Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Daisy (Yolanda’s Helper)

Instagram 8/8/15

Instagram 8/8/15


Can we talk?  Because I was sent a link today that I just don’t know how to accurately relate to you. It’s about Daisy, the woman some presumed was some sort of health care aide on last night’s RHOBH. Her behavior really didn’t let us know exactly what her purpose was. She opened a door and ushered guests Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson into Yolanda Foster’s apartment, took them to her medicine pantry,  and frankly I don’t remember what she did next, perhaps make her self scarce?

I’ve found out a bit more about Daisy and it is …..well… interesting.RHOBH Yolanda Brandi

According to Daisy’s “Life Coach” website, she’s an actress, a personal trainer, an advocate for healthy eating (she sells and delivers prepaid meals), a Pilates instructor, a playwright,  a writing instructor and a former international call girl. I may have missed a few jobs in there.

So, if you would be so kind, I’ll love for you to go to her website here, and peek around a bit. Then come back here and share your thoughts.

Because I am really not sure how to respond to this.

P.S. I just went back to look at how she was described on the show. It says “Yolanda’s Health Advocate” and Yo says she is a Lyme survivor.  I can see how she would be a good person to take notes at the doctor’s office.

P.P.S. I was disbelieving about the Patron box, but it was there. The interesting thing is that I is not on the bedside table in several shots and then magically appears and  disappears. Apparently it was edited out somehow or the scene was shot twice? It’s the green box.


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116 responses to “Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Daisy (Yolanda’s Helper)

  1. WhyOWhy

    First of all, it doesn’t look like she’s written and blog posts or anything since 2009. I’m also not sure I’d advertise that I was a high-class call girl. She’s basically Yo’s “life coach” who is whoring herself out to be on TV and get more publicity.

    Didn’t Yo say she overcame Lyme Disease? Maybe that’s why Yo keeps her around. Since she had it and got better, maybe she’s got some insight to it?

    • lula

      why do you have to slam this women maybe she is a good person. You don’t know her do you?

      • CanadaCat

        No, nobody knows this womAn. However, she’s putting herself out there on reality tv, so it’s kind of a forgone conclusion that people are going to have opinions on her based on what she’s made available for information, and how she’s presented herself.
        I’d say, have a seat, but this isn’t my blog.

  2. Lisa

    Her bio includes her work history as a call girl.

  3. claire

    On last night’s (or last week’s) episode I could swear I heard Yolanda say Daisy was a Lyme Disease survivor…surprised THAT wasn’t on her resume, too.

    • Matzah60

      Yolanda DID say that Daisy was a Lyme Disease survivor. I doubt she’s using Yolanda, but perhaps, they’re using each other. She is being paid to escort Yolanda to all her medical appointments and be ‘supportive’……..Yolanda also said that Daisy was her ‘brain’ while she had Lyme brain.

      Daisy might have a lot of STDs from all her sexcapades, but doubtful she ever had or is a recovering ‘chronic lyme disease’ patient.

      Did you notice on the show that Yolanda was reading a book when she received notice that her friends were there, i.e.. Eileen and Lisa R and she took off her glasses, tucked the book away and got into sick mode. Why did Daisy ask two guests if they wanted to see Yo’s medicine closet? Scripted. Meant for shock value.

      I think Yolanda came on this show to promote her two girls in their modeling careers. David certainly doesn’t need any ‘plugs’ or more money. He is worth many billions of dollars. IMO

      • Lindsay

        I did notice that! She appeared to be wide awake and then removed her glasses, put whatever she was reading aside, and closed her eyes. As her friends were approaching her bedroom…very odd…

  4. ” Stuttering guts of pigs ” This is poetry by someone who professes to guide one down the healing path ? IDK . . . . I’m thinkin’ cuckoo-pants. Just sayin’

  5. More Tea Please!

    She’s had as many careers as Yolanda has had diseases…not sure she’s qualified to provide medical advice.

    • Suzanne D

      She’s isn’t qualified to recommend Weight Watchers. She has a degree in literature. I can’t say this is a surprise. Yo is not seeing any qualified, certified, or licensed medical personnel at all. As an RN, I was horrified at her drug store closet. I’ve felt for a long time that she has a conversion disorder. But after seeing the last episode, it’s worse than that. She needs an emergent mental health evaluation. She’s desperate, obviously mentally unstable, and surrounded by a lot of quacks who are all too happy to take her money. The situation is very sad.

  6. Frosty

    Daisy might be a wonderful writing coach, but as a diet/health/life guru she seems to be a typical L.A. quack. Did you see her diet and health (LOL) section? She should have “Beware” stamped on her forehead.

    • Frosty

      P.S. re Daisy’s past as a sex worker, it occurred to me pragmatic Yolanda may have a different attitude about that since prostition is a regular, legal job in the Netherlands.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Many Dutch people are very conservative though. It may be legal but not necessarily accepted socially.

  7. Jaded

    I wonder what truth she is going to illuminate in Yolanda?

  8. Tleighb

    What a joke. She would have to be 167 years old to have had all those “careers”.

  9. More Tea Please!

    I wonder if she’s charging King David her standard $200 an hour “coaching” rates?

  10. fivecatsownme

    She is Yolanda’s paid new best friend. She is in it to be on TV and is taking advantage of Yolonda

    • Margarett

      It looks like that to me, too, fivecatsownme. This storyline seems to become stranger as more selfies, appearances, speeches, health strategies, etc. come to light.

    • I remember a time in my life when I was so starved for some nurturing/TLC that I would have happily paid for someone to take care of me.

      Yolanda is clearly not getting it from her husband, her kids are grown and have their own lives (mostly), and her mother is in another country and is quite ill herself. Who can she turn to for some care?

      This Daisy person looks like the kind of whackadoo that is a dime a dozen in LA. But so what? If Yolanda is getting her needs met, and Daisy is satisfied in her role, it’s an even quid pro quo. Why not?

  11. JentheAUBURNfan

    I’m so ordering the anthology she was published in!!!

  12. Mark

    Who is that “Strength trainer for the mind” dude on her website?

    Is he a hooker too? I’d pay HIM $200.

  13. jen

    And it keeps getting weirder….

  14. microop

    I don’t see her history of Lyme disease on her website. You’d think she would market that as a life coach/health advocate.

    • Angel(?)

      I noticed that as well, but she does mention chronic fatigue syndrome. Maybe she hasn’t updated her website to include the newest catch all syndrome.

  15. Angel(?)

    Maybe Daisy’s coaching is helping Yolanda. She’s been out and about being papped recently.

  16. I personally enjoyed the poem about vaginas along with the multitude of deep and thought provoking quotes sprinkled about her site. Only in L.A. Smh

  17. Cat

    She’s not Dr. Doolittle. She’s Dr. DooEveryone.

    Getting health advice from a prostitute. Great choice.

  18. sandra

    So, Miss Daisy is driving Yolanda’s life. This is weird! Yolanda said she hasn’t touched make-up in a year and that is not true. Stranger and strangerrrr.

  19. sandra

    Cat, LOLOLOL! I adore you.

  20. Lisaj

    WHAT THE FUCK was that? Promoting teenage sex workers??? That HAS to be worded wrong. I’m giving up my day job and moving to LA, apparently they will buy ANYTHING there including and especially bullshit. Pardon my French

  21. CanadaCat

    I could barely get past the bio. How is it that someone with a universe degree publishes a piece that’s fraught with errors? There are punctuation mistakes galore, and it’s extremely poorly written. Couldn’t she at least ask someone smarter to edit it for her? SMDH

  22. Watching A Trainwreak

    “Acting Classes and Coaching” is listed on her bio…you would think that she would have helped Yolanda develop a more genuine sounding cough than was on display during Lisa Rinna’s dinner party.

  23. beth

    upcoming writing classes Dec 5th, 12th, 18th, and 19th *2011* … :-)

  24. Beerandy

    I am just thrilled I wasn’t the only one who noticed the Patron box!

  25. Xanadude

    I’m glad that Yolanda, trendsetter that she is, is reviving the post Victorian era practice of wealthy women hiring paid companions. At least she’s not an intern. Although if she starts collecting grifters like Sonja Morgan, I will start to worry.

    • Micheal

      Maybe that is it, she is just lonely (kids all have their own lives and careers now, husband divorcing her) and wants a live in friend?

  26. I had to take breaks from the weird… wth did I just read? My intuition tells leads me to believe Madame Daisy milk is tainted. I’m all for reforming yourself however, this woman pops out of nowhere and is so “close” with Yo. We have a sincere love for her compared to this person. WHY SHE HERE IKE, WHY SHE HERE? #Whatslovegottodowithit #Spideysensestingling

    • Erica

      Yeah… me too. Actually, the sex worker stuff is the least of it for me.

      My god… she still uses AOL as her email. I thought my 73 year old mom was the only one.

  27. Micheal

    I have a bad feeling that the longer this season goes on, the more I am going to be annoyed by Yolanda and her story. It is FULL of inconsistencies, more so than Brooks. It COULD be explained away by a misdiagnosis, and potential over-exaggeration of a bored housewife, who is going through a prolonged divorce, and is strapped for cash.

    Clearly Yolanda is sick, but with what, and how bad, I am starting to question.

    Anyone else feel like this could just be depression mixed with a bit of ‘the change’. Both of which, I have heard can have horrible effects on the mental and physical state of an individual (not trying to minimise either of those situations).

    Yolanda is kind of milking it with some rather out there statements (cant listen to music, read, drive etc for 4 years..blah blah).

    to me, it would be more believable (not sure if this is the right word) if she just said, “I am not sure what I have, but I never want to leave my bed/house, always am in pain and tired and have difficulty undertaking normal everyday tasks. But I do have my good days.”

    • Anastasia_Beave

      I definitely think it’s menopause, which does totally fuck ypu up. I’ve mentioned how unbelievably awful it was for my mother. She completely changed,and it lasted years.

      Lyme Disease it terrible…I just don’t think she has it. She’s sick, obviously, but She’s poisoning her body with all those vitamins and cleanses and colonics, and not eating, add to that depression, stress, getting.older…

      The kids have nothing. What I believe. My body hurts all the time. It’s because I waitress. Jetsetting a la Bella doesn’t take a toll?

      Whoever said Daisy was Yolandas intern like Sonja was slot on,.

      • Sabrina

        With all the garbage she is putting into her system, it must be completely impossible to get a true sense of her medical situation. This has become ridiculous- and I am very sorry to say it, because she obviously did not feel well as this process began, but each day that goes by there are far more questions than answers, and lies /inaccuracies/misleading and disturbing information , etc.
        It is clear that Yo had a problem at one time that appeared to be medical- now it is not at all clear what is going on, except that she has engaged in dubious practices, has made misleading/contradictory statements virtually daily, and appears to be exaggerating her condition on some situations, while seeking both personal and media attention far more than is wise/appropriate. I wish her well but am now convinced that a significant portion of this situation is a mental problem. I hope it is mostly menopause, and can be treated with hormones t bring her to a more comfortable/rational mindset.
        She makes herself look more ridiculous daily.

        TT, your situation may sounds similar to you, but do not appear to be related at all. You have specific medical symptoms and are seeking clear solutions. Yolanda is seeking many things, one of them may be solutions to medical issues , but that is not clear to me now.

        So glad to hear that Banjo is better- and am hoping you feel better each day!

      • WonkyTonk

        Sabrina, I can’t say that I disagree with anything you’ve stated here. I do believe the major issue is mental which is leading to bad decision making about her health, but to what extent who the hell knows because it’s pretty clear, especially after this week’s episode, that the woman lies about the extent of the problem. It’s like she needs for there to be something wrong with her. I’m not a doctor but I think at the very least she needs a baseline of her medical situation, but to get that she has to go off her supplements, and “procedures” which I’m guessing she absolutely won’t be willing to do as long as she has money to fund them.

  28. Sam

    Well isn’t she just jack of all trades? And master of none, I’ll wager. The poorly written home page sent shivers down my journalism major spine. If she can get $200/hour to “life coach” someone with this kind of bullshit, I’m off to LA. I wonder where Yo picked this one up?

    • Sam, of all of those “occupations” I am betting she mastered one of them for sure.

    • tamaratattles

      Look, I know this is pot/kettle but I am usually pushing several posts a day and I have not time to edit. But if I had a business website with permanent shit up there? I think I might get my grammar correct.

  29. StubbyG

    She supposedly coached actors on Days of Our Lives….interesting. Maybe this is how Yolanda found the connection.

    I do find it interesting though that Yolanda has a friend that is an acting coach.

    • peachteachr

      So why did she need to introduce herself to Lisa and Eileen? If she were an acting coach on Days, wouldn’t they have already met her?
      As a woman of a certain age (old), I always say that there are 2 things I don’t joke about, menopause and empty nest syndrome, because both are real and very painful. I feel like I am looking at 2 giant frauds, Yolanda and her keeper.
      And, really Bravo, did you not get that we DESPISE the “I’m sick” storylines? Come on, Yolanda, woman up and move on. That medicine closet should have shamed you not made you proud.

  30. Carl

    Ok, I’m confused (who WOULDN’T be?!). What Patron box? A tequila box? Also, wth with the above photo? What are those marks? And how do we know she’s financially strapped? I’m sure she has a few million after the sale of the house, right? I need answers people!???????

  31. If I remember correctly, Yo’s house originally went on the market for $27 million and was considered overpriced. If it sold for $19 million they might of lost money on the deal. I don’t know how far north its located in Malibu and how far from LA.

  32. captain eel

    “Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do.
    I’m half crazy”. Yolanda Foster

  33. Onamonapia

    Hard liquor on the nightstand while in deteriorating health? Wonder if her new medicine woman prescribed. Gotta say, don’t think I’ve had a bottle of tequila on my nightstand even back in the good ole days- very odd.

  34. cobe

    I find Daisy intriguing. I’d love to spend an hour chatting with her. Sounds like a very compelling life story.

    Everybody has a past. Maybe she is STILL on call. Who knows?

    But it is her body and if she is enjoying her life and not hurting anybody, kudos to her.

    I have always felt that Yo might have been making money in ways other than modeling when she was younger. I don’t begrudge her, and, frankly, it makes her a more interesting character to me.

    What I’ve always enjoyed are people who are open and honest about their present and about their past. Whether that is happening with Daisy or Yo, I don’t know, but at least part of the truth seems to be told and I think it’s super interesting.

    Judge all you want, but if these girls are happy, I’m happy for them.

  35. cobe

    As to the hard liquor, I’m guessing it is either Daisy’s or a gift from or to someone. If the implication is that Yo is a boozer, I would find that next to impossible to believe.

    She may have her problems, but drinking has never seemed to be one of them.

    • Angel(?)

      No one is insinuating she has an alcohol problem. It’s just another interesting inconsistency if she does partake occasionally. You spend all this time taking supplements, detoxing, and being careful with what you eat but will poor alcohol into your body? Plus if your illness is your story line, shouldn’t you remove certain objects before filming begins? I mean I would probably do it (ie. take the occasional shot) but I wouldn’t be following Yolanda’s chosen treatment plan.

      • Valerie

        If it was a gift…who would send alcohol to someone so sick……my friends probably would.. but I just don’t see anyone Yolanda’s circle doing such…..

    • beth

      I think some commenters are blowing this out of proportion. I believe TT brought it up in her post not because Yolanda has alcohol in her house, but because she has a bottle in her bedroom. TT also mentioned that the bottle was there in one shot, then not there in another, suggesting something screwy happening with filming and/or editing.

  36. Private life coaching, $200/hour. I doubt this is covered on insurance. Maybe the worms come from the tequila.

  37. BeerWenchinTX

    Looks like some of David’s peeps are starting to come to his defense in the wake of all the Yolanda dumped while sick backlash. Some hints from his camp that Yolanda is ill when convenient for her. I think our TT was right on the money about the (alleged) situation!

    As for Daisy, she is more than a health advocate for Yo in my opinion….. The way she was stroking Yo’s hair gave me more of an intimate vibe than just a health care worker.

    Question, is the picture of Yo or Daisy? When did Yo get tatts if that is her?

    • AshK

      I totally agree! I’ve read that Yo said that stress makes her symptoms worse, so she feels that post-divorce she’ll feel back to her normal self… Insanity! I don’t think David will let this slide – there is so much evidence to the contrary.

  38. I’m still stuck on the fact that she was barefoot during her oral surgery…was that necessary? I really didn’t need to see those size 11 feet flopping around.

    • BeerWenchinTX

      I’m with you. That was weird. At least wear socks

      • peachteachr

        I couldn’t help but notice the bottom of Yo’s feet were dirty in the scene when Lisa and Eileen came to visit. It said to me that she had been up and about before her visitors came. Full disclosure, I go barefooted all the time. I judged my 2 back surgeries as a success when I could get my feet up to the sink to wash them off as I do several times a day.

  39. I have yet to come across anyone describing themselves as a “low priced” call girl.

  40. natalie

    Does anyone think that Daisy might be there to make sure Yolanda does not harm herself?

  41. loriflack

    I had a golden retriever named Daisy, js.

  42. JoJoFLL

    I had friend with a website like that. He lived in LA and had a bunch of photos of him and celebs and a long list of people he has worked with in Hollywood.

    Turns out he couldn’t make it in Hollywood and was always on the fringes looking in.

    The photos? He was a waiter at an event for actual celebrities.

    He had a bunch of made up accolades listed, awards that didn’t exist (that he was nominated for the “Noble” Peace prize (hello? The Nobel people never announce who is nominated).

    He ended up committing suicide.

  43. DJFL

    Apparently, Yolanda wasn’t too sick to pose half-naked for a photo as recently as August.

  44. fivecatsownme

    Why wouldn’t Yolanda have a nurse or at least a home health aide? Does she distrust conventional medical people? Nurses and CNAs are licenced/certified and probably bonded. I would be ticked if my care giver showed my meds to my friends and discussed my treatments.

  45. Sam

    Ok guys, I finally watched the episode and I probably have way too much time invested in this, but here are my observations regarding the Patron. When Lisa and Eileen first walk into the apartment Eileen is holding a green gift bag. At that point the shots of Yolanda in bed show no Patron on the nightstand. Later, after the pill tour, Eileen and Lisa enter the bedroom and Eileen is holding the green gift bag again. Then, they obviously edit some stuff out and the next minute the Patron is on the nightstand with a card sitting on top of the box. The green gift bag is on the bed, and appears empty. Therefore I surmise Eileen brought the Patron as a gift. Why she would think that was appropriate or that Yolanda would want it is another matter entirely. Perhaps it was meant for David.

  46. joanne

    If Daisy worked with Lynn Redgrave (RIP), you’d think she’d know that she didn’t spell her name with 3 ‘n’s’ and an ‘e’. Mind you, that this woman claims to ‘teach’ writing.
    On the other hand, I do love that Yolanda has a Henri Matisse print of his cut-out “Ivy in Flower” in her bathroom. Saw the original at the Dallas Museum of Art several years ago and it is huge. Yo’s looks like the print they sold in the museum gift shop.

  47. T D

    An interpretation of Aphrodite rising from the sea. The perfect scallop folds in the draped towel. Too bad there be skid marks on the mat in the background.

  48. Daisy’s website is very bizarre. She promotes her past as a call girl, and a myriad of other things – health expert, dietary consultant, actress, author and more – but no mention of having Lyme Disease at all… The whole thing seems SHADY. Just like Yolanda has become.

  49. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    No employee or aide would dream of showing their employers/patient/service users medicine closet off to anyone especially on camera unless they were instructed to. it was clear that Yo told her to do that and that in itself is pretty indicative of just how desperate this season Yolanda is to shove her illness down our throats. The dressing gown greetings, the makeup-less face and greasy hair, Daisy linking her arm to walk her in to the dentist, it’s all to show everyone how mean viewers and HWs are that doubted her in previous seasons. What has changed for Yolanda between this season and last when she was perfectly groomed, travelling, throwing dinner parties? Didn’t she claim to be suffering just as much then? But yet she still managed to slot in an awful lot in to her social and work diary. If you were having all of these foreign treatments and getting worse wouldn’t you stop maybe? Instead of stripping out teeth filings and hair dye perhaps she should strip out all of the supplements and medication and start again.

  50. Douche LaRouche

    Everyone stand up and take a bow….I just spent the last half hour laughing me arse off…

    After years of working in healthcare and having an opinion that means nothing?

    Yoyo does have mental problems.

    She has seen more quacks than a bird watcher during a duck count.

    Any physician taking over care would ask for a list of what she is currently taking – IF she has seen a regular doc he’d tell her to stop with the voodoo and ‘let’s try to stabilize your condition’ first? Looking at some of the stuff in her closet?

    She probably is doctor shopping – some of the stuff looks like it’s OTC, but one never knows.

    (Not to sound like a typical skeptic, but does anyone think that daisy may be boffing the boss?)

  51. I was just as sick as Yolanda for so many years, before I was finally diagnosed in 1999 and started to get better with the right medicines in 2002. I’m just a normal New Jersey woman who would love to reach out to her, as I’ve been through the torture of undiagnosed illness, but I haven’t a clue as to how I would connect with her. Does anyone have a suggestion?

    What’s painful to watch and even painful to read in some of these comments, is that her friends are getting impatient with her, and some here are even questioning her sanity. That’s when the ordeal of undiagnosed chronic illness begins to become a nightmare, as the loneliness starts to become unbearable.

    When western medicine can’t tell you what’s wrong, you do end up in the offices of quacks. You’ll throw money at anyone who says they can help, and believe me, I’m not a wealthy person. In fact, I can’t begin to calculate how much money I spent over the decades, money that I could have used in this period of my life.

    Ultimately, my diagnosis was very real but extremely rare, as were my complications. If someone knows how I could reach out to her, I’d appreciate the advice.

  52. jen

    Whoa. I just skimmed this story last time but this is interesting. ….

    Falls into my many questions about Yolanda currently. Is she being taken advantage by this woman? What kind of relationship do they really have? Also how does David feel and/or fit in to this relationship it professional or other??

    • Cindy

      I have a comment about Yolandas appearance. Ok I get the no make up but why is she always so nasty looking? Her hair always looks like she hadn’t washed her hair or bathed in weeks. Why doesn’t she bathe??

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