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I am so sorry I keep forgetting to do this.  I make my posting schedule based on my DVR listing and since I am a fraidy cat with enough horror in my head without introducing more, I never think about it.  I haven’t been one of the cook kids since Coven. I loved that season…

Anyway, I’ve been informed I was a big episode and I apologize.




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  1. hannahkingrose

    OMG UF you totally called it with John being the Ten Commandments Killer. I had begun to believe it too. There was too much “un” reality with him in the hotel. I read where he was told early on that he was the killer by Ryan and also that he couldn’t tell anyone. He said even his wife kept asking him and he didn’t even tell her.

  2. It seemed obvious to me & almost everyone else that John was the killer early on. Ryan Murphy always throws in twists, red herrings, & surprises so it just seemed to easy for the TCK to be John Lowe.

    This episode was good in the fact that we got a lot of answers from present time going back 5 years about the TCK. Even though this was a climactic episode, it still felt anti-climactic and I fell asleep 3 times while watching it. Lowe’s narration of TCK story reveal seemed trance like and slow, kind of like his slurred hazy reality when he is in the Hotel. I wonder if that was an intentional effect by the director.

    It was surprising to know that Iris & Liz knew he was the TCK and kept up the charade as if nothing was wrong or weird about him.

    I’m gonna guess by the end of the season John is gonna be infected with the blood virus like his wife & son Holden and live on the dark side in the Hotel in the forever. Their daughter Scarlett too. What are her chances of not getting infected with all the vamp kids loose in the town?

    So the drilled dildo addiction Demon is conjured up by Sally & the other ghosts and James P. March is able to control him in some way? I was a little confused by that scene because of the fast and affected way that March speaks.

    Now that theTCK reveal happened, can we please get more Angela Bassett & her bad assness ASAP?!?!?!?!!!!

    • I had to rewind March’s comments about the demon 20 times before I could figure out what he was saying.
      I hate Wes Bentley’s acting and his stupid Batman voice.
      Yes to more Angela Bassett. Angela Bassett and Donovan could turn the show around for me. Just don’t write scenes where Gaga has to act, and give us more Liz and March, and I’ll survive the season.

      • “stupid Batman voice”… OMG you are so right!

        Even though I’m not an Evan Peters fan I can admit he can act. The way he’s playing James March with that voice borders on being a comical caricature, but he does it well and consistently. Surprisingly I’m not that mad at Lady Gaga or her acting. Yeah I nearly had a heartache when it was announced she was joining AHS, but she pleasantly surprised me, and I am enjoying all her scenes. Only 4-5 episodes left. This season flew by fast unlike Freak Show.

      • I think Gaga does great when she’s just vamping it up as the mysterious Countess. When she played her younger self in the last episode that was pretty painful to watch – in my opinion. :)

        Evan Peters is so goddamn great as March that I was trying to figure out if maybe his voice was dubbed. It is SO DAMN GOOD. Whatever happened between last season and this season… I am Impressed.

        Sarah Paulson is a great actress but I’m so sick and tired of Hypo Sally. I die every time I see previews of her as Marcia Clark – she is SO spot on!!! I can’t wait for that show.

        I think the TCK storyline was the weakest of all, and if they’d just cut out that part and instead focused on Gaga and maybe different guests, it would have been wonderful.

      • Batman voice. Loool. I don’t mind the John scenes too much because..hot. His voice is interfering with my enjoyment though.

        Even Peters is truly great as Mr. March. I think we discussed that accent here once before or maybe it was in another unrelated post. It’s called the panatlantic and was in vogue with well to do types in the early 20th century. He does it amazing well. It’s hard to believe this is the same guy that played the Franken-boyfriend in Coven.

    • Meredo

      @Popcornandvodka, that’s exactly what I said about Wes Bentley and the batman voice, drives me crazy too! Ive come to really dislike all the scenes with John because of his voice and acting (or lack thereof) and he’s been in most scenes lately. However I love Lady Gaga as the Countess, I think she’s doing a fabulous job. Sally is not my favorite character on AHS but Sarah Paulson is one of my favorite actresses on the show. I’m with you on thinking shes got Marcia Clark down in the upcoming OJ movie. Im looking forward to watching it in Feb.

      • Her curly fry wig is everything. I can’t wait to see that OJ movie when it airs in Feb.

      • BB3

        Is that just Wes Bentley ‘ s voice and way of speaking (the only other movie with him I ever saw is American Beauty) or is it the intent for this specific character? He seemed to have a slow and drawn out delivery as Edward Mordrake as well

  3. LisaPat

    I guessed JOHN in the discussion forum right here after the VERY FIRST episode.. hate to brag .. but no one even knew his name yet..

    • LisaPat

      I agree UF about Liz and Iris knowing.. but of course they know, when you really think about it. Of course they know everything going on in that hotel. I forget who the gorgeous guy is.. who brought John back to meet Mr. March after his very first visit to the Hotel Cortez. What made him see something different in John?? Could he also read aura colors the way March does?? Was that Gagas lover?? I cant place him now. What do you think UF??

      • That was The Countess’ lover, Tristan. By the way are we gonna find out why the hell we keep calling her the Countess? How did she become a Countess? Has she ever been referred as The Countess in any of the episodes? My brain is foggy on these small details this season because I’m not recapping.

        That is a good question about Tristan’s motives/reasons for bringing John to meet March. I need to watch again (I kept falling asleep) to see if he was flirting, or bringing a new kill to the Countess, or whether it was for March.

      • UF I think Gaga introduced herself as The Countess last night, when Donovan first brought John Lowe up to meet her and March. I’m pretty sure they’ve mentioned it in other episodes as well.

      • Meredo

        @ Popcorn, I hate John’s voice and call it the batman voice too! I also wish they wouldn’t have spent so much time on the TCK partly because of his voice! Haha. I am not much of a John fan overall. I was so glad when Liz Taylor shoved him up against that wall, he had it coming!,
        @UF, Tristan brought John to March so the Countess wouldn’t have to spend her required monthly dinner with him. Then Tristan and the Countess could hang out together. I think Tristan saw something dark in John that he knew would intrigue March. Oh, my daughter also guessed John was the TCK early on as well. I thought you did too as I remember mentioning it in another post. Next week looks pretty good, but I’m still waiting to see what happened to all those vamp kids. Do you think they’ll ever show it?

      • LisaPat

        UF, it could not have been Tristan because the Countess just met Tristan this year at the fashion show and that scene was supposed to be John’s first time at the Hotel. That was before the countess met Tristan. Maybe it was the countess’ lover BEFORE Tristan, the one she dumped for Tristan..?

      • LisaPat you are right, I had a total brain fart. I meant to say Donovan. I’m so busy I can’t keep names straight in my head.

    • Yes you did Lisa Pat. You win a 2 night stay at the Hotel Cortez…. #Chicken #LOL

      • LisaPat

        Lmao !! Thank you for remembering and vouching for me !! If there was such a place, Id gladly go at this point in my life. Id love to sit around the bar with my laptop open BSing with Liz!! We could swap clothes and Id introduce her to TamaraTattles.com. Id still comment with all of you, and tell you how it feels to have the blood virus! Lol . As long as I could bring my doggies, Id be there in a heartbeat.

      • Meredo

        Ugh, sorry for two comments that basically say the same thing. My computer said it was “unresponsive” and looked like it didn’t post on my end, hence I wrote it again only to now see my original comment did in fact post!

      • Meredo

        My bad again, not Tristan, Donovan! I get them mixed up ( they’re both gorgeous!) . God, I’m just going to stop commenting on this, I hate making mistakes! Lol.

  4. Lisaj

    Simply delicious and BAM! Probably the best AHS yet!

  5. LisaPat

    The one thing that seemed a little weird is John trying to end his life over first realizing that HE is the killer.. then being totally okay with it. I shut it off for about 10 minutes during the scene because someone very close to me hung herself and i couldnt watch that.. so I missed a few scenes. But when I turned it back, he was totally accepting of himself. What was the explanation for him forgetting all of that while he did it?? Multiple personalities??

    • I only watched this episode once and I was sleepy during it, and if somebody else can confirm these please do, but was there a scene or narrative where someone said or alluded that The Countess was “enchanting” John, affecting/manipulating his memory?

    • Psylocke

      He attempted to hang himself after the very first murder (with the Emmy) during a flashback seen.

      Sorry about your loss.

  6. John’s son Holden gets kidnapped & the kid is running around the Hotel vamping it up. John’s grief & guilt over his missing son causes him to spiral deep into the dark side and become a serial murderer. John’s been in & out of the Hotel regularly for 5 years, and he must have seen Holden during one of his “black outs”. I would think that seeing his son would jolt him back into reality. The fact that his son is “alive” (vamp or no vamp) would alleviate his guilt and grief… The more I think about this the more questions I have. Too many loose psychological questions.

    • And why does he sometimes know who he is in the hotel and sometimes he didn’t? How about during the Serial Killer Dinner Party? Why didn’t he know who he was then?

      • P & V can you confirm if my hazy recollection is accurate, but was there some indication that The Countess was “enchanting” John and manipulating his memory?

      • BB3

        Someone, I think it was Hypo Sally, told John that “she won’t let you remember” when he asked her why he could never remember her or the hotel. Now she is either the countess as you have said, or the hotel itself. I am not sure of which one yet

      • The only time I caught that was when he spent the first few days there drinking with March, then March showed the Countess the pic of Holden, and she leaned down and kissed John on the lips. Then he woke up in his car. But I don’t know if the memory stuff is ever going to make complete sense.

      • Hypo sally made a statement that the hotel is a selfish mistress. She won’t let you take anything away from here.. So I guess the hotel won’t let John remember. But now he seems to be able to remember everything so I guess it changed its mind.

    • LisaPat

      Ohhh.. okay thank you for explaining. I knew that it had been over 5 years that he was going to the hotel. But i didnt realize that it was his grief over Holden that was causing these “breaks” from reality. He had these psychological breaks brought on by the loss of his son that left time unaccounted for.. and he took on a whole other personna during those breaks. Thats all I can venture to hypothesize.. anyone else?

  7. steve

    What if March finishes the commandments with John? Thou shalt not kill. That way John and Sally can have eternity there together. I also want Fiona Goode to show up and ask the Countess for eternal life. When the Countess refuses the Supreme, Fiona kills her.

  8. Satinbliss

    I had a hard time staying awake on this episode too. I’m not a fan of weepy sally and to me the TCK plot line is meh. Who cares? I want more liz. Although I’m still wondering why he keeps hanging around the hotel especially after the countess murdered his love. He must be infected or dead. There’s got to be a reason he never leaves or ages.

    I think they’re relying too much on johns fuzzy psychological state for their narrative and it makes for a sleepy episode with too many plot holes. This show is starting to feel like lost in its fourth season.

    • LOST was so interesting & addictive for the 1st two seasons. Then it just dragged on and with flashbacks & back stories that bored me to tears. All I cared about was the damn island & it’s history. I stay committed till the end and was so not impressed with the last season. I VOWED NEVER to watch it again, and I haven’t.

      • Yes I agree. That show started soooo good and had such potential and then it took a nosedive. I did watch the whole series a second time hoping more would be revealed. It wasn’t. You made a good decision. 😉

  9. legal mind

    Does any one know what happened to the Old Vamp actors couple Marsh emprisonned in the walls?

  10. Psylocke

    Last episode was so fabulous – combined with my hatred of John – it was hard for me to get into it.

    Did anyone else notice the real estate agent killed last episode was the spaghetti arm bitch from the first season? It just randomly dawned on me.

    • Well yeah I instantly recognized her from the 1st season. In her first scene in the Hotel she referenced her dog that she got from unfortunate circumstance had recently died. She got that dog from season 1 from The Harmon’s home, The Murder House. I don’t get the “spaghetti arm” reference though.

  11. steve

    I still think there is more to the Liz Taylor backstory. There are 20+ years of living with killers, disposing bodies like dirty laundry, with ease and a smile. There has to be something darker that attracted the Countess than just crossdressing. Liz put John in his place for touching him and we saw a side of Liz not revealed before. As Nick Pryor in Topeka he looked…off? I cant tell what he was watching that his wife found wierd. Kansas was the home of BTK so Liz can still have a suprise up her sleeve for us.

  12. Just watched the last two episodes together #minibinge. Evan Peters is my favorite next to Nick Pryor. Things slowed down to a crawl tonight, which was frustrating. Kind of disappointed that John is the TCK. Too obvious, from the beginning. Love Valentino!

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