Check Out This Tour Of Kandi Burruss’ House


It’s really only two or three rooms, But the décor is totally Kandi. I like how she pokes fun at her chairs with “weave.” I really didn’t realize how huge that house is!


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28 responses to “Check Out This Tour Of Kandi Burruss’ House

  1. beth

    gawd, I HATE, HATE, HATE, the v-dent people put in throw pillows – the worst interior design “thing” ever. Did I mention I HATE it?

  2. Drinkthediamondwater

    Not a fan of her decorating style. Like her studio offices decor and fashion sense . . .it’s hideous.

  3. Rose

    From the show I never realized how huge her home is! I liked the pair of red chairs until she showed the weave on the back. Lol Her style is a mix of eclectic and traditional which surprised me since they show more of the eclectic.

  4. Frosty

    It’s very different from my own style, but I really like Kandi’s place – it’s colorful, comfortable and has lots of vitality. Love those Craig’s List chairs. That is not for the shy.

  5. Spilledperfume

    I am not a fan of her taste. Those chairs and the fuchsia coffee table are hideous. :-(

  6. She’s incredibly tacky. Not surprising. And cheap. She bought a giant house and filled it with flea market rejects. That piano is a travesty. And the ceiling? Dear god. I guess threesomes are better looking at fake croc ceiling pant?

  7. T D

    How many muppets had to sacrifice the skin off their backs to cover the backs of thse chairs?. All that red and pink reminds me of the Poconos commercials from the 70’s. Where’s the champagne glass hot tub? In the guest room?

  8. Josie

    The house itself is beautiful however the furnishings are hideous.

    That piano in purple crocodile…no words. That pink coffee table is just awful. Crocodile walls??! Oh well, as long as she is happy with it….

  9. Grandmalou

    I love her stately home. The interior design, not so much. The color scheme is LOUD and I cry for that piano. It must be wonderful to have so much money and yet not have a clue about interior decorating. I give it a thumbs down.

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone cover a grand piano with fabric/wall paper? I had flashes of her wedding and those Coming to America dancers and then thought, yes, of course, this is authentic Kandi. The hair on the back of those chairs would make Satchwatch give her the side eye. She funny and pleasantly herself and at least we aren’t knocking her for being phony.

    • addie2u

      She’s certainly authentic (& consistent with her fashion sense & decorating style). 😉

      • She can afford to shop other than Craig’s list. Mama Joyce raised a miser. Yeah, Todd ain’t getting nothing. Also, was this after her marriage to Todd? I noticed she said my this, my that. Not the our word.

      • addie2u

        Other than the foyer & staircase, the decor is tres feminine. With all that pink & fluff, unless Todd had no say (or doesn’t care), it was decorated by a woman, for a woman (or multiple women). 😉

  11. More Tea Please!

    That living room is more whore-house boudoir décor…

    I can’t wait to see Nene’s furniture line, can you? (Like there’s going to be one!)

    • You are so right about “whore-house boudoir decor”.
      The only other time I’ve seen a sectional sofa that large was inside a swingers club in Las Vegas.

    • addie2u

      Other than the foyer & staircase, the house certainly has a “whore-house boudoir” vibe. The room with the large sectional looks an orgy room from a porn film (or a large scale van from the 70’s). It seems much of the furniture was designed to feel good when sitting or rubbing against naked & the 3 paintings on the wall are reminiscent of Portland artist Sarah Levy who painted “Bloody Trump” with a tampon.

  12. addie2u

    For anyone who’s ever said “who would buy that” – I’d like to introduce you to Kandi. 😉

  13. I want a subtle, sophisticated look:

    So…….let me combine lipstick red faux fur chairs with a clever sawed-off dining room table painted bright fushia parading as a coffee table. Allow me, if you will, to add a bright red phony crocodile not-so-grand piano. Next, match that silly faux croc with an insouciant little imprint on the ceiling. Bring the look all together with some Lamps Plus,…. ahem…chandeliers. Because they sparkle! Like, really pretty. And they are edgy…like me!

    Let me bring it all together now like some bad LSD trip in a New Orleans cat house.
    Now let me announce I purchased it on Craig’s List or at a discount.

    Yup. Subtle and sophisticated.

  14. It’ is her/their house so she can decorate it as she likes. I happen to like it because of the brightness and color. To me if you have to live somewhere make it comfortable for you and if others don’t like it oh well, they have a right to an opinion but they didnt’ buy your furnishings, didn’t pay for the house either and don’t have to come over to the house. Point is if my friends don’t like my taste great they aren’t paying for anything up in my house, I probably don’t like their taste either but I am not tacky enough to question it because I didn’t buy it and I don’t live there. I like Kandi’s house and the pops of color are nice too. Go Kandi and Todd, do it your way and enjoy your house.

  15. I love her home from the outside, the brick work is my style, however, that’s where it stops. To each their own, but her style of decorating just comes off as cheap and tacky to me. I guess it’s a case of money can’t buy you class or a sense of home decor fashion.

  16. OMG, I can never unsee that horrible décor!!!

  17. Cat

    I guess I’m in the minority. I liked it (except the piano, it looked like the croc was buckling). Otherwise, I liked it. And I HATE pink.

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