Porsha Williams Attacks Stylist At RHOA Event

RHOA Christmas


Once again, Porsha Williams has gotten violent with a woman at a RHOA event.  It seems it went down at the holiday event with the Grinch theme.   It seems what provoked set her off this time was when stylist Jami Ziegler arrived to the event with a date.

According to TMZPorsha Williams attacked a woman during a recent ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ shoot because the chick brought the wrong dude to a holiday party.  We’re told cameras were rolling when Porsha’s good friend Jami Ziegler floated into the shindig on the arm of a man, and something about that man pushed Porsha over the edge.

Sources say Porsha first tried to get Jami booted from the party, but she left on her own. We’re told Porsha followed Jami outside, shoved her to the ground … then started punching and pulling hair.”


I was attacked by the props I am trying to rip from Kenya’s hands!

Yep, that sounds like Porsha’s standard operating procedure.  Someone does something Porsha doesn’t like. The other party keeps their distance or tries to escape and Porsha tracks them down and pushes them down and smacks them around and yanks their hair.


I’m not sure what this event was all about or how it would fit into this season of RHOA. I’m thinking we will see it very soon since it is a Christmas event if we see it at all.  Apparently, the attack happened outside the venue as Jami was trying to get away from Porsha.  As you recall she was dressed as a snowTHOT so that would have been some interesting footage.

I wonder if the guy was a client?

I will now sift through a million illiterate pending comments from people telling me how Jami forced Porsha to hit her by provoking her.


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105 responses to “Porsha Williams Attacks Stylist At RHOA Event

    • It should be evident now that Porsha has some unresolved issues that needs to be resolved. Porsha hasn’t been right since that husband booted her out; she really needs therapy. I’m not a Dr. but the way she carries herself I think that was too much of a hit to her ego. people don’t fight anymore they are shooting and killing. Porsha has definitely picked the right ones; she had better check herself before it’s too late. What ever happened to laws governing fighting in the work place?

    • Al

      All I have to say is that if Porsha attacked someone she must have had a dam good reason. Porsha is a major star who wants things her way and she will not be taken lightly. That Jamie lady had better remember in the future not to piss Porsha off.

  1. JoJoFLL

    Porsha is trash. She is such a liability for production, I don’t understand how they can allow her to continue to participate. Does someone have to get seriously injured before this stops? Will production and Bravo continue to reward Porsha for this behavior?

  2. ItsMe

    So you trust TMZ when it paints porsha in a bad light but when they said Cynthia was being demoted its was as credible. I will say, however, porsha’s fighting is getting out of hand.

      • Xanadude

        To quote the fabulous Todd Rundgren: Hello, Itsme

      • Mark

        Hmmmmm. Choose a different type of humiliation. Although this young lady may be destined for the WLS, you both have been guilty of grammatical errors and bad English. Don’t make yourself look silly. You’re better than that. Make me proud.

      • tamaratattles

        Mark, she is a troll. We deal with trolls however we like here. Have a seat and buy some popcorn.

      • tamaratattles

        Also Mark, I don’t know why you are bringing my mediocre pool playing skills into this. :) #BadEnglish

      • Um…Mark is it? I’ve no idea who you are. But fuck off and die, k?

      • Mark

        Teehee! As usual you are correct TT. I’m off my manopause now and back to being your biggest fan. You get that window licker told.

        Teecee… Sssssh. Just shhh. Back in your box. Come back out to play when you can contribute something worthwhile. “K”? *rolls eyes*

    • tamaratattles

      I get that you don’t understand critical thinking skills or how to decipher fact from fiction. Fortunately, I can do that for you and you can just try to keep up. Maybe you will even learn something.

      • ItsMe

        So am I blocked from writing comments now?

      • ItsMe

        Hey I asked a legit question, and received no answer. Correct if I’m wrong but Tamara definitely was questioning the credibility of TMZ now she’s citing them in her blog.

      • ‘Twas not a question. ‘Twas a statement. Questions generally end with question marks (?). Did you go to Porsha School?

      • ItsMe

        This is a blog. Who cares about punctuation, subject-verb agreement, etc? That’s all you guys have to say when you have nothing else. You head straight to how a sentence is written. We all know porsha isn’t the brightest and that she gets around. What else do you have?

      • That was not being nitpicky about your grammar. You’re jumping up and down crying that you “asked a legitimate question”. You did not. You made a statement. If you don’t understand that, you’re dumb. Simple as that.

      • Actually…since your nickname itself is grammatically retarded, I’m guessing that you are not so bright.

  3. Sliceo'pie

    Jesus! That video is shocking-I never saw the whole fight close up like that. That’s a bitch who’s been fighting since grade school. I hope this new woman presses charges and Porsha is immediately fired from ALL her gigs. She’s a bad combination of violent and stupid. How many passes do you give a person?

    • Dee

      Pie, I agree, she is an animal. This is a friend she is attacking? Didn’t her Moma teach her to use her words? I’m disgusted by her. She needs anger management, some English as a second language and some manners. Oh she needs to be fired too!

    • Keya

      I agree! She’s had plenty of practice. She’ll meet her match soon enough. Not everyone will walk away. Personally I think some toe-to-toe action is just what she needs.

  4. I hope Jami is going to sue Porsha’s ass off in court. Though what could she get, the car is leased, the house is leased, all Porsha got to her name is some lame ass tracks of hair.
    Andy must be fuming that they did not get this on camera, it would have been a ratings bonanza.

    • I would seriously consider the possibility of shaking Bravo’s deep pockets. Bravo knows she’s a violent person and has been involved in previous physical altercations. Perhaps Bravo failed to provide adequate security for a RHOA event and their guests? If I had an extremely stupid, aggressive pet, I would certainly make sure it was well supervised.

  5. iloveearlygrey

    People like Porsha feel entitled, and do not give a shit about someone else’s personal space. I’ve known a few creatures like her. The only way for her to learn is for her to attack the wrong person (like Marlo) and end up in the hospital.

    • GirlFromKY

      Totally agree with you ilove! Only way for somebody like her to cut that b******* out is a good ol ass whopin that’ll give her the attitude adjustment she needs! Trash. It makes me wonder if she’s on adderall or some type of diet pills that are hyping her up and making her act so crazy.

      • Minky

        If she blames the victim when she’s the one doing the beating, imaging how she’d behave if she was on the receiving end of an ass whooping? For most people pain is the great educator. For someone like Porsha it’s an excuse to get more attention and to engage in more bad behavior. There’s only one rule with the Porsha’s of this world: They’re never wrong. Ever.

    • iloveearlygrey

      That’s actually pretty true, Minky. Someone like Porsha is never going to admit they’re wrong. She doesn’t have the capacity to be introspective. Still, I really hope that the next time she puts her hands on someone first, they beat the crap outta her.

    • Donna

      Like (y) Thumbs up

  6. How long will they let her get away with this behavior? I can’t stand watching her at all. Hot mess

  7. It is going to take Bravo getting sued for them to get rid of Porsha.

    • Minky

      I’m no legal expert, and I can’t match Tamara when it comes to her Holmesian powers of deduction, but I have a feeling that they would like nothing more than to get sued for a Porsha incident. The free publicity alone would make the cost of a settlement worth it.

  8. Stacy McIntosh

    She should be fired from RHOA & Dish. Enough is enough! This “grown” woman constantly putting her hands on someone else! Just sad! Kordell dodged a bullet!

    • peachteachr

      Right, Stacy. Who ever thought that Cordell would come out looking like the good guy?

      • tamaratattles

        I actually kinda liked her back when she was with Kordell pretending to be civilized. I think everyone sided with her in the divorce. But now we know her true (lack of) character and feel sorry for Kordell.

      • Stephanie

        I completely agree TT. I liked her character when she was married. Swing forward to after the divorce and she is slutty, immature, comes off lacking intelligence, and prides herself on being a THOT. I mean she has to know what a THOT means. No respectful woman would demean themselves that way. SMH

      • cjbomb

        I was actually excited when she was first invited to the show because I thought that Bravo was interested in bringing on someone classy with an interesting and important heritage. (change things up) Next thing we know she gets divorced, turns herself into a jessica rabbit doll with a less classy wardrobe and becomes violent seemingly at the drop of a hat. (Oh- AND she’s an idiot.) Sigh…..oh well.

  9. Bravofan331

    Fact is, they want ratings and they want Buzz. She brings that to the show. She better be careful, many reality stars end up in jail or prison. She will be catching assault charges even if the victims don’t press charges..

  10. kkbella

    I’m sure people have posted this before, but clearly, this girl has never learned to use her words. We know that when she speaks as well.

  11. why hasn’t she been fired yet are they really that desperate for ratings? i hope she picks a fight with marlo and they catch it on camera lol

    • mick

      Porsha knows better. But I wonder if Marlo is still a fighter. She has worked very hard to attempt to appear to be a “socialite”. Ted Turner’s daughter’s friend…Fancy etiquette classes. LOL

  12. Dawn

    There is no excuse for this. It doesn’t matter what the other woman said or did. This is the third time we know about in a few months that Porsha has gotten physical with another woman. It is time someone actually pressed charges and sued her. It is okay to be angry, but keep your hands to yourself.

    Porsha has to be an embarrassment to every member of every church congregation that she ever preached to.

    She needs to be drug tested, mentally evaluated, then fired, regardless of the results. Every occurrence was at a Bravo event or shoot, they represent the NBC. How long before Porsha starts brandishing a gun, not long I bet.

  13. Uncle Sigmund

    It seems, as if, this person has been turned over to have a reprobate mind to do those things which are not appropriate to do. She has gone so far that she doesn’t like to keep good behavior in her knowledge of good standards, as well as, fineness, also, of non-violent behavior. Go get on the HEAD DOCTOR COUCH GIRL!

  14. tamaratattles

    The thing is, this has happened three times where cameras are around. I imagine there are many other times we don’t know about.

    • Xanadude

      And each time it happens she gets rewarded with more air time on RHOA and Dish. Why stop? It makes me wonder if her family connections are keeping her out of jail/court.

    • jen

      I think so too. She needs professional help. I wonder if she uses drugs at this point.

      • claire

        My same thoughts: substance abuse or maybe she needs some legit meds.

        However: what she REALLY needs is a good swift kick in the proverbial ass (which wouldn’t be hard to miss) and consequences. Clearly she’s never been taught true responsibility. #princesssyndrome

  15. Home

    I’m beginning to think that Porsha needs medication….seriously.

  16. cynthiaispurty

    Have we ever had a housewife before who’s participated in multiple violent events? There was the Adrianna smack in Miami, the Danielle hair pull and Andy push from Ashley/Teresa in Jersey, and the Apollo/Brandon attack in Atlanta, but I can’t think of anyone else who has gotten physical multiple times.

    My only point is, this will show us if Bravo cares AT ALL about condoning violence on Housewives. My sense, given that in Beverly Hills they knowlingly televised an alcoholic’s struggles for five seasons, and a woman (Taylor) who they knew was being abused for one, that they won’t.

    So then, the only real question is if Porsha is more valuable to them as a hero or villain, which will determine the edit. Thus far, she’s been more valuable as a hero.

    • cynthiaispurty

      Also, on a separate/ less critical note, anyone else feel like this season, though engaging, is potentitally just a place-holder for epic drama in season 9?

      If Nene does indeed come back AND makeup with Cynthia and Sheree, that will NOT sit well with Kenya. So with the resolution of Cynthia-Nene, could come the demise of Cynthia-Kenya.

      Will Porsha and Phaedra, Nene’s former cronies, be passively cool with the Nene-Cynthia-Sheree squad, or will they become Nene adversaries? It could go either way, but I would think they become adversaries.

      So we could potentially get Nene, Cynthia and Sheree vs. Phadera and Porsha. Know Kenya, Kandi and Kim fit into that will only make it more exciting.

      • Kristen

        I used to like Nene but once she started saying things like…..I’m better than anyone else and they wish they could be me….I started disliking her. I think the reason. she didn’t come back is the other ladies started calling her out on her bull. She was just lucky enough to have other work do she could use that as an excuse. Nene is like the Donald Trump of housewives

  17. Laura

    The more I read about Porsha, the more I realize that I have probably misjudged Kordell for breaking up with her on Twitter.

  18. Yveline

    Porsha gets the message that this is acceptable each time she is allowed to get away with assaulting someone. Like all children, she needs to be punished and the punishment needs to be consistent and commensurate to the bad behavior. Thirty-something woman with no home training whatsoever.

  19. ShyGuy

    So sad but Carlos, Andy and bravo thinks porsha doing this is cute. Porsha can’t keep her hands to herself and shamea can’t stay out of Todd’s and kandi bed.

    • tamaratattles

      Wait, WHUT? This is the first I’ve heard of Shamea being in their bed. And for some reason it makes perfect sense. Am I the only one that sort of believes this story?

      • ShyGuy

        The story is everywhere, kandi and shamea are closer than she is with porsha. I’ll leave it at that, she takes up for her on the show like no other. I won’t say anymore because the writings are on the wall.

      • Viks

        Please inform us ShyGuy??? Threesome? Cheater? Seems like Kandi likes her though!

      • Minky

        Yeah, I’ve heard this one too. It paints an ugly mental picture, doesn’t it. We all know that Kandi likes to get freaky leaky. So it’s not much of a stretch.

      • vivaladiva

        Omg YES I could totally see this! Kandi is a freak and makes sense why Kandi said “I love Shamea she is great” and I’m looking at Shamea and thinking….”huh?”

      • T D

        There’s more than one woman into Todd? Kandi coated frights.

      • WonkyTonk

        Well if it’s true it’s probably for Kandi because my gaydar claxon goes full throttle every time I see Todd.

    • ShyGuy

      Long story short, they met at kandi and Todd’s bridal shower and the rest was history. I was sure TT was gonna feature this in one of her blind item post.

  20. LisaPat

    I swear i almost emailed you earlier when I saw this somewhere.. i couldnt believe she got into yet another physical exchange. At first I thought it was Jami Siegler not Zigler b/c she is dating a football player. You know her?? From the Sopranos. She played Meadow.

  21. Rakely

    Wow if I attacked someone I would be fired! Immediately!!!

    • Dawn

      For sure, when you do it while on the job! Some companies would find a way to fire you even if you attacked someone on your own time.

  22. Laura

    Jamie Lynn Sigler isn’t dating a football player. She’s partnered with Cutter Dykstra, a baseball player and son of Lenny Dykstra.

  23. Madashell

    Andy loves Joe Gorga too. Gorga ad been in at least 4 fights.2 that were not covered on tv but we’re talked about on the blogs.
    Andy loves bad behavior.

  24. Rose

    This woman should be arrested. I’m sure Hosea Williams is rolling over in his grave over her representation of his legacy. We saw this sweet, innocent woman when she first started the show but I now think Kordell saw all aspects of this fool. I’m sure he’s somewhere saying thank God I’m free of this mess!

  25. NeverBeenJaxed

    Seems to me Porsha would be much better suited to the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She’d fit right in. A couple of those girls would open up a can of whoop ass on her and teach her a lesson. Or not.

    • Yes. Hyundai Porsha is on the same level of ratchet as the L&HH ATL girls. I’d love to see her get into it with Joseline and/or Jessica Dime. Those girls would put Porsha in her place REAL quick!

  26. Cat

    Stupid, little, snot-faced, bully, bitch.

  27. She is an animal. Just a real shit person. She belongs in jail or in a kennel.

    I predict: she will make a stink as a “victim”. She has some imaginary mental imbalance that makes her violent. She will do some hokey assed rehab thing (filmed if she is lucky) to free her from this “illness” that is just not her fault.

    It’s how cowards usually deal with good old fashioned bad behaviors.

  28. tamaratattles

    Can hardly wait until tomorrow night when the tards start blaming Cynthia for defending herself.

    • LisaPat

      I know, but they don’t get these details. When this story first broke, it was spun in a totally different way… somewhere. I remember being one of the tards.

  29. Calisteve

    Pots ha is just a plain e basic street corner cunt.

  30. Dukie

    Porsha is disgusting & desperate ! She is just trash that adds nothing to RHOA! I find her unbearable this season .

  31. Truthseeker

    Porsha has a “missing link”. I don’t think she has the mental capacity to be around other people in a social setting. Duke didn’t seem that swift but he knew Porsha was only good for a “hit it and quit it ” not a serious relationship.

  32. Swede

    Porsha is a totally different woman than when she was on her first season. Was she hiding this behavior or did she get divorced and decide “screw it, I’ll act however I want to”?

    • janet

      I guess she has a bad case of the divorce crazies. Thats usually a party phase with burning through a bunch of men though, not acts of violence. The trouble is, even though shes young still; shes at an age where if she wants a family she needs to act like a lady. This skanky low life behaviour doesnt make her look like wife or mother material. Now we can see why Kordell kept her on such a short leash. Shes allways appeared to be simple minded and dimwitted , so when she acts rough promiscuous and low brow, there’s nothing redeeming about her at all.

  33. WTH

    Nothing surprises me with Porsha, this is a woman who kicked her own mother out of her own master bedroom when she moved back home after Kordell dumped her…

  34. Bria

    I love you all on this blog. My awesome online friends, giving me so much laughter tonight. In regards to Porsha, we need to dismiss her existence because she’s a retard juvenile for production to use. I am curious about the alleged tea on Kandi & Sharmea because something doesn’t click and i know Kandi is a freak. TT, please have your secret agents ready for this mission.

    • tamaratattles

      I’ve already asked around and the response was “How did you not know that? It’s not a secret!” So um… There you go.

      • O.O

        Wow! Just wow! And this is why it’s important to read the comments people !! Yikes! I wonder what mama Joyce has to say about this.

  35. Matzah60

    This is Portia’s go to behavior whenever she’s angry. Like Tamara stated, we KNOW of three times that she has attacked another woman, but how about all the other times that the cameras weren’t around or rolling. Who else did she attack?

    What’s even more disturbing is the fact that there is no accountability on Portia’s behalf. She always plays the blame game and announces that she is the victim. She also has no remorse for her behavior as evidenced by the fact that doesn’t feel she should nor will she apologize to Kenya for pulling her across the stage.

    I have a feeling her mother always told her how wonderful she was and that nothing that happened with friends or teachers was ever her fault. When I was in grade school, my father told me that when I went to school, I was there to learn and whatever the teacher said or expected of me as a student in her class was right. If he or my mother felt that there was a problem, they would go in and address the teacher, but it wasn’t my place to correct or disobey an adult. The same held true for the other kids in my class.

    I get the feeling that someone at home always went in to school to fight Portia’s battles and always there to defend her right or wrong. Portia’s behavior is unacceptable, but seeing that this is the third time that she’s attacked someone at filming without any consequences (firing), I don’t see how Bravo can fire her now when she behaved the same way two times prior to this and they never took any action.

  36. Lukie

    Porsha should audition for the role of “Queen Mother of Thots” on the Bad Girls Club.

  37. fivecatsownme

    You’re a mean one Porsha THOT
    You really are a pill
    Your weave is full of spiders, you’re mind’s an empty hole, Porsha THOT…..
    You’re still searching for the Underground Railroad.

    Someone is getting coal in her stocking this Christmas.

  38. Kristen

    Maybe she is still upset by her (what she thought was her boyfriend) reaction to the bringing him out to the world party. His reaction was priceless after he escaped her grip and was at the bar with his buddy

  39. Carrie Bradshaw

    There is definitely something wrong with Porsha. She was being physically restrained by two men after Cynthia kicked her and as I recall, she had to be physically restrained after she attacked Kenya.

    She seems to go to a place where she is literally out of her mind.

    Without getting into whether Cynthia was justified in being initially offended, I do think I would have been scared if Porsha was hovering over me and made a sudden move. I have never been in a physical altercation in my whole life but my instinctive move would have been to attempt to repel her like Cynthia did. It’s not as though Cynthia kicked her from a distance as a first move.

    Porsha has three known incidents of physical violence and Cynthia has none. Cynthia has never seemed like the type who would get physical whereas Porsha has a real trashy persona.

  40. captivagrl

    Total lack of self control. Fortunately for her victims, Porsha wasn’t holding a rock or a knife. No way she’ll get treatment unless she is forced into therapy. Someone please arrest this woman. Impulse control disorder is (ICD) real and she is violent.

  41. Jessica

    In the beginning I didn’t like Kenya too much. I changed my mind during the “prop” incident at that reunion. Porsha is just ridiculous. I have come to really like Kenya. I think she is a very savvy woman. Porsha not so much.

  42. Christie

    What can you expect from a bitch that’s as dumb as a stump

  43. It seems to me that if one has one of these violent exchanges each week, month, or year that they should be aware enough to realize they have made the mistake of choosing to be in the presence of people like this. Further, I fully agree that one should defend themselves but following someone to talk crap to them is not going to lead to positive resolution and following someone when they walked away from a confrontation is showing you have bad judgement. Porsha can keep this up on camera but one day she will fool around with the WRONG one!

  44. OhNo

    Didn’t anyone else notice that Porsha, while being pinned down, was screaming something to the effect of, “I’m going to catch her alone and fuck her up”? I’d need more than an “apology on the table” to be comfortable around that low-life again.

  45. Mrs.S

    In my opinion Porsha needs a good old fashion ass-kicking! One of these days she will get it . Porscha comes off as very spoiled! She made the comment if I let Cynthia be my friend again? Who does she think she is?

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