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My cable connection needed to be reset tonight so I am a few minutes late starting this recap, but I did want to get it up tonight! So here goes.

This week’s email comes from a mother named Aurora whose 18-year-old son, wants to move to California to live with his online girlfriend, Samm. She is skeptical of the situation and worried about her baby.  Apparently, Steven has been catfished before. Steven has not really dated at all.  Samm’s pictures are suspect.

Samm refuses to video chat with Steven, so clearly she is not the girl in the photos. Aurora already suspects Samm is a dude. Have they spoken on the phone?  He has talked to her only a few times on the phone. They text each other all day.  Steven is naïve and was very depressed and she pulled him out of the hole.

The boys find out that Samm shared a phone with a girl named Jasmine. It looks like the girl in the photos is Samm and the person Steven is texting with is Jasmine. Jasmine has a really pretty picture on her twitter, but has a lot of self-loathing tweets about her physical appearance now.



Nev calls “Samm” on the phone. It’s got to be Jasmine. She says she has not been completely honest and she wants to come clean face to face. So the boy and his mom fly to California.

We’re only 35 minutes in and already approaching the house. This means that there is a lot that happens during the meet up. Steven is very nervous and is convinced he is going to see the real Samm. Not a chance. The real Samm answers the door! But I have a feeling she is about to introduce Steven to Jasmine. Holy shit! She is the one he has been texting. Her “big secret” was that she had been dating other people, but she’s not anymore and her main focus is on him.  This is too good to be true. Where is the alternative lifestyle aspect of this episode? I still think she is going to come out as transgendered or something based on the track record of this season.

Steven is thrilled beyond words. She seems nervous and uncomfortable. Steven is ready to marry her and she is planning to leave for college. I imagine she doesn’t want to be tied down for her college years.  Steven is just a bit pissed about the “cheating issue.”

They meet for an ice cream date and he is too nervous to eat. She is enjoying her ice cream. He confronts her about lying about seeing other guys. She apologizes. He asks about a future together.  She seems to be giving the friends speech. She says in person she doesn’t have the connection, she wants to be best friends.  And there it is. The full on friend speech.

Steven says he doesn’t see the point of being in her life. He walks out, never touching his vanilla ice cream. Both of them are in tears.

Next week’s show looks great!  It’s a Catfish Where Are They Now episode!  Someone “died” and was revived. Another person was shot!  It’s going to be awesome!

But first, said in my best Chenbot voice, there is a Chatfish followup t0 this episode and I’m on it!

Oh and sorry to burst this heart-wrenching story for you but none of what we just saw was real. It was Samm who wrote into Catfish thinking she was being catfished. When production found her pictures were really her they changed the story to make her look like the Catfish. She also said they were always just BFFs and he knew about her abusive boyfriend. You can read her story exclusively here.  My understanding is that production knows all the information in advance, but they supposedly don’t share it with Nev and Max. And I want to believe that so don’t try to change my mind. :)

Now, on to the Chatfish update. They bring Sam out. This show was clearly taped a couple months ago because Max is not there due to filming but filming his movie with Zac Efron ended a while back. At any rate, Charlamagne is there playing the part of Max.

The first person out is Samm. She says that Steven called her right after the ice cream shop filming and apologized and they hung out that night. She says they still talk every single day. Samm says she feels bad that she may have led Steven on.

They bring out Steven rather quickly. They are best friends. They talk every single day. Steven looks really cute with longer hair.  Steven says he is still open to the possibility of a relationship in the future after they both get on with their lives.

I have to say, if this was all fake those two did Academy Award winning performances with the crying at the ice cream shop.

Aurora comes out. She likes Sam and thinks everything worked out for the best. Steven said he was never actually in love with her. He was just very close to her, the closest he had been with anyone.

According to Samm they flew her out to Texas to wrestle with Steven. They shot footage but it never aired. WTF?

Sam and Steven are both single and ready to mingle.


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7 responses to “Catfish Recap: Steven & Samm

  1. Cheychey

    I think maybe we are being catfished into watching the fakery and I’m embarrassed to say I can’t turn the channel.

  2. Angel

    Wow, we knew there was something fishy going on with MTV manipulating us, this is worse than I thought.

    All the nutball people over 4 seasons may have had only a kernel of ttruth ahown on TV.

    Like I suggested last episode, I guess Nev and Max are getting catfished too, maybe.

    Samm was made up like such a tranny (IMO), I was expecting a boy. I’d think she may be overcompensating for being in a mostly male sport, except I see so many girls on TV looking like this. The first I noticed was Nikki Minaj. Even she has towned it down. They look like clowns!

  3. Jess

    For some reason my DVR didn’t tape this… Dammit. I forgot to go thru and manually change priority of shows and it didn’t take, even the second showing. Meh.

  4. mrsmuffinss

    I totally thought she was going to really be a transgendered male and that having a penis was her big secret. Once they actually showed her in real life I couldn’t believe that both people were actually who they said they were! I think she just wanted exposure for a future career in wrestling, why else would this episode ever have happened.

  5. I watched but the show has lost it’s edge. There are better stories out there. Probably won’t watch again.

  6. pattyloo

    i want to try watching this show, but what is the premise? do they trick catfishers into meeting, and thereby reveal them as catfishers? who would be stupid enough to meet? maybe i’ll try watching the first season, as some of the posts say it is not good anymore (so i guess it was better in the beginning).

    • mrsmuffinss

      The original “documentary”/movie was pretty good (although a lot of criticism that it was pretty fake too). Season 1 is better than the current season IMO.

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