Empire Fall Finale Recap: Et Tu, Brute?

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Guest Blog By Glow!

Tonight’s episode of Empire was the Fall Finale and full of guest appearances. It also seemed it would never end. Let’s just go through some of the celebrity guests and get that out of the way: Jason Derulo, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Richie, Da Brat, Charlamange Tha God.

It’s ASA (America Sound Awards) Nomination time on Empire. The awards nominations are being live streamed all day long.  There is lot going on with performances, announcements, meetings.


Jamal and Skye continue their flirting.  Skye is congratulating Jamal on his ASA nomination.  Lucious is lingering outside the door eavesdropping until he is noticed. Skye makes a quick exit.  Lucious asks Jamal, “Are you hitting that?” Jamal tells his father he’s still gay so don’t get all weird. I guess that means he did hit it.  Lucious replies “She fixed you.”

Jamal and Skye are performing Powerful at the ASA party. After the performance Charlamange comes on stage and congratulates Jamal on his ASA nomination and Skye on her previous ASA wins then starts going in on her.  He asks her if she identifies as Black now. Skye says she’s biracial and identifies as herself.  He tells her she never identified as Black before.   Jamal tries to defend but is asked about being gay.  Jamal says yeah, everyone knows that he is gay. Charlamange asks Jamal if he started getting involved with a woman people would start looking at him like he’s crazy and thinking he’s just choosing how he wants to be labeled based on a matter on convenience.

Discussion with Skye, her manager, Jamal, and Lucious after what just happened.  Social media is tearing Skye to pieces. I guess getting out of her box is not working so well for Skye at this point.

Skye does a solo performance while Jamal is at the bar being rubbed up by a random.  Sky and Jamal later discuss this and their hookup.  They agree that while it was beautiful, they know Jamal is into men. They will remain supportive friends.

Empire 2


After performing, Keyonna announces the nominations in the Rap category.  Instead of Hakeem being nominated, Freda is.  Hakeem storms out the room.  He has been doing so well with his new puppy love affair but I don’t know if he can keep it up if he keeps getting hit like this.

Camilla shows up at Hakeem’s place.  They rehash what happened with them. He sees the ring on her finger and asks if she’s married.  She says it’s not what he thinks and everything she did was for him, for them.


Cookie tells Lucious she’s lost her venue for the cookout and need his help with a new venue.  He reminds her that she didn’t help him with Swift steam when he needed her. He tells her he closed the deal without her and since he’s in a good mood…the answer is no.  She can’t use his venue.

Cookie is at the prison to do a concert for the inmates for family day. This is a good gesture.  Cookie gets emotional about her prison time and being away from her kids and Hakeem is supporting her.

Andre goes to the prison to tell Cookie what Mimi is up to. He needs her help. He needs her and Hakeem to vote or they lose Empire. Cookie explains to Hakeem why they have to do this: “Lyon Dynasty is our company but Empire is our legacy. And anybody who tries to steal that from us is our enemy.”  She also tells him Camilla is married to Mimi.  Hakeem agrees to vote to keep Lucious.  Cookie gives her proxy because she won’t leave the prison until she sees a prisoner she had a bond with (Da Brat).


The new BFFs Rhonda an Anika are bonding over a baby gift and discussing Lucious’ obsession with the baby.  Anika is acting strange…looking around.

Later the alarm system is going off at Ronda’s house.  She’s home alone. We see someone walking to the stairs and we know it’s Anika.  Rhonda turns the alarm off and is pushed. Hard. She rolls bounces down those stairs and hits the bottom like a cement block.  I don’t know if she survives but that poor baby could not have. No way.


Empire 3Mimi is back on the scene.  Lucious is with Mimi talking business about the Swift Steam deal. Mimi tells him the board is not happy with how he handled that deal. Lucious asks Mimi to trust him.  She says she does but she still has to answer to the board.  While is Lucious is going on about F the board, and how he’s not going to be asking the board for permission to do business his way, Mimi is recording him with her I spy pen. In the end Mimi gives Lucious the you’re the man, I’m on your side routine, signs the documents and tells Lucious her wife is in town.

Lucious announces his new deal and brings Mimi up on stage who recognizes the board members in attendance tells the audience she also wants to bring up someone who has supported her while she has been dealing with cancer.  Her wife…Camilla.  OMG.  I am done unfortunately this episode is not.

Mimi and Lucious are in a meeting with the board.  Mimi is say they should be aware how Lucious conducts business and that he thinks he can get away with anything. She says Empire is no longer Lucious’ plaything…it belongs to the shareholders.  It’s time to check Lucious.  Mimi plays the tape she recorded on her pen then proposes to remove Lucious from CEO and Chairman of Empire. Lucious, Andre, and Thirsty start brainstorming how to turn the board members in Lucious’ favor.  They set out to bribe the board members which includes Thirsty on his knees in an elevator with his head under a board members skirt. Please let this show end…now.

The time has come to vote on Lucious’ fate with Empire.  The ayes and nays go around the table.  It comes to Hakeem…he pauses, and start having flashbacks of all the rotten things Lucious has done to him and he votes Aye….to remove Lucious.  Lucious is out.  Cookies appears just a this happens and sees Camilla.  Mimi immediately turns over her proxy to Camilla.  Camilla is in charge. Cookie turns and spits in Camilla’s face.  Gross.

Empire 4

The Empire

After the vote Cookie is with Andre and Jamal awaiting the announcement of the song of the year nomination. Gunshots…Cookie goes to check it out.  Lucious is shooting up a bookcase.  She tells him to put the gun down.  He goes on a rant about all these years of sacrifice for what. Cookie tells him to get his ass together.  Lucious is acting all sad and victimized.

The ASA Song of the Year Nominations are announced. Jamal Lyon for Heavy and Lucious Lyon for Boom, Boom, Boom.  Of course.  Everyone seems happy about this and Andre goes to call Rhonda to tell her the news but she’s laying of the floor…maybe dead.

The first half and the second season of Empire is done and so am I. It was a rocky ride and there were times I really wanted to give up. I’ve made it to the midseason finale with no guarantee I’ll be on board when things pick up again.  This most likely will be one of those shows that sits in my DVR until I am reminded I need to clean up my recordings.  I think I’ve had enough.

Empire returns March 16, 2016.  


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7 responses to “Empire Fall Finale Recap: Et Tu, Brute?

  1. Dawn

    Thanks for the great recap, Glow. I thought this was the best episode in a few weeks. Amazing how they created the Pepsi commercial within the storyline. They have to pay the salaries of all those name entertainers. By now, there must be trading power among black entertainers as to if you were invited on the show. I guess some have been fibbing about it since it’s earlest success.

    They gave us a pretty good cliffhanger. I hope to be here in March. My faith is restored from the tiring constant push and pull within the family. Now we have Noami Campbell on the throne to have her turn at Lucious and a new possibly evil sprout growing in Amika. I regret having a minute of sympathy for her.

    • Glow

      I don’t know, Dawn, I have a love/hate feel for this show. Can’t quite put my finger on it but I always feel like I’ve been toyed with. There’s a lot going on but no real substance. Just a lot a starts and stops and no real follow through. I need something else. There are always good cliffhangers but…something is always missing. It always goes back to Lucious winning. I need something more. I don’t know. I need to see Lucious on his knees, hands tied. And I want to see Cookie be the one to take him there. People are too forgiving of him and his dirty deeds. Hakeem seems to be the only one willing to dispense tough love to him. Things are too easy for him. Maybe things will be different now that some of his power has been stripped. But has it? Something tells me that before the end of the March premier it will be business as usual. We shall see.

      • Great points. I don’t think the show has any true direction, and has lost its way. A good show begins and ends with strong writing, which this show is desperately lacking. I did enjoy the finale, but some of that is me adjusting to the lackluster direction of the show.

  2. Lori

    Empire almost lost me this season, but these last couple of episodes has me entertained again. Great recap!

  3. SaraK

    Totally off topic. Every time I see the name Glow I immediately think, the “Georgeous Ladies of Wrestling”. Got married in Vegas as they were there…..still give the husband a hard time cause we didn’t go.

    Back on topic, I am with you. Empire has become the show I record but don’t watch until there is nothing else left. Hakeem is a spoiled brat, Andre was more interesting when he was scamming with his wife, and Jamal….oh Jamal. Love Cookie AND her wardrobe. Guest stars are so awkwardly placed, still can’t get over Chris Rock as the canibal drug dealer.

    Thank you for sticking with it. Really enjoy reading your recaps.

  4. This show HAS lost its way. That’s some outright BS to have a show storyline be a Pepsi ad. Boo. Hiss.

  5. Rose

    I’m still in but so many storyline never get finished. Did Lucious off Laz or any other members of that crew for kidnapping Hakeem? What was the point of all of the Lucious flashbacks? Coookie hasn’t wanted to talk about jail before but now she has this urgent need to return to the prison to help her girls and do a concert? Anyway, the best part was when Cookie grabbed Lucious and wipped away his tears. ..they ain’t done! Camila back as Mimi’s wife floored me. I had thought Mimi, the writer profilinh Jamal and Andre had cooked up a deal with Andre paying his dad back for taunting him. I always knew Mimi was trouble and for me that phone call a few episodes back confirmed it. I feel bad for Rhonda but she told Boo Boo the ponytail story and to go for what she wants. I still question if Rhonda is really pregnant or if she faked it. I really feel bad for Andre because I don’t want to see him spiral into darkness again. I think we’re back to a Jamal and Lucious battle for song, even though Jamal already got 5 noms. I kind of like Skye and would like to see her return but keep Jamal in his lane and not make him bi. Gabby Sidobue looked a hot mess. ..can they make her less attractive?

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