WWHL With Kristen Doute

The most exciting things about Vanderpump Rules happened on the show last night, and even more in the after show. Xanadude covered the show in this post and don’t miss his aftershow recap in comments. It was good, James, Lala and Lauren were all on giving different versions of events.

I am under the weather and taking care of Banjo who is on about 6 different drugs for his skin allergy thing he is sufferinf with so I’m just going to focus on the Kristen stuff.  We are all much better than yesterday so thanks for the sweet comments. I do not know how parents deal with sick kids. I was blubbering the entire hour at the vet as he was all shaky and I feel totally responsible for his condition. Anyway, back to the show.

My first thought on seeing Kristen is that she is too skinny.  Kristen says that James is weird and she was not aware of his biting fetish. She feels like he has changed into someone else since they spilt up. Andy is wondering where Anthony the bartender has been hiding.  It’s a rare dude that has escaped Andy’s advances apparently. Watch out Anthony, Andy is coming for you?  He wants to know if Kristen as hooked up with him. She implies that something might have gone on many years ago.  She says he is one of the OGs of SUR from eight years ago. You know there is a lot of intermingling in restaurants in general at SUR it seems to be sort of the new person initiation for everyone to screw the new person. So I’m gonna go with yes, she hooked up with him briefly.  Andy gleans the same from her story by saying, “Oh yes, so you did!” and Kristen doesn’t correct him.Kristen Watermark

Andy points out that Stassi in there with Kristen sitting in the audience.

Andy plays a scene from next week when James is screaming at Kristen again telling her she will never get married. Kristen responds by saying something about Aleks.  A caller asks about Aleks  and we discover that Aleks is the douche from Below Deck’s first season.  This shows us that Aleks has a type, (crazy) Kristen and  Rocky!  And that Kristen have a type, douchebags. Then Kristen informs us that she can’t say if she is dating Aleks because  it plays out on the show but that we will see Aleks on Vanderpump Rules this season.  I don’t think they were much of a thing because Kristen spent the summer with THIS GUY.

When Andy asks what the hell Kristin saw in James, she said he was basically a rebound from Tom and that maybe her made her want to be skinnier. This alarms me because we all know how the boys (allegedly) “get skinnier.”  Be careful, Kristen!  Kristen says she is dating now and has a big smile on her face.

I just realized that the other guest is Howard Sterns wife, Beth. She’s a crazy cat lady. But even so she seems way to sane for Howard.

A caller asks Kristen what is going on with her face. I gave y’all that story here but it was in the middle of all the Brooks and Shannon drama and it sort of got over looked. The caller asks if she got too many fillers.

Kristen says, ” So super long story… I sort of told it on the after show last week. I got into an accident in October, and I have three fractures to my face. So the first week of November, I had reconstructive surgery, so now I’m a bionic woman and I have three titanium plates, so I’m very swollen still all throughout here. The big bummer, speaking of fillers, was that I actually had just gotten fillers like two weeks before that! What a waste!”

The right side of her face is still really swollen and it’s been a few weeks since surgery.

Andy asks what kind of accident and she says, “I tripped and fell getting out of an Uber and smacked my face on the bumper.  As I said before, it takes a lot more than a fall she’s describing to break your orbital bone.

Kristen says she believes that James used her to be on Vanderpump Rules and that she and Jax are in a good place. Everyone always ends up liking Jax no matter what he does.

Poll Question was “Who would you rather,James or Jax ?  Jax won by  75%.  Apparently, sewing your vagina closed was not a choice.


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25 responses to “WWHL With Kristen Doute

  1. Cat

    Yikes! She fell, and hit the bumper…with only one eye? You would think she would have broken her nose….

    That being said, I feel for her. She looks like she’s taken a punch in the face.

    Back in the day, we would give the excuse of running into a door….with one eye. I guess times have changed…a bit.

  2. Tulsateacher

    Well I feel like total tool for my comment about Kristin’s face on Xanadude’s VPR recap thread. I missed your post about her accident.

  3. More Tea Please!

    Last time I checked, I exit a vehicle through the side door, far from the bumper…

  4. Jaded

    Doesn’t she seem young to be getting fillers?

  5. Kiyoshigirl

    What the hell kind of fall causes you to bust up your face THAT, and how does one fall onto a bumper while exiting a car? Just doesn’t work like that. She had to be drunk and/or high as a kite to trip and fall into a bumper. Best of luck to Kristen living in L.A. with titanium plates in her face. My brother inlaw had the same thing done and had a miserable time dealing with air conditioning. Because of where they’re located, there isn’t any muscle/tissue to cushion the plates, and they’re VERY sensitive to hot/cold. His story didn’t end so well. I hope she does better.

  6. I watched WWHL last night and couldn’t help noticing how different Andy treated Beth and Kristen. He was so dismissive of Kristen, throwing underhanded digs at her, while w/Beth he spoke to her like they were old pals. Sure, Kristen didn’t seem as though she was feelin’ any pain, but it’s not as though the clubhouse has ever lacked in over served guests (Andy included). I’ve noticed in the past (VPR reunions) Kristen has never jumped out at one of his favs, but last night I noted it for sure. Was it only me, or did anyone else see what I was thinking?

    • Bridgett

      I noticed exact same thing. He’s always like that with Kristen.

      • Xanadude

        Because he and Beth ARE old pals.

      • Shae

        Well, Kristen doesn’t present herself as someone with very much respect for herself (at least not in the past), and she comes off rather airheadish, I can see why he’d be more dismissive of her. She sounded totally off in her comments and her affect is odd, looked like she was on sedatives or something. Weird.

        As far as beth, it was funny when she said she bought her earrings on “net a portER”, and pronounced the “r” at the end. But overall I thought she was charming/well spoken.

  7. I have always had a soft spot for Kristen, even when she has been at the zenith of her bat shittiest craziness. I know she is her own worst enemy, but she has a certain resilience.

    Three titanium plates in a face has got to be very painful. I hope she recovers quickly.

    • Northeastgrl

      Glad I’m not the only one! She seems to be on the right path lately and I LOVE seeing her and Stassi hanging out again. Girl has some thick skin to still be putting herself out there with as much hate as she gets. I’d like to see her come out on top and James just go away.

  8. tilmont

    There are so many things that I’d like to comment about KrisTAN and James but I will keep it brief.

    Based on VPR history, Kristen probably did fool around with someone in Michigan when she was on her “modeling shoot”

    James is still a skinny ass douche with dumbo ears but George Michael is his godfather. Still have my Wham! Make it Big vinyl. The only thing interesting about James is his godfather.

    I’ve been looking for a decently priced turntable but they are hard to find in my area. I should have kept my original (like all the other things I’ve discarded over the years – they always come back).

    • George Michael hasn’t spoken to James or his family in 17 years. They sell bullshit stories about him to tabloids & his memorabilia on eBay. The truth is definitely sleazier than James’ version.

    • Matzah60

      James is a douchebag as Tamara stated. Cocky and mean….great tea, Lady Cocotte. James thinks that name-dropping will perhaps give him more credibility and likability. Sorry, James. You’re still an unlikable douchebag with Mickey Mouse ears.

  9. LisaPat

    Little tidbit.. Beth Ostrosky was my sorority sister at Pitt. Still cant believe she married the “King of All Media.” I remember how her poor Mom was horrified. But now Howard is all PC and reformed, did a total 180° and all his original fans think he’s sold out.

  10. Shae

    TT, I’m not sure what condition little Banjo has, but if I may share some info I learned while dealing with my little pooch’s skin allergies: I’ve put him on grain-free, high protein food (Orijen is the brand) and only feed him grain-free treats, and it has made a huge difference. Wheat and sugars/carbs are said to aggravate dogs with skin allergies and cause inflammation, it’s really helped my little boy.

    Also, my vet recently prescribed a new drug for his itching/allergies called Apoquel. It’s working great so far, he scratches and gets red much less often.

    Malaseb medicated shampoo is also a big help.

    Maybe you already knew all that, but hope the little guy feels better soon!

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