Apollo Nida Moved From Kentucky’s FMC Lexington to New Jersey’s FCI Fort Dix

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From the things I keep meaning to tell you department, Apollo Nida has been moved from Kentucky’s FMC Lexington to New Jersey’s FCI Fort Dix. And yes, Fort Dix is where Joe Giudice will be headed in March.  Small world, huh?

Remember when I told you about the RDAP Apollo was admitted to?  The federal system has a program called the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program.  If you ever find yourself heading to federal prison, first hire Tom Bever, then you need to immediately  begin doing drugs or at least tell the court you have a drug problem.  Because if you can get a coveted spot in this program (a judge has to grant your admission, which means you need to know about it before you get to jail and do what it takes to get yourself in it), you can earn up to 18 months off your sentence. PLUS! You get to do your last six months in a half-way house.  So that is two less years in the actual prison. Since Bever got Apollo in the program, he could potentially be released in FIVE YEARS and TWO MONTHS!  And six of those months would be in a halfway house.

I was thinking that perhaps his transfer had something to do with the RDAP; however, both  prisons have the same program. Prison transfers can be fairly common due to over crowding. Lexington is a medical facility and most likely Apollo needed to give up his bed for someone who needed medical care.

Have you read all the posts on Apollo? Because there are some GOOD ones.

It does seem to be a strange coincidence that Apollo and Joe would be in the same prison at the same time. But that’s Bravo for you. Am I the only immature one who giggles at a prison being called “Fort Dix” ?

The other interesting thing is it seems that Phaedra is on the prowl these days. So why is she not divorcing Apollo?  The streets claim there has been infidelity on both sides of that marriage. Perhaps they have an open relationship of some sort? But if so that doesn’t really explain why Phaedra was gone so much the year before Apollo “went asunder.”  What are the benefits of them staying married? What are the benefits of them divorcing? I’m really not sure what to make of that marriage.



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34 responses to “Apollo Nida Moved From Kentucky’s FMC Lexington to New Jersey’s FCI Fort Dix

  1. Katie

    Just a thought, but married people can’t be compelled to testify against each other. They might hate each other, but they probably both have secrets that are mutually beneficial to keep quiet.

    • Rakely

      That’s a really good point Katie!! I’ve never thought about that aspect regarding these two!

      But part of me believes Phaedra is very consumed with her image as a classy, Christen Southern Belle and she will not leave Apollo until she has her next husband lined up. Because, you know, it’s really awful being single and independent.

    • Matzah60

      Ding, ding, ding! Makes perfect sense to me!

    • More Tea Please!

      Spousal privilege does not apply when the spouses conspire or participate jointly in crime.

    • NeverBeenJaxed

      That is EXACTLY what I was going to say! It’s a calculated, tactical move, or lack thereof, but mutually beneficial. I’m sure there is much too much dirt to spill on one another. Apollo probably doesn’t give a rat’s butt, however, Phaedra needs to keep her image “contained”. Wouldn’t want to smear her image so that she loses one of those jobzzzzzzzz that pays the bills….

      And yes, TT, Ft. Dix is giggleworthy.

  2. Rose

    Phaedra’s scared by divorcing Apollo will spill all her tea.

  3. Beverly

    I agree with Rose. Phaedra’s afraid to divorce Apollo. He’ll tell all her secrets.

  4. Ok, I am here because Clemson just had a questionable interception and I am typing this under stress. Ok lets go Tigers !!!!!

  5. Fumble ..Clemson’s Ball. Field Goal….We are the Champions, Pizza Party in Death Valley…TT is a Clemson Fan so she will understand.

  6. ZenJen55

    I thought Fort Dix was a military boot camp. Way to go Clemson

    • BGStyles Laughing

      Yes, there is a military base. It’s Fort Dix Army and McGuire Air Force Base….combined now they are Army support back in 2009. It’s low security Fed Prison is apart of the grounds.Phaedra will be a 12 hour drive from home now. I live within 35 minutes from it. So I’ll see if I can get on the visiting list. lol.

  7. Thanks for the link to your post with the math on his sentence. Still dying to know who he ratted on…

  8. BGStyles Laughing

    I’m off.

  9. More Tea Please!

    Maybe they’ll set up a Bravo cell block at Fort Dix? Make room for the Lauritas? And who knows, is Little Joey clean?

    • Matzah60

      I hope it’s a big cell block because there’s an ever growing number of Bravolebrities who are joining the Felon’s Club. Little Joey should be in there. That big house they live in now after their failed lease to sell fell through was built as a spec home. They have had three loan modifications on the house and they still pay $11 grand a month in mortgage and $4,200/month in taxes. Last time I read about the Lauritas, they were accused of siphoning @$8 millions dollars from the company to support their lavish lifestyle.

      Tamara, how or why was Joe G. Assigned to a low-level security prison? I am also surprised that Apollo is being transferred to a low-level security prison. While both are felons, Apollo is a repeat felon and he bilked retirees out of their retirement funds, and found guilty of identity theft and conspiracy.

      • Toni

        Non violent offenders are typically placed in minimum security institutions.

        Why do you think Joe Gorga belongs in federal prison? Lots of people have had to modify their home loans when the real estate bubble burst. Did I miss something?

        I’m really curious about the Laurita lawsuits. i used to find Jacqueline likable and relatable, I also have fertility issues and I have a son with special needs, but after reading about the financial scams and seeing how parades about her little guy and how quickly she will throw friends and family under the bus to gain sympathy and attention for herself exposes just what a vile narcissistic person she truly is

      • Lawstangel

        How do you know how much they pay? Lots of time on your hands?

      • Matzah60

        Actually, I do have lots of time on my hands. I am 61, worked full-time for 30 years while raising my two sons as a single mother for around 70% of the time they were growing up.

        Every morning now, I wake up and read the New York Times for a good 1 1/2 hours, take a bike ride for five miles to keep my joints in motion after having two total knee joint replacements after many, many years of pain. I paid for my sons to go to college, paid my mortgage, my bills, never filed for bankruptcy, and always paid my huge IRS and State of NJ tax bills along with a very high real estate bill on my small, modest rancher in which I live. I did all this on my salary and money that I saved, not on anyone else’s dime.

        Tax records, Sheriff sales, property taxes and the like are all public record online in the state of NJ.

        I hope that satisfactorily answers your presumptive question.

      • Erica

        If being unable to pay your mortgage because the economic crash – I don’t think you deserve a jail sentence. A shit ton of people built on spec for years before 2008, and made a decent living at it. If anyone deserves jail time, it is the fucking bankers at the top. They got a bail out, but it did not trickle down to the small guys AT ALL. (and I not knowing the size of Joey’s construction business, I’m thinking he’s probably smaller potatoes in the scheme of things. He probably wasn’t doing huge 200 home developments)

        If anything, you’ve made me more sympathetic to the Gorgas. Did they move into a home probably beyond their means? Yes. But look at it this way – they couldn’t sell it, and whatever home they were in probably was easier to sell and at the very least, it took away one mortgage payment (and they could then concentrate on paying off the mortgage on the home they are in now). Plus, if it is anything like the commercial construction business right now – the loan modifications or second mortgages would only be given if the building was owner occupied. Teresa’s disdain for them coming on the show makes even less sense for me now – it could literally be what kept them afloat. (They did keep it on the market, another indication that it was a move into it until we can sell it to keep our expenses down).

        Nothing I read above would indicate fraud, or any action that would require the same amount of jail time that the Guidices received (and deserved). I’m surprised they haven’t filed for foreclosure – but perhaps with her Bravo income, they’ve managed to keep up on the payments.

        Teresa and Juicy committed so many acts of fraud to live in a similar mansion (and I don’t recall EVER seeing the over the top toys, etc. at the Gorga household that I have seen in the Guidice house. Have any of the Gorga kids had lavish parties? Gone on auditions?

        As for the Lauritas – disappointing. I liked them both on the show, and as a couple.

      • Dee

        Good for you Matzah, cudos to you!

    • Dawn

      Too funny, ROFLMAO!

      I think she is afraid he will write another book on her. Him being famous and all, with lots of fans, he will probably be shopping for a ghost writer while still in the halfway house.

      Phaedra won’t let her marital status inhibit her sexcapades. She is God’s favorite, he wants her to be happy.

  10. Erica

    Well… Apollo and Joe together – that would be some scintillating conversation. Geez.

  11. Matzah60

    @Tony, the home built in Montville which they are currently living in was built with a construction loan. The Gorgas moved into the home, unfinished, in 2008, which means they didn’t have a CO. They neglected to inform the bank that they were moving into the home, meant to be a spec, without a regular housing mortgage. They anticipated getting on the RH show and wanted to show they were good candidates living in a lavish home.

    The construction loan, hard to get since 2008, is meant to be a temporary one year loan. You also need collateral to obtain the construction loan. The house would have been foreclosed, but they managed to extend the construction loan with a two year balloon, paying only interest for 2 more years. They also had to put their shore home and another home up for collateral.

    Like the Guidice’s, they now (with a normal home mortgage) can’t afford the monthly mortgage payments or the taxes at 50 grand/year. They got two loan modifications, different than a refi because he is a builder in a post housing bubble world. The show has been on hiatus for almost two years now. To date, they still haven’t sold (to my knowledge) the land in Franklin Lakes where they said they were going to move. Additionally, their home in Montville is underwater. It’s been on the market, on and off since 2010 with no buyers and apparently needs extensive repairs. I foresee them filing for bankruptcy and having similar difficulties as the Guidice’s having that bankruptcy approved, IMO.

    • More Tea Please!

      My question is whether the Gorgas fudged their finances on loan applications like Juicy did?

      • Matzah60

        I don’t know if they did or not, but Joe G and Joe G were in the same business; flipping homes and rentals. I think they both did wrong by their tenants. It would be my guess that neither of the Joes had enough cash/income to live the life they did. I know people who live in grandiose houses like the ones Joe Gorga and Joe Guidice live and these are people making much more than 200 grand a year. There are very few people who can afford a monthly mortgage payment of $12,000. Before the modification, it was $16,000. Joe’s home cost 2 million to build. That was the cost of his construction loan, anyway. Maybe he took out extra moola for cash for bills, expenses and what not.

        I agree that banks were lax and they granted mortgages that should have never gone through, but I also believe that the people who borrowed the money have to take some accountability for buying too big, way beyond their means. The markets fluctuate all the time, ebb and flow every ten years or so and we always hit some sort of bubble during those times. Had the banks not been bailed out, the economy would have been irreparable for decades to come. What I don’t approve of is that the very same banks that were bailed out were/are unwilling to extend mortgages and loans and if they do, it’s at such an inflated price. Mortgage rates are low, but origination fees, settlement fees, deeds, points, closing costs….all of these makes the real cost of a mortgage significantly higher than it should be.

  12. Matzah60

    @Tony, I am sure Tamara has a lot of past posts about the Lauritas bankruptcy filing. I find what they did more reprehensible than the Guidice’s, if that’s possible because the money siphoned the apparel co. they owned siphoned money to family members, Blk Water, and to support their “opulent lifestyle” according to court papers. They drained the company dry so there was no money left to pay creditors. Then, they filed for bankruptcy for the LLC apparel company to thwart creditors lawsuits. It seemed premeditated and as a way to make fast, tax free money for their personal use. As a resident of NJ, I have seen public records which anyone can view that the Lauritas have a tax lien on their home for $340 Grand which is growing every day. They are NJ’s list as one of the top 50 residents of the highest back taxes owed to the state.

    • Toni

      $340k? Wow! I’ve seen most of the previous posts (I’m a long time lurker), but that number just boggles the mind.

      Do you know how long it takes NJ to seize property?

  13. Matzah60

    @Tony, The state has placed a lein on the house and if a taxpayer doesn’t come forward to make payment arrangements, the state can seize personal assets. Ultimately, the Lauritas would have to sell their home to pay in full, but like the IRS, you can apply to the state to make monthly payments of say $200/month and keep paying religiously until the payment is satisfied. What’s interesting is that the state found that the Lauritas owed tons while conducting a state tax audit back in 2006.

  14. DJFL

    Wendy Williams said that Joe and Apollo “can protect each other and make sausage in the basement”. I think they would be more likely to play hide the sausage.

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