Nene Is Copying Marlo?

Nene and Marlo


Marlo recently posted this with the caption “you don’t know me?”  Looks like someone is copying Marlo…


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28 responses to “Nene Is Copying Marlo?

  1. TD

    Not only this pic but I recall during s6 Marlo also posted another collages of Nene copying her several times.

  2. ShyGuy

    How in hell can you not like her Nene but wear everything she wears but OK.

  3. trashbox

    I do like to see Marlo stir it up, but I’m not biting this time. Just don’t care. Atlanta needs new blood. Preferably someone who actually has money.

  4. Minky

    Is Nene copying Mah-lo? Hmmm? I reckon so. Does this woman think everyone is blind? Unless she and Marlo share a wardrobe there’s only one explanation. Marlo wears it better though, IMO. Watch Nene say that it’s really vice-versa. HAHAHAHAHA!

  5. Lawstangel

    Give me a break, Marlo has always been an attention whore her own darn self. Out of all the outfits Nene has worn, she digs up 2? Why is Marlo looks looking up Nene to see what she (Nene is wearing) in the first place?

  6. mannysgrammy

    Well, that is what NeNe does best~call names, hate, but than copies the very ones styles that she hates on the most! Just like Kim, and calling her WIG, but yet every time she copies a style, she looks much worse than who she copies!
    I mean look at her choppers! LOL That’s what you get trying to out -do a horse, a moose, a man and are let out on the loose!

  7. More Tea Please!

    Marlo is copying Nene? Hahahhahahahaha. If she hurries, more than half of Nene’s line is on clearance at HSN.

  8. Keya

    Sighs. Really Nene??? It’s a boring move and quite un-becoming of a grown woman.

  9. BGStyles Laughing

    Wait I thought that Marlo was helping Nene up her game at one time. Nene feelings with Marlo where because of her constant fighting with Diane during the time of her wedding. Marlo was making the show about her instead of Nene’s wedding. Then siding with Kenya with her craziness. Hey Nene thinks Marlo has style…..Imitation is the sincerity form of flattery. lol. They are two of a kind.

  10. AKA Riley

    Marlo looks very young in these photos. Obviously Nene is copying Marlo. I’m thinking she must of borrowed her clothes or Marlo gave them to her, when they were friends.

    • LisaPat

      I dont know, Marlo. I think we need dates when these outfits were worn for this to be official. Marlo looks like she had someone take a photo of her walking down the street.. couldve been after nene wore hers.

      • peachteachr

        Really? When you look it up, please share with us what you find cause most of believe it’s NeNe doing the copying.

      • tamaratattles

        The reason most of us believe that is because we are looking at photos of Nene wearing the garment after the fact. The latest was of Nene on WWHL saying basically she doesn’t know Marlo in an outfit that Marlo wore previously. And then Marlo posting the proof.

        This is not rocket science and no further “investigation” is necessary for people with eyes.

  11. Crazy in NC

    These outfits look straight out of the strip club. Particularly the one on the left. I know Marlo is showing off her wares (allegedly…) but what is Nene’s excuse?

  12. sarcasatire

    Looks like Marlo is looking for attention.

  13. Rose

    Not a fan of either look.

  14. sarcasatire

    As a former stylist, I can say that these ladies probably use stylists that shop or “pull” from the same locations in Atlanta. At least for the high end, exclusive labels. They all use the same, select contacts because the market is so specific. Nene won’t even give Marlo air by discussing her or speaking her name. Even when asked by Andy. Doubt Nene’s trying to steal the style and popularity of a convicted felon with no job, no fame outside of Atlanta, and no platform other than Instagram…home of her high-end thot pictures. Yea, I’ll benefit that when I see Nene posting pictures of Marlo to get attention, just like Marlo’a doing here.

    • Josie

      That is what I thought too. Stylists tend to shop at the same places. Happens often in the gossip sheets. I doubt Nene is copying her purposely.

  15. jennbug

    When I saw NeNe on WWHL, I thought it was the same or a very similar dress as the one Kyle wore in the infamous Limo Scene on s1 of RHoBH. Then I saw the slits down the legs and knew it was too tacky for Kyle.

  16. Trinity

    I saw that today was Nene’s birthday, maybe Marlo gave her some clothes to help her with fashion. Marlo wore it better. If only Marlo could help Kenya too.

    • tamaratattles

      I can’t believe you guys think (a) that Marlo and Nene are even on speaking terms (they are not) and (b) that they share clothes. Do ya’ll really think they are the same size?

  17. jen

    Marlo posing next to a dirt pile lol. I am not a Nene fan but I wouldn’t put it past Marlo to copy Nene to just throw this on social media to feel relevant. Marlo is such trash.

  18. These two are made for each other! I wish they could have stayed friends. They really brought out the worst in each other without realizing it.

  19. fivecatsownme

    NeNe, you’ve been on Bra’way. Dress with some dignity.

  20. Fave4

    That’s okay Marlo you wear it better for sure.

  21. Amy V

    Uh…excuse me, did Marlo get a nose job?

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