Nene and Kim’s Remake of Paris and Nicole Cancelled

Nene Leakes Insults Her Twitter Fans; Bravo Claims She is Divorced


I knew this was going to happen when Nene cut off her nose to spite her face. But now, TMZ is reporting it  But amusingly they got the story all wrong. Nene fucked herself in contract negotiations. SHE WAS IN for season 8. She had a spinoff. But no… She got too big for her britches and now she is FUCKED.

Let me purple pen the TMZ story, because my RHOA sources are WAY better than theirs.

NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak were thiiis close to reuniting on TV … but Bravo just scrapped their new show, “Road to Riches.”

Yeah, not so much, you don’t seem to understand that Nene has been CUT from RHOA, Bravo in general and everything else. She tried a power play that did not work. She is DONE . She will never be on Bravo again.

TMZ has learned NeNe and Kim’s road trip show — think Oprah and Gayle with more arguing — has been 86’d due to scheduling issues.

Total BS. Kim finished up Don’t Be Tardy filming in June. Shortly after this scene, she announced on Twitter she was done with filming.  Nene will be finished with TTTT TOMORROW. Nene FUCKED herself with her demands and Bravo is NOT taking her back.

RHOA nene fail


We’re told the ‘Housewives’ BFFs-turned-frenemies just couldn’t get on the same page. Kim is in the midst of shooting her show, “Don’t Be Tardy” — and NeNe is taping the ABC game show, “To Tell the Truth.” We’re told there’s the slimmest of chances it could be saved in the future, but for now it’s … bye Wig and Wig’s friend

Most ridiculous story ever. Nene needs to STOP trying to sell stories to TMZ because this is TOTAL bullshit. Nene is OVER. She fucked up her biggest source of income.  Foreclosure soon to follow. Who the FUCK buys a house they might could BARELY afford on their salary if it was guaranteed, and then makes unreasonable demands and loses TWO JOBS that total over a million dollars. Idiot.


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143 responses to “Nene and Kim’s Remake of Paris and Nicole Cancelled

  1. Does it make me a bad person if this has put a smile on my face

  2. Dracla Dunning

    Jarlath-if it does then there are two bad people because I have the biggest shit eating grin ever. Ahh, what a night. Two post that make me happy. Now I’m singing that song…I feel good.
    I just pray Bravo doesn’t have a change of heart with this beast.

    • What made me wonder about Nene “quitting” is why she would buy a McMansion in Atlanta unless she intended to spend most of her time there. Since she wants to be a serious actress, I would have thought she would have bought a house in L.A. where she could go on auditions. So, I thought in her mind that her gig on Bravo would be secure. I do believe that she gave Bravo an ultimatum and they called her bluff.
      I didn’t want to see her and Kim on a staged road trip anyway.

      • HiKitty

        I bet the developer of the complex gave her a sweet deal for the property in order to bring attention to the development & get other high income buyers/wannabes to move there. I’m not sure if you can easily look up property records in AT, but in NYC you can see what anybody paid for a place on StreetEasy. Has she even closed on the house yet? I am sure she paid less then asking.

      • Lindac

        I think you hit the nail on the head. Your comment makes a lots of sense.

      • Lindac

        One mansion is going back on the market real soon. That story will read like “Ms. Leakes moving to California, and is no longer living in Atlanta, Ga due to heavy scheduling for her TV Show. Ha, ha, ha…. I know one thing, she better not try Anthony Anderson, or she will be out sooner than later, because she is not irreplacable. She tried to live up to Beyonce’s record, but guess what? California is bigger than Atlanta.

      • I predict bankruptcy in two years. No real jncome-her “game” show will be cancelled very quickly I bet. If you can’t afford to live in Atlanta you sure as hell could never live in LA. Bye, NENE. We won’t be missing you, sorry!

    • Dracla,  Love the song, “I Feel Good.”  James Brown was one of my favorite artist. Thanks for bringing the words up, “I feel good !”

       I feel goooood .. like I know that I would!!  
      I FEEL…  I  FEEL…  I FEEL

      Bye, bye Nene!!

  3. It Is What It Is

    I am sooo not surprised. When she pulled that so called power play, I wondered if Bravo would pull that show. Nene has knee jerk reactions and doesn’t think things through. She truly believe she is irreplaceable. She is the one that needed that show, Kim already has her spinoff that is doing well. Nene’s wedding spinoff , not so much…

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      The only thing that’s surprising to me is that this didn’t happen sooner. Like after all the BS she pulled last season.

  4. Miele

    Factual inaccuracies aside, they could have at least closed it out with Bye “Wig and Ramen” or “Wig and Washington”.

    And there were scheduling issues, TT! Nene had booked herself a one-way ticket away Bravo, and the network refused to send for her to come home. She’s like a little kid with her stuff tied in a kerchief on a stick “running away from home”. Unfortunately for Ms. Leakes, Bravo changed locks and won’t answer the door.

    • Miele

      *away from Bravo
      (dang overzealous phone deletions)

    • LOL so funny. Probably screaming to them I mean it I’m leaving for good. Their next called was the locksmith and popping champagne in celebration.

      • Miele

        Thanks, sware84! Exactly!

        NENE:”You’ll be very sorry when I never, ever come back again!!” (slams door)
        BRAVO CREW: Cue the confetti!!!!! And somebody get that locksmith over here!

      • Reminds me of the jubilant montage they showed when Kristen Doute got fired from Sur on Pump Rules. Even the dishwashers were celebrating. >

  5. Sweet T

    What I found appealing in the first season of Rhoa was nene and Kim’s relationship. They were kooky, fun and over the top. I hoped this show would bring that back.
    The other thing I loved was sheree’s delusions. I was sad when she left. Thankfully this blog keeps me updated and entertained with her shenanigans.

    • HiKitty

      Nene isn’t that person anymore though. She is now all fake personality. On camera (outside of RH) she is so disingenuous & tries so hard to be super feminine – it’s like a caricature of a bull trying to act like a woman. I’m shocked she gets any work in Hollywood, some of the people there are certainly fake, but she takes the cake.

      • Pat

        So true–especially the part about trying to be super-feminine. She also tries real hard to speak properly when on shows other than RHOA. Yet, the mispronunciations and terrible grammar still come through just like her wide-mouth, loud, obnoxious laugh. I’m not one to put another sister down (unless she comes for me on a personal level), but Nene has caused me to make an exception.

      • Sweet T

        Yes, they are both very different now. It would be completely different, but sometimes people return to the past behavior and patterns that they already had. I was hoping for them to have a good time.

      • I think that Nene’s personality changed for the worse after she had plastic surgery on her nose. I liked her more before, see seemed more genuine. I saw an interview where she was saying she had always hated her nose and now she loves it. I have to admit her nose looks great, but I think it made her more vain. It’s like when someone loses weight and they become totally vain bitches. I don’t know, just what I’ve thought for a long time.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I never felt the same about NeNe after watching her loose her behavior one too many times and even get physical. I always found it amazing to watch NeN loose control and go off on Kim-Kim is able keep her hands to herself and many times she would just sit there while NeNe would go off her on like a lunatic–the first reunion comes to mind, when Lisa had to hold NeNe back from jumping Kim and the time NeNe lost it on the “Don’t be Tardy for the Party” tour bus -she said it was because Kim was speaking disrespectfully to Sweetie (which she was) but I thought it was between Kim & Sweetie-NeNe was just jealous over all the money Kim was making on the song they were supposed to record together.

      • Sweet T

        I also haven’t watched the show for years and only know what is going on by reading here.

  6. Yveline

    I swear you have the best tea after mental breaks! Thanks for the good news!

  7. T D

    Road to nowhere.

  8. DJ

    Ohhhh… TT… I’m sipping this up! LOVE THE PURPLE PEN!!!

  9. S

    Mmmmm mmmmm nothing like some hot tea early in the morning!

  10. Sali

    Excellent tea, Tamara! Thank you! I never thought Bravo would cut ties with Nene & her massive ego, but I’m so glad they finally had the cojones to do it!

  11. Pretty much every source I have backchanneled met to ask how I knew. Love the confirmation, but seriously. Nene is FUCKED. Kim should have known better than to think a show with Nene would work

    • Lindac

      My exact sentiment.

    • Xanadude

      But Kim’s relationship with Bravo is still in tact, right? I’d hate to think Nenes actions tanked Kim series…not hat I’m a fan of Kim’s, but I’d hate to think she gets penalized through nomfault of her own

  12. Rozanna

    How dumb can she be. I am sorry for her. I hope she gets a part in another TV comedy, or something. As obnoxious as she is and as mean as she has been to other people, I don’t want to see her totally fail. Maybe Greg needs to go back to work.

    • Rozanna

      I think she needs to go crawling to Bravo and beg for her job back, at half the price. I remember her saying in an interview with Andy that Kandi was not her kind of person, as if Kandi was inferior to her. It is this attitude that is destroying her. She needs to BEG for her job back.

      • Barbara R

        You don’t seem to understand. WE DO NOT WANT HER BACK!!!

      • Pat

        No, she doesn’t need to beg for her job back. She needs to be gone and stay gone.

      • Manic Monday

        If they take her back after this season, all her fans will say she is there to boost the ratings because in their eyes the show will fail without her. When I told people she wasn’t returning, droves of people said they would watch again. I hope without her there will be a ratings boost

      • Thanks but no thanks. Nene peaked season 5 and she’s always been disrespectful towards Kandi because Kandi had success and is worth more than the other girls. I think she jumped out the window and needs to sink or swim

    • Skeeter

      You mean other than his full time job of walking ten feet behind Nene carting all her shit? LMAO!! Greg working…good oxymoron!

  13. Whoa …. thanks for that HOT cup of Tea … it burned my lips !
    I’ll take ‘foreclosure’ for a million Alex..hahahaha

  14. Barbara R

    Wonderful news. Thank you.

  15. Riley

    Awwwwww…lip smacking good !!

  16. bendy

    I am so happy! I did not want to see Kim and Nene fighting like on that long ago trip to South Florida. That was uncomfortable to watch. I am a bit confused which one is Wig and which one is Friend? That really needs to be more specific, maybe Blonde Wig…no that doesn’t help.

  17. Toni Lee Gildea

    Well played, Karma…..well played!

  18. First Kim Richards, then Brandi, and now Nene? All I can say is Bravo!! Bravo!!

    • I think they are starting to realize that the controversial character gets old real quick. People need to identify and relate to these people and negative energy doesn’t make people want to tune in.

  19. Dee

    This was the nicest thing to wake up to EVER! I am smiling like everyone above me. Not that I want any harm to come to her but they say pride goeth before a fall. It seems as if some people get huge egos think they are some kind of stars and can’t be replaced. Like they are Denzel or or Meryl
    Tamara, take a stay cation we aren’t going anyplace. I swear there are days that the tea is coming out so fast I can’t keep up. And…it is always so good. I am really happy I found this blog, thanks y’all

  20. beth boxer

    Great scoop, I am pretty much done with Bravo but still check your blog to catch up. Not smart in NeNe’s part, I think too much water under the bridge for this pair, different places in life.

    I HATE that Bravo is banking on the Guidice family, say enough like they did with NeNe

  21. loriflack

    The bigger and more moose like they are ~ The harder they fall.

  22. Home

    Thanks for the Tea!!!! I knew IT!!!! NeNe for delusional reason thinks she’s a STAR…LOL!!! Waiting for it to all coming tumbling down….Karma is a BITCH

  23. Mitch

    Wow…if this is true. I hope she does well on Tell the Truth. I am not sure how many people will get into this show. Maybe the octogenarian, but they are not major consumers (advertising). I think she went for the jugular and probably tried to get Claudia and Kenya booted from the show. The producers probably agree to let Claudia go to meet some of her demands, however, they were not going to let Kenya go. I am willing to bet she put down quite a bit of money on that home.

  24. Can we please have Claudia back, let Phaedra stay, give Porsha her peach back, and let Kandi, Cynthia and whoever is left or hired carry the show on from now on. I am not too wound up about Nene and really on the line about Kenya coming or going, bring back Sheree and Marlo they are great pot stirrers and bring good drama. I am so glad that Kim is still doing DBT and is having a ball on her own show. All of those ladies on RHOA have talent and should be able to move on to more projects if they get out there and hustle. They all have something going for them despite how they appear on RHOA and feelings that seem to be spewing from their lips. I would not bite the hand that feeds me nor would I throw a rock, brick or even a feather at another person on the same show with me unless it was scripted. I would not do it because you never know where you will wind up or where they will wind up and who might be able to help who in the future. I’M JUST SAYING. Watch who you hit below the belt and when you do it. They might not get you then but sooner or later they will find a way to strike back. Oh well. We’ll see what happens. Thanks so much Tamara, I was in need of a caffeine fix and this hot tea satisfied it this morning. I am now ready for the day. hehe You have a super wonderful day.

  25. DarkThoughts

    Wow, to think Nene believed that if she quit the show, Bravo would do pay extra to have her back. Idiot.

    I think all those bad wigs were to blame. Maybe they squeezed her head so tight that her brain suffocated? #byewigs

  26. I just couldn’t see it doing well either way because what on earth is a point of a show called road to riches as if they achieved A list status. both monkey barred there way to the next hustle. Neither won a grammy or oscar or emmy for their exceptional performances.

    Kim was smart enough to snag Kroy and has seemingly grown up a little and now has the biermann bunch. She slightly reinvented her image to work for her.

    Nene used her stereotypical foolywang honey child terminology taken from drag queens to entertain those that thought she was a riot. She hustled got her some coins but ended up
    -On glee AFTER Glee was no longer in
    -the same producer gave her a show which was dreadful
    -cancelled daytime talk show with Kris
    -clothes, an app
    -2 weeks on broadway and that porn show replacing a drag queen

    How is this going to be celebrated in a successful show?

    Also, if Nene and Kim are back to being friends again then there’s no drama or any reason to watch.

    It was a bad decision from the beginning

  27. JustJenn

    Hahaha Ha! Nene’s head grew 10x since RHOA started. I was excited when I first heard the news as I loved season 1 Kim and Nene, but they aren’t the same people any more. Nene is unwatchable and Kim’s plastic surgery dysmorphia is frightening to look at. However I think Bravo is a little quick to say they will cut all ties with Nene. She is one of the originals and has a large fan base of idiots, so I have a sinking feeling that she’ll be back.

  28. Lindac

    To answer your last question of your blog…..”NeNe Leakes”

  29. Well, this is the time when the ground is coming up fast in her face. You know, her ego knows no bounds. I never thought she could get any more arrogant than she was, her head swollen out of proportion. But why should I be surprised. It was her egotism that turned everybody (even former fans). She’s not the first “actress” to think they could make unreasonable demands and then got the boot. Her swollen head told her self that she was the show and they needed her. Ego and low IQ = disaster….oh I mean foreclosure.

  30. Lindac

    I think Bravo needs to get rid of Andy too, he has run his course and he is played out.

    • mia

      I agree. He doesn’t know how to be neutral, he’s messy and after he made a young girl his “jack hole of the day” I was officially done with him.

  31. Sabrina

    TT, thanks so much for ALL the Tea about Atlanta- it has been wonderful to know your sources are so spot on and it all makes sense. And it is terrific to see that Bravo has finally been pushed too far by not just Nene but several others as well, and seems to be clearing out the worst of the problems! Nene simply became delusional, and came to believe that her arrogance was working- until Kenya arrived and she started running form things while putting up a nonsense exterior. Instead of learning and becoming more mature, Nene evolved into a more obnoxious person by the season- thanks goodness it is over.

  32. Bren

    I can’t imagine Kim gives a damn, but I’d bet Nene is sweating it.

  33. LM

    Could not have happened to a more deserving person!
    This is one that will finally put her in her place….but she’s “highly educated”
    so such a good business woman!
    Hate to see anyone fail with her as my exception!
    Start packing bozs!!

  34. Nene is not thinking of her future years when the money won’t be coming in. Twenty years from now she needs a moderate sized home that is mortgage free with manageable costs to run. I don’t understand these women.
    Nene made a huge mistake cutting her ties to Bravo. Easy money.

    • Dracla Dunning

      Calipatti-are you not taking into consideration all the money Nene has generated from her business investments? There is the pizza restaurant at the Sacto airport, her clothing line, she’s an actress, host, producer, author and a star in the theatre and on stage!!! Nene makes it appear as if the income from RHWOA was pocket change. Plus she still has the twenty thousand dollars she never paid the Detroit school system.
      Twenty years from now she will own the Bravo network. Don’t you recall that Nene doesn’t keep up with the Joneses because she IS the Joneses.
      Don’t worry Calipatti. Don’t worry.

  35. Twilly

    I ALMOST feel sorry for her.

  36. Jen

    First, glad to see you back TT. Second, damn Nene. She is not a smart business woman. That ego just gets in the way.

  37. Justso

    Nene needs to concentrate on her delinquent adult children and those poor grandchildren. Go to church, get an education and some etiquette lessons. Then try to lead a life w/o ego and helping others. Yeah, when pigs fly.

  38. Jaye

    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!!!!! That Moose FAILED to realize that Bravo was NOT to be flexed with!! Hope she saved them “Trump checks!” LOL – Thanks for the tea, Tamara!!

  39. kym

    Isn’t she invested in that Italian restaurant in the Sac airport? And her clothing line and that app with Kardashian? And who knows what else? I’m not going to count her down and broke yet.

  40. If you don’t humble yourself on your own. God himself will bring you down to your knees. When you try to take food off of the table of women who have done nothing to you but refuse to kiss your jumbo a&%. You will have a date with that bad bit&% Ms. Karma and we all know she don’t play at all. Its really funny that the three women. she tried to get fired are still getting that RHOA check and she is NOT. I said the fall for NEhe would be great and i guess i was right. Bye dummy BLOOP!*

  41. So, will she try to come crawling back to Bravo?

    • Yes she’ll try,
      With a big piece of Humble Pie.

      • Sali

        And sadly, if Bravo finds she might be profitable in some way, they might take her back. They have no standards. I keep up with RHOA via TT’s updates, but Nene’s too much of a caricature of herself to enjoy watching it. I’m glad she’s off RHOA. I’m looking forward to what it will be like without her.

  42. “You never win if you play dirty honey”, Nene Leakes

  43. texastea

    I think that it was well past time for Nini to quit that show. She didn’t enjoy it she was always fighting and you could tell how miserable she was being on the show. Hopefully she has put aside enough money to pay for her house in full and that’s why she chose to have a house in Atlanta . She still have other sources of income may be not as big but I think she’ll be ok . It was not enjoyable to watch her on the show anymore she hated it. Financially it may not have been the best thing but personally it was time. I hope she doesn’t come back just for money.

  44. Margarett

    I wish I were too nice to like this. It’s true what they say about karma. I was a Nene fan when the show first began but when her ego grew to epic proportions I hated the way she treated others…including U.S. the viewers.

    Maybe now she will learn about humility and gratitude.

  45. Xanadude

    But…she has her storefront boutique in New Jersey as a major source of income, right? I mean, her empire of bedazzled t-shirts and panties will comfortably provide for generations of Leakes to come….

    • X, I heard that Nene was trying to get a government grant to fund her store in NJ, there is money for the rebuilding of Atlantic City and she wanted to get a piece of it. Typical Nene.​

      On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 3:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Oh yes! I’m looking forward to a future where I may read things like:

      “Today, bedazzled-panty tycoon Nene Leakes announced…”


      “It was revealed this week that Brenttttt Leakes, bedazzled-panty heir, decided…”

  46. How Sweet it Is! Idiot Nene gave Bravo the “Ole Tomato” and they took it and ran! Thank you, Andy, it’s about time you took your balls back.

  47. marywanna

    Her big mouth finally got her into trouble. I won’t miss her, but I don’t wish anything bad for her.

  48. T D

    A true artist falls back on their talent. What will Nene fall back on?

  49. lawstangel

    I can’t participate in this slug fest. While I am not a fan some of hers, some things people are saying are just downright UGLY…and CRUEL. It’s really no better than what some of you are criticizing her for. Karma is a bitch (some of you up there said it a few times) and wishing harm on someone is just as bad as dishing it out yourself.

    • Nene made her own bed, we’re just happy she’s gone. I don’t see where anybody here wished death upon her. Just for her to vanish. We are not the fans.

    • Rozanna

      As much as I dislike Nene, I am not gloating over her downfall, which remains to be seen. I hope she has learned something out of her experience with Bravo though.

  50. mikelarry

    God leaves you PLENTY of room to HUMBLE THY SELF….
    Because if HE has to HUMBLE you…
    You might not like how it happens.

    That’s why it’s BEST NOT to stand in judgement of others.

  51. Sabrina

    TT, when you get a chance, after your stay vacation, can you tell us more about her negotiations with Bravo? Would love to get more of the Tea!

    Nene only hurt herself as she behaved in these arrogant ways these past few years.

  52. I was actually looking forward to that show, however it’s kind of nice to see karma when you bite the hand that feeds you. Nice to see NINJA loans are still alive and well in the US.

  53. Yamoah Asiedu

    I really hope that Nene paid CASH, like Kandi for that expensive house otherwise she’s going to be in deep trouble in a few months.
    I’m secretly glad that the #NeneandKim roadtrip has been cancelled. Why? IMO, that ship has sailed and while they may be ‘hilarious’ together, their ‘friendship’ has toxic undertones. They just don’t need to spend too much time together. Their lives are completely different now and their huge egos (Kim’s ego is as big as Nene’s) might not allow the other to shine. The show could have been a trainwreck. Contrary to a lot of commentators on this post. I hope this ISN’T the beginning of Nene’s downfall. I want it to be her first WAKE UP call. Nene. you’re not as in demand and invincible as you think.

    • Yam, if you think Nene paid cash for that house, then all your subsequent thoughts are irrelevant.​

      On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 6:09 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Yamoah Asiedu

        TT, I said I HOPE, HOPE HOPE HOPE that she did. Otherwise she’s in trouble. If she’s relying on future earnings to pay her new mortgage, oh dear…..Sidenote, I’m chuffed that you’ve shortened my name to Yam, Nobody does that!

      • IS chuffed a bad thing? If so, sorry. I’m not exactly myself at the moment and couldn’t hold on to the spelling long enough to type it. ​

        On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 7:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  54. fivecatsownme

    Bravolebrities are like panes of glass; when one breaks, it is replaced. Bravo breaks a lot of people

  55. Drinkthediamondwater

    AT LAST! The Karma Goddess & TT have spoken. Bye, Wig.

  56. Armywife

    Does anyone know if Nene paid cash for her house or if she was silly enough to get a huge mortgage?

    • ​Yes, Armywife. Everyone knows. You and Yam are the only two people in the world who think Nene has 2 million to put on a house.

      On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 9:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • KC

        In related news, the pool area is furnished. lol

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        @TT, I said ‘HOPE’, I HOPE Lenethia Leakes paid cash for her house. I have no idea how much money she has in her account.
        And TT, ‘chuffed’ is an informal British word which means ‘very pleased’. So, no, it’s not a bad thing. TT calls me Yam, Yay!

      • Oh yay! I knew it was British, but I thought it was more like ticked off. :) Yam is a cute nickname I thought. And so much easier on my feeble brain. ​

        On Sat, Jul 18, 2015 at 5:31 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  57. p kati

    I sincerely hope that the Ne-ster finds success OFF Bravo & especially RHOA. While I am not a fan, good luck to her off my tv screen.

  58. I love how TMZ (Nene) compares Nene & Kim’s show to Oprah & Gail. Fake it til you make it.

  59. Jen

    She’s Not all there! Lol. She reminds me of the Beligerant Trump. They shoot themselves in the foot. Not so smart, but ego…can take anyone down….that coupled with a hot head…and Bloop, bloop, bloop. Your Goose is cooked Chile…. 😉

  60. Micheal

    So I’m guessing Nene will try to get an E! show. Isn’t that the next step into obscurity?

  61. Is Nene beyond the point of begging her way back? It’s not that I don’t believe she is gone. I guess I just worry that as soon as I accept it, we will find out that they took her back (like last season, although I understand the circumstances are very different this time around).

  62. Gingersnap

    Ahahahahhhahhhhaaaaa! I wasn’t gonna watch their dumb road trip anyway.

  63. Jen

    I use to like Nene when she was fun and funny. She’s lost that happy go lucky zing and Idgaf attitude. I don’t wish her bad luck. I wish her nothing at all, except that she reels in the ego and bs. Get a grip Nene. Look what you’ve done to your opportunities! You’re very dumb.

  64. vivaladiva831

    Sugarloaf does NOTHING welcome the Leakes’s. When we were visiting family friends they laughed andsaid come on we will show you Nene’s “Mediterranean Villa”. (Anybody want her address by the way

  65. Bria

    ooo oh am feeling sorry for the rich bitch lack of brain. Bravo just did what they should have done two years ago by bringing their big “reality star” from fantasy land back to reality. I hope this serve as a lesson to all those reality stars jumping around feeling entitled and think they are indispensable.

  66. It is always best to be humble in success. Life is a cycle today you are the dog, tomorrow you become the tree. Welcome to the tree position Nene.

  67. eg

    I thought she would’ve been out of there last year when she said what she said to Andy about did he want her to kiss his a$$…or when she called Claudia a half breed, and the countless other nasty shady insulting things she has done. maybe “the Donald” will help her out, or Ryan Murphy, or any of the other A-listers whose names she like to drop.

  68. Rose

    I never gloat when anyone tumbles but looks like she’s been served a big old slice of humble pie.

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