Shannon Beador Drags David on to Steve Harvey To Humiliate Him Again!

I swear it never ends with Shannon Beador. After an entire season of Real Housewives of Orange County where her entire storyline was “my husband cheated on me!” followed by numerous periscope videos once the show was over she still feels the need to drag the dude on to Steve Harvey for further humiliation.

Shannon looks happy as a clam to be in front of a camera while David looks miserable. Harvey plays all of the lowlights from the show in case there is anyone on planet earth who missed the first round of humiliation. Shannon talks about her humiliation and embarrassment. You know what I do when I am humiliated and embarrassed?  I get on a TV show and air all of my dirty laundry. Wait. Not I don’t.

David was sober last night. Is that why his eyes look normal?

David was sober last night. Is that why his eyes look normal?

The audience gasps when David says he slipped up again after the first time he was caught.  Everyone claps for Shannon and claps during David’s desperate sucking up to Shannon. David is in a men’s group at their church to work through his issues.

Harvey gives very little commentary and finally David’s suffering is over. Until Shannon can book another show.

I find it odd how we would normally be railing on the cheater but in this instance Shannon is doing nothing but making us want to protect him.  Frankly, I am really worried about David. I can’t imagine how much longer he can endure this.  While they certainly don’t need the money, if Steve Harvey pays anything at all, it’s not much. What is the point of this? I just don’t understand!


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56 responses to “Shannon Beador Drags David on to Steve Harvey To Humiliate Him Again!

  1. Siohban

    It’s all to further the victim agenda. She can’t continue to emasculate him and think they will stay together.

  2. I think the point for Shannon is: me Me ME! Look at ME! Since her series is no longer in cycle, why not go on any show that will have her?

  3. fivecatsownme

    She has to do somthing to one up Vicki.

  4. fatboystruggle

    she is easily on the way to becoming my absolute LEAST favorite housewife of all time…and that’s really saying a lot. just SHUT UP already!

  5. addie2u

    David’s nightmare come to fruition – he’s trapped inside the washing machine & the spin cycle won’t stop wringing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s had crystals & a tracking device implanted in him. With that glazed far away look in his eyes, the poor guy looks drugged. And what’s with her grasping his hand – is she afraid he’ll run?

    I just watched it again & Shannon definitely looks like she had been crying. I have a suspicion this was a case of David not wanting to go through this & her freaking out “You owe this to me”.

    • fivecatsownme

      I always thought it was telling that when Heather was chatting to her girlfriends about the state of Shannon’s marriage , David was upset that his unnamed unknown girlfriend was embarrassed and not his wife.

      • addie2u

        I believe that everyone involved is embarrassed by Shannon’s antics. Though she keeps saying she forgives him, their marriage is “rock solid”, & “has never been better”, her actions speak volumes. Since Nicole (& Reed) McMackin issued a public apology & statement that she screwed up & they’re trying to move forward – Shannon’s only amped up her efforts for revenge. She’ll do whatever she can to prevent that from happening. She’s using her popularity for “payback bitch”.

        For everyone involved [especially the collateral damage (the kids)] Shannon needs to have her crystals readjusted, increase the colonic sessions, & add more bowls of lemons.

  6. Jaana

    He needs to man up and file for divorce. Take the kids too. He is the one that does their homework with them while Shannon keeps Grey Goose in business.

    • Cat

      I agree. Why is he staying with her?

    • More Tea Please!

      Shannon’s Daddy is the money behind the company…

      • Cat

        Oh, OK. Wow. I would rather have my freedom and self respect, I think.

      • Minky

        This gets me to wondering… Do they have a prenup. Money is one thing. And a big thing for many people. Yes. But he needs to be rescued. Like right away. I can’t figure out why he’s okay with being led around by Shannon on a leash. There’s no way in hell that he’s happy.

      • Home

        Oh…now I UNDERSTAND! Well his cheating may go on forever…unless SHANNON changes something in the marriage…smh

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Well you know what they say…when you marry for money, you earn every penny.

    • janet

      I think if Shannon was really serious about repairing her part in the marital problems, she would quit drinking. She really needs to quit drinking, but instead she is drinking maybe even more. If I were her therapist I would address that as a major component of their problems. Heavy drinking isnt good in any relationship, and definatly not one thats had the trauma of infertility..

  7. More Tea Please!

    “David is in a men’s group at their church to work through his issues.”

    Would that be his issues with infidelity? Or his issues with the castrating wife?

  8. Yveline

    David’s only issue is his shrew of a wife. If she does not stop soon, he will end this one way or the other, divorce or murder-suicide.

    • Minky

      Seriously. This relationship is a 48-hours mystery waiting to happen.

      You know the voice-over: “To all their friends and acquaintances the Beadors seemed to have a picture perfect marriage. David, a successful contractor and doting husband, and Shannon, a USC alumni known for her philanthropic work, lived the California Dream in Orange County. But all was not what it seemed in their smiling family photos. After Shannon had achieved fame on the Bravo TV produced Real Housewives of Orange County, the Beadors’ smiles, and California Dreams, began to fade. In a tale of greed, lust, infidelity and calculated violence of mythic proportions, the Beadors’ sorrows prove that appearances truly can be deceiving.”

  9. WOW, I can’t believe they are on this show! Just when you think it can’t get sillier, a new level of ridiculousness is reached!

    I am not a fan of either, but how much humiliation can David take? Why tf would he agree to go on this show? It must have been interesting. I know about her daddy’s money funding the company, but…. This will not end well.

    Tamara, I hope you are feeling better.

  10. Vet

    Maybe he’s putting away money or preparing for retirement. Her father owns him,

  11. Spilledperfume

    If it were me I would have left already. Going on the Steve Harvey would have pushed me over the line.

  12. Shannon Beador is a cruel woman.
    She is a cruel mother; she is a cruel wife.

    Shannon Beador is the two foot parasite of Orange County.

  13. Katherine 2.0

    He must be a sadist. He reminds me of my brother, who is also married to a sociopath. His balls are withering away in a jar in the closet while he medicates himself into a stupor to forget the shitstew his life has become.

  14. oh sheila! you a good judy

    i swear i saw a brief snippet of this episode where shannon talks about running into ‘the other woman’ — and the audience gasps, but i watched the program and that bit wasn’t included? did anyone else see the clip that i saw? did i miss it from the episode?

  15. JentheAUBURNfan

    Tamara first off, how is banjo today? Second, you have lovingly beat it into our brains that pick up letters go out after the reunion, do you know if they have gone out yet? Other than everyone saying they refused to film with Vicki I haven’t seen the normal rounds of ” I will be back or I was not fired I quit”. We all know she loves proving to America that she cut off David’s balls to keep in her purse and he lived to become the best husband ever or if she’s scrambling to get in front of any video camera with a full battery in hopes that bravo won’t forget her?

  16. Lisaj

    Perhaps he likes it. Still trying to wash my brain cells out from reading your post on Yolanda’s “advocate”.

  17. Rose

    I’ve never heard David talk so much or profusely proclaim his love for Shannon who had a death grip on his hand the whole interview along with that weirdo smile she does.

  18. Michelle

    If she is trying to make him suffer then job well done. But David should leave her.

  19. O.O

    I would think their therapist or the church folk would discourage this type of activity . Poor thing, she’s going to swallow her tongue when he marries a hot 30 year old or if he would like to swirl with caramel of a certain age , I’d take him..

  20. sandra

    Yes! Rose, that weirdo smile. The first time I saw it was when David and the oldest daughter was going to Paris. As the car drove away from the airport Shannon and the twins were riding in the back. Shannon put her arms around the girls and thats when I saw that weirdo smile. That is the moment I knew she was fucking nuts.

    • janet

      I noticed that too, and what was even more telling to me, was that the girls were so sad to say goodbye to their dad, and not happy about being left in the care of just their mother. Usually, its the mom who the kids depend on the most for their day to day needs, or at least its even. Not in their household. That told me right there, David is the nicer more stable parent. So thats evidence right there hes a decent man, despite his mistakes. I think its the kids who keep David tied to that marriage. His company if successful, cant be ruined by the father in law just because hes an investor. That would hurt his investment and his daughter and grand kids too. I dont see that happening, and I dont see why you would want to tie a guy to staying married to your daughter that doesn’t love her anymore.

  21. She needs a camera on her and there is nothing else about her that is remotely interesting. She’ll be doing any show that will take them until the new season. I am giving David 50/50 chance that he makes a run for it before RHoOC starts again.

  22. JoJoFLL

    Tick, tock.

    I wonder which marriage implodes first? Shannon and David or Meghan and Jim?

  23. If David is “employed” by Shannon’s father which is where David’s wealth comes from, I’m pretty sure his balls are being squeezed from every direction. In another words, he is not the master of his own balls! If the above is true, shame on Shannon for continuing the absolute humiliating farce and if you have forgiven him, then it’s time to move on. What people will do for money!

  24. jen

    I can’t stand her. Brandi at this point is better than her.

  25. jen

    Two foot parasite lol. Maybe the one removed from Yolanda’s belly.

  26. Shannon has repeatedly mentioned they’re sharing their story to inspire other people in the same situation. She genuinely thinks she’s helping people. Like anyone would watch this shit show of a marriage & think, “I want that.” Shannon is stealing Sonja’s “delusional” crown.

    • Xanadude

      Sonja’s delusions aren’t hurting anyone (except maybe Sonja’s creditors).
      Shannon’s delusions are hurting David and their kids.

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