Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Welcome to Miami!

RHOA Miami

We start tonight’s RHOA at Moore Manor.  It looks like she’s got some progress going already. Kandi and Sheree stop by.  It looks like she is already going strong on an addition.  Kenya jabs at Sheree and her four year project.

Production has put Kenya and Porsha together as co-planners of the Miami trip. I do not understand why these women bring so damn much luggage. And I really don’t understand traveling with Louis Vuitton luggage. It’s just screams “I’m the bag for you to steal!”  Somehow Kandi often ends up with the best room.

Kenya said Shamea was sent down early to prepare the place because according to Kenya, Shamea is “the help.”  However, Shamea has already chosen a room. Oh noe, THOT 2 you are the last pick when it comes to rooms. You may be in the maid’s quarters. Kim doesn’t even take a bedroom. She wants one of the living areas.RHOA Miami


I can’t believe that there is some Tammy bashing. From all my reports people seemed to like her. I did not know about her connection to Bob Whitfield though. I can see Tammy and Sheree butting heads. I would not have a husband with a female “best friend.” No mam. Kenya is already stirring the pot telling Sheree that Tammy didn’t want Bob to marry Sheree because she was just after his money. And Tammy was right about that. That is exactly what happened. I’ve never seen a divorce case appeal up to the state supreme court like this one did. And all anybody ended up with was a lot of lawyer bills.

Where the fuck to these women find these whore outfits? Is that Shamea in that hideous green thing? I can’t tell with all the weave on her head.

At dinner Kenya brings up Tammy’s husband and Porsha says they seem like best friends. Tammy’s happy marriage is an issue for Sheree so she goes right to her about talking trash about her to Kenya and Cynthia. Tammy says that Bob got beat up in the press who were saying he was not providing for his kids. I never said that. It was quite the other way around actually. Bob went over and above what the judge required. Sheree accuses Tammy of sleeping with Bob. Tammy says there is nothing at all about Bob that she is attracted to.  This is a tame argument but Kim Fields is already horrified. There is a lot of tension between Kenya and Kim. I wish Kenya would have been more supportive of Kim.  Poor Kim is just sitting all by herself getting her gospel on.

As Kenya says Porsha and Phaedra are shopping at the same slutty outlet store.  Kandi even point out that Phaedra dresses like a straight up THOT while proclaiming to be a mild mannered Christian. It’s so bizarre to me.

Later on the boat, it is clear that Shamea has worked a few poles in her life. Off the boat there is a big party and it looks like Phaedra and Porsha had to get new cover ups because the rags they were wearing didn’t cover up their swimsuits.  Kim has gone off to cry. She doesn’t like all the drinking and dancing. Phaedra comforts Kim and they bond.

Kenya and the THOTs are getting along very well.  Tammy returns from a lengthy disappearance with Glen who she refers to as her nephew. In actuality, I think he was her stepson.  The ladies brought home some random guys from the bar.  My DVR ends with Kenya snapping her fingers at Glenn and asking him his name. He reacts very strongly to that in a way that suggests he has no problems hitting women. Stay tuned.

Next week: The brawl

Sorry I didn’t have much spice in this one. I just didn’t have much to say about it.


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115 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Welcome to Miami!

  1. Minky

    OMG! You know what? Now I’m glad they cast Kim F. She’s giving me a version of how I would probably process that environment. I don’t think it’s acting. I think Kim really is horrified. I was side-eyeing Kim because of the Phaedra friendship, but now I’m only half-side-eyeing.

    She seems like such a nice, normal lady. She was a child actor in Hollywood and she’s probably seen it all. Just think about that. This group is probably wilder than most of the people she’s met in the industry. I’d probably be in tears too. Why all of the arguing? Why so much drinking, and probably other substances they keep a secret? Why all the shit-talking? It’s so unnecessary.

    I’ve got to say, Kenya’s got a perfect figure in that bathing suit photo. I’m green with envy. That’s all I want for Christmas, Santa! Kenya’s hour glass figure. So I can wear a cute little suit and heels to work. I promise I’ll be good.

  2. ShyGuy

    This episode was good and very funny. I don’t like the way Carlos produces the show, he’s obviously friends with porsha and favors her over the other girls. Kim was a mess tonight and she’s very boring and should be on OWN not bravo, I really like Tammy but I question why she brought her nephew into the equation. But overall she should’ve got a peach, Phaedra is very sneaky and Kim should be careful telling her business. Next week should be interesting.

    • Sunshine

      I didn’t see Phaedra being sneaky at all. No one else came looking for Kim. It all seemed genuine to me.

      • sarcasatire

        Me too. They seem like they like each other and have a bit more in common than Kim and the others.

      • Pat

        I can see Phaedra and Kim becoming friends also because of what they have in common. Both have two boys, are intellectually smart, and consider themselves religious. Phaedra, unlike Kandi, seems to know how to be a good friend, so Kim might be safe with her for purposes of the show.

      • Trinity

        I think Phaedra is the greatest con artist of all time. How many women have said they thought she was their best friend and really cared? Then it turns out to be a completely different story. Phaedra is an opportunist & sees potential in befriended Kim. I suspect Phaedra will always be there for Kim this whole season, the only one who truly cares. Bollocks.

  3. bridgett

    Spice or not, your recap provides me with all the information I need to know that I am not going to bother watching the actual episode…thanks, TT!

  4. sarcasatire

    In defense of Sheree (crazy, I know), she was with Bob for close to a decade before they married. Both of their children were born before they tied the knot, years later. They were together for 14 years, married for seven. If Sheree was only marrying Bob for his money, one might think she would’ve married (and divorced) him sooner.

    • Actually, I think her being with him so long and popping out babies without a ring proves even more that it was about the total picture (fame, $, status).

      • Sunshine

        Do you kow how many babies get popped out without a ring in this day and age? That does not prove that Sheree did not love big ole Bob.

      • Funny…I never said she didn’t love him. The debate is WHY she loved him. And we both know many women pop out babies without being married any day and age in order to keep a man.

      • Minky

        I will cite Lauryn Hill again:

        Guys you know you’d better watch out
        Some girls, some girls are only about
        That thing, that thing, that thing
        That thing, that thing, that thing

        This shit goes both ways. Always has.

  5. I’m definitely with you on the LV luggage…they scream, “steal me!”. Unless you’re flying private, they’re a target. I have a couple of Bottega Veneta pieces that I carry on ONLY, especially through MIA, where the thievery is ridiculous.

    • I’ve felt designer luggage screams, look at me, I am (want to be) rich.
      Ridiculously expensive too.
      I’ve a new daughter-in-law that is all designer brands. She’s a waitress, thank goodness she married well.

      • Minky

        Tee hee. Oh Calipatti, you’re just too much. ;0)

        I recently got the cutest leather book bag. ON SALE! About half off. It’s huge, but I need it to be huge because I carry a bunch of stuff with me to work (laptop, books, pads of paper, folders, wage bottle, etc.). I showed it to my mother and she said it looks like the bags that old-timey mail men use to carry. Ha ha!

        Honestly I wouldn’t be okay with spending Louis Vuitton level money. As long as something is functional, practical, and reasonably attractive at a reasonable price, I’m good.

      • Hey Minks—-
        What is a “wage bottle”?

        No kidding— I know it might just be a simple-easy-to-do- typo– (water bottle??) but, damn, it sounds more magical than that.

        If you bring it to work, do you get higher wages? Do you use it to make wagers?

        Is it vodka?

        Whatever it is……I enjoy your comments.

        Yes, I hope it’s vodka.

      • BeetsWhy

        Seriously, I buy luggage that looks like xtremely unpopular just so I can see it on the belt! In the late 80s I had a Swedish boss who had not one but two sets of Coach luggage stolen by the handlers…his stuff came out in bins both times. He went with Samsonite after the second time. I got him a Coach pen set for his desk in sympathy!

      • @immelza

        @Maisey you always crack me up! I need one of those magical wage bottles too! ?

      • Minky

        @Maisey You’re absolutely right. Wage bottle actually does sound like a real thing. Like, from Old English. A hollowed out gourd that holds grain alcohol (or vodka, or perhaps Patron).

        Maybe it was a Freudian slip. They need to pay me more, so I can afford Louis Vuitton. Meanwhile I be working’ the streets with my wage bottle. 3 card monte and such.

      • WonkyTonk

        I’m jealous Minky. I’ve been dying for a nice leather over the shoulder man bag for the longest time. They used to have this leather goods shop in the French Quarter that carried one I wanted but at a ridiculous price. I think it’s closed down now though. Every time I find one I like it’s always at a price point I can’t justify at that particular moment. I’m confident the planets will align one day with my budget and I’ll finally have what I want.

      • Minky

        Hey Wonky! I actually got a Fossil bag. I suppose they’re “ladies” bags, but really it could totally be unisex, and they’ve got a lot of different styles, from mail carrier to country doctor to hobo. I wasn’t really going for “pretty” but more for functional. And it SMELLS like leather. The good kind, not like a damn football.

      • WonkyTonk

        I’m gonna keep looking Minky!

      • Pat

        On the daughter-in-law, bless your heart.

    • I don’t like logo luggage. Most people I know that can afford LV luggage, don’t, and go for Tumi or something like that. Well made versus logos.

    • Erica

      Is it even that good? I’m a carry on only girl – and I typically love my Victorinox (not the
      “Swiss Army” cheaper stuff). Yes it is expensive but it is really durable and packs well. I also have one from Rick Steves and one from Costco that is wheeled, fits in the overhead, and is perfect for a quick winter overnight, or 3 or 4 days in Vegas (where clothes are thinner :) ) I wouldn’t even know what to PACK in 2 or 3 suitcases for such a short trip! What do they take, their TVs? Hell, I packed less for a 9 day trip to the Oregon coast IN THE FALL, when it was predicted that we’d need short sleeves AND warmer clothes (as well as rain jackets!)

      • Same here Erica. I’m a carry-on master packer, as a constant traveler for many years. Durable, light, good wheels, spinners — give me a bag I can carry on, but fit a week’s worth of clothes in! I’d rather spend the $5k on something else, not a set of LV luggage!

    • Sweet T

      I Used to have pearlized pink Hello Kitty luggage. I could spot it as soon as it dropped down the conveyor belt. It also got me bumped up to first class quite a few times as the air attendants loved it.

  6. LisaPat

    Kim Fields is getting on my last damn nerve. She acted like a baby dropped off on the first day of kindergarten. For Christ’s sake, have a damn drink and enjoy yourself! What the eff is wrong with her? Grow up and stop whining, you co-dependant weirdo!!

    • sarcasatire

      Kim needs to hang with some REAL housewives. The stay at home types that like dipping a toe into a girls night situation. But only a toe, not a whole bikini-clad diaper booty! Kim was appalled by the turn up… this is so not her crowd.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Me too LisaPat, I’ve been struggling to figure out what she brings to the show. She seems like such a nice, normal lady but that doesn’t make good tv.

      • Minky

        I see what you’re all saying. But for me that makes it work. Kim freaking out or looking very concerned is priceless. If I saw people arguing like that in real life I would be only guard. Especially when fights break out. She knows they’re all drinking. Her normal-ness is the antithesis to their stunting and ratchetness.

        I am not a married lady with children, but I like just sitting with friends and eating and gabbing and catching up on the latest gossip. I like to cook and watch old movies. I love reading and talking about the stuff I’ve read. Kim totally needs her own show on a more sophisticated channel. I guess I’m boring too. Womp womp. :0(

    • I like Kim.

      But she could benefit from an Irish Coffee enema.

      • @immelza

        Did she ever watch past seasons before she signed on for this? Can you imagine if she had to witness a NeNe throwdown? Maybe Kim just needs some more time to get used to everything?

      • Minky

        I’ll admit, I haven’t been watching. So I don’t know just how much of a party-pooper Kim has been. That being said, from what I can infer, based on TT’s recaps, Kim sounds scared. Scared enough to not complain.

        You know how when you suspect that someone is totally bat shit crazy, and even though they’re irking the fuck out of you, you’re afraid they might go “off” and hurt someone, so you still smile and talk nice and calm to them. That’s what I think Kim is doing.

        Or I could be totally wrong and Kim knows 100% what she signed up for and is playing the role of the “sane” one. Who knows?

    • Ya know… I gotta agree with you. I am so not feeling Kim…AT ALL! GIRL! You’ve never been away from your family for more than a day…? I’d say you’re well over due for some “Kimmie Time”. That was her crying (again) to Phaedra about having lost Kimmie and wanting to find her, right? #GirlHaveASeat

  7. Didn’t Phaedra commit with Kim to bring more ‘class’ to the group? (so much boobage) I would say with those orange strips of material masquerading as a cover up was an epic fail, and all that hoochie mama bootie (booty?) shaking was enough to make me sorry I had my TV on. I’m not sure which was worse, the black fishnet or the orange strips…both are ugly and ridiculous. Phaedra is such a skanky Christian, while I think Kim really is trying to walk the straight and narrow, and really is sincere about her Christianity. I hope that snake Phaedra isn’t able to corrupt her somehow. I’m sure she would love to. Having said all that, Kim may be a bit too tame to be on with the Atlanta gals…they can all be pretty ratchet. In other news, I haven’t missed Nene one bit. I actually like it so much better without her presence. Stay away Nene. Stay away.

    • sarcasatire

      Don’t we present a different side of ourselves at work than we do with our friends? It’s called code switching, and we all do it.

      • I wouldn’t go so far as to say ‘we all do it’…and it seems pretty apparent Kim Fields doesn’t. Besides the subject matter of my post was basically what a skank Phaedra is, and her skanky cover-ups and nothing about work anyway, except she is basically working (she is getting paid) and she’s still skanky, so I think your response was kind of moot.

      • sarcasatire

        No. I think you just completely misunderstood the concept of code switching. But thanks for playing.

      • MochaLove

        Actually code switching is a linguistic term that deals with a multilingual person switching between languages in one conversation. It has nothing to do with Phaedra proclaiming to be a Christian woman in one breath, and exposing/shaking her rear end in a skanky outfit. And, let’s not forget all of the raunchy and vulgar things she has said and done in the past seasons. She is vile and completely unlady like. A complete crock who hides behind the shield of Christianity.

        Gingersnap is right on target.

      • sarcasatire

        Sorry, Mocha, try again. There is more than one definition but I’m sure if you try hard enough, you’ll find the one that fits. Or not. *shrugs*

      • JoJo

        @sacrcasatire – ‘code switching’ reminds me of some fun days gone by when some close friends/co-workers and I recapped nights out after work or after work-related events the next day. Thanks for the fun memory, I haven’t seen the concept or term used in ages.
        We had another term for some extremes we worked with – ‘shape shifter.’ I realize it’s not popular to diss Queen Kenya – but she came to mind:)

    • Josie

      If that was Phaedra dressing classy what on earth would she wear if they told her to dress hootchie?!

    • MochaLove

      Agreed. She is completely fake. And, seeing her and Porsha’s outfits made me cringe. Shamea too…they are so tacky that it’s uncomfortable to watch.

    • I haven’t even noticed Nene’s absence. I don’t even remember her when watching the show. It’s great. Too bad they’re bringing her back next season.

  8. AKA Riley

    As soon as the show came on, I wanted to throw up. It’s that tag line of Phaedra that kills me every week. Saying that God/Jesus is quite impressed with her???? What is he so impressed with Phaedra?? The fact that you have managed to keep your criminal ass out of prison? I don’t know how she makes her mouth say something so frigging outrageous. Then we have Porsha, AKA Miss Thot/Thug. Isn’t it sad that the two women with so called strong religious beliefs (cough cough) act the most criminal and whorish. Thank you Tamara for posting the RHOA, because I don’t think I can watch another disgusting episode.
    BTW….with the new housewives of Potomac being on Sunday the 17th of Jan., does that mean RHOA will have a shorter season than usual? It certainly won’t hurt my feelings. I actually feel dirty after watching this shit show.

    • marywanna

      I agree. With all the fighting, skimpy clothing, and questionable behavior I also feel dirty when watching.

    • Psylocke

      It’s easier to digest realizing she’s a subscriber to prosperity gospel ie hawking her books in mega churches — the more money you have the more God is showing his wuvvles of you.

      • @immelza

        I would love to see a scene where Phadrea is at one of her mega church book preaching events and someone brings a picture of her in that orange outfit or that fishnet thing and wants her to autograph it!

    • I’m so annoyed they put Phaedra’s tagline first. I never fast-forward quick enough & end up listening to her lie about Jesus every week. Blech. Also, every time I hear her complain about being a single mother I think of Angela Stanton being a single mother & in jail. Now that’s something to complain about, especially since Phaedra was the mastermind behind Angela’s malfeasance (allegedly).

    • Trinity

      Phaedra’s tagline makes me cringe every time, then I think who is her god? Money?

  9. BKSweetheart

    I am usually pro-Kenya but I thought she was a little unnecessarily messy this ep instigating the the thing with Sheree and Tammy. I realize that’s what these shows are all about but damn, Kenya’s not even tight with Sheree like that and ran blabbing to her immediately. That wasn’t a good look for her.

    Oh, and what was that weird choreographed dance they were all doing on the boat? How did they all know the moves? That was odd.

    Lastly I couldn’t believe Kim. I mean she is an actress, just saying. What kind of grown woman has entire breakdown after being away from her husband and kids for like 2 days. That’s just weird. I can understand missing them but that was a bit much. I can’t remember if it was Kandi or Kenya who said most women would kill to have their husbands take the kids so they could go on a fun girls trip. Amen.

    • LisaPat

      It was Kenya and I was sooo happy she said exactly what I was thinking … my hubby works out of town half the year. I dont think she could SURVIVE in my situation. She acts like she’s stranded on a deserted island and will never see her husband and children again !! She sits alone reading books and listening to Gospel music.. did anyone else see that? Why cant this woman enjoy herself? Its like she’s trying her hardest not to have fun. It’s one thing to love your family and another to be so co-dependant you cant enjoy one day away from them. It hadnt even been one full day yet!! Something is wrong with Kim Fields and I think I know what it is. SHE HAS THE LYMES!!!

      • Lisaj

        LOL the Lyme LOL

      • Erica

        LisaPat – I started to type out about how my bestie is kind of like Kim – she loves her family so much, we’ve had ONE overnight trip without kids or husband, and that was just because Oprah was in town (and I had to twist her arm to spend the night because driving home was ridiculous when we had to be back at 8 am). Also, I started to say that my cousin’s experience in marriage was tougher – her husband is career military, and they’ve spent years apart with him in the line of fire if you added it all up… including being in the Middle East on that fateful day in September 2001.

        But then….. I remembered Ash Beckham’s TED talk about how we are all hiding something – that we all “have a closet”. It may be coming out as gay, or telling family that you have cancer, etc. She talks about not comparing our difficulties. In terms of hard things to do, hard conversations to have – hard is hard.

        So, I decided to take a step back and appreciate that for Kim, THIS WAS REALLY HARD. And instead of being brutal to others… she was brutally real. THAT is the kind of show I hope RHOA becomes… THOUGHTFUL instead of THOTFUL.

    • BKSweetheart… Their dance is choreographed because they are all so THIRSTY.. They spend their time plotting when they aren’t on camera.. These women!

      If you read here Kenya, please send me my hair products I ordered! I ordered for the third time the beginning of November… I just want to have hair like yours. PayPal took my money three times (and refunded it twice) but I haven’t gotten anything. Do I have to file yet another dispute? Gee.. I’m trying to support you but you are making it difficult. Can we just admit there really are no hair products yet?

      And Kim Fields is actually about the only REAL housewife there is on this show… I can’t handle these women. Not sure why I bother watching. Porsha is such a skank & Phaedra can’t even open her eyes on WWHL she’s so high on something.

      TT -I hope you are feeling better soon. ?

    • Pat

      I’m with you on Kenya. For a couple of reasons, I’ve been a Kenya fan even though she’s done many things that I totally disapproved of. But, she got on my bad side in last night’s episode by (1) stirring up the Sheree/Tammy/Bob pot with everybody present; (2) putting Cynthia on the spot by asking how things were in her messed up marriage in front all those women; and (3) snapping her fingers at the pro-baller with the bad personality to get his attention as if he was not human. I must say, though, that I was proud of her for working with Porsha on the Miami trip. Either Bravo scripted every single detail of them working together or they really didn’t work together and Bravo just played it that way, or Kenya has a level of tolerance for Porsha types than I can even imagine.

      • BKSweetheart

        Pat – re: Kenya putting Cynthia on the spot at dinner – I almost forgot about that. I didn’t like that either. Hopefully that was a production set up otherwise that is a messed up thing to do especially in mixed company. If everyone present were BFFs and Cynthia had already discussed that with them it’d be one thing. But I’d be damned if someone just came out and started asking me personal questions about my marriage in front of an entire table full of people including a few people I don’t even know. Nah.

      • tamaratattles

        You may not have noticed, but there was no husband/wife recap at the beginning of the episode. Because this is a scripted show, the dinner was the first time they were all together and someone has to bring up all of the storylines. This season Kenya and Sheree will have their houses being built. The biggest one they beat to death is Cynthia and Peter, Sheree and Tammy have the reemergence of Bob Whitfield and Phaedra and the THOTS have their random twerking while half nekkid intermission for comic relief. Thus someone had to remember to bring up all the storylines. There are few eligible candidates to remember to bring up all the stories this season, so that is Kenya’s JOB.

        And if you think Kenya and Porsha had anything to do with planning the Miami trip…. or that they remotely like each other… well, Phaedra has a book on how to be a Southern Belle to sell you.

  10. I found all the Kim Fields scenes fake and a bid for camera time. Just not a fan.

    • cavex2

      ^^Yes!! There were 2 empty chairs at the table next to Sheree while Phaedra and Kim were outside. When the 2 ladies returned, the chairs were still empty. Then Kim exclaims, why didn’t they tell the waiter they were coming and implied there were no chairs for them. I don’t understand at all. Plus Kim had to have watched this show before she signed on to do it. So this cry baby shit has to be fake or she is going through menopause.

      • LC

        Yaass! You hit the nail on the head cavex2! It’s menopause! lol Being a new mother myself, I wouldn’t mind getting away for a day or two. Every time they go out she acts like somebody’s grandmother got invited. Plus, not sure why she agreed to signing a contract with this franchise. Being an actress, I feel as though she came unprepared. Hadn’t she been versed on previous seasons and who these characters are and how they act? WTH..Of course that doesn’t mean to bring the ratchetness, just act like you’re bringing something NEW to this show, like a real personality. I’m equally annoyed she does not see through Fraudra Parks. Kim Fields must be reaching 50, she can’t be acting brand new! I’m so annoyed and confused by her presence.

    • GetReal2014

      I do too. She doesn’t strike me as being genuine. I’ve had bad vibes from her from the start.

  11. KB

    Tammy to me kind of resembles Miley Cyrus. You gotta look at her. It’s so funny.

  12. Seriously, Kim needs to get a grip.

  13. The synchronized dance moves on the boat were very cheerleaders in junior high like. Outfits were so trashy. Best part was at the end, when Tammy’s “nephew” told Kenya to not snap at him. It was a bit rude to snap at someone.

  14. WonkyTonk

    I think Kim’s confessionals tend to be funny. She’s funnier there generally then the rest of her appearances but occasionally she’s funny off confessional like when she tells Kandi “You know what I don’t need your judgement Kandi”. That was funny. She’s just way too well balanced for this show, and while she’s playing it off like she was crying because she misses her family, and while I believe that she does, I’m willing to bet she was actually crying because of the shitty way Kenya treated her the night before, and she was worried about how she was going to fit in with these ladies. Kenya was the most intentionally messy I’ve ever seen her, and to be honest I didn’t care for it one bit. She intentionally set out to cause problems between Sheree and Tammy. That was not cool. I’ve been a Kenya fan up til now, but I am not liking the way she was acting on tonight’s episode at all. And speaking of Tammy there’s something off about Tammy. Can’t place it yet but there’s something there. I didn’t like the way she wanted to hit Kandi up as a resource for her kid almost immediately upon meeting her. That was as off putting to me watching it as it was to Kandi experiencing it. Then she shows up with Glen a “nephew” (Is Glen the person she wanted Kandi to help?), and a friend of his that are from Atlanta, well that’s just way too convenient a coincidence to be a coincidence. And Glen has a pretty shitty attitude right off the bat so that’s Tammy’s fault for bringing that mess into the group. And I’ll bet Tammy gave Glenn an earful about how Kenya set her up with Sheree which is probably what led to the dismissive comments about the snapping, he was already predisposed to disliking her. Tammy’s working an angle there I’m just not sure what it is yet. Getting those two on TV is part of it, but why I don’t know. Porscha and Phaedra they just disgust me. Phaedra was probably genuine with Kim during the crying scene, but I think her approaching Kim from the start was calculated so I don’t know how to take that relationship especially given Kim trusts her. I also agree with the individual that commented they’re not missing NeNe at all this season. Completely not.

    • mike henderson

      Um yeah Wonky Tonk, your spidey sense is second to none. Boat episode she was talking about her son- as in son. As in, child of her womb. This episode she intro’s her nephew.

      Crack detective skills ace.

    • Minky

      You and me were together about Kandi’s Ski Trip, Wonky. I remember us kinda layin’ into that show. So I’m with you here too.

      I’ve been Team Twirl for some time now. We know that Sheree is mental, so we also know we can’t trust her edit this season. Let’s hope that Kenya’s just getting the “bad” edit. Andy hates her and always pulls for Phaedra, Porsha and Nene and Kandi.

      Those characters bring in the demographic that they’re really after. You wouldn’t believe how many women think that all four of them are good role models for young people. Yes, even Porsha.

      I have to say, my favorite line of the season so far was delivered by Cynthia on the lake trip: “Shut up Kandi.”

      • WonkyTonk

        Lol Minky. Oh those ratchet rachet aunties on that trip. Aunt Bertha was such a flippin ungrateful bitch on that series of shows. LOL. After the initial run-in between Kenya and Sheree on RHOA, which was basically alpha females establishing pack order where the first one to attack and get the other to back off wins alpha status, well Kenya did that with Sheree the first episode and ever since they’ve been pretty thick as thieves seeming so far. They were actually fun to watch together until tonight. Tonight Kenya intentionally got Sheree going on Tammy based on negative comments Tammy made about Sheree to the point Sheree was looking like a mad woman about to completely lose it. What impressed me was how Kim figured out Kenya set that scene in motion. Kenya didn’t like being called out for it by Kim indirectly at all. Even as gently as Kim did it. What’s pretty scary about Sheree was how easy it was for Kenya to manipulate her to cause a scene. Something tells me when Sheree figures out she was manipulated to create a scene by Kenya there’s going to be fireworks.

  15. Oh lawd, what was Shamea wearing????? I seriously hope she got it a Family Barganing Center, because if she paid over $10 for that eye sore, she got robbed. It almost looks like one of those aprons or t-shirts that have a print of a skinny, bikini clad hot body on it, is that slash of color on the front supposed to be slimming? Girls with hips like us need to steer clear of outfits like that….. and girlfriends that let us leave the house wearing it.

    I do have to say, when Kenya’s talking head commented on the Tammy and Shere thing, Tammy damn well knows these girls are friends of Sheree. For God’s sake, they are all on a trip together, that should indicate to her that they are friends! So why would she run her mouth about Bob and Sheree to Kenya, and NOT EXPECT IT TO GET TO SHEREE???? I don’t get that. She had to know it would be spilled.

    And now for Kim. I really had hopes that she would be a good addition to the cast, but she really isn’t so far. All the “Oh my marriage is so perfect I don’t need friends I have my man and my kids, and I have never been away from them so long and boo hook hoo.”it is really getting to me. Plus her snapping about the chairs? Did she think that those guys came there with them? We’re the guys supposed to meet theme there? So why didn’t she think that the GUYS TOOK THEIR SEATS and not get allc pissy about no chairs for them? She should have made the guys get up and offer them their seat, heck, Phaedra x could have done it. She manipulates men so well, they would probably offer her their cars and homes after 10 mins!1

    • Yeah, I’m agreeing with you on both fronts. Kenya may have been messing letting Sheree know what Tammy said, but Tammy was plain ol’ stupid ofr saying it. Kenya didn’t lie…and Sheree already felt some kind of way about Tammy because of her relationship with Bob. I firmly believe Tammy meant for that ish to get back to Sheree.

      And I do NOT like Kim… And have no issues with whatever Kenya or anyone else says about her. Kim is nothing more than another cast mate at this point…just like the rest of them.

      How is it that pretty much everyone had an opinion about Kim’s meltdown, but Kenya is the only “bad guy”?

      • WonkyTonk

        An emotional breakdown does not equate to the messy machinations Miss Kenya was up to, especially when the emotional breakdown was very probably brought about in part due to those machinations. Kenya played the role of the messy villain in this episode. If she walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck what are we gonna do call her a dog?

  16. Trashbox

    Kim Fields is ruining this whole season for me. I watch this trash to escape, and everyone but her is well aware of what this show is.

    I feel like she’s judging me for watching the show, when she’s the one who signed up to do it!

    She is no fun, and she doesn’t even have a vanderpump closet or a gorga wardrobe. I need her off my tv.

    • LC

      I wonder if that lack of chemistry with the other housewives will end up working in NeNe’s favor if she returns next season.

      • WonkyTonk

        We may find out soon. According to Andy on WWHL NeNe revealed she will be showing up on the show this season, and some drama surrounding Kenya being “best” friends with Cynthia is going to be brought up. I’m not getting why people are disliking Kim on the level they seem to be. When she makes statements like “Are we grown ass women talking like this” in response to the drama Kenya created between Sheree, and Tammy, the ladies felt like Kim was judging them, and she was, and she was right. I’ve re-watched it to the get the quote when Kim says that and Kenya is holding a glass of water with a facial expression that shows she’s angry as hell at Kim for saying that, with Kandi right beside her with a look of disbelief that Kim is talking to them that way. I like Kim on the show. Especially when she says shit like that to the ladies. They need to hear it.

      • Minky

        What’s interesting is that in past seasons almost all of the drama was Nene-centric. She had her finger in every pie and it was all about her all the time. I agree that Kenya is probably starting shit and instigating by playing telephone, but the focus is on the people she provokes into a conflict with one-another, and not about her. At least it seems that way to me.

        Are they bringing Nene back just to see if she’ll ratchet up the ratings? (Pun intended)

        @WonkyTonk Moi aussi regarding Kim. I totally don’t get all the disdain aimed at Kim for not condoning the violence and shit stirring. She needs to stay away from Phaedra, though. That’s the only reason she’s suspect for me.

    • Psylocke

      LOL “I feel like she’s judging me for watching the show, when she’s the one who signed up to do it!”

      That was too perfect.

    • No shit Trashbox…am I really supposed to feel like I’m not a “grown ass woman” for watching these shows? Am I supposed to clutch my pearls in guilt that I always looked forward to a few days away from my hub and kids?

      It’s one thing to be disdainful of the ratchet behavior of some of the Housewives, but I don’t think BRAVO thought this story line all the way through, that Kim’s disdain about EVERY little thing would come across to some Housewife fans as a knock for watching – which is how I’m taking it. They’d have a lot less viewers if the fans were as horrified as Kim Fields seems to be.

      • Exactly! Kim has disdian about every freaking thing! Except Phaedra! Soooo… She was THAT unfamiliar with the show that she’s surprised/shocked at what happens on the show…but she signed on anyway? Well, that makes her stupid, or hungry for a check regardless of where it comes from. So yeah, not feeling Kim AT ALL! But not to the point where I want Nene back!

      • I think Kim has shell shock! She needs to find some other interactions besides her family and the show is a bit much for her! I think she was really taken aback by all the string outfits especially ms Phaedra who wanted to bring class back to the group! I do enjoy her conversations with Phaedra though because I think they have formed a bond!

      • LC

        In Kim’s defense, even though she irks me more with each episode, she may be seeing more than what is being shown to us on camera, hence why we may perceive as her over reactions. But I think the show would benefit with more Regina Hunter and less Kim.

  17. Glow

    One of the things that lingers with me from this episode is that Glen, the “young, dangerous ” nephew, as Kenya referred to him, has caught Kenya’s eye while he seemed to getting comfy with Sheree on the boat ride back to the house. Did anyone notice how he leaned into Sheree and had his hand on her leg during the finger snapping response? He was not impressed with Kenya at all. She was trying to hard to get his attention. Not a cute look.

    I can’t wait for Kim to see through Phaedra, but I doubt she will.

    • WonkyTonk

      Just watched it again Glow. Sheree was leaning in his direction but not touching. She’s making it clear she’s attracted to him without coming into physical contact with him. He had one arm draped over his right leg leaning towards his left, and his left arm resting on his left knee falling on his right arm. He wasn’t touching Sheree. It’s clear Kenya was feeling that kid though and I’ve got it paused again after re-watching that scene and it’s clear Kenya is pissed the hell off at his response. Can’t say I disagree with her on that though his response was much more rude and dismissive than her snapping. What’s interesting is they flash to his friend and the look his friend gives Glen seems like disbelief that Glen was so rude to Kenya. I think it’s pretty clear he’s really not interested in either Sheree, or Kenya.

  18. Glow

    One of the things that jumped out at me was that Glen, the “young, dangerous”, as Kenya referred to him, and that Kenya was obviously attracted to seemed to be interested in Sheree. Did anyone notice how he leaned into Shree and had his hand on her leg during his response to Kenya’s finger snapping. We didn’t see everything so maybe Kenya noticed something and that’s why she was trying to hard to get his attention. Not a good look, Kenya.

  19. I wish Kenya would just stop being so damn antagonistic and spreading people’s business all the time! So messy! She wouldn’t like it done to her!

    • @immelza

      Don’t you understand that this has become a heavily scripted show and Kenya is just doing her job by talking \doing what the producers & writers ask. We only see glimpses of the real women anymore they are all playing the character they are instructed to.

      • Regardless of whether she is asked to do it or not I don’t like it! Further more it’s very forced so she is a terrible actress! Trust I always want to bat for Kenya but she is just horrible this season!

  20. WHERE in the world did Shamea get that outfit?? Is that a video vixen outfit? That’s the only place that might actually fit!

  21. Home

    I see nothing but TROUBLE with this Glen guy…Why Tammy felt the need to bring him into the circle is beyond me!? And when they decided to bring the men back to the house…I totally agreed with Cynthia…time to start drinking water! Phaedra needs to STOP with the church lady…its obvious it a not the direction she’s going. Kim is definitely out of her element with these ladies…she’s needs FRIENDS and outside interest but I don’t think these ladies are it. I don’t know what happened in her life that she decided its best to live in a cocoon but for someone to have grown up in the “industry” her personality is just weird! Next week in going to be a HOT MESS! but I’ll be right in front of my TV watching…LOL

  22. Cheychey

    Kenya has always been one to make little off handed remarks or stir the pot since she has been on the show so I am not the least bit surprised that she did it this time. I’m also not shocked by Glen’s smart ass comment to her because he is Tammy’s “nephew” so you know she told him what Kenya said to Sheree. Of coarse he’s gonna be bitter towards her. I have to say that Tammy and Sheree handled their beef in a much more grown lady way than any of the other women have in the past. No screaming or punching or cussing and they have a legit issue. I can feel Kim’s pain. For some people women’s trips may be a thing they do but ive never been away from my girls or husband. We do all of our vacations together. If I’m lucky enough to get the time and money to go on a trip you best believe I’d rather it be with my kids and husband. Before I was married I took a girls trip and my sister came along and she cried cause she missed her kids and I didn’t get it till I was in her situation. It might have to do with waiting till your a little older to have kids and husband. Cause I had a chance to get all that other stuff out of my system and my family was my priority.

  23. sandra

    Shamea always has a dumb look on her face. I can see why her and Porsha are best friends.

  24. I followed the link about Tammy’s nephew vs stepson and can’t tell who or what relation he is to her? I remember reading the article about the brawl before the Season – and still can’t believe they chose Sheree over this new HW. Altho the edit Shereee has been getting is very favorable…we all know that this could end badly for BRAVO, just not as badly as whatever happened at this brawl that apparently got Tammy kicked off the show.

    I finally see what everyone means about Cynthia’s face! I thought she looked kind of wonky in the pics with NeNe on Bra’Way, but those later talking heads last night really revealed how catwomanish she’s looking. What a shame to mess with natural beauty – aging or not.

  25. I don’t blame Kim Fields one bit for being absolutely mortified at the company she is now keeping with this gig. That Shamea headstand going full spread eagle was beyond Team Too Much for me. It’s possible to go out and turn up without completely turning OUT full throttle, but that would require discernment and moderation – both of which are sorely lacking in a motley crew like this. Kim will be better off exiting as fast as her little legs can carry her when this season is over, and finding herself (and similarly yoked female friends) via a LifeWay study group.

  26. peachteachr

    I think Kenya is getting the bad edit this year. She’s not my favorite but the others are kooky, too.

  27. loriflack

    I saw a rock on flint spark between Kenya and Glenn (not in a good way).

    ~~ oh, I stopped carrying nice looking purses/luggage after I had two leather purses ripped off from me.
    One from a Church and the other from my son’s Preschool ~ Lord Have Mercy!!!

  28. DJFL

    “Where the fuck to these women find these whore outfits?” They must shop at Whores R Us.

  29. Good episode. Kim crying was strange to me. Kenya, every bit of an instigator. Kandi, fun as usual. Cynthia’s comment about Tammy made me laugh when Sheree was spreading her.
    and oh, Kenya was rude to snap her fingers at the young man.

  30. Trinity

    Don’t like that Glen guy at all, I can see why he gets into fights, it’s not that serious dude… I don’t blame Kenya for saying something to Sheree. Yes, she is shit starter but I prefer it when someone tells me who is talking behind my back. Isn’t Kenya a little more friendly with Sheree than Tammy? Makes sense she would clue her in, it will be on TV after all. My favorite part of the show was the look on Kenya’s face when Porsha came out in that bikini outfit. Why wear that? It was beyond nasty. As for Kim, me thinks it is her husband that wants her to go out & get friends, she might be smothering him to death. Yes honey, do the show, get a life please.

  31. Rose

    This is why I was surprised when they announced Kim was joining the show….she’s nice. I think she can hold her own especially with the upcoming teaser they showed between the 2K’s next week. I get how she acted. ..she doesn’t know these women, trying to find her way, etc and I support her. As for Phaedra, she needs to hit the gym and do some squats. I don’t understand how Tammy just up and disappeared and then rolls up with nephew and friend. Want she just told to rest, why did Kandi go on this trip?

  32. Linda Marie Cull

    I hope kim has enough sense to keep a healthy distance from her new friend Phaedra. I’m thinking that at any moment God just may decide to blow her ass up! (He’s gotta have some rule against standing in front of a tv camera and spreading and kneeding her butt like she’s preparing bread dough while she quotes from his word and mentions Jesus on a regular basis right?) Kim’s hair is pretty, I don’t want it to get burnt or smell like smoke (burnt hair is stinky!)

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