Can We Talk About The News Girls, Kim Fields and Tammy Browning On RHOA?

Gif by T.Kyle's RealityTVGif Tumblr

Gif by T.Kyle’s RealityTVGif Tumblr

There hasn’t been much interesting to report in entertainment news today. The only two Bravo blogs I’ve seen so far for RHOA have been Sheree’s and Kim’s.  Sheree’s  blog is a joke after she tried to write the first one herself and then hired a ghostwriter.  So that leaves us with Kim’s for now.

While we are talking about Kim, I am surprised you guys are struggling to see what is real and what is storyline this season.  Let me help you out. I’ve figured out why production was so excited to have Kim Fields this season. They are sadists.  The one true thing that is happening on this “reality show” is that Kim is having a really hard time, and a lot of regret about signing up for this ratchet mess. She’s been thrown in with a group of women who have their roles carved out. We have the THOT(s), the religious hypocrite, the beleaguered wife with the cheating husband, the former musician trying to stay relevant, the drama queen in search of love… one bit hotbed of crazy town. Finally, they found one sane person with a name and dropped her in.

You will notice that no one is really trying befriend either of the new ladies this season. Kim is crying on a boardwalk until production sends Phaedra after her. Tammy literally jumps overboard, only to return to the boat and sit below deck alone sipping beer and hunting for tequila all alone. Meanwhile the other girls are talking about how weird they both are. It’s new girl hazing. Kim has to tolerate conversations about Tootie on roller skatesas if she had no career after that. Meanwhile, she has a happy home with a husband and two kids and misses them while stuck in the viper pit, and housewives (all of theme) are mocking her because she checks in with them frequently. And you guys think she is acting when she is crying?  As someone who has stopped socializing for the most part, I can tell you that NORMAL social situations are stressful, let alone being dropped into a room/boat/house with a bunch of attention whores literally BRAWLING for attention.

RHOA Kim Fields be like...


Anyway,  on to Kim’s Bravo Blog for this week…. Why did you settle on sleeping in the living room rather than a bedroom?
Kim Fields: Oh, I didn’t “settle”! The bedrooms with water views got snagged; when I discovered the living room and it had everything I needed (especially water views), I was good! That joint had two other fab living rooms, no one saw or missed mine!

I think this was a genius move. She got the largest room and the ocean views in a part of the house they stayed out of for the most part.  Unless you are Tammy who was also so lonely that she sought out other people she knew to hang out with since the women were ignoring her. Why did you decide to call out the distinction between information and instigation?
KF: I’m not a “call out” type of woman. It was an observation of the way things were going down at dinner.

Clearly, she sees what is going on. I don’t think anyone with a brain believes that Porsha and Kenya planned a trip together. Do you really think that Kenya is sincerely interested in being around the thug that dragged her by the head? Did you also believe it when Phaedra called some African King in West Africa about a trip five RHOA were taking to South Africa?  Because… What lead to your breakdown with Phaedra?
KF: Honestly that was so not me. And again with the friggin’ emotion! What the what? Listen, that waterfront spot was the jump off for a grown and sexy good time and I was feeling it, I just wanted to really enjoy it with my husband. It’s truly that simple for me. There came a point in my life when I didn’t think I would be blessed with a husband (and children). It wasn’t about missing my family or the kids. I wanted to be with my man, period. While I’m not crazy about shedding a few tears over it, I am grateful for the lesson I got out of it, working through it with Phaedra, and getting to the other side of it. Watch what happens the next time I’m in a grown and sexy waterfront joint and I’m solo…LOL!

Translation, I was in a beautiful (yet very crowded) place with a bunch of crazy bitches who were not being welcoming while surrounded by cameras and just wished I had an ally around. I was way out of my comfort zone. I just wanted to go home.  And when things get worse, I do.

Oh and P.S. I freaking LOVE Kim’s hair.


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  1. Jaded

    Well TT, I may be in the minority but I really like her hair too!

  2. Minky

    Squeeee! I love Kim’s hair too! She looks like a pretty flower.

    Yeah. I agree with all of what you wrote. Everybody in TV Land is watching Kim realize or witness just how crazy and evil and soulless these women are. Some much more than others. She doesn’t get why they’re that way.

    As has already been pointed out, she’s shocked and terrified and feels alone. Maybe she really hasn’t watched the show? The one thing that can be said about Kim is that they can’t give her the bad edit. Her hands are as clean as a whistle.

    • Mrs.S

      I agree with ya’ll about Kim. Did she not know what she was getting into? Is she doing it simply for the $ ( I heard somewhere she was not sure) Those ladies only mention her doing Tootie she did do Living Single loved her on that show! It sad that you can only fit in with the ladies if you’re drunk , swearing , fighting or booty shaking!

  3. beth

    I’m sorry you have to watch this junk TT. Not trying to rub it in, but I am glad I chose not to watch it. Never say never, but I don’t picture me wanting to watch RHOA again. (or RHBH / RHNJ either)

  4. Tara

    TT- we love you! And Kim’s hair!

    I hope you and Banjo are doing better.xo

  5. Cat

    I don’t miss these shows, at all. Reading about it is painful enough.

    And I completely agree about the social thing. That’s why I avoid Twitter. It’s like being in a really crowded party, where you don’t know anyone. I don’t need that.

    I’d rather be here.

  6. WonkyTonk

    I don’t get why everyone seems to be hating on Kim in other posts. I like her. For years we’ve been claiming how ratchet these women get and the minute we get one that acts like a rational adult she gets so much hate. I love how she wasn’t afraid to take the ladies to task for the way they were behaving, and I really liked the way both Kenya and Kandi absolutely did not like it! Now this Tammy character I’m not liking at all! She’s up ta no good! Did you notice the graphic on return from commercials? Kandi is in the lead role, and that totally explains why she went after Kenya the other day. Kandi views herself as the HBIC which is why she absolutely didn’t like Kim taking the ladies to task. The person who surprised me the most was Cynthia and the shade she was throwing at Kim. Somehow I didn’t expect that from her.

    • Minky

      Cynthia was throwing shade?! At Kim???!!! Seriously?! WTF did she say?

      Ditto on the Kandi thinks she’s the big cheese all up in there. She certainly tries to raise the biggest stink with her little passive aggressive nonsence. Silent but deadly, dontcha know.

      • WonkyTonk

        She was complaining about the way Kim was vocal about the how she missed her family. It was fairly light but it took me by surprise. “So let me get this straight. Kim has been away from her husband for what, fifteen minutes, and Peter basically lives in Charlotte with an apartment. All I can say is I hope they don’t go into the restaurant business.”

      • Minky

        What the hell is so wrong about missing her family?! IDGI. I understand women who want a vacation from the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood, but a lot of those same women can’t wait for the first chance to call their family the second they get off of the plane. It’s called being a good, caring mom, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

  7. I enjoyed the show and absolutely love the reactions that Kim was having watching the women in action. She was so surprised and appalled at the same time. I think she is needed on show just to see a different side. I love the scenes with her family, especially when her husband was running around the room because they were getting to go out without the kids. So I like Kim, she a breath of fresh air.

  8. I’d love to have big crazy curly hair. I have absolutely straight hair, very boring.

  9. iloveearlgrey

    Kenya’s been over the top with her shade this season. I was hoping she and Kim would hit it off, but she was throwing out nasty comments left and right in their first interaction. I don’t know the whole story or the true story, but just based on what I’ve seen and read here, Kenya’s thirst to be the focal point of drama is making her look like a weasel.

  10. So Kim is going to be the Atlantic version of Kelly Bensimon on crazy island? Being all mopey/whingey/unhinged because she can’t handle seeing the ladies having some fun (albeit a little ratchet)?

    Call in Bethanny, we have a crybaby who needs to be told to leave.

    • GetReal2014

      I’m with you. I don’t believe anyone would sign a contract to a show they know nothing about, and her coming in with biases doesn’t sit well with me. The crying. I can’t, not about lunches, carpools, etc. She seems very fake to me.

      • Me too… And, that whole thing about distinguishing between informing and instigating…? Kim, you’re right! But lemme tell you what instigating really looks like. Had Kenya never said anything about what Tammy said about Sheree UNTIL they got to the dinner table, then sat back and watched while Sheree and Tammy hashed it out…THAT would have been instigating. That’s not what Kenya did.

        Kim started the “shady” with Kenya in their first meeting with the faces she kept making at Kenya’s suggestions about them working together. I thought Kenya was genuine in wanting to forge something with Kim when she first came on the show. Kim was the one who wasn’t interested.

    • Linda Marie Cull

      The difference, I think, is that Kelly really Was crazy! Kim is articulate, classy, and appears normal (so far) remember how, on crazy island, Kelly cried after Bethany left that gift outside her bedroom door? Now that was weird! Those ‘ladies’ were just having a little fun? I’ve never seen grown women act like that in my life! Of course I don’t go to strip clubs either. I’m thinking that’s where females like that hang out (and work!)

  11. Karol

    I was 100% team Kim, especially after the ‘information or instigation’ question, until she started crying about wanting to be with her family. If those were her honest feelings and she wasn’t playing it up for the camera, then I have to wonder how isolated she is IRL and think that it’s not really that healthy for her to be so wrapped up w/her family that she couldn’t enjoy even 48 hours away from them. I guess I was surprised/disappointed that she seemed so needy; it wasn’t what I expected.

    Love her hair!

    • sarcasatire

      One could understand if Kim went out with a group of her closest friends and stood in the corner crying. But these are strangers! Ratchet Strangers. Fighting! And she’s forced to spend the night with them? Shooooot, I would cry, too.

      • She isn’t forced to stay anywhere. She has complete agency. It’s like how Kelly Bensimon complained that Bravo made her go to scary island.

        Kim, you are a grown-ass, successful woman. If you don’t want the peach/trips/spend time with this group, then leave. Give the peach to someone else.

        The ladies may be throwing shade her way, but they aren’t bullying or targeting her. So far Kenya has been the rudest to her, and even those comments were not that hurtful.

      • Minky

        Lets not forget that she has 2 small children at home. One of whom is still a baby in diapers. I would want to be there for every moment too.

      • Now sarcasatire, your statement is something I can completely agree with :) I prefer to be a lover and not a hater <3

      • Sorry Micheal but I don’t get the Kelly Bensimon references. KKB was having a serious mental break. They had to take her off that island so she could get help. We don’t know if she was really complaining about having to go there in the first place since everything she says about that trip is distorted by her illness. Andy (yes I know) said that no one told her she had to go. Kim may be emotional, but I don’t believe she is having a mental break down.

      • Except at this point, they weren’t fighting…they weren’t even arguing. They were all enjoying each other and having a good time. I have to agree with @Karol…Kim seriously couldn’t make it barely a day away from her happy family without having a breakdown? In what world is this “normal”? Since that’s how people keep describing Kim Fields on this show… That’s not the kind of “normal” I ever want to be.

      • Linda Marie Cull

        I totally agree! She was excited to go at first. Remember when she was saying she’s lost herself a little. That’s a normal stage that stay at home mom’s go through (I was one) I think if the ladies…. and I use that term loosely here, VERY loosely!) Had gone to a spa or even a sports vacation, ski trip, camping, hiking…something along those lines, she would have felt differently. She probably just realized that she was stuck with a group of whores and she had to share a bathroom and didn’t bring rubber gloves, antibacterial soap, antibiotics etc etc! I’d boo-who too!!!!

  12. Matzah60

    I have come to dislike these trips these women take on all the housewives shows. It is a given that all these women who have conflict with one another are shoved together in one place with nowhere to go. Andy loves all the drama, discord, and angst it causes the women. This is his idea of a great show.

    Like Tamara and others have posted, I am uncomfortable in crowded situations like that outside bar the HW landed in Florida. I have to force myself to even mingle in normal social situations because my comfort zone is home, alone. I enjoy people and I usually find that I have a good time once I get out of my house, but it’s getting up, showered, dressed and out of my house that’s the hard part.

    I totally understand how Kim feels. When my kids were younger and on the off chance I did something social on a school night (playing bridge), I would always get odd looks and unpleasant comments about how I wanted to get home to my kids. I never liked leaving them too long with a sitter (being a single parent). Ultimately, these women excluded me from the bridge game unless they were desperate. There were always 5 or 6 of us there in case an emergency came up and someone couldn’t come, but I felt these women thought I was too attached to my kids and didn’t know how to have fun. I thought they were all privileged women living in the suburbs who lived this very easy life and couldn’t figure out why they always felt they had to get away from their kids or go away on vacation without their kids. Not saying they’re wrong, but I just didn’t fit in. Like Kim, it was out of my comfort zone and I really had nothing in common with them .

    As for Tammy, any time someone looks or dresses differently than the ‘crowd’, they are subject to scrutiny on this show from these women who wish they were rich enough (minus Kim) to afford the clothing and lifestyle they buy into but can’t truly afford. Tammy is well-spoken and her hubby is quite good looking.

    The mean girls you met and knew in grade school grow up to be mean adult women. People don’t really change all that much.

    • Linda Marie Cull

      My kids are both in college now. I’m very proud to say that I only hired a babysitter 1 night in their entire life. If my mother could not come over, then we didn’t go out. My kids are super close to me to this day. You can’t get those years back. It’s those years that are the ties that bind.

  13. Totally agree TT, and I didn’t think for one minute that Kim was faking her emotions. I think that she is the real deal. She’s almost an innocent in this pit of vipers, and really out of her element and I feel bad for her. This show with their dog eat dog mentality may not be in her best interest. Every now and then, Bravo cast someone who just doesn’t fit with these fame whores and Kim may very well be one them. I hope she doesn’t sign on for another season, she is too good for this shitfest, and the very last thing she needs is someone like Phaedra, the biggest hypocrite to ever hit the Bravo screen, to befriend her. God help that poor woman. Run, Kim, run, back to your loving family and life, and don’t look back lest you turn into a pillar of salt. (I almost kind of mean that last sentence.)

  14. I like having Kim Fields as part of the cast, just not a fan so far. I’m able to separate the scripted and story line angles from the genuine, which is why I like Kenya – she’s pretty much right there unfiltered no matter if it’s the established OG NeNe/Sheree or the Grammy award winning Kandi (she won a Grammy didn’t she? lol) Or now the vaunted Kim Fields. Kenya is consistent. And similar to Kim’s faux shock and amazement at the Housewives behavior, if Tammy thought she could come on the show singing a few versus of Goldigga to Kenya or any other Housewife without it being repeated both are in denial on what’s scripted and reality. I DO appreciate the translation tho’ TT…my eyes had glazed over every time I read the word “grown” in the interview so skipped around a lot. I think Ms. Fields has a loooong Season ahead of her at this rate.

    • GetReal2014

      I agree with you. People can say what they want to say about Kenya, but she goes to the heart of the matter every time. The rest of them smile in your and you don’t find out how they really felt, or what they did to you until reunion time. I prefer people who will come and talk to me, as opposed to people who talk about me behind my back any day. Kim can go though. She comes off as too fake to me.

  15. LisaPat

    Kim’s emotions dont seem to fit the gravity of the situation. Ive seen women cry less when their spouse leaves for war. Some mothers get lost in motherhood and I do believe she may be one of them. It is NOT normal to be around your child every second of the day, even when they are infants. I know some women do this.. but that doesnt make it healthy. I shouldnt even be suprised that there are women out there who see nothing wrong with a 45 year-old woman crying because she spent one afternoon away from her kids, because that is America in 2015. We child-proof our our lives to the point that we have no life and think its healthy and normal. Kim’s son seemed perfectly intelligent and capable, but he expected his Mommy to pack baby books to read to him over Skype. He looked way too old for that but thats the result of her parenting. Im suprised he’s not breast feeding.

    • I didn’t even think of how unhealthy that whole Skype read thing was LisaPat – Dear God, I hope we’re not watching the Atlanta version of future Albie and Chris Manzo’s????

      • LisaPat

        I think she’s worse than the Manzos. Caroline was able to take trips without bawling. For a moment yesterday when other commenters felt her bizarre behavior could be an act, I reserved jugement and pity. But after reading and getting TTs confirmation, I realize that this is no act. The reunion is usually like 12 hours long, right?? She’s going to be skyping with the boys from the couch on commercial breaks.

      • Can’t find a way to reply LisaPat ^^^ but just LOL @ The Reunion visual…thanks! :) (I’m not reserving judgement tho’ – the over the top “mugging” for the camera is the give away, learned at a very young age.) Which is great btw, I admire how she’s turned out (looking at YOU Kim Richards!) and the career she’s had (has.) When they were vying for rooms, was it based on who is the most successful at first? If so, isn’t it Kandi – hands down?

    • tamaratattles

      I am amazed that so few people don’t recognize what loving families on reality shows actually look like. They really do stick out as anomalies so it’s not that hard.

      But I am curious, as a reading specialist when is a child ‘way too old to be read to” The kid is a KID. The “Baby Books he was referring to were Magic Treehouse books and are not for “babies” But are one of the first series of chapter books kids learn to read.

      So far what I hear here is people mocking close families, reading to their kids, missing their family when away for extended times at work, cry when being shut out of a new peer group, checking in on their families during breaks from work, not drinking, dressing like a whore, sitting under a tree on a beach listening to religious music, and some unidentifiable “mugging for the cameras” while at the same time shown actively walking away from them, leaving filming scenes, and going home early after a dangerous encounter and being essentially bullied by her coworkers. Just to be clear, that is an issue for you guys, right?

      So, it sounds like you are Porsha fans just pretending to be normal citizens right? That’s what I thought.

      The kid is too old to be read too? I’m going to be up another half hour despairing for the world after that shit. Wow.

      • WonkyTonk

        THANK YOU! I really don’t get it. I like her on the show, I think she’s funny, and she’s not afraid to engage/challenge the entire group. Of course that’s going to feel uncomfortable for that group of ladies, but I mean damn. When she chose the living room as her bedroom, I mean come on, how precious was that. While all the ladies are trying to one up the pecking order in bedroom choice she picks a living room in an open area of the house with the better view. I was really hoping Cynthia, Kenya, and Kim would hit it off but it’s not looking like it’s headed in that direction, and I think that’s a shame. I’m really pulling for her at this point. I want her to succeed on the show. BTW I really like her hair as well.

      • Toddy

        Thanks, TT. I’ve been reading the last Harry Potter with my middle child – he’s supposed to read aloud to help his speech issues – and I don’t think our society’s problems are due to spending too much time with our kids. Now, there is a problem with putting kids on a pedestal and hardly making time for your spouse, but that’s another convo.

      • Katherine 2.0

        And another thanks from me, TT. I read that comment and thought, not normal for who?? I read to my kids on a long car trip when they were in their 20’s. I read to my grandchild on Skype every chance I get. It’s a privilege and an honor to spend time with your family in a meaningful way. We are all better people for it.

      • Meredo

        I totally empathize with how Kim Fields is reacting. I would cry and miss my family too if I were thrust into the land of insanity with not one woman I could really relate to. I’m surprised she remained as composed as she did when most of them were trying to make her feel like an outcast. I’m actually ashamed of Kenya and how she’s treating Kim and stirring the pot with Tammy. They have really made it hard for any new cast member to fit in this season. My heart goes out to Kim for having to endure these women who are so far removed from someone she would normally associate with.

      • Jaded

        No kidding! Read to my children when they were small and when they found books they loved later we would take turns reading aloud. Great memories.

      • tamaratattles

        Well now you can just hand your kid an iPod to shut them up while you play on your phone. Apparently, you shouldn’t be overly involved with your kid when they reach age 7 or 8.

      • Minky

        Yes. Just, yes, to all of the Kim supporters. TT, in your teaching career, you have probably seen the way parental involvement, or noninvolvement, influences a child’s learning experience in school. As well as socialization, confidence, etc. There is such a thing as too much parenting, but I don’t believe Kim’s there yet.

        My mother not only read to me, but she also taught me how to read and write in a language other than English when I was little. She also thought that American schools were too lax so she’s give me extra math homework and make me do extracurricular book reports for her at home. And don’t get me started on all of the chores! Ha ha! That takes time, and patience. But I’ll be forever grateful to my mama for that.

      • tamaratattles

        In the south, we really have tons of programs for black boys with no parental involvement that are HIGHLY enriched by reading and laying a great foundation in literacy and math. To say that mother of any child could overdo love and reading is absurd.

      • Judiluki

        I read to my kids until they were 14,12,11 (and kept on with the younger). We read Harry Potter, Roald Dahl, Hardy Boys and some Nancy Drew, the Bible, Alice in Wonderland and my childhood faves like the Little House on the Prairie Books. They also picked books they liked such as Animorphs. I tried to do some classics with some fun ones. They are now 24,22,21 and we still play games at Christmas…(we just got the gross Crimes against Humanity..have not played yet) and we love playing Heads Up. We are not a perfect family but reading, eating dinner together and family game night were and still are important to us. I love Kim because for once I can relate to someone. I just hope she can survive this season and find joy in it!

      • tamaratattles

        OMG if I come over will you read Harry Potter to me until I fall Asleep?

      • @Judiluki…you…you MONSTER!

        Don’t you know that at reading books to your children will turn them into ‘intellectuals’. Bad parenting here people. Don’t worry I found the real bad parent here. ?

        On a serious note, I loved animorphs when I was a kid and I’m 27.

      • tamaratattles

        This whole “too old to be read to” AT AGE SEVEN disturbed in so many ways. In college I lived in an apartment full of students (and adults we would try to by alcohol from on Sundays). My next door neighbor was a rich college boy who loved to drop acid (which wasn’t particularly popular at my school.) He would do two things related (1) drop acid and come over and watch the religious channel on my TV because he was a philosophy major who liked to see the preachers hand trails as they talk with their hands a lot and (2) have me over to hang with him and then READ TO ME Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

        During that same time I went to Edisto Island for a week or two with a girlfriend of mine and her siblings and their friends. We stopped at a gas station and bought a book about the Islands ghost tales. There was GASP NO TV in our ocean front house. We would sit around at night and cook (damn those SC people can cook! So many low country delights) and I would read them ghost stories and then they would read one. It was great fun.

        There is no “too old to be read too” I hope when I am in the old folks home all alone some do gooder liberal will show up to read to me when my eyesight no longer allows it.

        But it looks like there may be no more books by then. It’s sad. I remember my Daddy loved to watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. When he went to the old folks home he could not read the words anymore. I’d read them to him but it sucked he could not enjoy it by himself.

        Nonreaders just don’t understand.

      • Cat

        I love real books. Especially hardback books, just the feel of them. Turning pages.

        E-books annoy me.

        I have a full set of hardback Harry Potter books. Collector’s edition. Happy sigh.

      • tamaratattles

        I almost always by hardbacks unless I am flying with it.

      • Mitch

        It is not normal. Kim’s behavior is strange. This girl grew up in Tinsletown. She has seen and probably did it all. She is acting like some shelter woman from Salt Lake City, Utah. BISH…Please. We saw her momma acting on Good Times, and giving us ghetto real and fabulous. Kim younger sister is ghetto fab as well. Now, she wants to create this holy than thou act. Her act is an act. She is married to a gay man. She is a beard. And, now they trying to give us this wholesome woman with two kids. Please…it is all an act. Her crying was bizarre. You might look, laugh, shake your head, but you are not going to act scary or afraid when you grew up in HOLLYSTRANGE.

    • Ok, then call me crazy. I was one of those mom’s who didn’t like leaving my children with anyone and you can even call me overprotective. But I wanted to know what was going on with my kids while I was away. I found nothing wrong with Kim missing her family and even crying after witnessing some of the craziness by the other housewives. Kim was not use to being in an environment where women are fighting every meal or meet up about something stupid. Why can’t these women have one scene where they are having fun and not fighting. Yes it has always been that way, but why not have at least one meal, where there is no fighting!

      • WonkyTonk

        Yes. Like the driving scene with Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump where Lisa playfully tries to scare Kyle driving the car on a narrow lane, and then later the scene where they’re in their flowing dresses having a cocktail walking through the garden chatting. I really liked those scenes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen scenes like that from RHOA.

    • Linda Marie Cull

      ‘Normal’ really only means ordinary. What you regularly see, you don’t think much about. Just because something is out if the ordinary does not mean it’s wrong. She seems like a great mom to me. Of course I was a stay at home mom. Since I tended to hang out with other stay at home moms, I never thought much about it. For me THAT was ‘normal’ I also read to my kids every night until they were about 10. They liked it. They would come into our room lay in our bed and I’d read. My husband never went to sleep as early as them so he want in bed yet. They are grown now. 19 and 21. Both in college. Both have jobs. Both outstanding people. My daughter’s university is only an hour and a half away and I’ll go up once a month or so to take her to lunch. There is nothing wrong with being close to your kids, no matter their age. P.s. Kim outright said she was NOT crying about her kids! She said she missed her husband and didn’t understand the women grinding all over eachother. She really thought the scene called for couples. She probably felt an orgie was about to break out at any second, and with Porcha there, seems like a real possibility.

  16. First off I must say, how are you feeling TT, praying for Your wellness???!
    The morons if this “sisterhood” like to glorify the superficial whereas Mrs.Fields values her husband who also values his wife and family. I absolutely Love her Real Reality. I must say this is the image I’ve always had of Kimmie in my head. I’m glad she stays true to her values and not give a crap about shedding a tear, instead of bottling that emotion get it out. There are times when I’m so happy I cry, or so angry I cry, or just plain hurting. That doesn’t make a person weak it makes you conscious of the situation at hand. So Bravo girl, I’d rather be with my man and children too, maybe some of these ladies should try it and maybe just maybe their huzbands would have stuck around. Ijs don’t shoot the messenger.

    • Skeeter

      MIssMe I totally agree with you. This IS Kim’s reality. Being there for and with her family all the time is what she wants. But she also has a few careers correct? She is not unemployed. When my kids were young and up until the youngest was about 12 I was home for not only my family but for myself. I know how hard it is to work and raise children. I did not have the luxury of doing that with my first child. My two children are 7 years apart – I did have the luxury with the second one. When the youngest got older I started back to work part time – the older he got the more I was looking at full time work. But this is what my husband and I wanted.

      I think it’s refreshing to see a housewife “behave” like this. Well, hold up! She does get rattled a little easy. I think she should get a little thicker skin. She would be able to handle these ladies and their behavior a little better. I don’t think she will come back for another round of ratchedness next season though.

  17. Xanadude

    Maybe it’s because I’ve been with El Esposo for forever, but, yeah, if I’m out socially without him, it feels weird. Yes, when I have an out of town work trip planned I try to find a way to bring him, because I actually enjoy being around him. It doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t do stuff without him, it’s just that I prefer to be together.

  18. ShyGuy

    Unfortunately I just don’t think this is the show for Kim, she is such a sweet and successful woman and as I stated would be perfect for the OWN network. Tammy is also great but the same thing happened with Claudia and demetria last season, how can Tammy and Kim come on and bond with these women that already have so much hate and history amongst each other. Before Carlos king came back on I felt this season was gonna go in a positive direction with drama of course, Kandi had an event with her groups and invited the returning girls to announce her pregnancy, obviously that scene is on the cutting room floor. That would have been the perfect opening episode and then introducing Kim and Tammy in episode 2 but what happened the new producer was fired, Carlos comes back and pushes his plan to shove his friend porsha and her friend shamea down our throats and gives us the same recycled drama from the past 3 seasons. Honestly I don’t blame the cast of girls I blame the production and Andy for not wanting to show these girls doing anything else but throwing shade and fighting every episode. I feel bad for them and hope when Nene returns we can get more fun episodes like seasons 1-5 and this past episode 6.

  19. Tulsa Teacher

    I absolutely believe that Kim’s reactions are genuine, so genuine in fact that they break down that “third wall” that we all know exists but choose for the most part to ignore, otherwise what’s the point of watching? Seeing the women through Kim’s eyes (and I too am surprised that she went into this project so naively) makes me see them with a more jaded eye and I know that’s why I’m not enjoying this season.

    • Mark

      Isn’t it Fourth Wall? High school drama lessons coming back to me…

      But I totally get it. Infact I would like to see more of that in these shows. It makes it seem more real to me! Acting like cameras aren’t there comes across as fake to me before you’ve even said anything!!!

  20. I like her hair! I didn’t know people hated it! I like her on the show and honestly the crying doesn’t mean she is weak! This woman has a very real connection to her family unit! I also like that she can articulate her point without having to raise her voice or even cause an argument! Kenya is annoying always wanting to jump down someone’s throat for the wrong they see her doing! It would behpove her not to be dissing Kim; I doubt that will go over well with the fans! Forget Nene 2.0 she is giving me Brandi 2.0 and I don’t like it!

    • Meredo

      Kenya is used to feeling intellectually superior to the rest of the women whereas Kim can hold her own with her. I don’t think Kenya knows what to do with that.

  21. 25

    1–Love Kim’s hair in every way that she’s styled it so far.

    2–Yes, she’s boring as Heaven. She shouldn’t be on the show.

    3–Did anyone else notice how downright rude (not shady; just cruel) Phaedra was when she was talking to Kim on the boardwalk? Saying that no one else likes their husband as much? Ohh because the only other person in the group with a functioning marriage is your friend Kandi! Working it out my ass.

    Kim is reminding me of a constantly crying version of Kim B. Biermann was over all the ratchet drama too when she left the show. When you’ve got it good at home, you don’t need to get your kicks from twerking up against a friend while covered in strings. Something Phaedra wouldn’t know anything about–not in season 3, not in season 4, not in season 5, not in season 6, not in season 7, and not now. She’s never been in love like Kim, not even on the air mattress at 3am.

    • WonkyTonk

      Boring? Really? You don’t find her talking heads funny at all? I do, quite a bit actually. They’re certainly funnier than Porsha’s, and Pheadra’s as well, unless one is like Andy Cohen who likes shady mean spirited humor like what Pheadra’s been dishing out during her talking heads. I think she compares quite well on talking heads with all of the ladies. She’s had a few funny moments in group shots which is more than you can say for some of the ladies, and she’s unintentionally created drama with the ladies for gently calling out their behavior, as opposed to physically attacking someone, or intentionally setting two ladies against each other. There seems to be a disconnect between Kim’s actual reality on the show, and how a lot of people are negatively viewing her. From what I’m reading I’m seriously beginning to believe a lot of people aren’t being honest with themselves when they say they don’t like the ratchet behavior between the ladies on the show, and they’re not liking Kim because it’s pretty clear by this point she’s not going to feed it, and in fact is actively opposing it.

      • 25

        I don’t necessarily have a problem with ratchet behavior on reality tv; I watch Bad Girls Club and Teen Mom. But look at the title of those shows versus the title of this one. I don’t care if 22yos are popping off on BGC, but I have a problem with Porsha’s THOT ass assaulting dignified near-50yo Cynthia and Kenya. That makes my stomach churn. Facts are that’s the direction the producers want the show to go–more ratchet than BGC–as evidenced by them putting a peach back in Porsha’s talons. And Kim does not have a place in that equation.

      • 25

        I don’t dislike ratchet behavior on realty tv; I watch Bad Girls Club & Teen Mom. But look at the titles of those shows versus the title of this one. Watching 22yos pop off on each other doesn’t bother me. Watching Porsha’s THOT ass assault & batter dignified, near-50yo Cynthia and Kenya makes my stomach churn. But that’s the direction of the show the producers want to take–as evidenced by them putting a peach back in Porsha’s talons. And Kim has no place in that equation.

        And NB: even Bad Girls Club would have booted Porsha for excessive violence by now.

      • The name should be changed to “The Ratchet Housewives of Atlanta”!

  22. Keya

    I truly enjoyed this Tamara, and I COMPLETELY agree with many of your thoughts. That was a stressful situation to be in with all the attention I seeking personalities. Her tears were not faked.

    Also, I loved her responses. Especially where she stated that she didn’t “settle”. That lady hit the jackpot by choosing not to follow the crowd.

  23. Trinity

    I am starting to like Kim on the show. I love it when she makes her judgy comments that make all the other ladies start twitching. I don’t have a problem with someone being so happy to be a mommy. That seems like a beautiful thing but it appears that really wasn’t enough for her. Something isn’t good in her life & she is searching, please tell me this is not menopause too? As for her hair, it looks better on the show, for some reason in the pictures the color looks worse. It’s Tammy’s hair that I don’t like now.

    • Linda Marie Cull

      Yeah. What on earth is going on with that hair!? To each his own but, but, well hell, it looks terrible. Cynthia’s hair always looks great, but how many hours a week does she spend getting it done? Who, in the real world, changes their whole hair style every week?

  24. ItsMe

    I’ve seen here complaints of Phaedra “allegedly” not spending time with her children. Now people here are making fun of Kim for wanting to be with her children. What’s wrong with a child wanting to be read to?

    • Keya

      Nothing at all is wrong with that child.

      • Buttercream

        Agree! 1,000 ^^ on your support for Kim and all Moms/Grandma’s/Aunts who “READ” to kids!
        When a “DAD” leaves an event or party to read to their kids .it’s ooohh’s and ahhh’s ..when Kim wants to go and read to her kids she is met with the opposite reaction/support … eww on these women who make fun of her!

        Love Kim’s hair!

    • It’s not that reading to the kid is bad, but unable to skip a night doing it is the concern.

  25. Cheychey

    I actually love the direction the show is going with woman like Kim. I’m in the opinion of that is more true to what a “real housewife” is like when put on a trip with a bunch of people she barely knows. They are half naked, drinking, arguing and throwing shade at each other. How in the world would you feel comfortable let alone come to grips with the fact that your your just starting this journey of being away from your family for any extended time. Most people would do this with long time girlfriends or sisters not someone they met like 3 minutes ago. Of coarse she is crying and that’s not over reacting at all.

    • barbinga

      I think it’s way too late for the show to change course, so don’t see it as them trying a new direction. It’s too bad it didn’t begin that way with normal, non screaming women instead of banshees. It’s like the step child of the franchise.

  26. Mitch

    Tamara, I hate to bust your bubble, but Kim Fields is acting as well. Kim is a BITCH on fire. I am not telling this from an observation it is from a real experience. We hired her back the 90s to co-host an event. She was nasty, catty, and beyond rude. The ED of the Organization finally had to cuss her out. Now this was in the 90s and people do grow, but this hefer has seen far worst coming from Hollywood. This situations are tame. She is playing a role as well and is doing well at playing the role because you are buying it. LOL

    • tamaratattles

      So Mitch, You do realize that in 1990 Kim was barely 20 years old. Even if I believed your claim, and I don’t, Kim in the ensuing TWENTY FIVE YEARS has become an adult and been through many adult issues including one not so happy marriage followed by a later in life marriage in which she struggled mightily to have children. In between her first child and her second she suffered losses that we hugely upsetting in her journey to have a second child. Her second child finally was born just two years ago when she was 44 and giving up hope.

      Your dickheaded comment, and those of others who blindly believe it is appalling. Kim went through hell and high water and finally has the family she worked so hard for. She appears to be a devoted mother and an actual practicing Christian. There has been much in the media about Kim out with her husband and their eldest son usually at educational events for children.

      So you can FUCK OFF with your bullshit “experience” from “the 90s” at some unnamed event that seems incredibly libelous to me.

      • Mitch

        Ms. Tattles the event was Prized Pieces which was held by the National Black Programming Consortium. At the time, the organization was based in Columbus,Ohio but is now in Harlem, New York. It is highly regarded not-for-profit media arts organization that supports Black Independent Filmmakers. Over the decades, people such as Danny Glover, Loretta Devine, the fabulous Sheryl Lee Ralph and countless others participated in the program. They had class. They had grace. They understand the mission of the organization. Unfortunately, Kim was uncouth. Almost similar to a upgraded Nene from the second season. As a volunteer, I was appalled at her behavior. Kim lacked a certain level of sophistication and class. And, yes it was twenty-years ago, but I don’t believe a Zebra can change its spots. You keep dinging Nene over not changing so your same rule applies to Kim (lol). And, no I am not a Nene fan. I just call it as I see it. Since you want to question my information and put on a performance like you checking someone “hunty” go ask Ms. Fields did she serve as a Mistress of Ceremony? I am sure she will not give you the time of day. Not a look. Not a glance. Not an interview. Because you in her eyes are a NMF defined by Ms. Evelyn Lozada. Lastly, several people witness her bad behavior that night. I am not the only one.

        Also, let’s not forget Kim grew up in hollyweird. She loves telling the story of being fat shamed on the Facts of Life, but I am sure she has more racy stories to tell. I am sure she has seen all kind of things in her life. . What these ladies did was tame. As it relates to Kim being a christian. Not impressed. I have yet to see one thing from her on this show that walks in the light of Jesus (lol). She is just shady religious lady like Phaedra who is trying to get a pay check to keep her family life going since she nor her husband are working. Last time I checked, taking care of your child is not work. I love how you read her bio and believe you know the lady firsthand. Next time you attempt to come for me, girl you better send an inbox. I am not the one. When I make a statement I always have facts to back them up. You on the other hand, hmmmm?

        Have a wonderful day Felicia.

      • Cat

        20 years is a long time. And people DO change.

        I have met several celebrities in my line of work over the years. That does not mean I know any of them personally.

        Give your ego a rest.

      • WonkyTonk

        Mitch are you a misogynist? Serious question, I’m curious based on some of your comments. let me ask you something. If that day, or maybe series of days where you state she behaved poorly were completely removed from your memory and you had to judge her for just the things you saw on the show so far, keeping in mind unless you know 100% her motivations, and thoughts, which you can’t possibly know, then can you at that point come to the realization that you don’t know if she’s playing a role or not, and so by extension judging her negatively is, well, pointless. Under those circumstances where you don’t recall the behavior you’re crediting to her during that event so long ago, if you’re not seeing similar bad behavior on the show now then wouldn’t it make more sense to give her the benefit of the doubt that perhaps she may have changed for the better in the decades since you state you witnessed that behavior? Lastly you should probably stop saying raising children isn’t work. It may fall under the non monetary earning type of work for which you may not approve, but raising children definitely is work.

    • Linda Marie Cull

      Mitch, A very ballzy move, getting on here and calling Kim a hefer. Stupid, but ballzy. Wait, your at home where we can’t reach you, so not so ballzy, more like cowardly. First, she’s not a hefer. Second, We (I think I can give myself license to speak for the group here) dislike men who bring a womans weight into a conversation that is not about weight. In other words, ho away. You suck.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh keep reading. Clearly Mitch has watched Kim’s every interview for the past four decades. He’s obsessed. I’m guessing her “horrible behavior” was getting a restraining order on him. He seems like an obsessed stalker fan.

      • Cat

        That’s what I think, too. My theory is, he was star struck, and she was annoyed by it. When working with celebrities, you have to remember it’s all about THEM, not YOU. You are there to serve them, make sure they are happy, while you blend in with the wallpaper.

        Since Mitch had to come here and post what amounts to a crude resume, he’s making this more about him than Kim. Unfortunately for him, we don’t care.

  27. wow mitch. if that’s true, we have a lot to look forward to when she finally explodes.

    • Keya

      That sounds about right (if in fact that’s true). And if it is…..I can’t wait lol

    • Mitch

      WonkyTonk are you a fool? I am totally confused where you would come up with the idea that I hate women. Second of all, people are judged on their behavior from the past and present. It is not my fault that she was rude, sarcastic, impolite and a host of other adjectives I could use to describe her behavior that night. Secondly, she was interviewed several years ago on an urban radio station and the radio personality asked her about Baby Face and his body odor. She laughed and went onto confirmed he had a body odor because her mother worked with him. What purpose did it serve her to have a conversation about Baby Face. What is even worst, she most likely killed her mother’s relationship with Baby Face and a few other celebrities. She could have easily stated, I don’t know. I never worked with the man. This was probably 9 years ago. So, I am to assume because she was in her late 30s that she was still naive and immature? I don’t think so. I don’t like or dislike Kim Fields. I think Kim is playing a character. It is clear the producers have hashed up this idea of bringing in something near a near normal housewife, but she is not the one. I hope she gets better overtime, but she is playing her role miserably. Why do you think it has been a backlash about her. They call her boring, and I think the word is unable to play her role authentically (lol). Kenya, Phaedra, Porsha, Cynthia, Sheree, Marlo, and Kandi understand their role and play it out beautifully. I think the challenge for Kim is that she is a mean girl trying to play a naive housewife from the south, which is not working. LOL

      Lastly, let me make something clear. I give the utmost respect to women who work and take care of their children. I come from a family of strong women that held it down in all areas. My mother was a housewife and a business woman. She dragged me around to all her business appointments and never made excuses or wine/cry. Ms. I am working because I am taking care of my children is BULLSHIT. You decided to have the child, so it is your responsibility to feed, cloth, and take care of he or she. Working and staying home is a luxury that most women cannot afford. So, I am not going to give you nor your friends a silver medal because you are at home with your child. Give me a break. Bye Felicia.

      • WonkyTonk

        Lol. Your response is about as tired as your last sentence. Just because you like your mommy doesn’t mean you’re not a misogynist Mitch. I’ll take you at your word, and give you the benefit of the doubt you’re not though. Which is probably the way you should be taking Kim.

      • tamaratattles

        Mitch, there are very few gay men on this planet I don’t like. But you play the role of bitter old queen well. So you can take that very rare seat. In the window licking section.

        You seem to have some sort of personal vendetta against Kim. Someone asked her if Babyface has a body odor problem and she acknowledged it? Clearly it was a topic of discussion and she was directly asked. THAT is a reason for your tirade?

        There are a lot of people posting here that think Kim is acting. I do not. I think those who do are idiots. But they are free to be idiots if they want to be. We will agree about something later. But you are just a very bitter old queen and that’s the one flavor of gay I just don’t care for.

        So you are dismissed.

      • WonkyTonk

        One of the things I don’t like in the community is bitter gays who don’t like women, especially ones who aren’t honest about it. Mitch was screaming that attitude in his lack of willingness to believe Kim could change over a 20 year period, in his thinking that raising children wasn’t a job as stated initially, and in the shitty dismissive way he responded to you. What the hell kind of man takes a don’t come after me attitude with a woman? Gay or straight that’s just not done.

      • worldgirl

        Mitch, I hear you. You only explained your experience with Kim Fields. Who’s to say that you made it up? We don’t know either way. And I can believe it because her over the top reaction to the missing chairs at the table was beyond weird. There;s some attitude lurking there. And you’re not the only viewer that thinks she’s acting. Whatever she’s doing is not working. She won’t be back next year.

  28. Trashbox

    This is like not liking camping and signing up to be on Survivor. LAME.

    This is all on Kim. Well, and production for ruining their own show. She is a wet blanket on everything. No fun, no drama, no rich lady mini ponies, no gala guestlist mix-ups. She needs to go.

    It would be fun to watch her explode and stomp off, I guess, but she’s ruining the whole moment in the meantime. This is a lot of wasted airtime for one episode making fun of her for finally freaking out.

  29. ViVaLaDiVa

    OMG someone just come kill me now. Shereé has the same star tattoo in the same place, THE SAME BLUE COLOR as me.

  30. sandra

    Tamara, Thank you for this reply and I agree with everything you said. Those comments had my blood boiling. The comments about how abnormal and unhealthy it is to want to be with your baby every second, and to read to them, WTF, COLD! And to point at Caroline Manzo as a bad mother is stupid. Caroline is the most loving mom I have seen on reality tv. Wow.

  31. pfffttt

    I like both Tammy and Kim. Tammy is weird, but in a fun way. I think Kim Fields is very sweet and I think she is a great mother. It is refreshing to have different types of women thrown into the mix.

    I thought the same about Claudia, even though Claudia could throw shade and get ratchet with people that came after her. She had a different vibe than most on RHOA. A genuine vibe.

    So did Lydia on RHOC. These women typically last one season unfortunately.

  32. Oh jeez. You have another pet project who you identify with who you will defend till your dying breath even though she is a total psycho. Let the games begin. I just pray she doesn’t get cancer.

    • tamaratattles

      I assume that with the ridiculous cancer comment you are referring to me and my dismay that idiots are coming for Kim calling her things like “psycho” because she doesn’t brawl with other “women” in bikinis on boats and Actually enjoys spending time with her family that includes a 24 month old baby. If so, then yes, I will be defending her. Right on through until she shows up with her boys in Jamaica much to the chagrin of the other bitches.

      From what I understand, you also have a family that you enjoy spending time with. And also manage to be psycho from time to time. So I shall also continue to defend you here as well and hope you don’t get cancer either.

      Yours in Christ,

  33. PaganChick

    I was looking forward to Kim being on the show, and was hopeful that the show would kind of change direction with someone like her on it. So, I felt REALLY bad for her on this trip and based on what I have read here, the trip will most likely get even worse. Reality shows tend to divide me there are people whose lives I would love to see more of simply because I am interested in how they live. And then there are people who are hot messes who I watch because I get enjoyment out of making fun of just how shit-tastic their lives are. Kim is one of those whose life I am genuninely interested in. So, TT I do agree that she would have been much better suited for a show on OWN just because I don’t want to see her get dragged into the ratchet nonsense of the other women on this show. I actually used to feel the same way about Cynthia Bailey. I remember her as a model when I was growing up and immediately recognized her when she came to the show. Honestly, out of all of the former models that are doing the Housewives shows, hers was the only name I recognized as a model before she appeared on RH. Now, I feel like Cynthia has caught the Housewives Cooties and is no better or worse than the rest of them. So, my hope is that Kim parlays this gig into something else – possibly her own show on OWN rather than doing another season.

    The only other thing I wanted to comment on is Kenya. I usually love her, but this season she has been bugging me. I think it is because she keeps giving Sheree relevance and I want less not more of Sheree. I have this fear in the back of my mind that Kenya is going to give Sheree enough relevance to be full time once again, and no one wants that.

  34. FGF

    Has it ever occurred to anyone that Kim may have been emotional because of her alleged financial issues? Being on a beautiful yacht, lodging in a beautiful mansion, and eating at the finest restaurants with a bunch of crazy women! She probably wants to do those things with her man but can’t afford to. She probably hates that she had to take this “job” to support her family and it probably worsens with each fight.

    • PaganChick

      I hadn’t heard anything about her having financial issues. But, I can see what you mean because if I had the chance to be on a yacht, lodge in a beautiful mansion, and eat at the finest restaurants, I would also much rather experience it with my husband than with a bunch of crazy ratchets. And if it I had to experience something like that for the first time, no matter what I thought I had signed up for, I would totally have some kind of breakdown.

      Maybe (you never know for sure until you are in the situation) I would have avoided crying on camera, or maybe I would have done a full on snot filled ugly cry and then started cussing everybody out while wiping snot from my nose. Most likely, I would have cussed everyone out and then left before I started crying. I’m not much of a crier, but if I knew I couldn’t escape after cussing everyone out and leaving the cameras, I would probably cry.

      • tamaratattles

        The reason you have not heard of Kim’s “financial difficulties” is because you don’t read the sites that discuss Kim’s “financial difficulities” DURING HER FIRST MARRIAGE as if they are current. It’s ambiguous irresponsible reporting that people take as fact.

      • FGF

        I totally agree!! Even if she doesn’t have any financial woes (that’s why I used the word alleged) she admitted that she and her husband don’t get out much, so I can definitely understand her wanting to experience that type of trip with him over them. I like her and the reality she brings to the show. She doesn’t seem to be trying to fulfill a certain role and seems very authentic.

        Judging by past seasons she may have thought some of the drama would die down with the departure of Nene and probably didn’t expect to see fights at every event. In the past they actually had events were there was no drama at all and they actually seemed to be enjoying themselves.

  35. JoJo

    Tamara, thanks for the perspective on Kim Fields. I still don’t feel this show is the right fit for her, but she’d have no idea until they were filming and once she figured that out, I have to assume she’s already locked by contract to finish the season up. Right now, it doesn’t look like this is something she’ll return to, but as her interview intimates, maybe she toughens up and acclimates by season end.
    Tammy and her relation to this Glen guy confuses me. Is this her step-son or nephew – rapper – to whom she was referring in an earlier episode? Your Nov. 4 blog post about why Tammy lost her peach says that ‘Glen Rice, Jr.’ was a former basketball player/athlete, and that Tammy brought him to the Miami party. Perhaps to secure her peach when 3 women were vying for 2 peaches.
    You said that not only did Glen get nasty with Kenya, but with Kim Fields who was responsible for him being removed from the event by production. Tammy got hit trying to break up a confrontation between him and another HW and ended up in the hospital. After all that she lost her peach?
    So is Glen the athlete, a relative, a rapper or all three??

    • pfffttt

      In the previews, Phaedra and Porsha are sitting and talking and they defend Glenn. They blame the drama on Kenya. ::rolls eyes::

      • JoJo

        Bravo just had the rerun of the episode on, and I missed Tammy introducing this piece of work to the ladies in MIami as her nephew. Since he was physically removed from the event, guess we won’t be seeing much more of him after the next episode and I guess no audition for Kandi as a rapper:)

        About Kenya bringing the drama related to this guy, I think from his history that’s been reported, he’s a dangerous douche all on his own. Guess we’ll see for sure next week. I finally looked him up since the name ‘Glen Rice’ sounded so familiar. He’s the son of the respected, long-time NBA pro now retired Glen Rice. Dad’s likely not very proud of Junior. Kicked out of Georgia Tech & their basketball program, drafted by NBA, spending most of his short career bouncing back & forth between the D leagues and the Wizards, until they cut him early this year. He’s more ‘famous’ for his violence and run-in with the law than his 2 years as a baller. Guess he was prime for reality TV until he was too prime even for RHOA.

      • Forbes List

        well Phaedra does allegedly like violent thug men, so her loins were probably all a quiver. porsha likes ballers, fake or real. so both are prob pissed they missed such a good opportunity because of Kenya, the classic c@ckblock. LOL. Phaedra was hoping to replace apollo with another young thug patsy and porsha was hoping to replace Duke with a baller/rapper who atleast didnt troll her on the IG.. allegedly. JMHO.

      • ItsMe

        Haha Porsha wasn’t even eyeing Glen Rice so that theory is flawed

  36. Glow

    I am ducking as I type this but I like Tammy and would have liked to see her all season. I am actually enjoying Sheree, but I’ve never had a problem with her. She just struck me as a bit hard and cold ie Millionaire Matchmaker. She’s also funny. I wonder how many times Kim has to see Phaedra’s butt cheeks before she starts to question the classy, church lady routine. Kim, I think, will be back for a second season if given the option. I like her. She’s finding her way with this bunch. All these women need to stop trying to recount to others what has been said or done by another because they rarely get it right, unless they are seeing way more than we do. I didn’t hear Tammy say she didn’t like Sheree as Kenya stated. They make things worst in the retelling.

    I am having some problems with Kandi. It seems she is a bit lost since Phaedra dropped her and she’s all over the place with her opinions and loyalties. Just because someone makes an unpopular statement doesn’t necessarily make it negative. What Tammy said about Sheree and Bob was not negative. It was her point of view as his friend. Sometimes it seems Kandi has a problem with people saying they are friends and maybe that’s because she’s lost hers.

    Kenya is so transparent. Everyone knows what she is doing. I know I haven’t seen the whole Miami thing but I think Glen’s rejection of Kenya may have played a part in what happens. She clearly was attracted to him.

    The biggest question for me is why can’t Phaedra ever walk normally?

    • tamaratattles

      Glow, I agree with you that Sheree SEEMS normal this season. But do take a moment to use my search box and put in Chateau Sheree. I had the pleasure of being stalked by some dude she hired and pranced around court and watched her LIE ON THE WITNESS STAND like butter would not melt in her mouth about me. She’s also illiterate and will probably be the ATL version of Sheree. But I’m local and get that y’all just believe the TV.

      • JoJo

        I think Tammy’s a little weird, but the more she’s on, she’s grown on me – a little. Maybe it’s because reading here that she filmed almost the whole season and won and lost a peach because of that douche nephew. Also her weird disappearing acts so far might be production doing their best to edit her out?
        But I thought she handled the confrontation with Sheree pretty well about her relationship with Bob Whitfield and explaining her comments made to Kenya about Sheree.
        I also think Sheree has come across relatively normal this season so far – possibly because she doesn’t want to screw up her return to RHOA. But it’s mid-season and her true colors may come out before season end. I did do the search of old posts to remind myself about her kind of crazy though. Maybe thinking Sheree’s normal is a result of our short-term memories where about 5 episodes of current Normal Sheree cancels out memories 3 or 4 years/seasons ago of ‘Who Gonna’ Check Me Boo’ Crazy Stalker Sheree. Newer RHOA viewers should definitely check the search box!

    • Minky

      Glow, honey? I’m not gonna assume your gender. But, if you’re female, have you never had a yeast infection? Or vaginitis? Trust me, you’d walk just like Phaedra. She just plays it off like she’s trying to be sexy. The poor woman is in PAIN!

      That also explains all those faces she makes. Like she’s mouthing the words “Oooh. Aaah. Eeeeee!” with her lips. That’s vaginitis for you. It burns! Oh, does it burn!

  37. caily

    Neither one of them, nor both combines, can match what Claudia would have brought to the show. BAD move BRAVO

  38. Linda Marie Cull

    Kim seems so normal and intelligent, but….HOW could a Normal, intelligent, spiritual person sign on to do a show that she had not throughly researched??? Cuz I’m thinking if she had watched even 1 episode…her answer would have been a big hell no! What is the big deal with her hair? She dyes it, most white women do, well except me of course! ( cough, cough) if I was Kim, I’d break contract and run (very quickly) away. These women are the trashiest, I’ve questioned if they could possibly be real. The former beauty queen? I’m sure little horns grow out of her head, she must keep them filed down or something. Possibly, if one were to look through her hair they would find the 666 that must be stamped on her scalp. She’s freaking scary!

  39. Linda Marie Cull

    I liked how Tammy responded to Sherees question about sleeping with Bob. ‘Are you kidding me?’ And ‘that’s interesting’ is a good way to escape a possible fight with a woman who has arms bigger than your thigh. Though truly I did not tune in to see shoes like she wore to dinner. The show is about to be about rich women for crying out loud! (I used to think it would be about rich Married women. Imagine that.) Phaedra is funny. She’s such a character. She’s also the sluttiest christian I could ever imagine! I mean, if you can’t ‘represent’ Don’t ‘represent’ for God’s sake, it’s like spitting in his eye! (A dangerous no-no! done only by dumb dumbs. How did she pass the bar?)

  40. I Like Kim.
    Sadly bravo is going to roast her.
    I think they’re going to make her look really boring.
    I just hope this show doesn’t destroy her marriage.

  41. WonkyTonk

    I just got around to watching Top Chef and during the middle of it they had a preview of this weeks upcoming RHOA. What was interesting is it featured Kim and Keny talking and it looks like Kim is checking Kenya about instigating the Sharee Tammy confrontation. She didn’t hesitate either just puts that correction right in there. Should be an interesting view. I’m telling you I’m loving it when she challenges these ladies about their behavior.

  42. Annoyed

    I really am annoyed with Kim Fields better than thou attitude.She annoys the hell out of me and who brings their kids everywhere?? Hurray for Kenya. Please let Kim Fields go off the show. “I am Kim Fields.I am someones mother. I am someones brand” she says…who does she think she is? She is just boring and tries to manipulate the others…the makeup free dinner was stupid and obvious attempt at dominating the others. Then taking the commercial from Kenya and thinking she has done nothing wrong by not cooperating as directors….Kim Fields annoys me more than any other housewive ever has done!

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