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American Horror Story: Hotel 5×09 “She Wants Revenge” – The Countess is reunited with her one true love. Donovan and Ramona take another stab at revenge. A careless decision lands Alex in hot water.

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Wait! Will they kill Lady Gaga? Join the AHS Ho Brigade as they discuss this weeks episode.

xoxo to Steve for the much appreciated heads up!

Addiction Demons are CREEPY.

Addiction Demons are CREEPY.


This one looks terrifying!  So um, talk amongst yourselves!



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42 responses to “American Horror Story: Hotel Chat Forum

  1. More great music featured in this episode:
    New Order – “Blue Monday”
    Visage- “Fade to Grey”

  2. LisaPat

    My first prediction: did you see the new bride hand Liz the flowers and wish her true love?? She said “you never know when he will appear.” I think Valentino is going to the Hotel to lure Liz into a love trap because Countess sees Liz as an ingrate now and as an enemy. Valentino is Tristan’s doppleganger afterall.

  3. Liz Taylor gave me life when called The Countess a bitch, twice…

  4. I thought this was a good episode. Glad there was no John Lowe this week. Ramona Royale’s back story was so heartbreaking. Having an aging parent with mental deterioration, it really touched me that she tried to help her father by “turning him”, but ultimately she had to euthanize him.

    Was that Marla Gibbs from The Jeffersons that played Ramona’s mother? I think it was.

  5. In 3 seasons Angela Bassett has drowned 2 people in a bathtub on AHS.

  6. It was quite wicked of The Countess to trap Will Drake with Ramona in the fortified chamber within the Hotel. At first I questioned why Ramona was the only one locked in the iron maiden, but now I see it was The Countess’ plan to have Will free Ramon from the cage so that she could kill Will. She installed the cams to watch Ramona suffer in the chambered halls for eternity. #SheWantsRevenge

    • LisaPat

      Was it too much wishful thinking on my part to expect Ramona to spare Will because he freed her?? I suppose so. If she were smarter, she would have drained him to the point of death, then turned him. That way she would have an ally to help her find a way out of that floor chanber AND also have yet another person to help her seek revenge on the Countess. She could not have been THAT hungry as they were only in there a day or so.. and Im confused by the countess saying how she would not hut Will’s son because she “doesnt kill children.” She told Alex that she would destroy Holden if she didnt agree to be governess. Was she just trying to scare her or would she really not harm a child??

      • LisaPat

        In addition, Im confused by the Countess’ sudden hatred for Mr. March. I know he locked away Valentino, but she has eternity with him as he is now free. Countess said that Mr. March took away her one true love.. I thought her son was her one true love. Whom does she love more; Valentino or Bartholemew? What do you think, UF? I just pointed out 2 big inconsistencies in my last 2 comments. Are those holes in the plot or shoddy writing? 1) who does Countess love most? 2) Does she harm children or did she just make idle threats in the past?

  7. After watching the previews for the next episode it will be a lame conclusion of Natascha is the one that kills The Countess. It will be a more poetic if Liz or Iris kill her instead.

  8. steve

    And the measles gang keep killing. What will Alex do?

  9. Of course Angela Bassett is fierce and on point with her acting and I LOVE HER, but she basically has been playing a variation of the same character for 3 seasons now. A sassy fiery black woman that won’t take no shit and is hell bent on revenge.

    • LisaPat

      Good point. That would be a let down if Natasha killed her. Did you notice that Donavan is on to her? He saw her leave Valentino’s room.. see Donavan, your Moma is right ! Iris called it and so did Ramona. I cant believe Donavan gave her the okay to kill his wife! These people have no loyalty ! Ugh.

  10. The episodes title “She Wants Revenge” easily fit the story lines of The Countess, Iris, and Ramona.

    • …I should also add Ms.Evers to the revenge list. James March picked The Countess over her for marriage, and she tried to warn Will about The Countess. If Ms. Evers ghost wanted to kill The Countess I’m sure she could, but then Mr. March wouldn’t be happy with her for eternity. Plus she’d be stuck with The Countess for an eternity as well.

  11. steve

    Is this the last episode before Christmas break?

  12. We did learn in the case of Ramona’s father is that blood virus does not reverse aging, it only preserves the age that you are at when afflicted even though it did stop the progression of the Alzheimer’s. It was quite a beautiful metaphor to describe him as “Frozen in amber.”

    • LisaPat

      Yes it was, but that whole backstory was depressing.. and yes, her Mother was played by Marla Gibbs aka Florence. Lol I loved Florence !!!

  13. “The modern world is overrated.”–The Countess

  14. hannahkingrose

    Liz Taylor was definitely the Best Woman at the wedding. When she gave the reason that the countess was a bitch at the “Does anyone have any reason that this couple should not be wed part of the ceremony”, I loved it. Hope she didn’t sign her own death warrant with that statement. Of course if she did does that mean she and Tristan will end up being ghosts at the Cortez together so they can aggravate the countess the rest of her days? She did say Liz would never know when her true love would pop up.

    • LisaPat

      Oh yes I believe wholeheartedly that Liz has added herself to the Countess’ list of people she plans to kill with Donavan’s help. The Countess will no doubt utilize Valentino’s physical likeness to Tristan to. Lure Liz into a love trap. Liz is no fool and she knows she’s on the shit list.. as she backed away when Countess tried to hand her the bouquet.

  15. iloveearlgrey

    Can I use this forum to ask what’s wrong with Banjo?

  16. So Donovan foiled all the revenge plans? Ugh. But u know Ramona isn’t done for just yet. At least I hope not. Iris and Liz are still out for her. And possibly natacha?

    Glad to see them revisit Ramona, Iris, Valentino and the vampire kid army this week. Not enough Liz to satisfy me but at least she was still there with her classic one liners. :) Overall the episode was a little slow but I enjoyed it just the same. Although the Ramona storyline was heartbreaking.

  17. This morning the Golden Globe nominations were announced.
    AHS:Hotel has been nominated for best TV movie/mini-series, and Lady Gaga for best actress. Everyone else has been robbed & snubbed.

  18. JoJo

    Urethra Franklin: As you mentioned about Ramona’s daddy and his Alzheimer’s not being healed, but the blood virus just stunting his aging and the progression of the disease, what do you think is going on with those little viral blood bastards with bad attitudes running amok in LA?
    I have a feeling that the kid that Mrs. Lowe saved from death by measles & immediately went on a killing, bloodsucking ramage, has some compound condition that might be responsible for his psychopathy. The blood virus coupled with the measles that he had when he was turned, then the little savage immediately turned a bunch of other kids for his army then started a killing spree.
    I think there’s some sort of synergy going on having the measles + blood virus that’s making those little killers extra extra. Except for the 1 or 2 kids that didn’t want to kill, seemed to have some sort of conscious, the rest of the Wild Bunch seem to have zero compassion or morals and kill for fun, careless and nasty little creatures.
    The children in the Cortez with the blood virus – Holden, even Wren, weren’t psycho killers and are completely different from the Children of the Corn, and the Measled leader of the pack.
    What do you think?

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