Confirmed! Julianne Wainstein Filming With RHONY; Plus All the Salary Negotiation Tea

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Julianne Wainstein has been spotted filming with her friend Dorinda Medley and Bethenny Frankel for Real Housewives of New York this week in NYC. That’s new RHONY Julianne with her back turned to us to face Bethenny Frankel while they are all pretending to have a bite to eat at Catch NYC.  Mostly what is important for us to know about Julianne is that her husband is rich, she’s close with Dorinda, Bethenny will probably love her, she is half-Japanese, sophisticated, and last I knew she was an event planner.

Julianne will be replacing Heather Thomson who has taken her ball and gone home after one of her major investors with a managerial role in Yummie Tummie has refused to allow the RHONY camera inside the business. Since that was Heather’s whole point in being on, she has left the show and is trying to oust the investor from the company. The guy was actually the one to give her the very first million dollar loan to start the company and has had a major hand it the success of the company. Heather is going to court to try to remove him from his managerial duties. I guess she doesn’t need him anymore.

RHONY Bitches who brunch
Much is being made about the fact that only Dorinda, Julianne, Bethenny and Carole have been caught filming. According to, Page Six ­LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan and ­Ramona Singer are still negotiating new contracts.  But honestly, we hear this every year from Page Six. This year they say the ladies want to make closer to a million dollars like Bethenny is ALLEGEDLY pulling. Page Six loves to throw out figures but they can’t seem to do math.  From Page Six May 6, 2013 , “We hear cast members earn an average of about $65,000 per season, (The Fuck?) though some veterans of the show earn way more. Singer, who’s been with the show since its first season, reportedly makes $500,000 and, sources tell us, wanted $1 million from Bravo to appear on a sixth. Bravo refused, and she agreed to come back anyway.”  They get paid per episode and if Ramona got paid $25K an episode, there were 23 episodes in season 6 and she would have made about $575,000 that’s if she only makes $25k, which would be a decent estimate The bottom line is we hear that so-and-so wants a million dollars every year and at the same time they seem pretty clueless about the actual Bravo salaries.

It’s kind of funny that Page Six doesn’t even mention Kristen Taekman who was slated to be let go as early as the middle of last season when Bethenny decided that she wasn’t feeling her.  However, it is possible that she was offered to stick around since her husband was caught in the Ashley Madison scandal,  Apparently, either Bravo decided against it or Kristen refused to do it so she released a statement saying that she quit.

RHONY Kristen Josh
My experience during my time on RHONY was fantastic and I made some great new friends. At this time in my life, I have decided to concentrate on my family and my new business ventures, Pop Of Color nail polish and Last Night’s Look, my fashion blog. I will remain a Housewife and part of an amazing franchise forever and that is what is important. ”

Dorinda has been super busy on the part scene lately, she was at Andy Cohen’s Radio Andy Launch Party recently, she’s also posted a clip of her self singing karaoke on a party bus recently with the hastag #RHONY (although I didn’t recognize anyone else on the bus and she uses that hashtag a lot for no apparent reason).  She also has fully decked out Blue Stone Manor, her place in the  Berkshires, for Halloween. It is in full party plan mode for what I hear will be a Halloween party this weekend.

So that leaves Luann, Sonja and Ramona doing their usual mating dance with Bravo. It’s getting tiresome for me, so I can only assume that it is getting tiresome for Bravo. I wouldn’t be mad if we just had Bethenny, Carole, Dorinda and Julianne with Luann as a FOH and send Ramonja packing. HOWEVER, that sets things up for Bethenny/Carole  versus  Dorinda/Julianne.  Perhaps we should have Ramona as the fifth.  If I am Bravo, I’m seeing Ramona and Sonja as the same brand of crazy. And since they are not as close as they used to be, why pay for two of the same thing.  If I were Bravo, I’d pick one of that pair with a Luann FOH and call it a day. In my mind, Sonja and Ramona should be racing each other to be first to sign their damn contracts.

What do you think will happen?


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35 responses to “Confirmed! Julianne Wainstein Filming With RHONY; Plus All the Salary Negotiation Tea

  1. AKA Riley

    So, you want to know what I think….I think I am over Ramona.

  2. jen

    Great news! I agree with you about uodating the cast. I wouldn’t mind seeing sonja go. I always liked her but last season was sad.

  3. JoJoFLL

    I can’t stand Sonja or Ramona. Sonja is delusional.

  4. Sara

    I’m excited to see Julianne on RHONY. I feel like she’ll be an interesting personality to add to the mix. Kristen leaving doesn’t surprise me. I feel Bravo probably wanted to film about Josh and the Ashley Madison aftermath (like the Beadors and the affair) and Kristen said no. Just speculation on my part. I liked Luann better when she was a FOH. She was more personable. Ramona is so all over the place anymore. She was crazy from season 1 but I think the charm has worn off. Sonja is a bit much for me as well. Her habit of dropping names of celebrities she’s not even hanging with (P. Diddy on her yacht, Madonna at her fashion show) has made me feel like she’s a phony. I think they’ll keep both Ramona and Sonja this season. Next season I could see one or both being cut unless they bring something good to the show and breakout of their rut. One thing I’m concerned about is that Bethenny is supposedly an uncredited producer for RHONY. Would that give her an unfair say in the other womens’ salaries? I think Bethenny is a business woman first and foremost and wouldn’t let her personal feelings get in the way of casting. Is it a conflict of interest for her to be a producer considering she’s a cast member?

  5. marc

    Status quo ( same cast minus Kristen ) I enjoyed much of last season so hopeful they can fine tune this well oiled machine into what it was in its heyday A SMORGASBORD OF INTELLEGENT HILARIOUS WOMEN

  6. claire



  7. Bueller

    I think the three divas, LuAnn, Sonja, and Ramona will have there bluff called and will sign up with the salary Bravo wants, if Bravo wants any of them still. I’d be fine with 5 in the cast, Bethenny, Carole, Dorinda, Julianne and either Sonja or LuAnn. 8 was way too big of a cast last season I think.

  8. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    I agree with you. The Ramona/Sonya is getting way to old. They both need a break from the show

  9. Drinkthediamondwater

    Bye, Ramona, the cock tease. Bye Sonja, the young boy peepee tease. Bye Carole, the delusional Ms. Robinson — I hope to never see your tiny aged unsafe ass perched on bicycle handlebars, (holding a poor defenseless dog, yet), careening through the traffic-clogged streets of New York City, like the pig-tailed school girl you imagine you still are. Ugh. It’s just not cute. Sorry.

    Dorinda and Luannie need to stay. I have grown to love Luanne & Dorinda’s “rich bitch for real asses.” They can be big affected divas sometimes, but I find their lifestyles absolutely fascinating, and they always looks great. Luanne is hot. She loves men and she’s not ashamed of it. I love the way Dorinda dresses and her manor house. Out of all of them, I think these two are the ones that are really living the life that is the reason we ever wanted to watch to begin with.

    Bethenney is new money and she provides the abrasiveness and humorous outlook that keep us interested, but classy, she is not. Crude is more like it. And her never-ending boo-hoo routine when she actually has the world by the tail is beyond exceedingly tiring.

  10. Pip

    I would be very happy for Sonja and Ramona to leave. However, I really like the rest of the cast and their dynamic.
    Sonja and Ramona and their whole shtick is just old and played. And they seem so forced and fake to me. I don’t know who Julianne is.
    I can’t believe how low their salaries are! I thought they made a hell of a lot more money than that!

    • tamaratattles

      Pip, sometimes I think of you as the person outfitted in gear from the opposing team who sits on the home team bleachers at homecoming wondering why no one agrees with her. Other times I think you just pick the wrong team to be disruptive. Now I am starting to think you just don’t have the best reading comprehension skills.

      The RHONY are very well paid.

      • Pip

        I thought they made a lot more money than $65 k per season.

      • Pip

        Okay… I read it again. From what I gather, we don’t know exactly WHAT they make. Or did I miss something there, too?
        I do my best, Tamara. Sometimes I have to scan. My real life gets in the way.
        And I would never pick a team just to be adversarial. That’s not my style at all. I’m sorry if it appears that way. That bums me out.

  11. Xanadude

    Simple: Keep Sonja, ditch Ramona. Sonja’s delusion are harmless but entertaining, while Ramona has gone beyond entertaining,beyond kitsch, beyond camp beyond schadenfreudeporn, and has entered Territory heretofore occupied by Danielle Staub, Alexis Bellini, Patti Stanger

  12. tamaratattles

    Sometimes I have to go back and read my post after reading comments to see if I left things out or if it’s a reading comprehension problem. It’s the latter. I forget about the fact that some people just look at the pictures and halfway read things.

  13. @immelza

    I just want them to go around NY show off some fancy stuff, eat at some nice restaurants, and take a nice trip ect…. No constant fighting, proclamations of religion, fisting, damaging children and MKE. This OC season has left me over the housewives.

  14. Angel(?)

    I say keep Ramona and dump Sonja. LuAnn only as FOH. Sonja could be FOH as well. The reason I want Ramona to stay is that I really enjoyed Bethenny calling Ramona out on her bull shit. Would love to see more! ?

  15. Erica

    Normally I have enjoyed Sonja, Ramona, and LuAnn…. even when I was on the other “team” in an argument or storyline. But LuAnn got too mean and annoying and waaay to judgemental. I think Sonja is becoming more and more pathetic, and that is sad to watch. Her delusions aren’t fun and quirky any more. Ramona is a shit stirrer that people eventually forgive, so I don’t feel guilty for enjoying a fight.

    So if I have a vote…. Ramona wins! (Very happy with Carole, Bethenny and Dorinda! Will start stocking up on Skinny Girl Margherita and my favorite Skinny Girl product… lime and salt popcorn.

  16. Ooh, good T! I’d love to lose Sonja or Ramona. We probably need one for the requisite crazy but both is overkill. And make Luann a FOH again (she’s much nicer that way).

    • Margarett

      I agree with The Lady on this one. One of the Ramona/Sonja team is plenty…toss a coin.

      I usually am on “Team Luann”, but this season some of the bloom was off the rose for me.

      I like Dorinda even though someone should monitor the number of dirty martinis and give her a time out if she exceeds two.

      I look forward to having a new cast member and a season without Heather.

  17. If Sonje and Ramona are one too many, then Sonje should stay. She’s nuts but she’s endearingly so. Ramona is just annoying.

  18. Trinity

    I would love to see Ramona go away. I don’t mind Sonja so much but Ramona is awful.

  19. Cheychey

    I say ditch all 3. I stopped watching RHNY until last season when Bethany came back because it bored me. New York is full of rich interesting people. Time for some “housecleaning ” so to speak and revamp the show with some new blood.

  20. I can’t imagine Bravo letting Sonja go when she’s so close to going over the edge. At any moment she may go the way of KKB and the powers that be would kick themselves if the cameras miss that. Bravo loves to exploit a nut case and I don’t think Sonja is going anywhere. Ramona was exposed as being mean vs. quirky last season so I don’t care if she’s gone and I’ve never liked Luanne.

  21. You are kind of wrong about Sonja/Ramona imho. They are the same brand, but the way they deal with the other wives is differnet. Sonja is NOT a shit stirrer and conflict creator. Ramona will feud with people. Sonja will only do it after the fact in her blogs. I definitely like Sonja more, but Ramona will be the match to all of the fighting per usual.

    Luann also has to be there for similar reasons for she generally gets in the middle of all the drama… especially during cast trips. lol Carole/Beth/ vs Dorinda/Julianne + Luann and Ramona as singletons is what I’m seeing as the natural divisions.

  22. Xanadude

    Once Jill was fired, it should make it very clear to Ramona, Sonja, and the People’s Countess that EVERYONE is expendable. Ramona’s storyline is….what? She’s single? She’s already proven that she lies to the camera when it comes to her dating and sex life, so that’s a no go. Her sports bar? Nope. No one cares. She got by this previous season by being the victimized ex, but that played out after about three episodes. At this point, she adds nothing except a paycheck. Ditch her. At least Sonja and LuAnn can be unpredictable in a fun and seemingly spontaneous way. and, you know, haven’t assaulted a castmate like Ramona has.

  23. cherise

    I think bravo should bring Jill back- if Bethenny is making a million a season.. let’s make her earn it by having to deal with Jill.. however I only saw bits and pieces of the last season Jill was on the show. I’m so over the Ramona coaster and delusional sonja…. luanne sides with whoever she’s with so hey why not bring Jill back for some mindless drama? After all isn’t it why we watch the show…

    • Erica

      Cherise… so disagree. First of all, the argument about B earning a mill… kind of chump change to her. Bring Jill on, and she might bail. I think the crap between Jill and Breakfast became to raw and painful and real for B… and was brought about ironically by Jill wanting to create a storyline. I’m tired of the overly nasty painful shit…. I also don’t want tearful Bethenny, I want bad assistance, popping off the funny lines B!

      Nene is fond of saying “The thirst is real” which I have always found very arrogant, especially since she is an aspiring actress… thirsty for roles so to speak. BUT it fits Jill… she’s so thirsty it is painful tof see.

  24. Rose

    I’m fine without Ramona, Sonja and LuAnn.

  25. tamaratattles

    Remember when we were hoping to lose at least one of Sonja and Ramona? Now that the season is going on, I wish we would have lost them both. I’m all about drinking to much. But that is not something one needs to do on TV. Every time the camera was on. Ramona was a sloppy mess last night, and SHE wants to lead an intervention for Sonja?

    I wonder if the party in the Berkshires will turn out to be a Halloween party…or if that was for her real friends in the Berks..

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