Project Runway Junior Recap: A Brutal Double Elimination!



This week on Project Runway Junior the kids all spin the wheel to find out their themes for their individual designs. The choices are sporty, party, school, work and travel.  Sporty is going to be problematic.  I hate Jaxon’s fabric already and he is not even out of Mood.  Did that girl just say the words “sweater vest?”  And androgynous kid also hates Jaxson’s fabric. Jaxon is probably going home. Zachary is already insulting other kids work. At least he does it right to their face.

I think I already missed Michelle Obama. Something overlapped the beginning of the show on my DVR. I’ve no idea why she was on the show.

Peytie has a really cool print and is making a shorts outfit for her travel team. I like it. Tim does too.  Then Tim lets some of the hot air out of Zachary.  Maya’s sporty look is cute. Jaxon’s sporty look is not.  What is wrong with the fabric choices these kids make? The Cambodian kid may have worse fabric than Jaxon and that is saying a lot.  The Goth girl keeps doing Goth That was the jab that Zachary gave her earlier and Tim just said the same thing. She is literally wearing the outfit she is trying to make on the model.  Tim gives her a new direction and Zachary is mouthing off about how Tim designed her look. Which he sort of did.

Project Runway Jr

The Runway

Samantha had a work look that we hardly saw in the workroom. It’s not my favorite look. I don’t get the lumberjack shirt with the cropped pants. It looks like two different seasons to me. But she should be safe from elimination. Jessie (Cambodian kid) managed a cute skirt but I hate the fabric he chose for the top. He could be in trouble.  Bridget has a really cute dress with a flannel shirt tied around her waist. Didn’t see much of it in the workroom either.  Tim Gunn’s look, I mean the Goth Girl’s look is short shorts and a tank top. It’s not something you could wear to a school in this county without getting sent home. But it’s sexy.  Peytie’s cute print short sets was cute but the shorts were way too short and her model actually picked them out of her ass crack on the runway.  Androgynous boy, whose name is Matt, did a stunning ball gown. I just must not have been paying attention to the workroom. He’s won the whole thing here unless Zachary pulls something out.  Jaxon is a hot mess and he doesn’t even seem to know it.  Maya’s sporty look came out great and really looks “sporty.”  Zachary’s pants will a long drape are really great.  Zach picked horrible fabric it’s just a floral nightmare.

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My top three are Matt, Maya and Zachary.

My bottom three are Jaxon, Jessie and Zach.

And the stupid judges sent Matt off the runway as safe!  The also had Zach and Samantha in the midde. Jaxon is shocked to be in the bottom.  I’m surprised that Peytie is in the top.  It’s just really cute fabric. Goth Girl is in the bottom. They are tired of all the black. They point out that her outfit would not be allowed in school. Maya’s sporty look is very well received. I hope she beats Zachary.

Peytie won with her print short set!  Jessie and Victoria went home!  How the hell did they keep Jaxson over either of the other two?! I was very surprised by that.  I would have sent Jaxson and Victoria home and kept Jessie.


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5 responses to “Project Runway Junior Recap: A Brutal Double Elimination!

  1. cece

    Jaxson was kept because his outgoing personality makes better TV. Based on this challenge Jessie should have stayed.

  2. My guess is that Matt was only safe for two reasons:
    1. His look wad mesnt to be ‘travel’ not ‘gallery opening/red carpet’. So whilst beautiful, completely inappropriate for the challenge.
    2. The gown was beautiful, but we have all seen that same dress many times (even on this show), sheer tight top half, long flowy volume at the bottom.

    I thought the floraly jumpsuit deserved to be added to the bottom as a fourth worst look.

    • tamaratattles

      See that is exactly the sort of dress I see at the beach for dinner. It didn’t seem like an actual ball gown like he called it at all. I was just a floaty beach dress to me. But you are probably right about why he was safe if people would see it that way. The floral jumpsuit was worse than the Cambodian kids school girl uniform. I don’t think when you tell a designer they have questionable taste they should get to stick around over someone with really great sewing skills.

      • Mark

        I must admit I find the overly gay blonde kid (I assume this is Matt by the dress description) annoying, but when that shit walked down after the rest of the stuff I thought it was truly beautiful…

      • This early on it is SO obvious who is bottom and top (moreso than in a skanky gay bar) with production’s edit. So when Matt’s beautiful dress walked down the runway with little to no previous screen time, my first thought was that he was middle of the pack as it was ‘off brief’.

        Also wtf was that horrible backpack the winner designed? The pattern she designed was nice, but with the contrasting blue pattern, blergh!

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