Exclusive: Review of Nene Leakes In Chicago With Exclusive Video!


Nene Leakes is bring her stans  to Bra Way by the droves.  In the week before her arrival, the box office was $430,000, capacity 60%.  The week she showed up, the box office was $582,000, capacity 76% ! That’s amazing!  TamaraTattles.com  recently had a spy in the audience and we have some exclusive footage.

According to my TamaraTattles Spy ” I was impressed with NeNe. I attended college in NYC for Musical Theatre and currently am working out in LA, and was very pleasantly surprised!! While there was a lot of ‘NeNe’ incorporated in the character, she really held her own and you could make out ALMOST every word! Her only downfall was during the song ‘Class’ – a duet with Velma. She pronounced/sung the word Class as “Clash” and I couldn’t tell if it was another “bridemaids” moment or potentially an “accent” choice.”

I mentioned earlier that Nene’s stint on Broadway during the holiday season is super hectic with up to eight performances a week!

The TamaraTattles Spy  also said that Nene was under the weather the night of this performance.  The TamaraTattles.com Spy said, ” she was also SUPER friendly at the stagedoor. Diana (Her BFF) was there and came out before NeNe and let everyone know “she wasn’t feeling well” so was going to be signing quickly. She took photos with anyone who asked and even took the phone out of my friend’s hand and said “Gurl, you’re a mess!” and took a selfie with her. The line was pretty short, so that might have had something to do with it. (it was a Monday night – and with the holiday season more shows add Monday night since it’s usually dark!)  She still had the longer hair like she had on WWHL recently – BUT she better watch out making any more remarks about Miss Kenyas skin – if you know what I mean :)”

In Nene’s defense, that stage makeup wreaks havoc with your skin.  It’s very thick and very greasy!  Nene’s work ethic when she is on Bra Way never ceases to amaze me.

You go girl!  You deserve a lot of respect for this!


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41 responses to “Exclusive: Review of Nene Leakes In Chicago With Exclusive Video!

  1. Dawn

    I am glad she is having success. She doesn’t need to be telling others they are less than her. The applause should make her truly believe she is good enough. Be gracious to both fans and foes.

    The video wouldn’t play correctly on my devices, but I could hear her belt out the song. I wish it had been longer. Thank you Tamara’s spy for smuggling us a snippet

  2. pfffttt

    Glad to hear Nene was nice to everyone. Some of her fans have posted their encounters with her on twitter and she wasn’t very friendly to say the least.

    I think Nene’s attitude changes. If she is doing well professionally, she is nice and sweet. When things are at a standstill she can seem mean, rude and bitter.

  3. Rae (@rachelschaffer)

    Thank you. This made my night. How hurt do you think NeNe was that she wasn’t given a small role in “The Wiz”. I’m sure her name came up…

    PS – Thinking of you and Banjo often… I’m on the mend from a MS relapse and your post keep me going. Thanks for the inspiration and hugs to you both!

  4. Spilledperfume

    I just don’t like her. I’ve already seen Chicago but if I hadn’t I wouldn’t want to see it with Nene in it.

  5. Psylocke

    Without the entire context of the shifting numbers prior to her inclusion, I think it’s a major stretch to attribute revenue increases to one person during the Holidays – it’s REALLY hard for me to imagine the target market of Broadway literally basing their decision to see a show based on NENE being cast.

    • Lawstangel

      Maybe not, to me the point was they were not avoiding it because of her either.

    • tamaratattles

      There were two cast changes. the other didn’t happen until Nene did. Nene is having a fantastic result on Broadway. STFU about things you know nothing about. She’s doing well. Don’t you think if wasn”t I gleefully let you know?

      • JoJo

        Absolutely TT – I think you’d let us all know if the reviews, the word on the street, the webiverse or your ‘spies’ had nothing but negative things to say!
        And that’s why I read this blog and that’s why I have to give Nene credit where it’s due (even if it’s reluctantly at times) – Broadway’s nothing to sneeze at and thanks TT!!
        She can be one nasty piece of work as we’ve seen in the past, but a pat on the back when due is warranted imo. I don’t read about the doors being beaten down with offers like this for any other ex or current RHOA or any RH cast member.
        (Until recently, I didn’t realize that Kandi, her Grammys and songwriting and any recognition for it is over 15 years old – and I just cannot count ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ – as the music industry doesn’t either:\)

      • Psylocke

        We are only given two numbers as if there’s some inherent causation between them – it’s total bullshit, and completely false.

        11/16 — (week before Nene) capacity at 76.9%

        11/22 (day before nene starts) capacity is 60.28%

        – Two new shows are added, which diverted sales from others.

        11/29 (the week Nene started) — 75.91%

        The monitoring site straight up attributes this increase to the Holidays as EVERY SINGLE SHOW increased with a combined total of $6,910,729 from the week before. And it’s still lower than the capacity from just 13 days before.

        It doesn’t matter if you’re a nene supporter or a nene hater – the fact of the matter is these numbers are constantly changing due to countless influencing reasons from promotions to inclusions of other shows to the day and week and holiday they’re playing, and it’s straight up deceiving to take two isolated figures and show them as if they’re related.

        The current numbers as of 12/06? 66.39% capacity. Which is even worse considering its in the lowest tier compared to all the other shows capacity, AND its one of the lowest ticket prices.

        My point is completely valid.

      • Hey I appreciate you doing the research! Thanks for clarifying! Still happy for her though!

      • Skeeter

        @Psylocke – feel better now?

      • Psylocke

        Being right is always pretty validating so yes, yes I do.

      • Vet

        Thank you T, she actually does have talent.

      • Vet

        I dog sat my friend’s dog and she had parvo and it killed my puppy then almost killed her father. I had to feed him with a dropper so I am really tender about sick dogs.

    • Realityjunkie

      It can also be that her fans are supporting her. That is a plausible explanation for the increase.

    • ItsMe

      You must be closeted fan to actually go and look up numbers. Stop hating and just congratulate. She’s doing well on Broadway.

      • Psylocke

        I’m sorry but I just have such a low tolerance for morons these days.
        Perhaps you missed the part where I *specifically* said this isn’t about nene? I can’t even imagine being so damn dumb to assume my comment stemmed from some sort of repressed fandom, or that me taking three minutes to look at the public data on a commonly used website is just so time consuming, as if it were an in-depth market research analysis.

        If someone says “stfu you don’t know what you’re talking about” – AS IF YOURE THE ONLY PERSON CAPABLE OF LOOKING UP A WEBSITE BITCH – it’s pretty much an invitation.

  6. Lots of kudos to Nene.

    Thinking of the ‘bigger picture’, isn’t it a bit depressing that ‘rich’ housewives and ridiculous families (kardashians, honey boo boo clan) are paid better than really talented broadway actors?

  7. Wow, God’s plan is greater than her insufferable arrogance. It’s funny how that works.

  8. LisaPat

    It’s just hard to want to give credit to a woman is so begrudging of other women’s success, and someone who is so self-promoting. Nene has a lot of fans but her biggest fan is still herself. Good for her for being a success on Broadway. I hope she starts being happy for her peers when their efforts are equally successful.

  9. ShyGuy

    I’m happy for Nene and happy Kenya went and showed support.

  10. Margarett

    Good for Nene! I was impressed with what I saw on your link. Thanks for posting it, Tamara.

    I was so glad to read that Banjo is feeling better. Our little Sunny Boy went through major flea allergy problems this year. Even though we hold and look at him every day, bathe him weekly, etc. those buggers got on him. Now the meds are working and there is peace in our home again. I’m wishing the same for you!

    Now, make yourself a priority. I’ll be watching for a happy update re Banjo’s Mama!

  11. Crazy in NC

    Good for her!

  12. Yay! Good for Nene! I’m really glad she is a success!

  13. Mable Lean


    Well, at least she was on key and possesses an AMATEURISH poise. i guess.

    Chicago has been stunt casting for almost 20 years. Apparently, she’s better than Wendy Williams was, but without the Bravo notoriety, Leakes would not make it through 16 bars at an audition with trained professionals.

    Mama Morton is probably the least stressful role in the show. She has one solo and one duet, and absolutely no dancing. She should have no problems doing that for 8 times a week.

    Much has come to her, that’s for sure.

    • Vet

      Did you see her other Broadway show?

      • Mable Lean

        No, I did not see Cinderella. I get comps from time to time – that’s the only way I’d see Nene onstage.

        I must admit that I would be a little paranoid that people thought I was there because she was in the show. Generally, I wouldn’t give that sort of thing a second thought.

  14. Cheychey

    If nothing else I can appreciate the fact that she pulled herself out of the strip clubs and got her hustle on to provide a better life for herself and her family.

  15. oh sheila! you a good judy

    this is amazing! it’s a dream come true for so many (being on Broadway) and i am honestly proud of Nene (NEVER thought i’d EVER think or say those words).
    she really snapped her work ethic together after Celebrity Apprentice, huh?
    good show, Nene! well done!

  16. Cat

    Good for her! At least she’s actually willing to do the work and pay dues. Unlike a certain “reality star” who thought she could just buy her way into a Broadway role (also in “Chicago”). I’m glad Broadway does not cater to those with a sense of entitlement.

  17. Natasha Adams

    Tanara, that was the Thanksgiving weekend box office. The next week Chicago’s gross dropped to $480,808 with 75% capacity according to Broadway World grosses. I actually read a post of a person who saw the show and said Nene was terrible and got the least applause of any cast member and that there were a lot of empty seats in the theatre.

  18. Natasha Adams

    Sorry one correction, the capacity dropped to 66.39% not 75.

  19. JoJo

    I am far, far and away from anything close to a Nene fan.
    I understand the comments about the box office numbers, the Holidays, and whether Nene’s responsible for the draw.
    No matter the numbers, what I’m giving her props for is the fact she was hired at all for a Broadway production, and 2 of them so far I believe.
    It’s very, very impressive to be cast in a production on or off Broadway*. The majority of those cast are not making a lot of money and many are not doing it for the money – it’s resume-building and/or preference and prestige.
    It’s not every egotistical, ratchet, loud-mouth, egotistical, reality star that finds themselves on 42nd Street:)
    (* – I’m not counting those that are cast as trees or other varied pieces of scenery:)

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