RHOA Spoiler Alert! Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas At Art Basel & Mama Is Always Right!

Is Cynthia standing in front of artwork of her in sunglasses where a t-shirt of herself? LOL you go girl!

Is Cynthia standing in front of artwork of her in sunglasses where a t-shirt of herself? LOL you go girl! Sort the artwork in Miami is probably not her. But still cute!

Cynthia is down in Miami hawking her sunglasses at Art Basel this week and hubby Peter Thomas is right by her side. Bravo has instructed them not to post photographs together so as not to spoil the “Cynthia and Peter might be getting a divorce” storyline.

New sources have informed me that Cynthia is well aware of Peter’s dalliances and really doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t hit the blogs and embarrass her, like the video on the show did.

I actually found this out checking up on something a commenter said in another post about Kandi and Todd being down with threeways. My source says the streets have been talking about that for ages and I am way out of the loop! Apparently so!  Mama Joyce it appears was right about the streets talking about Carmen. But what Mama Joyce failed to understand from what my streets are saying is that Kandi was not only fine with it but a participant and that is why Carmen was living with them for a while!  It seems like Carmen may have moved on to other relationships but Shamea has been a willing participant in some kink from time to time. Allegedly. So the streets say.  As someone who was involved in a long term relationship with someone in an open marriage, I’m certainly not one to judge. As I’ve always said, all marriages are not patterned after June and Ward Cleaver anymore.  As long as all grown adults are aware and consenting, who cares, really?

Gif by RealityTVGifs T.Kyle

Gif by RealityTVGifs T.Kyle

Anyway, back to Cynthia and Peter. Their situation is different according to the new source. She is busy and willing to turn a blind eye, but she does not want anyone to flaunt Peter in public and she is FOR REAL upset about the video. He was expected to use discretion. As long as he is around when she needs him, she’s fine.  But lately, their situation has been iffy because she doesn’t feel supported. Since filming the season, things have gotten better and have been spotted together all over Miami Beach.  But that doesn’t mean Peter is slowing down. He’s just gotten better about being more discreet. Cynthia just wants him to stop embarrassing her all over town.

Hey, I know plenty of marriages where monogamy is not part of the vows. Both of them in Miami Beach is a good sign for the marriage.  So that’s the tea.


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32 responses to “RHOA Spoiler Alert! Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas At Art Basel & Mama Is Always Right!

  1. Laura

    Whatever makes people happy. I didn’t take their vows not do I live in their bed room.

    Side note though, I wond if Todd/Kandie only do M/F/F or if they do M/M/F too. Makes me look at their friendship with Apollo a little bit.

    • Maybe Phaedra, Apollo, Kandi and Todd all had a bit of fun together. That’s why I try not to judge the marriages of others. You never know what their arrangements are, and what is and is not allowed.

    • Beauxcefus

      I dunno…. it’s something about vowing before God and man to “forsake all others”, until death do you part that negates for me this concept of “open marriage” . If you can’t hold to that part of the vow, then why marry? I don’t judge, but then I’m not marrying anyone or fooling around with anyone’s spouse as long as they’re legally bound to each other.

      • Emily Ajumobi

        For real I am thinking the same thing. Just date for the rest of your life. . I think society has made us feel that even if we want to commit that we shouldn’t really want to.

  2. Keya

    I hope that Cynthia leaves him. Infidelity may be permitted within their marriage but I still believe that she deserves more in a husband. He’s sloppy and ungrateful.

  3. Oh well

    Why get married? KandI is too jealous over Todd to freely share him. I hope all these swinging lifestyle people use protection because that Charlie Sheen is real and slanging cat all over the place is all fun and games until you come home with an STD or pregnant.

  4. Home

    I think Cynthia will eventually leave…she’s just not strong enough yet. In my opinion Peter didn’t deserve her from the beginning. She has already admitted that she’s not physically attracted to him, she not in love with him like she was and she mentioned the (D)divorce word! Cynthia is a beautiful woman who will eventually realize that she doesn’t have to settle…

  5. JoJoFLL

    God and everyone is here for Art Basel,

    • Yes. It’s a nightmare. I try not to leave my house during Art Basel (well, I try never to leave my house anyway; but you know what I mean) the traffic alone is ridiculous.

  6. Matzah60

    I couldn’t live like that, personally. I’m too insecure and would find myself constantly comparing myself to the other woman/women. On the other hand, I have never been in a relationship, including my marriage that my partner didn’t cheat on me. There was lying, disrespect, and the end of trust.

    So, maybe an open marriage puts an end to all the inevitable lies, sneaking around, and busts the romantic illusion that most of us have bought into about marriage and relationships.

    I don’t know if that’s the arrangement that Cynthia and Peter have, but it appears from your post, Tamara that Cynthia can look the other way as long as she isn’t embarrassed. If that’s her only caveat and Peter can be discreet, they probably will make it.

  7. Angel(?)

    The paparazzi will be forever hounding Peter. I doubt he can keep his shit together to keep the extras out of the press for very long. Considering Cynthia’s past broken engagements, she must of been really pissed to throw around the “D” word after finally getting married. Scripted or not it’s dangerous to use that word with your spouse.

  8. Mdchica

    I have always suspected Kandi and Phedera’s friendship. I had a feeling that they were sleeping with each other. They both appear to be bisexuals to me. I am now wondering about Porsha too. Hmmmm

  9. Mdchica

    I have always suspected Phedera and Kandi being more than friends. Phedera appears to me to be bisexual and that lady who wrote a book about her sometime back confirmed it. I have been wondering about Porsha and Phedera too. I will not be surprised that Kandi is into three way relationships with Todd. Hmmmm

  10. Bren

    This is what Kenya was alluding to in Aquilla. Kenya to Phaedra, who are you going to give to Apollo for his birthday present.

  11. Jay

    Peter is in Charlotte, he posted pics last night.

  12. Josie

    I think that this happens in many long term marriages especially in marriages where the man is wealthy. The wives feel that it is just sex.

    If Cynthia is no longer attracted to Peter and he has no money then why stay? That is what I dont get about this arrangement. What is the payoff? Companionship?

  13. FGF

    Cynthia could have just stayed with Russell Simmons if she was ok with this type of arrangement. At least she would’ve been supported financially!

    It’s totally karma that Cynthia’s marriage woes are front and center after she spread that Mr. Chocolate rumor last season and after she filmed with Chris Williams and his common law wife and tried to hint that Todd was an opportunist. She claimed her marriage was soooooo great after she and Nene stopped speaking but look at it now. Deep down I really hope this is storyline and she isn’t this insecure.

  14. Rose

    Cynthia deserves better. I personally couldn’t deal with that. All of a sudden I keep getting these unresponsive script messages on every page I open on this blog ..started last night and now again today.

  15. Lisaj

    I think who the hell gives a crap what your marital “rules” look like as long as you don’t fake it for a tv show. This made for tv drama is insulting. As for Kandi, if she wasn’t into 3-somes that would surprise me!!! More power to you! Marriage is hard but it’s more LONG then anything else! Variety is the spice of life!

  16. liberalinlosangeles

    I agree with the poster regarding monogamy and marriage. But since the definition and purpose of marriage basically got exploded and destroyed by heterosexuals with the advance of birth control & no-fault divorce (gay marriage is merely a rear-guard ornamental action in the general war on marriage)… but hey, what are you going to do?

    No the bigger real issue here is Cynthia’s non-attraction to Peter. I was in a relationship for seven years with a dude, I was just not physically into. I loved him, but not in that way. It caused untold damage on him, us, and my own sense of confidence, well-being, sexual-romantic persona and place in the world.

    And it was really all my fault. I refused to be honest and again, sewed much grief and chaos and just bad things.

    This explains all of Cynthia’s relations’ actions at the wedding. It wasn’t Peter they were faulting, it was Cynthia. And they had first-hand knowledge of her dishonesty in entering into this union.

    Bad Cynthia, bad. Love yourself, love Peter, love others- get out of this relationship.

  17. Girl

    No such thing as an open marriage. It’s a bunch of perverts unwilling to make a commitment. Kandi’s defense of Porsha shows there is something between them. They are all phonies. Todd does not love Kandi. He’s in the relationship for the financial benefits. Phaedra is a fake Christian who I find reprehensible. Kim should not repeat her presence next season if she wants to keep her marriage. Run Kim. No money is worth interacting with those whoremongers.

    • tamaratattles

      This post gave me a flashback to undergrad days at UGA. There used to be a whackdoodle “preacher” screaming on the plaza. He called all the students “whores and whoremongers.” It was funny. Was he your Daddy?

    • “…a bunch of perverts…” BWAAHAAHA

      I love how someone with a sexual proclivity not shared by you is a “pervert”.

      Of course, I’m sure to you, anything other than sex for procreation in the missionary position = “perversion”. I’d almost forgotten people like you existed.

  18. Quite often, people marry for monogamy, not the illusion of it. Cynthia seems to be one of those people, Peter not so much. If Cynthia & Peter are both happy together I would say that’s great. I also think if either is unhappy they need to leave if the other will not change. Unfortunately, I do believe that she is not happy with his actions but believes that “a man will be a man” and that if his affairs aren’t made public, that she is being respected. I believe she is settling, she’s a good lady and deserves more if she wants a monogamous man.

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