The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Trailer is Out!

RHOBH reunion looks

OMG! I don’t know if I am so excited about this season because I don’t keep up with their filming and spoilers or if it is really as good as it looks.  There are a LOT of surprising  faces in there. And we finally get to see how the two new girls, Kathryn Edwards and Erica Jayne, are fitting in with the group.  Clearly Erica is Brandi’s replacement as the new crude and uninhibited cast member.  Kathryn is going to have issues with Kyle over Faye Resnick of all things.  Something about her former husband, Marcus Allen who she was married to during the OJ trial. I guess we can’t blame the new girl for hating Faye Resnick, but truthfully, she was the only reason Faye was called upon to film. Don’t give her what she wants Kathryn.

The biggest shocker was not the scene with Brandi and Yolanda, Brandi hinted at that when they filmed it. The shocker is that Kim Richards has a scene with Lisa Rinna.  I have a feeling this was a scene that was one of the last ones shot. What idiot allowed Kim to come back on the show even for one scene. Clearly, she is dealing with a lot right now and her sobriety seems very questionable at the moment. Really, Bravo?

Click through form my initial reactions. And watch fast because this YouTube may disappear as Bravo did not release links to the trailer for bloggers.


THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS -- Season:6 -- Pictured: (l-r) Erika Girardi, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, Yolanda H. Foster, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Kathryn Edwards -- (Photo by: Michael Larsen/Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS — Season:6 — Pictured: (l-r) Erika Girardi, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, Yolanda H. Foster, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Kathryn Edwards — (Photo by: Michael Larsen/Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

First reactions.

  • Look who is a FULL HOUSEWIFE, front and center. It’s this season’s Brooks!
  • Well, we have a new Brandi!  Proving they are a dime a dozen in L.A.  The new blond, Erica,  has a potty mouth and likes to go naked.
  • Lisa Rinna filmed a scene with Kim Richards!
  • It looks like we are going to have another season of people questioning Yolanda’s illness. Prepare for me to be bitching and outraged over this. If you are pissed off that I defended Brooks, expect to be WAY MORE PISSED OFF at my defense of Yolanda.  I  do not believe that she has Chronic Lyme because I don’t believe in Chronic Lyme, but I do believe that she is sick. That said, the fact that she now says all her kids except GiGi have it.  I am a bit worried. It looks like Lisa Rinna is going to throughout the Munchausen  diagnosis. UGH.  And Yolanda writes her will for television? Also UGH is Gigi with Joe Jonas or whoever. And Yolanda surprising use with Andrea Bocelli  It looks like we will see a LOT of Yolanda filming despite being on death’s door. I hate this story arc!
  • We know the ladies go to the Hamptons while Kyle is still dealing with Kim. And there she films with Bethenny who knows the family and gives her advice. We see Bethenny again having dinner in L.A. with all the ladies.
  • I could to without attending Lisa Rinna’s butt waxing no matter how much I like her.
  • We get a peek at Camille and Taylor.
  • Lisa buys herself some miniature ponies for Ken’s birthday and locks them away in a pink house in her backyard. Or maybe Ken got them for her birthday. I forget.
  • I am not feeling the other new housewife, Kathryn, either.
  • The whole Kim getting drunk and belligerent at the wedding back story is filmed. Which I want to see, but I don’t think morally it was a good filming decision.  Bwahahah did I just consider Bravo’s morality? What was I thinking?
  • I am sad to see we are going to have marital problems with Eileen and her husband. That marriage was such a delight to see last season. Was it all fake? Eileen’s eyes are blood red in one of the scenes from crying!
  • Did I just see Brandi on the show STILL STIRRING THE POT telling Yolanda about the women’s suspicions about her illness?
  • Was that the morally corrupt Faye Resnick at the meal with Bethenny? Or was that two different meals?  I heard Faye was causing drama between Kyle and one of the new women, the older one, and I really didn’t care because I was hoping Faye would not be on much.
  • And who the hell are they ganging up on this season, is it Yolanda? Or is it already Vanderpump’s turn again?

What shocks you the most?


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128 responses to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Trailer is Out!

  1. TheCapricorn

    This looks better than RHOA season 8 already, I will be tunning in, I like Erica already.

  2. LaLa

    For me, the most shocking is the Eileen vs LVP moment that’s going to be taking place this season. I didn’t see that coming at all. I heard the gossip about the others during filming.

  3. WhyOWhy

    Yay! I can’t wait!

  4. claire

    Kim filmed in Palm Springs for the all-cast gathering at Kyle’s house for the final epi. Personally I think this is really stupid on Kim’s part. She needs money, though, and since she only knows how to be in front of a camera it’s not surprising; however, not healthy. Just saying…

  5. JustJenn

    This looks so good! And I can’t wait for a season with a minimal amount of Brandi and her voice.

  6. Dawn

    I couldn’t figure out much, flashed through too fast for my old brain. I am most concerned for Eileen, did is show Vince and her in a spat? I am in the middle of watching Y&R where her character, Ashley, is in danger of dying in a towering enferno.

    • Dawn

      Inferno. No spell check!

    • Sliceo'pie

      I thought they showed a bit of marital tension last year-sort of sniping at and bickering with each other. Perhaps I was projecting but it reminded me of my own stressful marriage. They’ve been together for a long time by Hollywood standards-I hope they’re getting counseling. I had such a crush on Van Patten in Junior High/High School and I really like Eileen.

  7. Tee

    Tamara you need to read up on the new housewife Kathryn, she has history with Faye from the OJ Simpson days. It’s pretty juicy!! Faye accused Kathryn’s ex husband of sleeping with Nicole Simpson or something. I’m so ready for Kathryn to drag Faye/Kyle!

    • kkbella

      All, and I mean all the trash bags that associated with the OJ crowd are no better than the other. That horrid Kris K woman, the other coke snorting, empty headed bimbos -that Marcus Allen? Um, criminal. Fuck. There are no gems in this crowd. Faye is the most well known, so an easy target. But do not take pleasure in certain trash condemning other trash. They all belong in the same jail cell, grave or drug using corner. No glamour here.

    • Lawstangel

      That is not really new news. Nicole did sleep with Marcus Allen to piss off OJ, but if I remember correctly, it was after her and OJ were separated. I am not sure what Marcus Allens’ marital status was at the time. This all came out around the time of the murder.

  8. Pip

    I am psyched for this. The preview looks great and it looks like they brought almost everyone back for a cameo or two.
    I have avoided spoilers, but will always watch the previews.
    I think I hate the new blond chick with the giant bazzoongas.
    Also, hate seeing Brandi and Kim. I had really hoped that we were done with their bullshit last season. However, I love seeing Camille and the ever corrupt Faye Resnick.
    Do we know when this starts?

  9. JoJoFLL

    Holy shitballs Bravo filmed in Mexico for Brooks wedding?? They got Kim’s breakdown on film?? This is bad. Really bad.

  10. I don’t want to see Eileen and her hunky hubby fighting! Ugh, was so excited for this season to start, but now I am worried it will turning Yolanda into Brooks Munchausen and everyone ganging up on Lisa V again. Hopefully, Brandi and Kim will be on and gone in a minute.

    • Lawstangel

      Everyone has fights, no one has a perfect relationship. Maybe it is just a small bad patch?

      • jen

        I hope so. I am also a fan of Eileen and her hubby. Oh when he was peeking through the garage during the dramatic fight scene between Kim/Kyle/Brandi during poker night at Eileen’s was SO hilarious thinking of it gives me a chuckle.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I SO don’t want to see them go after Yolanda. Whether her problem is mental or physical, it is real.

  11. Well that clip went by faster than Brandi’s career!

    But some things look pretty juicy. Is Yolanda the new Brooks? Is Rinna going to play the part of Doubting Meghan? Is there any plausible reason a woman would want to film her poor children and elderly sick mother discussing HER will on TV? And finally…..something I’ll never get: Why oh why do Housewives think we want to watch them getting waxed??!

  12. Minky

    I have a sinking feeling that Yolanda’s a hypochondriac. A LOT of rich women are very similar to Shannon. They love being sick. LOVE IT! They always have a bunch of phantom ailments that come and go and require all sorts of organic, all natural, aruvedic, herbal, custom elixirs to help them “detox”. A claim of having a gluten allergy and being a vegan that’s really a front for an eating disorder, for example. I still wish her all the best.

    • I think there is something wrong with Yolanda, but like TT, I don’t think Chronic Lyme Disease is real. I’m glad she got those leaking old breast implants removed. Maybe now, she will slowly recover. I worry about all the IVs and “nutritional” pills she ingests.

      • fivecatsownme

        Post treatment syndrome? She looks ill; looks like hell.Why the is Yolanda filming? It is not like she needs the money. There is no such thing as chronic Lyme disease, but untreated Lyme can do quite a bit of damage. Who knows.

      • Why would you not think Chronic Lyme Disease is real when you can see it under a microscope of blood or tissue samples? It messes you up but good! Don’t y’all watch “Monsters Inside Me”?

    • kkbella

      We have an ex wife like this. Swear to God, after 25 years, she still gets a mystery illness every so often, but they all stem from my husbands behavior! What? They haven’t spoken in over 15 years, but her illness (es) are his fault. A nutter in every crowd. However, I believe Yo has something that I am unqualified to diagnose.
      I can only hope she never runs into our ex, or goes to the OC-and runs into Shannon.

    • LisaPat

      Minky so true. Im around those women all the time. bullemia is an eating disorder thats isnt all-encompassing make oneself vomit. There are exercise bullemics who run 15 miles a day and now I believe the MAYO clinic could add this colonic obsession as another form of vullemia. Shannon ingested a tangerine and in her own mind, her stomach looked like a woman who is 8 months pregnant. She obviously has an eating disorder, which often plagues insecure women following a spouses affair. Women used to binge on laxatives after eating. The use of a colonic after eating a piece of fruit sounds right up that alley.

  13. V

    I am shocked about Eileen vs LVP. really hoping its nothing serious. Also I started not to like Lisa R last season, but i really dont think i will like her this season. She is two faced and a meddler. I am really sad about Eileen’s marriage being front and center.
    Also I think Lisa R and LVP will be the villains, but i have a feeling it will be for legit reasons. So I feel like at this moment LVP is my fav, but that will probably change.
    Why must Yolanda’s illness be the focal point of the season? not looking forward to that.

  14. Nicole

    Damn! Don’t know if I can stomach it

  15. Angel(?)

    Could we have a break from someone’s illness (or not), addiction, vulgarity, or marriage woes? I was hoping for a season like RHONY.

  16. Angel(?)

    I hope they aren’t going after LVP again. ? She’s my fave on this franchise and I don’t like Eileen getting into the gutter. LVP might spin some webs but someone’s got to do it and at least she does it with class and intelligence. ? Mini ponies! ?

  17. Oh yes indeedy— there are tons of reasons the new gal and Faye hate each other. 0J’s BFF Marcus got around. Oh. Faye Resnick– the morally corrupt one haha— is BFFs with Kathy Hilton. In reality, Faye might make a seriously good sponsor for Kim- should Kim go A/A.

    Was at Palm Springs. Bravo was filming. Kim
    And Lisa R “talked quietly in a corner”

  18. Long time lurker from the UK here, thanks Tamara, your output is awesome. I check your site everyday when I wake up. Cannot wait for the new RHOBH to start, loving your work x

  19. Dee

    I watched the trailer a couple of times, did Yolanda say she had her teeth removed?! Then someone mentioned munchausen, I guess re Yolanda.

  20. cobe

    BG and Kim are like herpes–just when it seems like they’ve disappeared, they pop back up.

  21. Cat

    I’m still exhausted from all the Brooks bashing. I don’t know if I can jump right in for a Yolanda attack. I need a little break.

  22. Real Houseboy of LA

    What shocked me the most was that it was Rinna who was questioning Yolanda’s illness. I believed the gossip a few months ago that Taylor was the one who started that, and that Rinna was the one who was particularly offered and vowed to stay away from Taylor. I guess that’s not how it went down.

  23. Rose

    Looks good! Don’t want to see problems with Eileen and Vince.

  24. Sabrina

    I’m so ready for fun with BH! Delighted we don’t see Taylor full time, and if Faye is being questioned /criticized, that is the only way I am interested in seeing her on BH.

    I’m very disturbed to see Bravo think they should make a storyline out of Yolanda’s illness- as I have come to the conclusion that Bravo not only knew but probably pushed for the Brooks storyline to have the prominence it did in OC. I also believe they knew it was a lie from day one.

    Bravo played the audience like fools , and I’m not interested in watching a repeat performance. Sorry, but Yolanda has taken this way too far and has been questioned openly by medical experts all over the world. When she left the reunion after very few moments last time, I thought that was the correct way to handle it- let her deal with it off camera as Kim needed to, since she wasn’t well. Why is it she is well enough for some things but not others?

    I say this in all respect as someone who has had my life altered by profound illness. If you are that sick, enough to fly all over the world for “treatments”, how can you be well enough to film a good deal, which is rigorous? She said last time she could not think, could not speak, could not write or watch TV- but she can be filmed for it?

    A commenter on another thread mentioned that they believe many wealthy women focus on their health, doctors and treatments as a primary issue to get attention, like Shannon. I don’t know if that is the case here, and have not followed every article written, but it has begun to sound like Yolanda is now turning this into a crusade- to the point where all her kids have it, save one? I believe Yolanda has had a serious problem- and leaking silicone implants can be very serious health risks- but the lengths she has gone to have created red flags for many.
    I hope neither she nor Bravo have decided to make her quest a major story here- I will have a very hard time stomaching it, and think it is an insult for Bravo to try this again, whatever the cause of Yolanda’s issues. Bravo is treating the audience offensively, if it does. Especially with the one franchise which , save two participants, has remained more fun to watch and aspirational.

    • Exactly. She proclaims her illness stops her from living a normal life. We have watched in previous episodes, where she cannot attend events because she is ill and is stricken to the bed. Oh woe is me. But yet…she has energy for selfies, vacations, trips overseas, and filming. Now she is talking about death. Is she looking for attention? Sympathy? Or is she a hypochondriac? Does her illness come and go? Something to consider, maybe all those “vitamins” she is taking have side affects, making her ill. She cries wolf way to much for me. I’m not listening anymore.

      • KTina

        She’s filming not digging ditches for heaven’s sake! She flies on a private plane, is driven everywhere, has a chef and a maid who do everything for her yet you think that if she were that sick she couldn’t push a button on a phone for a selfie?

      • Micahjami

        I have Lymes and that is how it is. One day you may have energy and then the next you can’t even lift your body out of bed.

        Have compassion. If she can shine a light on this illness then it creates hope for so many who are suffering.

        Would you be so bold to judge someone with cancer?

  25. cobe

    Am I the only commenter who likes Faye? I think it’s pretty amazing she’s been able to turn around a troubled past and make a decent go of it.

    I appreciate strong, opinionated women.

    • Angel(?)

      I would rather see Faye than Brandi or Kim.

    • Sweet T

      I like Faye. She defends her friends and has turned out to be right each time. I don’t know much about her outside of the show. I never watched the oj trial. I also like that she doesn’t back down and doesn’t seem to be afraid of anyone.

  26. Dawn

    I am guessing whatever Yolanda did with her teeth was to rid her of some metals in fillings or crowns. I know people that did it that have MS. It sort of is Yolanda’s turn to be the bullied girl, since that seems to be the theme each season now.

    I sure hope any Vince and Eileen marriage drama is just play acting for the show, and not the curse of reality TV. He lost his father this summer. I know whenever anyone died in either of our families, my X would react by deciding he wanted a divorce, then get over it.He wouldn’t face the pressure of getting one when we had parent’s scrutiny.

    Any LVP drama, I know both she and Ken will weather through in the end.

    The Girard woman must be a part of the same family as the last Girard that did a RHOBH season, I forget her first name.

    • cobe

      Dawn, it could also be the removal of wisdom teeth to extract the stem cells.

      I didn’t really catch the “teeth” issue or comment, but just wanted to throw out another option.

    • tamaratattles

      Could none of you who watched the trailer explain to people that Yolanda was being hyperbolic about the teeth thing! She said, I’LL DO ANYTHING FOR A CURE! I’LL PULL OUT ALL MY TEETH IF I HAVE TO!!!! It was a dramatic statement meaning she would go to any length for a cure,.

  27. Pretty me

    Who’s going down with Lisa Rinna? I have a feeling it’s Lisa V. I always thought Lisa V was a snake in the grass, she plays the victim and it grosses me out. I’m glad Brandi is gone so Lisa can’t use her as a scapegoat anymore!

    • Jaana

      Same. Lisa hides behind others. Pokes the bear then throws the stick. Plus she didnt have a problem with Brandi’s crudeness until Brandi turned against her.

  28. Anastasia_Beave

    Pretty sure Yolanda has said she got the metal fillings removed, like her implants, no nail polish, chopped the hair, no dye, etc. She thinks this is leading a healthy life.
    Look, I definitely think Yolanda is sick, be it physical or mental. She’s very ill.
    Bringing the kids into it makes me think she is very ill mentally. None of them have Lyme Disease.
    I was hoping to never see Kim Richards on my tv again.

    I guess this season looks good? I don’t know. I’m over all if it.

  29. Anastasia_Beave

    And it looks like Kim is still being Kim with that FUCKING FACE she makes when anyone dare question her.

    • Sara

      There was always something that bugged me about her when she would get confronted but I could never pinpoint what it was. You just pointed out what it is! It’s the that damn face she makes! I can’t stand that look she gets on her face! OMG I hate seeing her back

  30. Swizzle

    With the ratings success of the Brooks cancer story, are we now going to have to live through a different healthgate in each city? Ugh!!

  31. I’m so excited! I love RHOBH & now that Brandi is gone I feel like I have my show back. I’m nervous about the Yolanda health storyline. I’ve been going through a similar unknown sickness for the past several years but mine hasn’t been diagnosed yet (no matter how many doctors I see). It’s hard to read comments saying it’s a mental health issue. No one would choose to feel like this. Trust. You’re all entitled to your opinions so I’m going to hold my tongue a lot…

    • Sara

      I can’t imagine anything more frustrating than knowing your sick but being unable to find an answer to why you feel so unwell. I wish you the best with your health. I love your Walking Dead recaps. Thank you for all your hard work.

    • Hope you can find the answers soon, LC. You are the best!

    • cobe

      Lady C: I am right there with you and in the same situation. I feel your pain (literally as well as figuratively).

      It might very well be a mental health issue with Yolanda, but I guess her doctors are the ones to diagnose that. Even assuming that it is, a mental health issue is a HEALTH ISSUE.

      I’m looking forward to seeing the storyline. I think it is okay to formulate the question, because it is a valid question. I’m also looking forward to her answer on it.

      I second Sara in saying I love your TWD recaps and am sending you best thoughts. Going through this uncertainty is a nightmare. I feel it. I feel you.

      • Meredo

        I’m a fan as well, Lady C. Love your witty comments and sense of humor. It’s great that you’re able to be like this while feeling so ill. Hope you find a resolution regarding your health soon.

    • Anastasia_Beave

      I personally was not downplaying her illness by saying she’s mentally ill. It’s real and awful, and I know, I suffer from anxiety and it affects me mentally and physically daily.
      She’s obviously ill, and I was just stating my opinion on what I’ve seen, but really, what the hell do I know.
      I hope you’re able to get some answers, Lady.

      • Thanks, Cat, lisamia, cobe & Meredo! You guys are the best! And Anastasia Beaverhausen (as a Karen fan I have to use the whole name) you’re more than entitled to your opinion. I’m preparing myself to not take things personally because what people say about Yolanda is not a reflection on me (even though I relate to her health issues). Plus, I learn things from smart commenters like you, even when we have a difference of opinion. It’s one of the things I really appreciate about TT’s blog.

    • fivecatsownme

      Lady Cocotte, the trauma of being ill and not getting a diagnosis causes soul sickness. Women with chronic undiagosed illness don’t get treated seriously. I just hope the quacks with promised cures don’t kill Yolanda.
      Florence Nightengale had an illness very similar to Yolanda’s after she returned from the Crimea. It is speculated she had chronic brucellosis from drink raw milk. Ironically she drank milk instead of water to keep from getting Cholera.
      I hope you find an answer soon. The worst of all things is not knowing. I am keeping you in my prayers.

    • jen

      I know exactly how you feel or I shouldn’t say that but I know in my way based on what you are saying how you feel and it is very frustrating and unfair. I am sorry you are going through that. I wish you better health.

  32. Queen of the Nile

    Oh please … not another focus on illness! Why does Bravo think we want to watch this? At least there will be less of Brandi.

  33. TD

    At first I was expecting Kathryn / Erica to be an updated version of Carlton / Joyce with Kathryn being more upfront and Erica being a typical dim blonde but I was wrong. If Bravo hires Erica to be the new Brandi then screw them.

  34. From what I know the gang ups may be on Yolanda AND Vanderpump. It will be Yolanda vs Kyle, Rinna and Lisa V, and it will also be Lisa Vanderpump vs Eileen, Rinna (briefly I’m asuming), Yolanda and Erika. Also some drama will be between Erika and Kathryn and Kathryn and Kyle

  35. LisaPat

    Who the hell is Rinna pointing her bony finger at when she says “you are going down in flames with me?” Or, is she doing an audition of some sort??

  36. beattyful

    I just don’t know if I have the stomach for this batch of housewives anymore….

  37. I’m unsure whether i could handle another Lisa V tirade but i’m game to see all vs Yolanda.
    One would think that when you’re that frightened for your life you drop the Holistic and carry on with traditional… or is it just me? Personally i think shes worried her strings will appear over her puppets so shes trying to make up for it by being the holistic hero against her chronic lymes.

  38. tamaratattles

    You don’t seem to know what you are talking about, Kim. She does see traditional doctors from all over the world. I’ll put you on the list of people who wants to watch a bunch of women gang up on a sick person. So far, your name is the only one on the list. Because, cunt.

    • I’ll own it – being a cunt that is but I only remember her seeking holistic medicines and talking about choosing to be 100% holistic

      • Cat

        And that is her right.

      • She’s not conning anyone. There is definitely something wrong, but finding what it is and how to treat it has been excruciatingly frustrating.

      • Carrie


        TT is 100% correct. She’s posted on her Insta about using MODERN medicine all over the world. She’s also said she’s used MODERN medicine in various articles and interviews. She didn’t get sick yesterday.. She’s been dealing with this for years.

        ‘Holistic’ can mean many things to many people. If you’ve never been sick for years, you couldn’t possibly understand what it feels like to feel like SHIT every day. For Yolanda, she’s also made the decision to eat clean, take vitamins, stop putting unnecessary chemicals (hair dye, fingernail polish, etc.) into her system, take her implants out… and the list goes on.

        Yes, she’s rich. Yes, she has the resources. She’s doing anything and everything possible to make her body feel a little better. You would do the same thing. Why the hell do you care SO MUCH?? So unless you’ve ever dealt with a chronic illness, have three seats.

    • Cat

      By the way, TT, I love this brown background. Reminds me of “tea”. Brilliant choice!

      • Deb in SF

        The first blog I read with the brown background was the one about Brandi and I thought it was fitting, as the subject was a shitty person. I wondered if the color of the background would change to reflect the different subject matter, but I guess that would be a LOT of trouble. So, other than it reminding me of shit, I like it. Seriously, Tamara, the site looks really good!

      • Deb in SF

        The banner changed since I clicked on this thread! I liked the one with more orange better with the brown background…it had more “life.”

      • I was just going to mention the brown back round. It’s gorgeous, TT.

  39. Cat

    I’m going to take a stand early, and be on Yolanda’s side. I don’t know what her illness is, but I believe it is real, and she is suffering. I will NOT put down anyone who is suffering. Build them up. Don’t tear them down.

    • The only thing that irked me, was when she publicly announced that two of her kids suffered from the same disease. That felt a bit like an over share. Obviously her kids could have given their blessing for her to announce that, however, this would not be the first time a HW invaded their kids privacy without permission.

      Other than that, I wish her the best and if Lisa R goes after her then she will be the new Brandi/Meghan.

      • Sweet T

        I didn’t like that she announced her children’s illnesses either. Won’t possible employers not hire them because they are ill? I’d rather they have announced it in a press release themselves.

        I am on Yolanda’s side too. I was on brooks side and he turned out to be lying but that doesn’t mean everyone else is. Middle aged women with illnesses are always touted to be crazy. My mom told me when she was a teen donors told her menstral cramps were in her head. Medical science has been ignoring women for years and middle age women don’t offer much to society anymore (not in my mind but to many others) so why bother with them. Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other diseases were at one time all in the patient head too.

      • Anastasia_Beave

        I agree with you Micheal. I believe she is very sick, but I’m not a fan of bringing the kids into it.

    • Angel(?)

      I’m thinking that Yo’s illness is due to the leaking implants that she had removed. She was poisoning her body for years. I would think it would be a slow recovery. I also think that Yo is so invested in chronic Lyme disease that she made not be able to accept any other explanation. I don’t know what to think about her statement that 2 of her 3 children have it as well. I don’t believe it but I’m not a doctor so it doesn’t matter.
      As far as her health being a story line, well she is the one making it such. I really don’t want to hear her whine about “Hollywood Friends” for a whole season. News flash Yo, of course they are all Hollywood Friends. Duh. I believe the person you had a relationship with before the show was LVP. Mohammed got LVP in the divorce remember?
      I didn’t like the season that Yolanda showed her true mean girl personality. I have been giving her a break because I truly think she is ill. However if she wants to go there, I will too.

    • KTina

      I’m on her side as well. Why are people doubting her? She hasn’t been looking good at all.

      • V

        I hate that i will be on yolanda’s side as well. I think yolanda is misdiagnosed, but she is definitely ill. for them to act like she isn’t is just ridiculous, especially lvp and kyle as they have had to film with her and be around her longer than rinna.

  40. tbk

    I despise Yolanda. She’s mean-spirited and nasty. And she’s full of crap. Hope she gets hers this season.

  41. Suzanne D

    TT…I have always believed that Yolanda was ill and not faking anything. I don’t believe she has Chronic Lyme nor do I believe that her children have it. I think Yolanda is suffering from a conversion disorder brought on by stress. It could have been exacerbated by her leaking silicone implant. With a conversion disorder, the brain tricks the body into feeling and experiencing real symptoms as its reaction to stress. Hysterical blindness and paralysis are probably the most common. It intensifies as the person gets attention for the symptoms. These people will go from doctor to doctor and there is never an organic cause found. This doesn’t always mean it’s a conversion disorder as our technology improves year after year.

    I find Yolanda to be very neurotic. She is way too vested in looks and starving her kids to improve their modeling careers. She had David’s money, so she can fly all over the world having voodoo like treatments, one right after the other. I can’t believe that no one addressed her 20 year old implants, or maybe they did and she was already sold on the Lyme thing, with all the doctors she has seen. Where any of her doctors credible? Or well respected by their peers?

    One of the reasons I have a hard time believing in the Chronic Lyme theory is that the doctor who started it all was found to be submitting fraudulent claims through BCBS. None of his theories were backed up by any credible studies, and none of his treatments fit with any of the AMA or CDC guidelines. So he stopped taking any insurances and patients had to pay out of pocket to see him. I wish I can remember the guy’s name, but he was in Texas.

    I wish Yolanda would include psychotherapy with her army of doctors. Just the stress alone of being chronically sick, dealing with all these treatments, and not finding success, could help strengthen her emotionally. She also could be making herself more sick with her extreme nutritional ideals. Cleanses, fasts, handfuls of vitamins and supplements, cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet. I know she can be annoying, but I do wish her well. I just hope she doesn’t project her issues onto Bella and Anwar.

  42. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    How is YOLANDA front and center? I’m enraged!!! What has she done to deserve that spot? Grrrr, almost makes me not want to watch…

    • Angel(?)

      Didn’t Bravo just cut and paste onto last season’s promo picture? Are they on a budget this year? ?

      • Carrie

        They’ve done that with other HW shows. RHOA was in all black for a while.. This year they finally changed it for them.

        I’m very sad I know this. Ha!

  43. Love the new color scheme although I loved being easily able to just skip to Tamara’s commentary with the blue coloring but this new color scheme is easier on the eyes.

    that said, RHOBH is going to be lit.
    Surprisingly Eileen and Lisa have beef. Oy, I like Eileen and her how daaaaare you? line is low key iconic. that said, LVP will never lose. She’s too clever.

    I feel like rinna isn’t bringing it as much as I thought she would.

    Hopefully these girls earn their paychecks. No coasters.

  44. mary

    Gawd, I hope this season is fun over the top dramatic nonsense. That is what got me hooked watching the RH’s. Excited to watch the new cast members. Thankfully brandi & kim will nothing but a blip.

  45. Johanna

    Something I never did when I was younger was try to put myself in other’s shoes, with age I have begun to, and when I put myself in yours I feel tremendous compassion and empathy. It makes me think of the Brooks situation and how you reacted to many of your commenters who didn’t believe him from the get go. I know depression, I know crippling anxiety, I know fear of the real world. i know how hurtful and infuriating it feels to be told you don’t “look sick”. Maybe that’s why you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, it’s why I did at first. I’ve been coming here for three years and I see how this has all evolved. I don’t post much, but you feel like family, I swear! This is a haven for me! I care about you and so do many here. Your site will work, you are tenacious and intelligent and your hard work will pay off! I fucking hate when people patronize me and say stupid shit like look on the bright side, so I’m trying to avoid platitudes in a similar vein. I can’t think of much that’s not sappy so just know you are one tough b-I-t-c-h (and I can’t wait to see your interview!)

  46. I read your post with a heavy heart. I think I’m at the menopause junction, and understand you’re comparison to PMS for ten years. I’m sympathetic and concerned. Your awareness of self isolation, increased alcohol consumption, not feeling well and knowing “I am the opposite of myself”, show that you are an intelligent person that recognizes these issues and can therefore begin to address them one at time (maybe some type of hormone pill–idk).
    If you have already explained to family and friends your desire to support yourself and this
    site, then tell them “you know my position and I simply want your support”. Don’t use precious energy explaining yourself!
    You mention that you don’t like doing interviews, it’s been years but I use to write for and have done several interviews. If there’s anyway I could be of assistance with any blogging, research or interview questions please let me know, I enjoy your site and would
    volunteer my services to help you maintain what you have built.
    I wish you health and hope you can be “yourself” again soon.
    Sincerely, Patty

  47. Queen of the Nile

    I’m sorry to hear the weariness in your post. Your site is amazing and you have a huge following of readers who not only appreciate your intelligence and wit, but care about your well-being. Depression and isolation are horrible. Please rest! Exhaustion can make everything worse.

    • Meredo

      I hate hearing that you’re feeling the way you do, it hurts my heart. I wish I could be of some help but don’t really know how. Just know so many love you dearly and would jump through hoops for you. I wish I had a shit ton of money so I could send it to you. I know it wouldn’t solve everything but it would sure make a lot of things that much easier. Don’t give up, “this too shall pass”. I know it seems like forever to do so though. Love you TT, Meredo

  48. tamaratattles

    Thanks for the well wishes guys. I deleted the whiny post.I just had a very long week with a lot going on. I appreciate your kind comments. Compared to most of you, I don’t have a single thing to complain about.

  49. Love you, TT. What ever I can do to help, I am here. I think what you are accomplishing with this site is really great.

  50. jen

    I can’t comment on Yolonda’s illness because I know nothing about it but I never heard of her being a crook like Brooks for a decade prior to learning of her so I have no reason to doubt her. Plus she is such a lovely lady. I hope the illness with her children is explained because that is confusing.

  51. Guccinara

    Ooooooh *rubs hands together and licks lips salaciously* that us looking gooooood. Happy to see Faye she always spoke the truth. Bethany can get lost. She will kiss anybody’s ass who has some sort of status and true wealth. I like both Lisa’s so I hope they don’t turn unnecessarily crazy. Not really feeling the new girls.

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