Heartbreaking Video of Yolanda Foster At 2013 Lyme Disease Fundraiser


I feel so sorry for her. I really wish she could get so help for whatever she has.  I wonder why she discounted the Chronic Fatigue diagnosis but embraced the Chronic Lyme one? I don’t think either one is a meaningful diagnosis. But they are both equally unhelpful

Anyway, this is worth a watch. It seems like David did everything he could for her medically. Am I just being suckered back in?


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57 responses to “Heartbreaking Video of Yolanda Foster At 2013 Lyme Disease Fundraiser

  1. I do feel conflicted..I just wish Yolanda didn’t have such conflicting situations….Yolanda is def. debilitated…but..it conflicts with her ..getting stem cell surgery (?) then bike riding in her homeland within 24 hrs.

    On the red carpet for RHBH she stated she was in bed for a year..nope..many times she instagrammed throughout the year..on yachts..traveling for surgery..visiting her mom..

    I feel so bad..not sorry..for Yolanda..at times i feel she has been misdiagnosed..she has declared herself the voice of Lyme Disease..and her followers..that have either the same or similar diseases..take her recommendations to heart..

    I do wish she was healthy…but for now..it would be awesome if she could get a new diagnosis..personally..Yolanda is such a cool RH..but at this point..I truly don;t feel that she needs to be in front of a camera…

    her health should be her priority..not a contract with Bravo.

    • Denine

      Is it that she’s been misdiagnosed or that she’s chosen one diagnosis over any other’s? As Tamara said before, I find it hard to believe that if she has indeed seen 100 Doctors, all have agreed on the same diagnosis.

  2. Wallace

    Thank you so much for your compassion for Yolanda, Tamara. It has been really tough to see all of the comments saying she has Munchhausen or is making it all up. That type of assessment and even ridicule from others is why many of us stop speaking to anyone, including our doctors, about what we are going through. I am grateful for Yolanda sharing her story but hate that she is being torn apart for it.

    For those who are unsure, don’t get caught up on what the label is. Whether Lyme, Neurological Lyme, Chronic Lyme, CFIDS, Myeloencephalitis, Epstein-Barr they all have very similar and devastating sypmptoms with no real understanding yet of what is going on. Remember there was a time when MS was considered all in someone’s head.

    I can’t tell anyone else what to think or feel, but from my experience what she speaks of rings 100% true to me. I think that by sharing her speech from a few years ago you are helping round out the picture and history of what she has been going through. Thank you. :-)

    • Erica

      I don’t think anyone has been saying she’s making it up – even Munchhausen is a condition to be pitied.

      This is not a case of whether or not she is sick (ala Brooks…), but I do question if she’s making rational decisions about her treatments, and if those treatments aren’t really making her worse (or are the problem now if it was initially Lyme’s)

      • Lucy

        Completely agree with you in regards to questioning the decisions she’s making in some of those treatments.

        In addition to that, what about what she’s been doing to her body prior to her illnesses. Was she as obsessed with the Master Cleanse back then during her modeling days to stay slim as she is now? It’s not good for you at all. And teaching her daughters how to be anorexic by nibbling on an almond when you feel dizzy from self starvation? And the tons and tons of vitamins and capsuled herbs and so called holistic stuff….none of it is regulated or mandated by the FDA and overdosing on that stuff literally will harm your body. She needs to dump the master cleanse and the overdose on vitamins and instead eat whole, clean, real food. Yes, leave out the processed food and eat what the earth has provided us and organic poultry, meat, and fish. I think she’s a total nut job when it comes to the stuff she puts in her body and what she’s depriving her body of that is desperately needed, all in the name of being skinny. She may have Lyme’s disease, but she’s been doing a ton of damage on her own with her obsession, and is passing it on to her kids.

    • tamaratattles

      I do believe she is sick. It rings true to me because I have many of the same symptoms. I just don’t think anyone has bothered to find out what is wrong with us. Also many of us can’t take to our beds. I don’t include myself in that because I do it all the time. And lay there feeling guilty for not getting up early for your guys. Then there is now the insommina for me at night where I try to catch up.

      I believe something is going on with Yo. I just don’t think chronic Lyme is any more of a real diagnosis than Chronic fatigue. Or Fibromyalgia. I think all of those people have the same thing and doctors don’t bother to find out what it really is. Because it’s not Cancer.

      • SweetRosie

        I agree! I feel bad for Yo, but I’m not sure she’s been properly diagnosed. I’ve mentioned here one other time, that I’ve been sick like Yolanda for many years..had two years of specialists early on, and since no one could figure it out they simply called it fibromyalgia….which I knew was BS. They filled me up with Meds to keep me moving but that was it. In the last two years, my condition blew up and I couldn’t function, including the use of my hands, shoulders, and couldn’t turn my head. Also, my right foot swelled up. My husband is a beautiful soul, and keep me fed like that for two months.. I found a new Dr and bingo! It’s rhumitoid arthritis..and very severe because I went over a decade without being properly treated. I’m in the process of finding the right combo of Meds to live with, but in the meantime steroids are the only thing keeping me going.
        Like you, I believe something bad is going on with Yo.. But I always worry that the diagnosis is wrong when the patient doesn’t bounce back or continues to get worse.

      • Matzah60

        Agreed, but beyond that, these illnesses that have overlapping symptoms seem to predominately affect the female population. That is why I feel many doctors ignore and dismiss these patients complaints. Yes, there are a growing number of female doctors, but there is still a gender bias dealing with patients.

        Many women who suffer from profuse sweating, heartburn, and chronic fatigue are one step away from a heart attack. In general, men and women do not experience the same symptoms before the onset of a heart attack. Women are ignored by these ‘complaints’ as hormonal or menopausal. It is dismissive and sad and can find a female patient suffering for many years to come until the right doctor is found who really listens and addresses the real complaints of the female patient.

      • addie2u

        If it was predominately men experiencing these symptoms, no doubt we’d have a better grasp on what’s causing them. On a positive note, at least we’re not being told we have hysteria.

        I remember being sent home after a procedure (necessary for surgery the next morning), in excruciating pain. My mother (a woman who I’ve never heard use a curse word) came to check on me & said “That asshole, how about I rip his balls off & send him home to deal with it”.

    • Hi Wallace

      I think everyone believes Yolanda is sick…but I think and have read..that the frustration of some people ..it’s frustrating.

      as an example

      Yolanda blogstweets/completes interviews … that due to treatment..can’t remember which one..there have been numerous treatments..but this specific one..yolanda said it paralized her..within…24 hours..there she is traveling with David..”enjoying life” on a yacht…then next day she is tweeting about her beautivul vacation with david..cuz he is so busy..they have to enjoy his free time..

      It gets hard to be supportive…and when this happens over and over…doubt blossoms.

      I don’t blame people that doubt..

    • SweetRosie

      Well said! I’ve been there too.


    You write : “Am I just being suckered back in?”
    Maybe. Her appearance at the birthday party seemed to be a plan on her part to gain sympathy and attention. I mean couldn’t she have at least changed her clothes and freshened up a little? I work in a hospital and it’s a fact IMO that hygiene and maintaining your personal appearance promotes a positive attitude and outlook.
    And she has driven in the past 3 years. PLEASE! The evidence is on episodes found on her previous seasons.

    • tamaratattles

      Linus, Today I really , really, really thought it was going to be the day I showered. It wasn’t. I totally get the JUST GET THERE thing that was going on with Yo at the birthday party. I’ve done that so many times at family functions.

      Since I moved to this site I have received not income (it’s hopefully coming at some point). When I did, I paid $180 to go to therapy. What it really did for me was make me shower and get up and dress in cleanish clothes. And while out I would go to some combination of Marshalls/Trader Joes/Whole Foods in Buckhead. The therapy itself served only to make me realize I was no better off than the session before and get me out into the world and bathe. Since then? It rarely happens.

      So no, she probably could not have freshened up a little. It’s depression. I’ve been trying to gear up for the holidays for WEEKS and am still not sure I am going to participate. So I get that.

      • Sliceo'pie

        I’m a recovering alcoholic living with depression and anxiety and now peri-menopause. I try to make an effort pretty much every day to iron some nice clothes (a uniform is easiest -no thought involved, I put on jeans, oxford/sweater, blazer and motorcycle boots and most importantly big sunglasses), brush my hair and put on make-up. I often feel as much as 25-50% better with this superficial routine. As I’m now dressed, it makes it easier to push myself to get an AA meeting. Admittedly many days it’s really hard-I’m a stay at home mom whose kid is in school all day so I could easily stay in my jammies all day alone surfing the web and nobody would know. I often perform this whole routine only to realize, as I buckle my boots, that I forgot to shower-this happens often.

        I’ve found my outfit is sort of an armor I wear to protect myself-when you look put together, everyone assumes you’re fine and only superficial questions are asked. I find it’s a double edged sword though because I’m lonely and screaming inside but putting out a message that I’m fine-no worries here.
        Sorry, another rambling text from ‘slice. The anonymity of the internet allows me to be honest if only with myself.


        I get what your saying.
        If it turns out she never had Lyme disease I still will feel for her. Disease or not this is a woman who is hurting

      • French

        I have a lot of the same issues, so I get the uniform and the huge sunglasses! I try to get out of the house a couple times a week if I can.
        Also I believe Yolanda isn’t feeling well, I have a lot of her symptoms too, I just don’t think it’s Cld. I keep hoping she’ll give up on cld and find a doctor that would put her on the right track and find a cure for all of us.

    • Matzah60

      Yes, there is video evidence she has drive in the past three years. She drove the ladies during her treasure hunt or whatever it was called with the ladies in Beverly Hills. She rode a bike all over Holland. She takes Yoga classes which are really quite physically demanding.

      Samael is correct when he says (paraphrasing) that her behavior of going on trips, running on a treasure hunt all over Beverly Hills, riding a bike in Holland, etc are a contradiction to her described symptoms and comments on Instagram and twitter.

      It is hard not to doubt.

  4. Thanks for posting this. As someone who is still fighting to find out what’s wrong with me, her speech really resonated.

    • tamaratattles

      Me too. I think if you are living it, it resonates. I know something is wrong with her/us. But I also know that being incapacitated makes you freak out about money. So I can see her trying to work a deal with David. I do believe the hypothetical. But I also believe she wanted to fulfill the relationship agreement. No one wants to live this way.

      I do worry about her being divorced. Because being single and or alone makes It harder to rally. You give yourself one more day to feel sorry for yourself. At least I do. But I have set down some holiday time for me to get away from here more and get into THE WORLD and enjoy the season a lot more. If I can get up and take a shower and force myself out into life.

      We all need all the reasons to get better. So Lady C, I challenge you to get up tomorrow and do three productive things. Thing one can be take a shower. I know it is on my list for tomorrow.


      • AKA Riley

        Thanks for the encouragement for all of us that are going through the same. It finally dawned on me not long ago that I am going through a depression. The putting off taking a shower was a dead giveaway. Not wanting to talk on the phone was another. I too will make an effort to do three things today. Can I count this comment as #1?

  5. Chloe

    The thing that struck me the most about her speech is that with all her money and seeing all the best doctors, she had to leave the country to be tested and find out she had Lymes. Wtf?

    It shows that there really is a need for awareness about this in this country and kudos to her for using RH for doing that, no matter what is wrong with her and how much she can annoy me at times.

    I get myself tested at the end of every summer because I get bitten by ticks at least a dozen times. This past year I found out my doctor was only testing me for Lymes and not the other common tick diseases. Stupid me for assuming that when you live in a high Lymes area that you would be tested for the other 2 common ones. I thought it was a given.

  6. hannahkingrose

    I don’t know what’s wrong with Yolanda. I agree with Tamara. I don’t think there is a disease called Chronic Lyme’s Disease. However, what I have a problem with is people who have never dealt with a chronic disease assuming if you just buck up, take a shower, put on your makeup and clothes and get out into the world you’ll feel better.

    I have fucking CRPS. It’s a real recognized disease first noted during the Civil War. Oh it was called something else then and the name has changed several times since but it’s still the same disease and there’s still no cure. And NO some days I can’t just get up and go. I try because who the hell wants to live this way missing out on life. I sure as heck don’t. It’s been 6 years for me. I do the best I can as often as can. I try not to complain because it’s no one else’s fault that I live with this. You didn’t do it to me, but for goodness sake when I finally say I’m too sick or I’m in too much pain just believe me. I’m not making it up and I don’t want anyone’s sympathy.

    Just because my disease has a name doesn’t mean it’s any different than any other unnamed disease. They still don’t know how to cure it or even stop the progression. All most people want is hope. Hope for a doctor to help you, hope for support from family and friends, hope that people believe you and finally hope for a cure. Off my soapbox. Sorry.

    • hannahkingrose

      I don’t know like any of us if Yolanda is truly sick in light of the info about the divorce stuff TT brought to light. I almost hope she is making it up because I wouldn’t wish chronic illness on my worst enemy. However, if she is making it up, she only makes it easier for people who already don’t believe people like me to say we are faking.

    • Erica

      Hannah, I am so sorry that you struggle with that. I can only imagine. I know I was one of the ones who suggested showers, etc. That was really directed to those who, like me, have persistent fatigue and/or depression. I know mine is a combination of things… mainly allergies and hypothyroidism (which worsens the allergies) and when my stress or anxiety levels are high? My Procrastination Syndrome really kicks in (this last part is a joke). Some of that is that I live alone… when you live alone you don’t HAVE to do the dishes or make a proper meal, because it is just you. Who is gonna know if you haven’t changed out of your pj’s for th e 3 day weekend. But when you do that, it is a downward spiral. Who is gonna know that you stayed in bed until 5 PM? But sometimes, when you just decide all you are going to do is shower… that shower can wake you up and give you a sense of accomplishment, and maybe a little sense of renewal… it is an act of taking care of yourself, when maybe the last week you haven’t done that. I know a guy that works with the homeless and of course, many homeless struggle with similar issues. He actually ran a hospitality house for the homeless, and he said for one woman, getting her to take a daily vitamin each say, to think of herself as worthy of trying to take care of herself, was a MAJOR breakthrough. Made me cry, because while I am not that bad… I have a roof over my head that I provide for myself and a job… I could relate to it. I am glad I just thought of that… I haven’t remembered that in a while, and after yesterday and with some personal family worries that may or may not be resolved tomorrow, I needed a reminder to practice gratitude.

      BUT, I also get where you are coming from. Physical pain vs. extreme fatigue are two different reasons for being in bed all day. I also have, occasionally, debilitating migraines. Different levels of pain… and people don’t relate all the time because it is “just a bad headache” A headache doesn’t make you hurt so bad that you vomit, and vomit so hard that you piss yourself. Those days it is barely possible for me to get out of bed. Sometimes once I am in the nauseated state I just lie in the bathroom.

  7. Lily

    No, TT. You are not getting sucked in. You recognize not just the behavior of someone physically struggling with ______ , but you also are able to see a dangerous level of despair, that for all her tweets, she doesn’t seem to have a slippery grip on yet. It takes a long time to accept that one will be LIVING with this illness for the foreseeable future.

    Whatever combination of infections or immune problems she has, and what to call them becomes far less urgent when watching undeniable despair. I don’t know what the lady has, but throw divorce and disease-denying ‘friends’ on top of the physical molasses wading and the mental/emotional WTF is wrong with me, and ‘I thought I was stronger than this’ soundtrack – it’s not good.

    I have a nice buffet of auto immune issues from RA to Hashimotos to Elhers Danlos, and my all time favorite, Fibromyalgia. Frankly, doctors can call these things anything they like. There’s so little symptom management and no cure, so call it Stage 4 Jumping Frenchman of Maine Disease for all I care. After fifteen years I have learned a few rules:

    *Minimize psychotropic medication when/if possible – side effects are often worse
    *Use the pain medicine if you need it, even if you morally oppose it.
    *Educate yourself and advocate for yourself before smug specialists appointments
    *You/I am not crazy. I didn’t give up a lifelong love and disciple (Ballet) to become a physically lame person who still hears the music, can see the choreography, and twitches to articulate it from the discomfort of my bed. No friggin way. Don’t accept that kind of crap from anyone.
    *Eat the healthiest food you can afford and that you ENJOY. And cheat once in awhile.
    *And YES, Tamara. Best advice. Shower. Sounds easy. Feels like a triathlon, and can use up an entire days worth of stamina. On the days I can do it, it’s a nice slice of pre-sickness life.
    *Depression is the enemy. Don’t feed it, make it comfortable, or let it sing you a song. It hates you, no matter how warm and comfortable it feels, and it sure does feel like a seat for my sore ass most days.

    Hats off to all of you with invisble/chronic diseases. The people who say they’re not real because there’s no name and they can’t see it – they’d be blubbering like a ten year old after two days when they realized it isn’t swine flu with a side of food poisoning, and that it was probably not going away in a week. And I sincerely hope they never have to stare down that prospect.

    • hannahkingrose

      Amen Lily. So well stated. For me you are preaching to the choir. You and I basically said the same thing. You just said it a lot more eloquently than I did.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Beautifully said, Lily.
      I would only add two more to your list: go outdoors if you can – to the woods, to a park, to the ocean, or simply sit on your porch; meditate 10 minutes a day.
      I fed myself so many cruel pep talks over the years. I would never speak to anyone else that way.

  8. She did reveal some interesting and revealing info here. She said the chronic fatigue Doctor found evidence of spirochetes in her blood and diagnosed her with Lyme. Now whether it’s the same spirochetes that American doctors use to validate a Lyme diagnosis I don’t know. I take it probably not.

    There has been a lot of criticism and controversy regarding American protocols for Lyme and that the test isn’t inclusive enough to validate all forms of the disease; due mainly to conflicts of interest by the doctors writing the protocols. The fact that she says she experienced improvement after antibiotics is a strong indicator of Lyme. Although American doctors think you’re supposed to get better after antibiotics, I don’t think that’s enough to rule out chronic Lyme disease’s existence. This disease hasn’t even been around that long.

    So.. If what she’s saying is true, I’m starting to believe her. The two glaring problems are..if David was so wonderful, why are they getting divorced? And then there’s still the issue of the two kids coincidentally having it as well.

  9. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    Interesting to watch this video Tamara. I agree that it does seem David did a lot for her and I think the blame being levelled on him for the demise of their marriage is a little unfair. The reason so many people, me included, don’t get it with Yolanda is because she is so contradictory and seems to have a propensity for exaggeration – as Kyle pointed out at the table when she said that posts sick selfies one minute and she then meets her socially looking great the next. It is confusing. Yolanda’s illness never showed up in the prior two seasons filming – only when it came to blogging and she was being criticized by viewers for her behavior. Her illness just couldn’t be THAT convenient could it? That she could film for two seasons for 5-7 months and not one scene or indication of this debilitating illness? When she makes claims of not being able to read or write or drive for three years or accuse people of not visiting when they did it just makes it hard to not believe she is prone to melodrama. I have no doubt something is wrong but I’m just not sure what or how much is psychological or self induced with her diet and daily intake of what seems like excessive amounts of supplements and vitamins as well as IVs and other treatments. It reminds me of when I have a pimple and I start putting more and more creams on to make it go away but it just gets bigger, then I start picking at it until it becomes so much worse that it was, then I try to cover it and end up making it look like I have some terrible flesh eating disease. The more treatments Yolanda has, the more doctors she sees, it just seems to get worse. I also have no doubt that her appearance at the birthday party was deliberate and for the viewers and more to honor her Bravo contract than to make an effort for LisaR. If Lisa’s birthday was out of season and no cameras I doubt she would leave her apartment.

    • Wallace

      You are not alone in being confused by someone looking good and seeming to be active and then going through periods of extreme fatigue and illness. That is part of these auto-immune diseases which doctors refer to as waxing and waning symptoms. It can be very difficult to regulate your activities and know what the impact will be.

  10. K

    What she describes sounds so much like what I went through this Summer. I was so exhausted that all I did was sleep and go to work. On the weekend, I slept 18 hours a day. One day, it took an hour for me to get up and get a drink of water. Walking the 30 feet from the parking lot into the office building felt like walking in waist-high water with the tide coming in. I had maybe an hour a day of real concentration to do my job. I was not emotionally “depressed”, my depression expressed itself physically. After a few months of this, I wanted to die. The only thing that kept me alive was that I needed to care for my dog. Fortunately, I was able to get help. It took several months to find the right combinations of anti-depressants but I feel great now! I feel so fortunate to live in a time when these medications are available. Otherwise, I would certainly be hospitalized or dead.
    From what she said in the video, I wonder if she even tried anti-depressants? I know they don’t always work but they take time to start working and can take months to get the right combination. I also wonder if she has accepted that she’s getting older. At 51, I can’t physically or mentally work as hard as I did 20 years ago. There’s no medical solution for that. I also wonder if maybe she’s rejected medical advice because it didn’t agree with her opinion about what is wrong with her. Either way, my sympathies are with her.

  11. My father has Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome and he goes thru a LOT of the nay sayers telling him that he either doesn’t have it or it doesn’t exist. He went from an active firefighter to a man who weighs q80 pounds and can’t walk often even with his walker. I really hate seeing people telling others that they don’t have what they say they have or doubt the diagnosis they DO get. My father suffered for years before he was and blew to get the genetic testing for this illness. My point is this: I do believe Yo is ill, but she might need to be rediagnosed. Has she tried genetic testing? More then likely she only tested for Lyme, but Noone of us know that. You never know what and I person is suffering thru until you walk a mile in their shoes….. or watch them on tv suffering. I love that she is being so…… honest about her struggle. It IS hard to be positive all the time, and the fact that she is letting us all behind the screen of Instagram and allowing us to struggle with her is just amazing. I love Yo.

  12. beth

    “I wonder why she discounted the Chronic Fatigue diagnosis but embraced the Chronic Lyme one?” Because the Belgian specialist declared she had chronic lyme neuroborreliosis, based on the presence of spirochete in her tissue. IOW, he found something, while all the other doctors found nothing. (BTW, why would a person be prescribed steroids for being over-worked or depressed?)

    • Matzah60

      My guess is that Chronic Fatigue diagnosis can’t be explained by any underlying medical condition. Even though Chronic Lyme is not recognized as a real illness according to the CDC, those who defend it as a real disease recognize that it can be medically explained as an infectious disease caused by a tick bite. Additionally, Yo may have taken a test to detect Lyme disease, but after asking my own internist, she said that 60% of the blood tests have false negative result, particularly if the test is given in the early stages of the disease.

  13. Island Planet

    I googled the symptoms she says she originally sought medical attention for:exhaustion, joint pain, insomnia, muddled thinking. I’m not sure why she’d be so resistant to a diagnosis of depression and/or menopause. That seems at least as likely as ‘Chronic Lyme’ which isn’t even really a thing. Also fits perfectly with what they’re calling ‘Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome’. I suffered from this for about a year when my anxiety levels were so high that my body and mind just couldn’t take the stress anymore.

    She says that it couldn’t have been depression because she was at the best point in her life. First, girl could take some time to research depression, maybe while chilling in a cryo chamber. Second, sometimes the body knows how our marriage is going before our mind will allow us to see it. Know what I mean Yolanda?

    • Angel(?)

      Her symptoms also are the same as mine before I was correctly diagnosed with thyroid disease after 2 yrs of suffering. I got to the point that I would forget what I was talking about in the middle of a sentence. That’s scary if you never have experienced it. Her symptoms also match peri- or full menopause, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus. I really think it’s hormonal or immune related. Plus those leaky implants.

      I never realized she was diagnosed overseas. Maybe she latched onto Chronic Lyme because it was the first name of condition/syndrone/disease associated with her symptoms?

    • addie2u

      “Exhaustion, joint pain, insomnia, muddled thinking” + drastic weight loss / falling asleep in the middle of a meal (or while standing in front of the sink doing dishes or in front of the washer/dryer doing laundry) / losing the majority of my long beautiful hair / unable to find my way home from the corner store (that I’ve been to 100’s of times) / 2x getting lost 100’s of miles from my destination (& needing to be guided home, step by step) / pacing like a caged animal for hours inside my home trying to remember what I was going to do + SO much more.

      It all began in Sept 2002. For the 1st several years I visited many dr.’s, was poked, prodded, & placed on nearly 100 different meds & various combos of meds (I’ve got the list) – all to NO avail. It’s rare, but if there’s a day where I do have energy – I end up paying for it for weeks (laid up in bed). I’ve had to learn to pace myself with everything & (more than ever before) write lists to prioritize the most mundane tasks. I’ve had no choice but to accept this as my new normal. :(

      ETA: I also don’t believe Yolanda has Chronic Lyme, but whatever it is – for selfish reasons I’m glad she has the drive & funds to continue her search for what’s causing these symptoms.

      ETAA: Coincidentally I was experiencing Perimenopause when my symptoms began .

    • I got that diagnosis as well after 3 years of debilitating pain from a repetition stress injury. Holistic doc said I burned by body down to the ground via stress. Regular doc said it was early menopause and depression. I was 34 at the time. It’s very hard to diagnose because cortisol levels fluctuate but finally a 24 hour saliva test that confirmed my levels were low. By that time I was so bad I would fall asleep anywhere and thought I had narcolepsy in addition to sleeping over 12 hours a day and still not feeling rested. I also spoke with a slur that was unexplained. Lots of other wierd symptoms. years later and I still struggle but I do best when I’m taking good care of myself. Eating VERY clean and not consuming caffeine, tobacco medications etc.. All things I was doing to help me cope were sending me further into the hole. This started in my 20s but affected my hormones and thyroid as well so I actually was in perimenopause by age 31. I can relate so much to everyone’s struggles posted here and wish conventional medicine was doing more to help the multitudes that are struggling with these types of issues.

  14. Frosty

    Yo is ill, I believe her.

    I think given her age, symptoms and outward appearance of good health, her doctors guessed it was perimeno or meno and that was the end of it – gave her some antidepressants or adderall or sleeping pills and called it a day. That’s the typical response to menopause your gyn will have, to treat the symptoms that way, or put you on HRT. And if the docotrs don’t think it’s menopause, the next thing they’ll probably look for will be thyroid disfunction. All that takes a lot of time to rule out. After that you may well be on your own to find a correct diagnosis.

    It’s a depressing, debilitating hunt for a treatment, I feel for her.

  15. loriflack

    Just because she probably IS experiencing some menopausal symptoms, does NOT negate having another chronic health issue during this same time!

  16. ZenJen55

    Thank for this forum TT. Please know i believe you, Yo, and countless others suffer from not one but a myriad of symptoms. IMO its part of the “change” i, too suffered for years but once i was completely over the process, I no longer suffer. Im back to the old Me. Im no doctor, nor would i imply that this will happen to you but i sure hope. :)
    On really bad days I went to my therapist in my jammies! If i changed pj’s i considered it changing clothes!

    I so hope money comes in for your outstanding blog. Ive said many times, its a job. Id just die if you had to go out in the real world to work!

  17. pocketbooklover

    I agree that something is wrong with her but also don’t understand the ‘miraculous’ recovery to go on vacations/travel/film. These are scheduled in advance so it’s not like “Oh, I’m feeling good, let’s go on vacation.’ I hope she continues to seek out a correct diagnosis so she can get proper treatment.

    Now to add to the conspiracy theories – do you think she is playing up her illness so she has an excuse for the Joanna Krupa lawsuit? I have brain issues so I can’t remember that… I’ve been on bedrest for most of the year so I can’t….

  18. Trashbox

    Are you being suckered in? Go look at her shots from the RHOB premiere this week. She’s showing what looks like underboob in a dress with a bunch of sheer panels. She looks pretty fantastic for someone who claims to have removed her implants and isn’t using Botox. I’m closer to her kids’ age and couldn’t pull off that dress.

  19. Yveline

    I will say it. Yes, you are being sucked back in. I can predict her miraculous recoveries based on what events she would like to attend and her setbacks based on what she would like to avoid.

    TT, no one’s symptoms are that convenient. Not yours, not anyone else posting on this site. There are times when we rally to do what must be done, but we do not radiate good health or glow while doing so. Check out her pictures this week. Seriously.

  20. janet

    What seems odd to me is, if she’s so affected by her disease, that she can’t read or drive a car anymore, how did she give that speech? She spoke perfectly, making no mistakes , no trip ups and it was pretty long too. I dont want to accuse her of faking. I realize people could look regular when theyre ill especially someone beautiful and with good make up. But if your brain no longer works right, how do you give that speech? You would have to read it, memorize it or speak off the cuff doesnt seem possible with major brain malfunction. But I wish her well. Shes not Brooks .

    • I hate to say it, but I had the same thought. She gave that speech like a seasoned professional speaker. Did she even have notes? Everything about it was perfect..too perfect. Think of all the preparation and thought that went into that, let alone the energy required to overcome the nerves. I know I couldn’t deliver something like that and if I even attempted to, it would take me a month in bed to recover. For someone who complains of being severely neurologically impaired, to the point that she can’t even drive, something seems off. Her symptoms just seem to come and go at the most convenient of times.

      • Frosty

        I noticed that too and that she kept her focus to her right – maybe there was a teleprompter there?

      • Lucy

        If she was using a teleprompter, how is it she was able to read such an extensive speech for over 11 minutes, when she has said several times that when she is sick she can’t read or talk or make sense of anything? She started the speech out asking everyone to bare with her because she was still really struggling….sure didn’t look like a struggle to me. She was clear and concise and didn’t stumble over words or pause for a long time. I don’t know….I feel like some of it is over dramatization.

        I know all to well what major depressive disorder is like, because I’m bipolar 2….that means I live in a state of chronic depression more than hypomania. I know how hard it is, and even impossible at times (or even for a week) to go without a shower or getting out of pajamas. When I’m depressed, I sure as hell don’t show up at a birthday party looking like I rolled out of bed….I just can’t even go. I felt like it was more for show than anything else. There’s just too many things she does that don’t make sense.

  21. T D

    Had no idea this was about raising money for charity This sounded like a prima donna rehearsing her arias for eleven and a half minutes. me, me, me, me, me, me… she articulated all her personal pain, with great depth of detail into her own private tragedy. She almost forgot to ask for donations. Lyme brain.

  22. Sabrina

    TT, I have tried six times today to play the video with Yolanda and am finding it shuts down after a few seconds- then it goes a little further the next time- but continues to shut down without showing more than 30/50 seconds.

    Would you leave it up for day or so more , once the problem is fixed, so those of us who were prevented from watching it today can try again, tomorrow?

  23. Hey you,
    I’m still in Bangkok, stayed in a beautiful 5 star hotel, La Meridian. I checked out a few says ago to get be closer to the real Thai people. Maybe not my best idea but I’m still enjoying myself.
    The best beds and I’m struggling to sleep well.

    I am tired and not from traveling. I wish we all felt better.

    • Calipatti—- I thought of you during this time because of your previous posts about this trip. If I remember correctly, while looking forward to the wedding, you shared you had some other aprehensions as well.
      I hope you had a great time. And I bet you looked great as the Mother of the groom!

  24. Rose

    This made me sad. I’m surprised Cedars didn’t diagnose her and she had to travel to Europe. Something is wrong yet I still believe all of the varies drug cocktails and infusions she’s taking are wreaking havoc. I hope she gets to the bottom of it, just as others who post here about their ongoing issues.

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