It’s Almost Christmas! Is Chateau Sheree Finished?

Chateau Sheree 12122015

It’s time for the annual Christmas check in  on Chateau Sheree. Call me crazy, but every year I think the place will FOR SURE be ready by the next Christmas. I think this is the fourth year I’ve thought that.  Anyway,  a neighborhood spy stopped by the Chateau this past week and said that there was some activity going on for a change. While nothing seems different on the outside, it seems some central heat and air units were being installed. So some progress is happening again now that the Bravo checks have resumed.  Cooling that monstrosity is going to be VERY expensive. The back of the house is  full of windows from the ground floor to the upper level. It’s beautiful, but it will be a bitch to keep that place cool.

Want The Whole History of Chateau Sheree?

I was wondering if she had some grass put in because I’ve never seen any there in any of the pictures y’all send me. It blows my mind that production added in grass on the scenes show on the TV show. She seems to be having some major erosion problems that would benefit from getting some grass down. The black plastic fencing has increased a lot but doesn’t seem to be helping.

Empty lot Sheree

August 2012

At any rate. I think I can stop looking for my invitation to a Christmas reception at Chateau Sheree. Until next year.

P.S. What is that teepee like structure on the far left in the most recent pic?

Chateau Sheree 121215 erosion

Update: This is a photo from the same series. She started with a shit ton of dirt. The dirt caused a mudslide onto the street in 2014. There were probably other things involved but that road was shut down for a long time.  To get fined for erosion, it has to be pretty bad.

Thus all the black plastic wrap fencing.  I’m also surprised that two of the six trees planted seem to be thriving…


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51 responses to “It’s Almost Christmas! Is Chateau Sheree Finished?

  1. Minky

    Teepee structure? It took me a while to figure out where it is. Lord knows. Maybe she’s installing an out-house?

    • More Tea Please!

      That’s a temporary power pole.

      • Minky

        But can’t you totally see Sheree installing a super-delux, state-of-the-art outhouse? With a stripper pole and strobe lights and a lie-berry? I totally can.

      • Minky

        And in the front yard too! With a skating rink/disco in the basement! Oh that woman and her construction projects. It’s like Citizen Kane and Xanadu! (Shout out to our Xanadude!) Or Sarah Winchester and her “I’m trying to hide from the ghosts” house.

        And don’t get me started on the topic of furniture. How will her interior designer incorporate the air mattress into the aesthetic scheme of Chateau Sheree? Hmm? HOW?!!!

  2. Viks

    That was in 2012? Strangely I am shocked it has developed “that fast”. Seems like she started this in the 90s…

    The Teepee-thingy looks like they are installing a pole for some reason. Perhaps a lamp for the driveway? Sniper tower outlooking Kenyas home?

  3. Looks like a temporary power pole. They run power from the street to a pole with a small breaker and power tools can be run off that. It was a flat rate during construction.

    We had one that we ran power and phone wires from until the the house was wired and passed inspection

  4. WonkyTonk

    Looks like support poles supporting the the main square pole containing the electric access for the construction site. Doesn’t look like it needs support though.

  5. Spilledperfume

    I can’t see the teepee like structure but it looks like one of your other readers know what it is.

    I hope your knee is getting better and that Banjo is doing well.

  6. tamaratattles

    Thanks. Banjo is doing much better. I’m in the ditch with anxiety.

    It does look like a power pole, I’ve just never seen one in a yard before…

      • @immelza

        Sorry for going off topic but mmj has saved my life with the chronic pain, depression & anxiety I have. After 17 years of taking probably every pharmaceutical they make I can now survive on very minimal pain meds & occasional Xanax. I don’t know if it’s legal where you live but you don’t have to smoke they make drops you can put in tea and you don’t feel tired & stoned. Again sorry for off topic but I feel terrible that you’re suffering hang in there.

    • Several years ago … like 30 now that I think of it … I found a paperback in a box of other miscellaneous junk my Dad had bought at an auction called “Hope and Help for Your Nerves” by Dr. Claire Weeks or Weekes. The priniciples of it – altho’ it was already dated even then, have helped my sometimes crippling anxiety all these years. (I was close to agoraphobic) In recent years, several girlfriends have used it with much success….they got it off Amazaon for like $3. It’s written in such a way, you can absorb it even if reading in a high strung state.

  7. MOH

    That is not the completed facade is it? It appears to be just the second coat of the three coat process it takes to stucco an exterior. Also, if the HVAC is being installed there is still a long time until final finishing is complete. Flooring, painting, as well as any fine tuning and finalization of surfaces. ( I am 96% certain that the slabs and other stone surfaces have not been purchased).

    On to the erosion, that means the property was not properly graded and certain areas need to be “built up” will supports that clear both the frost line and the water table of the area.

  8. LisaPat

    Im going to ask a tard question so please be kind.. I know nothing about building homes. I know the definition of the word ‘erosion’ but how does it apply to an unhabited home? Specifically to a fine imposed by the City of Atlanta? What exactly is eroding on Sheree’s Chateau; The foundation? The interior? Exterior? The grass?

    • LisaPat


    • Margarett

      My guess is that the lot is eroding since it is without grass or other vegetation to prevent he dirt from literally running into the street. Of course the street would have to be lower than the lot, but it looks as if it is…or that could just be my glasses.

      • tamaratattles

        You are correct, Margarett. Let me post another photo there has been a lot of rain and the dirt is/was running into the road.

      • LisaPat

        Thanks. That was lost on me. Is it normal for a person to bring in .. what looks like a literal ton of dirt to start the process? Did or does she have plans for all that dirt or did she just go overboard and get way too much? Why is it just sitting there in heaps? Im sure she can pay for a company to come and remove it.. or flatten it down and plant something. That cant be as expensive as flooring . I dont get why she isnt making these nesessary upgrades in a timely manner. This is getting silly.. beyond actually.

      • Dirt was probably dug out to a level pad, driveway and/or basement or foundation.

    • @immelza

      If there is bare ground without being graded to properly allow rainwater to run off properly every time it rains dirt & debris will just run all over. Probably on to neighbors yards, the sidewalks roads ect. That black plastic stuff is supposed to contain the debris run off but that stuff is only good for about 3-6 months & starts to deteriorate.

      • @immelza

        She probably dumped the dirt and never properly backfilled around the house and then had the rest it spread on the lawn, graded and properly seeded or sodded. It would turn into rivers of mud flowing everywhere as soon as there was alot of rain.

    • MOH

      The piles of dirt are probably from the years long excavation process. Dependent on the city ordinances when she had the original structure raised, her contractor probably advised her to retain the soil. Typically it is retained for grading. With “tear-downs”.There are tons of variables; some cities only allow building on the original footprint and foundation-whereas in her city they must allow for a certain amount of expansion. Retaining the original soil/clay/sand mixture saves thousands of $ and she definitely needs it.

  9. Lisaj

    We all know that house isn’t going to be finished by Christmas this year or the next, excited to see Kenya’s home. Sheree if you’re reading this, just walk away and let this go!
    Anxiety is dreadful. Xanax is my savior, please feel better, praying for you and banjo.

  10. Ann

    Glad to see progress. Keep working sheree

  11. Toni Lee Gildea

    I like to think she thought her Chateau belonged on a mountain top.

  12. Cheychey

    I will never understand even if it was someone else like the Dubro’s who can afford think they need a house so big. Why do you need 10 bathrooms or 8 bedrooms when most of these people do t even have families this size? Surely they don’t have 10 asses to put on toilets at the same time. I guess maybe some of them have a staff to house. But I don’t get some of that either. If I were wealthy I may have a housekeeper(not a live in to private) but these day nannies and night nannies. Why even have kids if your never the one to care for them!!!

  13. JoJo

    My bet is next year, not this Christmas, before She Home by Sheree is finished. Since she has Bravo $$ now, the marathon might sprint to an early 2016 finish. I was thinking Sheree is also perhaps saving her whack drama for when she has a finished product. All we’ve seen so far is neutral, calm, and low-key.
    But should she finish the home (and finish it first), we might see the Grand Opening and the requisite ‘House-Warming Party!!! On a recent episode Kenya the comedienne again makes certain to shade the unfinished Whitfield ‘estate’ saying to her and another HW: “I thought I’d be a good neighbor and bring some sugar for my new neighbor but the bitch got no kitchen.” Ironic, since neither does Kenya.
    That likely could mean mean one or two RH cast or ex-cast members may be forgotten to be invited, scratched off some guest list, or the best yet, a neighbor invited whose home isn’t finished and some retaliation shade!
    IMO Sheree’s home and it’s style – especially if finished properly – is far more attractive than what I’ve seen of neighbor Kenya’s. From Kenya’s original tear-down, her current empty shell, and the architectural, modern plans for the design, it reminds me of an office building. Of course to each their own taste.
    I’m sure it’s all for the requisite drama that Kenya continually digs at Sheree for her unfinished home that’s taking forever, but I thought if nothing else, Kenya was bright enough to find something else to joke about since at this point she’s got an even less finished empty shell of a structure.
    Actually I’m not a fan of either of these women, but would enjoy a little comeuppance should Sheree finish her home first after all of Kenya’s comments so far this season.

    • tamaratattles

      Um, Kenya has been working on her house for a few months. There is constant construction. Sheree started on her place YEARS AND YEARS ago.

      • JoJo

        Absolutely agree, and I think Sheree not only bit off more than she can chew, didn’t have the amount of money needed to swallow something as big as this, and doesn’t need a ‘chateau’ so huge.
        I guess I have a small mini-wish that Sheree finally finishes this thing before Kenya now that she’s back on the Bravo payroll (although I’m sure it’s nothing compared to some or even as much before) she’s around long enough to being filmed moving in (but not too long) – only because all Kenya’s comments.
        Kenya’s just been downright nasty, not to mention unfunny, with her shade about the unfinished home. As a the neighbor starting the same thing, she might rue choosing Sheree Shade as her storyline should she end up facing a lot building blues herself.
        I guess I just don’t get her digs at Sheree, with a smorgasabord of cast she can rag on for a multitude of reasons if she needs a target?

      • Librarygirl

        Actually I am far more interested in what Kenya will do with her home. We at least have a chance of seeing it soon, and the structure seems to have a lot of potential.

      • JoJo

        @librarygirl – I, too, am interested in what Kenya’s home ends up looking like – especially since I have that office building vibe from the little that I saw. I live in the West, but from the little that I do know about the architecture that typifies the South, Sheree’s home-to-be is more typical of what I’ve seen. Kenya’s modern structure so far could be right here in the heart of Sin City desert. I guess we should hope we all live long enough to see either of their final products:)
        (Well I certainly hope she doesn’t take it that far and stucco it!)

      • tamaratattles

        JoJo you sure have a lot to say about the style of Kenya’s house when all you have seen are studs. We haven’t seen a single wall yet. and you can tell but a bunch of 2 X 4s that it’s going to look like an office. That’s some ability you have there. And you’ve made that observation TWICE in one hour!

      • JoJo

        LOL Tamara …busted!! Yeh, I kinda’ figured after 2nd comment, I sound a little anti + bsessed:)
        I think my opinion comes from my opinion of Kenya, but more my root issues regarding the ugliness of the architecture where I live: over-abundance of of an acre structures – and those are the monied a lot of the times! Of course we have extreme desert heat, besides the metro city being only 100 years old and the lack of rich history and aesthetic.
        I honestly love the flair, movement, and traditional beauty of Southern-style homes that I’ve seen of people who have money.
        So, I absolutely will keep an open mind and be pleasantly surprised that the ‘shell’ I’ve waned on about, ends up quite attractive!!!

      • JoJo

        shit I meant sound “anti plus biased”!! (typing w/ one finger, one-hand on teeny cell-like device wreaking havoc on my grammar and spelling – I shut it down and moved to the tablet!

    • The fuck’s this jojo person trying to say??? House warming…invitation…office….wtf. If you want to make up stories in your head when you know 0 about anything, you should start your own blog.

      • JoJo

        Oh joy, it’s the resident Pollyanna full of cheer and holiday spirit! Thank you for pointing out your confusion!
        The ‘made up stories’ are: When Sheree was a cast member in the beginning of RHOA, she threw a party in her original mansion. Nene showed up w/ Kim. She was accidentally on purpose left off the guest list. Drama ensued.
        Sheree might finish this new mansion while she’s still a cast member. She likely would throw a house warming party. Viewers might then see the interior and finished product With these women, a big party usually has the host preparing a guest list.
        The ‘office building’ – unfinished Moore Manor – should be self-explanatory.
        But Merry Fucking Christmas!

  14. More Tea Please!

    My guess is neither Sheree’s nor Kenya’s chateaux will be ready this Christmas – it was a stupid bet at the time, made-for-TV drama. my prediction:
    – Kenya will be in her home by June 2016
    – Sheree will be in by next Christmas – if she doesn’t run out of money before then

    (Have floors, cabinets, plumbing fixtures and appliances gone in to Chateau Sheree yet! If not she has some spending ahead)

    Does anybody know what Sheree’s getting paid per episode? If Teresa G. is getting $50k, Sheree can’t be getting much over $10k, if that.

  15. It is beyond me why anyone would design and build that time of home today without incorporating solar energy. Especially in a southern, warmer climate.

    • I agree, especially with the 0% interest rate on solar installation and the buy back electric programs available now.

      • Josie

        If and when it is done, can she even afford the electric bill to cool that size of a house? Also, arent the children grown with kids of their own by now?

    • fivecatsownme

      You are so right. I live in the southwest and I don’t understand why our houses aren’t built to use the gray water for our yards. All houses should be built to use gray water.

  16. Toddy

    If cooling’s a problem, we’ve still got box fans at Fred’s Dollar Store in Mississippi? Tamara, sorry you and Banjo have been sick. Prayers that this week looks up for you!

  17. eastjames

    What about the liberry for the churlrens or whatever?

  18. fivecatsownme

    Chateau Sheree? Looks like Overbearing Manor. It is an ugly house.

  19. Porsia

    Tamara Tattles you are going to hell for this.


    By the way, how old are the children? 18?

    “The house is for my kids” she even built a lieBERRY.


  20. The Moore Manor vs She By Chateau shade has been pretty even…the roller coaster driveway and slippery leaves comments come to mind and Kandi with an umbrella was priceless and this give in take was a cute part of the episode. I lauhed when Sheree argued the “4 year” point, it has been that or more hasn’t it? Kenya…just like the 20K donation to the Detroit public school bet with welcher NeNe…will definitely finish first.

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