Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Tuscany!

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS -- Season:6 -- Pictured: (l-r) Erika Girardi, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, Yolanda H. Foster, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Kathryn Edwards -- (Photo by: Michael Larsen/Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS — Season:6 — Pictured: (l-r) Erika Girardi, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, Yolanda H. Foster, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Kathryn Edwards — (Photo by: Michael Larsen/Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

First of all for some reason this is showing up as a TWO HOUR SHOW on my DVR. That can’t possibly be true. I am going to guess that it is at most an hour and a half with half and hour of WWHL with Lisa Rinna at the end. I currently really don’t have two consecutive hours to devote to this, but we shall see what happens.

Also, I agree with so many of you, illness and death is not exactly where I want to be AGAIN tonight on a show we watch to see how the other half lives.  I’m so hoping for Kyle and Lisa in Tuscany to be the main focus.  Oh look, it’s Erica, aka the new, yet aging Brandi Glanville in the opening.  Why must even RHOBH have the ratchet factor?

Okay, there seems to be a big difference in the way Lisa Vanderpump asks her man about packing clothes than I ask mine (when I have one on hand for such things).  I’m asking for HIM, do you like this? Is this something you would like me to take. I am certainly not asking for his fashion expertise. If my man was a fashionista, I’d not be dating/married to him. That irks me.  I get it is all for the cameras to once again show Lisa’s closet, but still. And then Ken has to point out that her dresses fit Kyle but Lisa is six inches taller. #SHADE by Ken? Really? Shut up Ken.  Kyle is also decades younger and she doesn’t have to work in restaurants all day because Maurico pays the damn bills. Wow, Ken just keeps going in on Kyle and Lisa keeps defending her. Ken is the Peter of RHOBH who seems to want to grab a diamond of his own. On the other hand, Maurico gives a straight guy answer. Maurico says bring a black dress and a white dress and just change the accessories. That is a straight male answer.

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS -- Episode 601 -- Pictured: Lisa Rinna -- (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS — Episode 601 — Pictured: Lisa Rinna — (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)

Lisa Rinna shows off her ginormous diamonds  to her girls. I love that she calls her husband “Harry Hamlin.” It’s cute. Lisa talks about how she doesn’t call her parents unless she is on camera.  This is not a good subject for Lisa because we all felt some kind of way about her trip back home with her girls. I love her, but her relationship with her parents, or lack thereof is not a good place to go on the show.

Kyle calls “Lisa Todd” on her mobile.  I’ve never see anyone refer to her by that name. We find out that Kathy Hilton has apparently uninvited Kyle to  Nikki’s wedding in London.  That’s so sad.

Speaking of sad,  Eileen and Vince go to visit Dick Van Patton’s star in Palm Springs. And Eileen talks about her sister dying of cancer. I’m sorry, I have to skip this part.

It’s Ken’s 70’s birthday soon and Pinky is buying him a couple of miniature ponies. Much ado was made about Pinky flying horses on a plane when there are many mini-horses that need adoption.

Yolanda already had all of her mercury filling removed and of course, unlike us pedestrians, she had hers replaced with white gold. Which basically makes her like a rapper with a personal grill you can’t really see. So now she is going to have those replaces with normal people crowns. And like all normal people, we all get to go to the dentist to watch her suffer.  Dear God.  I don’t want to go to my own dentist. Yet here we are with David Foster holding her hand.  David cracks a sex joke and leaves.

Thankfully, Kyle is on her amazing European vacation with her family. AS WE EXPECT OF NORMAL RICH PEOPLE.  This isn’t even the first vacay they went on last summer. They went on one like every other week.  I would link you to the Mexican one (not about the wedding) but I just can’t.  My search box is your friend. Kyle says that she never went on a vacation as a kid that wasn’t for work.  Poor dear.

DEAR LORD!  Were those really Pinky’s calves getting into that car? AMAZING muscle definition. Jealous and humiliated all at once.  Pinky takes another jab at Yolanda.  They replay Yo saying that the Amalfi coast gets boring after a time.   In a flashback , Yo points out that she goes there every year and “it becomes a job.”

On the other hand, I love that Kyle loves and appreciates Tuscany. Mauricio rented a Ferrari to drive to the villa. And he’s lost.  Kyle says, “Apparently if you have a visa, you can never get lost.”  So true.

Photo of Kyle in Spain.. Instagram

Photo of Kyle in Spain.. Instagram

Later, Kyle and Lisa take the Ferrari out for a spin.  Kyle says her mother let her drive at 13.  It’s great to see Kyle having fun.

More about Yolanda. Her “health advocate” is named Daisy.  That really boosts my confidence in her health care. As Daisy takes Rinna and Eileen back through the condo, Daisy offers to show them Yo’s  closet of drugs. As any health advocate would.  I can’t tell you how many times I have visited folks with serious medical issues and have been shown an entire pantry of drugs and then had that patient jump from the bed and show me to a sitting room. I’ll have more on this tomorrow.  Anyway, Yolanda says she had two foot long parasites.  Eileen says, wouldn’t that show up in a colonic.  That is the multiple colonics Yo has? The other girls talk about how much they love colonics. Yo says she does colonics every week. To ME Yolanda seems to be pissed that Eileen brought that up to trick her.I’m just saying. CAN WE GET BACK TO TUSCANY?

Alas, even back in Tuscany we have Kyle and Lisa a talking about Yo and her removal of amalgam filling WHICH HAPPENED YEARS AGO, and not even her pulling out all the gold in her teeth which no one anywhere has said is problematic.  Lisa says it’s likes like she doesn’t even think it is Lyme anymore and is just trying anything.  Eileen said something similar. It’s important to not that no one has said she isn’t sick, just that she hasn’t figured out what is wrong yet!  Kyle is explaining all of her misdiagnoses after her mother died and it was depression.

Later at dinner, Kyle announces she is in fact going to Nikki’s wedding. Apparently no one in the family except Kyle, Portia and Farrah are the only ones invited to the wedding. The Fuck?  This is bizarre. I don’t blame Lisa for asking about it.  I think Portia and Farrah are both involved in the wedding and Kyle was invited as their mother to watch over Portia. Maurcio  Alexia and Sophia can apparently suck it.  Weird.  Okay more than weird. That is a dick move. Especially, since they all thought they were invited. Mauricio kindly suggested that she go anyway and he will be with Alexia and Sophia.

Next Week: Ken’s geriatric birthday. Not looking forward to it. And somehow this episode sucks.  I am going to dope up my sleeping furbaby with his myriad of meds and call it a night very soon.


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162 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Tuscany!

  1. Ingrid

    As much as I liked Dick Van Patten, was he actually buried under that star in Palm Springs or was that memorial was just a little over the top?

  2. Kari

    The Richards family is a piece of work. I feel bad for Kyle. they probably didn’t invite the one daughter because of the dog bit drama

    • Minky

      Hmm? I didn’t even think of that. Good memory Kari. I thought it was a Kim/Kathy alliance. Seriously, though. If I were Kyle I’d tell them all to suck it.

    • Erica

      I may be personally projecting here – but it wasn’t because of one drama (like the dog bite) but because their mother (Kyle) is no longer enabling. When one family member decides not to enable another who is an addict, those family members who are still enabling turn on those who have put their foot down. My heart goes out to Kyle. She’s dealing with a treacherous minefield, and in the public eye.

      As for her prospective show about the viewpoint of a child star in the 70s… which her family has objected to – if their childhood was allegedly so great, if their mother was so fantastic, why would they care? Their objections give them away.

      It is absolutely disgusting to invite two sisters and a parent, and NOT invite two other sisters and the other parent. Frankly, I think it shows that Maurico has a good heart… and that Kyle hasn’t completely cut ties with her enabling role in the family.

      I’m sad for her – and actually Nikki should be ashamed of herself. At one point when I thought of marriage – it didn’t work out for other reasons – I was actually contemplating elopement vs alienating problematic relatives. I deeply love them all, but as Elizabeth Gilbert once said “We must sincerely try to love all people. But when some people act like total dicks, love them only from a safe distance.”

      God I love Liz Gilbert – close up and from a distance.

      • Minky

        Yes Erica. I concur. If I ever meet a dude that I like enough to marry I’m gonna get married by a sea captain on a tuna boat. And then Chinese food for the very small wedding party and we can all pass a bottle of hooch around and some coca cola in red solo cups. Perhaps a crusty old accordion player for entertainment? I swear, with the divorce rate, there’s no reason to go into debt.

      • I was thinking the exact same thing as I watched – that the dispute was really about the enabler vs. non-enabler family dynamic. I think the TV show story is just Kyle’s cover story…it’s much easier to blame the problems on that than to get into the real reasons…I wouldn’t either on TV.

      • janet

        Youre not projecting, youre spot on, I think. Mauricio doing all he has for Kim before, shows he has a good heart and that he dearly loves his wife. Financial support is a huge part of love for men, so to even extend it to a his wife’s sister is proof of that. All I can say is karma. When you treat people like crap who dont deserve it, you get it back ten fold. I think there’s jealousy besides the no longer enabling . Kyle is a way better mother and wife, besides younger and better looking. Shes risen above her dysfunctional childhood. It puts then to shame.

      • Toddy

        I roll my eyes at the whole thing. A wedding at a palace, as if they’re royalty, but are so ill-mannered they don’t invite both parents of the flower girl/bridesmaid.

      • JoJoFLL

        From what I heard, Farrah and Porsha were in the wedding and because kids weren’t invited, the other two were not invited. Definitely a fucked up family dynamic.

        Kyle should run as far away as she can.

      • Erica

        Alexia is the one bitten by the dog, right? She is college age… I think I read here somewhere that she even missed a semester at college because of the long recovery from the dog bite.

      • LisaPat

        You are exactly right. Kyle is done enabling and Kathy isnt evolved enough, sadly, to recognize that this is the only correct move. All doctors and psychiatrists would agree. But look at how Kathy raised Baron and Paris. She raised bigoted, narcisstic, elitist kids, both of whom have serious drug problems. Kathy is in complete denial about it and instead believes she raised two successful kids and the world is jealous of them. Kathy is in lalalulu land and Kim is an addict who lives for family members like Kathy who are rich, enabling, and uneducated.

      • claire

        @Erica Your comment could not be more spot on. I was PISSED – yet sadly not shocked – to learn the entire family was not attending. No Uncle?! No first cousins because “children-free wedding”??! I honestly don’t think Kyle realized how ridiculous the *no kids* excuse actually sounded coming put of her mouth. Did you notice how stoic the girls were during the discussion? Ugh.

        And you’re so right: Kathy’s pissed Kyle & Mauricio have had enough. The enablers always turn on/shut out the ones who decide to get healthy and break the cycle. Been there, done that. So very sad.

      • Sabrina

        The other irony here is that this very “special” wedding was held on the grounds of the PUBLIC
        restaurant at Kensington Gardens, NOT in private ROYAL grounds of the Palace AT ALL. The restaurant was closed for the day, but that is it.
        While the Rothschilds are among the wealthiest British banking families, the truth is the Hilton’s money is a fraction of theirs. If family matters, the cousins– who had two sisters in the wedding, should never have been excluded- esp. since they are teenagers, not children. NONE of the excuses they mentioned make any sense at all- except for enablers vs non, in a Richards family feud- which played out in public. How ugly.

      • erikainhb

        @sabrina you mention the Rothchilds and their wealth. I can’t imagine they were thrilled at this union. So Nicki….you’re sister has a porn tape and got busted for cocaine, your brother is in jail (or just released and couldn’t leave the country …forget which) during the wedding, the other brother has issues in public as well, your child star aunt has substance abuse problems and a dog that attacked your cousin, and the list goes on. Kyle and family are the best shot at presenting any ‘normal’ family they had. I had read that when Ladies of London’s Annabelle married a Rothchild they were appalled as she was a model and danced on tables(at parties…not for a living) and she’s got a Marquess in her lineage. Annabella’s probably looking pretty good to them now. Lol

      • Sliceo'pie

        Re’ Mauricio’s invitation-there’s still a lot of animosity between Mauricio and Rick Hilton (probably Kathy too). Rick gave Mauricio his start in Real Estate and when Mauricio left to form, “The Agency”, he allegedly left with clients as well as several top agents. The fact that The Agency is very successful probably pisses off the Hilton’s even more.

      • Dee

        Erica, thank you. Love them from a distance is the best advice I’ve read.

    • Kari, Although I never watch any RH show any longer I rarely comment. However in order to keep up I still read TTs blogs and feel I can comment on what you said.
      I agree. (If memory doesn’t fail me )I believe Farrah was asked to remove the photo of her hospital pic on Instagram / twitter and she refused
      Kim didn’t take kindly to this. Kim could have asked Kathy not to invite her. It seems that K thy always sides with Kim but it was Kyle and Mauricio that that helped support her (financially”) for years. I think/hope that Kyle realizes she can no longer enable Kim monetarily and financially. She needs to focus on herself and her immediate family. I am not a fan of Kyles’s but I think she needs to distance herself from Kim
      If she needs emotional and financial support Kathy can play big sister and enabler. I don’t think she’s ever turned her away.
      In short?the entire invite / disinvite was definitely Kingsley’s fault.

      TT, I sincerely hope that you’re feeling better. I just read about Banjo a day ago in comments. So sorry you’re both feeing like crap. Banjo has helped you out in down times. I think you will help each other to recover. Thanks for your daily posts. It’s difficult when feeling well but it must be hell to drag yourself to the keyboard. And watching the shows while sick? That shows a whole new level of care and consideration for those of us that rely on you for recaps, tea and shade as well as your own particular brand of snark.

  3. AKA Riley

    My tv guide said the show was one hour and sure enough it was only one hour….thank God.

  4. That whole Richards family is just beyond odd. Fucked up…

    • Mrs.S

      I agree with you CaliSteve. I think one of the main issues is Kim and her addiction. Kathy might be annoyed because Kyle and Maurico aren’t paying Kim’s bills anymore. They basically told Kim they were tired of keeping her up only to be treated like crap!g

      • janet

        Those sicko family members of Kyle’s are horrid .Theyre trying to split Kyle’s family apart at the seams. I know if I were Kyle Id pull out of the wedding completly, its either all of us or none of us. Your choice and dont lay it on me. I think Kyle needs to say goodbye to them. Im serious. Theyre wanting to drive a wedge between Kyle’s family so Kim isnt such a loser.

      • KTina

        I think the reason Mauricio wasn’t invited had more to do with him going out on his own in the real estate business. He used to work for Hilton.

        Nicki married a Rothschild? Damn! Infamous family

      • Shae

        Agreed. When one family member is an addict, the whole family system becomes sick and dysfunctional. Unfortunately.

    • fivecatsownme

      Addiction/alcoholism is just a symptom of the illness.

  5. BeetsWhy

    I can not wrap my mind around having fillings replaced but being okay with a literal closet full of pills. I don’t care if they are all herbal or whatever that is just too many pills for something not specific.

    • I’m confused as to what the IV was for. I just had my Mercury fillings replaced and all they did was numb me up with lidocaine. Didn’t feel a thing. It wasn’t like a huge surgery or anything. lol

      • addie2u

        I was also curious about the IV. After checking it out, it appears it’s a form of Sedation Dentistry where “you receive the sedative drug through a vein, so it goes to work more quickly”. An IV allows the dentist to continually adjust the level of sedation & though it’s often called “sleep dentistry,” patients are usually awake.

        (Side note: Growing up my family dentist didn’t believe in Novocaine or gas & instead he would place a clothespin on your finger & talk you through the pain. I had many fillings done this way. It wasn’t until he retired, when I was in my late 20’s that I received my 1st shot of Novocaine from a new dentist. It was also the 1st time an actual hygienist cleaned my teeth as my prior dentist did everything himself.)

      • Makes perfect sense doesn’t it? I’m starting to think Yolanda may be addicted to unnecessary procedures (attention) and the result is that she’s made herself sick.

      • T D

        Something is affected.

  6. Josie

    Yolanda was happily READING. She hears company. Takes off her glasses and pretends that she’s sleeping. Things that make you go hmmmm…

    Vitamins can be toxic in large dosages. Also, they have metals. I hope Yo is taking that into account with her 30 vitamins per meal and her lemon cleanses & colonics. Toxicity? All that acidity cant be good for your stomach or body either.

    • Mrs.S

      Exactly. One of the docs I worked with basically said a multi-vitamin is good enough.

    • WonkyTonk

      Yes Josie, EXACTLY, I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. She was trying to look more sick than she was, and that completely eroded any sympathy I had for her.

      • janet

        I dont blame David for taking off. I cant hang with people who like to be ill for attention. I just cant, and I know it when I see it too. I have a ton of sympathy for depression or physical illness, but not people who abuse the healthcare system because of attention seeking behaviours. .

      • Yo’s King sighed heavily as he was opening the door and leaving the dentist’s office? Sounded like a fed-up man to me.

    • Wampascat

      I know, right!!!!!??? She poked herself in the eye jerking those glasses off! And then lays her poor, pitiful head on the pillow, just so… All the while listening.

      • Minky

        Here’s a question: Why is she allowing them to film her doing that? Did production trick her or coach her? Whatever. Ugh!

    • Yveline


      You must be mistaken. Don’t believe your lying eyes. Yolanda has not been able to read, write, watch tv, or drive for a long time. (Sarcasm). No one has to doubt her, she is doing a good job of exposing her own lies. Then again, she won’t blog to explain any of it.

      • Valerie

        Did anyone else notice the box of Patron on her nightstand…that was odd? She keeps a bottle of Patron (Silver ) On her bed stand…..odd

      • Angel(?)

        I noticed the bottle but was think it was some European water or detox juice. Patron? Hmmmm…lol kidding.

      • Tonya Stice

        I was thinking the same thing! She had reading glasses and a stack of books. They were too small to be picture books. I have been skeptical for a while, but this episode was very telling.

    • Dee

      I know the lemon is bad for enamel on teeth

  7. Karina

    I give Kyle a lot of credit for taking the high road after she was uninvited and did what she could to peice this wedding together. What an odd position to be in with Porsha being the flower girl. And Mauricio alledgedly having some misunderstanding with Kathy Hilton’s husband resulting in him feeling as though Mauricio stole business or clients from him. But the bottom line, this was Nicky’s day and none of this bs has anything to do with her and her cousins should have been there. ThAts so sad that this family appears to have all the luxuries and money yet it’s the root of their evil and breaking apart their family. I just don’t get why the sister who kicked a cop and got arrested twice gets the benefit of the invite and I’m sure her entire family was invited. What they did to Kyle with this and how Kathy maligns Kim with whatever her grievances are against Klyle and vice versa seems very unfair. Why can’t they all just get along for the kids sake and each forgive and focus on their own problems. Praying for Yolanda to get thru this and the only way for her I believe is to fall in love again! Xo

    • janet

      I think when push comes to shove, back your own family, the one you created. Im all for rising above and all that, but not when it hurts your children or spouse. Not at their expense. The way Kim treated her niece about the dog bite was unforgiveable and even threatening to expose things about her on tv. That would have been the end for me, and trying to have any relationship with that crack head sister of hers. Pretty obvious they’ve excluded people in Kyle’s family that they wanted to punish.
      Thats on the Hiltons, who should have been the ones to rise above for their daughters special day.

    • JoJoFLL

      Kathy and Rick no longer have control of the Umanskys. Since Mauricio went out on his own and opened The Agency and makes millions of dollars, Kathy and Rick no longer have any control. It’s all about the Benjamins.

    • claire

      @Karina Ooooo…good point: totally forgot about Rick getting his tidy-whiteys in a wad over Mauricio’s The Agency.

  8. Cat

    I am already so over Yolanda. I am not doubting she has some health problems, but I still haven’t decompressed from the Brooks thing.

    • addie2u

      Her added drama was infuriating.

      • I think Yolanda should take 2 almonds and not call me in the morning.

      • Minky

        Prunes, honey! Prunes. She’s full of shit. And the colonic thing is totally 50 Shades of Shannon Beador. Weekly? Seriously?!!! I’m about to fall out of my chair.

      • T D

        Maybe a de-wormer would be a nice touch.

      • fivecatsownme

        All those cleanses and colonics can cause an electrolyte imbalance which has symptoms of weakness, confusion, palpitations. How much of her illness is selg inflicted?
        I remember last year she said she had chronic Q fever from the baby calf she had raised as a child. Maybe Yolanda should see a vet. Everything she caught came from a zoological vector.

      • addie2u

        I had forgotten about that baby calf she used to let “suck on her chin”.☺

      • “Maybe Yolanda should see a vet.” LOL true and now that worms are in the mix, an invertebrate zoologist.

      • Cat

        That’s what I think, too. That Master Cleanse, with all those lemons, has given her a rare case of Lemon-Lyme Disease!

      • Meredo

        You guys (Maisey, Minky, TD and Cat) are cracking me up with your comments. So witty, love it!

  9. Psylocke

    Meh I so disagree with your first paragraph. Most men know what is flattering on a woman and what isn’t – it’s a concept even children understand. But we’re forced to witness boring ass contrived bro responses like “uhh I don’t know *scratches head* I guess that one” because God forbid they care too much.

    Bitch please Maricio, you know exactly what looks good on Kyle’s gnome bod. But I don’t blame you for fronting.

  10. Xanadude

    Well, according to Kim, Mauricio is the mastermind behind stealing her house, and Alexia had the nerve to allow herself to be bitten by Kim’s dog, so OF COURSE they can’t go.

    • WonkyTonk

      Yeah the disconnect there about the dog bite and the medical impact on Kyle’s daughter was incredible. It’s like Kim was completely clueless to the actual medical ramifications to Alexia from the bite. As though she cared more for the dog than her niece. And who the hell plays wedding invite games like that with family? They created a rift that’s going to take ages for Kyle’s family to get over, if they ever can.

      • Minky

        If I were Kyle I would be afraid of more dog bites too. Looks like there were a lot of bitches at that wedding. Just imagine all the barking. Woof!

        BTW Tamara: How’s Banjo? Is he okay/gonna be okay? We need updates. Sending hugs.

    • Also, LVP mentioned the Rick Hilton/Mauricio drama. So many reasons to passive-aggressively disinvite family…

    • Angel(?)

      Kyle said that it was a no children allowed wedding. How convenient because only Kyle has underage children. Alexia is in college and the other one has to be in high school, but I guess they don’t know how to behave. I wonder if Kim’s daughter Kimberly was there?

      Rick Hilton needs to get over himself!

    • spunky2015

      Also blaming Kyle for Kim not being on the show anymore.

      • Xanadude

        Perhaps since Portia was “cast” as a flower girl, and Kyle, as her manager had to be there for child labor law purposes.

  11. trashbox

    I’m pretty sure she said you can’t get lost with a penis, though Mauricio’s visa seems better haha.

  12. michelle

    Which of Kyle’s children was bitten by Kim’s dog? One of the uninvited?

    • Karina

      Yes, alexia and she was not invited

    • I can’t comprehend why Nicky would allow that? Whatever was going on with Kyle, Kathy, & Kim, Nicky is an adult and since it was her wedding wouldn’t you be like my two teenage cousins are invited stop with the petty BS? I just can’t imagine treating my younger cousins like that. The whole situation is dysfunctional I don’t know why I try to rationalize their actions, or lack their of.

      • janet

        Thats what I thought. Did Kathy and her husband make that ultimatium? I dont have that kind of toxic family, but I know I wouldnt ever treat my cousins like that, or nieces. Dumb Kathy is the one who let her son give that vicious dog to idiot Kim. So their judgement is pretty twisted and no wonder they have a ton of problems in their family.

      • claire

        @keight34 Kathy is the matriarch from Hilton Hell. Nicky probably had zero say-so. Shit, look at brother Conrad: total manchild thanjscto Mom. Sadly, the right thing for Kyle to do would’ve been not to go at all. She’s deep in the co-dependence. Really hard to watch.

      • claire

        *thanks to

  13. Lisaj

    I’m leaning more towards the mental illness diagnosis after tonight for Yolanda, Michael Jackson weird IMO. Poor Kyle.

  14. WonkyTonk

    I am seriously not a fan of this medical story-line of Yolanda’s. I look at that med/supplement closet, the dental work, the medical procedures illegal in the US, and it’s hard not to walk away with the impression Yolanda is doing this to herself. Worse when the ladies arrive to visit they show her actively positioning herself on her bed for maximum negative impression effect. That was completely calculated on her part so I’m at the point where I have very little sympathy. I think she views herself as a good spokesperson for Lyme disease, but from where I’m sitting she makes a horrible representative for it. I’m skipping through her scenes from now on, and hope they drop that story-line soon. On the bright side of this episode I loved the scenes with Lisa, and Kyle. That drive was funny with Lisa trying to scare Kyle. I like the dresses Kyle wears so to see both of them dressed in them sipping on cocktails was almost heartwarming actually. I like those two.

    • Margarett

      WTG, Bravo. You’ve managed to add another hour of free time to my week. If I wanted to think about problems, I could just look at real reality.

      Like so many others here have said, I just can’t! I’ll continue to read recaps here because I am crazy about Tamara and her unique writing style. As for watching, no thanks. I’ll just use the time for Yoga. (Ya’ know it’s serious when exercise feels like a better choice.)

      • Minky

        Yes, Wonky. And, ditto Margarett. I’d rather get waxed than watch this misery of a show. These shows are not fun anymore. And all the cities have the same lame (lyme) brain story line. Shoot this knackered old horse, Bravo. Put it out of it’s misery!

  15. Toni

    I could see the Hiltons holding a grudge against Mauricio for leaving Hilton/Hyland and starting The Agency – I don’t agree with it, but I could see it. No excuse to not include all of Kyle’s children, who are plenty old enough to attend the reception

  16. fivecatsownme

    Instead of bonding with cocktails, Lisa, Eileen, and Yolanda decide to go have colonics together? WTF? More Tuscany less Yolanda.

  17. Kyle should tell the Hiltons to go fuck themselves

  18. iloveearlgrey

    I’m normally very annoyed by Kyle and her drama queen ways, but Kathy Hilton seems like a big time biatch. Kudos (or as Ramona says, Kadooze) to Kyle for putting her pride aside and going. I know we’re not privy to everything, but from what I’ve seen, her sisters treat her very poorly.

  19. More Tea Please!

    Yolanda has probably destroyed her intestinal biome with non-stop colonics, cleanses and lack of real food.screwed up biome = screwed up everything. Yo, go get yourself a fecal transplant, eat real food and get on with your life. (You might need to go out of the country for the poop transplant, since a U.S. Doc probably won’t go for it unless you have C-dif).

    Next time, get a colonic of the brain, instead!

  20. That was my thought as well. I don’t get why people think blowing out your colon on a regular basis is a good idea. There’s a delicate balance of flora in there that needs to be maintained. I’ve been arguing about that with my friend for a long time. She gets then every 2 weeks and swears by them. smh

  21. JaiJai

    Nikki Hilton is way too old to be allowing her mother to call the shots about who can and can’t come to her wedding. There is no way she should’ve allowed that drama to play out especially if she wanted Kyle and her family at her wedding. And saying Alexia and Sophia couldn’t go because they are children is BS as both of them are college age. In the end it just makes Kathy look like an asshole and Nikki look weak.

    • Lawstangel

      I have a feeling Nikki was the one that intervened and got Kyle, Portia & Farrah in. The whole family should have been included.

  22. DJFL

    Well, the disease of the week is heavy metal poisoning. What happened to the Lyme Disease? What’s it gonna be next week?

  23. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    Thanks for the recap. I don’t get why LVP is getting so much flack in the blogosphere and on twitter for questioning Yolanda’s illness – Yo came back on this season to bring it center stage so they are ALL going to talk about it. It’s what Yo wants surely? Otherwise why didn’t she stay at home off the show and concentrate on getting better? Eileen can question the parasite and colonics but if LVP said the same thing it would be scandalous. LVP is correct – Yolanda doesn’t seem to know exactly what is going on herself. Earlier this year she was saying that her implants were the culprits and that she felt better after their removal.

  24. I liked the episode, but then, I did fast forward Yolanda. Very sorry she is ill, but I spent the last eight hours on the urinalysis bench at work. That’s it for me and sick people for the night. When I get home, I want Tuscany, tiny ponies, and Mauricio naked!
    OMG Tuscany is so beautiful, especially with Mauricio in the pool!
    I think Ken is funny, but I’m old too, so it’s probably that. :)
    Lisa and Kyle looked so pretty in their flowing dresses, walking in the garden.
    Poor Kyle. I hate her family. What a position she is in, to have to choose to see her niece married or stay away for her husband and two uninvited daughters. I really don’t know what I would do, if I were in her position.

  25. Anastasia_Beave

    2 foot long parasites???

  26. Dawn

    I thought a person with no brain function was dead. If other parts of you are still working, you have to be supported by machines. I have heard Yolanda make the statement that she had no brain function, on more than one occasion. Didn’t she say tonight that she hadn’t worn makeup for a year? I think she grossly exaggerates or out and out lies. That makes other details questionable.

    That whole Hilton bunch sounds like insensitive idiots. It usually comes down to money somehow, even if you have 100 times more than you’ll ever need. Mauricio and Kyle are no longer helping pay Kim’s bills. Mauricio is no longer in servitude to Rick. Rick stopped getting a cut from all of Mo’s big real estate deals. The Umansky’s are supposed to put Kim and her untrained dog before their own children’s safety and cover up any family drama, all while Kim makes a public fool of herself over and over.

    Somewhere in there they must blame Kyle’s being born caused Kim to need to work and that gave Kim the disease of alcoholism.

  27. Yamoah Asiedu

    I really enjoyed this episode, particularly seeing Kyle and Lisa enjoying their friendship. There’s such warmth and banter between them. They get on well and care for each other. They’re back to ‘season one friendship’. Yay!! It says a lot that Lisa and Ken were invited onto their family trip. Many people might find this boring but I love to see friendships, lovely clothes, scenic locations and good food. This is why I tune in to #RHOBH. I don’t need unnecessary drama and conflicts. It’s all about escapism!

    As for Yolanda, her colonics are too frequent and she’s taking way too many different types of medication. I do sympathise with her frustration: she just wants to be better but pick something and give it a chance to stick to work. Surely Daisy ‘the health advocate who overcame Lyme disease’ can give her some good advice? Otherwise why is Yolanda paying her?
    Seeing David in this episode and knowing that they’re getting divorced made me look at him with disdain. I wonder if the bottom line was that he couldn’t or wouldn’t put up with her long term illness? He married a beautiful, vibrant, dynamic woman and that’s probably how he expected her to remain. Conveniently forgetting the ‘in sickness and in health’ part of their vows. Who knows? I have no idea, I’m just speculating.

    Whoever banned Alexia and Mauricio from Nicky’s wedding is very mean spirited. Hello Kim. I also think that it’s very tacky to dis-invite and then re-invite Kyle. Probably Kim twisting Kathy’s ear. It only takes willingness to put family issues to the side. The sisters could have done this for ONE DAY so that Nicky gets the support and presence of her aunts, cousins and uncles at her second wedding.

    Kyle is very patient. She doesn’t need their acceptance or their approval but something keeps her going back for more. She’s a better woman than me, I would have cut those sisters off without a second thought, especially Kim while she refuses to address her very real problems. I wouldn’t want my husband and children to see me constantly upset/crying. Actually Dogbitegate would have been a wrap. We could only be cordial after her indifference to my daughter’s pain. Sister or no sister.
    Sidenote. Thank goodness that Mauricio didn’t make a fuss about his disinvitation. (maybe he was never invited in the first place.) Even if the dispute is about him ‘stealing Rick’s clients.’ So what? Both brothers-in-law are successful and ambitious businessmen. This is good for both families.

    Lastly Lisa Rinna and Elaine. Lisa Rinna seems really down to earth. I like the relationship she has with her family. ‘Not visiting her parents enough’ is something she can change if she really wants to. I suspect she likes the distance.

    Elaine and her family are also decent people. Her sister’s untimely death must have been devastating as that of her father in law. I was skeptical about having two soap opera actors on a reality TV show til I realised that there are actors on every franchise and these two bring something classy and elegant to the table.

    • Lawstangel

      I like the Kyle/Pinky friendship as well. One thing I noticed is that the whole Umansky family, including all the kids were extremely polite and respectful of the staff, both on the boat and at the Villa. I don’t always see that on these shows.

      As far as “stealing” real estate clients goes, we have all seen Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles/New York, the clients go with who THEY feel comfortable with. If Mauricio gave better service than Rick, than the clients will go with who they like better. It is as simple as that.

      I had to fast forward through a lot of the YO scenes. Too heavy and depressing. Kyle is in an impossible situation.

  28. Tara

    Yo-“Are you glad you married me?”
    David-“Thrilled” and he is out of there. WoW!

    I think Kyle is beautiful, I enjoy her scenes with LVP.

    • Thank you Tara!!! That comment by David was very snarky, imho.

    • David’s reaction was quite telling wasn’t it? He looks like he is so over this whole thing. Can’t say I blame him one bit.

      I loved the scenes in Italy. My goal in life is to vacation in Italy so I’m so glad we have Lisa and Kyle to take us there and show us some great scenes on yachts, ferraris, and villas with amazing looking food and flowy dresses.

  29. Just my take on it but I don’t think Mauricio was not not invited. He said I’m not going. I think he choose to stay behind with the daughters who were not invited and probably b/c there was some kind of falling out with Rick Hilton. BUT to invite Kyle and not include her husband on that invitation would be inexcusable and I don’t think Kyle would have gone if that were the case. I think Kyle’s middle two daughters were plenty old enough to attend but if there was some no kids rule, I’d be interested to know Kim’s youngest daughter was there b/c her and Alexia are very close in age and I know Kim’s older two daughters were bridesmaids as well.

  30. Shae

    I guess if Yolanda was ok with it, that’s fine, but I thought it a bit bizarre the health aide would offer to show the ladies her patient’s pills. Is that really necessary? Should she have been so eager to show them? Weird.

    Whatever she has, it is obvious poor Yolanda is suffering and I feel terrible for her.

    Kyle, for all her flaws, has some seriously fked up sisters. They really put her through the wringer. How are you going to be so petty as to invite, disinvite, then invite again your sister and (some) of your nieces to your daughter’s wedding? Grow up. Kathy may not be an addict like Kim, but she still behaves atrociously. I can’t imagine Kyle doing anything so awful that it would warrant this.

    • Erica

      Forget what KYLE did… what did the two girls do to deserve to not be included??? I suspect that for years, Kim received support and invites (even tho she was a potential embarrassment ) because of her kids. Now because of either money or a dog bite, half of a family isn’t invited? Because of this show or because she has a pilot in the works based on her childhood (which the other two claim was great, so why worry about a show based on it?)

      • I felt so bad for alexia and the other daughter (forgot her name) they looked so bewildered and confused during the whole discussion. I agree with the earlier post who was wondering why Nicky is given a pass and Kathy seems to be given all the blame for driving this decision. She may have some influence, but Nicky is plenty old enough to make her own decisions about her wedding. Isn’t she well into her 30s now? The whole thing is reprehensible.

        Mauricio is a gem. At least Kyle has a warm, understanding and loving husband. I wish there were more like him around. Whatever her other family issues, Kyle seems to have the perfect husband and 4 beautiful daughters to see her through.

    • I agree. She actually used the word “impressive” to describe the closet before she showed it to them which made me want to hurl. The dysfunction here is very disturbing and uncomfortable to watch, down to daisy foundling her hair at the dentist. Dafuq?!

  31. No matter how much money they have, I wouldn’t trade my life to be in the Hilton/Richards family for anything. What a ridiculous, cruel and petty thing it is to disinvite two young nieces to a wedding.

  32. Brandi tweeted in defense of Kathy Hilton. Of course.

  33. I didn’t watch the show because I was watching “Married At First Sight” (oy). I can’t figure out what the deal is with Yolanda and I also feel that this illness is part physical and part mental. Too many things wrong and not enough answers. As for the trip….it’s nice to be rich. Kathy Hilton is the supreme bitch and I am not surprised about her wedding invites and non-invites. She is pairing her famaily with the Rothchilds which is quite a “get” and she is probably being a total snob about who was allowed to attend these pseudo royal moments in Kensington, no less. I can’t stand Kathy and she reminds me of what I’ve read about her mother…a supreme snob and star f*cker. I don’t like Lisa V. or Lisa Rinna anymore and am tired of both of them. Ken is also annoying me this season and has turned into a real a-hole. He is quick to attack and quick to put down people. Maybe it’s because he has always been portrayed as a bit of a wimp and an after-thought? I don’t like his behavior on Vanderpump Rules either. Thanks for the great recap because I’m not sure when I’ll be able to find the show and actually watch it.

  34. Nicole

    I don’t think the family really likes Kyle husband. Back when we were rooting for Kik remember she accused them of stealing her mom house from her. It’s probably a lot of bad blood in that family. I can understand their anger about the show cause it will be about them not just Kyle. Some families like to keep their business personal and I’m sure any show will not focus on Kyle as she has never been the star of the family.

  35. It really annoys me all of this Yolanda possible Lyme stuff. I am a organ transplant recipient and I’ll show Yolanda what real illness and recovery is. She is just a spoiled woman afraid of losing her looks as her daughters start to take her spotlight away. That coupled with empty nest , divorce and menopause prob is her issue. FYI all of those treatments she is doing I am positive is doing a number on her liver and kidneys. Too many supplements which are not regulated can make you very very sick or spark an autoimmune disease that might be lurking

    • Gsr I hear you. My mom was an organ transplant recipient and she went through so much in her fight to survive. My heart goes out to you.

      My pity for Yolanda is turning rapidly to anger. She’s doing way more harm than good for those of us suffering both known and unknown medical problems.

  36. outhousecat

    Am I the only one that’s sick of hearing about how rich people take a dump? I wouldn’t tell anybody if I needed an enema, not necessarily because I’d be embarrassed about it but because I wouldn’t want to put my friends through hearing all about my turds. I’m a nurse and I hear enough about about people and their bowel problems to last a life time. I certainly don’t want to hear about rich people and their over-priced enemas. Go to CVS and buy a Fleets for $2 and keep it private, ffs.

      • Katherine 2.0

        Thank you! And ditto on waxing your cooch, replacing or renewing your fake boobs, getting botox in your armpits, etc. etc. ad nauseum. If that is what middle age is like for rich women, I am thankful to be pitifully poor in comparison.

      • More Tea Please!

        What about rejuvenating your vag? Surely that is share-worthy with the entire world?

      • Katherine 2.0

        Moretea, how could we forget?? It’s not enough that we are aging hags with droopy tits, hairy genitalia, sweaty pits, fecal-filled guts, and god forbid, laugh lines and crow’s feet, but our vaginas are threatening to fall to our knees.
        How do we leave the house in the morning? How ever do small children not run away from us in terror??

      • fivecatsownme

        Why would they need rejuvination? Surely they are too posh to push?

    • fivecatsownme

      I used to hate patients wanting me to call their doctor at 2 AM because they hadn’t had a BM in 2 days.

  37. WhyOWhy

    If this was in the summer, wouldn’t Kim have been in rehab and NOT at the wedding? So, it’s not like that tension would be there. Kathy is just a spiteful bitch and I agree with the multiple people who said it above — Kyle has stopped enabling and the rest of the family hasn’t, so they are pissed.

    I’m already over Yolanda and her issues. While divorce is never easy, I’m sure David took all he could before cutting and running. I actually don’t mind him.

    I love Lisa and Kyle together. They seem to truly be friends. I feel like Yolanda got new girl Erika (?) on just so she’d have an ally in this. We’ll see.

    Hope you and banjo are better, TT!

  38. Spilledperfume

    Did you know that Lisa Vanderpump has her own line of housewares? So if you have money to throw away you can buy a wine cooler for $142.

    • Sweet T

      I think in a previous season she had a party celebrating the launch. Did you know Alex of RHONY has a kitchen gadgets line. I saw some of the items hanging in my local upper east side super market

  39. Billie_bee

    Isn’t anyone else wondering why Kyle went to the wedding in the first place? Her husband wasn’t invited, and two of her teenage children were not invited?? And they certainly are not so young they qualify as “no children allowed”. Farrah is an adult, she can go herself. Even if Porsha was asked to be a a flower girl, if her other girls weren’t welcome, I would have kindly declined, sent an expensive gift with a hand written note, and called it a day. I think this reflects so poorly on Kyle’s character.

    • addie2u

      Was it mentioned that Mauricio wasn’t invited or did he have it up to here ↑ with the BS & said “I’m not going”? We’ve all seen (& certainly been involved) in situations where couples wanting to keep their wedding manageable don’t invite “children” as in the children of their aunts & uncles.

      Ex. Throughout my life my 80+ year old parent’s have been on every one of my cousins invitation lists (& they still are), but my siblings & I are not. I’d question their sensibilities if they said “we’re not going to your wedding because my 4 children weren’t invited”.

      • addie2u

        ETA: My problem with the situation revolves around being invited, uninvited, then invited again. [3 yrs ago I had a family member pull this BS with me but instead of weeks before the party, it was done over 3 phone calls the night before. Refusing to play her games, I didn’t attend, but she called me afterwards to blame me for her party tanking.] Needless to say I can sympathize w/Kyle in this situation.

    • Trinity

      I think Kyle wanted to go because she loves her niece Nicki and wants to see her walk down the isle. It’s too bad Kyle’s sisters obviously don’t care much about their nieces.

  40. captain eel

    Who knew the elusiveness of worms that thrive on multiple colonics, cleanses, antibiotics, handfuls of pills, a couple of almonds, and cake vapors? Wascally wittle worms, dis is twue.

  41. Queen of the Nile

    I loved the beautiful scenes in Tuscany and the interaction between Lisa and Kyle! That’s what I want to see. I’ll continue to fast forward through any parts that include Yolanda. When she showed up at the birthday party with NO makeup on — so that she would be the center of attention — that did it for me. If she was well enough to get there, she could have spent 3 minutes with lipstick and a mascara wand. And this week’s fake positioning in the bed to look more sick was ridiculous.

  42. kkbella

    I’ll watch anything in Italy, anytime. Especially when where I live is one of the main reasons Italian immigrants moved to Ca (and Argentina). That aside, I’m gong to be the solo ass here: Yolanda has some kind of neurological disease. It very well could be Lyme. I don’t have her file, her test results , her blood work, and NEITHER DO YOU. I don’t play a Dr. On TV. I don’t have a degree in medicine. I used to make a living deposing and cross examining people. I like to think I did well in that career. This woman passes every visual test that comes to mind. She is very credible on camera. I have stated before that I have a high functioning, accomplished, educated friend who says UCSF has confirmed his neurological Lyme. He has doubters in the circle of accomplished high functioning friends. His symptoms are outrageous. They are more prolific than menopause. (See: many earlier posts on my whirlwind/devastation with peri/full on menopause, and what a train wreck I was). So, I am the lone wolf who backs Yo. There it is. I respect the author of this blog, I like the people ( for the most part!) who post here, and the dialog must go on. But I believe Mrs Foster, and it’s not for attention or money. It’s going to be a long season.
    I’m waiting for retribution. But my position had to be said.

    • Trashbox

      “not for attention” you say? Could have fooled me with the constant tweeting/complaining/speaking/filming a reality TV show about it.

      How exactly does one seek attention if none of those things are?

    • tamaratattles

      You won’t get retribution here. I have no idea what to think. I have never said that Yolanda is not sick. I ‘ve only said I don’t think it’s “Chronic Lyme.”

    • fivecatsownme

      Neurological Lyme exists. It comes from untreated Lyme disease. Your friend had it confirmed by a very reputible medical center UCSF. Yolanda is ill, but I don’t think it is Lyme and I think it is compunded by all the quack medicine. She has had numerous courses of antibiotics.

    • Angel(?)

      I don’t know if Yolanda has a late disseminated lyme infection (which is what she is describing imho) or if she is a malingerer. It’s a 50/50 probability either way in my opinion. But from everything I’ve seen of her on RHOBH, I would put money on a positive diagnosis of hypercondria and factitious disorder.

      I think she is doing more harm than good with trying to raise awareness of Lyme disease with all her quackery and selfies.

    • Northeastgrl

      I have always adored Yolanda’s warm and genuine character and I whole heartedledly agree with you kkbella but she posted something today on Twitter about Lyme being transmitted by horseflies. The conversation started because someone told her to stop proclaiming she and her kids got it from horses – this interested me because my sister be niece own horses and are avid riders. Im not an expert but My sister and I did a little research to find there is absolutely no proof that it’s transmitted by biting insects. If she is so passionate about this disease, shouldn’t she be more informed? She has a the platform to inform people and to do great things for the disease – why spread misinformation? It just doesn’t seem right to me. Is it true that the Lyme affects her brains I much that her judgement is impaired and she shouldn’t be communicating via social media? I don’t know. I hate seeing so many on here play doctor and pretend to know what she is thinking or feeling – unless you have Lyme, how can any of you say she’s exaggerating?

  43. fivecatsownme

    I wonder if Ken is a Brony?

  44. kkbella

    Was Alexia and her father NOT invited because of the dog bite issue? If I were Kyle, I would tell Kathy to fuck herself. If Nicki doesn’t have the fortitude to stand up to her mother, then so be it. I would never let my niece use my daughter or her cousins. Even more, if my daughters went, fine-but if it’s between my shallow fat sister and me? I’m not attending. My kids can go for their cousins. But seriously, only 2 of 4? Cut off some polish contessa from the list. Kathy Hilton should burn.

  45. Natalie

    maurice was not invited to the wedding because of some issue with Kathy’s husband ( guess it has to do with real estate).

    • Erica

      If his breakiing away and forming his own company was the reason, the Hilton need to get the fuck over it. He started the Agency in 2011!

  46. I thought it was pathetic to go visit the star for the first time — after he is dead — as a photo op. The star was placed in 2008!! What kept them from it for the past 7 years. I don’t care for them. She is as phones as they come. And she makes EVERY situation about her or tries to trump each tragedy with the tragedy she has gone through. BLECH.

  47. Bunniecarrot

    Someone else brought this up and I’d like to ponder on it. Im not sure if you covered it TT….Could there be bad blood between Kyle’s husband and Kathy’s husband over Maurico starting the agency and leaving the Hiltons perhaps?

  48. Rose

    Italy is on my bucket list! I didn’t mind seeing health ups and downs be it Yo or Eileen and Rinna’s families…that’s a reality of life and a glimpse into how the rich and famous handle it. As for Yo, all those drugs are ridiculous. I understand searching for a cure but if you keep adding all that stuff how can you tell what does and doesn’t work? Multiple and frequent colonics and longterm antibody therapy have disrupted her microbiome and she probably has c difficile and needs a fecal transplant to restore healthy bacteria. The whole uninvited/reinvited thing is foolish. Felt bad for Kyle’s kids at the Tuscan dinner but must complement on how well mannered they are. LVP needs to modernize her hair style which makes her look older. Rinna is getting on my nerves constantly slapping her leg and laughing. Shame she can travel to get a mini horse but not go visit her ill parents.

  49. loriflack

    Ha ha ~ Lisa and her leg slapping is a bit over the top, for sure.

    I noticed Pinky’s impressive calf muscle, too. ?

    It is enjoyable just to see the scenery on their trip…but the comments about the heat and bugs keep it REAL.

    I hope Ken didn’t get hurt being pushed into that shallow pool!

  50. I was surprised there was so little footage of Kyle’s cruise. Did they shoot a segment of Below Deck: Mediterranean?

  51. DJFL

    What Kyle said was, “You cannot give a man directions. Apparently, if you have a PENIS, you never get lost”.

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