Ramona Singer Ejected From a RHONY Party?

RHONY Ramona

I’m sorry I am not up to this guys. I am compelled to give you a link to the Page Six story of Ramona getting tossed out of a party held  by Dorinda’s dry cleaning huband?  IDGI.


I’m sorry. I am having multiple issues, something is wrong with my knee and I can’t get up and down. I just didn’t want you to miss this. Talk amongst yourselves. :)


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41 responses to “Ramona Singer Ejected From a RHONY Party?

  1. Toni Lee Gildea

    Feel better soon!

  2. Thx TT. This is some great tea! I lol’d at “a drunken guest who once dated Luann”. ? The countess do get around don’t she?

  3. Oh TT, very glad to hear that Banjo is better, but please take care of yourself. You’re in my prayers.

  4. Get better soon. Hope Banjo is feeling better.

  5. Dee

    I hope you can elevate your knee ice it, Advil. Take care of you!! We aren’t going anyplace, hugs, Dee

  6. Angel(?)

    Ramona is certifiable. And that’s why I enjoy her! ?

  7. Good to see both of the loud mouths tossed.

  8. iloveearlgrey

    I didn’t realize that was Lisa Lampanelli behind Ramona in that picture.

  9. fivecatsownme

    Wonderful Tea. Nice and sweet. Nothing changes with Ramona. She charms people where ever she goes.

  10. Lisaj

    I’ll light a candle for you?. Best line, Haute Dry Cleaners, um what exactly does that mean??

  11. Xanadude

    You can guess what happened – Ramona started to tell John how to run his party, AS SHE ALWAYS DOES, and finally someone didn’t just say :Well, that’s Ramona for you” and capitulate. Good for John.
    Of course, this sets up Ramona to have a storyline this season – her vs. John, under the guise of “caring” for her “good friend of many year” Dorinda.

  12. barbinga

    Glad Banjo is better. I don’t understand NY. I just don’t. You have a party AT a dry cleaners? I don’t care if its haute. It’s a DRY CLEANING STORE!

  13. Rae (@rachelschaffer)

    Karma for taking that dress last season… The clothes knows.

  14. Ramona is nuts. Sorry you’re not feeling well. I am sick too and had to take my frenchie Violet to vet yesterday as well. Wish you both better xx

  15. PiaPill

    TT, Take care of yourself and Banjo. Glad Banjo is doing better! Feel for you because I am going through stress right now too! My husband had triple heart bypass surgery last month and is in rehab which has also stressed the cats (so much so that I have had several visits to Vet & Groomers to take care of emergency situations).

  16. Jacque

    Off topic:
    Have you seen Abby lee miller is indicted for hiding $20 million in asstes.
    In other new Chloe is in a movie, she plays a ballerina.

  17. Matzah60

    Tamara, don’t neglect your knee. If you can, try to see ortho surgeon for X-rays. If you do not have bone to bone contact in X-ray, it might be a torn cartilage, meniscus, or bad arthritis. Especially telling that you have trouble getting up and down from a chair or going up and down steps. I have one partial and one total knee replacement. I feel your pain. Also, try to go to drugstore and get a knee brace to support knee when walking and ice is great for swelling which can cause much pain.

  18. …an overserved guest — described by a source as ‘an uninvited drunk who once dated LuAnn’…”

    Well that narrows it down to, I’m sure, half of Manhattan, The Hamptons, and parts of Fire Island. Of course, I don’t blame the guy. The LuAnn experience would have even the most temperate start lapping up the booze!

    (Actually that’s a perfect illustration of the difference between uninvited and disinvited. This man was never invited in the first place, whereas Kyle was disinvited from Nicki’s wedding. An important distinction which so few of the rich and glamorous on these shows fail to make.)

    Oh and the party also celebrated designer Melan Breton? Oy! Who else remembers him from Project Runway? He was quite an odd bird indeed…

  19. outhousecat

    Oh my. I wonder which of Lu’s classy beaux got tossed? I’m guessing maybe that lip-licking blonde meth addict, the book author? (I try not to clutter my brain with too much useless information so I can’t remember his name.) Any other guesses? Enquiring minds want to know!

    • T D

      Harry? This one may be a contender.

      • outhousecat

        lol. This is the one who brought her a copy of his latest book and tried to move in for the kiss. Lu saw it coming and he plowed right into her left cheek. Lu may not have good taste, but she’s fast!

  20. Cheychey

    All I can say is Ramona is a hot mess.

  21. Cat

    I don’t care about Ramona. I DO care about YOU. Hope it’s something simple, like a change in air pressure.

  22. PamR

    FFS Tamara, we care about you much more than these vapid people … I don’t comment much but tonite feel like I must after seeing your recent posts about your struggles … I’m sending all good thoughts to you and Banjo … Feel better soon and know that we appreciate you. ❤️

    • outhousecat

      Same here. I drop in from time to time. This reality bull poop comes and goes, but anybody who takes care of a sick pet is excused from any other duties of real life IMO. I hope TT and Banjo both get well and have wonderful holidays.

  23. Rose

    Feel better! Ramona never changes.

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