Vanderpump Rules Lala Has a Side Job!

Pump Rules lala

I’m a bit under the weather tonight, I’ve moved into Crazy Town and I’m running for Mayor!  So I don’t have much to say about this other than giving you guys a link.  It’s Lala modeling for Amazon.  I reckon it is better than smoking the old man pole for a trip to Italy. Oh wait.  Maybe not.  I might be willing to do a lot of things for a trip to Italy. No judgment here.

Also, thanks for all the love. Banjo is MUCH better. I still am in contention for worst dog mom of the year for waiting so long to take him in.  He has some sort of allergy.  I think it’s probably a flea allergy.  We never saw any fleas, but he is already on an allergy free diet (prior to the issue) so… It’s probably my stupid organic flea spray that was the cause. Basically, I suck. You guys are so kind to me. I appreciate you all. xo ~TT


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25 responses to “Vanderpump Rules Lala Has a Side Job!

  1. JoJoFLL

    Have you tried Diatomaceous Earth? My three cats were infected like hell with fleas and that and Dawn dishwashing detergent were the only things that worked. Two of them had the flea allergy.

    • Deb in SF

      My avian vet also recommends Dawn dishwashing liquid for anything that touches my birds. So happy to hear that Banjo is doing better! Now wishing that you would be doing better too, TT!

    • Didn’t I learn from Eve on “Alaska the Last Frontier” that diatomecious earth was finely ground glass and she was using it around her root-ruined crops to kill the worms or grubs or whatever invaded one of her greenhouses?

  2. Dee

    I’m so happy to hear Banjo is doing better. I hope you are too!

  3. Jelly

    Lala bores me. Banjo does not! So happy to hear he’s doing better :)

  4. Dee

    Awww, you’re the best Mom for Banjo. Us Mom’s do the best we can. Hang in there:)

  5. ZenJen55

    Glad Banjo is on the mend! Hey, i like the shirt, thanks for the link.

  6. Tara

    Aww TT – you are the best furbaby Mama.

    Lala- if I could get paid for sex – dope! Sugardaddies are the best, or so I am told – allegedly

  7. Gentle hugs for you and Banjo, TT.
    I kind of like Lala. She’s more entertaining than Stassi, at least.

  8. Cindylouwho

    Already bored with LaLa. Bring back crazy Kristen and Adderall Stassi.
    P.s. my husband,kids,and myself got eaten alive by fleas at my in-laws house for Thanksgiving. So, I think I have you beat as worst mom EVER!! HOPE YOUR KNEE STARTS FEELING BETTER

  9. More Tea Please!

    Poor Banjo. My Miss Kitty had fea allergies 5 years ago. She looked like she had mange! I used an assortment of products in rotation every couple of days to get it u dear control, including diatomaceous earth (on her and on rugs and furniture, Adams Flea shampoo and something else. Eventually, monthly Comfortis kept it under control.

    Poor baby, I assume he is on steroids?

    Now, what should we do about your run for Mayor of Crazy Town?

  10. Josie

    Glad Banjo is on the mend. Hugs to your furbaby.

    I would vote for you for Mayor for crazytown except I am already holding the position! Sorry love ?

  11. Good for Lala, she is trying to get herself jobs outside a resturant.
    Thats a great way to make connections and help her future.
    These servers are making fantastic money, yet none that are shown are investing in real estate or taking classes in anything.
    There are areas they can afford to buy in, it’s a big valley.

  12. Lisaj

    We use WEN dog shampoo, it’s $ but has helped my dogs sensitive skin so much. Feel better soon!

  13. Allison

    Good for her-the tunic is ugly as hell, but a better paycheck than the old man sugar daddy tip. Glad the pup is doing better :)

    • Hi Alison love. It’s a truly awful garment. She’s a pretty girl but I wouldn’t class her as real model material, not for editorial or high fashion for sure. I am just guessing here but I think escorting would prob pay better than catalogue type jobs. xx

  14. Erica

    Aw, don’t feel bad! Better than what I did… I thought my cat was sick or constipated. He’s so temperamental that the vet had to mildly sedate him to get an x ray (it made a guy in the waiting room panic because my cat was SCREAMING and GROWLING in anger).

    Nothing. The x ray showed nothing. A small turd but nothing abnormal. And now if cat thinks we’re going to the vet he’s pissy beyond belief!!

  15. looks like Lala is the go to girl for “Popana” whatever the hell that is………………but she does appear in most of their clothing. I’m done with her…I say take Kristen off her meds and entertain us again. …..cause is she really happy so calm? And I do miss hating Stassi……Lala is Blahblah.

  16. More Tea Please!

    Is it me or is there something slightly “off” about Lala? Maybe on something that makes her response time weird.

  17. Spilledperfume

    I watched the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules today (I have a free on demand option with my cable company) and it was painful. I give you credit for watching that show on a weekly basis.

    • Crystal

      I seem to remember when a certain cast member was sleeping with Brandi’s husband!!! Now didn’t they go on a trip too? Now she’s accusing Lala!? Now that’s calling the kettle black! Gotta love rich two faced ladies! I love Lala! Lay off!

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