Does Shamea Morton Have An African Prince Too?


RHOA Shamea

So Shamea posted this on Instagram Thursday with this caption,  “I just finished getting my last shot! I’m only 10 days away from my trip to Kenya, Africa! I’m getting excited!??? #bestdoctorsever #shots #travelvaccinations #eastafrica

I have a feeling we will see some fancy shopping trips and selfies very soon. I’m just saying. Housewives tend to return from Africa with more money than they went with.

RHOA Lanier Cynthia and the hoodrats

She has on three different shirts of these visits so she is getting lots of shots,  Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Meningitis  and probably yellow fever. She may also be taking malaria medication.

What is it with these RHOA and the “African Prince” stuff? At least Porsha dealt with hers here in the city limits.

In other news from her Instagram, she urged her followers to tune in for last week’s episode of RHOA and proclaimed herself “the prettiest one on the boat.”  Oh honey. Not with that damn scarf on your head and those bug eyes. Sheree was prettier than you for one. Hell all of them were prettier than you. Every last one.


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12 responses to “Does Shamea Morton Have An African Prince Too?

  1. O.O

    Is there another Kenya ? I see why she’s friends with Porsha

  2. pfffttt

    Shamea is not good looking. She isn’t ugly. But she isn’t good looking. She is very plain Jane…

  3. Guccinara

    Shamea is completely minging even Phaedra is looking better than her. I don’t like her at all she comes across as porsha’s cheap catty ugly little friend trying to grab a bit of the limelight. There’s certainly nothing ladies who lunch about her. She’ll be able to get an African prince if that’s what she wants. To be fair they are 2 for a penny and not that fussy.

  4. habba

    Shamea reminds me of Huggy Bear from the original Starsky and Hutch series.

  5. iloveearlygrey

    Get this thirsty bitch some water.

  6. Rose

    I think we know Kenya is in Africa. I don’t like her at all.

  7. lavidaLinda

    Clearly Porsha and Shamea think that they are Kenya and Claudia from last year….true friends who like each other, who bring out the best parts of each other, but also bring the shade like nobody’s bidnez. K&C were funny, smart, and fun to watch. P&S are not funny, pretty, definitely not smart, and not fun to watch….it’s like watching the old Ricky Lake show and seeing who can out skank the other….just no fun watching women being…..that.

  8. Army Wife

    She is definitly the prettiest. Her skin is so so beautiful and her body is banging. Wish more of the ladies wore natural inspired hair or hair pieces ( I’m a fan of changing up your hair like you Chang your shoes). But the long straight European like hair is soooo ugly.

  9. Tamdon

    “Hell all of them were prettier than you. Every last one.” I died laughing at this comment because it totally echoed my own thoughts about her calling herself the “prettiest.” This girl isn’t pretty on the outside nor the inside from what is being portrayed so far. She has been negative with Kenya from day one and had no reason to be. I just find her behavior annoying and desperate.

  10. T D

    Shamea really has a prince and he’s not from Africa. He’s British. If I’m not mistaken his name is Albert and she keeps him in a can.

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