Marriage Boot Camp Recap Season 4 Premiere Let The Fighting Begin!



And we are off on another season of Marriage Boot Camp. I am not sure I will be recapping this one unless y’all REALLY want me to, because I have no interest in any of these people, most of whom I have never heard of.  And all of these fools need to take a good look at themselves and realize they are drawing the same paycheck for the same show as June and Sugar Bear. That should cause a deep and through personal inventory.

Benzino and Althea

First to arrive are Benzino and Althea. These two are from  Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, a show I’ve never watched a single episode. I have read that he has anger issues and I think she might be pregnant.  She shows up trying to redefine cootchie cutters. They are shorter than the crotch. They are fighting before they even get in the door. Oh they are engaged! That sounds smart. I think someone quits on the first day. I hope it is these two.

Sean and Catherine

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are from The Bachelor.  They have also already done Wife Swap where Sean appeared to be a supreme asshole.  They are not as happy as they pretend to be. Sean is appalled by all of the other couples. He thinks he is better than Catherine let alone Mama June or Benzino.  Maybe this is the couple that leaves.Marriage-Boot-Camp-Reality-Stars-2015

Sarah and Ink

She’s from Bad Girls Club and he is her beau. Ink doesn’t believe in monogamy.  Ink says his problem is the bitches. He likes to have threeways with Sarah who picks up the bitches for him. I am not sure I am going to make it through this episode.

Sundy and Cedric

She’s from Basketball Wives: LA. Another show I do not watch. She and Cedric have been divorced for 15 years. He wants to get back together even though she cheated on him. Sounds like this is just for a paycheck. I mean they all are, but I don’t think this is a real relationship. And I think that parents that can’t spell their’s kids name correctly on their birth certificate send them off to a world of hurt. Unless they are Oprah and no one knows what Oprah’s mom was trying to spell anyway. They claim they live together.  Sarah also has a problem with Sundy’s name. Which makes me reevaluate my objections so as not to be on Sarah’s side about anything. Oh and Benzino has screwed Sundy and everyone knows except Cedric.


Mama June and Sugar Bear

Just for the record, if the show focuses too much on Mama June hanging out with the pedophile who molested her daughter after he got of prison for doing so, I  wont’ be able to recap this show. I sick to my stomach just writing that sentence. Let’s try to minimize discussion on that topic.

Anyway, June and Sugar Bear are the last to arrive. The other couples are freaked out. Catherine LOVES them. Sean is appalled. These two are another couple that is not a couple. Benzino is shocked that Sugar Bear is a player. Allegedly.

The First Task

Bob Eubanks is there!  OMG!  They are playing a version of the Newlywed Game. Bob reads off shocking things they said in interviews about their partner and they have to guess if it is their spouse who said it.

“Our sex life is not satisfying”  Mama June rings in, so does Benzino and Cedric. It was Sugar Bear.  Does he not get paid to be on that Honey Boo Boo show? Why the hell did he not buy some teeth with his very first paycheck?  Mama June says she is not in love with Sugar Bear because he is a cheater.

“I don’t want to approach my partner about my cheating.” Cedric and Mama June ring in. Cedric is right. Also in her talking head, Sundy says Cedric loves her more than she loves him. She wants to commit to the right person and the right person has not come along yet. Ouch.

“I’m mad at you because you won’t shut up!”  No on e goes for it at all. Finally, Sarah rings in. She was right. Ink says that he is pissed because Sarah doesn’t want to screw the women he brings home, but he has to screw all the ones she brings him.

“There have been times that I’ve said, I just can’t do this anymore!” I haven’t heard yet, but I’m pretty sure that is Catherine. Benzino rings in. We were both wrong. It was Sean!


“My partner’s temper is like San Andreas fault!” What does that even mean? Who among them even knows what San Andreas fault is?  Everyone looks confused. It’s Benzino. And he actually knows what he is talking about. He says her temper a ten on the scale. I think Richter is a bit of a reach too far for him.  Benzino she wants him to unscrew his balls and throw them away. She says he needs to lose his temper.  Bob Eubanks tell these two fighters that “Criticism is just another way of patting yourself on the back. That Bob is so deep, y’all!

The game is over and it is time for Benzino and Althea to fight. I have a feeling that the airline situation Benzino was in recently where he got in trouble in the airport might have been him leaving this show. On the other hand, they are now arguing about a fight in the airport so maybe it was on the way there. On the plus side. I think their fighting is real.

Sean is legitimately appalled to be there. He is too good for these people, as far as he is concerned. He seems to be most appalled by Ink and his threesome obsession which he finds highly objectionable. He says they are “broken people.” Um, aren’t we all?

Meanwhile, Ink tells Cedric that he is way too smart to be with Sundy while Sundy is sitting right there. She is NOT having that. She calls Ink a pimp.

Next they have to figure out their rooms by “the writings on the wall.”  Each room has the hurtful things each has said about the other.  There are pictures of them for those who can’t read. Oh the pictures were apparently only for Sarah and Ink.  The rest seem to be reading fine.  No wait. Maybe they are for everyone.  The rooms are super nice otherwise.

Sean wants to quit. It’s the bad language and the threesomes. The therapist says they need to focus on themselves. Either commit to work on their relationship or leave. How hard it must be in the real world for Sean having to deal with all those lessor people.

Meanwhile Althea and Benzino are fighting like two cats in a bag. Benzino takes his pillow and heads to the couch.

Next week: Benzino is still there. But is Sean?


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24 responses to “Marriage Boot Camp Recap Season 4 Premiere Let The Fighting Begin!

  1. barbinga

    I need ya to recap so I don’t have to watch. Is that wrong?

    June isn’t going to address the pedophile much, has she even publically admitted it? She’s going to put it all on SugarBear. They have to clean the image up to get another show is what I’m thinking.

    I’m not sure I knew the other one ended…the one with the Situation and the Danity Cane chick.

    • barbinga

      PS Is June strapped into that chair or is it unfortunate stripes?

    • I have watched some of the shows that these fools were on and I am not planning to watch this show at all. I find them all disgusting and ridiculous. If getting paid is so important that showing themselves for the creeps that they are is their reason for being there then who ever watches this is delusional if they think that there is anything “real” about this mess. Sean is an asshole and I thought so when he was on The Bachelor (which I watch faithfully). He is a control freak and this is obviously how he makes his living…appearances on stupid shows and maybe super market openings? I am waiting to read that he and Catherine are getting divorced and am surprised that it hasn’t happened yet. I guess that the money well hasn’t run dry yet. I understand your disgust while recapping this but you did a good job with terrible material. I won’t watch but I will read whatever you write.

  2. LisaPat

    I never watch this show.. actually, I watched a little when Tammy Roman and Reggie were on because he is so sexy.. I mean, he is soooo , soooo sexy and I love that she’s 45 and he’s 20 something. But most of these has-beens are broke and faking, like TT said. No one on this season is the least bit interesting to me. Mama June is disgusting, repugnant, revolting even moreso on the inside than the out. She’s a sick bitch and is a moron if she thinks that pedophile ever gave a damn about her! He used her fat ass to slither his way around her villagr of underage female children. Sugar Bear may be toothless, but he is WAY too good for her in every way. He needs to fight for custody of Honey Boo Boo and only give that bitch supervised visits!! That poor dog that is always scratching on her front porch and drinking out of puddles needs to be removed as well. She shouldnt be allowed to own a friggin goldfish !!

  3. Erica

    I’m with you on your stance re: June and “Sugar Bear” (does he have a real name? If we start calling him that, will he man up and sue for full custody of his kids? Will he take his paycheck from this show to do it?) I’m not sure I can even look at them.

    I like Dr. Jenn’s radio show – but this I just don’t think I can do this season. I am perfectly fine if you feel the same and decide not to give any attention to the Honey Boo Boo fiasco.

  4. Stephanie

    I am hoping you’ll recap so I can delete this show. I always watched but I can’t with Mama June. I just don’t agree with anything about her. I’m thinking and hoping the show will take a hit and production will realize the mistake they made.

    Seriously, their show was pulled but it is okay to appear on this? So wrong

  5. Spilledperfume

    Please don’t recap this. It’s a disgrace to even put these people on TV. They should pull the show for this season. You’ll have to scrub your brain after watching this crap. To be honest I wish I hadn’t even read this post.

    • BeetsWhy

      I’m with you Spilled, it’s not worth TTs time to recap this crap. Her time would be better used to recap Après Ski”…in case I haven’t begged enough ??

  6. sandra

    I don’t watch any of the shows that these people are on. I did watch one show of Honey Boo Boo, and I literally couldn’t stomach it. So gross, I’ll spare everybody the details.

  7. Xanadude

    Hypocrites, the lot of you – asking TT to recap a show because you don’t want to watch it. Really? If you hate the show or the concept or the participants ( I won’t personally participate in anything Duggar or BooBoo related), then you should be encouraging her NOT to recap and focus on shows you watch and want to discuss.
    TT – from what I’ve read Mama June is a major focus and she won’t discuss certain issues, like, you know, choosing the man who molested her daughter OVER her daughter and repeatedly putting her children in situations in which they could harmed.

  8. Sliceo'pie

    I’m kinda freaked out by that pic of Mama June and Huggy Bear or Sugar Bear, whatever the hell his name is. I just know I’m gonna have a nightmare tonight and one of them is going to show up.

  9. why does that woman still have custody of her children?

  10. I’ve watched this show from the beginning when they had what some would call regular people and recently they started having so called celebrities. TT I will watch rather you recap or not.

  11. loriflack

    No pea green towels!

  12. AKA Riley

    What in the hell has happened to our society? Seems like things took a turn for the worse when Susan Smith drowned her two kids so her boyfriend would maybe still want to be with her. What happened to the days when you could count on the woman how carried and gave birth to them, would protect her young with the same vengeance a tiger protected hers? I am very hurt and afraid for today’s children. Heartbreaking……

  13. Dawn

    Mamma June looks like what I think Jacqueline Laurita would look like, if she didn’t have the fat sucked from her neck periodically. I sort of cant blame Shaun for his feelings, I have to agree about those wierdo people. Shaun and Cathetine have regular people problems. I am disappointed all these batchelor people that can’t stay home after a taste of celebrity. He was supposedly successful in insurance. A good job for his buttonrd up, controlling, religious self.

  14. Dawn

    I even proof read that mess. I miss spell check, obviously.

  15. Jaana

    This show keeps me entertained, but what was Althea wearing? I hate when pregnant women dress like that. Benzine and Althea can’t stand each other it’s so obvious. But he should know to take into account that her pregnancy hormones must be raging. Sean, do you know anything about casting? Did you watch last season? You are the calm couple, other people are there to create drama. Sean complaining about 3somes. You wish you were getting some buddy.

  16. Vet

    Her name is pronounced Sun dee, yeah wtf. The really scary part is that she went to a prestigious theater school and Temple University.

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