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WWHL Phaedra


I’m really not in the mood for any more Phaedra. And how did I miss Hanukkah altogether?  Anyway, Patti LaBelle is the other guest and Phaedra’s Mama is the bartender. Sheree is tweeting about wanting some of Patti’s pies for her housewarming. Maybe they will still be making the pies then, you never know they seem quite popular.

Andy says that he heard that Apollo was transferred to Fort Dix where Joe Giudice will be heading to in March. Phaedra confirms it and keeps her mouth shut. Why doesn’t Andy ever ask questions we don’t know the answer to like WHY was he transferred to New Jersey?

Kenya tweeted a response to someone tonight about Phaedra coming for her in her interviews on tonight’s RHOA.  Kenya said, ” Yes, she does every episode clearly she has issues with me. I hope she can fight her demons and heal.” Phaedra just does her “Oh Lord” routine.

Andy talks about how nice Phaedra was to Kim during her meltdown. He says he got a lot of tweets saying Kim’s reaction was the voice of reason.

RHOA Miami

They do a scene called The Cracks of Life where Phaedra and Portia’s ass cracks in case you missed them on the show.

Some asks Phaedra if she is going to start dating. She says when she gets divorced. Andy asks if that was “in process” and Phaedra hemmed and hawed and lied that it was. I don’t think a single thing has been filed. I also think she is already dating if that is what you want to called it. She has bought a lot of THOT clothes lately.

A caller asks if Kenya is so messy because she doesn’t have anyone in her life so she just has to talk about everyone and be shady? LOL at this caller thinking Kenya doesn’t have anyone in her life. She is shady because she films with a bunch of morons all day long. It’s that are cry and run away like Kim Fields!  Phaedra says, “Kenya is Kenya and you have to accept people for who they are. On tonight’s episode Kenya was actually funny as the devil. She loved it!”

Not too much to report tonight. The guests did seem to be full of spirits thought.


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23 responses to “WWHL With Patti LaBelle & Phaedra Parks

  1. ShyGuy

    Good episode tonight and love everything Phaedra’s mom said about Patti at the end. And one more thing, what happened to Phaedra’s eye’s? Guess she left them on her plastic surgeons table.

  2. Spilledperfume

    I wish I knew who was who on the show. I’ll have to watch an episode or two so I know who you’re writing about.

  3. Minky

    Please don’t hurt me, but Patti LaBelle looks so mean in that picture. Her eyebrows and hair just scream cartoon villain. Very reminiscent of Mama Joyce.

  4. Dawn

    It did not take Phaedra long to get all her fat back, and then some.

    Old Miss Patti looks younger than some of the 20 year old photos they showed. Guess we know what she does on some of her few days a year off.

    I wonder if some of the Phaedra vs Kandi issue was about who’s mamma was getting more RHOA time. We sure see a lot of the Rev now and less Joyce. I’m ok with that.

  5. Bria

    I was looking at Phaedra like what happened to her face. I don’t know who is older Phaedra or Patti. I found this episode of WWHL boring, in a typical Phaedra-Andy’s interview death boring. I was anticipating this recap.

  6. BeetsWhy

    When oh when can we recap Andys Then and Now 1994 and his views on gun control amongst other topics?? What a VH1 ripoff. But worse.

  7. WonkyTonk

    Andy must be getting some because the last two shows have been pretty freaking good. Of course that’s more the guests really like Patti LaBelle tonight. She was fantastic. She always is. I could have done without Phaedra and her preacher mother they really didn’t add much to the show. All of the good stuff was between Patti and Andi. My favorite show of all time was the last one with two of the stars from Downton Abbey. Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary), and Allen Leech (Tom Branson). That show was fabulous. Andy Asked Michelle if her character, Lady Mary was a bitch or clever, or both, and Allen, behind Michelle’s back, hilariously kept mouthing”bitch” in response. Allen was on point. He was drinking and it’s clear he’s a fun drinker. But Michelle was good as well. Back to tonight though Andy was impressed with Phaedra’s Mother’s blessing for Patti. I just thought it was disgustingly opportunistic. When Andy asked her, the mother, whether or not she was ok with Phaedra’s tagline this year, and she said she was, that said everything I need to know about that particular preacher. She reads scam artist to me frankly.

    • Minky

      I cannot stand Pastor Bell. She probably taught Phaedra everything she knows. Icky.

      • barbinga

        Everyone seemed so pleased with her prayer, but I thought it was insulting and tacky! If God doesn’t bless you any further, you’re already so blessed. I pray you share your blessings because you’re already too blessed! Bitch wanted some pie.

      • captain eel

        Like her daughter, the Reverend *sic* Regina Bell, has that sanctimonious and felonious combined stench emanating at all times from her dark and evil immoral soul.

    • Toddy

      God loves all of us, but He can’t be impressed with any of us, right? Since He’s, you know, GOD. Phaedra and her mom are ick.

    • Mark

      I just watched that. How is Allen Leech even cuter in real life? I think I love him. He is my inside my head husband.

  8. AKA Riley

    I didn’t watch. Just could stand to see anymore of the Fake Phaedra. Shame. I would love to see Patti. Just not at the expense of watching that thief. I don’t understand Andy’s love of her and Apollo. Do you think if Apollo stole his parents retirement checks, he would feel any different towards the crooked husband and wife team. He just loooooves him some felons and whores. YUK. I am as sick and disgusted with Andy as I am with all of these felons by Bravo. Another shame. I really liked Andy in the beginning. He no longer has any morals. Poor Kim Fields. Someone needs to send her Angela Stanton’s book. She would run from her if she knew the REAL Phaedra.

  9. I wish Patti would consider conjuring up a reason to be in Atlanta and do a Season or 2 of this franchise! Maybe she could base her pie business there or something? Patti would be perfect to step in as an older woman figure that they tried to have with Mama Joyce, Phaedra’s Mom and Todd’s Mom. (bad with names) Altho’ I’m sure she’s prolly not interested in the move or the headache, she does seem interested in promoting herself and business with these WWHL appearances that are among my favorites.

    Mama Joyce and Phaedra’s Mom are such epic fails in this category…just think it would be neat to have Patti and maybe an expanded role for Kenya’s aunt. Those two may play off each other well.

  10. Pat

    Phaedra: Her face looks like it hurts. It’s going to be hard for her to make those ugly faces she makes with her face pulled so tight. Kandi: She looks absolutely beautiful pregnant. I still haven’t seen any indication that she is capable of having An emotional attachment to anything but her mana and her money. Porsha and Shamea: Disgusting. Kim Fields: Love her. I didn’t buy the crying cuz she misses her family scene though. Kim is a good actress, and I think she pulls out her acting skills when needed. Smart girl.

  11. Since her first appearance I’ve never liked Phaedra. Have we ever seen a real Phaedra or is she always pretending?
    Does she even know the difference?

  12. Lisaj

    Phaedra’s “character” has remained the same, holier than thou my shit don’t stink snarky televangelist wanna be. I’d have bought it too if it weren’t for the marvelous speaker of truth and digger of answers, I do love Tamara, the REAL truth cannon ?!!!!

  13. T D

    What is the bald truth about Phaedra’s hairline?

  14. Sweet T

    They moved Apollo to New Jersey so he can have a felon by bravo spin off with joe -Apollo and the juice.

    Someone come up with a better name.

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