Project Runway Jr Recap: Crop Tops in the 1940s?


I feel like it’s been weeks since we saw Project Runway Jr. Did they take some time off?  Tonight, it’s the first team challenge. This should be exciting and full of drama and tears. Wait? Androgynous kid, Matt is 17? Oh the Zachary kid who won last week is already trash talking Victoria. I’m not sure what she made last week, or who she is really but this should be fun.

Wow, I didn’t even know they sold Simplicity Patterns anymore. Jaysus, Zachary is obnoxious. Why isn’t Tim letting everyone go to Mood instead of just two kids from each team. I hope Samantha’s team kills Zachary’s team.

I love how Tim uses so many words these kids don’t know in his feedback. Tim really hates Sam’s team’s looks. For one thing they picked the 60s and then picked taupe fabric! Where is all the psychedelic print? I think I actually heard one of them say “no prints”  when they were planning the trip to Mood.  No prints is fine for the 1940s but NOT for the 1960s!  Three people on Sam’s team decide to start completely over AGAIN after Tim’s critique. He likes the one sort of fuschia colored fabric.  There is fabric available in the studio and there is this fushia print hanging on the wall that would work as part of collection. Why don’t they pick that? WHY?

Zachary’s stupid face team is already celebrating. But wait! Sam’s team suddenly gets themselves together. Project Runway Jr

The Runway

The 60’s went first.  It was hit and miss. Matt’s look was good, head scarf and all. Maya’s fuchsia dress came out fantastic. She is one of the few that stuck with her dress.  Sam leans over to Maya and says “You might win this one.”  But her tone was less than excited by the prospect. At the very last second, Sam decided to stitch together a plain white sheath dress to stick under her coat/coat dress. She regrets doing that as she watches it on the runway.

The 40s group is up next. It won’t take much for them to win. Victoria’s skirt and top are very cute. However, it’s a damn crop top. No dear. If you wore a crop top in the 1940s you would be arrested for prostitution. I don’t know if I hate Zachary’s look because he’s been so obnoxious this episode, or because it’s just bad. It’s like the camel colored vest like thing over black pants. But the vest has weird high slits all over it.  His assessment is “it’s very modern.” Um, again this is a 1940s collection and the winner has a pattern made of their outfit. I can’t imagine trying to make a patter for this.  Jaxson’s model strolls out in a skirt with a slit way up her thing and , a crop top. Zach’s look is a jacket and a pencil pant. Everyone seems to think it is the second coming. It’s better than anything else in this group that’s for sure. Bridget made a full length dress with bat wings. It looks like a really pretty robe.

Need more Project Runway?

The judges select the 40s to win. They like the robe. They even call it a robe. But they will probably give the win to Zach.  On Sam’s team Matt is in trouble for his crop top. They make Sam’s model take off the jacket and show the crappy white shift.  Kelly is trying to save Matt over Sam. Yet another reason to hate Kelly.

Bridget won with her bathrobe.  It’s down to Sam and Matt. I can’t see them eliminating either of them. And they do not. They decide to do a double elimination next week.


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6 responses to “Project Runway Jr Recap: Crop Tops in the 1940s?

  1. Erica

    I just can’t find it in me to be annoyed by anyone in the show – even the host whose name I always forget. I NEED one show where I am not annoyed. She can be no personality, because Kelly and Christian are enough! I think Kelly and Christian and the other two are doing a great job of finding that balance of being encouraging, giving constructive criticism without being dream crushers (a tough balance with that age). They could slip into condescension when dealing with the kids, but they are not.

    Can I just say that these kids put some of the adult PR people to SHAME? They don’t get a piece of fabric they want – no hissy fits. Team project? They all talk and work together without shutting anyone out, or talking over each other. They even acknowledge their weaknesses and play to their strengths for the collective good.

    • AUDGE

      I also was impressed with how both teams worked so well together as compared to the adult PR contestents. One of the kids (skinny guy w/glasses–I don’t know names yet) was told by Zachary? (chubby kid team leader) that he had time management problems and the skinny kid just laughed and said “Yeah, I do” instaed of getting upset. It was a funny moment. I hope the judges can continue to keep their bad criticisms somewhat positive cuz the contestants are so young and having your work judged is difficult at any age.

      • Erica

        I forget his name too – I swear that some day I’m going to create a cheat sheet for these shows to have by my TV with just their head shots and names.

        Anyway, I think what let skinny guy laugh and not get upset is that Zachary was saying it in a “Why don’t you be one of the ones to stay so that you get a head start?” kind of way to be HELPFUL, not shady! While not perfect, Z did have a better eye for fabric and color. Especially compared to the other team. No color? No patterns? IN THE SIXTIES???

        I think everyone working well in groups is because they probably live it in a school setting, unless one of them is homeschooled and an only child.

  2. DennyLuvsDashies

    I slowed up the DVR & confirmed my eyes. The winner did not have the sleaves hemmed. They were cut straight across & the right hand had a ragged cut/chunk missing on the edge. I don’t see basic sewing skills or hems on many outfits. Anyone else catch this?
    I see missing skirt hem lines too. Maybe it was a time issue with production.

    • Erica

      I didn’t notice that, but I noticed that they didn’t show the judges getting up close to the outfits (or did I doze off?)

      Time issues will be much bigger here. Unlike Sister Wives or Kate Plus 8, it is very clear that these kids are the “talent” and should be paid – and therefore, child labor laws kick into place (aren’t they filming in California? Definitely a state with better child labor laws than say, Pennsylvania, where Kate and her 8 live. Those kids aren’t considered actors or “the talent” and so paychecks are NOT issued to them in their name. No Jackie Coogan laws there, and even if there were, that law didn’t anticipate reality TV.) If this was filmed in the summer, they might not have to worry about school or teachers on the set (not sure how that works), but their time in front of the camera and behind the sewing machine would be limited.

  3. I think Sam’s coat was the best piece this week. Yeah, the dress underneath was a mess… but she was the only one who designed something modern that also referenced her era (you know, the goal of the task). I’m so glad she was saved. #TeamSam all the way!

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