Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Horsing Around

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS -- Season:6 -- Pictured: (l-r) Erika Girardi, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, Yolanda H. Foster, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Kathryn Edwards -- (Photo by: Michael Larsen/Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

Pictured: (l-r) Erika Girardi, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, Yolanda H. Foster, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Kathryn Edwards — (Photo by: Michael Larsen/Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me here at Chez TT. I have a whole lot going on. I also have a full DVR of recording and a desire to watch some of the presidential debate because I still have no idea who the best person to help protect this country is.  It seems a lo more important than all this nonsense.  But I also have to try to keep this website going.  So here  is my half-hearted recap of tonight’s RHOBH.  Truth be told I probably need the diversion.  I don’t bring the debate up to spurn a political discussion here. In fact, please don’t. We have enough reasons to judge each other in comments without going there. Thanks.

First of all I just realized that David is behind Yolanda as she sits at the piano in the bachelor pad she was recently tossed out of. Or maybe they filmed it at the Malibu house. Either way.  Still odd. Also, it’s my personal belief that Yolanda is at a HOTEL and not an apartment as some sites are reporting.  Check out that link also about rumors that David Foster is requesting a refund for his payment for her Lyme treatment. He would never do that. It’s a ridiculous thing to believe.

Oh my. You have no idea how much I need to see Florence right now.  I find it ridiculous that neither woman admits to buying jewelry for themselves. Bullshit. And Kyle thinks she is the only one who can buy clothes in Europe? What do you know? This show may be a bigger help to me than I thought. Kyle is buying an outfit in Florence for the wedding in London she has been re-invited to attend. While stopping at some other  local shops. Lisa buys Kyle something at the casual shop.

Meanwhile,  is it me or does Lisa seem to be really pimping out her girls more than usual this season? Maybe it’s because Eileen’s father-in-law died and she is not as available at the moment. Rinna’s kids have an 11 pm curfew.  Harry does not do the whole “recap with the husband” scenes so it seems she does them with her kids.  Lisa squared have plans to go buy a mini horse or two “for Ken.”

RHOBH Eileen

I hate that we will see Eileen and Vince are having a rough spot.

Pinky and Ken are taking a heli to the airport to head back to Beverly Hills while Kyle heads off the next day to London.  That Heli pilot neede to pick the nose up a bit! Seriously.


I’m really not ready to deal with Yolanda scenes today. Our most recent discussion is here. The comments are very insightful while trying to be respectful of her situation. You should take a look.  h this is our introduction to Erika!  They go for vitamin C injections together.

Lisa and Eileen

Rinna and Eileen arrive to meet Kyle both dressed in leopard. I just saw a photo of Eileen recently and she seems to have has some facework done. Like a lot.  Kyle says that Kim is in rehab and that is pretty much all she knows.  Rinna says that Kim fled rehab, kicked a cop, etc. Rinna seems to be the authority on what’s what with Kim.  My DVR shuts off. Because that is how things roll around here lately. We pick back up with a WTF is wrong with Yolanda discussion.


You guys know how I am about proper dishes and glassware and flatware. It bugs the fucking SHIT out of me to see these “rich” people using fucking toss away crap. So the first scene of Erika is of her attempting to make coffee and then handing her rich elderly husband his coffee in a fucking Styrofoam cup. Either learn how things should go OR LET THE FUCKING MAID DO IT. I’m sure you have twelve.

At least she knows what a mophead hydrangea is. That redeems her.  I love her gardens. I love that they have been married for 15+ years.  I love that she says being rich doesn’t change your if you were an asshole to start with. Tom was the lawyer for Eric Brockovich..  She reminds me a lot of Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner.  I think I might like her after all. But she HAS to know better than the whole syrofoam cup thing. As it turns out, she made it for him to go. All is forgiven and I think I am going to like her. She is from Atlanta after all.

I’m not feeling Erika’s gays. I know I am “not supposed to put it that way” but fuck it. I am somehow generalizing to most all West Coast gays*. They seem so .. ugh

*Except Sequoia

The Mini-Horse Debacle

For such and animal rights activist, Pinky does a lot to piss people off.  Like this mini-horse thing. Apparently, there is an abundance of mini-horses that need to be adopted.  Just like dogs.  But none of those are good enough for Pinky. Or something. I dunno I wrote about it here when all the outrage wss going on.  At the time no one ever believed they were “for Ken” but that is the storyline.

So off we go. To pick up an 80 pound horse from a farm in Ohio and put it on a plane and fly it back to Beverly Hills.  Because this is a good idea. Is this really what rich people do? And it is pouring rain.  The weather clears and they get to the damn horse dressed in a pink tutu to cover her gut. Good Lord.  Even Pinky takes off the tutu. And while that all goes down,  Rinna chases chickens and picks them up. Pinky makes the owner take the shoes off the horse.  Like people shoes. The horse seems kinda fucked up and Lisa Squared both know it.  Pinky is conflicted. She doesn’t want to take a lame horse but she already loves it.  After five hours, they leave without THAT horse.

There is a 70th birthday for Ken. Pinky provides a “hat tree” so all the ladies and men who wish to partake will have one. #eyeroll  It’s a promotional for the hats clearly. And they are fabulous. I’d love to have them all. Taylor Armstrong arrives and says she is moving back. Perhaps in Pinky’s hood. Pinky is not amused. Rinna arrives with a stick pony.  Rinna and Taylor argue about who has the bigger lips. Camille arrives.

Taylor brings up how sick she is to see so many Instagrams of Yolanda with IVs. She says Yolanda is misdiagnosed. I agree. But why is she discussing this at a birthday party? Oh yes. Producer plant. Pinky says that Ken is 70 but will be seeing a 69 very soon.  He responds, “Who from?”

Kyle is bored and the ladies start pushing each other in the pool It rains. Ken gets an unexpected baptism in the pool. He loved it.

Next week: More Erika Jane The real pony arrives. Yolanda continues to over do her therapy. The ladies suspect Munchhausen and you know… other stuff.


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133 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Horsing Around

  1. whyowhy

    Is it just me or did Erika get on anyone else’s nerves? Her voice is really annoying. She does love her husband, though. You could tell. Or maybe it’s just for the show.

    Did anyone else see the disgusted look on Pandora’s face at the 69 comment? Lol. Also, where is Max in all of this?

    I’m already sick of Rinna and her overly dramatic laughing.

    • Yeah, I can’t with the baby-voice. SO annoying. A woman with a rich, full-bodied voice – say, like Anne Baxter’s – is much more attractive, no matter what she looks like.

      • Minky

        Ann Baxter? From Mildred Pierce? Love that movie. Joan “Mommie Dearest” Crawford at her best.

        A lot of women do the breathy, teensy weensy voice thing. Like Marilyn Monroe. Even Marilyn had a gorgeous, sexy, thick voice when she spoke normally.

      • erikainhb

        Thank you! If you’re a grown woman talk like one. If that’s your normal voice and you’re not doing it on purpose since you certainly have the money for the best of everything you coukd certainly afford to hire a voice coach.

      • Minky:

        The actress who played the evil Veda in Mildred Pierce is Ann Blyth. (She’s fabulous too, just in a different way!)

        Anne Baxter is best remembered today for All About Eve (as Eve Harrington) and The Ten Commandments. She’s also the star of the best Columbo ever, “Requiem For a Falling Star”. It’s shown fairly frequently on the “Classic TV” channels like MeTV. If you get a chance, I highly recommend watching.

        If you love Crawford, check out The Damned Don’t Cry. It’s my favorite of hers. She’s a dejected housewife who becomes a gangster’s moll and ends up running the whole syndicate. Never a dull moment and she’s great in it!

      • fivecatsownme

        Anne Bancroft has a great voice too.
        I have a feeling Joan Crawford could run a crime syndicate in real life too. What a career she had.

      • Kinky, Anne Baxter was not in Mildred Pierce. You are thinks ng of Ann Blyth

      • Minky

        Erikzu! I’ve watched that Columbo. You’re right, it’s awesome. She’s an aging actress who for some odd reason, that’s reveled later, lives in a house that’s situated right in/on the film studio. Baxter was amazing in All About Eve. And Ann Blyth was great in Mildred.

        Blyth was on an episode of Murder She Wrote in the 80s too. Also pretty good. Her sociopath daughter in Mildred is a performance for the ages. “Monty loves me mother.”

        2 of the best villainesses of the silver screen ever.

    • KTina

      I’m not feeling the new girl and she’s really not as attractive as she thinks she is.

    • Vet

      The voice was annoying, but I like that she was a bit refreshing and that she is at least a “real” friend of someone on the show for years. I think she does love him, its hard to keep that up for almost sixteen years. I would love a man that gave me everything too. They seem happy and not as fake as Yolonda and her King.

      Max is always in the background but you have to look. He does not want to be on the show.

      The look on Pandora and her husband’s face was a classic.

      I hate that Taylor is on the show, she is just a producer puppet. She wants to be on television so bad. It makes me sick that she talks about how John is so good to her daughter, what about his kids that he has with his wife that he left you for. Hey as long as you get to move back to California, screw them right Taylor. Well that’s what she did to the last husband. She never talks about the boys he had when she met him or how his death effected them. I detest her and her its all about me complex. I would take Lisa R’s laughter over her broke and desperate ass any day.

      • Angel(?)

        Agree. Taylor or Shanna or whatever her original name is disgust me. To me, that was a real quick marriage. The love of money is real. I can’t imagine that Kennedy has adjusted as smoothly as Taylor wants us to believe.

      • Can’t stand Taylor…

      • WonkyTonk

        I can’t say that I’m a big fan of her coping mechanisms but the husband that killed himself was a right fucking ass who mistreated her verbally, and probably physically as well. I hated every scene that guy was in. I don’t know if it’s the voice, or what she says, or a combination but it irks you know.

      • Sliceo'pie

        Taylor couldn’t afford to live in a playhouse in someone’s backyard in that neighborhood.

        Dream on Hot Lips….Big hat no cattle.

    • Clearly her daughter was embarrassed as was I that they would even talk like that she’s supposed to be classy and that’s who re talk

    • swizzle

      Her voice didn’t annoy me and I loved the choreography scene…pat the puss, pat the puss…kitty cat, meow meow. Funny! Not the typical direction you’d hear from a choreographer.

    • Lindsay

      Pandy was appalled! Someone gif that stat!
      I also wondered where their OTHER CHILD WAS

    • Lisa Rinna was the one that stirred the pot with Kim’s problems last time,
      but she put it all on Brandy. I still can’t believe Lisa V didn’t speak up about Rinna brining Kim up to her in the car, while LV was driving, way before she contacted Brandy and discussed Kim and Her Condition!

      • tamaratattles

        Rinna was right about Kim and she is right about Yolanda. Both times production has told Rinna the real deal.

  2. Greenwood

    To me, the rest of the Beverly Hills women can just go on home now, cause it’s all about Yolanda. Whatever is going on with her is the most fascinating story on any of the housewives shows. When I saw those photos of her sitting there with her foamboard Lyme storyboards, watching her iv stand being rolled in to her new home, I was hooked. She looked like a pitiful puppy. I started to feel sorry for the crazy woman, all of a sudden. Wow, what a drama! Tamara, please tell us more about what you know about this. Why do you think it was a hotel?

    • erikainhb

      Allot of the higher end condos in that area of LA are part of or connected to hotel chains so that home owners have all the amenities of the hotel available to them.

      • WonkyTonk

        Oh god seriously I hope not Greenwood. I so am not liking the Yolanda storyline. I mean really, you’re gonna show on TV the tech having a hard time trying to jab a good vein, and having to do it in seriously weird parts of her arm because she’s getting jabbed so frequently the veins are most likely collapsing? No, just no.

  3. Karina

    I actually got a lot of giggles from this episode. Kyle has some good one-liners. She is funny. The show has a much better vibe now without all the trash and train wrecks. Although having Taylor back really pissed me off. And hearing that she is moving back to BH and pretending she could afford a house on Lisa’s street is just bogus. I can see the distress going on in Eileen’s life, She works hard. What the hell does her husband do? Poker? I would resent that. This Erika chick is starting to get my attention although I just couldn’t do the old man gig no matter how much money…. Altough if I got to have an alter ego might just work. Yolanda is making me cringe. She loves those needles. Lisa Rinna has the best arms! At least she inspires me to go work out.

    • Having met a professional poker player myself, it is a stressful career. Not something to be too dismissive of.

    • tamaratattles

      I could and sort of have done the old man thing. Sadly I did not preserve well. LOL. I could totally love an old man, but I am an old woman myself

      • A funny friend of mine said once “I could marry an old man as long as he had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.” May be a well known saying but still makes me laugh.

      • Lisaj

        Watched with my husband tonight who is an old man and knows I’ve got a twisted thing for older men LOL, that was a funny moment in my house ?

      • Theresa

        I had a failed attempt at gold digging. He played in 3 different super bowls. Was almost double my age and triple my size. I kept telling myself he was the rock. Didn’t work. He was boring as could be oh, which super bowls? 7,8 and 11!!! Note we are on 50 now lol

      • that’s my problem tamara. who wants a woman in her 50’s? nobody i know. :(

      • erikainhb

        Exactly squirrelmistress. They all want the 20 year olds.

        As a kid I was in love with Paul McCartney but I was too young to marry him. Sigh… Then I grew up and he married the chick with one leg who was younger than me and I realized that now I was too old to marry him. Damn

      • Vet

        I lover an older man, they are already broken in and appreciate a lot.

      • WonkyTonk

        You’ve gotta grab you one quick Tamara. The ratio of women to men starts to get pretty bad. There’ll be lots more competition in that age group. You’ll have to beat those other women off like Porsha does, well, all the women everywhere.

      • Xanadude

        El Esposo turns 70 in January. I called him into the room to ask if he wanted a similar party (ain’t EVER gonna happen). He lasted two air kisses and a comment about Taylor’s lips before leaving the room to go back to watching the Weather Channel.

      • Only problem with an old man is that you will end up being his nurse when he’s 80 and you’re 50. Changing catheters and ostomy bags? No thanks.

    • fivecatsownme

      I am appalled at the lack of kindness and compassion when ever Taylor opens those duck lips. Please make her go away.

      • Cat

        I agree. I can’t stand her. I still believe she drove her husband to suicide. And now, she’s cashing in on it. Ugh.

      • Agreed about Taylor, Cat. She makes me queasy.

      • Vet

        Taylor is a grifter who goes after men that will help her cause. She was just as involved in ripping off people as her husband was that killed himself. Then she marries the lawyer that represented her against the people they ripped off. I wish someone would throw her court transcripts in her stupid face. She’s a con artist. I was so happy to be rid of Brandy now this?

      • erikainhb

        I could live quite happily with never seeing her again on my tv screen either. IMO she and he were both grifters….too many questionable financial dealings it seems

      • Queen of the Nile

        Loved the look on Lisa’s face when Taylor said she was looking for a house in the neighborhood. Taylor is so irritating and fake. Why is she back?

      • fivecatsownme

        To give us all migranes.

      • Sliceo'pie

        She wants so desperately to fit in with these women and it just ain’t happening. If the producers are going to have a plant, can’t they at least cast a wealthy one and not a grifter?

    • Angel(?)

      Vince is a host of world poker tour as well as an occasional player. That’s a job.

      • Vet

        I live in Las Vegas and know many players. Its a really hard job that you have to play everyday.

      • JoJo

        @Vet ….hi there I live in Vegas too and managed not to meet one poker player (yet)~
        But my daddy was a bookie in E. St Louis who moved here because gamgling was legit & was a dealer, boxman, then pit mgr. – and yes, he said professional gambling was as hard as any ‘day job’!

      • JoJo

        ….um yeh, that would be ‘gambling’ not a new game called ‘gamgling’ ;-

    • WonkyTonk

      Yeah Eileen’s husband is coming off like a douche with the dismissive way he talks to her. She handles it well but shouldn’t have to. The kid on the ride to school was kind of funny with that oh yeah meet dad at, emmm emmm… wait, I was never told routine. Lol cracked me up. I’m glad Eileen came back this season.

  4. BeetsWhy

    I am pissed at Lisa VP, that poor horse. I also am not thrilled with whoever pushed Ken in The pool, did they not see it had a ledge? His back hit full on on the damn thing! Other than those two things I thought it was a great episode, I love Lisa R, she is funny!

  5. Tamara

    I’m confused, I thought I heard Erica say she is 44 on this episode, but internet says she is 29? Very upsetting to watch Ken get tossed into the pool.

    • tamaratattles

      Wikipedia can be edited by anyone. I’d edit myself to 29 al day… :)

      • Spilledperfume

        You crack me up. I no longer have birthdays – I have anniversaries of my 29th birthday. Next month I will be celebrating my 22nd anniversary of my 29th birthday. You should try it. It’s comical to watch people trying to figure out what you’re actually saying.

        I loved the hats. Lisa Rinna,’s hat was my favorite.

      • SaraK

        I’ve decided to add ten years to my age so folks go, oh no you don’t look a day over 40 (7 years younger than I am).

      • Sliceo'pie

        My eleven year old is trained to say, “Mom is 39”.
        Unfortunately, that came and went in 2003 but who’s counting? Details, details..

      • jen

        Lol I am gladly back to 29 also.

    • kate62

      I agree! Especially since he’s had not 1 but 2 hip replacements! Whoever did the pushing needed an ass kicking!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      She is quite clearly closer to 44 than 29, lol!

  6. I so wanted Lisa V to accept that adorable fat little horse. Just cause it had a bummed leg or something is no excuse since all they are gonna do is look at it anyway. Giggy has some kind of skin issue and they love him, why not a fat little horse with a bum leg? It made me feel sorry for the little sweetie.
    I too, was appalled they threw old man Ken into the shallow end of the pool. What they should have done is carried his old ass down to the deep end and done it, then it would have been funny, and I wouldn’t have been worried he was gonna break a hip, and could have enjoyed it a lot more. I’m not really a Ken fan, but after both hips being replaced, he sure doesn’t need another, and I’m at least that merciful :)
    I rather like Erika. She seems pretty down to earth and open about herself. She has a kind of little girl voice.

    • tamaratattles

      I believe that was probably a rescue place if you read the comments in the link, I think I let the BREEDED she ends up with’s comments through. Maybe. Depending on how I felt that day.

    • JanM

      I think Lisa V was more concerned that the horse was genuinely ill, and she would not be able to properly care for him. I don’t think it says anything negative about Lisa to he’s not to bring him home.

      • fivecatsownme

        I think she was concerned too. Feet and leg problems in horses can be serious. She is right to be concerned and want the horse to be checked by a vet. That was a cute little horse. Hearing both Lisas sqeal its a pony in a tutu made me laugh.

      • erikainhb

        I had that impression too. She made the comment too about what if she had to put it down. It’s one thing to go into adopting an animal with a health issue knowing that and your wanting to take care of a potentially disabled animal. It’s another to think you’re getting a healthy animal and that’s not what you find when you meet it and then contemplating having to let it go (prefer that phrase vs put down or to sleep) before you even brought it home.

        I recall with Giggy he developed the apolecia after they’d had him a while and in an episode she talked about going back to the breeder to ask about it and the breeder offering to take him back and give her another dog and she said no way. Geez..its not like he was a purse that didn’t work out. He’s Giggy!

    • Well said. Thought Ken might of hit his head there. It was a thoughtless thing to do. Insensitivity of youth.

      • Minky

        Youth? They’re all over 40. Right? Let’s just say it. They’re idiots. And didn’t Ken already have a hip replacement or something during a prior season?

    • WonkyTonk

      LOL Gingersnap “all they’re gonna do is look at it”. It’s a vanity horse. Lol.

  7. Wampascat

    I don’t fault Lisa for not bringing Rosebud home with her. She wasn’t informed the little horse had a problem and it would be worse to subject an injured animal to a plane ride.

    • Karina

      I agree. I’m not a horse person but don’t they have to put horses down when they break a leg? If so that could have been a break in the poor little pony’s leg and she may have had to fall in love only to be faced with tradgedy.

  8. I was surprised how when Kim was brought up and her arrest mentioned, that the conversation was so light and easy breezy. Almost as if BRAVO was limited, legally as to how much and what they were allowed to say. Could this be the case? It’s not like this production company has some sort of moral compass that pushes them towards respecting people’s privacy even if the cost is lower ratings. So, I’m left wondering, what gives? Will that be all on the subject?

  9. puravidacostarica

    Yes, younger men are a challenge. But I like Erika. No love for LVP however.

    • tamaratattles

      I am trying to call you!

    • janet

      Im not into older men at all. I just cant do it. I’ve swerved past any economical advantages they might have afforded me, because I can’t stomache it. My husband is a year younger than me so we’re basically the same age. I could maybe go a few years older but thats about it. When I was single I attracted more younger guys than older ones. Even if an older guy made more sense Im not attracted. Once in awhile there’s one that defies that, and is in real good shape though or has that extra something.

  10. Sequoia

    * except Sequoia – that’s me 😮

  11. therealdeb

    Taylor is shit! I f she stays i may not, she is all a lie and i do hope one days she gets hit by the karma bus. I am worried about Yolanda and her mental state, she isn’t ok at all. I am loving Eika, she is real, as in she is who and what she says she is and i love it!!!

    • Lisaj

      Let’s all remember when BG was the new shiney say it like it is penny on the block, reserving judgment on the new girl for a bit

      • But BG was the kind of say it like you mean it girl with a reckless streak that bordered on sociopathy, with little to lose in her own eyes. Erika Jayne can play dress up and take on the social media persona of a Paris is Burning reject, but when the stage lights dim, she goes back to being Mrs. Giradi; trophy wife of a powerful man with 15+ years of vested interest in preserving hearth, home, and social status. If for nothing less than not wanting to muck up a marriage to one the legal nation’s most influential litigators, I envision her playing situations a lot closer to the chest a la Leah Black from RHOM than Brandi. I think that like Leah, she may have found that sweet balance between the frivolity of being in a superficial, smoke & mirrors mecca for the lost and bedazzled ,and the life of a power wife. From her Instagram posts I think she’ll definitely be a handful , but hopefully in a tongue in cheek way. I’d almost rule out that she would be a bull in a China shop, let alone have nihilistic tendencies like Glanville.

    • janet

      Don’t worry Taylor will get her karma someday. I dont believe Taylor, and get a real creepy vibe from her. Like sociopath weird. I remember her being positively giddy about Russell’s death. She wanted him GONE. She couldnt wait to date again. Her sense of entitlement is beyond ugly.

  12. Minky

    “I still have no idea who the best person to help protect this country is.” Um … Seriously? You, of course, Tamara! Or whoever wins on Dancing With the Stars, in case you’ve already got plans. Or Nene. She can be this election’s Ross Perot. Like, duh.

  13. Mergirl

    What happened to Rosebud? I hope she finds a forever home, broke my heart Lisa dismissed her.

  14. Lawstangel

    I was shocked to see Tom Girardi on the show. He really is a well known and respected plaintiffs attorney. The comment from Erika about Erin Brokovich was somewhat inaccurate. Erin worked for a much smaller firm, for an attorney named Ed Masry. When they discovered the magnitude of the PG&E case, they had to bring in Girardi’s firm, because they did not have the money to litigate the case. They entered into some sort of a fee splitting agreement. After winning the case (they settled it for around $350 million), the Masry firm was folded into Girardi & Keese where Erin still works. Masery has since passed away. I am not excited about Erika at ths juncture, I guess I will watch further.

    • Meredo

      Thank you for clarifying that Lawstangel. I have watched Erin Brokovich and thought the attorney had passed away, so I was somewhat confused.
      At this point I’m liking Erika, especially her comment about being an asshole rich or poor. Hope she stays the same as she was tonight so I don’t have to hate her later! Haha.

      • DJ

        Thanks so much. Great info! I was confused too. I remember Edward Masry had died, but you clarified it so well!!

    • lru

      For some reason, I was cringing during the wife’s alter ego scenes.

    • Thanks for the info, Lawstangel. Interesting history coming into play there. Need to relook at Erin Brokovich. I kind of liked Erika. I am still fast forwarding Yolanda, though. I feel sorry for her, but can’t stand watching her.

  15. Theresa

    I was an estate manager for a billionaire family and what did this guy drink his coffee out of? Styrofoam! His wife hated it but it was only way he would drink it. Every year for his birthday, she’d give him a case of Styrofoam cups. He would take hot coffee, nuke it until it boiled over and guzzle. I swear some of the Styrofoam would melt into the coffee. Nasty stuff.

  16. DJ

    I love how you break the recaps down by lady. It is so easy to follow.

    I am shocked Mohamed Hadid made the front page of the NY times yesterday! Yikes!

  17. lru

    How could Kyle be bored at Lisa Vanderpump’s house? I like the lightness of the season so far…fashion, beautiful countrysides, and mansions with gardens that I will never own are just fine for me right now. I really hope Yolanda’s story doesn’t become OC Brook’s cancergate, but fear that ship has sailed.

  18. Haven’t had time to watch yet, so broke down and read the recap and all the wonderful comments. Day off tomorrow, so will try to watch then. Thanks, TT.

  19. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    YES!!! Rinna is pimping her girls hard this season. She hopes they will be the new Bella and Gigi. I noticed was it last episode I think, that staged try-on of the same bathing suit and she made the two of them come out of the dressing room so the camera could languish on them. Can’t say I blame her for trying to give them a jump start – why not? Worked for Yolanda’s girls, Kendall Jenner too.

  20. Watching A Trainwreak

    Once again I’m confused…Vitamin C i.v. treatments are medically advised for what exactly? And why would a medical procedure become a social activity to experience with your friends? I mean I would go with a friend as emotional support, but putting a needle in my arm with an i.v. bag seems extreme. And, last episode Yolanda, Lisa & Eileen talked about doing a colonic together.

    If this is the new definition of friendship; then, I’m a lousy friend!

  21. Dawn

    I didn’t like Kyle’s criticism of Lisa and Ken’s lovely party. The only excitement at her white party is always some kind of huge housewives argument. Maybe she didn’t like that Lisa was probably getting more attention. I still feel their relationship is somewhat strained.

    Yes, Rinna’s kids have been in every episode so far this season. They are the most boring scenes, feel very scripted, except I’d make my kids act likable. (Says someone with only a cat.)

    I am not yet an Erika fan. I don’t care how old her husband is. The fact that she has money makes me all the more dislike her performance style. She reminds me of the type of strippers around my area in the 1980’s that traveled a circut. Total nudity wasn’t permitted, a woman would hide some of her “goods” in a giant martini glass or something. Same idea as the old fan dancers.These women did it because the money was better than the average job a girl could get. It makes sense a Nene stripping. Erika being a skevy performer is unbecoming to herself and her husband. The fact she sings is inconsequential.

    I am a lover of minature horses. They are usually much cuter than Rosebud. I don’t know what year she was supposed to be the worlds smallest; not lately. It was very out of proportion. Probably lame from being too heavy.

    I don’t like that Taylor is back. Although, I don’t mind that she is broaching the subject of Yolanda’s health in a way no one else will. I am having my doubts that everything is as we are told. We may never know the truth. Any future book will tell the story that fits whatever is Yolanda’s agenda. What was up at the vitamin shot place that Yo had a problem, too many injections for her veins to take? I am amazed she has any viable on her arms.

    I wish I had seen exactly which idiot guy pushed Ken backwards into a few inches of water. I was holding my breath, it didn’t look like it was going well for him at first. I think the women were worried as well.

    • erikainhb

      You can see the guy that pushed Ken in if you slow-mo it he’s in all white with a flower (boutonniere? ) on with light brownish hair. At first I thought it might be Jason but it’s not. What was weird is that the party planner dude looks like he and another guy behind him maybe are starting to push Ken towards the pool then this other guy just sort of rushes him and grabs both his arms and pushes him in. He goes in forward but twists as he lands which couldn’t have felt good. What was funny about the slow-mo was that (perhaps coincidently) as Ken comes up Lisa R is there to help and he’s face on staring at her boobs. Now granted that was likely a slip second but for that second he didn’t seem to mind lol

      • JoJo

        Just saw this episode this afternoon. I actually gasped as Ken was pushed then flying into the shallow end of the pool, knowing he’s had the hip replacement(s) not to mention he’s 70 years old!
        Whoever the pusher is and if he knows Ken and Lisa – well or not – that was a punk move.
        Ken looked genuinely afraid as he ended up landing on his backside. It seemed he was dong his best in midair to make sure he didn’t land on either side/hip. For a second that camera focused on the poor guy’s face, and it was pretty clear before he started laughing it off that for a second he was startled and scared as hell.
        Even the women cast members in the other end of the pool were racing in water to get to him – looked like everyone was pretty concerned. I think he didn’t want to make a big deal out of it and just layed in the water as the other women were around him and trying to laugh it off.

    • Elizabeth

      I believe it is Dwight Coates- Taylor’s BFF!

      • Dawn

        Thanks, Elizabeth! Is he even a friend of Lisa and Ken’s? When hosting Parties by Bravo, I guess you have to invite people that don’t “belong,” as well as their hangers-on.

  22. Angel(?)

    Just to be “the asshole” comment or, Yolanda looked really well in this episode as compared to last week. Did she forget about the camera when she was laughing and joking with Erika? Sorry but I think Yo is not being completely honest.

    I’m not sure about Erika yet. How old is her husband?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I think the only difference is makeup vs. no makeup. She looks a heckuva lot better with (don’t we all!).

  23. WonkyTonk

    That farm that was going to sell the pony to Lisa is kind of sketchy they didn’t bother to tell Lisa the horse a permanent issue with one of it’s legs, and as you mentioned tried to hide how big the belly was with the tutu. I mean for all Lisa knows it’s got some serious issue distending it’s belly. It was kind of funny when Lisa V tells Lisa R they shouldn’t talk about the horse’s weight because it might hear them. Even with a vet’s ok I probably would have stayed away from that deal. During that scene I couldn’t help thinking what must it be like to live in a world where it’s perfectly natural to fly from California to Ohio spend a couple of hours then fly back all in one day. That’s a whole different kind of thinking about the possibilities right there. I wasn’t feeling Erika so far from what they’ve showed, but I kind of am now. Not liking her tag line though “I’m an enigma wrapped in a riddle, and cash” She seems down to earth, well with the exception of the dance thing. The dance moves names were kind of funny from the gay guy calling them out like “pass the puss” as she waved her hand in front of her pelvic area. I said I wasn’t going to watch Yolanda’s scenes anymore but I forgot and watched it. I can’t believe she said everyday it’s either a colonic, or IV treatment. That’s crazy. And didn’t she say last week, or the week before she only did 1 colonic a week? It’s hard not to think the woman lies, lies, lies! I did like the swimming pool scene I found myself smiling while I was watching it. So much better than a nice housewife being THOT-jumped on a boat trip.

  24. loriflack

    Taylor is such a schmuck and revels in ANYthing that is an opportunity.

    Her poor daughter’s force-fed birthday party was a speck compared to Lisa’s Tea ~

    Oh, and when Lisa arrived to Kennedy’s birthday party, Taylor bellowed, “Doesn’t
    Lisa talk funny?”

  25. Sweet T

    Yolanda is completely fascinating to me. Brooks I didn’t bother with as he made it up on purpose whereas Yolanda is sick either physically or mentally. The problem is that she really appears to be enjoying the process of being ill. It is all very bizarre and hard for me to understand but if it’s the only way you are getting attention I can see the appeal.

    I love Erika so far. Her sense of humor and bravery are attractive. I love that she gave her number to her husband and said did you know that I’m single. Bold. It all worked out and they’re married for 15 years. My boyfriend and I have a 20 year age difference and I love him. I think at first his kids thought I was a gold digger but he is not that rich for that type of status.

  26. JohnnyIkon

    I already detest Erika PAIN. Although it is quite amusing watching her frantically edit her Wiki after admitting she’s 45 – until about 10 minutes ago, her Wiki claimed she was 29.

  27. French

    Erika is fun, and I hope she stays fun! Enjoyed the episode well, not Yolanda’s part but, interested to see where the season is going, except Yolanda’s part!

  28. Xanadude

    If we had just cut the Yolanda scenes, this would have been an almost perfect episode – over the top fabulous lifestyle and fun. An unironic Absolutely Fabulous. And I hate to say this, but Yolanda’s illness is this year’s Kim’s addiction: something that consumes a vast amount of air time but shouldn’t be on the air in the first place.

    • Angel(?)

      Bingo! I think Yolanda loved fame more than her husband. She should of left the show and spent any “well” (I don’t know what to call it) time with David. Seems like she rallies for the show but maybe she should really for something more important. BTW I loved Absolutely Fabulous. It was so hilarious.

    • I am fast forwarding everything Yolanda.

  29. run_dmc

    Wasn’t it Jason – Ken’s son-in-law who pushed him in the pool? I’m pretty sure that’s what I saw. Was scary at first as he really might have been seriously hurt. I’m sure it wasn’t Freudian on Jason’s part… at… all…….

  30. I thought it was the SIL too, but someone else slo-mo’d it and says it’s not. I cringed when Ken landed…cringed @ the 69.

    I also am starting to cringe at the Rinna scenes – the forced laughing/legs flailing squee is on my last nerve. Wish she could just be fabulous without the fakery. And for Christ sakes call or visit your parents…off screen please.

  31. Thank you for recapping each housewife separately. It makes it possible to skip reading about Yolana entirely. Since I’ve sworn not to read any “illness storyline” posts, I thought I’d have to skip reading all of the RHOBH posts.

  32. JoJo

    I didn’t think it’d be a big deal after being forewarned, but I cringe every time during Yolanda’s death scenes. Ok, seriously, I think something’s wrong with her, but this isn’t what I tune in for and doesn’t make for good reality TV, especially after having gone through the fiasco of RHOC.
    I understand her POV is to give ‘voice’ to others for whatever illness this is, but I don’t want to hear it – it’s depressing no matter how real.
    I cringed when the idiot thought it’d be funny to push a 70 year old man with 2 hip replacements into the pool. If Ken landed just an inch on either of his sides, at best this would have been a different RHOBH storyline for the Todds, at worst we may not have ended up with a RHOBH season at all.

    I think that the discord between Kyle and her sisters and in-laws stems not from Kim’s addiction issues as much as her intention to publish – a book or a show – her personal story growing up as a Richards sister that she talked about at the very beginning of the season. That may also be the reason she was invited/uninvited/invited to her niece’s wedding.

    • Gladyskravitz

      Totally understand the hibernation thing. I’ve been guilty of this since my husband died. I hope you get better Tamara. I hate to ask this but is there a place this week to talk about AHS: HOTEL?

      • JoJo

        @Gladyskravitz …. I don’t think you meant this comment/reply for me.
        (In any event, I agree – hope TT gets better and especially enjoys the Holidays and hope for a new post to talk about yesterday’s AHS-Hotel!! Matt Bomer dancing to ‘Hotline Bling’ is … well everything!)

  33. Frosty

    This episode was delightful – well, except for the scenes with Yo. It’s really disturbing to see her flitting from treatment to quack to meds to weekly colonics. something is way off. I don’t belive it is Munchausen’s but even if she does have it, it is still an illness.

    I loved the hats and everyone in white – it reminded me of the Pastoral sequence in Fantasia. Throwing Ken in the pool was dangerous, what were they thinking. Thank god Lisa R’s boobs revived him!

  34. Rose

    Where was their son Max? I cringed when they threw Ken in the pool because of his hip. Ugh, Taylor.

  35. I see that you did not mention anything about Lisa Vanderpump and her expensive luggage.

  36. jen

    I lost interest about 20 minutes in and turned it off. I am not a fan of Erika at all. Also Lisa R seems like she is really trying too hard this season. I feel bad for Kyle.

  37. beckers

    Where’s rosebud

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