Would You Like Some Whitney Sudler-Smith Tea?


A boy and his mother.

A boy and his mother.



For some mysterious reason, Whitney, from Southern Charm has had the Internet wiped clean of any reference to his father. I mean there may be something out there, I haven’t really scoured it myself, but people who send the Southern Charm stuff had made mention that they have found nothing.  That seems very odd to me like perhaps his father is a notorious serial killer or something. I mean why would one want to hide their father?

Here is all I could find about Whitney’s “producer credits.” Someone sent me perhaps the funniest bad film review in the history of reviews today. It’s for WSS’s one documentary. As any straight man with a perfectly normal relationship with his mother would do, he made a documentary about Halston.

I thought we might play a game with this review that begins thusly, “Inept, amateurish and largely risible, the fashion documentary “Ultrasuede: In Search Of Halston” is generally an embarrassing effort. But not because its subject isn’t worth documenting (quite the opposite actually), but because its creator is a dilettante buffoon; a clownish self-involved figure who inexplicably positions himself as the focus of the film, and yet has no business making movies of any kind.”

southern-charm-whitney (2)

A boy and his dollies.

First, I am going to send you all over here to read the entire review.  Because it is full of awesome.

Like this bit, ” Another comical choice is documenting Liza Minnelli’s advice, telling Sudler-Smith go beyond the drugs, the sex and the superficial, and Sulder-Smith then going towards those subjects like a moth to the burning white light.”

And of course his mommy was in the “documentary about Halston. The reviewer says, ” Opening with shots of Sudler-Smith driving around in his Trans-Am (no, really, and this trope continues throughout), the doc begins with the director wondering aloud who Halston was, and delivering glib, unironic statements likAnother comical choice is documenting Liza Minnelli’s advice, telling Sudler-Smith go beyond the drugs, the sex and the superficial, and Sulder-Smith then going towards those subjects like a moth to the burning white light.e, “The ‘70s had everything. Sex. Drugs. Disco. And great fashion.” As Sudler-Smith remembers how glamorous and exotic the designer seemed to him as a child, he then has the gall to shoot himself going to his wealthy mother’s mansion and asking her why she thinks her son was drawn to this subject (WTF?). ”

Then we can copy our favorite insult into comments and laugh and laugh.

Seriously, you don’t have to watch Southern Charm or know who Whitney is to enjoy this review.  Go now. Thank me later.

Updated: Um, one of y’all just sent me this photo.  Thanks for the nightmares. If I am going to have them, you should to.  You’re welcome.

Check out all of Whitney’s skeevieness on Southern Charm, HERE!




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147 responses to “Would You Like Some Whitney Sudler-Smith Tea?

  1. Zoe Cooper

    Love it!! “Sudler-Smith is a clueless and charmless narcissist stupid enough to position himself as the star of the documentary, and yet his demeanor carries no confidence. His brand of awkwardness inflames both the viewer and many of the people being interviewed in the film.”

    • Pip

      Hahaha! I just copied and pasted the exact same thing you did.
      Pretty much sums up Whitney.

      • Beth

        I laughed so hard I woke the house! (It’s 1:45 am) This is the best thing I’ve read in a long while! I can’t believe he’s on a show! If I had done something that bad, I’d hide!!!

  2. Anastasia_Beave

    Haha, I read this last year and had a good laugh. Whitney is something else. What that something is, who knows.
    Interesting tea on the Dad….would love to know what that’s about.

  3. Wow! One of y favorite lines, “an irritating charisma vacuum of a personality.” Looks like Katherine knows what she is talking about in regards to Whitney being poison for her beau’s political future–not that he ever had a future. What a great read and review by Rodrigo Perez. It was hilarious. I shall look at this vapid dilettante with fresh eyes next week. Hahahaha

  4. GirlFromKY

    Spot fucking on tt! God, that jackass is so annoying. From watching he and his mother on southern charm, your tea from yesterday and today perfectly adds up.

  5. Jane Grey

    Sudler-Smith — an irritating charisma vacuum of a personality- I thought the caption of the photo”a boy and his mother” was pretty funny too.

  6. Jess

    As Sudler-Smith remembers how glamorous and exotic the designer seemed to him as a child, he then has the gall to shoot himself going to his wealthy mother’s mansion and asking her why she thinks her son was drawn to this subject (WTF?). Throughout, Sudler-Smith — an irritating charisma vacuum of a personality, incapable of possessing chemistry with an interview subject — is also shown in a parade of new outfit after new outfit, sporting a litany of new hairstyles, facial hair choices and other affectations as if to suggest, “Yes, I’m very fashionable too and I change my look almost constantly.”

  7. He’s a tedious turd. His mother is a hoot and should have own show following Crissley. I love her! He reminds me of the face I make when my dog drags his butt across the lawn.

    • unholyspork

      Oh my lawd, the dog thing!!!!! He reminds me of a rich guy in a small town, thinking he is hot shit, and never really figuring out that he is just ….
      Well… SHIT. His mother, tho. she is fabulous, and I would fully support her getting her own show. Sort of a “Moms of Bravo” kinda thing that I lusted for when Mamma Elsa was still around. Sigh, she is just DIVINE!!

    • KeepinItReality


  8. Wow – thanks for sharing and giving us a good laugh.

    Please tell me the Trans Am had a T-Top! Whitney sure likes to give the impression that he is a fashionista of sorts, but usually he looks ridiculous. The suit he wore to the fashion show is a good case in point. I’m guessing mommy paid for this vanity project.

    • “I’m guessing mommy paid for this vanity project.”

      Ahem! Investors…

    • Patti R.

      I think he’s trying to look young and cool! The sunglasses are way too much when you aren’t in the sun or in the car driving. Patricia commented on his sunglasses when he was at her house. Maybe he’s watching Kathryn all the time behind those “shades.” I think he was and still is really interested in her. In his talking head, he acts like he can’t stand Kathryn and puts her down quite often. But, hmmm… reminds me of a boy in elementary school that aggravated me to no end and was always pulling my hair and bad mouthing me. Then I found out later on in high school he had a total crush on me. Go figure….

      • Pam

        I Kathryn hurt his feeling when she said hooking up with Shep was fun and called her hook up with Whitney a drunken mistake. It looks like he was interested in her and now trashes her every chance he gets to heal his wounded ego.

      • Tara

        It always pays to reread post and comments!
        Another reason Whit is so bitter!

  9. Urethra Franklin

    “An interview with fashion industry pillar André Leon Talley consists of the former Vogue Editor-At-Large belittling Sudler-Smith, and asking him to keep his mouth shut and not interrupt. Perhaps he thinks this is comical, but it just once again reinforces what a numbskull he is. When his cell phone goes off during the interview (no joke), playing the “I Wish I Was in Dixie” song, Talley (who is black) is even more disgusted with this cretin.”

    LOL that this racist elitist delusional moron has the Confederate Anthem as his ringtone? FOR REAL?

    • mrsmuffinss

      I must have skipped the part about the cell phone- just wow. WOW. #classy But I love that ALT told Whitney to keep his mouth shut- ha.

    • I would love to see Leon talley belittle this grotesque slime ball. I may have to watch this movie. Lol. Where does bravo find these people??

    • hannahkingrose

      Omg. That’s the kind of shit that gives us southerners a bad rap and “this dilettante buffoon, this clownish self-involved figure” is not even a true southerner. Damn.

    • I’d love to watch ALT scold Whitney. Definitely my favorite part of the review. What a twit! As an armchair fashionista, I heard of Ultrasuede well before Southern Charm. Thank god I never watched it. It sounds like one of those films that makes me think, “Is this really happening or did I finally lose my mind?”

      • Urethra Franklin

        I only watched half of Ultrasuede, but I will finish watching it later. Anyway even though Whitney is laughable as fuck, this is still a MUST see if you’re an enthusiast for the Halston era along with the hedonism & magic of the 1970’s.

        So far in this documentary I’ve seen the inside of Liza Minneli’s Warhol art filled apartment, Georgette Mosbacher’s mansion, Ralph Rucci’s headquarters, and Halston’s very own Manhattan town-home; a modern decadent den of iniquity that probably still has cocaine residue snorted by all the famous stars of that time. I would recommend this to any fashionista as long as you are able to compartmentalize and tune out Whitney’s awkward foolery.

    • thedisher

      I loved that. Talley also told him to “do your research.” It seemed like everybody Smith interviewed kept telling him to do his research and could tell he didn’t know what the hell he was doing. How could he not watch that and be embarassed for himself?

  10. Mrs. Muffins

    That was the best review of all time. Thanks for sharing, I genuinely want to watch the documentary now. I wonder if it is on Netflix… Whitney sounds like the Borat of Charleston. Love the dirty little secrets posts about all of these people- I wish you could do one on every cast member of this show.

  11. Trashbox

    LOL “I Wish I Were in Dixie” ringtone???

  12. Tara

    “Sudler-Smith is a clueless and charmless narcissist stupid enough to position himself as the star of the documentary, and yet his demeanor carries no confidence”

    Pretty much sums it up!

  13. “The boy and his mother” description was better than the whole article! Jeeze, he’s a poser just as much as mommy dearest. It does sound like he learned from the best though, and for that reason alone, I kind of feel bad for him. Kind of. The ‘boy’ doesn’t seem to have much of an identity still.

  14. You know, I think I got some insight into what might be the shallowest of reasons why he took on this documentary when he writes, “One of the few human details we get is that Halston was anything but down to earth as a person and that he loved everything to be as glamorous as possible.” Herein lies his possible mental process for even selecting Halston as a subject as it suggests a whimsical idea borne of narcissistic self-identification with Halston. Me detects Whitney might just be gay!

  15. CottonBall

    Whitney gives me the heebie-jeebies, he is just plain creepy! Even though he is filthy rich, it seems like is is a wannabe, and crying out for attention in his porn sunglasses.

  16. That review is totally accurate; he does make himself a focus of the documentary, which is ridiculous. I’ve seen the film – several times, actually – Showtime was running it some time ago. For all of its flaws, it is worth watching, especially if you are someone like me – a fashionista with a major interest in fashion and social history.

    He DID land interviews with some incredible people who knew and worked with Halston, including: Liza Minnelli, Diane Von Furstenburg, Andre Leon Talley, Pat Cleveland, Naeem Khan, Billy Joel, Anjelica Huston, Georgette Mosbacher, and more.

    One does come away from the film with a good understanding of Halston’s genius and what made him unique, so on that level, the film succeeds. One just needs to ignore the director’s narcissism.

    One other thing I got out of the film: I kept thinking how familiar Whitney looked, then it came to me: I’m preeetty sure (though not positive) that I made out with him late one night long ago in a Washington nightclub. This would’ve been 1988/89-ish. (Don’t judge – he was way cuter and not at all greasy 26 years ago!) Now, a single make-out sesh does not make one gay, but for those who question which team he plays on, take that how you want to!

  17. Paula

    Maybe it was the father who wiped himself off the Internet so as not to be associated with ex-wife and son?

  18. Angel(?)

    After reading Ericzku’s comment, I started wondering if there was a photo on Southern Charms website of a young Whitney. You know what? Everyone EXCEPT Whitney has a home photo book posted. Hmmmm….Tamara I smell conspiracy! BTW, Shep has always been adorable.

    • Kate62

      You may be right about the conspiracy with him being one of the producers of SC.

      • Patti R.

        I think that Whitney’s mother is using her influence to get Whitney his “jobs.” Her strong personality is such, that she would see to it to make things happen for her son. Ahhh…. a mothers love.

  19. NYCfunGal

    I think Paula is correct and the father asked to have the information removed, though there still is some out there. Apparently he was a financial adviser in the DC area and is now retired in Florida. He seems to avoid all publicity unlike his ex-wife and son.

    And if Ericzku memory is accurate, then that is the best comment to a Tamara post I ever read! I am so not surprised Whitney may have made out with a guy in a club. I always got a Bi vibe from him anyway. Whitney’s fixation on Thomas Ravell and his relationships seem a bit too intense to be just friendship, at least to me.

    • Angel(?)

      Lon Hayes Smith retired as senior vice-president of Morgan Stanley and lives in Easton, Maryland. He is on the board of trustees for The Talbot Hospice Foundation. He is originally from West Virginia and is around 73. That’s all I found.

      • Is there a chance Daddy is Sudler? And Smith was hubby number 2? At which time Whitney’s name became Sudler-Smith? Suzanne Kent Cooke said Altschul was her third or fourth husband…

      • Angel(?)

        You know I’m real curious about Sudler. I thought Dey is Patti’s maiden name. BTW, I’m calling Patricia Patti now. Patricia is too high class for her.

      • jen

        I believe I came across something simular.

      • ​Yeah, Angel(?) I was emailed that information and more from people who follow the commenting rules. I was going to post a blog in the next couple of days unless you would rather just do it all yourself in comments that most people won’t see.

        HEAVY SIGH.

        On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 6:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Angel(?)

      Oopsie, my bad! It was on the site you sent us to so I thought it was fair game. I will go sit by the window now.

  20. OMG. I’m literally busting a gut over this review. Sooo good. Thank u TT!

  21. Sara

    Sudler-Smith is a clueless and charmless narcissist stupid enough to position himself as the star of the documentary, and yet his demeanor carries no confidence. His brand of awkwardness inflames both the viewer and many of the people being interviewed in the film. The conundrum that is Sudler-Smith remains a major distraction from start to finish.

  22. Josie

    OMG, my stomach hurts from laughing. Best review ever! Charisma vacuum….

    Knowing Patricia….ahem, maybe there is some question about who his father is which is why it has been scrubbed from the internet?

  23. Pip

    I am DYING to get to this tea and the review, but I can barely keep up with the threads and comments.
    Is it hoppin’ around here lately? Or is it just me?
    Anyway, I haven’t even watched NY yet or checked that thread (I like to watch first). I will try and stay caught up.

  24. Angel

    This made my day! Thank you, TT.

    • Sabrina

      TT, you made my week- this is truly terrific and such fun! It is popping around here- and these two, Patti and Whit, , are hysterically pitiful!!

  25. My favorite lines (couldn’t pick just one!):

    “its creator is a dilettante buffoon; a clownish self-involved figure”

    “Whitney Sudler-Smith (who should never be described as a director or filmmaker as that insults far too many people”

    “Throughout, Sudler-Smith — an irritating charisma vacuum of a personality”

    “Sudler-Smith is a clueless and charmless narcissist ”

    “Preoccupied with excess and extravagance, Sudler-Smith”

  26. Guitar with Chanel logo? Thanks for this link too funny

  27. YES YES YES! It’s on Netflix!! 😀

  28. Urethra Franklin

    I’m watching this on Netflix now.
    Within the first 7 minutes there’s a scene with his mom having cocktails at the mansion that is on Southern Charm & she talks about Whitney when he was living in DC in 1989, & that he was voted best dressed. OMG this is such a vanity piece for Whitney more than a documentary about Halston already.

    • I’m watching too! It’s even better than I expected. The opening monologue scene has Whitney in his transam sliding his porn glasses down his nose and looking over the rims. Lololol. I’m DYING

      • Urethra Franklin

        I know me too. How many times did the camera zoom in on the Ray Ban logo of his aviator sunglasses to let us know he is wearing Ray Bans. What are they a fucking sponsor? This is all about Whitney fuck Halston.

      • ​Um. Hi. My name is Tamara. I live in the ghetto. In a shack. I can afford Ray Bans. Rich people need some Tom Fords. Hell I need to pick me out a pair of Tom Fords with huge lens.

        On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 8:20 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • BH Wannabe

        Thanks, TT, that was my thought. Ray-Bans… we’re they a 70s thing and somehow I missed it?

        Side note: I had a friend who would let me borrow his $1,000 Chrome Hearts sunglasses. $1,000 sunglasses. That you’re not worried about loaning out to people.

  29. Pip

    OH. EM. GEE!

    “Sudler-Smith is a clueless and charmless narcissist stupid enough to position himself as the star of the documentary, and yet his demeanor carries no confidence. His brand of awkwardness inflames both the viewer and many of the people being interviewed in the film. The conundrum that is Sudler-Smith remains a major distraction from start to finish”.

    I am sooo embarrassed for him! What a douchebag. This is on Netflix. I am going to watch it tonight.
    Brilliant find, Tamara!

    • ​I am only as brilliant as the awesome readers who send me stuff all day long. I love it and appreciate it all even though everything doesn’t get a post. I am grateful to all of you who support TT by searching out links and info and EMAILING them rather than just blurting it all out here so that I look “brilliant.”

      On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 7:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  30. Urethra Franklin

    LOL as Leon Talley is annoyed as fuck that Whitney’s phone interrupts him as he’s speaking. Upon hearing the Dixie ringtone Leon moans “You would have that on your phone (shaking his head) as we live & breathe. Can I have another cappuccino?”

  31. jen

    You are the best TT. That review was hilarious. He really loves that chanel guitar. I have seen him play it on several episodes and apparently in his movie too. Whitney is such a loser.

  32. marywanna

    I’ve only seen Southern Charm once. I’m a resident of the Charleston area and have heard many residents say how they hope the public doesn’t think that show represents them. It’s an embarrassment.

    • ​Imagine how Atlanta feels about RHOA. lol. It took me several seasons to put aside the seething anger and just laugh at the ridiculousness of these people purporting to be Atlanta money.

      At least on Southern Charm there is some South Carolina money on there…

      On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 8:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • BH Wannabe

      Oh I hate how all these snotty Charlstonians (I made that up) think the rest of the world is too retarded to figure out that the half dozen main characters and handful of “friends of” (mothers of, butlers of, etc.) are not representative of the entire population. I actually love the show as much as I do because it shows a beautiful city. So you’re welcome, Charlstonians.

  33. jelley

    How old is Whitney? 40s?
    Thanks for posting this, TT. Would read againt. The review sparks in me a morbid curiosity that sort of makes me want to watch a few minutes of it now.

  34. spk

    Tied for first place … “an irritating charisma vacuum of a personality, incapable of possessing chemistry” AND the cell phone ring of Wish I was in Dixie. That was the best review, great find TT!!

  35. Lisa m

    “Norman? Is that you Norman?” Ugh the creep factor just projected through the stratosphere!

  36. Pip

    I had to turn it off half-way through. It was brutal.
    Here’s what I learned:
    1) Halston was definitely an icon and pioneer for the US. He was the first high-fashion designer in the states.

    2) His dresses were elegant, but still fun and flirty.

    3) Andre Leon Talley does not like Whitney. At all.

    4) Ms. Patricia must have some serious pull or reputation in New York to have these contacts. I highly doubt Whitney landed these interviews without Mother’s help.

    3) Whitney is most likely a closeted homosexual. (“Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”). But yeah… Pretty sure Whitney Sudler-Smith is gay. Allegedly.

    • But, but, Pip! Whitney slept with Kathryn! And he has a hot model g/f in Europe! And he got his own place last season so he could bang hot chicks! Oh, oh, and he had that girfriend/assistant his mom hated because she was so uncultured. And don’t forget the band, Renob.
      Last but not least, the man wears a mean motorcycle jacket.
      They are trying waaay too hard to make Whitney look like a playboy stud on this show.

      • thedisher

        OMG — renob. How could I forget. Such a class act. How does man in his 40s end up playing in a band called “renob” with Patricia, the ultimate snob, as his mother? WTF?

      • Renob?! I thought he said, “It’s butter backwards.” I can’t tell if I’m laughing harder at my error or the fact that he named his band boner backwards. Why is he trying so hard to appear manly? Blegh. He’s so slimy.

      • cawoman23

        I can remember my high school boyfriend and his buddies laughing at using the word “Renob.” Yep the humor level of a teenage boy.

      • Victoria Lucille

        It’s much harder to make him look like a playboy stud this season when he sounds like a jealous, catty woman when he talks about Kathryn. I can imagine hearing snide remarks about outfits or how long it takes to primp from lots of my pals when talking about another woman, but I’ve never heard guy pals talk that way. I thought he and his mama were a bit creepy before reading the Tea on them, now I truly hope they’re acting the way they do on the show in a vain attempt to be respected in Southern society.

      • captivagrl

        LOL, Renob! Forgot about that!

  37. TanVan

    he has such a weird, oddly-shaped head.

  38. jen

    That pic with chucky! Wow.

  39. theresa

    I love you even more!! And no one here is a charisma vacuum :)

  40. Gingersnap

    Ew, that picture of Whitney and the dolls…is that Chucky? I’m not totally sure because I could never watch that movie in a million years. It looks like Whitney’s going in for a smooch on the girl doll. Yeah, this is a good picture to give you nightmares. I have always had some kind of weird fear of dolls (pediophobia) and mannikins anyway.

  41. Damn you, TT! I was late to an appt today because I was too busy slurping this tea. Mmm mmm, delicious…

  42. cawoman23

    He is pushing 50 and posing with Chuckie dolls?? Dear god what is wrong with that man. The ick factor just keeps rising

  43. eg

    I saw a movie on (I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the name of the network) last year that Whitley produced(?) or wrote. Anyway it was some sort of docu type movie about the fashion designer Halston. It wasn’t bad (but I like fashion type stuff anyway) and Whitley didn’t look anything like he does on Southern Charm (sleazy creepy greasy). His mother is a snob wannabe imo.

  44. Angel

    Whitney’s “girlfriend” is 24 years his junior. I think the age gap is one of the things he has been critical of with Thomas and Kathryn. Whitney’s GF has appeared in at least 8 different reality shows. At least they have fame whore in common.

  45. TanVan

    Thank you ever so much TT for the Chucky/Bride of Chuckie/Whitney threesome pic, it’s made me laugh til my belly hurt.

  46. jen

    TT do you know anything about the photo? Was it taken on Halloween and Whitney was just joking or was it from Someone who hung out with him and took it at some weird fetish party? So many questions!

  47. SaraSally

    I believe it was Halston who said, “They believe their own publicity…” Appropo for this nitwit. I wonder how far this Mom-son team will fail upwards. Those grifters just keep on grifting.

    • Victoria Lucille

      I hope they’ve gotten as far as they’ll go. She is getting a bit too old to marry rich, old men! She absolutely fits the quote perfectly.

  48. I want to see it if only to see Andre Leon Talley’s face when Whitney phone rings and the I wish I was in Dixie ringtone starts. I bet Mr. Talley gave him the death stare.

  49. Nancy

    Kim to Lisa R: (in the limo) “You don’t know what I GO THROUGH at night!”

    Lisa R to Kim: “Um…about a half a fifth? Just guessing…”

  50. S

    ADMIN EDIT: Please read the Commenting Rules before posting.

  51. KeepinItReality

    The “NavelGazing” and “No, Seriously a Trans-Am!” By far my fav lines! Hilariousness insued? Debating on actually watching this now for the giggles…or not.

  52. Cls

    LMAO at Whitney Sudler Smith. A grown man who is still very much tied to mommy Patricia’s apron strings. How else can you explain the behavior of a grown man. The absence of his father speaks volumes to the character of the little boy in a man’s body. Vulgar, dirty looking, scuzzy old man. Mommy must approve all that he is and crucifies those who speak the truth about her baby boy.

  53. Dee

    I don’t know how I missed this last year. There are times you write faster than I can keep up. What a great post and the comments are hilarious, thank you Tamara. Thanks to eg for the funniest post ever! I thought it was a joke over 100 comments down what else would I think? haha Thanks for the link to this!

  54. SaraSally

    “…Whitney explained. “I play this bumbling interviewer who decides to do a documentary about this hallowed, iconic fashion designer, of whom he has little idea about…”
    Was Whitney ‘playing a bumbler’ or does he naturally become one with, and easily slip into the role with his true colors coming through? A magnificent performance of method acting by Whitney, which he has yet able to snap out of.

  55. Sandra Urquia

    Do you remember when T Rav asked Katharine if Whitney tried to kiss her in season 1# she said just for a moment but I thought he was gay! I think T Raz is a sex addict (had sex with a lesbian) so why would’nt he be on the downlow with Whitney?

  56. Sandra Urquia

    Remember season 1# when T rav asked Kathryn if Whitney tried to kiss her and her reply was for a minute but I stopped because I thought that he (Whitney) was gay?

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