RHOA First Look: Porsha and Shamea Removed From the Boat

Gif by T.Kyle RealityTVGifs

Gif by T.Kyle RealityTVGifs

Bravo played a first look of tomorrow night’s episode of RHOA  tonight and it was pretty epic.  For one thing we get a better camera angle and a clear shot what set everything off.  If you recall, both Porsha and Cynthia were doing a lot of finger waving at each other. At some point Porsha screams “this is how you want to be ?” over and over. Porsha takes it a step further and reaches over and taps Cynthia on the nose with her left index finger. Actually, it doesn’t even look like the tap landed but that is what caused Cynthia to sit up and get pissed and put her hands up and scream for Porsha not to touch her  and grab Porsha’s wrists. Then Porsha jumps up on the chair and Cynthia takes her bare foot and goes straight for the cunt kick. They do not show Porsha falling backwards but the do show Porsha coming back for more. This time Cynthia kicks her off of her a second time, this time in the stomach with two feet as Cynthia is reclined and Porsha is  standing over her.  This all happened very quickly and then Carlos runs in to tackle Porsha. He was pretty aggressive with her. There was another guy in the shot that was also helping Carlos restrain her. Meanwhile she is screaming about “catching that bitch.”

Kim Fields and the bartenders are all appalled.

Gif by T.Kyle Reality TVGifs

Gif by T.Kyle Reality TVGifs

Porsha tries to convince Carlos that she just wants to talk to Cynthia.  Then Porsha starts screaming “she’s losing her husband, she’s lost businesses, she’s losing everything she has! She want’s me to loose everything.”

Now I need to say something you will find more shocking than anything you see on the show.  Sheree Whitfield was the sanest person in the bunch. Yes, I know.  Kim Fields cries from the stress of seeing violence up close and wants her babies and her book.  Sheree jokes, “Do you have another book?”  Kandi is pregnant and still trying to get as close as possible to the flailing thug. Cynthia seems out of it and actually calls Peter and tells him to come home from Charlotte (and he does).  Tammy was hiding below deck swilling Coronas the whole time. Kenya is fluttering around Cynthia trying to take care of her and getting the Captain to take Thug 1 and Thug 2 off the boat. It’s a circus.

Porsha goes into her high pitched meltdown voice like she did at the reunion after she attacked Kenya. Shamea is crying and Porsha is crying. They finally get them on the boat and Shamea leaves saying “a tired party for some old tired people.”

Later Shamea and Porsha are at Porsha’s and Porsha’s mother comes over with food for them because between the two of them I doubt they could open a can of beans. Porsha has lots of bruises, but only the stomach one came from Cynthia. The rest happened when it took two people to restraint her.  Porsha tells her mother that she was trying to “dumb herself down and be humble for Cynthia.”  Porsha says she was nothing but supportive to Cynthia.  Good God this woman is delusional.

Tomorrow we see what happens when Peter comes home and is less than supportive.


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57 responses to “RHOA First Look: Porsha and Shamea Removed From the Boat

  1. O.O

    I can’t wait !

  2. Dawn

    I don’t like violence, but at this point, and with reading Porsha’s lies to her mother, I’m going to be toasting to my TV when I watch her getting bruised.

    Sounds like Peter has become 100% just baggage for Cynthia. Not a supportive spouse.

    • O.O

      @Dawn Has become? When wasn’t he??

      • Dawn

        True. There was that one time he stood up to Nene. I have finally given up hope that he will ever put Cynthia’s needs before his own.

    • Peter is the new Greg. “Accessorized baggage”.

      • Greg is far from baggage. Him and Nene had been together for a lot of years. Before this show he took care of Nene.

      • Sliceo'pie

        At least Greg supports NeNe-he’s a riot too-did you hear him telling the other men he waits for her with a robe, slippers, powder and lotion after NeNe gets out of the shower-he then puts on the lotion and powders her down like a baby. (I can’t even get a clean towel from my guy) He cooks for her and probably does the grocery shopping and takes care of their kid.

    • Pat

      I’m with you 100%.

      • Pat

        Ooops! I wasn’t clear. I mean I’m with Dawn 100% when it comes to Porsha, and I’m 100% with Lovey and Sliceo’pie when it comes to Greg. I do not like Nene even a teeny bit, but I have to give credit where it’s due. I finally see that Greg is more than an accessory (and not just a lap dog like I previously though) because the way he supports Nene emotionally, and the way he apparently supported her financially and emotionally before she became a reality star is priceless. I should be so lucky. So should Cynthia!

      • tamaratattles

        It’s interesting that Gregg is back at home in Atlanta with the boy and not with Nene in NYC this time. Perhaps they’ve put the kid back in school?

  3. BeetsWhy

    Porsha has such a short fuse and the supremely annoying habit of repeating the same damn sentence over and over when her initial apology is not immediately accepted. She needs to have her meds adjusted. What KF said stayed with me, that they will both regret there behavior later…but I wonder about that, I think they will both see themselves as innocent victims. Did I mention I love love love KF? Not so much the big bird hair in her talking heads but the less yellow hair on the boat is gorgeous on her! Woman crush…

    • tamaratattles

      I wish y’all would not do that initials thing. I have Lyme brain and it always takes me a few minutes to decipher. My first choice this time was Kevin Federline. I’m NOT kidding. For some reason the initials thing is incomprehensible to me. Why? Beets Me! SWIDT?

      • TT, you did better than me! All I could come up with was KFC… Lyme brain!

      • Meredo

        @Lady Coco, haha, that was my first thought too! And thank you TT, I always have to run through a list of names before I get the initials to match the right one. The only time I immediately recognize the initials are LVP for Lisa Vanderpump but I think that had been allowed to avoid confusion when Lisa Rinna joined the cast.

      • Minky

        I grew up with an artist, so I’ve been unintentionally sniffing turpentine and varnish fumes all of my life. I’m surprised I can tie my own shoes. I thought KF was maybe the first two letters of a radio station. And there have been a couple of Kims in the HW franchises. 2 in Atlanta, alone.

      • Meg

        I’m glad you said that! I read that three times and kept thinking, who the heck is KF? I have a newborn though, so my brain is not functioning well.

    • The thing is Porsha never really apologized. She even said she wasn’t going to apologize because she didn’t think she did anything wrong. Porsha thought she was smart enough to talk Cynthia into believing Cynthia just misunderstood her. Porsha was wrong.

      • Tp

        All that talk about scratches, cuts and bruises .. I ran it back and Cynthia had on flats, which flew off when she kicked her between the legs to get Porsha off of her. I agree that any other bruises were pretty much self inflicted since she got them fighting two grown men trying to go after Cynthia again! Porsha did NOT apologize and regardless of whether or not Cynthia over reacted, she begged Porsha to go away and leave her alone. Cynthia did nothing wrong imo. When will eniugh be enough with this thug Porsha ? And why do they always , always, always let her get away with it? That makes 2 times that she’s physically attacked her cast mates and she’s still on the show? And even better, it looks like Cynthia is actually taking the blame! Which excuses Porsha’s behavior. It’s bs! Porsha needs to go!

    • Pat

      I love Kim Fields too. She is definitely my kinda girl. I just hope she’s grounded enough to keep the other women from rubbing off on her. As for Porsha, I don’t know if her mother did an insanely poor job of raising her or if she has some kind of emotional disorder or both, but she needs psychological help for real. It is beyond unhealthy and abnormal for a 34 year old woman to act like that! I can’t put my finger on it, but something about her tantrums reminds me of the Wizard of Oz (the old one). Freaks me out. And the way her mom just nods her head no matter what Porsha says is just plain unsettling to me.

  4. karen

    These women are anything but role models. Who kicks people? Ugly, nasty show I watch to be entertained and violent behavior and vile language is NOT entertaining.

    • tamaratattles

      Who kicks people? Someone with a violent moron on top of her. TWICE.

    • tamaratattles

      Also, if you are offended by vile language, this is probably not the place for you. I sort of live for vile language these days. I’m going through a rebellious stage (again.) :)

    • AKA Riley

      Karen, I agree concerning the role model remark…but there was the school that thought Porsha was and asked her to speak there. Still SMH over that. Can’t help but wonder if the person who made that call ever watched RHOA.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Come on be honest, you’re among friends…when a co-workers upsets you at work, you don’t cut a bitch?

  5. Minky

    And here I was hoping that Cynthia actually did something. Forgive me, but if Cynthia had actually given Porsha the ass whooping she deserves I wouldn’t blame Cythia one bit. NO, violence is not okay, but Porsha has been cruising’ for a bruisin’.

    Porsha’s tirade sounds like she’s projecting a lot of her own problems onto Cynthia. Losing her husband, business and “everything she has” sounds a lot like Porsha when Kordell left her. Porsha’s actually accusing Cynthia of trying to sabotage her. At least that’s how it sounds to me. I think a lot of the women on the cast are very jealous of Cynthia just like Nene is, especially for her looks. It’s all so petty.

    • tamaratattles

      Of the two, Cynthia is the one NOT having her checks garnished. Allegedly. She was totally projecting.

      And all Cynthia did was kick Porsha off of her TWICE and Porsha kept trying to get back at her! The first cunt punt was PRICELESS, though.

      • LoveJoy02

        TT, I beg your pardon but I must of missed one of your post. I HAVE to know about this check garnishing situation! I’m lost.. Any links?!

  6. Erica

    OMG… I just deleted it… that was CARLOS? The infamous Carlos?

    It took two of them to restrain her. She’s frightening. No excuses from me this time.

  7. Erica

    Oh and when they went downstairs, Tammy was on the couch…. and she looked like she was crying or something.

    Not that I feel badly for her…. she called her husband Nazi-white. Who the fuck says that??? It has been bugging me.

    We use the word Nazi too much to describe things we shouldn’t.

    • Matzah60

      Erica, I was offended by that comment as well. I have never even hear that expression used (Nazi-white). For me, it conjures up an image of Hitler and his Nazi doctrines and makes light of the 18 million people who died at the hands of the Nazis. 6 million were Jews in what is now referred to as the systematic genocide of the Jewish race.

      • Erica

        I am glad I wasn’t the only one.

        Seriously though, I think it has been more and more acceptable, and has lost its shock value as a word… and perhaps shows a lack of remembering. This year I decided to never joke about either me or others being a “Grammar Nazi” again. I think it was a combination of a joking thread I was having on FB about my cousin and I being irritated to death about misspellings in meme pictures (especially the political ones), and my friend making a post about Holocaust Remembrance Day (they lost family in the Shoah) around the same time.

        I don’t get all butthurt or purposely seek to make unsolicited comments if it shows up on Facebook, but I am choosing not to use the term unless talking about WWII or if there is a neo Nazi protest somewhere. I would also explain this attitude if someone were to call me that on Facebook (Grammar Nazi).

        I stated it here because we share our thoughts and feelings about the show and the people on them. I find her distasteful for several reasons, but that comment tops it.

        FYI… still love the Soup Nazi episode on Seinfeld.

      • I dunno I’m getting some self hate from Tammy or an identity crisis but she has wrapped it up in seeming funny little stAtements!

      • Matzah60

        I do feel sympathetic towards Tammy. It was disturbing to see her below deck crying. I don’t know if the fight made her cringe or if she has some personal problem. I wonder if all those girls shunned her or shamed her on the boat and the footage wasn’t shown. Clearly, when she talked about her son’s singing, everyone created some distance from her.

  8. BGStyles Laughing

    They both are at fault. Cynthia shouldn’t have grab her hands and Porsha should have left it alone. But all that waving fingers in each others faces will never do. BTW…They all need Black Jesus.

  9. Cherry Bomb

    It was either in Porsha ‘s talking head or her explanation of events to her mother (sorry I forgot ) Porsha stated that she apologized to Cynthia but while on the boat she said to Cynthia that she didn’t do anything wrong therefore she wasn’t going to apologize. She is pure trash…. Why is she still on that show. She seems like such a liability so how can Bravo want to keep her on the show ? I just don’t get it. I don’t think Cynthia is entirely innocent but I wouldn’t let that giant ass THOT straddle me either and I probably would have done the same thing to get her away from me as well. And Thanks TT for the pre – Tea.

  10. Bekky

    Sorry to say this, Porcha looks like a man that needs to be trained as a lady with a class.

  11. tamaratattles

    Look, I know you people say you are not classy if you don’t defend yourself. But I’m gonna come right out and say, If I were in Cynthia’s position, not only would I have cunt punted the bitch I told to get away from me ten times. I would not have reclined again, I would have gotten up and stomped her in the face. Once you attack me by getting on a chair I am RECLINED IN on a boat. You need to be put down. Cynthia did the minimum required to protect herself. She is a better woman than I.

    • Grandmalou

      I’m with you on this one. I would have beat the brakes off that thick thighed thot. I’m sick of Porsha and want her to disappear. And to think she’s smart enough to dumb down, just do you thugett. Be gone Porsha.

  12. Keya

    Wow!!! Between the “cunt kick”, 2-foot kick, ” thug 1 and thug 2″ and Sheree’s mention of a 2nd book, I’m LOL at 4am in the morning. This is hilarious to imagine. Yes, a circus with tears. Wow wow wow.

    • tamaratattles

      Um Sheree has a book? Two books? WTF are you talking about Sheree can barely read???

      • Keya

        Sheree asked Kim if she had another book, right? …..as a joke I assume.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh yeah, sorry I missed the point. Multitasking. Yes, Sheree asks Kim if she has another book for her. After Kim said she would rather be with her kids and read a book and pulls one out.

        I have to say, Sheree took me to court, lied her ass off and was a terrible person IRL. But I am kind of liking her on the show. I got more info tonight about what a cunt she was to yet another person. I know personally how awful she is. But so far on the show, she seems quite reasonable. Which worries me because I have seen her crazy IRL. And It’s bad. She literally had someone stalk me AND STEAL MY KEYS making me rekey my car and my home. But she still seems like the sane one in this episode. Editing is everything.

      • hannahkingrose

        TT editing may be everything but Sheree had to give them something to be able to make her look like the sane one to you as much as you know about her IRL. That’s a scary thought. If Sheree is the least crazy out of the crazies you are describing, I’m glad I don’t know any of them personally. I’m too old and decrepit to have to fight one of them but sometimes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I usually carry some equalizers with me. Lol. A little burst of pepper spray on the ground In front of Porsha when she came after Cynthia might have prevented her getting that close to her. It would even be better if the wind was blowing and in the right direction.

      • Mark

        I am worrying about this too. I seem to be growing fonder of Sh/Heree. What is wrong with me??? IS THE SKY BLUE???

  13. Home

    The whole fight thing was CRAZY!!! If Porsha isn’t on medication she needs to be because she is BAT crazy! Cynthia kept asking her to go back to the other side of the boat if she couldn’t receive what she was saying but “crazy” Porsha kept pushing the issue! And not once did I hear her mother say that fighting was wrong! She brings food and sits and listens to a mad woman without giving any sound advice…I’m looking at her side eye as well.

    It looks like they may kiss and make up tomorrow…so I can’t wait to see how that works out. Cynthia asked Peter to come home for support…why did he come home if he wasn’t going to support her? He is such an asshole!!!!

  14. Matzah60

    “I will pick up the hook,
    You will see something new.
    Two bitches and I call them
    Thug 1 and Thug 2.”

    Couldn’t resist, Tamara. Loved your reference to Portia and Shamea as Thug 1 and
    Thug 2. Laughing my ass off (if only that’s all that it took) at your recap.

  15. AngieB

    I don’t think Porsha is a thug, because a thug is a grownup. She’s a spoiled rotten brat with the emotional maturity of a toddler. Pushing and shoving and grabbing and throwing tantrums is exactly how toddlers act when they don’t get their way. Her mom seems like a nice lady but she’s babied as opposed to raised her daughter. I was done with Porsha when I saw the episode where she asked her mom to move out of the master bedroom and give it to her. And her mom did! I can only imagine the choice words my mom would’ve had for me if a dared ask for her to give me her room. She acted like a different person when she was with Kordell but obviously that was because he had her on a tight leash.

  16. Rose

    Porsha “was trying to dumb herself down”. Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  17. Porscha also said she apologized to Cynthia; I must have missed that part! I don’t think the dim THOT knows what an apology is let alone how to give one!

    • robertupland

      This is what I saw:

      Both ladies had their fingers in eachother’s faces.
      Blah blah stupid bitch blah blah
      Cynthia’s finger came just as close to Porsha’s face as Porsha’s came to her’s. The only difference is that Porsha did it deliberately and Cynthia did it in madness.
      Cythia grabbed Porsha’s wrists.
      Porsha sprung, got kicked in the cooch, tried to spring again and got kicked again.
      Porsha got tackled by carlos.
      Cynthia looked totally shocked at what she had done.

      Is that not what happened? And all over being called a bitch (and I agree it was a slightly shady bitch)? Was Cynthia not extremely aggressive as soon as the bitch dropped? In the conversation with Peter, did Cynthia not seem to understand that she messed up?

      Porsha 100% has anger problems but this was not entirely her fault.

      PS While I generally get the phony vibe when kenya is being nice, I feel like the second half of her and Porsha’s conversation was legit. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen Cynthia look prettier than in her talking head with the blue dress.

      • Brand Crazy

        Hi…I had to come out of lurkdom, the blog was so enjoyable, thanks Tamara. My two favorites:

        “Kandi is pregnant and still trying to get close as possible to the flailing thug.”. bwahaha…hold on..let me catch my breath and lean to the other side..OK

        ….” Thug 1 and Thug 2″….Hahahahahaha…thanks for the laugh, truly amused this evening..long time lurker. OK..talk to you guys later, rather lurk.

      • Yup that’s exactly what happened! I agree! This is why I don’t condone calling anyone bitch as a term of endearment!

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