Yolanda Foster Tries New Treatment From Wasila Doctor


Yolanda injections

Yolanda is posting photos of Instagram  of her fridge.  But it’s not the pretty one with the gorgeous fruits and veggies. Now her fridge is just a ton of medications.  The prescriber for these meds is a doctor in Wasila, Alaska.  He is big on heavy metals in the body and some interesting new treatment options for Lyme disease   It seems like Yolanda is finally admitting that none of the three of them were bitten by infected ticks. The new theory is they caught Lyme Disease from horseflies. I’ve never heard of this happening. I’m certainly  no expert on the subject (though I have been reading more than I ever wanted to on the subject lately)  but Lyme is supposedly transmitted by ticks. It is not contagious and cannot be passed from human to human.  I’m not sure what these meds are exactly. But I will say that Lyme is a bacterial disease and the treatment for any bacterial disease is antibiotics. Yolanda 7


I wonder how much attention Mohammed is paying to Bella and Anwar. I’m concerned that Yolanda is sending Bella bags of supplements to take with her everywhere she goes. I was hoping Anwar was staying with Mohammed and not ingesting a bunch of questionable things.  There are lots of interesting things about this photo if you feel like discussing them.

Yolanda also posted that yesterday was the first day of the rest of her life. Many took from that post which she hastagged “homesweethome” that she has moved out of David’s condo. There are rumors that David wanted her out. I’m not sure how much I believe that. David, I believe, still has the Vancouver condo which would be a great place to be while all of the divorce drama was going on. It’s probably going to be a brutal legal battle.


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  1. Cat

    I wonder if she’s tried that home remedy for heavy metals? I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was weird. Something like strapping slices of raw potato on the bottom of your feet overnight….Anyway, it’s supposed to draw out the heavy metals as you sleep. Weird. I could see her trying that.

    • fivecatsownme

      That and a coffee enema for everything else.

      • Do you think people take cream and sugar with those?

      • WonkyTonk

        That’s the Pheadra Parks Baby Daddy In Prison Fix It Jesus home remedy. I hear it’s very effective. Allegedly.

      • Skeeter

        @Maisey – I had the same thing typed LOL! I’m glad I looked at the replies before I hit the post button.

      • I’m 27 and have been bedridden with chronic Lyme disease for 3 years (infected when I was a little girl, around age 5, mis/undiagnosed till age 24). I’m getting ready for my daily morning coffee enema and I can tell you this (wish I could type more to explain, not to start an argument but to speak from a sufferers point of view, but I can’t because the arthritis in my hands hurts to type anything, but this is important to me), it has been one of the most helpful detox remedies I’ve tried–and when Lyme becomes chronic, it’s past the stage where antibiotics can treat it, sometimes even if done long term (some can tolerate long term IV antibiotics, my body can’t tolerate a single dose of the lowest dose of antibiotics without making me violently ill–this is called a Jarisch-Jerxheimer reaction, meaning the Lyme (borrelia) bacteria releases neurotoxins when it does off, and when it’s been in your body so long that’s billions of spirochetes (Lyme bugs) circulating in your body, and this causes an exacerbation of symptoms so people often “feel worse” before they get better, even though herxing is a sign treatment is working and your body is fighting the bugs. I’m actually doing he LDI (low dose immunotherapy) Yolanda has pictured and I live in Kentucky and have to travel (trying to sleep in the car without throwing up) 5.5 hours one way to see my doctor. We are also doing homeopathic treatments for Lyme and other co-infections one at a time and are seeing results…results that years of IV infusions (Remicade, Orencia, Actemra, all past max dose for my weight and age) and pills for juvenile idiopathic “we don’t know why you have it but you have it” arthritis, along with a slew of harmful psychiatric meds I was told and convinced I HAD to be on to function. Now we know Lyme and coinfectiosn are behind a lot of all he things I’ve dealt with since a child, including psychiatric disorders, because it can mimic over 300 other diseases. I’m on more supplements than I can count, BUT I’ve had more success with finally getting OFF prescriptions (except as needed for hallucinations, Trigeminal neuralgia caused by Lyme, and nausea) and healing my body the way it was designed to heal–by natural methods, not synthetic pharmaceutical drugs that just masked symptoms while lowering my immune system and letting Lyme and friends completely take over. Every Lyme patient is different, and if you haven’t been there, you can’t pass judgment because you have no idea what this hell is like (I’m not taking to the original commenter necessarily, the reason it’s a reply to this comment is because of the coffee enema), for the sufferer and family alike. I’ve been married 4 years and 3 of those years we’ve had a nurse-patient relationship more than a husband-wife relationship because I can’t do much for myself. My husband carries me to the bathroom and back to bed when needed, fixes all my (gluten/dairy/egg/sugar/nut/yeast free food) and has to bring it to me in bed…IF it’s day I’m even able to eat.

        Just wanted to give a little info firsthand from a sufferer…Yolanda is not faking it, but it’s easy to see how people who have not been affected in some way would assume that because people prey on those who are down. Not talking about anyone specific on here, again, the public in general. Chronic Lyme is REAL, and takes years to recover once you’re in that stage because the infection has been untreated for so long. 3 years ago I couldn’t remember what my name was, much less how to spell or write it or form letters–now I’m typing this. Obviously I’m making progress but I’m also typing brought tears because of pain, so we still have a way to go. But thankfully my husband is a man who meant every word of our wedding vows and lives out the “in sickness and health” part of our vows every second of every day.

        Lord, please bless everyone here who hasn’t been affected by this awful disease and please let them never have to endure this.

        God bless you all, and praying you never have to endure this terror–but also that you think outside the box and see that modern medicine is missing a big piece here, like the AIDS crisis in the 70s. Lyme will become officially recognized as a chronic disease eventually, but until then we patients will continue to go hundreds of boys ands of dollars in debt to get treatments we need that help.

      • fivecatsownme

        Hope you are feeling better. Get some occupational therapy for some adaptive help. Try talk to text so you dont have to type. My prayers are with you.

      • Angel(?)

        @ Becca – Sorry to hear about your situation. I’m glad that you starting to see results. Sending positive thoughts to you that you will continue to recover.

        I’m curious about the coffee enema. What is in it that helps with detoxing your body? You have stated your experience straight forward and concisely. I think that part of the issue with Yolanda is that she tends to make statements that sound exaggerated and vague.

      • My naturopathic MD has me do caffeine enemas in conjunction with fasting. Over 7-10 days of fasting I do a caffeine enema daily to remove the mucoid plaque in the intestines. You also have to take something that helps to pull out everything as well during the fast. The intestines, when covered with this plaque fails to absorb nutrients into the blood from the food or supplements that you take, depriving you of nutrition. Periodically, it is a good thing to do these enemas in general for good health and keeping the intestines free from yeast (which feeds on sugar and carbs) and plaque, and maintaining a constant healthy flora. Thanks for sharing your story @Becca. You are right about the body healing itself. Doctors can’t help but prescribe drugs because they are trained in medical school that pharmacy is good medicine–the only medicine, which has nothing to do with actual healing. Many times people have to eliminate foods perhaps starting with all of them and slowing add them back into the diet to pinpoint which ones might be having an adverse affect on the body. I’m so sorry it took so long to find out what the issue was, but it’s good that you finally did!!

      • Meredo

        @Becca, my heart goes out to you and I’m sending positive thoughts filled with the hope that you get and feel better. You really have shed some light on this subject for me and it seems as though we are just beginning to hear how much of an epidemic Lyme Disease just may be.
        I agree with what Angel said about Yolanda though in that her stories are vague and full of inconsistencies.
        Thank-you for taking the time to type all you did to share your story. I’m sure it wasn’t easy.
        Wishing the best for you, Meredo xo

      • captain eel

        Becca, I have only one straightforward question. How would you, could you, personally, know if someone else (Yolanda Foster) is faking or not?

      • Cat

        Thanks for sharing your story, Becca. Sorry you are suffering.

        I for one would never assume that someone is faking illness. When I was diagnosed with advanced stage 3 breast cancer, I was accused of faking. Everyone left me. It hurt.

        That being said, I do believe Yolanda is suffering from SOMETHING. Personally, I think her crazy obsession with that Master Cleanse, and not eating in general, are huge contributors. But faking, no. I don’t think so.

      • Cat

        I do have a question. Wouldn’t some type of vinegar solution do the same as coffee? I would think coffee would be harsh to the system.

      • fivecatsownme

        I don’t think coffee enemas are safe. The colon can absorb medications. Large surface area. I think it is best to leave your gut alone.

    • Cat

      Oh. Slices of onion, not potato. Whatever.

      • Librarygirl

        Most of the home remedies or products that supposedly draw out impurities through the feet contain ingredients that are dark in color or will oxidize when they are exposed to body heat. It’s a hoax.

      • Cat

        I know. I never said I believed it. But Yolanda is into this kind of stuff, it seems. When people are suffering, and desperate, they will try anything.

    • Why does Bella’s vial of blood say that she was born in 66. That is a pretty big thing to screw up.
      When will people learn that shoving things up your arse is very bad for you. (I think Robin Quivers almost killed herself with these colonics.) Most of us have had our metal fillings in foir years, now it is an acute allergy? How does a two foot tapeworm live in somebody’s colon who is always on antibiotics and always, “cleaning” her colon? Wouldn’t a colonoscopy have picked up on this before it had the chance to six feet? She said she has been in bed for years blind, and crippled, but didn’t we see a picture of her catching a fish in Alaska and diving off of a boat during that time? How did she brainwash Bella? What are the odds of three out of four members of a family having CHRONIC Lyme’s disease? None of them respond to treatment? None of the young, healthy teens? Is there really a conspiracy from the CDC and the AMA to prolong the suffering of these Lymies as they call themselves? There are over 100 Lymie groups who say they are being denied treatment and scientific research, when the CDC and the AMA say they look at Chronic Lyme with fresh eyes every year and come to the same conclusions? John Hopkins said it can’t even gather enough people with a legitimate history of post Lyme’s disease
      disorder to do a blind study. What is Yolanda up to? Is she in a cult? Is she terribly misunderstood? Did she divorce David because he would not agree to be in her proposed Kardashian-like reality show with her famous children as they navigate the world of glamour and serious illness? WTF.

      • fivecatsownme

        I understand the frustration of being sick and not getting the proper care. I was treated with high doses of steroids for years after almost dying from an “asthma” attack while pregnant. It turns out I have pulmonary hypertension from chronic blood clots. I also have stage 4 chronic kidney disease. When I went on oxygen, I quit working. Not trying to play the sympathy card because I am still alive and have a husband that loves me and the 3 bad cats and am passing the mirror test every day.
        There are conventional MDs that really listen. There are conventional therapies that help symptoms like physical and occupational therapy. I still remember the day a doctor walked into my ICU room and told me he thought I didn’t have asthma. I thought he was a quack. He ran a bunch of unpleasant tests, did a lung biopsy, and found the right diagnosis and the right treatment. I am lucky.

      • It took 10 years and five psychiatric pharmacologists to find the right combination of meds for my son’s brain disease. He’s been recovering steadily since June of 2014 and every day is a miracle after the hell we went through. I don’t harbor any ill will for the doctors who did not find the magic combo, but am so grateful for the one who finally did it right. My son is down to three different meds (from 9) a day, and he still goes to a psychiatrist twice a week and a cognitive behavioral therapist twice a week. He’s back in college, composing music and playing piano, guitar, a few other instruments. He has a tutor twice a week that he scypes with, studying what ever he is interested in and working on his writing and verbal skills. She’s been tutoring him for years and is a genius. He has friends again and most important, he is happy. The doctors still can’t agree on the diagnosis. One says schizophrenia, one says schizoid affect and one says psychotic depression. That’s okay as long as he is stable and getting stronger. He told me that the Christmas lights are prettier and sparklier than he has ever remembered them to be. I asked him if that was due to his recovery and he said yeah, everything was gray. Now the world is beautiful.

      • fivecatsownme

        Thank God. Aint life grand?

      • Sometimes it is very grand. :)

      • Margarett

        “…now the world is beautiful.” How wonderful. That must make your heart sing.

      • Sorry to hear about all that five cats. Sounds like you’ve been through it. Pray that the worst is behind you and you’re on your way to healing! Xoxo

      • fivecatsownme

        I am stable. Thanks to the guy who diagnosed me properly and got me on the right meds and oxygen. You take care of yourself, Satinbliss. Get a good GI specialist.

      • addie2u

        Prayers, hugs, & much respect fivecats. That’s been one hell of a journey. xo

      • fivecatsownme

        Thanks addie2u.

      • Meredo

        @Fivecatsownme and Lisamia, I have liked and respected both of you from reading your comments on different posts here. After reading your stories I have a new found respect and admiration for you both. You’re my heroes. XO

      • Thank you so much, Meredo. <3

      • fivecatsownme

        Thanks Meredo?

      • Lisa

        Well said. I had the same question about Bella’s DOB on the med.

      • Laura

        It seems as though there is a typo on Bella’s label by having an extra digit at the end. The label says 10/069/66. Her birthday was in October 1996.

  2. Bella’s birthdate makes no sense.
    Unless Yolanda had her when she was just 2 years old.

  3. fivecatsownme

    It is low dose immuno therapy. It is not recognized nor regulated by the FDA. It is similar to an allergy therapy from the 60s that was outlawed by the FDA. Horseflys do not spread Lyme. Yolanda is getting and subjecting her children to an unregulated and possibly dangerous treatment. One only has to take a weekend class to get certified in prescribing this treatment. Naturopaths and other non regulated quacks are welcome. I have nothing against holistic medicine. I’ve used accupuncture for pain. Immunotherapy can cause some pretty severe reactions. If she is giving herself this stuff at home, I hope Daisy can render first aid for anaphylaxis.

    • Angel(?)

      I looked up a Dr. Vincent in Alaska. If the one I found is the one who is treating Yo, he specializes in Chronic Illnesses. He has only been practicing for 9 years and is only certified in internal medicine. Funny though, he doesn’t list Chronic Lyme disease as a condition he treats.

      I mention this because I can’t figure out why someone with her financial means isn’t being treated by a place like the Mayo Clinic. Fingers crossed that I didn’t break any rules with this comment! If I did…sorry.

      • Sabrina

        I spent three weeks at Mayo attempting to get answers /help in analyzing and treating my very complicated autoimmune disease story- and was very disappointed. They had not made autoimmune disease management a focus of their work- they needed benefactors to endow chairs to study/build a base of knowledge in the area, and I was referred elsewhere after they provided no real help . That being said, Mayo did have expertise in one of the areas I have a diagnosis in, With the revolution in the use of autoimmune knowledge to treat cancers successfully there has been far more time and money spent in the area recently, and while they have been making progress in building the expertise, they still have quite a way to go.

      • Lisaj

        I give Mayo props for saving my life, their Infectious Disease department diagnosed me with Bartonella aka cat scratch fever and with 6 weeks of port delivered antibiotics, I was 99% better. That was 3 years ago and one exceptional group of board certified MD’s figured out what my primary care Dr couldn’t. I’m truly concerned for not only Yolanda but her children as well, these illnesses should be treated by a recognized protocol not homeopathy or natural path IMO, this isn’t Brooks sick, there’s really something wrong with her.

      • Because the Mayo Clinic and every other reputable hospital can find nothing wrong with her. I think these people are killing themselves with overdoses of antibiotics which are extremely powerful and damaging drugs.

      • Sliceo'pie

        Meghan, is that you.? …Step away from the computer…

        Lol. just kidding. I do stuff like that too.

    • Matzah60

      Everything you said, fivecatsome is spot on. Sadly, I am old enough to remember the allergists who injected you with a low dose of the very thing you were allergic to to desensitize you to the food, fabric, whatever that was making you allergic. Back then (in the late 60’s as I was born in 1954) it was called EPD and it had disastrous, dangerous, and even deadly results to patients.

      This Dr. Yo is now seeing is Wasila is actually seeing the bulk of his patients via Skype for a hefty sum. Everyone is sent the same generic dose of Lyme to inject into their body. Then, they get a LDI for yeast, then pneumonia and so on.

      This is a slippery slope for Anwar and Bella if indeed they are actually using them. I think these pictures are for ‘display’ to continue this Lyme storyline. Why would Yo have Bella’s ‘injectables’ in her frig if Bella lives in NY. Also, the birth dates of the kids are incorrect. From what I have read about Dr. Vincent, his LPN (not a registered nurse) is doing the skyping and prescribing for Dr. Vincent.

      Me thinks Dr. Vincent is building some beautiful mansion that is even more grandiose than Yo and David once owned!!

      • Erica

        Wow! I never knew about this in the 60s… but I had allergy shots for a year and a half, about 11 years ago. I honestly think it saved me. Was thinking of going back to the allergist and getting tested again to see if another round wouldn’t be a bad idea.

        It is how I know that it is INSANE that she is doing this at home. My allergist is an MD. One of my allergy symptoms was severe hives… all over my body for weeks on end. Was on 5 kinds of allergy medications. She made me do the slow schedule (most go twice a week… I went once a week) She also made me stay in the clinic for 45 minutes in case of anaphylaxis. I also carried an epipen for a while. Iso this the same kind of stuff?

      • Matzah60

        I’m glad you’re feeling better now, Erica. I haven’t been to an allergist since I was in junior high school which was many moons ago, but it seems that fivecatsownme was more qualified to answer your question. I do know as five cat stated that the EPD of the past was banned by the FDA many decades ago.

        I do know that immunotherapy (now low-dose immunotherapy) is being done successfully in many clinical trials across the nation for cancer such as NHL, Leukemia, and Pancreatic cancer, but the process is done with T-cells. ACT (Adoptive cell transfer) is like “giving patients a living drug. That’s because ACT’s building blocks are T cells, a type of immune cell collected from the patient’s own blood.

        The Gates Foundation has donated a lot of money toward major medical centers to conduct further clinical trials in T-cell immunotherapy for cancer. I know that UPenn, right near me, got a huge donation from Gates along with Sloan-Kettering, Harvard, etc.

        Like fivecat stated, even in a controlled environment like a hospital under the direction of an MD, one can have a strong reaction to the treatment and may get worse before getting better or showing signs of improvement.

      • Cancer immunotherapy is indeed truly the most exciting thing happening in medicine right now. However I don’t think we can relate that to what’s happening here with Dr. Alaska. In regards to cancer, immunotherapy encompasses a whole myriad of techniques that have in common the fact that they use the body’s immune system to kill the cancer cells. There’s also the fact that boatloads of money and research have and will continue to go into this field.

        What this looks like to me is some pseudo scientist/Doctor put some Lyme microbes in a syringe and sent them to Yolanda and family. I hope I’m wrong though.

      • fivecatsownme

        No, Erica. The Immunotherapy you were on is different. I used to be an allergist’s nurse and the formulas are done specifically for each patient. Stick with the board cert. Allergists/Immunologists. Not with the guys that do the weekend class.

    • I agree five cats. What I can’t wrap my brain around is the concept of using low dose immunotherapy for an infection you already have. At least with allergies, the concept makes sense in theory. You introduce small amounts of the allergen with the intent to acclimate your immune system to it so it responds normally rather than overreacting to it. With an infection, the offending bacteria is in and of itself one of the small fraction of microbes in the environment that actually causes harm to the human body. So what’s the point of adding more of it to your body, especially since your body is allegedly already overrun with the nasty little buggers?

      My inquiring mind has all kinds of questions about this stuff.

      • fivecatsownme

        I j dont trust those people who take the weekend seminar to provide treatments. We had a local gyn who provided a body rejuvination spa. Took weekend seminars. He killed a patient using too much local anesthesia for a breast implant.

  4. Minky

    I would be terrified of all of those injectibles. I got a blood test for celiac yesterday. My skin has been a mess for YEARS and my tummy is a crap shoot (pun intended). I’ve told nobody about it. Except you guys now. If I end up having it I’m afraid people will view me as the bitch who always orders off of the menu. I don’t want to be viewed as a sick person and I don’t want any attention. Yolanda just kills me with all of her pharmaceutical/alternative treatment/infusion selfies. Ew.

    • Sara

      A lot of places have gluten free options at restaurants now and the staff are trained how to properly handle gluten free food so as to avoid cross contamination. As for gluten free goodies at the store you’ll be paying twice as much. Gluten free breads, snacks, and other items are quite pricey. But if you have Celiac you have no choice. But a lot of foods are naturally gluten free, like fruits, veggies, meats, even ice cream. But you always have to check the ingredients because even foods that naturally don’t have gluten could have ingredients added that do have gluten. It’s a bit of a learning curve but the internet is great. If you’re unsure Google it. I hope you don’t have Celiac though. But if you do don’t feel weird. Gluten free has become more common and many restaurants have gluten free options now. Hope they find out what is wrong with your stomach. Feel better.

      • Walmart carries gluten free, delicious baking products and foods.
        Gluten is when, wheat, rye or barley is turned into protein.
        That is the three grains and basic info.
        Even if your tests return clean you might have a sensitivity to gluten which simply means you can eat it but limit your quality. Some days better than others.
        No one has to know, it’s three grains.

      • No, my dear. While gluten intolerance has become a huge fad, there are of course many people who are genuinely gluten-intolerant, and you are probably one of them. The factt hat it is a fad, should make life easier for you, in fact. Have you ever had flour-less chocolate cookies? Yum! An interesting piece of trivia. Aside from Marie-Antoinette’s callous remark, let them eat cake, there is a basis in history and in the cellular makeup of wheat for gluten intolerance. Bread swells in the belly helping peasants and the rest of us to feel full cheaply. (And deliciously.) It is probably that swelling that disagrees with you.

    • WonkyTonk

      Yeah, really not a fan of her using her medical issues for garnering personal attention. Especially since it’s very likely she’s causing, or exacerbating the issues.

    • Carl

      I too was recently tested for C after a year of stomach problems & guess what the problem was? Stevia! Swear on my life! The one time I try & go natural! I stopped & I’m completely fine again.

    • Minky

      Seriously. I almost hope that I have it just so it will explain my skin. From the neck down I look like Bubonic Sally. And I itch like a mangy old dog with fleas. This has been going on for years. Yesterday my doctor prescribed me doxycycline for the interim. They’ve done that before and it only works while I’m taking it. Aaargh!

      Today I had some potato salad from my supermarket’s deli. I though, oh potato salad, no gluten there. Potatoes, celery, onions, salt and spices and some mayo, maybe mustard. At least that’s how I make it, basically. Nope! Listed as one of the ingredients in the store-bought: modified food starch. ??? WTF is modified food starch? That could mean anything!

      Thank you for your well wishes Sara. I appreciate it muchly. :0)

      • I don’t normally enter into these conversations.
        I had horrible rash/skin that started near my neck/chest & kept growing downward.

        I was given a good dose, shot not pills, of a steroid and poof – gone.
        I asked Dr. and was told this is what she does 1st and it usually works. Saves time and money for her patients. One shot of a steroid will cause no harm, I actually felt great for days.

        Skin problems can erupt from numerous causes and she only looks deeper if the shot doesn’t work.

      • you ever try Chantrix(sp)?
        that started my rash
        itchy as all get out

      • Minky — Prednisone was what I was given. I considered it a miracle drug with how bad my skin had become.
        One large dose, no pills so no bad side effects.

        My skin began to clear in days, gone in a few more.
        Never came back, amazed considering how fast it spread and itched.
        Worth a try, you’ll feel great if nothing else for a few days.

      • Minky

        Thank you Calipatti. You’re a sweetie pie. I’ve tried prednisone for a sciatica episode in the past. I reacted very badly. It gives me the sweats, cramps and palpitations and it makes me cray-cray. Like, throwing things at the store in front of people cray-cray.

        Ah, the wonders of modern medicine. What they need to do is go back to selling OTC cocaine at the pharmacy like the good old days. I kid… Mmm hmm… Totally kidding… A little.

      • Oh Minot I feel your frustration! Sometimes it’s something you are eating! As a kid I could wear costume jewelry and then around 12 my earlobes started swelling the size of bulbs and blistering etc! Now I have to be careful with any jewelry since I mostly can wear silver and 22K gold! If I don’t any rash I previously had with allergies comes right back! Then it was my itchy scalp that never went away; I literally walked around with a painful scalp despite frequent washing and treatments! Guess what it was…the food I love most in this world CHEESE! I suspect flour products do it eventually too but if I eat cheese I have to take steroids! I’m now on a lifelong struggle to heal my gut and prevent too much inflammation! Skin was much better too and though I miss cheese I don’t miss the agony!

      • addie2u

        I get the same exact reaction from Predisone. It makes me cray-cray & I’m unable to sleep for days. Unfortunately last week I had no choice (my face & body was covered in poison ivy). So my apologies to anyone if I came off like a beotch. 😉

      • misery chick

        Hi Minky-I’m sorry you have to go through this. A couple of years ago I thought I was gluten-intolerant, but I’m only gluten sensitive (yay?). I’d like to recommend 2 books:
        ‘Grain Brain’ by Dr David Perlmutter and “Wheat Belly” by Dr William Davis. I’m sure you can check them out of the library or just go on their websites. You’ll get very specific info about what gluten is in (pretty much everything ?) and how to avoid it. I found both books to be fascinating. Knowledge is power, especially knowledge (earned by trial and error) of your own body is most important.

        Hang in there, it does get easier after awhile!

      • addie2u

        I’ve heard many amazing things about “Wheat Belly”. People who’ve been diagnosed with a slew of various ailments have sung it’s praises (even women suffering from Perimenopause symptoms have had remarkable results).

      • Cat

        Wow, Minky! Hope you get some answers soon, so you can feel better!

    • fivecatsownme

      Celiac is horrible. My sympathies. Once you go completly gluten free you should feel better. You might need a small bowl endoscopic biopsy too. I hope you have a good GI person.

      • Margarett

        Ah, Minky, don’t worry about the small stuff. Just get to feeling good. Adjusting a diet/eating habits is hard, but you can do it if need be.

        As for Yolanda, I really don’t have a clue what to think about her situation. It seems as if she could find a local doctor with whom she could work if she really just wanted a vague, chronic condition. She seems so desperate by going all over the world and subjecting herself to what must be unpleasant tests and treatments that I’m inclined to believe that she believes…at least.

    • tamaratattles

      Minky, I am so sorry you have some health problems, but buck up buttercup! Celiac is the new black! As someone said there are often gluten free options on menus these days. Even people who don’t have Celiac are going gluten free.

      I am amazed to see so many GLUTEN FREE! things in the grocery store. Like, “This tomato is GLUTEN FREE!”

      I try to avoid high fructose corn syrup which is subsidized by your government (corn farmers) and is in EVERYTHING!

      • Minky

        Thank you all. You’re all totally beautiful people. I know I’ll be okay eventually. I just hate waiting on blood tests. The doctor said one week. Grrrrrr. > :0(

        And high fructose corn syrup sullies everything food stuff it touches. Maybe this sounds snooty, but the best Coca Cola is hecho en Mexico. I think they use real sugar like the good Lord intended.

    • Erica

      Oh… antibiotic would probably mean not an allergy. Was going to suggest extensive allergy tests and also a thyroid hormone test. I got out of control hives 10 years ago… allergies were going nuts. My doc and I think my thyroid was starting to malfunction, but we didn’t catch it then. My allergist was amazing though. Got the hives under control, then thru the allergy shots, got me off the five daily medications I was on.

      Still occasionally itch skin wise tho… for that I take what I took before every shot. 5 to 10 pepcid. Yup… they are a different format of antihistamine than the stuff labeled antihistamine. Great for hives. I just wonder if that would help you with the itchies.

      Good luck. If it is Celiac… to echo everyone… much easier these days! So many products! FYI… I LOVE Bob’s Red Mill stuff. As a kid, used to go to the actual mill. My cousin is slightly gluten intolerant, and when she has to eat clean… she swears by his gluten free stuff! (We all already use his regular stuff for special recipes. His mueslix… YUM.

      • Minky

        Thank you hon. I already have Hashimoto’s. There goes another rabid bitch of a “condition”. I use to have a goiter and nodules on my thyroid gland. Since I was a child. Why my doctors never caught it, especially my pediatrician, I’ll never know. After doing thyroid meds, and still on them, I got that issue under control. No more goiter!

        And you’re absolutely right. I’ve already got a little bag of Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour. I’m actually excited to try the chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s printed on the package. Does your cousin have inflammation problems? When I go without gluten I pee like crazy. I read that it’s because the body’s tissues are letting go of all the water they collect to buffer the damage the gluten is causing. I’ll know more in a week…

      • Hi Minky. Hope you feel better soon! My daughter doesn’t eat gluten. She’s not celiac, she just feels better being gluten free. We go out to eat a lot. Most restaurants in LA have a lot of gluten free choices, so it’s no big deal.

    • fivecatsownme

      Americas Test Kitchen has a great cookbook for gluten free cooking. Check it out on amazon. My DDIL eats gluten free and uses that cookbook.

    • Yeah the pitiful selfies are weird and extremely pitiful. I mean it seems she wants sympathy or something? Most people don’t want to be seen this way.

    • I plan on going gluten and dairy free after the holidays are over. I’m kinda scared cuz I love the occasional sandwich but I’m told there are lots of great alternatives out there. I’ve been on omeprazole for four years and am practically addicted to it. Low and behold, they are just finding out that the repercussions for long term use are damaging. What a shocker. 😛 My diet is actually pretty good. I stick with “good” fats and proteins, fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables, hardly any processed food, and very limited amounts of sugar and complex carbs. I’m not sure why I’ve come down with such a terrible case of acid reflux. Im hoping this will help and in conjunction with the diet am gonna try to wean myself off of it while supplement with Zantac and/or tums. I’ll keep you updated how my experiment goes. :)

      • Toddy

        Satinbliss, I use vanilla almond milk on my cereal. Takes a little getting used to, but pretty good.

      • Thanks toddy. I’ll definitely be using a lot of that I hope it’s good in lattes. 😉

      • Minky

        I just noticed ALL of the comments. You guys are so nice! It’s like that episode of Lucy. The “Friends of the Friendless” club. I love it! This blog, Tamara and the commenters are the best thing on the internets.

  5. Northeastgrl

    Did she actually state they got it from horseflies? I know quite a few “horse people” who have Lyme but they got it from ticks so I don’t get why she thinks it’s from horseflies which if anyone does a simple google search can see it’s a minuscule possibility. I’m a Yolanda fan but have to admit it does seem odd. I feel like her publicizing her journey is doing more harm than good to the cause in general. If she ends up with good results from all these experiments then great but all she’s doing is opening herself up to scrutiny and ridicule and it’s just sad to see so much negativity in a time when she should healing and not be accused of faking it.

  6. Karina

    She should protect her children’s privacy. The only awareness she’s creating is how desperate she is for attention. This is an invasion of her family’s privacy.

  7. Sue

    Someone needs to stop Yolanda from spreading lies and inaccuracies about Lyme. There is absolutely NO documentation supporting that Lyme comes from anything but certain ticks. It upsets me that people actually believe her, look at her Twitter comments…some of these people are believing everything she says! I live in a county in Pennsylvania that had the highest rate of Lyme in the county for several years and we are still in the top 10. I also worked in public health, specifically epidemiology for over 20 years, and I’m telling you a lot of what she is saying is unsupported, undocumented and dangerous to people who are really sick and are taking her advice! I really hope someone important like Dr Oz or someone, calls her on her lies because obviously her handlers have no control over what she says.

    • tamaratattles

      Someone important like Dr. Oz???? You work in the medical field and find him credible? And since when does Yolanda have “handlers” ?

      • fivecatsownme

        I think Sue means a celebrity.

      • Sue

        That was a lame choice but I couldn’t think of anyone off the top of my head that everyone would know. I suppose the surgeon general would have been a better choice. I just keep reading her dangerous statements week after week and it makes me angry that people believe her. It’s going to take someone famous to dispute her before some of these mindless followers stop Blindly believing her. And yes, handlers…like an agent or or person. They all have at least one.

        The facts are on the CDC website. There is no disputing that and what she says is the opposite of the facts.

    • Librarygirl

      You sounded credible until the Dr. OZ reference. How about clinical studies, published in reputable scientific journals. I also live in an area that has been heavily affected by Lyme. While most cases that I know of are easily cured with antibiotics, it is those cases that go undiscovered that present the protracted symptoms. My unprofessional opinion is that when someone walks around with undiagonsed Lyme for months or years, the outcome is undetermined. I do not know own anyone who has died from Lyme, but yes, the nastiness from Lyme can continue for years and years, and it is not pleasant. Whatever Yo has, I hope that she gets the help that she needs to lead the life that she wants to have for herself.

      • Sue

        i could care less about what people on this website think of my credibility….the issue is she’s making random statements based on her opinion, not based on facts. Of course Lyme can be a horrible disease if undiagnosed, where did I dispute that? I said she is carelessly throwing out statements that are not based in fact or legitimate research, I never said she wasn’t sick nor did I say she doesn’t have Lyme.

  8. Dawn

    Possibly Yolanda doesn’t want to go to Mayo and places of that caliber because they might debunk her diagnosis. Just because she has all those drugs and meds on display, doesn’t mean she is actually ingesting them. If a person wanted the attention and sympathy (only a mentally ill person would) and the public to be focused on your health, just what more could a person do? She is showing it on a popular TV show, news stories, speeches, awards recognition, and daily with every possible online outlet. She has promised a future book.

    As others have said, there are plenty of quacks or people that believe they have cures for anything you are willing to pay for. Yolanda gives them all free publicity. The farther afield she goes, the less details are known.

    What person that only part of the time has good mental capacity and is very physically weakened, is able to do the research and advocate for themselves like she does? She must have one full time staff member doing this, no matter what kind of ailment she really has. I doubt it is Daisy, unless she has been behind the scenes the last 2 years. I don’t think Yolanda would work this hard at anything herself, able-bodied or not. Better just being the pretty woe is me patient.

  9. Xanadude

    Im beginning to think Yo watched Julianne Moore in the movie Safe and is headed in the same direction.

    • Librarygirl

      Whatever is going on, I was so behind Yo, because of friends who have suffered the long term effects of Lyme. However, the first couple of episodes have been confusing. Is Yo getting better? Was all of this filmed before the leaky implant was removed? I find it a bit confusing and disingenuous.

    • fivecatsownme

      You hit the nail the head.

  10. Ingrid

    It’s weird that she says horse flies, b/c many years ago, I went to my sister’s wedding at a horse farm ( I had spent time around horses but not that much), and a week later got very sick, then got the joint swelling, it was awful, I had it in my knees, hands, feet, it was very painful and scary. Lyme test was inconclusive, but I was treated with antibiotics anyway and got better, thankfully. Who knows what it was that bit me, but now I live in deer country and dont really have a fear of ticks, just check carefully. It is apparently rare to get lyme from horse flies, but from what I read it can happen, but it is very rare, and the idea that half of her family got it that way is just crazy.

  11. Wow this is a bit more drastic than coffee enemas and IV vitamins. Scary! I can’t believe she would let her kids be Guinea pigs by some Alaskan quack. If she wants to expose herself that’s one thing but not her kids ffs. Ugh

  12. captain eel

    Lying is an art. Everyone lies, usually only when its to one’s advantage or circumstances make it necessary. Children soon learn the two basic tenants of the best lies. One, believability, equal to the truth or preferably better. Two, unprovability of falsehood. Yolanda, although she practices incessantly, seems to have never grasped the basic concepts and expects the most outrageous unbelievable and easily disproved untruths to pass muster. They do not. This speaks volumes about her precarious mental state.

  13. I think she has made way too big a deal over this supposed Lyme Disease and it’s going to come back and bite her in the butt…if David Foster starts getting bad press for leaving a near invalid, he’s going to start talking some real smack about her “illness”.

    • captain eel

      janagoodwin9, you are absolutely correct. While known as a serial womanizer, David Foster’s credibility is rock solid. Yolanda has no credibility remaining and is known as a bold faced serial liar of epic proportions. If David is forced to reveal any of Yolanda’s dark and heinous hidden secrets and motives, he will be believed wholeheartedly despite any of her denials.

      • janet

        Whats odd to me, is David not seeing this trait of enjoying the attention of illness and being untruthful, prior to their marriage. Im not saying that I know this to be true about Yo, but if David were to allege that, how did it go unnoticed? They had a long courtship it seems. They didn’t rush into marriage. If so, Yo must have kept that side of herself under wraps. I totally dont see David wanting to marry that type, as most men wouldnt. David especially. Men like women to buck up and carry on with life, and if anything downplay any health complaints or restrictions. Thats what they think of as a good woman and partner. She never complained!!

      • captain eel

        I would think it’s easy, janet, for someone with an ego the size of Foster’s to over look much in a yonger woman worshipping him at his feet like a king. Paradoxically, that in and of itself is a giant red flag.

  14. @immelza

    I am beginning to think now that she mentioned writing a book To will spin this into a new career. She will find a ‘miracle cure’ write a bunch of books, market all types of crazy vitamins & treatments, hit the talk shows ect. I think that it’s really shitty that she is spinning stories of horseflies, 2 foot long worms and whatever else. Most chronically ill people can’t afford all this crap she posts about.

    • @immelza

      Sorry that should be Yo instead of To…… long day at work!

    • Dawn

      Once you have a cult following from books, you can sell them almost anything. Note the success of the wealthy Suzanne Somers, her friend. I’m not saying Suzanne is full of bunk or wasn’t already in the retail marketplace. But, once she had a following for her books, it additionally opened up food, health, and cosmetic products to people that may never have been into her earlier product lines.

      Yolanda had to do something to become well known, other than a wife to 2 rich guys. Who ever heard of her 5 years ago? Almost everyone has know Suzanne forever.

      Usually people’s true motivation for trying to infuence others is their bottom line, money. The more you have, the more you want.

    • fivecatsownme

      Remember when it was just the thigh master? Now its all the bio-identical hormones and eternal youth.

    • Twilly

      I think she’s in too deep and taken this too far to admit it may be anything else. And I think to get out of it she will do exactly what you said.

  15. If Mohammed doesn’t step in and get Anwar and Bella away from Yolanda, I hope child services does. Yolanda is a grown up and can fuck herself up all she wants, but to poison her children. That’s crazy evil behavior.

    • Angel(?)

      Unfortunately, Bella is over the age of 18. She’s considered an adult by CPS and most likely any court. She can go along with her mother’s therapies if she wants. Mohammed would only have a say about Anwar. Funny how we don’t hear much about Anwar.

      • Sad for Bella then. Hope Mohammed has enough sense to protect his son.

      • Trashbox

        Just because she’s posting this doesn’t mean the kids are actually taking “low dose” whatever this is. My mom has some crazy theories and I play along a lot — but no way in hell I would inject myself with Lyme or get a colonic because she thought she had a 2ft parasite (WTF!) because the nice colonic lady said so.

  16. I had Lyme disease a few years ago. My symptoms were atypical and I had a nurse, then a doc, the two docs come and look at me. They asked if my neck hurt, because then it was spinal meningitis. Otherwise it was Lyme. So, of course that makes your neck hurt! I flew to Utah while the blood test results were working and I felt like a leper. I got diagnosed right when my muscles were starting to be achy. But I never thought any of this was a big deal until this Yolanda thing. I could have gotten away with so much!

  17. Xanadude

    I wonder if Yo will run in to Sarah Palin – I mean, at some point, she will have to actually meet face to face with the prescribing physician, right? and Wasila only has 396,142 residents. Palin on RHOBH? Stranger things have happened.

  18. cobe

    So, if I understand the commenters correctly, these vials are low dose injectables of Lyme Disease itself?

    If that is the case, wouldn’t this be what caused the positive test for Lyme in the first place? I wonder how long she has been seeing this internet doctor?

    I don’t think Anwar is living with her any longer. Has anyone seen him or any traces of him in the new condo?

    Also, I would be livid to see my child’s personal medical information released on a public platform. I mean, to the point where I would go to court.

    I have a lot of compassion for David, who seems to have given it his best shot.

    I’m going to look a bit more into this “low dose immunotherapy”. Is it like holistic therapy?

    • Mohammad needs to man up. He always seems afraid of her for some reason.

      • cobe

        I dig Mohammed. I think he seems like the consummate gentleman.

        I also don’t think he is a wimp.

        My guess is that he has Anwar with him, but kept it out of the media.

        This means that Yolanda doesn’t get child support for him either.

      • addie2u

        I think Mohammand’s too busy dodging building inspectors & pissing off the neighbors.

  19. cobe

    PS: I guess this is her way of “proving” her diagnosis as the diagnosis reads “Lyme”

    Good lord.

    • outhousecat

      I’m a nurse. I’ve never seen a diagnosis written on a prescription. The most you’ll see is for an “as needed” med, and the instructions will say take 1 for sleep at night as needed, take 2 three times a day as need for itching, etc. Those “medications” Yo is showing are fake.

      • tamaratattles

        I’ve also never seen a nurses name on a script either. A nurse practitioner might fly but never in the history of the world have I seen an LPN (first name only) on a prescription bottle/syringe. Just throwing that out there.

      • Good points! I feel a bit better if she’s just injecting herself and her kids with a fake placebo. jeez this guy must be a scam artist.

  20. Amy V

    About a month ago I commented on your blog that Yolanda s beautiful backyard is riddled with ticks that cause Lyme disease. I truly believe that her gorgeous grounds are infested with them.

    • Except Malibu is a drought-prone desert environment and ticks like moist and cool. I’m too lazy to google this, but I think I am right. Are there deer in Malibu? The fact remains that a very small percentage of ticks are infected with Lyme’s disease. And no doubt, Yolanda had a spray company that kept her grove in tip top shape, which would most likely keep the ticks at bay. I don’t know, I’m getting punchy from trying to figure out this nut. One thing we know without a doubt. The people that go on these shows are barking at the moon bat shit crazy. Every last one of them.

      • gessiewtf, I was told the west coast did not have Lyme carrying ticks but the CDC site says differently. I live with Oak and Pine trees, my sons had ticks growing up.

        What CDC does say that is interesting, the tick must stay in to transmit Lyme is 36+ hours. I forgot exact wording.
        I think most day or weekend hikers would find the tick at shower time that night.

        Even though I thought our ticks did not carry Lyme, I still looked for the spread of redness coming from the bite. If the redness wasn’t spreading we gave it no more thought.
        Most tick bites have a ring of red but do not radiate redness outward.

      • Amy V

        Jessi…deer are not the only carriers of Lyme disease. There are a slew of animals that are infested with the disease…field mice, raccoons,horses etc etc.

      • iloveearlgrey

        I went to visit some friends in Los Angeles, and we went hiking in Malibu. There were signs all over the place warning about ticks that carry a slew of diseases including lyme. So, yes, there are lyme carrying ticks in Malibu.

  21. Anastasia_Beave

    Right. So, she’s injecting herself and children with Lyme disease to fight Lyme disease? None of this makes sense.

    This is all so confusing. It’s too much.

  22. SaraSally

    Earlier this year I listened to a Ted Talk about crowd sourcing medical input for mysterious maladies. They explained that the wider you cast your net, the odds of someone with experience or knowledge may hold the answer.

    A few years back Dick Van Dyke did the same thing. He revealed on Twitter that he had been suffering from an undiagnosed pounding headaches, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and neurological symptoms for seven years. He asked Twittersphere, “Anyone got any ideas?“. Someone came forward and suggested it maybe the titanium dental implants. Van Dyke said he replaced his dental work, and said his health improved drastically soon thereafter.

    My thought Yo is trying her hand medical info sourcing too. Just looking for needle in the haystack. It would be nice if she wouldn’t breach her children’s right to privacy.

  23. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Anyone else find “Yolanda Hadid-Foster” odd? Who hyphenates their ex husband’s name with their new one’s?!

    • cobe


      No. Especially when there are children involved. She likely wants to keep the same last name as the kids, but also share a last name with her husband.

      With all of the wackadoodle things about Yo, this is not one of them.

    • tamaratattles

      I thought it was very odd. It made me think of Kris Jenner thinking about going back to Kardashian.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I think it’s kind of a knock to the next husband. I understand keeping the name after getting divorced, but once you get remarried? Seems weird to me.

      • addie2u

        ITA. I can understand a women keeping her ex’s name because of the children they share but once she remarries she typically lets it go & takes on her new husband’s name. Very weird.

      • A lot of things about Yolanda remind me of Kris Kardashian Jenner.

        And it will even more so in the future.

        Is she sick? At one time—probably. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
        And neither would any of the posters here who comment on the over the top and curious behavior of a woman who drags herself out of a sick bed to pose as a latter day Brigette Bardot in a damn bath towel.
        And don’t even get me started on dragging her children into this masquerade.

        I have read here about the heart-wrenching trials about people who are sick. Truly, genuinely sick. In my opinion, it is their situation that makes Yolanda all the more odious because of her pseudo glamorous look-at- me-on my “journey”

        My heart aches for people truly suffering and I wish all a speedy recover.

        And I guess when all is said and done, I truly wish the same thing for Yolanda Foster.
        Because there is something terribly wrong there.

        I just don’t think it is exactly what she wants us to believe.

      • Cat

        Haha! I kept my ex’s name, and I don’t have kids! I kept it because it’s a stage name, it sounds European, and it means absolutely NOTHING!

    • No, Hadid was her last name and the her children’s last name. Hadid is still her friend and probably a influential name.
      If the divorce or marriage had been ugly then maybe not.
      Makes sense to keep it.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I think it’s very strange for a husband to have his wife carrying another man’s name, no?

    • My guess is she might have kept the Hadid in the name for the kids.

    • SaraSally

      Mothers with children of the same name do.

    • Anastasia_Beave

      I totally thought it was weird.

    • SaraSally

      I have a double last name. I’m not much on hyphenating my name, but if I don’t, people don’t know whether to file my info under ”H’ or under ‘W’, therefore bypassing half of my complete last name. It creates a bureaucraptic nightmare when looking up legal documents. Hyphenating simplfies & seems to guide folks accordingly without the usual 20 question rundown.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        But is it your married name and maiden name, or your ex husband and new husband’s names?? Hyphenating with your maiden name is not strange.

  24. Sweet T

    Yolanda reminds me of those horrible parents who post pictures of their kids on Facebook holding up a sign declaring their disease and begging for likes. Who does that? I just don’t get it. Bella and anwars’s futures are harmed by her leaking this information. Companies don’t like to hire sick people and people don’t like to date them.

  25. It’s been awhile back, but have never forgot how odd Yolanda acted at that visit/luncheon to plan a birthday party wasn’t it? At the ex husband’s? She was SO territorial, but hopelessly trying to act cool, but came across to me as being still hung up on the ex, the house, the servants…her former life. The whole scene was just routinely sad but now kind of creepy if it’s true she’s injecting his kids with Lyme etc.

  26. Katherine 2.0

    I don’t know what’s wrong with Yolanda. I wish her the very best, but her situation is one in a growing list of dark turns that these formerly fun and frivolous shows have taken. I love TT’s site and will continue to read, but am finding it tough to actually watch this stuff anymore.
    For those dear commenters suffering through a variety of conditions and diseases – my heart goes out to you, real and struggling people, and I hope you find relief and happiness in the days to come.

  27. Douche LaRouche

    Go online and see how many cases of Lyme’s have been reported in LA County. Practically zero.
    Now factor in the fact that it isn’t transferable and her kids have it?
    Yoyo is the kind of patient that bounces from doc to doc, then finally finds an ‘alternative care provider’ that will tell her everything she needs to know and will put it into a nice binder to give to your dentist?
    I used to work for a large HMO and hated the FN patients that came ‘preloaded’ with ALL their medical records in a folder – every question had to be answered with them rummaging thru a ream of papers and ending with them pulling one out for you to read……So you knew they weren’t lying. 9 times out of 10 it was a summary from storefront clinic/doctor?

  28. Trinity

    On one hand I get Yolanda because I am all for alternative healthcare, just because researching my own issues helped me cure myself where conventional medicine failed me. I bet she went to Doctors at first & never felt better. It took years before my mother finally got a proper diagnosis of her affliction, but doctors still failed her in the end, so I have little faith in conventional medicine. I understand going the alternative route.

    However, I would never publicize it since I know the majority of people blindly accept conventional medicine without any questions. Many do not believe in her sickness or diagnosis. There is a lot of controversy surrounding chronic Lyme disease, but I don’t doubt that it could exist. I can only imagine that she thinks she is bringing awareness to the condition & accepts her role as a martyr for the cause, and that is why she does what she does. I am trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    I think her children wanted to come forward to support their mother after seeing her getting bashed. I have recently seen so many stories of people claiming they or their children have cancer just to get donations, it’s hard not to be suspect of everyone. It is a bewildering feeling when people doubt your sickness and you can’t prove it. She appears to me to be a real fighter, I hope she makes it through, whatever her end goal is, I wish her the best. I would hate to be the one saying negative things & she offs herself.

  29. Mable Lean

    This trick is even more annoying than Nene and Brooks. She’s boring as hell too with her lying ass.

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