Top Chef Recap: Four Pop Ups and A Beheading


It’s already time for another episode of Top Chef! and I’m not sure my heart can take it.  Chef Ludo Lefebvre is on tonight!

Oh! Y’all are right! Kwame is cute. And he is very experienced with doing pop-up restaurants.  This should be an easy win for him. Oh wait. He has Wesley, the culinary saboteur of the show on his team. Sorry, Kwame.

Grey Team. (Iranian)

Isaac, Amar, Angelina and Marjorie are a team. They drive by Phillips restaurant and laugh at the douchiness of him having a giant billboard of himself on the storefront. I like how they bond over this. We like this team. Ut oh, they are at a Iranian restaurant. This is way outside of Isaac’s Cajun comfort zone.  They’re in Westwood. This team is the most cohesive and seems like they have a good shot at winning.

The judges start at this place first. The Iranian owner is fairly critical because the dishes are not traditional  but she loves the dessert. I think this group did fantastic. I was dying to try everything. Even Chef Ludo liked it. Marjorie will win for her dessert. I think the judges loved this place.

Top Chef

Blue Team (Mexican)

Chad, Jeremy Kwame and Wesley are bro-ing it out on the blue team. This pop-up is Mexican. Chad has lots of experience with Mexican. This should be the winning team.  But it won’t be. Because, Wesley.  Wesley just said there is not a lot of Mexican food in Alabama. Dear God in heaven, boy. You live in Atlanta and there is a taqueria on every corner!

Kwame is making a fish taco with no tortilla, just a masa purée. Chad made a carrot asado. They just came from the Persian place with a great carrot dish. Chad’s carrots were undercooked. They like Kwame’s tacoless shrimp taco.  Jeremey’s strip steak concoction is declared to be “not Mexican.”  Wesley’s stew is not a winner. The restaurant owner refers to Wesley’s stew as being like “hamburger helper.”

Want More Top Chef?

Orange Team (Vegan)

Poor Frances is on a team with three assholes, Grayson, Renee and Phillip. I’m sorry Frances. I know you will be blamed if you lose, but I really hope this team loses and anyone but Frances goes home. Their pop up is in Venice. It’s going to be Vegan.  Grayson bitches through every scene. Including her talking heads.  I hate to say anything nice about  Renee but she is really good at peeling beets.

Back on Team Asshole,the judges try Phillip’s cauliflower dish, Grayson’s bean salad, Frances’s Chala Masala, and Renee’s stuffed beet.  Beets with cashews? Really?  They love Frances’ dish.  They hate everyone else’s.

Purple Team (Korean)

Carl, Giselle, Jason and Karen. I don’t know who these people are. Their restaurant is in Korea Town. Giselle wants to make Korean wings but she doesn’t know how. So she asks a lady in the Korean market how to fry a chicken wing. Giselle reminds me of a brunette Rocky from Below Deck. So I like her. I don’t have any faith in her, but I like her.

This is the last team the judges visit. They will have to really put on a good show to beat the Iranian pop up. And sadly, I don’t know if Giselle can pull this off.  Karen says the wings came out good, she is relieved.  Carl made a cuttlefish and shrimp salad with avocado. It looks delish. Jason made noodles.  Karen made grilled meat Kalbi. The cuttlefish is bland. The wings are good. Karen’s marinated beef is the most Korean and has the best flavor.

At judging, the give the win to the Iranian team right away. Because it was not even close. Marjorie won with her dessert and the owner wants to add her dish to the menu.

They losing team is team asshole! THE LOSING TEAM IS TEAM ASSHOLE! THIS IS AMAZING NEWS! And Frances is in no danger at all!  Oh shit! Frances just admitted to the judges that she used canned chick peas! OH FRANCES, please don’t ruin this for me!  Grayson starts bitching back at the judges again. Renee is shocked they didn’t like their beets. Phillip says that the reason his team lost is basically because vegan food is boring Padma did not like that one bit.  In the stew room, Grayson goes in on Renee because Renee defended her beet by saying “I just didn’t want to make just a salad” and that is what Grayson made. A bean salad. Hell, it’s vegan. Wasn’t it all salad?

Well Phillip is safe. Dammit. They didn’t like Renee’s or Grayson’s dish. I’m fine with whoever goes home. Padma tells RENEE to beat it (SWIDT?)  but Tom just said Last Chance Kitchen is back.

So we don’t have Renee to kick around anymore. At least for now.


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14 responses to “Top Chef Recap: Four Pop Ups and A Beheading

  1. fivecatsownme

    The perky sassy peppy one is gone. The judges picked wisely. I wanted some of that Korean chicken and Kal Bi. I wanted Persian food too. The Mexican was a snooze fest. No me gusta.

  2. Xanadude

    I can only theorize that Grayson is being kept purely for drama’s sake by producer fiat.

  3. Wallace

    Between the douche master, Phillip’s billboard and super, sassy Renee’s photo shoot in pink lingerie under a chef’s coat, I wasn’t sure who had the more over-inflated ego. I believe it’s Phillip and his man bun.

    My initial memory was that I liked Greyson on her first season. What the fuck was wrong with me?

  4. Megsca67

    Oh TT…when I went vegan for lentil, I learned a lot. In particular that vegans love cashews and use them in/for EVERYTHING.

  5. AKA Riley

    Did any of you watch Last Chance Kitchen? Don’t worry, Tamara, not going to spoil anything. Worth a watch if you haven’t.

  6. It always surprises me when a chef uses something canned. Didn’t they ever watch Top Chef and know using something canned can get you canned? (yeah, I tried to make a little funny…sigh). Still, even I know that and I can’t even cut up a whole chicken. I’m glad Frances was safe though. Grayson is getting on my nerves. Man, she is a real complainer, and I’m almost sorry she was safe and sassy Renee got the boot. Almost. I was also surprised Renee didn’t last longer. I really thought she would be around a lot longer to hate on, so in a way, I’m a bit bummed. I still have Wesley and Phillip, so there is that I suppose. My lovely Jeremy is still in it, and so, it was a pretty good episode.

  7. Cat

    Renee didn’t want to make a “plain salad”? But yet, in her restaurant here, that’s exactly what’s on the menu. A small plate of lettuce with vinegarette…for $9.

    I wonder how much she would charge for her beet dish?

  8. My question is: when did the beautiful Padma get giant bazooms? I remember her as being quite thin and definitely not bosomy. Or did I make that up in my talking head? This picture makes her look as if she’s all DDD.

  9. Rose

    Oh Amar, I so want to meet you!! My eyes hurt from seeing Ms. Sassy in a hot pink bikini and know-it-all Philip on his billboard/restaurant. I think Isaac is way cool. I keep looking at Padma this season. ..did she get her cheeks done? She looks different to me. Speaking of different, looks like Art Smith gained all his weight back from previews. I’m thankful no grasshoppers were harmed in the making of this episode. I still do not understand why Grayson remains. ..she grates my nerves and needs to go ASAP!

  10. Dawn

    I watched the first 2 episodes back-to-back, with WWHL with Padma in between. TT’s recap of ep 1 had me laughing so hard, I may have a hernia now. Renee didn’t bother me as much as Grumpy Greyson. I thought I used to like her! Andy Cohen commented about her being different now, Padma said she changed at the end of her first season.

    Greyson complained that she can’t be inspired unless she is cooking for family and friends. Being a seasoned contestant that is utterly stupid to say. Like she was going to smuggle them in for leftovers. She is so snotty, and I agree, they didn’t kick her off because she adds drama. Renee added pretty. No other female or male is very attractive to me. None of the food has sounded appealing either. Maybe we will get some glimses of nice California scenery while they ride in cars.

    There were no fresh chickpeas. I kinda wish Frances had said so. She should have changed her dish, knowing she couldn’t have the best ingredients. I expect chefs at this level to be very flexible, even more so in a competition.

  11. I’ll be in the minority and will be rooting for Phillip. Also Frances. They were both good on their episodes of Chopped/Cutthroat Kitchen.

    Can’t believe Grayson this season. Grow up!

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