A Completely Hypothetical Intellectual Discussion With Psylocke



Just a little intellectual debate at three a.m.

From Psylocke:

I’m a little conflicted regarding the legitimacy of Chronic Lyme as I had brilliant biochemist professor who was involved in research on the subject and was adament of its existence. I’m really not qualified to give an opinion either way, but there are genuine motivations for lobbyists funding its discrediting.  For those of you getting more interested, “Under Our Skin” is a documentary regarding the political intent and massive breadth of money involved in chronic Lyme disease.

My response ….

I’m a little conflicted regarding the legitimacy of  prenuptial agreements.  As I had brilliant a Tamaratattles.com spy  who was involved in research on the subject of prenuptials  and  alimony . Allegedly.  I’m really not qualified to give an opinion either way, (legal or otherwise)  but there are genuine motivations for a hypothetical woman taking such a dire approach and massive breadth of money involved in prenuptial agreements.  Allegedly.

RHONY Sonja Stupd RealityTVgifs


For those of you getting more interested, here is the case law .Under California Family Code 1612(c) prenuptial agreements THE WAIVING OF  SPOUSAL SUPPORT   is not enforced where doing so would be “unconscionable.” There is a pre-existing case where a court ruled that leaving a spouse who was BRAIN DAMAGED  ruled that leaving someone in such a state would be considered UNCONSCIONABLE.  And thus the spouse, even though she agreed in the prenuptial to forgo spousal support, would then be entitled to it.   Example of BRAIN DAMAGE may or my not include being unable to read, write or drive a car within the past three years of a four year marriage someone wanted to bail on , after year one.  I USE THAT AS A HYPOTHETICAL.  Please see here. “Courts cannot permit one spouse to discard his or her disabled spouse without providing spousal support, even when a spousal support waiver in a premarital agreement would permit the same, if it would be unconscionable to do so at the time enforcement of the waiver is sought.”

So if say, said spouse HYPOTHETICALLY has three kids and was receiving  oh I dunno… let’s say 10K per kid a  month from the previous husband,  and those kids were all now heading toward adulthood and that $360,000 a year  TAX FREE was over and husband number two who had been paying all the bills for the FIRST year  anyway was done with her.  What’s a girl to do?  How does one acquire brain damage?  How would someone in that position renegotiate a prenuptial agreement?

Well, Psylocke, this brilliant law professor I know said that there are some really controversial diseases out there that might make it necessary for the spouses to come to some sort of agreement.  And then they could “grow apart” and one spouse could have a miraculous recovery after posting many, many sad shots of them getting vitamin C  by IV  only.

That’s what my brilliant legal friend of mind told me once. It would be great if TMZ would acknowledge  me before posting this tomorrow….

Allegedly in theory.

*This post is not based on actual people other than those in the lawsuit. No medical advice should be implied by this post. Any resemblance to actual people is entirely coincidental. TamaraTattles.com is not responsible for any implications made by commenters and make no suggestions to any relevance to any other post on this site. It is simply banter with a commenter.

UPDATE: It just occurred to me, what if she ALLEGEDLY  had to support two kids with the same illness and one of them was still under 18? Could she go back for more from the father? The second husband? This would be an interesting case indeed!

Theoretically, the kind thing to do would be to find some sort of financial agreement over the course of years and then tweet about how good one’s spouse is to the other.  Because that would make everything make sense. Then one could have a rapid recovery from their brain damage in time for the next season.  Um I mean soon.  Allegedly.


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149 responses to “A Completely Hypothetical Intellectual Discussion With Psylocke

  1. Tamra, you are a genius 😀

  2. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    Oooooooooh….very interesting!!!

  3. Angela

    Brilliant! Makes perfect sense…

  4. Angela

    I’m thinking back to her repeatedly saying “Lyme brain”… I never could understand how that damage seemed to come and go so quickly.

  5. T D

    Finally an accurate diagnosis. Allegedly.

    • TD—-I totally allegedly agree.?

    • I am not sure about Lyme disease being the only condition in this case. I am suspicious that there may be some other condition going on here along with Lyme disease. Let me say however I have no medical knowledge to make my own personal opinion. Now filming for this season was ? six months or so when filmed. I have been seeing photos that are current and I must say it looks like she may have found after seeing 100+ doctors and traveling all over the world the cure or at least something miraculous that has changed her drastically from six months or ago to now! Something has changed for the better in a big way. Just saying!

  6. Rysnani

    Omg, this is perfect!

  7. Minky

    You just blew my mind Tamara. To smithereens!

    • Minky

      I understand if you delete this, but I just can’t help myself: You’ll never guess where I just saw this quote:

      “Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain”

      Go ahead, guess.

  8. Sweet T

    Very interesting theory. So no munchuesen then. Hmmmmmm

  9. 25

    If it’s just for money, then wouldn’t she just get “diagnosed” with chronic lymes and sit on her hands with no makeup on while her brain allegedly deteriorates?

    She wouldn’t travel to 11 countries and pay for air fare, constant treatments, etc. all over the world ($$$$$) looking for a “cure.”

    It doesn’t make her illness look more believable that she’s looking for a homeopathic cure in every corner of the world. It just wastes money, something one wouldn’t do if she was (allegedly) faking an illness just for the monetary gain.

    • jen

      Also mental illness maybe. No one can know really.

    • Matzah60

      Some of the ‘treatments’ Yo is getting out of the country are not necessarily homeopathic, but are simply not FDA cleared in the US. I will say the craziest thing I heard is when she had all the mercury fillings removed from her teeth. There is a lot of controversy about removing amalgam (combo of silver and mercury used for dental fillings) fillings because of negative results of having a patient exposed to excess mercury. It would seem to have more adverse effects than beneficial results. Some dentist made a shitload of money off of Yo removing and replacing the old amalgam filling with the new composites used for fillings these days which are probably 3 to 4x more expensive than those good old mercury/silver fillings of yesteryear.

    • Tracey

      If someone else was paying for those trips and medical “cures”…it does make sense…

  10. JustJenn

    This makes much more sense than the people posting that she’d be destitute if she didn’t continue filming the show. I guess she hopes a judge finds the same sympathy for her.

    • Not quite destitute. I thought she got the Malibu property out of her divorce from Hubby #1 and then built the house to her specifications. She probably didn’t have to share the proceeds from the sale of the house and land with Hubby #2.

      • JoJoFLL

        That property is either on the market or was on the market for $30 million. I think she’s far from destitute.

  11. Angel(?)

    Well, well, well … this is interesting! Based on what I’ve seen of the “other face” of Yolanda, it’s very likely that this hypothesis is right on target.

  12. AshK


    Seriously, you are a genius!!!

  13. Matzah60

    Brilliant! Spot on! I don’t know how you came upon this epiphany, but it is genius that you discovered the underlying reason for this IV around the world tour that has taken over Yo’s life.

    My ex was married twice after we divorced. The second wife had a child well under 18. In fact, she was an employee in his office when they ‘met’…..The situation was similar in that they she moved in with him with her son and they lived together for 5 years before getting married. They got married and divorced within three years following their live-in arrangement. She developed some reflux problem and was in and out of the hospital constantly. In the end, the Judge said that he married her knowing about her stomach problems/pain/constant need for medical intervention including hospital stays.

    Bottom line, despite their prenup, the Judge insisted they come to a fair financial arrangement or he would order alimony support for this ‘sick’ woman he married. My ex ended up having to pay her $300 grand in a settlement agreement for the three years they were married.

    I know the situation and the illness are different, but the second wife got the money and snorted the money up her nose within six months. Apparently, her hospital stays included a windfall of narcotics. She was a drug addict.

    I was dumbfounded when she was awarded the money. I wasn’t upset/angry; just amazed that after three short years of marriage with no mutual children in the mix that the court would enforce a need for spousal support to this woman. It didn’t make any sense to me. Now, I get it.

    I hope you write an article or op ed about this and send it in to a major media outlet for print. You are exceptionally intelligent and a brilliant writer.

  14. JoJoFLL

    Wow! I thank your insomnia for bringing out your sleuthiness!

  15. Josie

    Brilliant. Lets suppose the relapse of this fictional person occurred in December 2014. Two months before the house was up for sale and 1 yr before the divorce. I wonder if the hypothetical husband has his suspicions.

  16. erikainhb

    Wow…..really fascinating.

  17. Carrie

    This smart, crazy bitch.

  18. Josie

    Wow. That is why the hypothetical two kids have it too. Otherwise, what would be the point of them having the same exact illness.

    You are amazing TT.

    • Matzah60

      That makes a whole lot of sense. Many have said Yo is stupid, but she has obviously put a great deal of thought, time, and research into this disease. I think that all the selfies on her whirlwind travels around the globe with her trademark peace sign and an IV in her arm are meant to journal/validate/photographic documentation of her endless search for a ‘cure’.

      No shrill screaming, no makeup, two kids have it too (notice that only successful model, Gigi, does not have Chronic Lyme), living in small, less than lavish condo, well below the manner in which she lived while married to Foster, not driving……seems she has ensured future financial protection for herself and kids, allegedly.

      • Showing up without makeup at a filmed event, like Lisa R’s dinner on RHBH, did seem like a calculated move. As some of the other housewives noted, a woman in her position never, never goes out without makeup in LA. It’s just not done. Most of the movie stars in Hollywood would be unrecognizable if we saw them without make-up or stylish clothes on.

      • Sliceo'pie

        Geez, that small lil’ ol’ condo cost almost $4 million dollars. Guess it’s all relative though..

      • Matzah60

        @sliceo’pie, I had no idea what the price of the condo was 4 mil, but relative to the grand house she was living in with David, it seems like a step down for Yolanda. For me, not so much. I’d love to live in that condo.

      • Angel(?)

        Let’s see . . . Pending divorce and selling the house … where shall I live? Maybe one should move into hubby’s 4 million condo and turn it into ones convalescent center. What judge in their right mind would not award a brain damaged person the condo where they have been living?

        Four million dollar plus asset to Yolanda!

      • Ellen

        I’m probably missing the forest for the trees, here — but Gigi is not the only successful model. The *most* successful – but Bella is wildly successful as well

  19. Brilliant.. Absolutely brilliant! It seems so obvious now.

  20. tbk

    Stupid isn’t brain damage. It’s just stupid.

  21. Matzah60

    @Psylocke, Thanks for the info and insight into the disease. I have Netflix, so I watched Under My Skin early this morning. There is now a sequel to this award winning film called, Under My Skin 2, Emergence which I have yet to watch. It seems that there is some hard-core evidence that there is Chronic Lyme’s Disease, though not acknowledged by the CDC.

    It appears that there is substantial evidence that some program staff that work for the CDC actually hold or own patents to Lyme Disease diagnostics and/or vaccines. There is further evidence that the vaccines in fact do not ward off Lyme disease, but exacerbate the disease causing “auto-immune arthritis.” Most of those who had voluntarily gotten the vaccine found it effective, yet many anti-vaccine groups along with a growing number of lawsuits concerning complications from the vaccine caused what is said to be an unprecedented move by the FDA. Apparently, it was the first time that an FDA approved vaccine had been pulled from the marketplace. The only vaccines that work in a similar manner to this now defunct vaccine are only available to dogs.

    I know that someone (I think it was Michael) was offended by Yolanda’s reference and comparison of Lyme’s Disease to HIV/AIDS, but in this documentary, there is much comparison and reference to the fact Chronic Lyme is an epidemic that is much more prevalent than AIDs. I am not discrediting your feelings that Yo’s statement was insulting, but simply noting that doctors who believe in Chronic Lyme are using this comparison to show the alarming rise, magnitude, and what they refer to as the new “tsunami” of this disease worldwide.

    • mooshki

      The vaccine wasn’t pulled from the market because of complications; the drug companies didn’t think they could make a profit off of it thanks to the anti-vaccer nuts, so they didn’t start manufacturing it.

      • tamaratattles

        Yes, it’s nuts to be worried about what big Pharm puts in vaccines. And it’s miraculous that we have a billion kids who get autism at the same time they get eleventy billion vaccines. Damn those crazy anti-vaxers!

  22. Carl

    TT, is she really that destitute? You’re outline makes sense in this HYPOTHETICAL situation.

    • Matzah60

      MATzah PLEASE READ THE COMMENTING RULES. STOP DIRECTING PEOPLE TO SITES and injecting what you feel is “evidence” because you saw it in a movie.


      • Matzah60

        Sorry. I thought because the movie was mentioned in your post that it would be alright to mention it again. Very sorry.

      • tamaratattles

        It’s fine Matzah. It was just your list of evidence and declaration that Chronic Lyme is a real thing I found a bit much. You’re good. :)

  23. Dylan

    I read your blog for this very reason. You are the best! Oh, how the pieces of the puzzle suddenly fits.

  24. cobe

    Makes hypothetical sense to me.

  25. G

    Tamara, frequent reader but never comment. Love you and your blog. I never liked Yolanda. She always seemed fake. You are brilliant!

  26. One of her early sick selfies pictured her with a bouquet of flowers from Kris Jenner. Maybe the master of social media/reality T.V. was advising her. Those I.V. pictures definitely seemed like some kind of campaign.

  27. Sam

    Wow. Mind officially blown. With all of the potential possibilities of what was going on here, this did not even register in my undamaged brain. Taking our hypotheticals a step further, could someone who perhaps learned her husband was screwing around on her be hell bent on making him pay, financially and otherwise? Because right now he doesn’t look so good. The court of public opinion is making him out to be the ultimate selfish asshole (and perhaps he is.. Maybe just not in this specific instance.)
    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, right?

    • She saw DF as her provider for the aging days, I think. Live the glamorous life, meeting/partying with all the famous people till she dies. I don’t think she was/is planning on suffering another husband. Besides who would marry her now – brain damaged and all? She probably thought Dave had enough women and marriages, so at 65 he is ready to settle and give up adventurous life. Oh, he will pay for her disappointment.
      Another thing to remember: she is from Europe. Mental health, depression is still sort of tabu topic. Nobody there will admit any issues freely.

  28. Suzanne D

    Brain damage can be confirmed with an MRI. Not allegedly but in fact. So unless said person has an MRI that confirms brain damage, said person is shit out of luck.

    • JerseyKat

      Well I’m not sure that brain damage is the only exception — I think the rest of the quote talks generally about disabilities nulling a pre-nup. When my dad had his stroke they judged him as disabled because he could not accomplish a certain number of essential life functions without assistance — and if a certain lemon-loving gal can’t drive, can’t work, etc. she might be using those as the criteria for being labeled disabled and therefore exempt from the pre-nup.

  29. Angel(?)

    Just wondering, after Yolanda’s divorce is final and rapid recovery has begun, does anyone see multi-book and possible tv movie deal in her future?

    I’m being evil ?. But stranger things have happened.

  30. TripleOGpearl

    Let me start off by prefacing my question with this statement. I wouldn’t be shocked if this were the case. Furthermore, I suspect that if it proves true that she s in fact sick, it has more to do with her ruptured breast impants vs Lymes diseas.

    Now, onto my question. Why is it acceptable to question Yolanda’s illness. Yet, many that were suspicious of Brooks illness were lambasted and put into the WLS?

    • Sequoia

      I can answer this one. People don’t get sent to the WLS for disagreeing with TT. For instance, I like Kate from Below Deck and Tamara cant stand her and I’m still here. We disagree about it in every BD recap but I never forget who’s blog it is. You get sent to the WLS for forgetting whose blog this is and being rude and insulting to the owner. If, when you disagree with people you become unhinged and stop making sense, if you ever did, you go to th WLS. It’s not that hard really. You should check out the commenting rules, it’s all clearly spelled out for you. I hope that helps. Or was your question supercilious?

      • TripleOGpearl

        No, my question was not supercilious nor was I ever placed in the WLS. I don’t believe that I addressed my feelings about Brooks on this site. With that being said, it is my opinion that some deserved it. However, others were treated a bit viciously when they expressed their suspicions and not all of them appeared unhinged, rude, or insulting. Again, just my opinion….but as we all know….opinions are just like assholes…. 😉

        *excuse the typos in the first post. My keyboard is wonky.

      • Sequoia

        You don’t appear to be the unhinged type. I should have written ‘one’ instead of “you” in the above post. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

        That said, the rules here are, at times, fluid and prone to the whims or mood of the owner. It is, after all, her site and she can do whatever she wants. It is in one’s best interest, where posting privileges are concerned, to read the tenor of a topic and at times, not post. Discretion really can be the better part of valor.

  31. Do you have jet lag or chronic jet lag?

  32. natalie

    Love it! “my king” was just a cover!! Wonder if Mohammad was similarly duped!

  33. Interesting.
    Yesterday I wrote “Yolanda is one sharp cookie who knows how to plan her next move.”
    Some of the numerous responses were so insipidly incomprehensible they did not merit a direct response. But they did make me laugh.

    Time will tell as this plays out. I still believe Yolanda wants a spin off show a la her friend Kris Kardashian Jenner.
    So we can all watch her, you know……”journey”.

  34. Lisaj

    Da da dahhhhhh (my pathetic attempt to have back ground sounds similar to the solving of a Law and Order criminal breakthrough), by God I think you’ve nailed it, allegedly!!!!!

    • hannahkingrose

      Lisaj it’s more like Dun, dun, dun lol. I hear that sound every night while attempting to go to sleep. It’s white noise for me.

  35. Susan dickerman

    The only minor child is yolanda ‘s son anwar. Her other offspring are over 18. I may have missed something but I do believe she is sick. David IS A LADIES MAN . It is very hard for a 4th marraige to survive. Add in 8 children from different wives and a serious illness. That will tell you how their marriage disolved.

  36. Larry

    I just want to thank you for saving this season for me. Now I don’t have to interpret it as a bunch of women questioning a sick person’s health, which is really off-putting. I can see it as a desperate plot by an aging model which, for some reason, I kind of respect. I can appreciate this storyline so much more as entertainment, partly because I now have a more well-defined protagonist (or antagonist, depending on perspective), and partly because it’s now a form of soap opera I tend to enjoy. Thanks!

  37. Katherine 2.0

    So TT, internet sleuth extraordinaire, you may be on to something here.
    Now those RHOBH bitches better not fuck up Yolanda’s master plan with all their boney finger-pointing shrewishness.
    If this is true, I have to say, I am kind of proud of Yo. Only because David is such a boorish egomaniac.

  38. The click of the tumbler falls in the lock…the last piece of the puzzle snaps into place….BRILLIANT, indeed!

    Now I gotta like Yolanda again – you go Ice Queen!

    I think it was very unusual to land the spot of 2nd trophy wife after the Muhammad divorce, (from my vast experience of watching First Wives Club :) .) Even stellar actesses have trouble getting roles after reaching a “certain age”. I agree that this aging former model planned on continued aging with her King. Turning the tables on Hub #2 AND Hub #2 is so delicious.

    Kinda weird to have the two kids in on it with her tho’, but maybe they are old enough to make that decision/protect Mom?

  39. Hurley

    merry christmas everyone!

  40. LisaPat

    Well when you put it THAT way, it really makes me think.. but what has me most freaked out is finding out that MH only paid 10k a month in support?? Allegedly. WTF? Master P. has just been ordered to pay 27k a month to his wife… how the heck does MH get off paying 10k?? Allegedly. MH is worth 10 times what Master P. is worth. DF better hit the piano and start writing some brilliant music .

  41. Trashbox

    That actual case was so sad, leaving that badly injured woman destitute and arguing over $50/month spousal support and a necklace. My god.

  42. karen

    WOW TT – this is amazing and I believe you 1 thousand percent

  43. fivecatsownme

    In 1869, neurasthenia was a disease of primarily upper class women and sensitive artistic types that had symptoms of fainting, weakness, pain, depression, confusion. Rest cures were part of the treatment.
    Munchausens syndrome is where a person can simulate the symptoms of an illness. They also will do things like eat ground glass to cause intestinal bleeding. Give themselves abcesses using fecal matter. Munchausens by proxy is usually mothers doing horrible things to their children to cause illness like feeding them ground glass. I think chronic lyme is more like the neurasthenia of the Victorian era. It primarily effects well to do women. Yolanda fits the profile.

  44. Dawn

    This fictional hypothesis is most interesting. It supports my thoughts that Yolanda appearing briefly at the dinner party not even done up at much as she used to be only to pick lemons was deliberately to make a statement of her poor health.

    I think she has always looked at herself as a commodity. Many times she said she went into modeling instead of furthering her education because she needed to support her widowed mother and brother. I don’t think pretty girls are just casually in the right place at the right time to run into a guy like Mohammed and get married.

    Cody Simpson’s unsuspecting mom doesn’t realize she is being hoodwinked as the sidekick in the plot. The lady isn’t even getting paid by Bravo, unless her Visa status issue has changed.

    I wonder, could Lisa V have suspicions of Yolanda’s authenticity? She consistently mentions being Mohammed’s and his children’s friend.

  45. StubbyG

    TT…I want to marry you!! But, I can’t! I am already married!! I love you, you are my hero!

  46. Mia

    Bravo Tamara! I kept wondering why you were saying that:)

  47. Cat

    Interesting. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. At this point, I have no opinion either way.

  48. cherise

    Damn TT you’re one smart lady!! I seriously think Yolanda is going thru menopause. It seems more logical to me ! If she was sick why would she agree to be on the rhobh? Sympathy or awareness?? I don’t know much about Lyme disease- but I can see why the the other housewives are questioning her condition. Thanks for the hot tea!!! As always!!!

  49. tamaratattles

    A few things…

    1. While I probably am a diabolical genius who uses my looks and sex appeal to get the things I want in life. This hypothetical is not original thought. A link to the caselaw site with a bit of explanation of it’s relevance to this site. I mean pondered a hypothetical situation after being presented with this information and regurgitated it here on this site.

    2. This forum is not about Fargo.

    3. This forum is not about how you wish you could decide who is a window licker and who isn’t.

    4. The commenting rules do not allow links or suggesting one google something or head over to blah blah dot com (I’m looking at you Matzah).

    5. There is no five at this time; however I reserve the right to include one later.

    6. This hypothetical does not presume the brain damage is not real. However the person in this hypothetical could be presumed to have been quite publicly distressed about the effects her brain damage has had on her life. Further, a case can be made for all women of a certain age to be “brain damaged.”

    • Sosueme

      Completely concur with no. 6.

    • Minky

      Goddammit no, Tamara! After reading all of the above I reserve the right to invoke the brain damage clause whenever it suits me. It’s only fair.

      Sending maximum respect your way.

    • Matzah60

      Sorry again, Tamara. I forgot about that when I replied above. I forgot about not mentioning links and shouldn’t have directed anybody to another site. Honestly, it wasn’t intentional. I will be more mindful when I write a post. I am 61 and honestly, I have become quite forgetful in the last few years. Still love what you wrote even if it isn’t ‘original’ thought. You still connected all the dots! Bravo!! (no pun intended)

  50. Yveline


    Your mind is amazing to put all this together. She has rubbed me the wrong way for a while, but I could not my finger on why. That takes a conniving personality to put such a plan into action allegedly. Just wow!

  51. 25

    Just some food for thought on whether Yo’s symptoms can all be explained away by The Change–I have a friend with all the same symptoms (fatigue, degenerated brain function, no tick bite, obsessive posting about Chronic Lyme on social media), and she was also “diagnosed” with Chronic Lyme at age 22.

  52. Shannah

    And just ike that, the penny dropped. Thus the shift to “neurological” Lyme recently. It makes all those times of anguish over missing the daughter’s fashion show events suddenly have reason. Another clever lady playing the long game.

  53. More Tea Please!

    Maybe Yo will invest in Club Detox to bring about a miraculous recovery?

  54. Lynette S.

    This is everything.

  55. captivagrl

    VERY interesting, and well written. I love it here!

  56. Psylocke

    OH HELL NO BITCH. I’m honored doe.

  57. Wow. Yolonda better hope Meghan King Edmonds doesn’t get a whiff of this conspiracy theory!

  58. fivecatsownme

    I would think that filming a reality show would be a caveat for total disability.But perhaps she could blame brain damage for the fact that she is filming RHOBH. She could also cite brain damage as the cause of her friendship with Brandi.

  59. ZenJen55

    I bow to the Queen, dayum gurl you’ve upped your game a notch! Hats off

  60. LoriKaye

    OMG This was interesting … Mo please…

  61. tamaratattles

    I just found out today that Yolanda’s prenup with Mohammed was nullified. Interesting.

    • Xanadude

      In her favor or his?

    • Interesting, same question as Xanadude.

      • tamaratattles

        She got millions in property (2 homes, 2 cars), over 3 million in cash, and 40K a month in spousal and child support 10K a month per person. That’s almost 500K a year. and a bunch of other stuff.

        She’s very good at this.

      • She is a master. Feeling sorry for David, even if he is a schmuck and deserves it.

      • Xanadude

        …and the cover story we’ve been given for years now is that Mohammed introduced Yolanda to David after David saw her picture while visiting Mohammed.

    • T D

      I hear the tea kettle whistling.

    • Josie

      Yolanda’s prenup with Mohammed was nullified? Does this just mean no more child support or is there much more to it? More tea please!

      • tamaratattles

        A prenup is a contract drawn up prior to marriage that outlines how assets will be divided in the divorce. It is nullified, it’s open season in divorce court and CA is a 50/50 state. The prenup was to protect Mohammed’s assets. Yolanda got very generous child and spousal support.

      • Josie

        Thanks, TT. This is getting interesting….

    • LisaPat

      Omg so its a pattern. She had success before. This plot is thickening.. thank you for clearing up the support being 10k per person from Mr. Big, not 10k total, because I had sympathy left for her when I thought she got very little from MH.

  62. Greenwood

    Holy Toledo! Fascinating thread!!!! I keep remembering the facebook post that Yolanda wrote when she started on RHOBH…where she said that she had broken her back giving birth to Anwar and had to go on bed rest for a long time. I remember laughing out loud when I read that. Anyway, I just went and looked at her Wikipedia page and it said that Anwar was born in June 1999 and Yolanda and Mohamed divorced in 2000. (Hope it’s OK to mention Wikipedia)
    Mazel to Tamara for such an interesting post. Delicious 😀

  63. Kiyoshigirl

    If Yolanda can indeed pull off a nullification of her prenup with DF based on disability, I will raise my glass to her. She may be an aging model, but she’s a damned good looking aging model who was taken off the market during prime appearance years while in a relationship with DF. Although Foster’s had a brilliant musical career, he’s primarily famous among an older crowd of fans. Yo’s time on RHBH exposed him to millions of fans who didn’t have any idea who or what he was. Perhaps she feels he owes her something for the exposure? Plus, I don’t appreciate full blown narcissists who haven’t out grown their narcissism by age 65, so I’m looking forward to raising that glass.

  64. KaraW

    This would explain SO MUCH about why those implants weren’t removed earlier.

  65. Josie

    When did this hypothetical person have time to do all these legal manuevers? In between IV treatments? Isnt this fraud? Alledgedly…of course. ?

  66. NYDudette

    Tamara, I have been an avid reader of your site for a long time now, and I have to say, THIS is the BEST tea I have had the honor to taste LOL. It made come out from anonymity and tell you. Very intelligent and astute idea for a novel…I wonder if there are women like the one you describe here in the real world ..LOL

  67. Trashbox

    She’s showing underboob, plenty of makeup and uh, no botox, in her new photos in a sheer dress at the RHOB premiere yesterday. The plot thickens.

  68. That was so damn funny!! Brilliant!

  69. Matzah60

    I’ve gotta say that the pictures of Yo at the RHBH Premiere Party present a very different picture, literally, of sick Yo at Lisa R.’s birthday party. She looks stunning and her dress is quite beautiful. In fact, Yo shines in comparison to the other ladies pictured. Divorce, it does a body good!

  70. jen

    *jaw drop*

    I need to read other posts. I haven’t been on lately but damn TT I love you.

  71. Rose

    Fascinating hypothesis!

  72. Trinity

    WOW. Interesting! Can’t wait to see how this ends.

  73. Robin

    This is an old thread, I know. But a great one. I feel compelled to comment for a few reasons. Before I do, let me preface all of this by stating that I am not a fan of any hypothetical aging models who are under the weather and perhaps looking to invalidate a premaritial agreement. Nor do I have any love for hypothetical composers who suffer overt narcissistic personality disorder and can’t seem to stop getting married.

    After leaving college in 1990 I worked in the dept. of infectious diseases at a major U.S. university hospital with a huge clinical trials budget/facility. At that time, the bulk of our patient caseload was HIV/AIDS; however the next subset of patients suffered with primary lyme infection and/or chronic lyme disease. We also had a handful of epstein-barr, chronic fatigue, and fibromyaliga sufferers treated long-term. Thankfully most other infectious diseases had a standard infectious period and protocol of treatment and patients got better. The docs and researchers I worked with back then have gone on to work for CDC, NIH, and some still treat patients. I see these clinicians interviewed frequently on national news, some have names you might recognize.

    While the causation and duration of chronic lyme was hotly debated amongst them, each of these 30-40 clinicians all agreed on ONE THING: they were sure something was going on with lyme that they didn’t fully understand. 27 years on, I am still in touch with many of my old colleagues. While they have better drugs, and protocols for lyme have become more uniform nationwide, they still have little certainty of the true scope and duration of the disease. While it is not a popular position, I agree with them. Having managed these caseloads and patients myself, I 100% believe anyone can become chronically ill after treatment of a primary lyme disease infection. Truth is, like vaccines and autism, nobody knows for sure. Scary stuff.

    Brain damage (for purposes of legal disability designations) doesn’t have to be structural in nature. A person can suffer extensive cognitive breakdown and have a brain that looks flawless on film and scans. I am one unfortunate example. 3 years ago I was finally diagnosed with narcolepsy after “knowing” something was seriously wrong for decades. Physiologically my brain is what doctors term “grossly unremarkable”. For now, it is structurally perfect. Sadly I can no longer drive, concentrate well, or maintain my balance, and my memory is shot. Sometimes the stars align, I manage to sleep, and enjoy a few great days. On those days I put on makeup, go to dinner, and make the most of what I’m given. I take selfies on those good days vs. the bad days. Doesn’t mean my brain disease with no extant cure isn’t real. IJS

    If hypothetical sick person hoped to get hypothetically big support ordered for life due to disease, they bet on the wrong hypothetical horse, who has liquid $$$ issues of their own. Exes and kids get expensive.

    Perhaps hypothetical uber-wealthy former husbands nullify pre-nups because they want to. They still have love for a wife/mother of children, are insanely loaded, and giving them more than they are required to legally simply makes them happy. Some even employ the ex in an ancillary capacity. Maybe their soon-to-be ex has suffered multiple infidelities, or witnessed strange pecadilloes and fetishes they’d rather have kept quiet.

    I have a family member in L.A. who is well-regarded in the entertainment/music industry. Won multiple awards, gets increasingly prestigious jobs each year. This person serves a more technical function in Hollyweird, and may have interacted with hypothetical oft-married composers several times in a work capacity. While I cannot confirm or deny this personally, word is that one hypothetical oft-married composer has both an ego and temper that belies his smallish physicality and advancing age. This hypothetical musician is a known serial philanderer, narcissist, gaslighter, and overall brute who smiles through his cruelty. Likes to keep everyone as off-balance as possible: spouses, talent, children, friends, etc. As humans need oxygen, this person requires attention, flattery, and the appearance of stability. Essentially, narcissistic supply. If a hypothetical wife to this hypothetical man falls ill or focuses on other than him….farewell. There will be another shiny new wife, count on that. Again, all hypothetical.

    Just wanted to add my ten cents.

    • tamaratattles

      I 100% believe anyone can become chronically ill after treatment of a primary lyme disease infection.

      I don’t think anyone disagrees with this statement. That condition is called Persistent Lyme. Hypothetically, the aging model has never been treated for a primary lyme infection. Chronic Lyme is when some “lyme friendly” doctor says that even though you don’t recall being bitten by a tick, and in fact live in a state with a very low deer tick count, it must have happened and that is what is wrong with you. This information is usually given in conjunction with $8,000 IV treatments and random tooth pullings and a variety of potions.

      Also, it would seem that finalizing a divorce decree is the best cure for this sort of Lyme.

      Truth is, like vaccines and autism, nobody knows for sure.

      I love people who understand that just because no studies so far have shown a correlation between autism and vaccination doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Our government (aka the people responsible for shooting kids up with vaccines) works really hard to paint anyone who questions the numerous vaccinations and how they may interact with each other as “crazy anti-vaxers” and the real threat to the health of our children.

      • Robin

        I could be wrong, but I thought I heard/read somewhere that hypothetical lyme patient was treated with the standard primary lyme infection course first, which failed. Obviously hypothetical patient didn’t know exactly when she was hypothetically infected, so technically it was not the hypothetical primary infection – but she did undergo standard primary infection’s antibiotic course etc. before the VIP IV world tour. Seem to recall her disparaging the 1st course of treatment somewhere, but again…might be wrong. #Ineversleep

        Re: government, vaccines: interesting how a rash of narcolepsy has broken out precisely where swine flu “protection” was added to flu vaccines in Western Europe in early-mid 2000’s. One guess where a hypothetical military spouse was stationed during the outbreak and flu shot additives. As such, this hypothetical spouse (and gov’t employee) was not really in a position to refuse her annual flu shot at the base cattle call. Nor were her hypothetical children.

      • tamaratattles

        She did indeed have a long term antibiotic treatment. Way longer than even persistent lyme patients take it. But she was never bitten by a tick and had no positive lyme test. Whatever treatments she took conveniently made her even more ill. It took a cash payout to finally give her her health back.

        Well funny that you mention narcolepsy because I spoke with a therapist about my narcolepsy symptoms and he took them very seriously. I am not sure if I have it in the classic sense but I just had to sleep for a couple of hours after falling asleep on the laptop.

        I have never taken a flu shot. I had an actual argument with my crappy doctor I had for a hot minute. I told her I did not want a flu shot. She said, so you want the flu? I said yes. Because there is no arguing with that logic. Then she told me about the time she and her husband both got the flu. I wanted to point out that she TAKES the flu shot… but I wanted to flee her office more.

        Funny about that hypothetical spouse know about the additives in the serum. That is information the average sheep in the flu line does not know. I have a niece who had a reaction to the DPT shot, won the largest out of court settlement against big pharm at the time and has been having debilitating grand mal seizures for her entire life. I don’t take any shot that is not absolutely necessary. I even argue with the dentist about which type of shot he should use. It astounds me that so may people just blindly line their children up for whatever shot is out there and believes the research done by those same people make it totally safe.

      • Robin

        Uhm…the military spouse/gov’t employee is me. Nobody knew about the additive in the flu shot for those years back then; had we not been stationed in that particular part of Europe it wouldn’t have been an issue. The outbreaks of narcolepsy are only being discovered now, 10-12 years later. When your spouse is serving, and the military is sponsoring your family to live, attend schools, and for me to work on a foreign base, they dictate the terms. I didn’t blindly line up myself or my children for anything – nobody knew the flu shot given back then was different from those administered before.

        No way to know if the vaccine caused my narcolepsy. I suffered a fairly severe concussion 20 years ago that may have been the cause. I may just be unlucky. Thankfully there has been no adverse affect on my spouse or kids. Healthy as horses.

      • tamaratattles

        I’ve lost my post twice because I continue to use Internet Explorer despite it being the most dysfunctional thing in the world.

        Yes I knew the military spouse was you. I thought you were told at the time the Swine Flu additive was in there. I thought it was interesting that the military was being told of the contents when the “average sheep” is not. I see now you didn’t know at the time either.

        All these vaccines are experimental and change based on things they discover AFTER vaccinated the entire population. Like the DPT shot.

        I am terrified of them all. I am being sort of scared into considering the Shingles vaccine though. Scary commercials and my sister had it and it was bad. And I had the chicken pox. #nervous

      • Cat

        Even the CDC agrees that not everyone should be vaccinated. They have a nice long list of conditions that put people at risk.

  74. beth

    TT, like you, the shingles virus commercials have scared me into considering getting that vaccine. How long did your sister have it? The commercial says it can last as long as a month. I’ve never had a flu shot – I figure if most everyone else gets the shot, that will reduce the chance that I’ll get sick.

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