but know that we appreciate you…just for being.

    • Minky

      Well said thetatumtalks!

      TT and all of the commenters here, and especially the ones I have interacted with here, put a smile on my face and keep me from going plum loco some days. Funny how people you’ve never seen before can give you a little more faith in humanity.

      But, err, uhhh, where am I going with this, and why? If you are who I suspect you are, thetatumtalks, special thanks to you. So many laughs! You’ve made my heart smile on so many occasions. And I send my well wishes to you as well. You’re an angel. Take care. ;0)

      If I’m wrong about who you are, my apologies.
      It ain’t safe in a world full of weak bitches… It ain’t safe!

      Hahahahahahahahaha! Mwa! XOXO!

      • Minky, I hate confessing that I don’t believe I’m who you were thinking because those were such kind words. I don’t comment on here much, but I do enjoy my view from the “fly on the wall section” :)

        Happiest of holidays to you!

  13. Theresa

    Merry Christmas Tamara! May all go you way and you get to eat tons of cookies, be a slug on the couch and lose weight at same time! Feel better. Enjoy every moment of peace you get and give banjo my well wishes too. I work all holidays triple what I work the rest of the year. We celebrate thanksgiving around 12/10 and Christmas mid January. It’s just how it is. Thank you for all the time you give to this blog (my favorite) and congratulations on a well deserved break. I will come click every link I can daily.

  14. Meredo

    I love you Tamara and I will wait as long as you need. So happy you have so many talented friends to take over for you in the interim. I always wondered how Zoemonster knows so much about pop culture so she is an excellent person to recap as is Xanadude and UF. Merry Christmas TT, now go deck those halls and have some Christmas cheer. Love, Meredo xoxo

  15. Deb in SF

    You will be missed, Tamara, as I am addicted to your blog as much as I’m addicted to Bravo. But I loved your message, which was upbeat, and I love the idea of you taking care of yourself. A little time away from the routine is always beneficial.

    Those dogs are beautiful! For some reason, I decided that the black dog was Banjo and that you and Banjo were visiting with ZoeMonster2. At least that’s my fantasy, and I’m sticking to it!

    Merry Christmas to you and to all! This time of year is usually the best of times and the worst of times, and personally, I always feel a thousand times better on New Year’s Day, so I’m wishing for more sanity in the world in 2016, more acceptance, more tolerance, and more love.

  16. Zoes dogs are hilarious and adorable.
    I’ll come back, read the links and reread post.
    TT, Enjoy, all will be well here.
    Maybe give us a few open pages with a subject line but mostly to gossip about Christmas or whatever.
    (sick of HW’s)

    None of are leaving here plus we have lives over Chridas too.
    See you in the New Year.
    I’ll be dropping in!
    hugs patti

  17. whyowhy

    Merry Christmas, TT and Banjo. Good for you to be taking time off. I don’t know how, but we will all survive.


  18. Good for you Tamra..staying healthy is awesome and you deserve the down time..2015 kicked our RH butt!

    Thank you for all the stories..and this awesome site..enjoy your adventures..thank you for Taamara Tattles.

    you are the most fun! Merry Christmas and Happy new year!!

  19. Xanadude

    Everyone, even Internet Blog Goddesses, deserve a vacation. You created something fabulous and we promise to play nice and not break anything while you’re away resting.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh, Xanadude. You seem confused. You don’t GET CHRISTMAS. You are head intern in charge of writing while I relax and eat cookies.

      I’m be posting your writings whilst shoving in haagen daas and watching Lifetime Christmas movies. Sucks to be you. You should probably get a head start now. HEH HEH HEH.

    • Spilledperfume

      I’m not making any promises. 😉

  20. TT, “A Christmas Story” takes me back. My grandmother made that fruitcake that you don’t cook every year; she called it “Icebox Fruitcake.” Your mama’s divinity was a Christmas treat too; my grandmother always topped each piece with a pecan half. She made real eggnog with heavy cream, freshly grated nutmeg, and a nice shot of bourbon in each glass. My favorite treat was “Buckeyes” – peanut butter, butter, Rice Krispy balls double dipped in melted chocolate. She’s been dead almost 25 years, and I miss her every day. She was beautiful, kind, educated, and had it not been for her and my precious Papa, I would have probably worked a pole for a living (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) I wish you the best of holiday seasons. Take the time you need for yourself. Venture out a bit to see the lights and the people you love. Have yourself a merry little Christmas. We love you.

  21. hannahkingrose

    Tamara see Christmas miracles do come true. Whatever you do during your break from blogging I hope energizes and gives you good, warm, fuzzy feelings. You are kind of like Santa needing a break from all the work except you give us presents as blogs pretty much every day unlike Santa who only works one day a year lol. You never have to worry about your friends here. We’ll be waiting for your return because we all love you. Ok well maybe not the window lickers so much but the rest of us do lol. For me and my house we celebrate Christmas (just my choice and not a judgment of anyone else’s faith) and I wish you a Merry Christmas filled with many blessings. You are an awesome person TT and I hope you are able to believe that you deserve it all.

    • You are an awesome person, too, Hannahkingrose. I hope this beautiful, bittersweet season and the New Year brings you and your family all good things.

      • hannahkingrose

        Thank you for saying that Lizbeth. The fact that you would take the time to make my day by commenting on my post shows me that you are the awesome one. May you have a great holiday season.

  22. Trinity

    An early Christmas gift to you: Caleb from BB is going to be on the next Survivor! Happy 2016!

    • Dee

      I hope you have a good break we will all be here waiting for your return Merry Christmas to you and Banjo. Mmm I am thinking if all the Christmas goodies to eat. Hoping I will be able to do a little decorating. Maybe some toll house cookies or rice krispies treats.
      Have fun!!

  23. NeverBeenJaxed

    Merry Christmas TT and Banjo <3 Enjoy your time off. You have earned it and it's well deserved. Go make some Christmas memories, relax, recharge, and indulge. We will all be here when you come back.

  24. Toddy

    Girl, take care of yourself. We’ll be back. I need to watch Elf, Christmas Vacation, and that one about the Red Ryder BB gun. My husband and I will be assembling a lot of crap in the wee hrs of Christmas morning and eating the cookies the kids left out for Santa. And a group of us went caroling at one of the local nursing homes.Sweet folks. Looking forward to my mama’s Italian Creme cake. Merry Christmas, TT and everybody! Hope Santa brings something on your list??

  25. Keya

    Loved this post Tamara! I no longer celebrate Christmas but I loved your story. I agree 100% with you that its important to self-reflect and take time for you. That’s very important and I’m happy for you for taking the initiative to do that. Wishing you much, much joy, relaxation and Christmas-blissfulness!!!.

  26. More Tea Please!

    Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad and Joyeux Noël! May the next year bring you health and happiness. Thank you for the gift of happiness that you bring us every day.

    Now go play!

  27. Cheychey

    Christmas is a little rough for me this year( the first without my mom). It was her favorite time of year and one of the few times a year I got to see her as she lived out of state. The story brought back lovely childhood memories of my mom making divinity. She also would complain about its complexity. Still she figured it out and made that among many other sweet Christmas treats that even as a pretty good cook ive never mastered her baking skills. If your reading over my shoulder mommy as you probably are, you could never give up the chance at reading anything you could get your hands on, I love you. To anyone else who lost a loved one this year I hope having fond memories of them will comfort you during the holidays!!!

    • amisteree

      Cheychey, I hope you find comfort in the precious memories of your mom. Christmas stirs up strong emotions for so many of us, and it can be overwhelming as they surface. When I was a child, my excitement and anticipation was over-the-top; as a fifty-year old my anticipation is mixed with a sort of anxiety and fear. I miss my missing loved ones, but I’m also keenly aware of their presence. It’s bittersweet. When I remember my grandmothers’ funny and sweet traditions, I try to re-create them too. It helps so much to imagine them with me, living through me and my family. Take care, Tamara. God Bless. xo

    • Toddy

      I’m sorry, CheyChey. Hugs

    • Katherine 2.0

      Thanks, CheyChey. First one here without my mom and my best friend. Blessings to you, and hoping you, too, find that your memories help warm your spirit this Christmas. I am just digging into mom’s recipe box and seeing her lovely handwriting makes me miss her that much more.

    • fivecatsownme

      Merry Xmas Chey Chey. Thinking of you.

  28. That tinsel was made from lead. It caused a lot of dain bramage.

  29. RebeccaB1966

    My Mom makes this Lithuanian drink called Viritus. It’s made with Pikesville Rye (Baltimore folks get that…), citrus and spices. It simmers on the stove and your eyes burn and water and even the dogs cough. You serve it warm in a shot glass and it makes your legs forget how to work.

  30. Sue

    Not to be selfish or anything, but if something new comes up with the Fosters and I don’t get it from you, I will be SOOO disappointed! I check your site first thing every morning for updates on the whole “is she sick or not” stuff started. 😉 Honestly, I check every morning anyway, but maybe a little earlier since Yo lost her marbles.

    Seriously, enjoy your time off, but know we will miss you’re intel and purple pen!

  31. Spilledperfume

    Have a great holiday. I will have to catch up on some of your past posts. Last night I found myself watching my first episode of RHOA and I was annoyed that I didn’t know who was who because I was trying to place them to your posts. (Hopefully that makes sense.) Since I know who Kim Fields is I went from there. In the end I only managed to figure out who one of the other housewives is. I’m thinking Kim Fields should pack up her toys and go home because those women do not play nice.

    I should probably go over your commenting rules as well.

    Merry Christmas.

    • Dee

      Merry Christmas to all of you!! You and Tamara have become part of my life. I check in daily
      Cheychey, I am sincerely sorry for the death of your Mom. Dee

  32. Merry Christmas to you and to Banjo.

  33. Petunia Pig

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Tamara. This time off / break is well deserved. Also, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone here!!

  34. Gabriella

    Loved reading about your childhood Christmas memories, TT. Perhaps we can continue the theme fellow TT fans? I love hearing how people celebrate in other countries.

  35. Travis

    Merry Christmas Tamara! I have posted some nasty comments this year but only to stir the pot..hope at end of day you enjoy the hidays and thank you for everything

  36. Travis

    Merry Christmas! I fell under the dixkheads category a few times this year but was just trying to stir the pot. Thanks for everything Tamara and enjoy your holidays

  37. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    We love you too TT, Merry Christmas.

  38. Jaded

    Good for you TT! Recharge those batteries. We will all still be here. Merry Christmas!

  39. Jeanie barlow

    To all of you that I laugh with and those of you I laugh at, Merry Christmas! Love yourselves and keep coming back here! We all need TT and I think she needs us.

  40. Love these pics and the story. I can so relate to what you’re going through TT. Sometimes it feels like the holidays come and go so quickly that I miss them and it takes a real effort to get out there and take the season in before it’s over. I applaud you in taking care of yourself and vow to do the same thing. Love to u and Banjo and everyone here at TTs blog.

  41. sandra

    Tamara, You said this could be the year. I so hope it is because, I think you will feel better. I’m embarrassed to say it took me almost 4 yerars, but I’m happy I did it. I wish you all the best and hope the new year brings you good health and happiness. You are the most talented blogger evahhhh! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody…..

  42. ZenJen55

    I made Potatoe Candy and Pumpkin fudge! Mama made Divinity, ohhh what a delight, the humidity has to be low to make it!
    Stuckeys or the Cracker Barrels isnt tooo bad for store bought.

    Merry Christmas, we ALL will be here for your return,
    Pssst, TT has some Angela Stanton tea shes been sitting on….

    • Lawstangel

      Gosh I love Cracker Barrel !!! It is definitely heart attack food, but it is so yuumy. We do not have one in my state, so I am unable to go very often. I worked on a lengthy trial in Tennessee (5 months) a few years ago. I got everybody hooked! Even the healthy eating people!

  43. Queen of the Nile

    I’m going to have major withdrawal during your absence, but you DO deserve much earned time off. Merry Christmas, Tamara and Banjo!! And Merry Christmas also to all of you great posters — I have had the most memorable, laugh out loud moments from so many of you interesting and witty people. Thank you!!

  44. I wish you a very Merry Christmas & a happy healthy New Year.
    You do so much all year round for your fans aka most readers. ;0)
    Please get yourself some rest and love on Banjo. Relax and don’t
    forget to breathe.

  45. Karina

    Merry Christmas to a smart and very entertaining gal. I’m a sole proprietor of my business and I’m spent from doing it all. It’s a real grind. Just a thought… I wonder if there’s any additional money to be made if you also offered blogging and ghost writing for celebrities, artists, real estate agents, decorators etc. Easy enough to target them and it’s a valuable service that pays. You already have a track record. So there ya go! Hang in there.

    • Matzah60

      Clever idea, truly!! I think that you would be wonderful candidate to blog (ghostwrite) for Housewives and realtors, etc. It’s such a grand idea and could truly bring in the bucks.

      • Karina

        Aww, thanks Matzah. I know it must be a rough gig. I’ve been clicking on the ads at the bottom each time I go on this site in hopes it brings some revenue for T. Let your fingers do some clicking and if we all donate $5 Tamara can buy herself a nice present. Im going to right now…

      • Matzah60

        That’s a grand idea!!!!

  46. Rose

    Merry Christmas TT!!! Relax, recharge and renew. Thanks for all you do.

  47. Matzah60

    “Strong like bull.” Uncle Tonoose (sp?) from the Danny Thomas show of yesteryear. Love that expression!

    I’m glad you are taking time off for yourself, Tamara. There has been significant research that people who do not take time off from their daily job and responsibilities have a significantly higher risk of suffering depression. Couple that with the mixed feelings many of us have when dealing with the holidays and members of our families which often stir up old conflicts, stress, lack of moola, and being alone, I think it’s most important for ‘ME’ time for every adult.

    I hope you use the time off to do just as you said; snuggle under a blanket on the couch and watch some great Christmas movies, eat popcorn, decorate your tree, drink hot chocolate, or perhaps, hot toddies. Whatever makes YOU happy, not anyone else.

    You are a very exceptional and humorous writer who writes a terrific blog, but I cannot fathom how much time and energy it must take out of your day. Actually, I can imagine the time, the writing, posting, monitoring, responding to emails, checking info from emails, validating information to post and so on and so on. I commend you for your very hard work which you do single-handedly.

    I know I am a pretty new reader and poster to this blog, but when I found it online, I was hooked. I can tell by many, many commenters how beloved you are and how loyal your commenters are to you. They will defend you like family and in many ways, they are like family in this community you created.
    No one will disappear because you took some time off. These people are dedicated to you, what you say, what you write, and care deeply for your well-being. How many people can say that about their friends??!!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy healthy New Year to you, Tamara!!

  48. Dracla Dunning

    Merry Christmas, Tamara. See you in 2016.

  49. joanne

    Wishing you a truly joyous, restful, and peaceful Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year! Enjoy your time off – you’ve more than earned it!

  50. Karina

    Can we take up a voluntary collection and all donate $5 to Tamara’s fund so she can take the time off and maybe get herself a holiday present? I just did. That’s about the price of one people magazine.

  51. Excellent idea. I just did too. ?

    • Karina

      ? smiles to lizbeth.

      Hey folks when you give a little donation (Christmas gift) by pressing the button below you get a nice personal thank you note from TT. No matter how small the amount and if everyone gives a little it might add up to something nice. I’m a newbie here as far as commenting but Ive been reading the posts daily and try to click the ads. ???

  52. JoJo

    Want to thank you for giving us this blog. It’s Christmas everyday wrapped in the best tea!

  53. Frosty

    Merry Christmas Banjo and Tamara. Enjoy your break! Wishing you all good things always :)

  54. We ate a goodly amount of these @ Christmas time…think it’s a Depression era type recipe from my Dad’s side of the fam – but thats just my guess. We called them Sugar Crackers:

    Saltines (crackers)
    2 sticks real butter
    2 c. brown sugar
    chocolate chips – if desired (we didn’t)

    Line saltine crackers side by side in a jelly roll/cookie sheet with edge…can spray with Pam
    Bring butter and sugar to boil and continue boiling until soft ball stage.

    Pour toffee over crackers. Bake in 400 degree oven for 5 to 7 minutes. Watch carefully so doesn’t burn – easily

    Sprinkle with choco chips now if desired

    (This blog bringing up memories I haven’t thought of in years – thanks!)

  55. Lawstangel

    TT….take the time off! You must always take care of you and Banjo first. We will survive, we mat tear each other up a little :) but I am confident we will all be fine. I’m not politically correct, so I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year! Much love and respect sent you’re way.

  56. loriflack

    ? Pico and Sepulveda ~ Bwaa Ha Ha ?

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