Shannon and David Beador’s House Is Back On The Market; ANOTHER Price Reduction Is This Divorce?

I've GOT to sell this damn house!

I’ve GOT to sell this damn house!

The Beador’s house is back on the market. They built their home to their specifications and it was finished in 2012. They put in on the market less than a year later in 2013  for $15,990,000.  Very quickly the price dropped to $13,498,000. After Shannon’s first season aired, the house dropped in price to $12,990,000.  The new price is $11,898,000. That’s four million dollars in price reductions!  It’s like no one wants a house with crystals in the walls to eliminate any bad energy in the house.  Newsflash to those of you building homes: Apparently that does not work.

Frankly, I don’t want to live in this house. Sure, I’d take it over where I live now, but if I had millions of dollars for a house this would not be it. I live in the ghetto and I see my neighbors house every time I was dishes. I have as much or more land than she does.  I would never pay millions to live slap up on my neighbors.  I go find an island house with tons of acreage somewhere with a small home with lots of land and privacy for a million or two. I don’t like anything about this house except the amazing landscaping and the closet to die for.

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Here is the current listing…from the Cain White Group Listing

This is one of Southern California’s most impressive estate properties, on one of the largest lots in the prestigious enclave of Crystal Cove. Set on an exceptionally private, gated ¾-acre parcel, the estate is reminiscent of European country manors & legacy East Coast mansions. The property showcases the ultra-custom building industry’s highest quality construction from Rodeo Homes, exquisite heirloom and art-quality finishes selected by interior designer Robert Ricker and spectacular architecture from the renowned Richard Krantz. In addition to the grand-scale 6 bedroom, 11 bath main residence, the estate includes a 1-bed, 1.5 bath guest/pool house and resort-inspired grounds with pool, spa, outdoor kitchen and formal gardens. Spanning four levels serviced by an elevator, the main house incorporates an opulent master wing, large secondary suites, two chef’s kitchens, indoor basketball court, fitness center, and subterranean garaging for 11cars. As eco-minded as it is elegant, the residence has been constructed and finished with non-toxic materials for healthful living. ( FYI this  apparently means non-fiber glass insulation and no-MDF hardwood woodwork and a whole house HEPA air filtration system)   Enjoy world-class amenities of Crystal Cove, inc. 24-hour guard gate, swimming, fitness & tennis facilities, playgrounds, & access to the region’s best schools & Crystal Cove State Park. Offered furnished.
Just a few thoughts. This house went on the market so fast after they built it to their weird specs. I mean she had crystals in the damn walls to keep the evil out for fucksake. Which tells me she knew he was cheating when they put it on the market. Also, she is still very desperate to sell.  This reminds me of when David and Yolanda started liquidating their assets a few years ago. Both times divorce rumors were rumbling. I really hope for David’s sake that they are divorcing.  Another theory is that Shannon found out David fucked the other woman in her house. I’d have to move too.  And that would explain why they are now selling the house fully furnished.  I wonder if the chandelier is now tainted too? It’s worth a couple hundred grand and was always excluded from previous listings. All those crystals couldn’t fix things it seems.
Thoughts? Are they really divorcing after the Emascualtion Tour of 2015? Time will tell.


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54 responses to “Shannon and David Beador’s House Is Back On The Market; ANOTHER Price Reduction Is This Divorce?

  1. O.O

    I’d take him .

  2. Denine

    To me the hallways seemed very narrow, and how do you fit two homes on a 3/4 acre lot? Seems really crowded.

    • AKA Riley

      I agree. My house is on an acre. Hard to believe her giant house AND a pool house on less than an acre makes little sense. Must be a typo. Has to be.

  3. K

    Newport Beach is pretty much like that. Hugh homes on tiny lots. On Balboa Island, there’s virtually no space between the houses and they go for millions. I totally agree with TT and would rather have land and space. I never understood people who have millions being willing to live 10 feet from their neighbors.
    I also agree that divorce is in the air. I thought it would be Tamra first.

  4. Yes, TT, you nailed it. I can’t even imagine what they pay for HOA fees and real estate taxes.

  5. I always felt so sorry for David, he was so passive and henpecked. I liked when he would show some personality, but it happened so rarely that it never really let us see anything but the cowering man that Shannon left him. I think their relationship is going the way of the dinosaurs , quickly extinct, leaving behind a lot of questions, and scattered bones, lemons, and crystals in their wake.

    • Petunia

      You must check out the both of them in her Facebook rants. I too, once found him somewhat redeeming. Good rule of thumb…. Birds of a feather….. He’s equally crazy. Plus, he’s a lying cheat who asked his daughter to return his wedding band to her mother…. Yep, scumsack!

    • janet

      Some marriages are unfortunately, lives of quiet desperation, and the long suffering spouse is not really living Iife or getting to be the person they were meant to be. I saw this with my own brother who was married to a woman for many many years, with alot of bad issues(bipolar, hypochondriac, prescription drug addiction and eating disorders ) and had three children together. Some people simply do not pocess the strength to get out or to stand up to an oversize unstable personality. They become sick and weird with living with it, almost like stockholm syndrome. After my brothers wife died, he was able to live in peace again, and was absoloutly determined to find someone to experience love and the kind of relationship he could be happy in. He found that person and they are so happy and contented. I dont know that this is the case with David or not, but seeing glimpses of things that arent so functional with Shannon, she might really be the problem. Who knows, but I keep an open mind, due to seeing my brother stay and suffer for so long, and would still be in it if his wife hadnt died.

  6. fivecatsownme

    Take the money and run, David. Grab the girls and change your names.

  7. fivecatsownme

    Do you think she became a Housewife just to sell her house?

    • Sweet T

      No. I think she came on RHOOC because she is an attention whore

      • Petunia

        Yassss sweet T. Both of them are. The viewers rooting for David and believing that being famewhores, exposing thier children , etc is all on Shannon need a little perspective. They both signed up for this. If Saint David (I’ll get to his canonization soon) didn’t want to reveal his affair or exploit his daughters, he absolutely could have shut it down.
        You must watch their drunken Facebook rants. Also, remember they have a long history prior to appearing on our Flatscreens. Golden Dave’s construction company is rumored to be funded by Shanny’s very wealthy family. Before you make David’s bday a national holiday consider some points. They aren’t newly weds. He knows exactly who she is and like I stated sonewhere in this thread, birds of a feather…..Secondly, she’s loaded- that’s all. Third, we all know this guy. The guy who sheepishly grins as his girl browbeats him. The nicest guy. The guy you wish you could find a nice girl for. The guy that keeps ending up with some crazy domineering and demasculating chic. Here’s some middle aged wisdom….. There’s a reason! These guys wouldn’t be down with a mutually giving partner. They’re sociopaths who love the pity and concern dating psychos affords them. They love that by comparison, their mediocrity is abolished and they’re elevated to solid character status without showing character and simply taking on the burden of an overbearing partner.
        Seriously, I love this community, but your glorifying a spineless, frankly weird, bug eyed liar and sack of shit that chose to forsake his marriage as well as drag his daughters into the drama!
        They are well suited for one another and that slimy lizard looking sponge of a father deserves no credit.

      • microop

        Word! I buy it Petunia!

    • Matzah60

      I think that’s the only reason that she became a housewife.

      • lru

        This is why different opinions should be welcomed by posters and not scorned. Never gave it enough thought to look at it this way. This is a fascinating take on David. Well done Petunia.

  8. Xanadude

    Speaking of, TT, we haven’t heard about any dealings with the gay neighbor and his mother in a while. Has the situation calmed?

  9. Spilledperfume

    Their taste in decorating is awful. I do like the kitchen and the wine room but I would like any wine room. I’m a total wino.

    • hannahkingrose

      Spilledperfume I agree with you about the kitchen. I also thought the theater room was ok but that’s it. Unless there is more to the closet than we are seeing, it looks awful small compared to what I assume her closet would be.

    • Petunia

      Agree. Put a wine room in a tiny house and I’m set. Strange to me is that we didn’t get a whole grand tour of their palace ala Vanderpump’s constant fabulosity house and closet tour. We saw a lot of the entrance foyer and of course the craft room.

  10. JentheAUBURNfan

    i see her rebuilding to be bigger than heathers hotel errr house. heather did a walk thru of Shannon’s home as a way of introducing her to the viewers and to get secret door ideas. Maybe Shannon wants to build bigger thinking it will keep her on and the next few seasons will be about her house that has one more bathroom than heather

  11. Lisaj

    Hmmm this explains the Steve Harvey interview, or at least puts it into perspective. Or not. Shannon is somewhat of a Virginia Wolf character to me. Honestly I probably would have divorced my husband had he done what David did but I KNOW I would do some deep soul searching in the interim. It takes two and my experience Shannon hasn’t truly owned her own responsibility in David’s infidelity.

  12. iloveearlgrey

    I like weird coincidences and I found a few between this lemon queen and the other lemon queen, Yolanda. First, they’re both married to a David that they are divorcing (allegedly in Shannon’s case). Second, they both love lemons. Third, they both have weird eating disorders (allegedly) and are obsessed with their health and alternative treatments.

    • Yup. And they are both bat shit crazy.
      I think you nailed it EarlGrey!


      Good observation! Only Yo’s David is wealthy and has his own career. Now moving on to the next hot lady. Shannon’s David has no money-Shanny’s daddy funded his construction company- he’s not going anywhere. He’ll continue to play the poor henpecked husband ( who gets a pass even after cheating on his wife). Because why wouldn’t he? The viewers have made him a star. Him lying and cheating is completely Shannon’s fault and people seem to think he’s a good and solid person. Just because Shannon’s a nutbox doesn’t make it alright to lie and cheat. David is a mooch who married money and gladly takes the hen pecking in exchange for being rich. He’s a pathetic person who regardless of how crazy his wife is, is a pathetic person!

      • I have a friend that is a shrink. She says when a couple comes in and one is real emotional and the other is quiet she’s always suspicious of the quiet one. Yes, Shannon is very emotional but also find her intelligent, well spoken and seems to have a good heart (helping Vicki/Brooks find doctor). I don’t agree with everything she does but do believe she is trying to make her marriage work for her kids sake. David sat back and had girlfriend become friendly with Shannon and then having girlfriends’ kids on basketball team is appalling.

      • addie2u

        I’ve read many comments here that David’s business is being funded by “Shannon’s daddy” but wasn’t his business started by his own father & quite successful prior to meeting Shannon?

      • tamaratattles

        I was sent some documents some time ago about David’s company and IIRC Shannon’s father was the majority owner of the business. I forget all the details, I think it was some sort of lawsuit . I believe Shannon’s daddy had a 51% share.

    • addie2u

      I noticed the same coincidences between these lemon lovin’ ladies. And I agree with Maisey, “they’re both bat shit crazy”.

  13. Minky

    Funny thing, houses. They’re like dogs in a sense, meaning that they reflect or take on the personality of the owner. Also houses are almost as developed as any featured characters in novels, especially horror stories. Just think Poe and the House of Usher. May both David and Shannon find peace and happiness. Lord knows I’m sick of the shit show.

  14. Totally looks like a start on the divorce walk. Run, David, run!

  15. cc101

    If David and the mistress had slept together in the house we would have heard about it by now because Shannon could not possibly miss the opportunity to get more attention out of this whole sorry mess.

  16. Anoneemouse

    I used to like Shannon but not so much anymore. She will probably spin this as they “had” to move because the mistress was “stalking” her.

  17. swizzle

    Next season Shannon is full of hate for Heather because Terry and Heather seem to have the magic touch with building and selling. I think Shannon’s mistake with building this house was that she focused too much on what she liked without consideration for the market. I’m betting a lot of potential buyers are turned off by that very dark, woody foyer. Not a good impression.

  18. Nancy (the other one)

    In order to gain access to Crystal Cove, you have to wait in line at the gatepost. The line goes all the way out to Pacific Coast Highway. If I were spending that kind of money, I would not want to do that. Also, current home design trends seem to favor clean lines and less goopy decor. I know this house is only 3 years old, but it already feels dated.

  19. Vet

    I do believe that she wants to build something better than the Dubrow’s home. They had someone knock on the door and offer $16,45 million, she can’t give hers away. Now that house is for sale for $26 million. The Dubrow home was classic and had views. Now the new house is on the highest peak so they will have better views again. Shannon seems to have to be the best and have the best. She will pay for a bigger house just like daddy paid for David. I can’t believe I used to like her.

  20. jen

    Great. Next season will be Shannon sobbing about her divorce and non stop talking about it. Uggggggg

  21. Petunia

    I love the listing’s not so subtle, yet smart for the type of pretension that is their market, use of “most impressive” and the “largest”. I will subjectively offer my opinion of this excessively sized abode: it’s not in the least bit extraordinary in any way shape or form. It’s so bland and stock photo of a mansion from the 80’s. Landscaping? Okay, sure. Lots of tall skinny trees- hmm…there’s nothing lush or creative or striking about this “impressive “home at all. Although I obviously don’t know Shannon, I have no doubt she built this to her specs… It’s as bland and white bread and braggadocio as she is.
    Offered furnished is interesting. Sure there’s bad memories from the time living there but it’s not like the mistress was boning Dave in the parlor on the chaise. I smell trouble. Too bad for her. I really liked her last season. I actually thought Andy got the hint that we want to see real fabulous lives. Not grifters but actual secure and financially flush people who simply were kind enough to pull back the curtain. Pipe dream! They’re all so desperate! Now I believe she’s the alcoholic crazy they painted her to be season one. She’s unhinged and after seeing her and Daves Facebook famewhoring, I find them both to be desperate and truly at the top of the pathetic housewives characters list. That’s saying a lot.
    I wanted to buy her “helping others working through affairs” story. Which is every housewives excuse for selling out their souls, families, etc for screen time. The details and exposing her daughters, I find disgusting. Thank goodness Bravo is continually able to find these assholes… I guess.
    Bottom line…. That house is simply a big lame and basic mansion built to the specs of bland and basic humans that suck.

  22. Rose

    I love her house but even the crystals can’t help the bad juju.

  23. Well they might as well because it’s just my going to last. Sorry but that marriage is beyond repair no matter how Shannon tries to sugarcoat that thy are happy now.

  24. Xanadude

    Watch out or Shannon will do an insane drunken periscope rant about how TT is trying to take down the Beadors!

  25. Karen

    She has turned into what appears to be an unstable, angry woman who it is hard to watch and probably impossible to live with. She is either slamming a costar, screaming at someone, confronting someone or whining and crying. That is exhausting to watch. Maybe she and Meghan
    can get a spin off. Oh, sorry. No one would watch that either.

  26. peachteachr

    I think Shannon has the fastest descent of any housewife. I loved her last season and I super duper dislike her now. She is a small, small human being. I didn’t like what she was doing to David during this season but when she yelled out to David’s mistress at the USC game and threatened to shame her on the following Monday night’s reunion show, I was done, done, done with her. Who does that kind of thing? Everyone around her must have been so embarrassed for her, or not; maybe they thought she was the nut we’ve come to know and dislike so much.
    Good luck getting rid of that house. It’s a problem when you build a home just for your specific needs. I know because we did and were fortunate to unload it when we divorced. What did Brandi say about Eileen’s house? About it being dark and outdated, I wish I could remember her exact words cause they would fit here. The front of the house does not match the inside.

  27. Kemper

    This is exactly what Id to my hubby in this situation.. Win him back, just to slap the side chick in the face and ruin her marriage.. Humiliate the hell out of him for approximately a year and then divorce his cheating ass.. And only after that would I dance away with a HUGE smile on my face :) I WIN!

  28. janet

    I liked their house. Was very traditional decor and I liked it. But I do wonder if its for sale at a reduced price ,because of a divorce thats forth coming. I dont know what to make of the Beadors. They seem like fairly nice people to me. I thought Shannon was a bit rough on Vickie this year and gave the other ladies alot of free passes, but the whole Brooks fakery was pretty bad and Shannon knows that Vickie can only be fooled for so much, before you have to feel she was in on it too. I just felt Vickie going off on Shannon like she did, at Brooks birthday, was a piviotal moment in their now defunct friendship. Shannon felr the wrath of Vickie, thar Vickie allways directed at people when it came to anything regarding Brooks. It was like Vickie turned any self loathing or uncomfortable emotions about that relationship onto anyone handy at the moment, even her own daughter. Im embarassed for Vickie. Shannon is not as likeable this season but Im still not giving up on her yet.

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