Jesus, Damn Yankees Are Difficult Creatures.

Southern Charm Patricia 2

So apparently, has arrived, as Nene Leakes would say. It’s been a bit of a banner evening. For one thing,  Micheal J. McDonald , executive producer of American Crime tweeted me and retweeted this post of mine,  then I got my FLOTO wallet that has been on backorder ever since someone here sent me a VERY NICE handbag they no longer wanted so now I can switch over without putting my Target wallet in a VERY NICE HANDBAG .

And then I got a cease and desist letter from Patrica Altschul’s fancy pants lawyers from New York City! #SQUEAL NEW YORK CITY Y’ALL!  That right there is HILARIOUS  I was going to wait to tell you about this until I consulted with my attorneys but I am so excited by the prospect of  my attorneys deposing PATRICIA I could die!

Okay here is the post that gave Patricia the sads.

Southern Charm Patricia

Let’s review the super secret cease and desist that I am not allowed to share with anyone. I think this may be the best anti-depressant out there.

Okay,  according to the fancypants boys in NEW YORK CITY that are defending  the southern belle…Seriously. I can’t breathe. First, I might suggest that the third tier law clerk that wrote this letter needs to learn to spell  and conjugate verbs correctly in scary documents…I’m just saying.  The law firm of Norton Rose Fulbright should be embarrassed by all the errors, bless their heart.

Okay let’s see what they say. Oh and by the way there were big scary, bolded and underlined letters saying I am not allowed to discuss this cease and desist. OR ELSE. Because?

They want to make it clear that I reposted information readily available on the Internet,”with reckless disregard for the truth with a motive to damage her reputation, and business relations and suggesting she is unfit for her profession.”   I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING! Since when are bloggers not allowed to repost information? I credited the sites! They are all still out there!  I can’t help it if as they say “I already have more than 200 comments.” That reinforces to me I am small time, and  I WAS QUOTING THINGS ALREADY OUT THERE!

I’m damaging the reputation of someone on a reality show by reposting comments from the Internet by someone who is apparently her arch business rival? She’s palling around with Thomas Ravenel while bringing along someone to make her martinis and I’m damaging her reputation?  The attorneys went to all the trouble to find my full name, and managed to miss the shack I live in  the ghetto?  My site holds so much weight for this southern wannabee who lives in an explosion of chintz and gin martinis?  Who knew?  I have arrived indeed and am apparently  upsetting the fake Charlestonians.

Business relations?  Suggesting she is “unfit for her profession?”   Is “business relations” a euphemism for marrying well?  Her profession, at the moment seems to be “reality show participant” and I believe I called her a star at that profession.  I think she is fantastic at being a reality show participant. She might be my all time favorite. If I had her kind of money I’d want to be a fake Charleston socialite too.  But buying a house and being on a reality show  I self-funded through my kid who lives in L.A., allegedly, would be my DREAM JOB. Alas, I’m a fat chick on the couch discussing things on my blog that I could only have found out about if she were not a public figure now do to her two seasons on a television show of which I am a fan.

Among my false statements,  according to some law clerk in the bowels of  Norton Rose Fulbright include, “reposting” statements by  Susan Kent Cooke.  I went into great detail pointing out that  Suzanne Kent Cooke seems to have an ax to grind.  A commenter or two even pointed out, we don’t know Patti, as SKC calls her  indeed has the heirlooms of the Lee family as she suggests.  Yet in the cease and desist,  goes  to great lengths to verify that the items previously owned by General Robert E Lee  and the Pocahontas painting were all given to Patrica in the divorce settlement. So I guess that Patricia can clear that all up in her deposition in this lawsuit she wants to be the plaintiff in? I’m sure my attorney will also ask about the vitriol between Patricia and Suzanne in the deposition.  I’d love to hear her side. Or she could have offered to give me a statement which I would still gladly publish to clear all that up.  Something is going on between those two for sure and there is nothing like  frivolous lawsuit to get all that on the record.

Who knows?  But apparently Patricia wants to set the record straight.  Nothing was stolen. So the items are confirmed to be in Patricia’s possession by her fancy pants NEW YORK CITY attorneys (as all southerners have) by order of a divorce decree.  For the record, I had no idea if she had these items at all. I merely republished a comment on the Internet, that last I checked was still there. These two women obviously have a history.  I cannot and have never  held up the opinion of one side or the other. I just find the public squabbling amusing and reported on such.  The cease and desist itself admits I call Cooke a dubious source. So perhaps making the divorce decree public would clear things up?  We do know know that Patrica has some things from Robert E Lee.  So that NEW YORK CITY attorney verified that.

The hilarity continues when they  state that I called Patricia a damn yankee  and that Patricia’s marriages have all been for money. AND THOSE STATEMENTS HAVE NO BASIS IN FACT.  Yeah. I said that. I stand by my opinions. Opinions are different than facts and are upheld by the first amendment.  This is apparently causing serious damage to Patricia’s reputation and career. Well that is a measurable allegation. I can’t wait to see the horrific damage delineated in court that I have done to Patricia.  Is she going to have to give up a butler? I’d be happy to provide my IRS statements since I started this blog until present and my readership. I’d love to see the  IRS statements of how I have harmed Patricia financially.

The letter says that I clearly knew I would hurt Patricia and the show  when I posted. “I think you would all like the show more if you didn’t read what I am about to post.So consider not reading and further.” YOU. CAN’T. MAKE. THIS. SHIT. UP.  Warning my readers that something I am about to copy from the Internet may make them like someone less? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Patti thinking I would see her as someone who even HAS feelings?

Finally, the idiot… I meant fancy pants NEW YORK CITY attorney for the fake Charleston socialite says in essence, that if I mention they sent this letter it is could be construed as of malicious intent. CHILE PLEASE.  The woman is on a reality show. She’s married well several times. I report daily on reality shows. It is what it is. I didn’t invent it or sign on to be on one.

I think she is going to be alright if a fan of the show calls her a poseur and reposts some shit from the Internet written by someone she clearly does not like.  You can either fuck off, or come on down and meet my attorney. I’d love to post all the depositions about how she acquired so many Lee family heirlooms that you admit she has in her possession. I’m VERY interested in that information, which is why I chose those posts out of all the ones on the Internet here.

Your attention amuses me. I have no money,  my Elizabeth O’Neill Verner  is only a print. And my house is worth less than $100K .  I was gifted with a lovely handbag recently, if Patti would like a twice handed down bag…

It seems to me that  Patti is everso jealous of Kathryn. She has lineage. Oh wait. I’m a  DAR.  That should make her squirm.

So no, I will not be taking down my post.  Feel free to take whatever steps you feel necessary. The other day, I bought an EIGHT DOLLAR BLOCK OF CHEESE from Whole Foods. It was Parrano!  That’s my favorite. So I’m going to slice some of that up now and eat it before you bankrupt me and leave me destitute.  Remind me how I will know the difference?

Or you could continue this stupidity and it could go viral and I might make a dollar on my ads for a change.

Your turn. Yankee boys.


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  1. tobaccorhoda


  2. Urethra Franklin

    Tamara you have the biggest dick on the internet.
    Dick slaps for everybody!

    • therealdeb

      no, she has the biggest dick in the world and she basically told them to suck it

      • Well, if you want to put it that way, I guess, YEAH, they can suck it.

        What can they possibly win?​ I merely reported on shit that is already on the net.

        You can send a cease and desist to anyone. Oh I forgot the funniest part this one is thy gave me until NEXT FRIDAY to take it down. Um, if someone was lying about me on the Internet and I hired the fabulous firm of Norton Rose Fulbright (side note, I may or may not know someone in NYC with a smattering of money who has is majorly connected to the silly firms she continues to marry into and he was like “Who? Oh I googled they they are a real law firm.) I DIE. Maybe he doesn’t have enough money to know.


        They really are a big international law firm. Not so known it seems in NYC. I love attorneys. I’d like to welcome whoever shows up to Atlanta. Eat at anything Fifth Group restaurant while on the account especially South City Kitchen Or Ebony and Ivory BBQ if you are going through the drive though while in my hood surveilling me. You can only get those ribs there. Get the white sauce. I know it seems odd… but will thank me later. I might even bring you some napkins while you sit outside. I actually AM a southern girl.

        That said, when you see me focusing my greenlight on you. Don’t worry your pretty head. That’s just the scop focusing my scope. That is what we do in the south. Bless your heart.

        On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 12:37 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Oh that is so Reza romantic and hot!

      • Gilette

        Dear Tamara:

        I love you. Will you marry me?



        PS: Marriage is, of course, dependent upon a slathering of Civil War memorabilia that I can appropriate for myself.

      • ​Do you have good health insurance? If so does it all for same sex spouses? If so, then YES!

        On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 4:34 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Theresa Benfante

        OMG I teach right near both Ebony and Ivory and South City Kitchen. Love them both! You have excellent taste TT

  3. O.O


  4. Chameron

    Wow! You must have really hit a nerve! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  5. It could only get better if you tell me Craig is her lawyer. Have yourself a Cease&desist-tini!!!!! Cheers toots!

    • thedisher

      Oh, that’s perfect! Craig…or Phaedra. LOL!

    • BH Wannabe

      Holy shit! Yesssssssss crossover! Craig interns for Phaedra who represents Patricia! I actually think Phaedra could get Craig to come to work on time… I mean, if we are just going to pretend to believe that she really works.

  6. JenntheAUfan

    One would think she got craig the almost lawyer a job in new york.

  7. Sunday

    OMW I love this site. So happy I found you! You rock. You made my whole night. That woman….seriously watch the show. She reeks of phony! I wish the internet had speed dial. You would be on mine. LOL

  8. Uh Oh

    aaahhh i love your spunk.

    and please. she and that son of hers are incredibly jealous of katherine because katherine is what they want to be: a true southern belle whose name traces back to the beginning of time. sigh. when old women compete with the young ones …

  9. fivecatsownme

    Congrats on making the big time, TT. If Patricia were a real lady, she would not be wearing black nail polish or be wearing jewelry while eating breakfast in bed. I guess it’s better to be nouveau than not riche at all.
    Why do reality TV stars think their private lives are off limits? Do they understand the meaning of reality?

  10. JenntheAUfan

    I can see patty and her butler reading this in fury. maybe I will make her happy by concongratulating her on being THE FIRST SOUTHERNER to ever hire a bunch of damn Yankee lawyers. Ole R.E. Lee is rolling in his grave

    • vivaladiva831

      I can see Patti READING this to her butler in fury-while he sits there smiling like Mona Lisa and inserting a “yes madam” now and again.

      • Victoria Lucille

        I’m thinking those butlers are there when cameras are rolling. & I think dear R.E. Lee would laugh at calling her ‘Southern’ while he rolled in his grave about the entire cast & the fact that Southern is blasphemed in the title.

  11. Love

    Delicious!!! I wonder if they sent a letter to Suzanne Kent Cooke as well…the original source of the information. Suzanne is clearly standing by her statements by including her name. I admire your stance in defending your blog. Patricia should be flattered, she is the best personality on any reality show right now and this tea makes her even more amazing. This reminds me of the legal issues involving Phaedra Parks and Angela Stanton. If you want to keep your past private don’t do reality tv.

  12. TAMARA

    Lets hope you collect some extra coins for your new purse with all of this attention!!

    • BH Wannabe

      I want the $100,000 pink (matte, I hope) alligator Hermes bag. Oh I’d even marry Whitney to get it! (Chills down my spine.)

  13. Jess

    And Tamara just slammed her 12″ dick on the table.

    • ​I have good, SOUTHERN LAWYERS.

      On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 11:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Victoria Lucille

        Please ask your good, Southern lawyers what dear Patti could possibly sue you for. As a good, Southern lawyer, I’d love to know what your post did other than summarizing information that’s already public about a public figure. Maybe you should make another post with just her picture & “Good luck, Sugar” next to it!
        By the way, a good friend told me about your site a few days ago. I’m hooked! I love, love reading your posts! Keep it up!

      • Perhaps you should direct them to Sheree?

  14. jellybelly

    You are on fire TT!!!!

  15. Angel(?)

    Our we to seriously believe that someone would give irreplaceable family heirlooms to a ex-spouse with whom he has no children with? Damn high pollutant rich ass yankee lawyers that like to think that the rest of us are stupid! I would love to be a fly on the wall if you get to sit across from Patti in a deposition. Please Tamara remember to insist that the repo be video taped, then share with us!

    • Gingersnap

      I think it’s ‘high fallutin’ but when it comes to damn yankee attorneys, high POLLUTANT makes more sense anyway 😉

  16. Angel(?)

    Oh by the way, I’m pretty sure there were some of your commenters and lurkers who didn’t watch the show before you spilled the tea on Patti. I am sure some are now going to be watching. So how did you hurt the show?

    • ​pretty yourself up because that comment will be in court.

      Don’t laugh. During the Sheree Trials… comments were read!

      On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 12:00 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Urethra Franklin

        I giggled when I found out that URETHRA was an exhibit in the Sheree Trials. #Hellurrr

      • ​I forgot who all was brought up. It was SOFA KING hysterically. I love court. I really hope to one day be sitting in a dep with Patricia.


        On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 12:41 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • theresa

        Guess Patti’s plan has backfired. Instead of running scared, you are eagerly adding this to your bucket list. I just followed Suzanne Kent Cooke on Facebook hoping she adds some fun. I’m an official stalker of all things pertaining to our friend Patti.

      • I already know what T-shirts I will print up for anyone who shows up in court.​

        On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 1:24 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Gilette

        I’ll start watching as well — because of this comment. I want to see the melodramatic affectations in real time.

        New Patricia fan here!

    • No one could seriously bring this case.

      That said, apparently Patricia has an issue with the other chick.

      I don’t know her and I LIKE patricia on the show. Fake as shit as she is… the cease and desist points out that she quickly left the yankee state of Florida to move to “Virginia”

      My whole point is you can’t buy your way into Charleston. She can um….Acquire all the accoutrements of Charleston that she wants… but SHE IS NOT CHARLESTON and never will be. ​

      On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 12:16 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:

      > ​pretty yourself up because that comment will be in court. > > Don’t laugh. During the Sheree Trials… comments were read! > > On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 12:00 AM, Tamara Tattles> wrote: > >>

      • theresa

        I hereby volunteer to be your butler at the deposition. I will fan you and make you martinis all day long.

      • ​I will be needing a trial drink. Gin of course.

        On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 12:40 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I think you will need an upholstered footstool with chenile dus-truffle to put hold new purse on in court. A second butler might be in order.

        (And to the NEW YORK FANCYPANTS LAWYERS – when you come to Atlanta, be sure to eat at Bacchanalia. There they bring a footstool for your purse. I shit you NOT! Alas, they have not hired Mario Buatta to class up the place with chenile and dust-ruffles galore.)

      • ​My new purse definitely deserves a footstool. I can’t wait for Monday when I can set up a shell account to shelter my handbag and my block of cheese from the pillaging by Yankees. Oh how the south continues to suffer at the hands of those tyrants.

        On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 2:02 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I’ll carry pens and paper for you TT if in NY. Hell I may start to check off my items on the Bucket list and come to visit Atlanta.

      • gluedtothepc

        I don’t watch the show, but it was clear when reading your first post that you like her on the show. I guess the jury’s still out on if that carries over into personal life. 😉 I will probably start watching now, just because of your posts.

      • KeepinItReality

        For a T-shirt (Which I’m dying to know the slogan of), I will bring your shoes down to you on a Silver Platter

      • I love the Diamond Clippy idea! We have the beginnings of a a full TT Cease and Desist Product line – T-shirts, shoe clippies, footstool, Feather boa bed jacket, monkey salt-shakers, Special TT Gin, Cease & Desist Whiner’s Wine and faux silver trays…the masses will eat them up!

      • Victoria Lucille

        Dear God!! Can I please just sit at the table with your other attorneys for the deposition?? I’ll bring something to record everything, & I might pay you to be at that table!!

    • Psylocke

      Amen to that. I actually didn’t know anyone watched this show – I thought it was in that same tier as shows like blood sweat and heels and married to medicine and euros of Hollywood (or something?) where the majority pretend they don’t exist.

      Needless to say I was surprised so many of you were into it, and had to check it out after that post. +1 viewer thanks to TT.


      • ​I don’t think they have hit a million viewers yet this season ( I could be wrong) but I’m sure they will now. Well, played Miss Patti!

        On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 3:29 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • BH Wannabe

        Please do not put Southern Charm in the same category as M2M or Euros of Hollywood. It doesn’t physically hurt to watch Southern Charm, unlike the other shows named. It makes me want to go buy a mansion and a butler and a plantation out in the boonies and then find a trust funder to pay off all that debt I’ve racked up. Instead of drinks in to-go cups, you have to-go bars/bartenders! You got old T-Rav hitting on you, but he’s easy to ignore. Cam doling out her advice and narrating… My imaginary life there makes me happy.

        Ooops, um, I mean, I don’t watch the show.

  17. KatherineNola

    OMG. I don’t even watch this show but now will need to. Game on TT, I predict you prevail. You have made it!!! Get ’em. Clearly the truth hurts her bent feelers.

  18. She must be best friends with Sheree #loser

  19. kk bella

    Martinis on my own silver tray in California right now toasting TT! Voodoo dances for “Yankee by way of Florida Marry those corpses” Pat and the firm of Norton Rose Fullbright, whom I would never use or recommend. In MY OPINION, the firm name makes it sound like they all have herpes. Viral, you say? Well, let’s hope the world sees that cease and desist letter. What fun, and what assholes. This truly was the best day here yet!

    • Can you sell copies of that Cease and Desist Letter? Monetize it the way Teresa Giudice does family photographs?

      • SaraSally

        Let’s turn the letter into a print for T shirts! TT can come out with a full line of ‘cease and desist’ wear. And of course you can branch off into the Tamra Barney ‘cyst and decease’ satchel line also. Oh My Allah… the ideas are limitless!

      • ​It says at the top in BOLDED ANDE UNDERLINED capital letters that I shan’t speak of the letter. Which means, yes. I can sell copies. Right?

        On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 2:07 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • How about some Cease and Desist Wine to go with your cheese?

    • Gingersnap

      I really think what has REALLY upset the lady of the manor, was TT said that her shoes should have been changed in the dressing room and never have been on a service tray. It caused her grave embarrassment and loss of Southern face…lol. (I am having too much fun with this shit and I am stone cold sober!)

      • Kay

        That was spot on hilarious but very possibly true… I kind of gasped that she did that…it was slightly appalling and no Southern woman worth her salt whether old money stupid rich or dirt poor would ever allow shoes to be put on a tray food is served on, let alone on tv or for theatrics. Just, helllll no! I am also sober (it’s 8:46 am but that really means nothing in terms of whether I would be sober or not, no I am not struggling with my sobriety, we have made our peace with it) so I laughed at this but also think it could be fairly accurate.

      • BH Wannabe

        It’s a SHOE TRAY. Not a FOOD TRAY. Get it right.

  20. “Cyst and Deceased”

  21. Pip

    Wow Tamara!
    I am speechless. I am… without speech.
    Love you girl, stay strong!
    And by the way, I think She by Sheree is what put you into the stratospheric zone. It’s how most of us found you.

  22. Yankees, geeze. Ever noticed that no one never retires and moves up North. Miss Patty obviously doesnt know TTs lawyer is very good. -Southerners will be up in arms over her owning Robert E Lees heirs belongings. Capitols in the South still waves Dixie. All over a little blogger, whos fav southern city is Charleston. Now i will drink a glass of Luzianne tea out of a mason jar. Xxxxxx

    • DJFL

      @zenjen54 – Actually, I’m in Florida, and my next-door neighbors retired and moved to Wisconsin. The neighbors on the other side of me moved here FROM Wisconsin. They should have just traded houses.

      • ​BTW, did I mentin the CAD basically admits that Florida is not a southern state? That might have been my favorite part.

        On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 2:06 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Kay

      Isn’t every Southern girl’s favorite Southern city Charleston? Pretty sure it is, there’s no where like it in the South and SC residents have their own drawl that sounds like words dance off their tongues. Almost a hint of English roots in there. Merely thinking about Charleston is a high.

      Central NC girl over here. I hail from the land of tobacco.

  23. Kei


  24. theresa

    It’s official! I have a girl boner for you!!! You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried but you may want to start a script for a reality show….oh wait, they don’t have scripts 😉

  25. I was literally laughing out loud at this!! You really cracked me up with this.

  26. Stella

    HAHAHAHA! This is hilarious, I <3 you SO much!

  27. sequoia

    I came in here expecting a riveting discussion of the Broadway show called “Damn Yankees”. Imagine my surprise.

  28. Gapeachinsc

    This post is indicative of one of the reasons I love you so much!!

  29. I think this is the time to bring up one of the sayings used around here, and it’s ‘a hit dog will howl’. I’m not really understanding what was so heinous that a New York damn Yankee has to send a legal blackmail letter to try and stifle freedom of expression and really just opinion, but something has her fur in a wad. She’s probably a lot more upset that she was exposed as not being a true Southerner than the alleged stealing of family heirlooms, which would probably bother me more too :) Just kidding, Miss Patricia and Norton Rose Fulbright..bless your little pea pickin’ hearts <3

  30. Angel

    I am picturing Miss Patti reading this on her Ipad and her boy, Whitney Sudler, reading our comments about his movie reviews on his, while both are reading together and sipping bourbon, they choke, snort, and bourbon spurts out their noses.

    Reality show fame can be humbling, just ask Kim Richards about now.

    Tamara, you are famous and fabulous.

  31. I am so excited u pissed this heirloom stealing bitch off that I can barely contain myself. I hope the son is reading too so he knows how much we love him and his hard hitting documentary. Lol

    Congrats TT!

    • Patricia and Whitney, what a pair! The two of them are charming parodies of old money. They are worthy of Central Casting…oh wait, Whitney probably has Central Casting on speed-dial given that he’s such a world-renowned producer. (And speaking of pairs, congratulations to you, Tamara for having quite a pair yourself.)

      On the subject of Whitney, what better way to give off airs than to name your son Whitney Sudler-Smith! Way to go mom, you raised a pathetic, copy-cat Borat Wanna-Be.

      We need to thank Bravo, Whitney, Patricia and delusional losers such as Thomas Ravenel and sad, tragic, misguided figures like Kathryn Dennis for providing us such entertainment. And now, we can thank Norton, Rose & Fullbright for bringing over-the-top entertainment, Bravo! When it comes to trash TV there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right Patricia, Whitney and Andy?

      I may need to change my user name to “Lovin’ Reality TV!”

      • Victoria Lucille

        Sick of “Reality” TV, Patricia & Whitney are not ‘old money’ at all. They are the definition of ‘nouveau riche’. When you haven’t had $$ or proper breeding long, you flaunt it so everybody knows that you “is important”.

  32. HIGH FIVE! What a week!

    I love a tempest in a Martini Glass!

  33. Belle58

    OMG! This is beyond delicious! I am Georgia born and raised but no longer live there and this makes me miss it so. I have never watched the show but now I plan to watch every episode! The fact that she got a lawyer, got a Yankee lawyer, then went after a southern girl with a public forum just proves how unsouthern she is! Loving your response! Its just so good!

  34. You sure know how to kick off a weekend!

    I assume there are plenty of reputable attorneys in Charleston? I wonder why she is bringing in NY attorneys. Not terribly convenient and it is sure going to drive up the cost of her depositions. Then again, money is no object for Patty!

    This news first made me laugh but then it pissed me off. I HATE wealthy people that push around people in court. Stupid waste of the courts to boot! You were careful to point out that the source was dubious and seemed to have an ax to grind. Geez it isn’t your fault that Cooke posted such good stuff :)

    They should give you a bonus for bringing up their viewership!

    • BH Wannabe

      Nah, take a page from TT and learn that laughing is way better than getting mad. Plus if people, like Patricia, have their panties in a bunch, it REALLY pisses them off to not get upset at their “very serious” actions.

      • ​I seem to be the only one #unbothered in this situation.


        I think there is a whole window lickers group that posts everything they can find about me. WTF do I care?

        On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 2:19 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  35. Lisa m

    Holy cow I do love you

  36. I’ll see your Sheree Whitfield & raise you a Patti Altschul.

  37. Diana

    Oh TT, I’d be so flattered!! Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP??!! You go Girl!!

  38. Diana

    P.S. Let’s see… who won the Civil War?? Uh huh, I thought so.

  39. Diana

    P.S.S. THAT’S a dig to the Charleston Babe, not TT BTW!

  40. Psylocke

    You’re my idol.

  41. Mrs Smith

    This is awesome! Jaysus!
    TT, I love your tea.
    Have not read below the 2nd pic though….I must take a few moments to regain my composure from the first sip of this strong hot tea!

  42. TT, sorry this happened to you but it is entertaining. I watched Southen Charm part of the first season and saw a few reruns second season.
    Only a few of these people are working, the men are soft, the women are superficial airheads and they all seem useless.
    I’m going back to watch the episodes I missed.

    TT, I admire your attitude and sense of humor concerning this.

  43. Damn I guess the truth offends! *kanye shrugs* So who knew while blogging you have to carefully place certain words like allegedly etc to not get sued!! It’s a blog! Your personal blog!! Your opinion! Jeez you can’t speak your mind anywhere! That’s what’s wrong with this world!

  44. Angel(?)

    Love the first pic. Anyone notice the two little monkeys in fez hats holding her toast? I keep thinking she needs a long cigarette holder. #CruellaDeVille

  45. bevporterely

    You’re not worried, right? So who TF are you talking about?

  46. dmd666

    You’ve brightened my day! Thanks

  47. TT~I must say, I am not happy that Patty is giving you grief by acting like a sour patch kid. But, Katherine Calhoun and I are ROFLOAO with this news because we all know that anything done in the dark will be revealed in the light. IMHO, Patty better cool her jets before she has to go to court and reveal who her baby’s daddy is and give up all the deets as to why she is an expert judge (alas former participant) regarding what defines one as a strumpet. Karma has a wickedly swift boomerang effect and the whiplash from its recoil can be deadly. Patty should tread lightly before she slips off her mountain of pride and arrogance. ;/

  48. Queen of the Nile

    This is too good to be true — Tamara, you rock!! Cease and desist letter from a real NYC law firm. Oh my …. pass the burnt feathers cause I’m feelin’ faint. I hadn’t watched Southern Charm yet, but now I have to binge watch the show to see what the drama’s about. (And, yes, you are definitely a high roller now — everyone’s reading your blogs and gettin’ skeered!!)

    • For me, Season 1 didn’t get good until about the halfway mark. As a matter of fact, I was considering ditching it, but then it seemed to take off. I’m glad I hung in there though, it’s a good show.

  49. I don’t watch the show, but I do read the blog. Perhaps, the fancy pants attorneys should have brushed up on the Sheree posts before they sent that letter.
    You, TT, have indeed arrived… Without alleged stolen R.E. Lee family heirlooms and a badass attorney.

  50. Espi

    We all need to make this go viral! It would be amazing.

  51. Josie

    OMG, this post and the comments were hilarious. My stomach hurts from laughing…

  52. Kay

    Oh I’m a DAR too. Well, I submitted the birth certificates not too long ago, I only found out about the lineage and connection recently. I would actually like to know more about it, Tamara, if you ever have time.

    • SaraSally

      My understanding they used to have wonderful scholarships for qualified girls.

    • ​One of my sisters went through all the paper work. She was very into all the hoopdela. I’m more tongue in cheek about the whole thing. She was adamant I apply or whatever, and stressed she had already done all the work. I’m just not the type to sit around and eat cucumber sandwiches whilst getting teary-eyed about the War of Northern Aggression.

      I just like to playfully mock Yankees on the Internet.

      On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 9:04 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kay

        I’m joining for the pedigree, I’m not into that stuff so much but when I have a daughter I want her to have the pedigree mostly. My dad was the one who insisted I become a member too and I know my moms sister will fucking love it too. It killed her that she and my mom didn’t grow up wealthy so she moved North & married a very wealthy Yankee with an MBA from Duke. Talk about some pedigree…but it’s not Southern so my maternal grandmother could care less. Now on my dads side I have a lot of pedigree & old money but they are simpler, country folks. We may not be extremely wealthy Southerners but our family roots are planted firmly in the tobacco soil of NC. Apparently this is very important.

      • BH Wannabe

        OMG go sit by Patricia, if all your pedigree can fit! Please say you’re kidding and I’m just not picking up on the sarcasm?

        I’m DAR because I just thought it’d be fun while researching ancestry. Only thing I find it useful for is to bring up at parties when things stop making sense, and for some reason it’s very funny. I don’t think I’ve ever met a person in real life who speaks of “pedigree” in reference to humans. My dog has awesome pedigree.

        I feel like the NW is a different universe: no “society”, modesty–no one really rich shows it off if they want any respect, don’t give a flying fuck about who is from the North or South, the only “Yankees” we know play baseball in NYC, and it is absolutely considered tacky to talk about your money, old or new. I think I’m the odd man out here a lot of the time.

  53. Personally, I love Patricia A. I’m not clear why you have chosen to pick a fight with a poor old widow woman. You are saying that that Cooke woman is probably not telling the truth, yet publishing that which you suspect to be false. I can understand why she is unhappy.

    And frankly, the continued “Yankee” bashing is a big sign of insecurity. I have never given a shit where someone is from. I know that lots of towns and areas have a community that is exclusive to those born there. That’s not just a southern thing. But certain personalities can break through that stigma and become a part of a city’s culture. Like that Jim whatsis who lived in Savannah. He was not born there. But he became a real part of their upper crust.

    Back to the civil war tgat you seem to still be fighting in your head: I’ve never given a thought to being a northerner or a southerner (my area was actually both during the civil war). But perhaps those who DO put a lot of pride in being southern do so out of insecurity. I mean…you lost. To the north. And for every Charleston or Savannah, there are 1000 Sarasotas. And I truly hate the way you people say the word insurance. There is I need to completely emphasise IN in the word. It’s SURE that is the important part.

    And as for Patricia, don’t you think a lot of the scenes with her are production invented and delivered? I sure do. But it’s all in FUN. The show is FUN. Watching her is FUN. Why do you want to ruin the fun by attacking her like this???

    There. I said it. Long live Ms. Patricia.

    • Angel(?)

      In the south it would be Miss Patricia! (Running for cover now)

      • Even if she’s been married? I don’t think so.

      • Mahkaw

        Yes, even if one has been married or is married .

      • Angel(?)

        If one is addressing her formally, one would say Mrs. Altschul. If one is given permission to address her in a less formal manner, one would say Miss Patricia. It shows respect.

      • We lived in Memphis for a year (1990). My daughter was two and a half, and I was pregnant with my son. The local catholic church had a mother’s day off pre pre school. I’d take my daughter there once a week. The teachers were all Miss Patty or Miss Nancy, whether they were married or not.

      • Well it’s all a moot and semi-retarded point as I’m not a southerner and could not give a shit.

    • Jaded

      You forgot to say the absolute worst thing about the South. All the yankees that move here.

      • Really? I guess you are a Tyler Perry fan and only watch his productions. Because you would never want to watch shows produced in New York ot LA. Wait…southern charm is actually produced out of New York by haymaker productions.

      • ​That’s why we call the ones that stay, Dayum yankees !

        On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 10:27 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • tobaccorhoda

      You go girl. I love Patricia and what she brings to the show too. Of all of the Cooke woman’s allegations, the only one that appears true is that she won (not stole…won) some heirlooms in her divorce. She must have had a hell of a lawyer.

      That said, while I don’t blame her for going after ms. Cooke for defaming her, going for a blogger for reporting it seems a waste of time and energy.

      • naa

        Zero probability that family heirlooms of the husband would be awarded the spouse. So I am not so sure the circumstances of how she obtained them aren’t interesting.

      • Maybe he wanted her to have them. Or us them in negotiation for other things. You don’t know.

      • Trinity

        I never watched this show but I am going to check it out now, it has suddenly become interesting to me. I read up on the Cooke chick and she sounds much worse than poor Patricia.

    • Dear Teecee66,
      Personally, I love Tamara T. I’m not clear as to why you have chosen to pick a fight with an awesome blogger.

      And frankly, the continued bashing of southerners is a sign of asshattedness.

      And I truly hate the way you people say the word ‘huge’, with the “H” being silent. (As in, HUGE asshole”)

      It’s called dialect, dear.

      There. I said it. Now y’all take a seat with the other damn yankees.


      • @teecee66,
        P.S. For the record, I was mimicking your post. I am from the south and take my grammar seriously. In any other situation I would know not to start a sentence with a preposition.

      • Jaded

        @Ijustcant You and I are all mixed up! Iwas replying to teecee. Thanks for thinking my comment was funny!

      • That’s the sound of empty you hear. Way to completely misunderstand. Having a different opinion is picking a fight? You’d make out well in communist China. Why don’t you go there. Now.

      • SaraSally

        The well traveled road of TeeCee tangling is starting to back up traffic!

      • Queen of the Nile

        Apparently some new commenters haven’t been on the teecee highway before — ha! I think I’ll stop for refreshments until traffic patrol takes care of things…. :-)

      • “In any other situation I would know not to start a sentence with a preposition.”

        Wow. You are an idiot. AND your grammar blows. You neglected a needed comma in that sentence. And…you’re claiming that it’s incorrect to start a sentence with a preposition? Heh. Chalk another one up for southern schoolin’.

      • @teecee, there is a differece between grammar and punctuation. You are very near-sighted, in my opinion. The bashing of southerners was unneccessary.

      • Um…no. There is not. Punctuation is part of grammar. You seem to be one of those really stupid people who thinks she is smart. Am I the first to tell you that you are not?

      • I am smart enough to not call people names. I also know the definition of the word “mimick”.

        Again, the bashing of southerners was not needed. I’m also smart enough to spot a shit-starter when I see one. You are obviously without class and respect to be so judgemental and rude. Painting people from the south with such a broad brush is tacky.

        This also has gone extremely off-topic. Therefore, I will repectfully withdraw from commenting further on this silly issue. Please just know that your southern bashing was offensive. Have a miracle day.

        Bye, Felicia

      • In other words, you have been bested and you know it so you’ll slink off into a corner. Good for you.

        The only thing I said was about southern education — your lack thereof being my example. That’s hardly bashing southerners. Please tell me exactly where and how I did that.

      • Oh and can we go back to your trying to grammar shame me by speaking about starting sentences with prepositions???

      • Anastasia_Beave

        Where did she bash Southerns?

      • Kay

        @I.Just.Cant Don’t take teecee so seriously honey, just sit back and enjoy the nastiness. This blog is not for the weak hearted or minded. Opinions live strong here but you have to accept you may get knocked down a peg or two once in awhile.

        PS you don’t END a sentence with a preposition. Teecee was trying to clue you in but you weren’t picking up.

      • Excuse me, Kay, you duck faces jackass. If you will re-read the exchange, this person came AT ME out of nowhere. Called ME ssshatted. Claimed to have superior grammar skills. Etc etc yadda yadda yadda.

        When I turned around as did what she did to me back at her she cried like a 2 year old and jumped up and down calling me more names, but objecting to my calling HER names. So..,it was really a very clear case of a simpleton who can dish it out but not take it. Which really accounts for 95% of my exchanges on this blog. The other 10% are just because some people are too stupid for words. I was never good at math.

        ::drops mic::

      • Kay

        @teecee66 you bitch I was having your back. She definitely came for you and I was telling her to chill out and not take your words personally. Simmer down, I agreed with you. Lol “duck faces jackass”

      • When I need someone to have my back, I’ll kill myself.

      • Wow. Ok, so to clarify… I was replying to teecee’s original post where she asked tt why she would pick a fight w ‘poor ole widowed woman’ or words to that effect.

        Also, to where she said being proud to be a southerner was “sign of insecurity”. She then went on to say how she “hates the way you people say the word insurance.”

        I was mocking her original post. It was meant in jest. As for the grammar part, it was an afterthought & I actually meant to say conjuntive instead of preposition. My mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be…wtfever.

        I found the original post to be a bit offensive as a southerner. Again, the way I wrote my reply was to mock & it’s intent wasn’t to “come” for her.

        However, have learned very quickly that some people just want to argue for sake of arguing. That’s not my thing. I have not shrunk into hiding. I just have busy real life & I come here for fun & as a quick escape from my real life shit. So, teecee can have this one, as it seems so important to her. There. Teecee wins. Yay! Now, I’m off to late church service. Y’all have fun now! Toodles!

      • Geez! My phone! *conjunctive!^^

      • Kay

        @i.just.cant People are just used to teecee. Notice TT didn’t even address her. You appeared to come for her so I was letting you know it’s normal and occasionally she and TT verbally (through typing) spar and it can be quite entertaining. I had her back on the preposition thing because you kept bringing it up and not understanding what she was saying so as a grammar nazi myself, I had to shut that part of the convo up. No hard feelings. You remind me of a friend of mine with your sweet and eager enthusiasm and it makes me miss her. Hope you’ve had a happy Sunday.

      • @Kay, Thank you. (Also, I kind of figured out the other stuff) It’s all good. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend as well.

      • Oh dear god. Conjunctive??? You’re talking about pink eye or something?

        Who the fuck is this Kay person and why does she think she knows one thing about me? Every fucking thing she says is completely wrong.
        Shut the fuck up, busybody twat.

        As for the other one, I love when idiots yell I WON’T BE BACK. And then come back. What a loser. Then show up in a blog out of nowhere giving me a bunch of shit and then claim you’re going to church. Really fucking Christian of you. Jackass.

      • Hey teecee, never said I was never coming back. Geez! You just never stop, do you? You are seriously about as annoying as an ingrown pubic hair.

      • Maybe you’ll think twice the next time you feel like breaking bad. Because now you know how the other person feels (provided the other person is not me). Not fun, is it.

      • BH Wannabe

        I love these ones who sign off. Then they’re back! But now really signing off because they have a life and stuff. Oh wait! They’re back! How’s that busy life goung? Okay, last comment, I win, “toodles”! Ha ha no I’m back!
        Don’t say your going unless you’re really leaving, it just looks stupid.

        (Attn: I.Just.Can’t)

    • Jaded

      I was being funny as in ha ha or lol but alrighty then.

    • ​Well, bless your little yankee heart. Patti can call you to testify on your behalf. Actually, her fancy pants yankee lawyers might read your tweet in court!

      On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 9:41 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • crampina

      Because she is a mean old bitch who is attacking Katherine’s character every chance she gets. That’s not cool.

      • Katherine is a retarded child with Norman Bates’ mom’s hairdo. She has no idea how deep she’s gotten and how hard she will fall when she gets dumped.

      • Tara

        TeeCee – have you researched anything about Kathryn? Actually she comes from a very an awesome family that actually is well respected in the South. Unlike others who play the part! With or without Thomas, I don’t see her falling. FyI, she has already dumped Thomas:)
        Norman Bates mom’s hair? You are too funny! She has beautiful hair! To each their own.
        P.S. Why such anger? Your post are always negative. Are you truly that unhappy of a person? Or do you just need attention, even if it’s on line? I understand! I go through those type of times but pick Yourself up and rinse and repeat:) Fake it until you make it. Or is it that you sit at home at night and dream of being Scarlet Ohara? Tomorrow is another day:)

      • Oh god. Eat shit. Mind your own beeswax.

        Katherine is a twatty brat. Her family may be respected but she certainly isn’t. She is like a child playing grownup. Her kid I’d like her Betsy Wetsy doll. She puts her hair in an unattractive bun thing when he has campaign functions or when his family is around. You expect her to be wearing high heels that end four inches after her heel. Playing grownup.

      • BH Wannabe

        Who cares if her family is respected? She slept with, what, three guys (all from the same reality show) in a week. Knowing she was being filmed. I don’t even dislike her on the show (this season), but I think “respectable” doesn’t apply anymore. The family name doesn’t erase her actions! (And she’s young, I get it, I was all crazy when I was 21, but damn! I at least tried to hook up with guys who didn’t all hang out together. And nobody was filming my exploits.)
        This goes back to the dumb “pedigree” shit someone was talking about earlier. Glad your family is respected. Good job keeping up their good name.

    • BH Wannabe

      K, I was thinking along the same lines. Why is it that some people (not all) look at a situation and see Yankees and Southerners? NEVER occurs to me. It reminds me of a lot of comments here that TT jumps all over that get into colorism and such where it’s a non-issue. I don’t get it, but I know the response to this comment or anything close to it is to laugh and call me a “Yankee”. WTF does that even mean? (I don’t think there’s really an answer to that, but Teecee’s theory involving insecurity is the only one I’ve heard yet.)

    • Victoria Lucille

      teecee, if you have family on both sides of the War, who are you referring to as “you people”?

      • Prolly jackasses. Consider yourself you people.

      • Victoria Lucille

        teecee, your life must be really empty & miserable for you to just come in hot & aggressive like you do. I feel very sorry for you, darlin’. Maybe you should talk to someone about your issues. Bless your heart!

  54. HotToddy

    TT, you’re the bomb-diggity! And I agree with Angel…I might give this shit show another chance now.

  55. Ohhhh Myyyyy Gawwwwd! I read the original post & just watched the last episode on my DVR with new perspective & LMFAO! Got up to check in on blog & just found this. Holy shitballs! Unbelivevable! TT, you go girl! Annnnd, maybe it is time to change the title on the donate button? May I suggest “Dressing drink on silver tray” fund? Bwahaha!

  56. kk bella

    I liked Pat from the beginning. Yes, even with her put on airs and blue blood(however phoney) presentation. But what a buzz wrecker with that CAD letter. Still am her fan, but she picked the wrong -OMG- maybe she did it to get more attention? She knows those letters don’t mean shit, got the wrong kind of firm to write it, and gave TT 5 days. Goddesses forgive me. I’m slow. Used to be a sharp one. This blew by me until now. Cheapest way to get PR without hiring a firm.

    • Yes. Because paying legal fees is cheaper than having your agent promote you.

      • kk bella

        I’m not going to bite after this. However, I have wondered where you were. The ripping of people’s assholes always amused me, even when it was mine.
        One CAD letter will run you under 2k, and any decent PR firm starts at 20K a month. Under my theory, (and advice I would have given had I been awake and she were my client) Pat has no intention of following through ( any more than Adrienne and Paul did); these letters have no teeth legally, and she selected a firm that doesn’t bottom feed, or even specialize in this crap. So, it’s quite a bargain, in terms of fame whoring while trying to protect her fabricated and apparent reputation.

      • This is hardly one CAD letter. And seriously? You don’t need a PR firm for this. And 20k for a or retainer would involve a fuckload more than a press release it two. Or you’re an idiot.…thank for not biting.

    • Kk, thanks for your kind words on other thread/convo re: hospice.

      • kk bella

        It was true, and thanks. Plus you ladies provided essential insight on just how far an addict will go.

      • BH Wannabe

        Did I miss something? Or think.putting a “hospice” reference under Teecee’s comment will like… Get you attention? Read exactly what Teecee writes: she doesn’t fucking care about you, me, people who.disagree, people who agree. Teecee isn’t sitting at home praying you’ll take the bait. I don’t know what Teecee does, but not just your “internet troll” type. And, if you can get it together, Teecee sometimes brings up great points, even if not worded all “pretty”.

  57. Tara

    So proud to be party of this! Just as proud as I was when I was a debutante – True story!
    Thank you TT for not allowing these bullies to scare you. You are a super intelligent lady.

    I am sure they read all the comments. I hope mine was the favorite! ( once again I in no way think a wanna be debutante is a serial killer)
    Yippy – we can all wear our mean girl shirts to court. No joke, I will come from NC for it!

    • Kate62

      @ Tara, Road trip! wanna car pool if you’re close to the Charlotte area?

      I heart you Tamara! Thanks for your dedication in keeping us informed on the reality of reality shows.

    • hannahkingrose

      Great Tara. I’m 20 minutes from Raleigh. We definitely can ride together. I guess we can swing by and pick up Kate62 if she doesn’t have another way. It is the southern thing to do after all. Lol.

      • SaraK

        Hannah I am right up the road from Raleigh. Biscuitville is on me. Let’s make this road trip happen. TT we got your back!

      • hannahkingrose

        Oh wow SaraK, definitely Biscuitville. I live out in the country now so I never get it. Sure do miss it. One of my grown sons still lives in Burlington where we’re from and the restaurant started and has Biscuitville every Sunday morning. Lol

      • Tara

        Omgoodness! I bet we are all close esp if close to Biscuitville – Clayton;)?
        We can pick up Kate and go support TT!

    • How exactly are you a party to this?

  58. brillke

    They done fucked with the wrong bitch.

  59. Cheychey

    Does this woman not realize that you talking about her show good or bad creates awareness and you have a big following. People come on that never saw the show and want to watch because what they read here.

  60. Kemper

    I dont understand why they do this?? When I read the article you wrote I was totally entertained, thought it was amusing that another reality tv person was exposed and then went about my day and forgot about it.. The same thing goes with Sheree’s mansion, Joanna’s stinky snatch, and so on.. Its when they pull stunts like this with the cease and desist crap that it keeps it going and makes it even more interesting! If she would have just let it pass by, we would be busy investigating all the Kim Richards crap and forgotten all about her being a poser.. Now I want to know MORE!

    • tobaccorhoda

      I am still confused on what makes her a poseur. Would anyone care to explain? Surely you aren’t referring to the production driven bullshit about her shoes on a tray, right?

  61. jen

    I love this so much. I hope it doesn’t turn into a headache for you TT. Why is she making a spectacle of herself? She should have ignored it and moved on. You put yourself on tv with all of this scandal (allegedly). The truth is you are funny on the show but this yime next year there will be manu other shows and your character will be old news.

  62. Slaying this early in the day? Well my o my…sips tea. I just love you girl.

  63. HAAA!!!! Chile don’t take it down if you don’t want to. ✋✋

  64. PlusOneForLuck

    Dear New York attorneys:

    I had never watched a second of your clients silly reality show before T.T’s post. Her post made your client, oddly, far more interesting to me (Yes, I have a sickness where reality T.V is concerned.). So you’re going to need to pen a new letter to T.T. to say thank you so much for raising the ratings on a silly reality show and therefore possibly guaranteeing your client MORE money going forward – not hurting her financially in any way.

    And T.T. — you already know this but you are a serious bas assed chic!! Congratulations on the tweet & the letter!! ❤️

  65. tobaccorhoda

    Keeper, did you somehow think I didn’t read Tt’s post? I’m still waiting for an explanation of what makes Patricia a poseur? She never said she was a Charleston native, she’s only said she was born and raised in the south. On the very first season, she explained when and why she moved to Charleston.

    What exactly has she claimed to be that we now know she’s not?

    • kk bella

      A poser ( and that’s how us CA chicks spell it) is someone who is not authentic, and makes shit up about their pedigree or life experience. DUH. Certain genres require that your are born into the lifestyle ( most debutantes; Mardi Gras Princesses in NO- must come from parish; vacationing type from Mallorca or Hamptons, minus the euro trash; wine posers here in No Cal, without a vineyard or a winemaker-they buy juice and slap a label on it. Pat has glossed over her beginnings, wiped out her sons father, and has omitted a lot. She is a charming poser, and it works for me, but “remaking yourself” and snubbing the old guard (Calhoun) will get you branded poser, every time.

      • tobaccorhoda

        No, she hasn’t glossed over her beginnings. I don’t believe she’s done an autobiographical talking head. How, pray tell, does one go about erasing one’s former husband? Did she have him rubbed out and then delete him from Google? Guffaw. She’s left out a lot? Like what? Again, she’s claimed next to nothing autobiographical in nature on this show.

        And oh yeah, California person? The word is spelled poseur. And you used a whole lot of words to admit you got nothing.

    • tobaccorhoda

      Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  66. Cheychey

    I for one have a new found respect for you TT. Not that I didn’t before but in a more profound way. The fact that your willing to stand up for your and our 1st amendment rights is very important. No matter if it’s a trivial issue or not I understand from reading that you have done this before but I’m fairly new to the blog so I want to say thank you!

  67. lisa armstrong

    This is better than my birthday & Christmas for at least 5 years! I love it & am so happy I found this site. Happy,, joy!

    • BH Wannabe

      Yes, I love this site, very much! But, I’m.just gonna say, unless you have some sort of vested interest beyond “superfan times ten”, if this is better than your birthday and Christmas for 5 years, you may consider re-thinking how you are spending those holidays.

      Now if Patricia gave TT a shout out, like a snotty one at her disdainful best, that’d be too much!

  68. thedisher

    I’m imaging all of the amazing deposition questions you’ll have for her …Please depose Whitney while you are at it, and Suzanne Kent Cooke. There will be such good tea there. We could have a special fund to donate to for those costs. And, what about all those derogatory names that come out of Ms. Patricia’s mouth about Kathryn? Shameless strumpet, etc. She sure can dish it out, but can’t seem to take it. Where’s the CAD to Suzanne Cooke — since she is the author of these statements — not you.

    • ​She actually does have a claim against Suzanne if what she is saying is false. I’d fly anywhere for that court case! can you imagine those to slugging it out in court?

      On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 5:58 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Victoria Lucille

        Please let us all know if Patti goes to court against Suzanne! That would be a great case to sit in on!

  69. tobaccorhoda

    No, storyy, I’m not Patricia. I just don’t like Cooke’s smear campaign and I don’t like mobs carrying pitchforks.

  70. T D

    As a Hillbilly / Yankee mix I ‘m not sure if the situation calls for a pitchfork or a stickball bat. This sounds like a load of crap to me. On the other hand TT can knock it out of the park.

  71. Iloveearlgrey

    This is amazing. What morons. I hope you go viral and you become richer than Lisa Vanderpump! Go Tamara, go Tamara…

  72. As per usual – such actions merely draw further attention to what was written initially. This show is not on my radar and therefore I skipped the post – but now, lil ol’ me aaaaaallllll the way in Adelaide Australia – closest international destination Antarctica – knows Patricia Altschul is a douche nozzle. It was Sheree’s malarkey that drew my attention to TT and I latched on and never left.

  73. getreal2014

    I am bowing to your post, Tamara. You are the best blogger on the internet. Bar none.. .

  74. Oh dear, in my opinion the cease and desist makes her look amateurish. Before you go on these shows you need to assess how strong your backbone is, and if you can’t handle true and false negative information about you being discussed in a public forum, then reality TV is not for you. LVP does this game like a pro. When you exposed certain details surrounding their sexual harassment lawsuit, she never responded. Thus the minimal amount of people know, and the conversation dies out quickly. Bring in lawyers, and you likely will see the opposite outcome.

  75. Josie

    I still like Patricia because even though this was a cunt satchel move, she is entertaining!

    As for my court case contribution, I can get Miss Tamara her sweet teas while she is at court.

    • I was thinking of hiring a butler for court…

      I worry for Patti if she doesn’t get a quick court date. It’s going to be way too hot to be in court very soon. OTOH I have a thing for southern lawyers in baby blue seer sucker suits in the summer. So there is that. ​

      On Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 12:06 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I like the Court Butler idea! Maybe two, one to carry the Purse Footstool and one to fan you you during “the vapors”.

        It will probably be a first…if it goes to court would the trial be in Cobb County?

  76. Hey, important question here: what is with the monkies in fez hats on her breakfast tray???

  77. Cat

    I’ve only watched this show once, and I fell asleep within the first 15 minutes.

    Your blog, however, always offers so much, I never get bored.

  78. KeepinItReality

    I’m shocked Patricia cares. Really. Sounds as if she has a bigger fish to fry or “Cooke”!
    Transparency. Those who have nothing to hide. Hide nothing.

  79. sequoia

    This thread has been more fun then I could have ever imagined.

    • ​Can you IMAGINE the fun of actually going to court? That would be fabulous.

      I doubt the yankee attorneys will fly in from NEW YORK CITY! And Patti (and her boy child?). To spend tons of money on a baseless libel suit that even if they managed to win would result in them taking my fortune of one good used handbag and my entire life savings of $23.49 (sorry I ate the cheese).

      But it’s fun just to imagine. Stupider things have actually happened.

      On Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 4:41 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • BH Wannabe

      Even better than a discussion on “Damn Yankees”???

  80. Tamara, my great grandma was from St. Louis and she was DAR! And I know youre tall and model beautiful!(you said it on a post once).Give that lady hell!

  81. I think we are also related to some Webb’s in Virginia.

    • BH Wannabe

      Do keep us posted.

      I have a relative named Penelope from Delaware in the 1600s. Just riveting, I know.

      • KatherineNola

        @BH Wannabe you are on a roll! I’m
        Catching up and your comments to posters are hysterical!

      • OR incredibly tiresome day after day after day…. depending on your perspective.​

        On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 10:57 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Well, there is nothing left to say. These are my ancestors who go back to the Revolutionary war. We’ve been traced to England. I didn’t have to do anything but be born. You should be jealous.

  82. I find it hilarious that she didn’t send you another letter for exposing whitley’s awful documentary

    • BH Wannabe

      Well, first season he basically said no one was intellectually advanced enough to appreciate the “tone” or something.

  83. MyFlyingCloud

    Last week I mentioned in a tweet that I thought she was actually from Long Island. She replied to my tweet that she was “from Falls Curch, VA & that I should “try google” – well I did & thanked her for the most interesting info I came across & shared the link. She promptly blocked me (not necessary since I don’t follow her) I was actually somewhat amused by her on the show but then each episode she became so malicious which is never amusing.
    It will be interesting. Any idea where her son’s middle name comes from ?

  84. IDK how I missed this post. Congratz. Awesome sauce

  85. Psylocke

    It’s kind of ironic – here at TT’s we have our very own type of real housewives delusion – floating somewhere inbetween the relentlessly persisting of being faux rich and the claims of ridiculous expertise ala Eddie the Expert over in Melborne – say you’re good enough at something, and lesser people start to believe it.

    Teecee, you gloriously embarrassing creature, your trolling skills havent seemed to evolve in the least over all this time. It’s actually quite disgraceful to the Art that you would label yourself anything other than sewer level; get back to your cunt dwelling, cromagnon amateur.

    • Natalie

      Amen! A one trick pony!

    • BH Wannabe

      Yeah, you’ve always been an ever evolving joy. Jesus jealous much? No, you don’t get #1 troll position, especially since Teecee often states correct information.
      Christ, and saddest part? Teecee isn’t thinking of you, but unprovoked, you need to share some of those golden thoughts you’ve been ruminating on. Ha ha, love the ones who can’t move on!

      • ​@ BHWANNABE So spake the commenter you makes fifty comments about other comments that I am blessed to get to sort through each and every morning. I think I am up to 37! I might get through them all before I have to leave the house.

        On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 7:19 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  86. HOW DID I MISS THIS POST. Best thing ever. I might have got almost as much amusement out of it as you did.

  87. I always thought Patricia was a hoot with her over the top antics on SC, and she clearly doesn’t understand how much you’ve actually broadened her fan base with these posts about her.They’re a little scandalous but what good Southern story comes without a hint of salaciousness? I think it’s added to her “mystique”. She’s the most entertaining part of the show and the cast member people want to see most. You didn’t do anything unduly invasive, I think Patricia’s just going to have put on her big girl bloomers & accept the burdens that come along with carrying the show…or dip out gracefully. Tamara’s blog name, btw, reads FABULOUSLY in news about this whole hoopla…it’s got that Old School “wow” factor like Hedda Hopper
    (and for that I live, Darling, I live)…

  88. vivaladiva831

    Maybe she did get her husband in the end, to let her have those things (did he die? Or was he just desperate to be rid of Norman and Mother?) bc he knew she would care for them and preserve them. She seems to have the appropriate amount of crazy required for reality TV (what is wrong with her face? Stroke was my thought-or Botox overkill. She does seem to truly have a passion for art history.

  89. Tara

    I still love this post! It makes me laugh and laugh!

  90. tamaratattles

    I too love this post just my fat ass sitting on a broke down couch eating cheese and mocking Yankees. Never heard from them again. Which broke my heart. I’d KILL to go to court with the poseur.

    • NeverBeenJaxed

      I just re-read the entire post from beginning to end….reminiscing. Actually this would make a really fabulous case study for my Critical Thinking class :)

      • FrostyTheOG

        I also just reread this entire post and comments…my how time flies! I’m trying to figure out… I live in the North part of a very Western States, what am I? LoL. #NotFromFloridaThankYou no body wants that fight again☺

    • More Tea Please!


    • amisteree

      I really needed a good laugh with an old friend (in my head)-and this did the trick. A great way to start the hot-as-hell- weekend. I do so wish you would rile her yankee-highness up again, Tamara. Pretty please? Pass that yummy cheese while you’re at it.

  91. Dee

    This is so good! I love when I find a post I’ve overlooked.

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