Thoughts on Yolanda and David Foster…

From 9 weeks ago

From 9 weeks ago

Can I just talk to you guys about David Foster for a moment. I love getting links from you guys and I have gotten many this week about how David Foster is somehow pissed that  Yo’s kids are doing well in the modeling industry. (Expect to see Anwar on the come up soon.)  It’s all bullshit.  David Foster is DAVID FUCKING FOSTER!  He is so miles above a chick that is on RHOBH  No shade to Yolanda or any of the other housewives involved. But this is DAVID FOSTER.  He might be worried a bit about his image on the show  but his appearances have been nothing negative. He’s either supporting Yolanda or getting free advertising for his musicians.

As for the whole Verve label “failing” it is not failing, it was a business decision to fold it into a broader umbrella.  With regard to Yolanda’s health issues, Mohammed is not paying for her medical treatments. David is. And if for any reason David who has a gajilllion dollars doesn’t wish to pay for them, Mohammed surely would. But that is also not the case.  David would not shirk paying for Yo’s healthcare. Nor would Mohammed. But David is much wealthier and is seen by her side for a lot of it. This is all just untrue.


As for David’s daughters and their reality show, Barely Famous ? They are doing just fine. It’s a cute show. I know David has a HUUUUUUGE ego. But I don’t believe any of the drama that includes him being competitive pitting his girls against her kids. There may be some drama with the kids themselves (allegedly)  but I doubt he would go there.

My position is that David regrets “letting” You do RHOBH because it took time away from her feeding his massive ego. There were problems before all of this.  I do believe that Yolanda is suffering from some illness whether mental or physical. And I believe that is the reason for the divorce.

I do find Yo to be very calculating.

These are my thoughts.


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  1. JoJoFLL

    I agree 100%. I’ve never thought Yolanda was broke and I never thought there was any competition between the kids. David’s daughter’s show, Barely Famous is hilarious.

    • I also agree about David Foster. He is an icon in the music industry and even the residuals from his MANY pieces of music and other endeavors throughout the years would make him a VERY rich man. I don’t believe for a minute that he’s not helping Yolanda or that he is dumping her because she isn’t pretty anymore or because she’s sick. I’m sure that he has his reasons and she has hers. Marriages often don’t work out especially in the entertainment industry so why should he be villified. I am not found of Yolanda but I have admired David’s work for many years. I wish them both the best and will continue to recognizer and listen to David’s many hits and the musicians who perform them. I hope that Yolanda feels better and gets to the root of her illness and for the record…feel better TT and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

    • Vet

      Ditto! His daughter’s show is pretty funny. I just think he doesn’t want his wife to take away from his spotlight. He did the same thing to Linda when she started to move into her own.

  2. WhyOWhy

    I also agree. I actually kind of like David. He’s a little slimy and creepy, but I like him. I highly doubt he’s got any jealousy over Yo and her kids.

    • Librarygirl

      David is a man that can not handle anything but success and smooth sailing in his life. The children and Yo’s kids will nor be affected by the divorce. Yo’s medical bills will be taken care of. I wish the very best for Yo, and personally think that she will return to better health sooner without David. Caring for someone who needs daily attention is not in his reality. Elevator love songs are more his speed.

      • I agree! I think she thought she would be his final installment in marriage but his marriages have a short life span! As for Yolanda I’m finally caught up on the episodes; I jumped when I saw her medicine cupboard! I have vitamins that can make me nauseous if I don’t eat! By the time she takes all that, IV included no wonder she feels horrible all the time! Eileen said it reminded her of her sister? An entire pantry of medicine? Nope! She needs to detox from all that and just eat some fruits on veggies!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I have to wonder if Yo’s fall from grace her second season has anything to do with their divorce. I don’t know if his ego could handle that.

  3. Siohban

    I agree. I was reading an article thinking what a bunch of BS it was

  4. Yo was an ideal age-appropriate trophy wife. She is of the generation that has no problem putting her needs aside and devoting herself to taking care of her man’s ego. She played hostess and catered his musical get togethers; she traveled with him to his concerts, banquets, tv shows, etc. and always looked happy and beautiful next to him on the red carpets. Things probably went awry when she became the one demanding time and attention because of her health situation. Yet, I doubt DF will get the “my king” treatment from a younger woman who would expect that an older man to spoil her.

    • Laura

      Yolanda is too young to be of that generation. She is old school and that’s cool.

      • dahlsma

        Yolanda is MY age and I beg to differ that we are of that generation. We are 70’s kids, hardly June Cleaver era. If she’s subserviant that’s on her. Not our generation.

      • KTina

        I’m Yolanda’s age and I was the same way with my husband for many years. It’s one of the reasons why we stayed together. My mother was the same as well. My father was a man’s man but he was a gentle man with a heart of gold. I just did what my mother did and didn’t think anything of it. It’s not being subservient. My mother didn’t take any shit and neither do I.

        Women today want to be taken care of and then wonder why their husbands move on to the next woman.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Haha! Or you could say that men haven’t woken up to the fact that women today aren’t into taking care of them anymore as they have their own needs, lives, etc. Men have always “moved onto the next woman”, regardless of whether their wives treat them like kings or not, and I think it’s unfair to blame women for that. I would not be in the least surprised to discover David has “moved on to the next woman”, just like Mohammed did. It’s what men of this type DO.

      • Dd

        She is not old school.

    • Denine

      Putting her needs aside? She liked the attention being his wife afforded her, and she got on a reality TV show that benefited her more than him. I think this was a mutually agreed upon lifestyle choice that went south. While Mohammed might have been about his own needs solely, since she gave up her modeling career when she married him, David Foster gave her ample opportunities to shine in her own right and do what she does best. The illness was a curve ball that she’s still managing to use to shine publicly.

      • GrubPubert

        Yolanda clearly planned that her life post-modeling would be to fall in love with and marry extremely wealthy men. She had seen the world, she knew it was much nicer to be extremely wealthy than to live even on a super-model’s retirement, and she knew how valuable she was as an extraordinarily beautiful and appealing woman with brains. While it is unfair to say her pursuit of love was mercenary, it is absolutely true that she would never have married a poor, unknown man, because life had shown her that she belonged under a very affluent spotlight, and that she could be a very good wife while pursuing and advancing her own goals, as well as the goals she had for her children. Her move to the TV show was also mercenary which is fine, but it’s pure illusion to assume she was EVER friends with any of these women, or ever would be, so she has no reason to complain about how any of them have treated her or not treated her since her illness. They are mere acquaintances, like all the franchises where maybe 2 or 3 of the cast members actually have a history of true friendship prior to filming.

  5. Laura

    Mohammed is 10x wealthier than David. It’s great that Yo has two fellows that love her enough to take care of her needs.

    David has four failed marriages (including Yolanda). He is great with music but not necessarily marriage. He seems very high-maintenence despite being a decent sort overall.

    His daughters are hilarious.

    • KelliAnn

      Agreed. David is rich but Mohammad is wealthy. Big difference.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I’m not really sure that David does truly love her. Who leaves a wife who’s so ill?

      • jen

        It does seem pretty cold hearted. I am conflicted with this. On one hand she is ill how could he leave her. On the other hand he stuck by her but he cannot put his life on hold IF he doesn’t believe in the choices she is making for her health.

      • Minky

        And then there’s that third possibility that we’d dareth not say…

      • Gabriella

        Was thinking the same thing. He’s getting on in years and he will need to be taken care of before too long, no doubt. Hope for his sake he doesn’t get dumped by his next wife for being old and frail.

      • WonkyTonk

        I probably would and here’s why. I’m on the outside looking in through a very narrow window on TV and even from that it’s plain to see that she exaggerates her condition, and uses excessive amounts of supplements, and has medical “treatments” outside of the country because they’re not allowed here. She’s creating the problem, or making it worse for personal attention. And if I’m seeing that through the narrow window what must David have seen up close and personal? David is not the villain here.

      • tamaratattles

        I’m not entirely convinced there is a villain here. I have really bad depression and anxiety. It’s fucking awful and I can’t imagine anyone faking a debilitating disease. I’m getting LOTS of grief from readers who think I saying that Yo is faking. (I’ve never said that) and I got similar grief for not thinking Brooks was full of shit on RHOOC. I just can’t imagine deliberately faking illness for sympathy. Most sick people don’t want sympathy. They just want to be well.

        I drove about three mile round trip today and realized I might not need to be driving. My anxiety caused issues getting into the flow of traffic. It took me months to read my last book. I have a lot of similar symptoms to Yo and I can’t believe for a minute anyone would fake them.

      • Minky

        Preach Wonky! Preach!

      • WonkyTonk

        I’m sorry to hear it’s going so badly for you right now Tamara. I can only hope it gets much better for you quickly. And I agree with you I don’t think there any villains here but I do believe Yolanda needs the kind of help a Psychiatrist is trained to provide. Her behavior during the first two episodes of the show have exhausted my sympathy for her. Maybe it will come back I don’t know.

      • Minky

        @tamara I’ll be the first to do a mea culpa on some of my snarkiness. Depression is a sneaky bitch and I hate her. So I know what you’re talking about in that department. No, there is no villain. I totally agree. Am I side-eyeing Yolanda? Absolutely. Do I think she’s faking? Not necessarily.

        Her behavior is odd and her explanations are vague and evasive. I don’t wish Yolanda, or anybody any ill will. Again, my reactions are due to knowing some fakers in my own life. Or people who over exaggerate the slightest little sniffle, while they themselves poo-poo the illnesses of others or just chalk them up to an unhealthy lifestyle that doesn’t involve jetting around the world for spas and treatments or eating only organic foods and/or other expensive shit that most people can’t afford.

        Feel better Tamara. Concentrate on yourself and being well. We all have a great deal of love and respect for you here. I hope you know that. :0) XOXO.

      • tamaratattles

        I don’t know what is going on, Minky and thank you and others for getting my own journey. I understand that Yolanda’s illness is in murky waters. I don’t get it. And I really hate that the real housewives franchise has become about faking illness. I’m probably the craziest I’ve ever been right now because I am TRYING to do something that might snap me out of it. I am just not sure I can get there. I was the last to admit Brooks was faking. But Yo could be doing ANYTHING in the world other than this. I just don’t get faking being sick. How would it benefit her? OTOH, it really must be said that she has dragged two of her children in…. so I have no idea what to believe.

      • Dee

        I agree, I took care of my husband when he was sick, he has done the same for me. Something seems so wrong.

      • Cat

        TT, you are second to last. I never admitted that Brooks was faking.

        I have battled depression most of my life. It’s no fun. I do make jokes about my own condition, saying I’m just REALLY laid back. It’s just how I cope with things.

        After my own “journey” the last couple of years, I can now add anxiety and panic attacks to my resume. This, on top of PTSD. So, I know how you feel. Not fun.

        I also isolate. I have since I was 9. I’m 60 now, and it’s comfortable for me. I spent a lot of years working with the public. Now, I’m done. Thanks, but no thanks.

        Dealing with people on the internet is hard enough.

      • GrubPubert

        EVERYBODY leaves a wife who is so ill. I have been more ill for 30 years, and after 3 years I learned not to bring it up to anybody, but by then I had already lost most of my friends and family. People can help you through your cancer because they see you take the chemo, they see your hair fall out, and you either get getter or you die. They can’t cope with someone just staying sick, getting sicker and sicker as the years go by, living in horrible pain, when they can’t SEE what’s wrong with you and you’re not going to carry your blood tests around to prove you’re not lying or crazy or not trying. But trust me, everybody leaves because this is a vigil no one can keep. I think most of us who have been sicker longer would say that Yolanda has some kind of HUGE ego that measures other people’s compassion by how they treat her. Why can’t she have compassion on their human nature? Attention to somebody else’s illness is just not something any human can sustain. We can’t measure other people’s love for us based on the amount of attention they pay us. I am 60 years old and no one pays the slightest attention to me. Her kids don’t pay any special attention to her. Why should David? Why should we? She constantly is calling attention to herself by putting up confusing Instagram photos in which she looks absolutely great, then absolutely horrible, then great, then horrible, so of course anyone who bothers to follow her realizes that well, she must have good days and bad days. Finally, in the last 4 years I lost 30 pounds and I was not fat at all to begin with so that now I am shockingly thin, and I’ve grown old, so people finally believe I am sick because I finally look sick, but it’s too late to take up a life with friends or family anymore–everybody’s life is full of enough troubles and activities, and they’re involved in their own careers, troubles, joys, families. You just have to realize that you’re nothing special, or that everybody is, but she keeps talking about her “journey” without a clue that illness is a journey you make alone because life goes on and no one can sustain being attentive to someone who is never going to get well, and your health is very boring to everyone but you and the people you pay to help you. We’re like old people stuffed in nursing homes and visited after church on Sundays if we’re lucky. Our lives are an inconvenience for those around us.

  6. ZenJen55

    Brandon and Brody Jenner has stated that David was a great stepdad, that Bruce was hardly in their life. Bruce left his previous children for the Kardash’s. Thats good enough for me.

    Yo, Im just trying to figure out to what degree your illness is. Its hard to separate when she substitutes vitamins and cleanses when a healthy diet and a multi vitamin with extra vitamin C is suffice.Ive concluded that shes milking this for all its worth. She exaggerates and that makes me uneasy. Also she seems to have a low tolerance for pain.

    • Laura

      I have no doubt that Yo is I’ll but am concerned about the cleanses she does on a regular basis. The Lemonade Cleanse is not recommended by health professionals under the best of circumstances. Any benefit that Yo might get from traditional medications and nutrition gets flushed out of her system with each cleanse.

    • Xanadude

      Even on that short lived reality show with the Jenner boys – The Princes of Malibu (you know, the show that aired one episode before Linda Thompson filed for divorce from David. Only one more episode aired before the rest of the season was burned off on Fox Reality) – David came across as a pretty decent guy who worked hard and expected other people to do the same.

  7. Twilly

    100% TT. Once again!

  8. “David Foster is DAVID FUCKING FOSTER! He is so miles above a chick that is on RHOBH No shade to Yolanda or any of the other housewives involved. But this is DAVID FOSTER.” Thank you, TT! I can see why Foster married her, but I can’t imagine why he stuck around. He gets “patience points” from me.

  9. Gapeachinsc

    I loved Barely Famous!! I thought it was hilarious, too. They both seem nice, too.I think Yolanda is a calculating individual. I think she has lived her life (and continues to live her life) in a very deliberate manner. The worst thing I’ve ever heard about David is that he’s been married several times. I would never choose a man like him for myself, but then again, I’m no Yolanda!!

  10. Karina

    Spot on TT. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that Yolanda didn’t get much attention or emotional support from David. I don’t think she was important to him and took a back seat to his music, musicians, his children perhaps, and she lost herself and her identity. She gave herself away to him. She tried to hard to win his affections and I just don’t think she got back what she deserved. I don’t think she got the emotional support she needed. She just wanted to be taken care of and loved and I don’t think she ever got that real feeling from him. He seems cold to me and maybe he doesn’t really show his feelings. I wonder and this might sound perverted, if this illness was compounded by Yolanda’s need to feel the the support and attention. It’s like she is dying for his love. Call me crazy but I keep thinking there is a phychological component to this illness and it’s directly linked to her need for emotional support that she has been missing. Maybe for a long time now. I believe her father also was absent and it’s a deep rooted issue that needs to be healed. I totally believe in Lyme disease, heavy metal poisoning, toxins etc. It’s complicated and I feel very bad for her. She must feel abandoned all of these issues are affecting her health. Lots of people have difficulties with loss and some much more than others. She will hopefully become wiser and choose someone who truly loves her and can meet her needs.

    • Angel(?)

      Her father was absent in her life because was killed a drunk driver when she was a child. She talked about it’s impact on her when Bella got her DUI.

  11. tripleOGpearl

    Muhammad is LOADS wealthier than David. And I’m of the opinion that David’s appearances on RHoBH come off as detached and smug. Definitely does not read not positive on screen.

    With that being said, David has plenty of royalty money coming so he is far from financial ruin. AND there have been far worse housewives/husbands. Therefore he will not go down as a notorious BravoVillian. David will be fine. Still a douche. But fine. Yolanda will be outed as a comparable famewhore as the rest. Still fabulous. But a famewhore nonetheless. And we will all keep watching the dominoes fall while sipping our boxed wine.

    And PS….I still think it’s her implants that are the root of her illness with a dash of divorce/deflated ego depression, and a stir of menopause.

    • tripleOGpearl

      *David definitely does not read positive on screen.

      Sorry. Left my glasses in the car and I’m commenting from my phone. :) please overlook the typos.


  12. What if David is allegedly peeved about the call girl/life coach leeching onto Yo. He may be right to distance himself from this person. Who in Their right mind would want a stranger all in their personal business advising His wife of what she should and shouldn’t be doing.
    Daisy gives me the creeps to say the least reminds of the “employee” that stole from Selena then murdered her once her jig was up. I pray this is not the case however, Daisy seems to allegedly be the jack of all trades master of none.

    • Malissa H —-

      Whoa! A bit of stretch there to start thinking Daisy may murder Yolanda. I don’t know how you even thought that up, but girl, you have a vivid imagination! lol

      Minky—Get started on THAT 48 Hours script stat!

      • Minky

        Oh, guuuurl. That shit’s writing itself. I’m having trouble getting a hold of Stone. Can you imagine him narrating your life. Like, when you’re cleaning the house or cooking or even just getting a cup of coffee and reading this blog:

        “Coffee. A common, and commonly consumed, beverage in the average home. Having origins in ancient and exotic cultures, and a history that has been concurrent with the history of international trade, the comforting aroma of a cup of joe heralds the beginning of a new day for millions of Americans. For one of those millions, Minky, that comforting aroma, and the promise the new day brings, permeated her mind on the morning of Saturday, December 12th, in the year 2015. Gingerly sipping her freshly brewed cup of promise, she opened up the slightly scratched, but nevertheless dear to her, laptop that lay on the table of her coffee aroma-ed kitchen. Upon visiting her favorite blog, the wildly popular Tamara, she saw that there were new developments in the ever-changing story of Yolanda’s Fosters illness and imminent divorce. ‘What the fuck” thought Minky, “is this bitch Yolanda gonna come up with next?!!!’ What the fuck, indeed.”

      • captain eel

        Minky, you are amazing, however you neglected to inform us that the night before had been dark and stormy. Was that intentional or an oversight?

      • Minky

        I totally forgot. And it was windy as all get out in So Cal last night.

        And TT never disappoints. A little while after I wrote the above she posted pictures of Yolanda’s refrigerator and all of her meds and blood work. What the fuck, is this bitch gonna come up with next, indeed.

  13. Angel(?)

    I wonder about the timing of their marriage and Yolanda’s appearance on RHOBH. I’ve been thinking that perhaps their marriage was one big calculation by Yolanda. Step 1: Get married, step 2: Get on TV, step 3: Set daughters up for making a splash into the modeling world, step 4: have an amicable divorce. Unfortunately she became ill.

    Why did David get married for a fourth time? Not to have more children. Financial reasons? Because Yo wanted to?

    • Matzah60

      Yolanda was already on a Real Housewives show in the Netherlands for two years. Yo got married to David Foster on the show, had her mother on the show, shopped for her wedding dress and Bella’s dress for the wedding on the show too. Yolanda also tried to break into acting and appeared on one episode of an HBO show. I don’t know if Yo was fired or the show was canned, but her acting career didn’t work out.

      Yoland is very calculating if you look at her long history even before coming to live with David Foster. I also think that aside for his giant Ego, David seems like a nice guy, but isn’t marriage material. His work takes him on the road all the time; he has five daughter from previous marriages (I believe that’s the number); hard to blend his kids with three more kids; and he seems to put all his energy into his career. Like Tamara said, Yo was a good trophy wife, but I think Yo had her own agenda too. She constantly talks about her ‘babies’ and it’s a big nauseating IMO.

      Men who get married four times or more don’t want to be alone in their old age and want someone to tend to them as David obviously did in this marriage. Yo and David don’t share kids and it seems silly for them to stay together when the marriage is dead.

      • Why am I only hearing about this now? Now it all makes sense, Yolanda craves the attention just as much as David. I’ve always suspected that ‘tv weddings’ would never survive more than a few years. Bethanny, Yolanda and next is probably Cynthia (Kandi still has a few years of the honeymoon period).

      • pitypat

        David and Yo dated for years before marriage. She knew what he was like before she married him, that he was rich and in the public eye as a talented musician, not all warm and fuzzy. I can’t imagine Mohammed as warm and devoted to her either, just rich. She chose these guys and whines that they aren’t supportive. It looks to me that her priorities were money and fame, not love.

      • WonkyTonk

        Damn I had no clue about all of that. Yes there’s something definitely off about Yolanda. She’s out for attention with the illness thing. You sort of get the sense of it at Lisa’s birthday party when she makes a fuss and high tails it to the bathroom, and when she comes back she surveys the room to check if she drove up any interest then she starts in with the phlegmless coughing that looked so fake. I rewatched that episode after the scene in this week’s episode where she rushes to ever so gently lay herself out in her mightily sick woman pose in bed just in time for the ladies to see her and ooze with sympathy for her.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @pitypat it goes both ways. David wanted a trophy wife, I don’t think he really loved Yolanda. They used each other.

  14. tbk

    I’ve got so many thoughts. It’s just that I can’t find my WORDS you guys, and… I’m feeling distracted so let me grab my Patron and think about diz for awhile

    • Queen of the Nile

      LMAO, tbk! I could totally hear Yolanda’s voice in your comment. And the Patron by the bed was such an oversight –almost like she forgot she was being filmed!! Must be the Lyme disease …

      • The patron was a gift brought by Eileen.

        The ladied walked in with a gift bag for Yolanda and the patron was NOT on the bedside, then the green bag is gone out of Eileens hand and the patron magically appears on the bedside.

        Production must have cut out the part where Eileen gave Yolanda the green gift.

      • Katherine 2.0

        Fucking Bravo is giving Yo the sick bitch edit. Jesus. Get off that soul-sucking show, Yolanda.

      • Angel(?)

        Why in the hell is Eileen bringing someone who’s ill Patron? Is alcohol good for someone getting stem cell therapy, IV vitamins, antibiotics, and who knows what else?

      • No idea. I read comments about the patron before I watched the episode, so I was looking for it. Eileen had a green gift baggy in her hand and there is no patron/green box on the bedside. Then in the next scene by the bed, the patron is there and Eileen isnt holding the bag.

        Maybe it was an ironic gift? Probably why production cut it out. It didn’t fit the ‘Yolanda is sick’ and ‘Eileen is a Yolanda supporter’ storylines.

      • Minky

        Mmmmmm. Perhaps Eileen should have brought her a casserole? And an enema bag for after. Aaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha! Mercy. That shit did my heart good. Hahahaha!

    • kallen253

      I know, for someone who’s brain isn’t working she still has a lot of thoughts and she didn’t even need notes did she? when she gave that speech to the Lyme foundation or whatever it was called.

  15. I agree with your comment about the “kids” Davids been supportive of the Jenner boys after the divorce. David was given a prominent place at the oldest boys wedding.
    I see David as a very supportive (step)parent.

    Yolanda is a sweet wonan but has (I think) mental walls about her health.

  16. microop

    Yo is very calculating. I think David loves Yo’s children. He is good friends with Mohammed, and in some speech a season or so ago he acknowledged her children. He did live with them, and was a father figure of sorts for nearly a decade. While I don’t presume they were very very close, I do believe he had a positive relationship with them and is happy for them.

  17. LisaPat

    Im sure you are right about this.. only think I would attempt to debate is David being wealthier than Muhammed. MH is SULTAN level. He makes Oprah look broke. His family owns an ocean of oil wells in Palestine. Im pretty sure he’s a Gazillionaire-Bababillionaire!

  18. BeetsWhy

    I’m not sure which entertainment show I was watching but they showed her as being worth considerably more than David. I found that odd but that’s what they said so it must be true ?

  19. Theresa

    I distinctly remember her saying (I think in a talking head when she gave David the book of her) that she was a single mom living in a tiny apt when they met. I thought that was the biggest line of bs ever! You aren’t divorced from one of the wealthiest men in the world andother to his 3 children and live in a tiny apt crying poor….unless her version of tiny apt is a 3000k penthouse. That would be fairly tiny for her.

  20. BeetsWhy

    Theresa that’s so true, if he had left her despondent they wouldn’t be such good friends and his kids would hate him. She got a monster settlement if Mohammed is that rich which would explain her being worth more than David.

  21. captain eel

    To have a former self admitted value priced whore and confirmed poor writer as a life coach and health advocate is not a rational decision. Making up outlandish lies and believing others will accept those lies with out question is irrational. Shooting an abundance of sympathy provoking selfies while having an on/off switch on healthy behavior and appearance are not the actions of a mind infused with sound reasoning. The instability of mental issues seems to be a factor in play in this situation. If this is the case, I sincerely hope she does get legitimate help.

  22. Allison

    My thoughts are that possibly some of her medical issues could be David related-the stress and pressure from her marriage going bad made her sick. There’s clearly SOMETHING going on, but I don’t buy Chronic Lyme-and Chronic Lyme doesnt cause 2 ft parasites, anyway. He’s an egomaniac, name dropper, and tool. I cant fathom being married to someone like him.

  23. I thought it was a bit creepy on the show the other evening when Yolanda said to David, ‘Aren’t you glad you married me now’ and he was asking if it was still ok to have sex. Yikes. Then the big D I V O R CE announced… I don’t David can love anyone as much as he loves himself.

  24. Erica

    I’m not ready to call David a douche. If you have a wife who is legit ill – but is honestly doing all these different “medical” treatments – WE’VE picked up on the fact that there is something not quite right in Denmark (ha ha!)… why wouldn’t David have red alerts screaming at him? She’s flipped out on people just asking “are you sure these are the right treatments? Are you making the problems worse by taking so much stuff?” or even “Wow, you look ill, and I’ve never seen you out without makeup before” wouldn’t she possibly be a bitch to David behind closed doors if he got even more blunt?

    My God…. that closet and that “support woman” answering the door and announcing visitors like Yolanda was the Queen would make me run for the divorce lawyer. Just saying that we don’t know what kind of things he’s been dealing with behind closed doors, and he just may be too much of a gentleman to say anything.

    Does he have bad relationships with his former wives? Do they speak ill of him? The fact that he stays in contact with his former step kids says positive things about him to me.

    • Minky

      Ding, ding, ding! You are correct Madam! At least as far as I’m concerned. People commonly assume that there’s something wrong with a person who’s had multiple marriages. An assumption is like a baby’s ass. You never know when it’s gonna shit on you and make you look stupid. Hence the diaper.

      David could be a jerk, or he could be someone who’s one and only true love is his career. And romance is something that doesn’t come easily to him. He picks the sorts of women he picks because of proximity. He’s talented, intelligent and doesn’t like chaos or surprises and he seems to know what he wants.

      Whenever Yolanda would call him “my love” I would think to myself “this marriage is DOOMED!” Yolanda overdid it with the affectations. It was plain as day. Her behavior screamed concubine, in the worst possible way. And I don’t believe David required her to behave or speak that way. That was her own fool choice. I could go on. But I won’t. You all get the picture.

      • Katherine 2.0

        I think there’s ample ammunition to target someone who can’t stay married. Sorry, but it says something about a person’s character when they he or she has been married four times.

      • Minky

        That’s the thing, Katherine 2.0. You just said it yourself. “Ammunition to target”. Why target? Why the need for ammo? Is it better to marry and divorce X number of times, or to stay married and cheat with everything on two legs behind your spouse’s back (meaning not an open marriage, at least as far as one spouse is concerned)? Some very conservative people would say one divorce is too much and that once you get married you should stay married no matter what.

        This issue is a sensitive one that gets a lot of people upset. I don’t know why, but there you have it. Yolanda is on marriage number 2 as well, as far as I know. That in itself says nothing about her character. All the other stuff…? SMH.

      • Katherine 2.0

        You said yourself, Minky, that people commonly assume that there’s something wrong with a person who’s had multiple marriages. Hence, the words “target” and “ammo.”

        So the choice adults have is to marry multiple times or cheat? Why get married at all? Why bother taking a vow once you realize, say, after three failed marriages, that you are not so good at it? There’s no shame in knowing your limitations in that regard.

        What I fail to understand is the lack of self awareness in someone who walks down the aisle four times and hopes for a different outcome . Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

  25. WonkyTonk

    You think David is wealthier than Hadid? I think it’s the other way around Hadid is the kajillionaire. I mean dude lives in an obscenely large 60 million dollar mansion. As a high end real estate developer I’m sure he’s raking it in hand over fist. In fact I’ve always wondered why he cheaped out on the cash portion of the divorce settlement with Yolanda. Sure she got a couple of expensive properties, and some cars, plus a healthy monthly child support payment, but cash for Yo was kind of measly for someone with his kind of wealth. Then again Yo seems like she’s got some gold digging ways about her so maybe that’s why, or a prenup. Isn’t Yo part of his interior design business? I don’t think she’s got money problems but I could be wrong. As for David I don’t understand the logic of thinking he would be upset about the success of Yo’s kids. I mean if one were going to go to that place about David I would think to that person logically most men in David’s circumstance would probably be not unhappy her kids were out of their hair. I think it says a lot about him that he was willing to marry a woman with three kids. How many guys with that kind of money would do that?

    • Um Mohamed has filed bankruptcy multiple times! Dude must be on his 200th lawsuit! He may have many assets but could be cash poor! Isn’t that like Donald trump?

      • WonkyTonk

        Donald Trump is still a multi-billionaire. These people don’t risk their own money. Corporations limit their personal financial risk.

      • So they file bankruptcy to protect they fortune right?

      • WonkyTonk

        Well no they file bankruptcy to protect the corporation. For the most part their personal money is typically not involved, well in a lot of cases anyway, not always. Trump exemplifies the concept.

  26. Josie

    Thanks for calling bullshit on such a ridiculous article.

  27. Anoneemouse

    The fact that she seems to be rebounding after the divorce announcement is like A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. [rolls eyes]

  28. KelliAnn

    David is rich. Mohammad is wealthy.

  29. pitypat

    I think Yo realized early on she was beautiful and got the attention of men. She made it her mission to marry a rich man and that is essentially what she wants for her daughters. She doesn’t value education for her daughters. It will be interesting to see if her son gets a college education.

    • Angel(?)

      Her son only needs to sow his wild oats and then work for his father. Anwar is THE SON. He is set for life.

    • KTina

      if I was offered 7 figures to become a model at 17 or 18, I’d take it. Most people would. I doubt that one would say “oh no, I want to get my bachelor’s and start out making $15/hour” instead of traveling the world as a model. She wants her daughters to be set financially and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I would too. I don’t even understand why Yolanda felt the need to pretend they were going to college in New York. Or maybe that was an actual backup plan, in case the modeling didn’t pan out.

      • janet

        I agree. The idea that a college education is the ticket to life is antiquated anyway. What could possibly give them the money and oppourtunities that they have recieved from modeling? They could allways go back later on if that’s what they wanted. Theyll certainly be able to afford to. But they’ll never be this age again and will be able to have their own companies later on with what modeling does for them. Theyre getting an education on the job .I have no judgement on David leaving Yolanda. Like someone else said, they dont have any children together, so why stay and be unhappy? If he is a decent step dad thats impressive to me. I haven’t seen many of those. He must have some good qualities that tells me, especially to be a good step dad to sons, as thats where I see most men are lousy.

    • Being beautiful doesn’t equal having a “goal” of marrying rich, men with money will be the men that are where she was.
      Should she or any woman go look for a broke man?

      Yolanda’s daughters will marry who they want, they have their own money.
      I doubt these folks even consider money, certainly not like we do in here.

  30. T D

    Alimony, alimony (will be) payin’ your bills…
    When your conscience hits you knock it back with…

    • T D

      A) Pills, thirty of them times three each day.
      B) Two almonds, chewded slowly, in between cleanses.
      C) Patron, taken as needed.
      D) All of the above.

      • Minky

        With the butler and the maid and the servants three.
        Livin’, lovin’, she’s just a woman.

        It does sound a lot like Yolanda, don’t it. And women who’re like this have been around for quite some time haven’t they.

        How about some Lauryn Hill:

        Guys you know you better watch out
        Some girls, some girls are only about
        That thing, that thing, that thing

      • TD, California doesn’t award much alimony in most cases with short term marriage and no children.
        I don’t understand why divorce.

      • TD, am I wrong? I might be.

        The older women with no children SHORT term marriage usually get a settlement with very short term upkeep.
        Any one know how long they were married?
        Yolonda does have income from RHOBH.

      • TD – Oh My mistake Jeeze
        I am a dim wit, it’s been awhile.

  31. Cat

    Yep. He found out his trophy wife was not made of real gold.

  32. Gwyka

    Davis previously said that the people on the show were “clowns” and that Yolanda was on it because she wanted to become a homestyle guru. I don’t think he liked the attention whore dynamics of the show, but did it for her, and her illness has become part of that dynamic.

  33. Before you go nominating David for sainthood, explain the divorce at this very inauspicious time. Second, doll once you are really rich, that is to say not the NeNe Leakes version, who cares who has more money David or Mohammed? It’s a non-issue. Yolanda is the only one that exemplifies class. She is not fake like Kyle. She isnt manufactured like Rinna. She’s not a slut like Brandi. She’s not a mess like Kim. I truly hope she gets well. That her kids are so exemplary speaks to her character. David is an ass.

    • PaganChick

      Yolanda is a totally manufactured persona. It was her job to be that as a model and she in turn made her way in life by being exactly that. And don’t even get me started on the whole she isn’t fake thing. Did you see her put down her iPhone and pretend to be sleeping? Or the fake coughing at Rinna’s party? Let’s also remember her proclamation that there is nothing uglier than a drunk woman while she simultaneously befriended the drunk off her ass all the time Brandi. Everything Yolanda has done on the show has been about faking perfection and if she couldn’t she blamed her illness. As for the divorce, it seemed to have been brewing for a while and it is only the announcement of it that is inauspicious – but the timing of the announcement was Yolanda’s doing.

      • Gabriella

        @paganchick: the time it screamed out to me that Yo was looking for attention was when she turned up to the lunch not wearing a scrap of makeup. Why else would you do that if not to look awful, compared to your normal appearance? Most of us would at least put on a little mascara and a slick of lipstick and flick some blusher on our cheeks.

  34. By the way, what century are you in that a husband “let’s” his wife do anything?

    • captain eel

      vandy75, you’re not married? This century, since everything one does affects the other. It’s a two way street. Lots of consulting and “letting’ on both sides in a stable marriage.

      • GrubPubert

        That is ridiculous. My husband and I went into our marriage in 1973 as young kids and I had made it very clear that I was never going to require his permission to do anything, and he certainly wasn’t going to require mine. We were good people who loved each other so why on earth would we want to restrain each other? We had very healthy separate lives then and very healthy separate lives now. We don’t need each other to be happy, but we are happy with each other. We “let” pets and children do things. As equals, it is unthinkable that we should ever “let” each other do or not do anything. The very idea of it is insulting.

  35. Xanadude

    Whatever root problem Yolanda has, is it contagious? I mean, if the claim is that two of her kids have it as well., then either they caught it at the same time or passed it on to one another.
    Should she be in quarantine?

  36. captain eel

    David is a harmless, bland and shallow egotistic pos playing “go fish”. Yolanda is a conniving, devious and complex evil unhinged pos playing “chess with made up rules”. David couldn’t cope with the overwhelming crap she generates and knew it was in his best interests to cut himself loose sooner than later. So, he did.

  37. KelliAnn

    I’m pretty sure she said that HE (David) was living in a tiny one bedroom (aka bachelor pad) and that it was an adjustment for home to move into a large house with her and her children. In fact, David talked about how he noticed pictures of Yo when he was living with Mohammed Hadid.

    Make no mistake, Mohammed would never allow his baby momma or his children live in a tiny apartment. It’s not good for his image. From what I’ve read, Mo loves his money and isn’t afraid to let the world know he’s loaded. :)

  38. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    TT I definitely think Yolanda is extremely calculating. I don’t get the backlash against David at all in this. Signing up again for the show this season must have been extremely confusing for him – here is his wife who for the last few months has been undergoing non stop treatments and claiming she can’t read, write, drive or even get dressed and yet she signed up for another season of hanging out with these HWs. I would not be surprised if that was the final straw for him. Yolanda should count herself very lucky that she married such well off men but I don’t believe she should be entitled to have them look after her financially forever.

  39. Rose

    David could probably live off his music residuals alone and never have to work another day of his life. On the show he only seems happy when music or his artsts are iinvolved. I’ve often wondered if that’s why he looks so uncomfortable when is just him and Yo….to much personal attention? He does have a big ego and needs a lot of attention.

  40. LoLo72

    David is an icon that has a few costly divorces behind him. Mohammed is worth 4 times what David is worth. Mohammed is a real estate developer & mogul. Just because someone is famous & successful doesn’t mean they are marriage material. I hope David stays single before he loses anymore money.

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