Bella Hadid Discusses Her Struggles With Lyme Disease

Yolanda with her children

Yolanda with her children

One of the oddest things about Yolanda Foster’s struggle with her illness happened recently when she spoke at a Lyme Disease Gala where she was being honored and announced that Bella and Anwar both have “chronic lyme disease” as well.

Just over a week ago Bella gave a lengthy interview to  Evening Standard, a British publication where she spoke about her medical struggle.

For more on Yolanda’s struggles, click here.

“Bella was diagnosed in her junior year of high school. ‘I stopped driving because I kept crashing, because my brain just stopped working.’ She had an accident — ‘It was when I first got sick. It was a dark time’ — which was reported in the press as a DUI. ‘I was exhausted all the time. It affected my memory so I suddenly wouldn’t remember how to drive to Santa Monica from Malibu where I lived. I couldn’t ride. I was just too sick. And I had to sell my horse because I couldn’t take care of it.’ It was an emotional blow on top of the physical. It is thought that Yolanda, Bella and Anwar were infected some years earlier during contact with their horses. “

July 2014 Yolanda in Holland

July 2014 Yolanda in Holland

Bella was apparently drinking as a form of self-medication for her health issues. This she says was the catalyst for her car accident. She now says she had the same mental issues as Yolanda that has also kept her from driving.

“Her mother was left, she says, unable to read, write or watch television. ‘Anything loud was too much. We used to listen to music in the car together and sing. She hasn’t listened to music or watched a movie in four years.’ Yolanda is being treated with long-term intravenous antibiotics, but Bella, intolerant to the drugs, is now trying a course of alternative treatment. When she finishes her boiled eggs, she pulls out three plastic bags of around 30 pills — ‘my mother makes these little baggies for me’ — and dutifully swallows them one by one with green tea. She is also on a three-week detox to cleanse her system.”

So she is on some alternative therapy, taking 30 pills after lunch, eating oddly, (boiled eggs and green tea?) and she is on a THREE WEEK detox?  This can’t possibly be good.

“She says that her health now is around 60 per cent. ‘I still have Lyme in my spine; my back has been in excruciating pain for three years. I have it in all my joints and it goes up to my brain. So sometimes I have trouble with putting together sentences. I go to sleep at 10pm and wake up at 10am fully exhausted.’ She won’t use painkillers because ‘it’s an on-going problem, which is how you get addicted’.”


This really is all very confusing. Meanwhile, at my house I’ve been in a panic attack for days and had to take Banjo to the vet today and he is under sedation. I had to take my anxiety meds twice and now just want to go bed.  I’m hoping Xanadude will get us a recap on Vanderpump rules tonight. I will get it up ASAP if I am still awake. If not it will be delayed until tomorrow.


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  1. Anastasia_Beave

    Hmmmm. **Zips mouth shut so as to not offend by expressing the thoughts racing through my head**

    I hope Banjo- and you- are feeling better very soon.

    • Anastasia_Beave

      But, let me just express this one thought- EAT SOME FUCKING FOOD. No detox, no two almonds, no 100 pills a day. Eat real food. Nourish your body.

      • Angel(?)

        Well I’ll chime in and probably offend people. I’m sorry but I don’t believe she is suffering that much. She travels the world modeling, is photographed out and about town with the “squad”, and has an active boyfriend relationship all while being in pain and sleeping for 12 hours ? Sounds fishy.

      • I’m glad I am not the only one who went straight to: ‘eat some nourishing food!’.

      • Anastasia_Beave

        Seriously. You can’t fight whatever it is you need to fight my doing detoxes and substituting food for vitamins. I love vitamins as much as the next person, but have a panal run. Take what you need.

      • Matzah60

        Amen to all who you said/suggested!!

      • Shae

        Agreed. It was always my understanding that many vitamins (fat soluble) are not absorbed into your body if you don’t take them with with some food/fat. Yogurt, something. You won’t even reap the benefits of the vitamins you’re taking if you aren’t eating anything at all.

      • m

        yeah, my first thoughts on reading boiled eggs and green tea is it sounds like foods you eat when dieting

  2. susan

    Thanks TT. I cannot imagine being that young and constantly fatiqued and in pain.

  3. Feel better soon, TT. Don’t worry about the PumpKid summary. We all know it anyway: Jax will
    Look sweaty and hit on lala who
    Smart and knows a bravo check when she sees one.
    will continue to act mature. Sheana will not. And so forth;)

  4. Angel(?)

    On a positive note, sending good thoughts Banjo’s way!

  5. Ummmm so she didn’t want to take pain killers because she didn’t want to get addicted but alcohol was ok?! Right, right! Because you can’t get addicted to that at all! Interesting how any form of past therapy cannot be tracked because she is intolerant to antibiotics, won’t take pain killers but the liquor yeah she can get that anywhere! So what’s Anwar’s story? What in the world has happened to these kids and Mojammed is ok with this I wonder?

    • Matzah60

      Ding ding ding…..It seems to me that the responses/explanations made by Bella for this interview were well-rehearsed. Bella is a walking/talking contradiction. @Janshell who nailed and articulated my own thoughts much better than I could. How could Bella feel that drinking alcohol before driving her car, a 3000 pound weapon that can kill others on the road was okay (along with easy access), but was not okay with taking painkillers i.e.. narcotics.

      I have read many comments that have said (and I am not saying they are wrong or pointing fingers) that Yo is genuinely not ill. She is no Brooks. I am not saying that she is a Brooks, but it is interesting that there is a general acceptance that beautiful former model married to a very, very wealthy Hollywood music legend can make some very questionable, sometimes bizarre comments and people are willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, but when a MAN, with a strong southern accent makes very similar claims, we are quick to throw him under the bus as a film-flam man, con artist, and on and on.

      On another note, Tamara, I hope you are resting comfortable and Banjo is doing better. Take good care of yourself. Nothing wrong with getting under the covers in your PJs and just sleeping through it for as long as you need. Having suffered through terrible anxiety for over a decade, I feel your pain. Hoping you feel some relief very soon. :)

      • Yeah I wonder what Gigi has to say about all this? I missed her interview on the morning show the other day! She is constantly in the spotlight so she can’t have Lyme unless she is superwoman! I’m just worried for yo and her kids because something doesn’t add up! I’m not too familiar with the Brooks situation, was he lying or not? Tamara I really hope you feel better soon! Rest up!

      • JoJoFLL

        As a southerner, who has been judged harshly because of my accent (and I have an education from a major university), I can honestly say I don’t think that is why Brooks was questioned and not believed.

        His came from the fact that he was already a shady character. Several of his exgirlfriends/baby mommas came out and said so along with the expose on 20/20.

        Not taking up for Brooks but he already had problems.

      • Matzah60

        I know you’re not taking up for Brooks and I have to agree that I had forgotten about the background of 20/20 interview, baby mama he left high and dry, etc.

        I am so sorry to hear that you have been judged so harshly because of your accent. Some people are so ignorant and hurtful. I hope you know that what these people say to you says lots more about their own stupidity and ignorance.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Brooks was already established as a flim-flam man, con artist before he claimed to have cancer. So there’s that.

  6. Anastasia_Beave

    I’d love to.know what 30 vitamins she’s taking at lunch, because you know there’s a breakfast and dinner baggie from Mom as well. I’d also be interested in knowing about this 3week detox. Who suggested it? Why? 3 weeks is an insanely long time.

    • peachteachr

      Isn’t Yolanda too sick to count out pills in baggies times 3 people times 3 times each day? That’s a lot of counting and sorting.
      Is it a coincidence that Bella is diagnosed with Lymes at the same time she gets a DUI? I loved janshells’ question about Mohammed and what he thinks.

      • Psylocke

        LOL you seriously think Yolanda does that herself?

      • addie2u

        One pill makes you larger
        And one pill makes you small
        And the ones that mother gives you
        Don’t do anything at all

        Beer (cans), vodka, Adderall, Vyvanse, & rolling papers found in the car vs. a hard boiled egg, 3 plastic bags of 30 vitamins (each?), + green tea per day. Poor Bella.

      • I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but Yolanda has released photos of the prescription medication all three are taking for Lyme. I personally have just dealt with too much chronic illness in loved ones in my life and I just feel awful for them, and for anyone else having to experience this in their lives. That said, best wishes to Tamara for her recovery, and an air hug to Banjo. Thank goodness she has him, pets can make such a difference , you two rest up and just love on each other as much as you can…

  7. PaganChick

    Do athletic departments no longer require the kids to pass a physical these days (spoken in my best old lady voice)? Because wasn’t last season when we saw Anwar heading to practice filmed after both Bella and Anwar had been diagnosed?

    How would he have been cleared to play sports if he had a medical diagnosis that could include all of the symptoms of Lyme disease? In my day it would have been considered a liability.

    Also, does body size influence your blood alcohol level? I could see that being a cause for Bella getting a DUI. I don’t know what her alcohol level was, but if she hasn’t been eating actual meals and has been taking handfuls of unknown supplements, is it possible that her blood alcohol level was affected by it? I’m asking because I honestly don’t know.

    • I also would LOVE to know about the pre-sports physical for Anwar. I wouldn’t think he would be cleared for ANY kind of sports if he had a neurological or medical condition. The school’s lawyers should be all over that stuff.

      Also, is this the first time where they have said outright that they all got “the Lyme” from horses? I don’t remember hearing that before, but I could be wrong.

      Sigh, trying to explain away her DUI, be it ever so sideways a way, is just wrong. Yo was all over that S#’t when it happened, and all over Bella, but now it is ok to explain it away as “her medical condishun”? I don’t mean to make light of it, but it is NOT OKAY to give her daughter an excuse for her behavior.

      Also, this “antibiotics don’t work on me”…. is that as hinky to yall as it is to me?

      • addie2u

        “Bella, I just got your car back from the pond & I was looking for your purse as I stumbled on the most disastrous car I have ever seen in my entire life . . . . . . . You have literally turned into a spoiled, unthankful, unthoughtful, careless human being that is lucky to be alive. What an eye opening experience to find beer cans, pink kittie bottles with vodka, bottles with Adderall, Vyvanse, rolling papers & a car full of dirty clothes, underwear with blood stains, Tampax, I have honestly never seen anything like it. Was your life that terrible at home? I am at a loss for words. . . . . .”

        Car filled with grime, covered in slime or pulled over for a crime – blame it on the Lyme.

      • Anastasia_Beave

        Yolanda has mentioned before she thinks she got infected by a bite from a horse fly.

      • microop

        So do antibiotics not work on any of them? It seems so unlikely they would all be averse to what is usually a successful treatment for most Lyme disease patients. I don’t know what’s going on, it could be a million things, but I doubt its all three of them have Lyme disease.

    • iloveearlygrey

      I played a sport in high school in CA, and they never required a physical.

      • WonkyTonk

        That’s kind of crazy. I’m curious what was the sport? Even back in the day they required physicals for, in my case, Football, Basketball, Track and Field, and Cross Country. And as I look at that list now I realize I was a pretty active little shit back in the day.

      • Meredo

        I live in Ca. and my daughter needed a physical for cheerleading. That ws 5 yrs.ago, but I doubt it’s changed. Also, Bella is dating the singer The Weeknd (that awesome singer who sounds like Michael Jackson) but she hasn’t listened to music in 4 years? Mmm, OK. Really not sure what to make of all this.I continue to remain confused/on the fence regarding their claims of Chronic Lyme Disease.

      • Meredo

        I guess it’s Yolanda that hasn’t been able to listen to music in 4 years which I don’t believe for one minute!

      • Angel(?)

        Did we not see Yo and the housewives at a concert for David’s foundation featuring Steven Tyler last season? Maybe she had worn ear plugs?

      • iloveearlgrey

        I was on the swim team, and it was over five years ago.

    • claire

      @PaganChick She allegedly blew .14…almost twice our legal limit. Men have more body water than women & can consume higher quantities; however, overall body weight also factors into the BAC calculation.

      They almost certainly drew blood at the police station even though they obtained a breath sample on scene. Two reasons for sample: blood more accurate & will also give LE good idea if suspect’s BAC is on it’s way up or down.

  8. Carl

    Hey TT! Hope you’re feeling better! Re Lyme Disease, there’s a GREAT book about the outbreak , discovery, etc., of Lyme Disease. It’s called Lab 257 about Plum Island & the lab it contained re germ warfare–I happened to read it before Yo’s announcement–really interesting. Not a plug, lol, but it explains a good deal–really frightening. I still think Menopause is a huge factor though. Take good care of yourself!??

  9. DJFL

    She hasn’t listened to music in four years? Bullshit! What about the parties at the Foster house when David played the piano for everyone? She expects us to believe that she hasn’t been to any concerts in the last four years?

    • Renee

      I SAW her, and David, with my own eyes at the Michael Buble concert at the Staples center November 2013… Everyone did, Michael stopped and hugged them. So she CAN listen to music and be in a place with loud noise.

    • French

      What about when they went to Canada for some event and Steven Tyler was performing, she was up front bopping around with the other ladies!!! Unreal!

  10. I’m sorry but this is all a bunch of crap. Intolerant to antibiotics? How convenient. I guess her body is more tolerant to alcohol and cigarettes. Vitamins aren’t going to cure an infection. These people.. Ugh.

    Sorry to hear about your day TT. We will survive the night I’m sure without your VPR recap. Get some good rest!

    • Sara

      I understand Bella being intolerant to antibiotics. I’m intolerant to many antibiotics. I get severe nausea and vomiting from many of them. It’s like I have the flu. But I’m not intolerant to all antibiotics. I have a few I handle ok. I know everyone’s bodies are different, but I would imagine there are some antibiotics used for her “condition” that she could tolerate. She takes 30 pills at lunch with no problem. My stomach could NEVER tolerate 30 pills at one sitting, 3 times a day.

      • Erica

        I was thinking at first, like I think many here have, that she meant the antibiotics just simply weren’t working. But you are right, intolerance can mean they make you sick. I HATE how I feel on antibiotics, and my dr., usually one to believe that the medical community over prescribes them, makes me SWEAR that I will fill a prescription and take them when I am sick.

        But you are right.. have a hard time thinking that there isn’t an antibiotic that she can take (if true intolerance and not allergy) if she can swallow 30 pills, 3x a day.

      • I agree antibiotics have a lot of adverse effects. My point was that it seems like just another convenient excuse. The treatment regimen for Lyme is pretty hardcore, but most people find a way to endure it if they want to get better.

      • addie2u

        I get the same reaction (nausea & vomiting) from Penicillin, Doxycycline & Tetracycline but there are plenty of others I can take. There’s over hundred different types.

      • Matzah60

        Most antibiotics cause some discomfort to most people. They irritate the lining of the stomach which can make one feel nauseous, and as the 8 or 10 day course continues and the level builds up in your bloodstream, most people suffer from diarrhea. You can also be allergic to an antibiotic. An allergy to penicillin is not uncommon.

        Most of us couldn’t tolerate taking 30 pills at a time. Some vitamins and pills are so large they make you feel like you’re going to vomit when taking them. Not to mention that vitamins are not regulated by the FDA and after much investigation, many have been pulled off the shelves of places like GNC after finding that some contained fillers that can actually cause hair loss, stomach pain, fatigue, and nerve damage.

    • addie2u

      I’m intolerant to Penicillin, Doxycycline & Tetracycline but they are plenty of others I can take. There are well over 100 types available (unless of course she’s tried them all). Right!

      • One would think.. The antibiotics for Lyme are given intravenously so I’m not sure stomach issues would be a factor also. I suppose it’s possible she just absolutely can’t tolerate the treatment but highly improbable given all her other “activities” while being supposedly gravely ill. Lyme disease is no joke and I feel like they’re spreading a LOT of misinformation about it with this PR campaign of theirs.

      • Anastasia_Beave

        I agree with you @satinbliss.
        They’re doing more harm than good.

  11. Swizzle

    This family is officially nuts. They all need to back off the constant merry go round of alternative treatments and eat a healthy meal. Maybe then they could get to the bottom of their true health issues.

    • Minky

      After the connect-the-dots post by our fearless leader last week I can’t believe a word of anything any of these people say. Credibility has gone straight out the window. If she’s resistant to antibiotics then why is she also not living in a bubble? None of anything she said makes any sense. At all. IDGI! Why is this okay? Why?!!!

  12. CanadaCat

    This “illness” conveniently explains away the DUI, months after the fact? Bella’s been diagnosed since high school, but they didn’t think to mention it until now? THAT sounds fishy.
    I send healing thoughts for you and Banjo, TT!

  13. Margarett

    Here’s wishing speedy recoveries to Banjo and you. I understand how vexing ongoing health problems are. Just take care of each other. No one will be hurt because of a delayed recap!

  14. peachteachr

    This story gets sadder with each post. These are beautiful people who seem to have the world by the tail and yet they are desperately ill… or not. Here’s an idea, try living like all the little people do. Eat a sandwich, stop putting foreign substances in your mouth and cleansing them out of your behind, and write down your excuses that you are using as proof of illness. Because your high flying life in pictures is interfering with your tales of not being able to read, write, drive, listen to music, and watch TV. What do they want us to believe, them or our lying eyes?
    T, it’s against the rules to be sick at Christmas right before your vacay. Feel better soon.

  15. More Tea Please!

    I hope you feel better soon TT. Head for the mountains, it will be good for you and Banjo. Officially on Thursday I am a full-time N Ga mountaineer. Sold the condo and we’re getting out of Dodge!

    • ZenJen55

      I agree, TT take a vacay! The mountains are still nice at this time of year, Im not far from N Ga, and live in the same mountain chain in Tn!

      I cant comment, these kids are going to be messed up if she doesnt stop, this is bordering for me. Esp the trailer out with her hand cough shaking. Its control shaking IMO

  16. Jen

    These people need an intervention. If Yolanda was trying to pull this crap back home in Holland, she would be told to ‘doe maar gewoon’ – it’s a Dutch expression that translates as just be normal. Put down the pills, eat some regular food, lay off the wacky IVs – I fee like so many of their issues could be taken care of by just getting off all these weird treatments.

    • Minky

      Oh Jen. These women don’t eat real food. They’re all like Shannon Beador. Real food makes you look like the kind of woman a successfull zillionaire would never want to marry. Most of their romantic relationships are transactional. That’s what those damn prenups are all about. A favorite youtuber has made the astute observation that it’s hard to tell a wife from a prostitute. Sometimes the only difference is that one’s wearing a wedding ring and the other one ain’t. No, I’m not ragging on all married women, just women like Yolanda.

  17. Theresa

    Feel better TT! I am completely on board with the theory that Yolanda is menopausal, but no idea what to think about the kids other than alternative meds are making them sick. Such a concerning situation. How did gigi escape the lyme? I feel bad thinking it’s because her career is soaring. I’m not normally the cynic, just sarcastic

  18. LisaPat

    Omg praying for baby Banjo!!

  19. Stephanie

    Hope yyou feel better TT. My thought and prayers go out to you and Banjo

  20. Wow, Yolanda must have had plugs in her ears those times David and she sat singing around the piano on RHoBH, since she hasn’t been able to listen to music in 4 years… Weird. I never noticed them, she faked her way through well, pretending to listen, smile, laugh and sing along to music.

    Well, their illness sounds awful, but her life looks really good from my angle — I’m looking at her photos showing her out with a boyfriend frequently enough to be papped a lot, some great modeling jobs, fashion shows, print work, lots of family and friend outings (as illustrated by Instagram pics).

    If she’s got a “rough” life, I can’t imagine what she thinks of the lives of us pedestrian people.

  21. Stephanie

    Hope you feel better TT. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Banjo

  22. beth

    hope you and Banjo feel better soon.

  23. Trashbox

    Oh dear, I guess chronic lyme makes you blow a .14 (according to TMZ)? At 17?

    And maybe guess chronic lyme makes you drive on a suspended license?

    This sounds like a dreadful condition. So sad.

  24. Rose

    Take care of yourself TT and feel better!

  25. Psylocke

    First of all the hyperbolic statements of not being able to watch movies or remember your way home and shit like that don’t even deserve to be acknowledged.

    Of course some of this is just mental gymnastics justifying the DUI, but I do believe she fully thinks she has chronic Lyme. Life is full of random pain – some days you wake up, for no reason at all, not feeling like the “you” that you want to feel like, and some weeks, for no reason at all, your back is fucking killing you.

    But she has been conditioned to believe that any of the pain inherent in the human condition is an implication of some disease that’s been perscribed to her — it’s like the special snowflake syndrome of feeling shitty. I guess life is easier to handle if you can just pin all the negative aspects of life to some umbrella disease and fantasize of how much better life would be if you didn’t have it.

    • Minky

      Again, I think these people seriously believe that they’re the Ubermensch. No room for error, failure, or personal accountability regarding anything. Very Porsha-like in many regards.

      Life is not a series of events that can be alternately random or planned. No. Life is an experience that only makes sense or is worth it if you look like a 20-year-old supermodel and have oodles of money, private jets, the best accommodations and the latest designer clothing at your disposal. Anything less is a fate worse than death.

      I know a good number of women like these Wives on TV. They’re not all bad. Some wealthy, beautiful , successful women are quite humble and kind. But those are the minority, IMO. The sense of entitlement with this particular sort of wife, or kept woman, is astronomical.

      Their body and their looks are their resume, their vagina, or any other orifices, are their qualifications. The job they’re applying for: Professional wife/girlfriend. Watch the movie Gigi again if you wanna see a good exploration of this topic. Or Kill Bill. If you think about this often enough or long enough, it just makes you want to die.

    • jen

      Love this. Makes sense.

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      Completely agree with your post. Sadly I believe Yolanda has convinced them of this illness in order to validate her own. I genuinely think she is not above doing that. And the kids are only too willing to have an excuse to pull out of the hat.

  26. If this was really the case— why did Yolanda punish her sick daughter so severely?
    She went out of her way in several interviews to say she took away her phone, SOLD her car and made her pay her own attorney fees. Why react so harshly if you knew she was so sick?

    Then again, if kiddo was so sick—what was she doing out at 4 AM driving on a suspended license?
    And Yolanda? Partying on a yatch in Europe.

    • Josie

      Good points, Maisey.

      TT and Banjo, feel better. Hugs.

    • @immelza

      I was thinking the same thing Maisey. I think there was a whole segment of Yo receiving the news (I think on a yacht?) and immediately flying back and writing her a letter about how she was so disappointed blah blah . The kid then sent her a hallmark card & Yo read it (even though she can’t read) and cried forgave her ect…. Never once did Yo mention that her daughter had any illness.

      • addie2u

        “. . . & Yo read it (even though she can’t read)” ☺

        It wasn’t mentioned because the light bulb hadn’t gone off yet – which is why Anwar also got the diagnosis, just in case.

      • Minky

        I call bullshit on the punishment email. I think Yolanda was just trying to look like a concerned mom, pandering to her fans. Who knows what she was like as a young jet setter. Drugs and booze and being easy are ubiquitous to that crowd. Yolanda reminds me of a Jackie O type. Prim and proper in public, but a party girl in private. A friend told me he would see Jackie O doing Coke at Studio 54 back in the day. Oh the hypocrisy.

        I keep waiting for a Banjo update. Is he okay?

    • PaganChick

      More importantly, if the DUI was a result of illness and not the act of a 17 year old out partying on a suspended license, why wouldn’t they have hospitalized her and had some scans done? Why did they instead by her an apartment and leave her to live unsupervised on the opposite coast? Why would they let her suffer this illness alone in a completely different city?

  27. I decided last week that I just can’t with storylines dependent upon “illnesses.” I already don’t watch the shows; now I’m not reading any posts about these sick people. I didn’t read this one. The title of the post did it for me. I love TT, and I’ll continue to read every day, but not those posts. I’m much more concerned about Banjo and TT. If you weren’t already a wreck, discovering that you must rush your sweet doggy to the vet is enough to bring on giant anxiety. I’m glad you have meds for both of you. Puppy prayers here for Banjo and hugs and a stiff drink for you, TT.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I know it’s totally superficial but I initially began watching these shows to escape dealing with MY life-to take my mind off my own bouts of depression,anxiety and loneliness. The last thing I want to watch is someone crying that they’re suicidal-I go to AA meetings every other day where people share horrible stories of their suffering. These shows were supposed to be pure escapism-at some point they went around the bend and become all about arguments, physical fights (between women! Wtf?) and illness. Oh well, at least I have the Walking Dead (on hiatus now!) Fargo and Nurse Jackie etc..

      I hope you feel better TT. It’s hard when you’re stuck in the middle of a very dark tunnel with no light in sight-I promise it will get better, one day you’ll wake up and the anxiety will have lessened, the pressure lightened. Hang in there.

  28. Vivi

    Hope you and Banjo feel better soon

  29. captivagrl

    Two sick children and battling a severe disease alone… why is Yolanda clinging to a reality show on Bravo? Thank goodness Gigi isn’t ill. How could she commit to all of the lucrative contracts that her Mom brags about? Starting to believe that it’s all contrived. This “disease” could be used an excuse for anything. Literally anything.

  30. iloveearlygrey


  31. captain eel

    Yolanda has proven herself to be a lying liar who lies, claiming so many easily disprovable statements to be true. David finally comprehended who and what he married and is fleeing the royal coo coo for cocoa puffs, mess in a dress, Dutch Evil Queen of Lies. It will cost him, but obviously he thinks its worth it to rid her from his life.

  32. Cat

    Um…do they get PAID to speak at these things?

    Yolanda and her kids are going to detox themselves to death. Damn, talk about eating disorder.

    • Cat

      Hope you and Banjo feel better.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I’ve never met a doctor who thought a detox was necessary or a good idea-From what I’ve read, most still believe a balanced diet with moderate exercise, fresh air and nine hours sleep is the way to go.

      • Cat

        Back in the 70s, I went to a popular weight loss clinic. 500 calories a day.

        I lost 67 pounds in 2 months….all of it muscle. I ended up in the hospital with a severe potassium deficiency. I was so weak, I could not make a fist.

        It ruined my metabolism….AND I gained back all the weight I had lost.

        I was shocked seeing Yolanda freak out over a small BITE of birthday cake, followed by her infamous, and dangerous, Master Cleanse.

        And I was angry when she preached to her daughter to do the same.

        Eating disorders should not be passed down to your children.

  33. Lisaj

    My hypothesis is her Lyme whatever came about after her King started sniffing around allegedly by giving her the Kelsey Grammar gift of a tv show and her daughters career took off (all the references to what a better version on herself Yo makes) coupled with menopause and some indeterminate illness. The cherry on the cake is twofold for me, the kids suddenly “ill” and her never eating anything but drinking lemon cleanses.
    If the story doesn’t fit, you must call her out for not telling the truth. Not rhymes with acquitt ?

  34. jen

    She is describing migraine headaches. Lots of medicine out there. I get them and cannot ever sleep from 10 to 10.

    • Erica

      Yeah… I was thinking that a lot of the symptoms sounded like migraines… but the bone pain? Lupus or arthritis.

      • jen

        I get low back pain with my migraines. Laying in bed with a heat pad for an hour with ice on your neck and head helps a lot. Idk. I could never take 30 pills.

    • swizzle

      So much of what she describes are just ordinary symptoms we all feel from time to time. Muscle/joint pain, headaches, hot flashes, memory lapses…who hasn’t been to an ATM and forgotten their PIN? It happens. Running around the world doing one shit treatment after another does not make it better. It clearly makes it worse.

  35. LoriKaye

    What a hot bunch of crapola . Bella is delusional if she thinks anyone is going to buy that ridiculous story to cover for her real problem and that is she has a drug/ booze addiction and tested positive while on probation so she had her license yanked and her foggy brain has nothing to do with lyme. Cringing while reading her lame story, I have a bad feeling this isn’t going to end well for Bella her brain is gone and next is …….

    • I must have missed a lot of news the past few months. She failed a drug screen for her probation? I missed the punishment letter too. Must go back and scour the archives. I fear for that kid. Sounds like she has issues beyond “having an extra glass of wine”

      I can’t stand people who act like their poo doesn’t stink. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Sounds like this family is not immune to the problems of most of the over indulged and/or the rest of us peasants. Quelle surprise.

  36. Erica

    Can Lyme be just in your spine?????

    • Sliceo'pie

      Do you remember her saying that when her son was born, her contractions came so quickly she panicked, began pushing to hard and broke her back, in THREE places! Has anybody ever heard of such a thing? She said she had to have a spinal fusion as a result.

      I know lots of people with back injuries, who’ve had surgery and suffer residual pain as a result. She hasn’t mentioned this surgery in a few years..

  37. cobe

    It appears that Anwar has moved in with his father? I’m surprised more people haven’t picked up on that as it is more surprising to me.

    That probably hurts more than the divorce.

    Also, she specifically mentions “children” as a cause for the divorce. Maybe Anwar wasn’t a fan. I think there is more to the story.

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      Now that you mention Anwar I do recall Yo saying before that moving in with DF was a big adjustment for him as he saw himself as man of the house. Maybe he never adjusted.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I just noticed the thing about the, “Children”, most of whom are grown up (All on David’s side certainly). I think it’s cruel to publicly add your children to the list of why your relationship failed.

    • Trashbox

      Would you want to live with King David himself?

      • microop

        Seriously, who can blame Anwar? I don’t think its very unusual that he chose to live with his dad. His mom is in bed all day or chocking on pills, and maybe he’s not as into participating in body dismorphia as the daughters are.

  38. Sara

    She says she has it in all of her joints and it goes up into her brain. I’m confused. What does that mean and how does that happen? I know a neurological disorder could affect the joints, but how does chronic Lyme go into her joints and up into her brain? I didn’t think neurological disorders could move like that. The area they affect could change, but chronic Lyme jumping around the body sounds bizarre. I didn’t know chronic Lyme was like a neurological ninja.

  39. Angel(?)

    What I find very confusing in all this is why would Yolanda make this statement regarding Bella’s health while Bella is trying to climb to the top of the modeling world? I wouldn’t want potential clients thinking I might not be able to handle the job they are offering. She just walked for Chanel in Rome and then the next day was at ArtBasil in Miami. That’s pretty tiring for someone with a chronic illness.

  40. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    Yolanda hasn’t listened to music or watched a movie in four years??!!! What about all of these events, galas and benefits that Yolanda goes to? Wasn’t there a big music event with Steve Tyler for the DF Foundation on last seasons RHOBH? Dancing at Kyle’s White Party? Four tenors around the piano at the dinner party? Babyface finger bangin’. It’s this kind of over exaggeration that makes them lose credibility. And if loud noise was a problem how on earth is Yo still friends with Brandi?
    Also what is really really odd is that if Bella was diagnosed in high school then why did Yolanda write her that stinky email on her flight back from the yacht trip with Kyle after the DUI? Surely Yolanda, Queen Chronic herself, would have had more sympathy and understanding for her daughter if this was all down to Lyme. Yolanda very much treated it like a simple DUI.
    Curioser and curioser.

  41. Queen of the Nile

    I don’t know what to make of this ludicrous story. I do know that I’m tired of illnesses as the basis of a House Wives season — especially questionable ones.

    TT, I hope you and Banjo are better!!

  42. addie2u

    Stopped driving because she kept crashing due to her brain not working / Exhausted all the time / Memory affected to the point where she couldn’t remember how to drive or where she lived / Had to sell her horse because she was unable to take care of it / Trouble putting sentences together.

    I don’t know many adults that could properly function with the stash found in 17yr old Bella’s car at the time of her DUI arrest. “. . . beer cans, pink kittie (sic) bottles with vodka, bottles with Adderall, Vyvanse, & rolling papers”. Then to ease Mama’s concerns that the drinking/drugging is over, she states she won’t take painkillers because she’s afraid of addiction. Sorry, been there, done that (but my excuses were pretty lame – usually starting with “it wasn’t mine”). I’m afraid Yolanda’s been away from the farm so long she doesn’t recognize the wool being pulled over her eyes.

    Though I believe Yolanda’s suffering with a yet-to-be diagnosed condition (though her frequent appearances prove it’s not as bad as she claims), I’m quite skeptical her 2 youngest are suffering with the same ailment. After Bella’s arrest Yolanda penned a letter warning her about being a bad influence on Anwar. “Do you want Anwar to take the same chances you have taken? Would you want your little brother to drive around with a car like you left behind? Are you a sample of the life you want him to live?” Is her declaration that Anwar also has CLD her just trying to stay ahead of the game / precautionary? / anticipatory?

    She ended with: “I cleaned your car & destroyed all the evidence of a chaos you created that I am ashamed of & truly hope to never see again, life in my home has changed forever.”

    Now let’s never speak of dis again. Instead of admitting a crime, we’ll all say dis is Chronic Lyme.

  43. Yveline

    Hope you feel better soon, TT.

    My b.s. meter is going off so much on this one. My 10-year old had had to complete a physical to participate in school and summer sports. Even the independent Martial Arts program that is provided on school grounds (must be paid for separately) required a physical. A child with Asthma was not allowed to participate.

    When you are dishonest (Yolanda), you raise children who are dishonest. I am so done with this family.

  44. Sam

    It seems fairly obvious that Gigi is the favored “golden child” of this bunch. Anwar is the only boy and the baby. This leaves Bella the classic middle child, not as successful or adored as her sister, looking for a way to stand out. Perhaps this is all some sick and twisted way to be closer to her mother and garner attention. “Mommy, I think I have it too…” And perhaps Yolanda then decided Anwar had it as well, for God knows what reason. After all, it only adds credibility to her disease if several of them have it, at least in her head. Just a theory but nothing with this situation is making any sense to me. I’m pretty sure whatever is going on here, it’s being heavily exaggerated for TV/divorce/public attention and sympathy. The contradictions are too public and too many. And I feel like it all goes back not wanting to acknowledge she’s in menopause.

  45. Angel(?)

    I don’t know why Yolanda’s story rubs we the wrong way but it does. I guess because it seems she exaggerates so much and because of the Brooks debacle.

    Anyway, I keep wondering why she isn’t in Holland with her mother. Her mother must be in her 70’s and battling cancer. Yolanda can be ill in Europe just as easily as the States. She also would be closer to all the different international holistic specialists. I would think she could let least be a comfort for her mom.

    • Katherine 2.0

      I wondered about that, too, Angel. Maybe she does spend time there and keeps that part of her life to herself?
      Don’t know what to think about this, other than Bella should probably steer clear of interviews about her health status. Wouldn’t word of a chronic illness hurt her burgeoning modeling career?

  46. Josie

    Three almonds, 30 pills and a lemony cleanse a day sounds like a recipe to really mess up your system.

  47. Josie

    I wonder what kind of sex life the had with all the lemony cleanses Yo was doing. Dont they give you flatulence and diarrhea and she was always on a cleanse. Always picking bushels of lemons for a cleanse.

  48. microop

    I am sad to hear her children are suffering. I hope they all get clarity as to the real issues

  49. Cat

    Since Yolanda is so into this lemony Master Clense, maybe she has Lemon-Lyme disease. :)

  50. Watching A Trainwreak

    Longtime reader, first-time commenter. I don’t question the illness (don’t believe in doubting someone’s suffering); but, I am confused about the way this wealthy family chooses to (not) handle living with a teenager with what is described as a severely dehabilitating disease.

    Hire a driver to prevent her from repeated car crashes because of her mental impairment, don’t move her into an apartment across the country into a new city when she can’t remember how to get from one neighborhood to another in a city she grew up in; or, expect her to begin a demanding new career at a time when she is in so much pain that she needs to self-medicate.

    Also, why sell her beloved horse? Because she’s too sick to care for it is what was said in the article…isn’t the family rich enough to keep up the board & care for the animal in the hope that Bella will regain her health enough to enjoy an activity she loves?

    Yolanda likes to #proudmommy, maybe she should focus on earning the right to #goodmommy: “children suffering in silence” with a mother who has educated herself with 100+ Doctors on the symptoms of the disease is not a responsible parent.

    • Wow…..that’s a hell of a first comment. So well written and you bring up very good points.
      Totally agree with everything you wrote.

    • addie2u

      Great 1st comment. Like you I don’t like to doubt someone’s suffering but you brought up some excellent points which only add to my skepticism that Bella (& Anwar) are suffering with the same condition as their “proud mommy”. After watching tonight’s show & hearing Yolanda say “I need to get better so I can take care of my babies”, I’m starting to believe she lost herself & reemerged as a Chronic Lyme sufferer.

      {The Perimenopause? symptoms + her children reaching independence / self-sufficiency + making her marriage ALL about David = Who’s Yolanda? Then giving her 2 youngest the same diagnosis with hopes of keeping them close to the nest (if not physically, emotionally).}

  51. erikainhb

    TT.. Hope you and Banjo are feeling better.

    Nothing new to add to what everyone else has except….. I am just mesmerized by the picture and looking at Gigi’s legs. That is one awesome set of gams. I’m having leg/height envy.

  52. tilmont

    Hope you and Banjo feel better soon.

  53. Being my cynical self, I think that they are going to end up landing their own TV show. They could call it, “Living the Lyme Life.” You cannot swing a stick without seeing Yolanda or her daughters all over the internet, so they can’t be that exhausted.
    Gigi posed for several nude shoots over the past couple of years and now suddenly she is the darling of the modeling world. I think that Yolanda is ripping a page out of the Kris K. handbook.
    On a positive note….TT~ Hope that you and Banjo feel better soon! It is so stressful when our furbabies are sick.

  54. Spilledperfume

    Holy crap, you got a load of comments on this post. I was just poking around to catch up on some entries I may have missed.

    How are you feeling? How is Bango? Is it definitely an allergy?

    I hope that you’re both feeling better.

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