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Nene on WWHL


Jesus, worst picture ever Andy. Neither one of them look normal. Why does he wait until the very last second to put the photo up? It puts me behind!  Wow, Nene did two shows of Chicago today and then came to the clubhouse. That is a dress that Nene has on and those cut outs go all the way down the side.

With regard to the fight on the boat, she says she doesn’t know who is to blame for starting it. She has to be exhausted from working all day and I don’t think we are going to get much out of her for this show.

Andy asks Nene to weigh in on some issues on the show:

Cynthia and Peter’s marriage. Nene says she has sympathy for them.
Porsha’s party about Duke. Nene says she thought that was stupid and she called Porsha to tell her so.
The progress on Chateau Sheree.  Nene says she “can’t believe the progress” and the back of the house is beautiful. Who is this woman?
Moore Manor. She says that she doesn’t think it is even there yet.  Actually, Kenya said that one of her contractors installed a huge steel beam on the wrong wall and in the wrong direction. She fired them and hired a new one and they are working to get back on track. It sounded like she might sue the one who screwed up.
Sheree and Marlo are friends.  WHO? Nene will not even acknowledge Marlo.
Kim Fields on the show.  “Well, I like Kim, I made a connection with Kim. She’s very different than the girls that are normally around the group. I can’t say that she totally fits in with the girls. But I like Kim.”
Kandi and Phaedra’s friendship.  “What about it? I just think that Kandi and Phaedra are in a bad place right now and it’s going to take some time like it did with me and Cynthia.”

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

They show a clip of Sheree and Tammy getting into it over Bob next week. That should be interesting.

Andy asks Nene about her visit to the The View.  I actually have three separate posts on that debacle.  Nene was initially offended because Joy didn’t stand up to hug her. Joy is in her 70s and doesn’t do that anymore. She didn’t even get up for Barbara Walters when she came on recently.  I can’t remember if Joy eventually did it anyway or if Nene hugged her sitting down, but Nene hugged her hard and Joy made a comment that she was going to be bruised. Nene was also offended because she felt Raven – Simone was looking her up and down “real nasty like.” She was probably trying to figure out what the fuck she was wearing! Nene was dressed for the gym!  Nene was also pissed that Joy pointed out she has no furniture. This lack of furniture has been a sore spot for years since way back on an early season when Nene didn’t have any furniture.  She goes in on all of them talking about they are just tired, tired hair, tired makeup.  Bottom line Nene is just pissed because that is the job she has always wanted and they have gone through about ten people and she still hasn’t been invited to test.  Guess that will never happen now.

Nene watched Kim on DWTS and she saw her dance live because she was there for her friend Tamar Braxton. She talked to Kim and took a picture with her. She though Kim danced fine. Again, what have y’all done with Nene?

This is a photo of Nene and Cynthia Nene posted while Cynthia was in LA

Nene confirmed on WWHL that the friends’ contract is back in force


What do you think about Kenya saying she is the Queen of RHOA on last week’s episode. Nene busts out laughing and says, “My thoughts exactly, move on.”

Andy asks what Nene thinks about how much Porsha has changed from the time that they met. Nene says that Porsha has changed a lot. She’s changed a LOT.  She has done a “360.”  Andy starts to correct her and decides not to. Nene says she was the first one to meet Porsha. She is a completely different person in every way. Andy says better or worse? Nene says some things are worse. I’ll have to think about what’s better… Now there are some things that are not good. Nene says she has told Porsha she needs to make changes.

How do you feel about Cynthia and Kenya referring to each other as best friends? Nene closes her eyes, takes a dramatic breath and says, ” Okay, ummm I would like to really talk about it but it actually comes up on the show later in the season, so just wait for that.”

Need even more Nene?

What do you miss the most and the least from the show? The trips the most, and the things like what happened on the boat the least.

The poll question was whose fault was the fight. And a lot of people in prison have time left on their phones to call in for Porsha.  Because it was Cynthia by 91% ! I was told that Porsha hired some PR are flood social media during last week’s episode. I’m not sure that is going to do any good considering I’m hearing she may finally face some repercussions for beating up the woman at the Christmas party. The audience was shocked and said “wow!” Nene seemed to say that Porsha started it by calling Cynthia a bitch.  Nene is straddling the fence because she is friends with both of them.


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74 responses to “WWHL With Nene Leakes

  1. Lisaj

    LOL if your commentary is missing on purpose then this is the best blog EVER

    • barbinga

      Right?? Was hoping she took one for the team. I was surprised when AC posted a pre show pic on Facebook announcing she was on and there were NO positive posts! I thought we were the minority or something here. It appears she wore out her welcome. Hopefully he takes it into account before giving her next years contract.

    • tamaratattles

      What are you two talking about? Can you not see the post?

  2. In that photo, Andy looks like Nene’s ventriloquist dummy. What tools.

  3. OMG that pic! It looks like Andy is a ventriloquist and nene is his giant muppet doll. I may have nightmares.

  4. barbinga

    Can you imagine getting a call from Frankenhair to critique your behavior? For being ghetto??? Hysterical. I’d like to think she’s taken her lumps to heart and chilled out, but thinking she’s just too tired from acting professional on Braway to have her heart into tonights show. Geez I don’t want her to come back.

    • Pat

      Your post just cracks me up! I too think Nene is (understandably) tired from “Braw-way”, but I can’t help but wonder if, by some miracle, she’s trying to be a better person for a minute.

  5. Sequoia

    Unless her show is different, there’s no Sunday evening performances on Broadway, only Sunday afternoons. Thanks for the recap.

    • tamaratattles

      Holiday schedules are different. She had a 2:30 matinee and an 7 PM. Why would Andy and Nene lie about her having two shows?

      • Sequoia

        I’m over her so didn’t and won’t watch but I still enjoy and appreciate your recaps. There are a lot of shows you watch so I don’t have to and I love you for it. That said, I don’t believe half the things that come out of nene’s mouth.

  6. Minky

    Go away Nene!

    The only way they’d ever hire Nene to be on The View is if they wanted to offend and insult every single last one of their guests. She always manages to say something crude and inappropriate, even when she’s trying to be polite. Blech!

    • tamaratattles

      Kind of like Raven -Simone?

      • Minky

        You’re right. But for some reason Nene would probably be even worse, if that’s possible. She would constantly be trying to make comments about how fabulous she is. And compare herself to the guest celebrities. I can imagine her trying to say something like: “That’s like something that happened to me while I was starring in Shee-kaw-goe…(awkward silence)… on Bra-way…(more awkward silence)… it was fabulous…(crickets)” And that would be Nene on the show everyday.

  7. Would You Like Some Tea??

    I see NeNe building her alliances for her return next season. She will NEVER forgive Kenya for befriending Marlo and will try her hardest to drive a wedge between Kenya and Cynthia.

    You can sense that she wants Kim Fields off the show and hates Kandi for getting another spinoff, this time about her baby.

    Will Cynthia start out as the mediator between Kenya and NeNe and then align with NeNe? We’ll see.

    If Sheree becomes ‘friends’ with NeNe, after the way NeNe destroyed her reputation, I will be floored.

    • lopsided

      Nene wont need to do ANYTHING there. Cyn sees the error in being so connected with Kenya, more clear this season than seasons past.

      Seems Cyn and Nene genuinely miss each other because they had a ‘real’ friendship. Has anyone ever seen any of Kenya’s female friends? Besides her very rational aunt Laurie, what other female does she have peace with and love for, and vice versa? This is quite telling…

  8. Maybe Nene will get lots of Broadway shows and be too busy to come back to RHOA. I can’t see how she will fit in now. The vibe is different as she can’t just show up and be HBIC. She has some ass kissing to do IMO. There could be some entertainment value in that though. I’m not quite feeling Kenya being HBIC but I can see she is taking that leadership role though.

    • Pat

      I hope Nene stays away from RHOA forever. However, I think Nene will return if for no reason other than money. Being on Broadway is as good as it gets. After all, that’s where the real actors are. No retakes, no editing. Everything is live. However, Broadway doesn’t pay nearly as much as tv pays.

    • WonkyTonk

      I was giving it some thought last night and I think maybe that’s the reason Kandi went after Kenya on last night’s episode. She’s concerned about Kenya’s overall influence on the show, perhaps thinking herself worthy of the HBIC title now that NeNe isn’t there, or at lease not willing to cede it to Kenya.

      • Sweet T

        No way kandi could ever be HBIC. She may want the role but there is no way. She is too passive and can she even read people? I can’t recall laughing out loud to anything Kandinsky says whereas Kenya has me cackling

  9. Truthseeker

    I wish Nene would just go away.

    • O.O

      Me too. I couldn’t bring myself to watch her on wwhl . I waited to read it here .

      • I wish she would stay off the show too but it’s been obvious for a while that she wants back on. She wants the steady checks & nothing’s wrong with that. What is wrong however, is that holier than thou attitude.

      • WonkyTonk

        I agree Rachel, and it’s pretty clear Andy is working himself up to cheerfully having her back. Truth is I really don’t care about NeNe’s opinion so watching the show where Andy effectively utilizes her as a RHOA consultant was disturbing. I just wish the woman would go away and stay away.

  10. DJFL

    Is Nene’s nose growing again?

  11. I just can’t deal with this bitch anymore…

    • To be fair, it sounds like she was ‘reasonable’ in her responses to Andy’s questions.

      Very unusual…. my guess is that with all of her last minute filming for the show, she will show up to the reunion (assuming like other housewife friends, Nene will be asked to make a minor appearance on the reunion) and wants a few minions on her side for when she comes back to reclaim her ‘throne’.

      • tamaratattles

        Actually, Nene becomes somewhat civilized while on Bra Way. She did the same thing during Cinderella. She’s almost likeable on Bra Way.

  12. Keya

    This pic of Nene is quite unattractive. Her head, face, mouth and nose ALL looks huge. Why? I’ll never understand why she chose to make these interesting and disturbing changes to her nose. Sheesh. Poor choice.

    As far as her replies she did a good job in being mild-like and non-offensive. I’d sum that up to coaching lessons on how-to-become less than a nasty-nene101, and that starts with thinking before speaking and keeping it to a minimum.

    • Matzah60

      The picture appears to be a selfie to me. That would account for the distorted images of their faces. The few times I’ve tried to take a selfie with my granddaughter, the camera lens used on my phones is a wide lens, and tends to distort the field of view and can exaggerate some minor flaws, like Nene’s nose. Though, it does seem like Nene’s nose is growing. I remember a recap that Tamara did making an observation about Nene’s ever-changing nose. I am going to try to find it now.

  13. kkbella

    I was going to say that because she’s on Broadway, she’s forced to use some humility. Theatre is not TV-they won’t put up with her demonic stupid diva persona there. Not even the ticket taker- I’m surprised they let her join up. The theatre culture will put her in her place, and she’s already felt it I’m sure. Not that it will last.

    • Broadway has tolerated a lot of ‘Divas’ in history. Nene was probably a bit tired/subdued and in a good frame of mind as it appears that Braodway agrees with her. Unfortubately, Bravo brings the worst out of her.

  14. sarcasatire

    91% voted for Cynthia because it was clear that Cynthia started the fight!! Porsha didn’t need a PR team, we ALL have eyes and ears. Cynthia overreacted, which she admits. She also kicked Porsha, Porsha did not kick or attack Cynthia. So if the person who started the arguement AND the person who threw the only punch are the same person… they’re the ones who are at fault.

    • Cynthia did overreact but REMOVED HERSELF FROM THE SITUATION! Porsha followed and when she pointed that large talon too close or touched Cynthia face that’s when things started. I guess when you are reclining in a chair and someone angry starts to straddle you (who has violent tendencies by the way) you’re just suppose to sit there and hope for the best.

      • lauraannb

        I’m with Cynthia 100%. She seems like a lovely lady & so beautiful too. I can’t get over how many people think she’s to blame for defending herself against someone known to “go off” at any second.

    • Porsha was obviously in full attack mode when she jumped up on Cynthia’s chair. It took a long time to calm her down and she was twitching like a wounded animal when they were restraining her. She’s very violent and very unintelligent. Cynthia probably did take the bitch comment wrong, but at least she admits that.

    • Psylocke

      Did Cynthia start the ARGUMENT? Yes. She totally over-reacted to the bitch comment, but the bottom line is she removed herself from Porsha and then all she wanted was an acknowledgement of her feelings – even just the passive I’m sorry you felt that way would have fucking sufficed.

      Did cynthia start the FIGHT? Hell no. Porsha jumped up and kneed her – AFTER threatening that you don’t want her to get out her seat – who had to be restrained by two people? Who was **unintelligiblemy screaming** they were going to CATCH HER as if she was a wild turkey?

      You’re literally saying cynthia “wouldn’t bust a grape” Bailey caused a physical fight when compared to Porsha “don’t make me get out my seat” whateverthehellherlastnameis? You cray.

    • WonkyTonk

      Oh please sarcasatire, the THOT had her hands in Cynthia’s face, and at one point it looked like she got one of her claws in there on Cynthia’s face just before Cynthia attempted to grab her hands, at which point Porsha tried to straddle Cynthia, and Cynthia reacted to get the violent woman off her. Cynthia repeatedly asked her to go away but Porsha kept escalating it, because like a petulant child she has a need to be right, and an aversion to accepting personal responsibility.

  15. sandra

    Nene was doing some kissing up to Andy. She told Andy she missed him and he pretended not to hear her. However, she was on her best behavior. Andy asked her who she was wearing, and Nene said she didn’t know, but he could check the tag and it cost her some coin. I don’t know if the tag check ever happened. It was very clear Nene wants her job back on RHOA. I think that is why she acted like a civilized person.

  16. sandra

    sarcasatire, Cynthia was cornered when the angry idiot jumped on her. She had to kick her off or do you think Porsha was just going to give Cynthia a kiss on the cheek? 91%, smdh!

  17. Anoneemouse

    She looks like a muppet in that first picture with Andy.

  18. Sandra

    Nene tries too hard to be proper and innocent but she can’t pull it off. I liked her when she was with Kim, they were fun to watch until the bus ride. Like everyone, she’s pretty in some picture put in this one she looks like the Ms Potato Head I played with in the 70’s.

  19. Patricia

    So over her! And that dress – looked like she was mauled by a 3 year old with scissors. Muppet indeed!

  20. @immelza

    At least it looks like NeNe finally found a good hair stylist!

  21. I did not yet watch, or read this. But I swear I wish I could post a photo here. that pic up there is comparable to a Waylond and Madam pic….

  22. I agree with everything you said…soooo true. I believe there was some underlying mission to NeNe’s fence-straddling. She’s up to something. Her hatred for Kenya still exists. She will, however, kiss a few behinds to barge her way back onto the show…then, once there, will raise pure hell. I believe she is smelling the humble pie that Andy is waving in her face. She needs the BRAVO check, he needs the ratings. The end result is probably that smurfett returning….

  23. Dixie Sugabaker

    Usually it irritates me when someone says 360 when they mean 180, but in this case I think Nene was correct to say Porsha has done a 360. Girl started out trashy and she has worked hard to stay trashy.

  24. Cat

    I am so lost. When did Nene and Cynthia become friends again? I thought they both blew up that bridge?

  25. Sabrina

    To the last comment- was there another fight at a Christmas party this year? I missed that- and Portia was of course the antagonist again? And this tie they are coming after her? Do you mind filling me in? I Apologize for missing it-

  26. Bria

    Nene (aka Big big) please don’t come back to RHOA because I am enjoying this season without you…
    Cynthia you don’t need Nene’s friendship, I am soo proud of the new Cynthia.

  27. peachteachr

    Am I the only one who thought NeNe looked so ridiculous when she opened her eyes wide and blinked like some idiot? It was like she was trying to send a Morse Code message with that blink, blink, blinking. I know she thought it was tres chic to be all childlike wide eyed blinking. It just made her nose look so dang big to me.
    Ugly dress, ugly person, imo. If NeNe comes back then Andy should bring Marlo back, too. It would be WWIII. I just don’t see

  28. More Tea Please!

    Nene does look like a Muppet and Andy is all Cartoon Meerkat!

    Why would either of them wish for this picture to see the light of day?

  29. Nene’s head looks like it could be a balloon in the Macy’s Day Pee-rade.

    • Sunshine

      I thougjt NeNe’s behavior was perfectly fine on Andy’s show. She seems to be enjoying her new endeavors. I saw no ill will. Yet all these mean comments on her looks, nose, clothes. This is all so….hmmm…interesting.

  30. Sweet T

    As soon as nene was in a scene In The current season, I felt like she was coming back. Her appearance has a different feel than when Camille, Taylor, and Adrienne visit.

    I don’t hate nene, I would rather lose Phaedra and porsha. I am happy Cynthia and nene are friends again as I think they really grew close even if they had problems. Cynthia has a lot of maturity to make the friendship work.

    She does need the money and Andy does needs the ratings. I do miss Claudia, Demetria and Marlo. They were pretty, knew fashion and had the glamorous edge I admire. I want to see a life to fantasize about not ghetto trash that won the lottery. Plus Kenya and Claudia cracked me up when they were together

  31. sarcasatire

    So, Kenya thinks she’s a queen bee and she can’t even get a one on one on WWHL? Bwahahahaha!!

    The ONLY time she got one was when a hair pull made her relevant. Nene isn’t even on the show and she gets her own WWHL. Take that haters! ?

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